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青岛新阳光医院收费标准青岛修处女膜多少钱Lieutenant Antonello Fava, one of the 11,000 coastguards who every day patrol an area of ocean twice as big as the mainland, speaks in the firm, measured tone you would expect from a military man.每天有11000名海岸警卫队队员在面积两倍于意大利大陆的海域巡逻,安东内洛#8226;法瓦中尉(Lieutenant Antonello Fava)是其中之一,他说话时是军人典型的坚定而沉稳的语气。Except, that is, when the 35-year-old describes the more harrowing sights from his 13 years in the job, pulling thousands of migrants alive and dead from the waves. Then his voice rises and falls like the Mediterranean Sea.但当这个35岁的男人描述起13年的工作经历中那些令人痛心的场景时,他的语气变了。13年中,他从海浪中拖出了数千名或生或死的移民。讲述这些经历时,他的声音就变得像地中海的海浪一样起起伏伏。One such scene brought Lt Fava to the attention of Pope Francis, whom he met this month as part of a delegation of Italian coastguards invited to the Vatican. Before meeting the pontiff — who has berated the EU for letting the Mediterranean become “a watery grave” amid a surge in the numbers seeking to reach Italy’s shores as conflicts flare across the sea — the young lieutenant was largely unknown.其中一次营救行动使法瓦中尉引起了教皇方济各(Pope Francis)的注意。上个月,法瓦中尉作为受邀前往梵蒂冈的意大利海岸警卫队代表团的一份子,见到了教皇方济各。在与教皇见面前,这位年轻的中尉可以说是默默无闻的。由于地中海对岸大陆上冲突不断,希望抵达意大利海岸的难民数量激增。而教皇曾指责欧盟(EU)放任地中海变成了“一片海洋坟墓”。On New Year’s eve, he left his pregnant wife and 18-month-old daughter at home and embarked on a mission to rescue hundreds of refugees abandoned on a merchant ship. The scene he encountered sounds like something from a disaster movie.在新年前夕,法瓦中尉离开了家中怀的妻子和18个月的女儿,接受任务前去营救数百名被弃于一艘商船的难民。他所描述的场面,听起来就像是一部灾难片。“They had signalled to us there were problems on board,” recalls Lt Fava, speaking from the southern port city Bari, an important base for Italy’s coastguard not far from the city of Taranto where he was born. “It was an operation that forced us to do something very difficult and dangerous because in that moment there was no other solution.”“他们用信号告诉我们船上有麻烦,”在距他的出生地塔兰托市(Taranto)不远的意大利海岸警卫队的重要基地——南部港口城市巴里(Bari),法瓦中尉回忆道,“那次任务使我们不得不去做一些非常困难而危险的事情,因为在那一刻我们别无选择。”The target for his five-strong team was a Moldovan-flagged merchant ship spotted careering from Greece towards the southern coast, packed with 800 mostly Syrian migrants. The word was there could be people smugglers on board, armed and hostile. In addition, the seas were stormy and the waves high — five to six metres in some places.法瓦中尉的五人组得到的任务目标是一艘挂着尔多瓦旗帜、实是从希腊飞速驶往意大利南海岸的商船,船上载有多数来自叙利亚的800名移民。海岸警卫队得到的消息是船上可能有充满敌意并持有武器的蛇头。而且海面上风雨交加,浪潮汹涌——部分海面浪高达5-6米。So Lt Fava and two colleagues took to helicopters, landing on deck in driving rain and high winds. “Not without a little difficulty,” he says with characteristic humility of a mission which took most of the night. “There was not a lot of time,” he adds, his voice tightening. He and his colleagues headed for the control room but found no armed men. The smugglers had aly bailed, leaving the controls jammed at 8 to 9 knots on a collision course for the coast. Lt Fava and his colleagues wrested back control of the steering and brought the ship to shore.法瓦中尉和两名队友一起搭乘直升机,在倾盆大雨和狂风之中降落在甲板上。