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首架中国制造喷气式客机首次起航 -- :7:59 来源: (上海)周四,首架国产线客机即将进入飞机市场,搭载70名乘客起飞 SHANGHAI - The first regional jet produced in China’s initiative to compete in the commercial aircraft market made its debut flight Tuesday carrying 70 passengers.(上海)周四,首架国产线客机即将进入飞机市场,搭载70名乘客起飞The ARJ1-700 jet is one of a series of initiatives launched by the ruling Communist Party to transm China from the world’s low-cost factory into a creator of profitable technology in aviation, clean energy and other fields.ARJ1-700客机是中国政府对于中国从廉价工厂转向航空业、清洁能源等盈利技术领域的开发者所做出的最初尝试之一The plane operated by Chengdu Airlines took its passengers from the western city of Chengdu to Shanghai in two hours.这架飞机由成都航空公司负责运营,执行从成都到上海的两小时飞行任务China is one of the biggest aviation markets but relies on eign-made aircraft. Beijing wants to capture more of those sales. Its major airlines are state-owned, which gives the ruling party a captive pool of potential customers that can be ordered to buy Chinese-made aircraft.中国是世界上最大的飞机市场之一,但十分依赖于进口飞机中国政府希望能够在其中获得更多市场份额中国主要的航线都是国有的,国产飞机的销路很广The ARJ1 -- or Asian Regional Jet the 1st Century -- is intended to make its state-owned manufacturer, Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China, a competitor to Bombardier Inc. of Canada and Brazil’s Embraer SA.ARJ1是中国商用飞机公司用来和加拿大庞巴迪公司以及巴西航空工业公司竞争的利器"The first flight of the ARJ1 marks the beginning of commercial, or passenger, operations the ARJ1 and signifies the first time a domestically made regional jet has been used by a Chinese airline," said the COMAC chairman, Jin Zhuanglong.中国商用飞机有限公司的董事长金壮龙表示:“ARJ1的首航象征着新商机的开始或者是乘客新体验的开始,这也是国产飞机首次进入线航班执行任务”The ARJ1 initiative was launched in . It was scheduled to deliver its first plane in but that was pushed back due to technical problems.ARJ1项目起始于年人们本来计划在年推出第一架飞机,但是由于技术问题而不得不将计划延后A full-size jetliner under development by another state-owned company, the C919, is aimed at competing with Boeing Co. and Airbus. After delays blamed on manufacturing problems, the C919 is due to fly this year and enter service in about 19.由另一间国企负责研发的标准尺寸客机C919计划成为波音公司和空中巴士公司的竞争对手由于制造问题而延迟上市的C919也即将在今年升空,在19年投入运行Boeing ecasts China’s total demand civilian jetliners over the next two decades at 5,580 planes worth a total of 0 billion.波音公司预测,未来二十年内中国民航线总需求将达到5580架飞机,估值7800亿元这些词多年前就有了,你都认识吗? -- :3:18 来源:chinadaily 我们每天都在向大家介绍英语中产生的新词和新的表达,不知道你们都积累多少了?有时候,我们发现的一些新词可能在英语里已经出现好多年了,但是一直没有被大规模使用,所以也就没有引起我们的注意 今天要给大家介绍的这些词,它们出现的最早记录都在1995年3月,也就多年前你都见过吗?知道是什么意思吗? gt;gt;Barfmail 退回邮件 n. An email message spewed out in all directions. 无法发送出去的邮件 最早出现1995年3月6日,The Washington Times 引文: Barfmail: multiple bounce (nondelivered) messages to the level of serious annoyance, like what happens when an inter-mail gateway goes wonky. —Larry R. Moffitt, “The Hacker's Dictionary,” The Washington Times, March 6, 1995 gt;gt;Celebrity wrangler 名人联络 n. A person who negotiates with a celebrity's agent, manager, or publicist to ensure the star's attendance at a social event. 与名人的经纪人、经理人或者公关人员商讨联络,确保名人能够出席某个社会活动的人员 最早出现1995年3月日,The Dallas Morning News 引文: Celebrities attending the All Star MS Rodeo will be well fed Sunday night, thanks to Al Biernat, manager of the Palm restaurant, and celebrity wranglers Marty Rendleman and Jean Kibler. —Alan Peppard, “Could be an instant replay,” The Dallas Morning News, March , 1995 gt;gt;Coolhunter 时尚猎酷 n. A person who investigates cutting-edge trends, fashions, and ideas and sells them as market research to companies so they can incorporate them into their latest products. 