“还是有点难度的,”他以特有的谦逊说起那次差不多耗尽整个晚上的任务。“时间不是很充足,”他补充道,声音紧张起来。他和队友前往控制室但并未发现武装人员。蛇头已经弃船了,控制杆卡在8-9节的速度上,让船沿一条碰撞航线驶往海岸。法瓦中尉和他的队友重新控制了船舵,让船安全到岸。“I don’t know if they knew how much danger they were in but they were clearly distressed after a long journey,” says Lt Fava, who estimates that in another 20 minutes the boat would have hit the coast, creating “an enormous human tragedy”. He recalls: “When I clambered from the bridge to the deck#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;they were cheering and crying with joy and clapping me on the back.”“我不知道他们是否了解自己处于多大的危险之中,但是在经历长途航行后他们显然是痛苦不堪的,”法瓦中尉说,他预计再过20分钟船就会撞上海岸,造成“一场巨大的人间悲剧”。他回忆道:“当我从舰桥爬到甲板上时……他们正在欢呼,留着喜悦的泪水,不断拍着我的背。”And how did he feel? “I ask myself the same question every time we make a rescue,” says Lt Fava — who, according to the interior ministry, has helped rescue several hundred of the 37,580 people saved last year. “We often talk to them, listen to their stories while we bring them ashore, but we cannot begin to understand what brings them to take these journeys that are often suicidal.”那么他当时又怎么想呢?“我每次完成救援行动后都会问自己同样的问题,”法瓦中尉说。据意大利内政部称,在去年获救的37580人中,法瓦中尉帮助营救了数百人。“我们把他们营救上岸后,经常跟他们聊天,倾听他们的故事,但我们丝毫无法理解是什么促使他们走上往往无异于自杀的旅途。”Lt Fava’s tale goes to the heart of the immigration debate embroiling Europe. In Italy, the mood is especially fractious. The country sits at the front line, with its porous 7,600km coastal border a busy entry point for those seeking a way into Europe. Migration agencies warn that a confluence of a mild winter and humanitarian crises in Syria and Libya mean the traditional springtime surge in human smuggling — a trade that began in earnest with the Arab uprisings of 2011 — could grow even deadlier.法瓦中尉的故事也是席卷欧洲的移民大讨论的核心问题。意大利国内对此格外群情激奋。该国位于前线,7600公里漏洞重重的海岸线成了很多寻求偷渡欧洲的移民的繁忙登陆点。移民机构警告称,在暖冬和叙利亚、利比亚人道主义危机的交织作用下,偷渡的传统春季高峰可能变得更具致命性。2011年阿拉伯之春之后,偷渡就开始迅猛增加。An extensive Italian search and rescue operation, Mare Nostrum, was closed last year amid budget cuts and pressure from anti-immigrant parties. The fact that coastguards such as Lt Fava were willing to risk their lives to save migrants only encouraged them to come, some argued. The new Triton operation, a European border control mission, has a reduced mandate — patrolling only 30 miles off Italy’s coast.在预算削减及反移民政党的施压下,意大利大规模的搜救行动——“我们的海”(Mare Nostrum),已经于去年被叫停。一些人认为,像法瓦中尉这样的海岸警卫队队员愿意冒着生命危险去营救移民,只会怂恿更多人偷渡。新的Triton行动(一项欧洲边境控制行动)的任务要求有所降低——仅在距意大利海岸30英里的范围内巡逻。The Pope and UN High Commissioner for Refugees say the priority must be saving lives at sea. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi argues that dealing with the deteriorating situation in Libya would tackle the problem at the root. Meanwhile, anti-immigration rhetoric is rising in Italy, where a triple-dip recession has taken a toll on social cohesion. This Saturday the anti-immigrant, anti-euro Northern League party — so far mainly a northern phenomenon — is taking to the streets of Rome. Opinion polls show Matteo Salvini, the party’s xenophobic leader and an MEP, is the most popular politician after Mr Renzi.教皇方济各及联合国难民事务高级专员公署(UN High Commissioner for Refugees)称,首要任务必须是在海上拯救生命。意大利总理马泰奥#8226;伦齐(Matteo Renzi)认为,处理利比亚不断恶化的局势,将从根本上解决问题。与此同时,三度陷入衰退的经济状况沉重地打击了意大利的社会凝聚力,反移民言论正在升温。上周六,反移民、反欧元的政党北方联盟(Northern League)——迄今主要在意大利北部活动——走上罗马街头。民意调查显示,该党仇外主义领袖兼欧洲议会议员马泰奥#8226;萨尔维尼(Matteo Salvini)是继伦齐之后人气最高的政客。 /201503/362169山东省青岛市第三人民医院门诊正规吗 China’s public servants are in no mood to be festive this lunar new year. They dare not take bribes, but that is just the half of it.中国的公职人员在今年春节前夕的心情可不怎么样。他们不敢收受贿赂,但这还只是心情不好的一部分原因。Plenty of the more innocent perks of the season have also been quashed: no more taxpayer-funded office feasts or galas; no more #173;lavish new year raffles.很多比较无伤大雅的节日福利也被撤销:不再有由纳税人买单的办公室盛宴或节日晚会,也不再有奢华的新年抽奖。Even the most insignificant treats – from fruit baskets to sunflower seeds, calendars to cooking oil – have been curbed in the name of the new leaner, cleaner, more abstemious China.即便是最微不足道的待遇——从果篮到瓜子,从挂历到食用油——也在更精简、更清洁、更节制的新名义下受到遏制。Lunar new year has been the high point of work life in China for decades. But last year many government departments and state-owned enterprises cancelled year-end office parties after a flurry of edicts from Beijing. This year, the January 31 celebrations are taking frugality further.几十年来,春节一直是中国人职场生活中比较令人兴奋的时刻。但去年许多政府部门和国有企业在接到高层的一连串指示后,取消了年底的办公室聚会。今年,在1月31日的农历新年到来前夕,各单位的节俭程度进一步提高。“We aly moved our nianhui (new year office party) from a five-star hotel ballroom to our canteen, where the food is terrible. But what I hate the most is, they cancelled the prize-giving,” says a disgruntled employee of state-owned China Mobile in Guangzhou, who would not give their name. “They kept the traditional lottery as a kind of game, but whoever wins it gets no gift!”“我们已经把年会(新年办公室聚会)的地点从一家五星级酒店的宴会厅改到了我们的食堂,食堂的东西很难吃。但最讨厌的是,他们取消了发奖。”国有的中国移动(China Mobile)在广州的一名不满的员工(此人要求匿名)表示,“他们保留了传统的抽奖作为一种游戏,但者将得不到任何礼物!”Some also complain of the cancellation of traditional year-end subsidies, sometimes in the form of grocery gift cards used to defray the expenses of celebrating the spring festival at home.还有人抱怨传统的年终补贴被取消,这种补贴有时以超市购物卡形式发放,用于贴补家里过年的花销。“I understand that the higher levels of government worry that, once they loosen their grip, people under them will find a loophole. But to cancel such nianhui hurts department cohesiveness,” says a junior civil servant in Shanghai.“据我所知,政府高层担心,一旦他们放松规定,下面的人就会找到漏洞。但是撤销这种年会不利于部门凝聚力,”上海一名初级公务员表示。But little things irk: “We planned to have a tea party in our own canteen with sunflower seeds, candies, singing and games, but our superiors wouldn’t approve it,” says one staff member at a state oil company.令人心烦的是,“小意思”也往往遭到否决:“我们计划在自己的食堂开个茶话会,提供瓜子、糖果,唱唱歌、做做游戏,可我们的上级竟然不批准,”某国有石油公司的一名职员表示。An employee in a state-owned financial services company says a ban on the printing of calendars bothers him most. Another told the Beijing News his state-owned company replaced new year gifts such as iPads with toothpaste.某国有金融务公司的一名雇员表示,禁止印刷挂历的规定最让他心烦。另一名人士告诉《新京报》,他所在的国企将新年礼物从往年的iPad降格为牙膏。But some public servants say there is a silver lining.但是,一些公职人员表示,他们看到了一些积极的方面。The employee whose planned canteen party was not authorised says: “I was half wishing that they would not approve it, because it’s not really fun. I actually felt relieved.” Some say they are also relieved to avoid the heavy drinking at government banquets.食堂茶话会计划未获批准的那名职员表示:“我本来就暗地里希望他们不会批准,因为这真的没什么意思。我其实松了一口气。”有些人说,不用在政府宴会上豪饮,也让他们松了一口气。The ministries of public security, civil affairs and culture must live without their own new year galas screened on China Central Television this year, according to Xinhua. Even spending public funds on firework displays, the most traditional new year activity, has been banned.据新华社报道,公安、民政、文化等部今年不得举办在中国中央电视台播放的春节晚会。放烟花爆竹是过年时最传统的活动,但今年就连用公款购买烟花爆竹也被禁止。 /201401/273670Hong Kong police yesterday opened a crucial traffic artery in the commercial district that has been blocked for roughly two weeks because of pro-democracy protests that have paralysed chunks of the Chinese territory.香港警方昨日在商业区打通了一条已被民主抗议封堵大约两周的交通要道。抗议瘫痪了这个中国特别行政区的部分地区。Police started dismantling barricades on Queensway – a main road in Admiralty district along which Hong Kong’s trams cross the city – after protesters erected new bamboo blockades overnight. Police forced the remaining handful of protesters to remove their tents, which allowed them to open up the road to traffic.在抗议者在晚间竖起新的竹制路障后,警方开始拆除金钟道(金钟区一条主要道路,香港的有轨电车在此经过)上的路障。警方强迫剩余的少量抗议者移除他们的帐篷,以便打通道路,让车辆通行。The stalemate between the government and demonstrators was akin to a “new cold war mentality”, according to George Wong, 31, an artist who supports the students. The protesters who remained in the area were committed to staying, he said.持学生的31岁艺术家乔治#8226;黄(George Wong)称,政府与示威者之间的僵局类似于“新冷战思维”。他说,留在抗议现场的示威者决心坚持到底。“We are also very sorry for the public for blocking the roads#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;but we are blocking them for a good reason,” said Mr Wong. Moving the protests to public parks would eliminate any bargaining power with the government, he added.“对于封路造成市民不便,我们也很遗憾……但我们是为了一个很好的理由封路,”乔治#8226;黄说。他补充说,把抗议活动转移到公园将使抗议者在政府面前失去所有筹码。Hong Kong has over the past fortnight faced its worst unrest since it was handed back to China in 1997. Students and other pro-democracy activists have occupied key parts of the city to oppose a Chinese plan for electoral reform in the territory.香港在过去两周经历了自1997年回归中国以来最糟糕的骚乱。学生和其他民主活动人士占领了该市的一些关键地方,抗议中国为香港制定的选举改革方案。In recent days the number of protesters has dwindled from the tens – and possibly hundreds – of thousands that took to the street two weeks ago to criticise the governments in Hong Kong and Beijing. But smaller groups have set up camps to keep several main roads blocked.两周前走上街头批评香港和中央政府的数万(甚至可能有数十万)抗议者,近日已大幅减少。但小股抗议者仍在几条交通要道上安营扎寨,堵住了这些道路。The move to open Queensway is part of a government strategy to chip away at the protest movement without resorting to tactics that could inflame tensions and spark sympathy for the protesters. One officer said the government had told police to adopt a gentle approach. Two weeks ago police fired tear gas at protesters – a move that backfired by generating more support for the movement.打通金钟道是政府战略的一环,目的是蚂蚁啃堤般地削弱抗议运动,而不诉诸可能加剧紧张局势、引发市民同情抗议者的战术。一名警官表示,政府已要求警方采取温和姿态。两周前,警方曾向抗议者发射催泪瓦斯,此举被明事与愿违,因为它使抗议运动赢得更多持。Across town in Causeway Bay, a popular shopping district, the few dozen protesters who camped overnight were kept awake until 3am by announcements from the fire department and the police. Just after 5am, they were roused again when hundreds of police quickly moved in to remove barricades and reopen one section of road to traffic.在平时人气颇高的购物区铜锣湾,几十名整夜坚守的抗议者被消防部门和警方的大喇叭广播吵到凌晨3时才得以小睡片刻。清晨5时刚过,他们被再次惊醒,数百名警察迅速开进拆除路障,打通一条车道让车辆通行。By 7.30am, the camp was reduced to 20 tents laid out around a tram stop, where about 100 people sat between big piles of food and water.到了早上7时30分,抗议者的营地已经缩小至一个电车站周围的20顶帐篷,大约100人坐着,身边是大堆的食物和瓶装水。Protesters in Causeway Bay remained defiant but were well aware that their time in this part of town looked to be running out. Many expected to be driven out soon, not by police but by local gangs.铜锣湾的抗议者仍然态度坚决,但都清楚知道自己在这部分市区能够坚持的时间不多了。许多人预计自己很快就会被驱离——不是被警察,而是被当地黑帮。Catherine, 30, a secretary who declined to give her surname, said the protesters would “find other channels to protest” if they were evicted by force. “We will try to protect our city until the last minute,” she said.拒绝透露姓氏的30岁秘书凯瑟琳(Catherine)表示,如果抗议者被武力驱逐,他们将“找到其它抗议途径”。“我们将努力保护我们的城市,直到最后一分钟,”她说。CY Leung, the Hong Kong chief executive, has backed the Chinese plan for electoral reform, making him a target of the protesters, who have depicted him in street art as everything from Pinocchio to the devil.表态持中央选举改革方案的香港行政长官梁振英(CY Leung),成为了抗议者的攻击对象。从匹诺曹(《木偶奇遇记》主角——译者注)到恶魔,他在街头画作中被描绘成各种反面人物。Many of the demonstrators who have set up camp in the main protest zone on Harcourt Road near government headquarters say they have no intention of retreating. But the student-led protest movement has been facing growing calls from Hong Kong residents to stop disrupting traffic and commerce.政府总部附近的夏悫道是主要抗议区。在这里安营扎寨的许多示威者表示,他们不打算撤退。但这场学生领导的抗议运动已招致越来越响亮的市民呼吁,要求他们不要扰乱交通和商业活动。Last week, Alex Chow, head of the Federation of Students, said that the protests were a test for the depth of desire for political reform in Hong Kong.上周,香港专上学生联会(简称“学联”)秘书长周永康(Alex Chow)表示,这些抗议是对香港各界对政改渴望深度的考验。 /201410/335750青岛严重宫颈炎治疗费用

青岛东部市立医院好吗China has clamped down on importers of infant formula exploiting the nation’s hunger for foreign brands, as part of an effort to restore the local dairy industry’s share of the national market.中国已开始严格限制婴儿配方奶粉进口商,以此作为恢复国产乳品行业占国内市场份额努力的一部分。在此之前,这些进口商一直在利用中国国民对外国品牌奶粉的渴望牟利。A 2008 scandal in which domestic milk was deliberately adulterated with melamine, a byproduct of coal, in order to fake protein tests is still hurting Chinese dairy producers more than five years on. Foreign infant formula brands now account for half the market, up from about 30 per cent before the revelation that at least six infants had died and 300,000 were made ill after drinking tainted formula.2008年发生的一起丑闻伤害了中国乳品制造商逾五年,这种伤害的影响仍在继续。目前,外国婴儿配方奶粉占据了国内市场份额的一半,而在该丑闻曝光之前,这一份额只有30%。在那次丑闻中,中国国产奶粉被故意掺入了一种煤炭业的副产品——三聚氰胺,以便以作假方式通过蛋白质含量测试。爆料显示,该事件中至少有6名婴儿丧生,30万名婴儿在喝了被污染过的奶粉后患病。Since then, Chinese parents have snapped up infant formula with any international connection, allowing foreign brands to charge a hefty premium and spawning a homegrown industry of smugglers hauling boxes of formula into the country. Some Chinese companies have even set up shop in New Zealand repacking bulk formula and selling it into China as a foreign brand.自此以后,中国的父母始终在通过各种国际渠道抢购婴儿奶粉,令外国品牌的奶粉得以大幅加价出售,还在中国国内催生了一种新的行业——“水客”们将成箱的婴儿奶粉偷运进中国。部分中国企业甚至在新西兰设了车间,将成品婴儿配方奶粉重新打包,并以外国品牌返销国内。New rules issued over the weekend require dairy products produced overseas to be registered with the quality watchdog, or be barred from entry at China’s ports. A second regulation requires all formula sold in China to carry Chinese-language labelling affixed at the source.上周末发布的新规定要求在国外生产的奶制品必须在中国质检总局注册,否则将禁止进入中国口岸。还有一条规定则要求所有在华销售的婴儿配方奶粉必须带有在原产地贴上的中文标识。Together, the regulations appear to be aimed at importers redirecting formula products originally destined for different markets, as well as shutting down the domestic and overseas-based repackagers trying to capitalise on the “imported” cachet sparked by the safety scare.这两条规定合在一起,似乎是为了应对那些从其他市场向中国转运配方奶粉的进口商。同时,这两条规定还能堵上中国本土和国外从事再包装的商家通路,他们试图从因国内安全担忧而被罩上光环的“进口货”中获利。The new move coincides with state efforts to support and promote domestic brands. In 2013, China floated a plan to subsidise five domestic producers, including four of the country’s largest dairy producers and the previously unknown Treasure of Plateau, which had begun producing formula from yak’s milk in 2012.这一新的举措恰逢中国大力扶持国内品牌之际。2013年,中国提出了一个计划,为五家国内生产商提供补贴。这五家生产商包括中国四家最大的奶制品生产商,以及此前名不见经传的高原之宝(Treasure of Plateau)。高原之宝是一家从2012年开始用牦牛奶生产婴儿配方奶粉的奶制品生产商。Beijing city has allocated Rmb10m (.6m) to local champion Sanyuan to develop a national indigenous brand “fit for the growth of Chinese babies,” the Beijing Youth Daily reported on Monday. Sanyuan products tested free of melamine products in 2008, but it subsequently bought many of the assets of state-owned formula maker Sanlu based in neighbouring Hebei province, which was at the centre of the scandal.据《北京青年报》(Beijing Youth Daily)周一报道,北京市为当地冠军企业三元(Sanyuan)拨款1000万元人民币(合160万美元),以开发“适合中国婴儿成长”的中国本土品牌。2008年,三元在检测中未发现带有三聚氰胺的产品,不过该公司后来收购了许多三鹿集团(Sanlu)的资产。三鹿集团是一家总部位于与河北省的国有婴儿奶粉生产商,该集团正是三聚氰胺丑闻的当事人。State-led efforts to revive the domestic industry have included regulations that dairy product suppliers invest in their own dairy farms and the acquisition of formerly private market leader Mengniu by state agribusiness giant Cofco. But the efforts have done little to restore public confidence in the industry.中国实施了一系列政府主导下的复苏国内乳品产业的努力,包括规定奶制品供应商应投资建立自己的奶牛场,由国有农产品企业巨头中粮集团(COFCO)出面收购曾经的顶尖民企蒙牛(Mengniu)。但这些努力对恢复公众对该产业的信心没起到什么作用。China imported a record 1m tons of milk powder last year, customs data shows. In the first quarter of this year, imports rose nearly 24 per cent to 240,000 tons.海关数据显示,去年中国进口奶粉达到创纪录的100万吨。今年第一季度,奶粉进口量增至24万吨,增长了将近24%。One of the biggest beneficiaries has been New Zealand, whose national dairy co-operative Fonterra had partnered Sanlu and blew the whistle on the melamine adulteration. Chinese dairy companies have invested in New Zealand farms to bolster their own reputation and secure milk powder supply, while Fonterra is now investing directly in dairy farms in China.这种局面下最大的受益者就是新西兰。新西兰国家级乳品联营公司恒天然(Fonterra)曾与三鹿集团合作,还揭发过三鹿奶粉掺杂三聚氰胺的情况。中国乳品企业一直在投资新西兰农场,以提高自身的声誉,并确保奶粉供应源头的安全。同时,恒天然也在直接投资中国的奶牛场。 /201405/295108青岛不孕不育正规医院 青岛无痛人流的费用是多少钱

青岛妇科检查贵不贵With its manicured lawns, wide open roads and spacious homes, this village looks like any other typical American suburb... except with one major difference.修剪整齐的草坪、开阔的道路、宽敞的房屋,这个小镇和美国其他典型的郊区似乎没什么不同,只除了一个差别。Rather than cars occupying spaces on the large driveways outside many of the properties, planes appear to be the first choice of vehicle among residents at Spruce Creek, in Florida.佛罗里达州的Spruce Creek小镇上,屋子外宽阔的马路上停着的不是车,而是飞机。这里的居民把飞机当成他们的首选交通工具。The former U.S. Air Force base is home to about 5,000 people, and planes are such a popular mode of transport, paved taxiways from Spruce Creek Fly-in airpark guide pilots to each of the 1,500 homes and 700 hangars dotted around the area.这个小镇原先是美国空军基地,现在这里居住着5000居民,飞机是这里最流行的交通工具,飞机滑道从小镇机场铺设至1500个住户家,700多个飞机库遍布小镇各处。Signs warning of low-flying planes are dotted around the streets of the village, which was used as a military base during World War II, particularly near the 18 hole golf course.小镇的街道上,到处都是注意飞机低空飞行的警示标志, 18兜的高尔夫球场周围尤其多,这些标识在二战时就已经开始使用了。Prices for properties in the fly-in community, which boasts its own 4,000ft runway, range from 9,000 for a small condo to millions of dollars for a hangar mansion.小镇住宅区设有4000英尺长的飞行跑道,房屋的价格不等,一套小公寓要169,000美元,有飞机库的别墅则要上百万美元。A spokesperson for Karlhaus Realty said: #39;The sign that s, ;Caution, Children and Adults at Play; is the first thing a visitor sees after driving through the security gates.Karlhaus房地产的发言人说:“人们驾驶通过安全门后最先看到的就是警示标识,上面写着‘注意,有大人和小孩在做游戏’。”#39;It really illustrates the spirit and vitality of this special community.“这充分展示了这个特殊小镇的精神和活力。”Hollywood A-list actor and star of the 80s action film Top Gun Tom Cruise and his ex-wife girlfriend Nicole Kidman stayed at Spruce Creek when filming Days of Thunder in 1990.好莱坞著名影星,80年代动作电影《壮志凌云》的主演汤姆·克鲁斯和他的前女友妮可·基德曼曾在1990年拍摄《雷霆壮志》期间住在Spruce Creek小镇。 /201405/297875 A notorious dog meat festival in southwest China has sparked an outcry among the nation’s growing ranks of pet lovers, who say the event has spurred an illicit trade in stolen pets.在中国南方声名狼藉的肉节,引发了正不断增多的宠物爱好者的公开抗议。这些宠物爱好者表示,肉节活动刺激了被窃宠物的非法贸易。Dog meat is a popular winter food in parts of China and Korea, where the rich meat is believed to help keep people warm. But the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, which will be held this weekend in Guangxi near the border with Vietnam, has caused domestic and international outrage, with opponents saying many of the animals are cruelly treated and illegally obtained.在中国和韩国部分地区,肉是一种很受欢迎的冬季食品,其丰富的肉质被视有助于保暖。然而,将于本周末举办的玉林肉节(Yulin Dog Meat Festival),已经引起了中国国内甚至国际上的愤慨。该活动将在毗邻越南的中国广西自治区举办。反对者表示,在该活动中许多动物遭到了残酷对待,它们的获取途径也是非法的。The festival has for several years been galvanising China’s animal rights movement, which has arisen as the number of prosperous middle-class pet owners has grown. Many activists plan to travel to Yulin to protest against the festival, where an estimated 2,000 dogs a day are slaughtered.在中国拥有宠物的中产阶级人数不断壮大之际,中国的动物保护组织也随之崛起。多年来玉林肉节的举办,令这些组织深感震惊。许多动保人士计划赶赴广西玉林,抗议这一肉节活动,预计肉节的日屠数量达2000条。Originally a summer solstice celebration, the local government began promoting the event as a dog meat festival in 2009. The Yulin government began to distance itself last year amid an outpouring of online criticism.玉林肉节最初只是夏至的庆祝活动。2009年,当地政府开始以肉节的品牌宣传这一活动。去年,由于网上出现的大量批评声,玉林政府开始放弃自己原本的宣传定位。“Average people are not aware of the cruelty that dogs experience in the process of dog meat production. If they knew, they wouldn’t be saying this is simply a question of whether you love dogs or not,” said Zhang Yuanyuan, a volunteer who plans to travel to Yulin from Shenzhen in an attempt to persuade often-hostile locals to ditch the practice.计划赶赴玉林的志愿者张媛媛(Zhang Yuanyuan,音译)表示:“普通人不知道肉生产过程中,所经历的残酷对待。如果他们知道,他们不会说这只是你爱不爱的问题。”张媛媛计划从深圳赶赴玉林,试图劝说当地人放弃这一行为。不过,当地人对他们往往充满敌意。A four-year study by Hong Kong-based group Animals Asia documented networks of dog traders that bring strays or stolen pets to northeast, central and southern China, especially during the winter months when dog meat is popular. The investigation found that stolen or stray dogs were so cheap that breeding dogs for meat was unprofitable.总部驻香港的亚洲动物基金(Animals Asia)开展了一项为期四年的研究,对肉交易商组成的网络做了记载。这些肉交易商将走失或失窃的宠物运往中国的东北、华中和华南——特别是在肉受欢迎的冬季。该调查发现,被窃或走失的太过廉价,致使饲养肉变得无利可图。A survey conducted by Animals Asia in rural areas found that 70 per cent of Chinese villagers had lost at least one dog to thieves.该组织在中国农村地区开展的调查发现,70%的村民丢失过至少一条。“A lot of the animals that we see in these trucks are in such horrendous condition that by the time they get to the ultimate trade markets a lot of them have died,” said Mary Peng, whose veterinary business in Beijing has treated dogs rescued from trucks bound for slaughterhouses.Mary Peng在北京拥有多家兽医店,曾治疗过从前往屠宰场的卡车中救出的小。她说:“我们在这些卡车上看到的许多动物,都处于极其可怕的生存状态,导致它们中的许多在抵达最终交易市场时已经死去。”Some of the activists travelling to Yulin may unwittingly be encouraging the trade in dogs by paying to rescue them from dog dealers. Last year saw ugly scenes of dealers in Yulin mistreating dogs in front of crowds of tourists and activists to spur them into buying the injured animals.部分前往玉林的动保人士,可能会由于掏钱从贩手中救下小,无意中鼓励了贩活动。去年,玉林曾出现过贩在游客和动保人士面前虐,以刺激他们买下受伤小的丑陋场景。The practice of buying the dogs has split the Chinese animal rights community, with many believing it is counter-productive. “I am completely opposed to this,” said Ms Zhang, arguing that it simply adds to the market for dogs. “You can’t just look at how many dogs are being eaten but also the violent capture and transport of these dogs.”买下小的行为也在中国的动物保护界产生了分歧,许多人认为这么做会产生反作用。张媛媛声称,这么做只会扩大贩市场的规模。她说:“我完全反对这么做。你不能只关注人们吃了多少,还要关注对这些的暴力捕获和运输过程。” /201506/382343青岛无痛人流医院免费咨询莱州无痛人流好不好



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