研究最前沿的潮流、时尚和理念,并将成果出售给公司企业,让其将这些成果应用到最新产品中的人 最早出现1995年3月日,The New Yorker 引文: The paradox, of course, is that the better coolhunters become at bringing the mainstream close to the cutting edge, the more elusive the cutting edge becomes. This is the first rule of the cool: The quicker the chase, the quicker the flight. The act of discovering what's cool is what causes cool to move on, which explains the triumphant circularity of coolhunting: because we have coolhunters like DeeDee and Baysie, cool changes more quickly, and because cool changes more quickly, we need coolhunters like DeeDee and Baysie. —Malcolm Gladwell, “The Coolhunt,” The New Yorker, March , 1995 gt;gt;De-alert 解除警报 v. To separate a nuclear weapon's warhead from its delivery system. 将核弹头与其发射架相脱离 最早出现1995年3月9日,Federal News Service 引文: Another developing international norm is the cessation of nuclear weapons testing. Since the NPT was signed, only one new country — India — has carried out an underground test. The steep reductions, de-alerting and detargeting of nuclear ces also convey important symbolic messages. —Michael Krepon, “Prepared Testimony of Michael Krepon Bee the Senate eign Relations Committee on Ratification,” Federal News Service, March 9, 1995 gt;gt;Dead tree edition 纸质版 n. The paper version of an online newspaper, magazine or journal. 在线报纸、杂志和期刊的纸质版 最早出现1995年3月3日,The Wall Street Journal 引文: The Los Angeles Times is on Prodigy under the name TimesLink and, like its parent, is filled with lengthy stories on every imaginable topic. But this strong content is trapped inside one of the ugliest and most confusing user interfaces I've seen on an electronic paper. The opening screen sports buttons, a clunky and juvenile Prodigy-style illustration and a garish ad. That said, there's a lot here, including much material that goes beyond what's in the dead-tree edition. —Walter S. Mossberg, “Newspapers Go Online to Save the Industry,” The Wall Street Journal, March 3, 1995 gt;gt;Eco-driving 环保驾驶 pp. Driving in a way that minimizes fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. 将油耗和尾气排放降到最低水平的驾驶方式 最早出现1995年3月31日,Sydney Morning Heral 引文: Now Mercedes Benz has started looking at the problem and has developed an eco-driving program. So far 1,0 drivers have done the course and, in covering 7 million kilometres, Mercedes believes they have saved 1.5 million litres of fuel and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by around 35,000 tonnes. —Alan Kennedy, “Drive to slow greenhouse blowout,” Sydney Morning Herald, March 31, 1995 gt;gt;Egosurfing 自我搜索 pp. Using a search engine to locate and pages, posts, s, and other online content that mentions your name. 在网络搜索并阅读带有自己名字的网页、帖子、文章等在线内容 最早出现1995年3月1日,Wired 引文: Egosurfing: Scanning the Net, databases, print media, or research papers looking mentions of your own name. —Gareth Branwyn, “Jargon Watch,” Wired, March 1, 1995 gt;gt;Elvis year 猫王年 n. The year in which a product, person, or phenomenon peaks in popularity. 某件产品、某个人,或者某个现象极度风靡的一年 最早出现1995年3月日, Billboard 引文: But Lyons believes that's simply more evidence that the pent-up demand Barney product was satisfied, and that sales will continue to be healthy. “Prior to ‘93, there was little Barney merchandise available,” Mack says. “We call 1993 ‘the Elvis year.”' —Moira McCormick, “Theme park, TV, vid show Barney far from extinct,” Billboard, March , 1995 gt;gt;Ethnoburb 族裔郊区 n. A suburban area that draws a large number of immigrants from the same ethnic group. 聚集了大量同一种族移民人口的郊区 最早出现1995年3月日,Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers 引文: Wei Li, “Los Angeles' Chinese Ethnoburb: Evolution of Ethnic Commy and Economy,” Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers, March , 1995 gt;gt;Fact-free science 虚拟科学 n. A scientific endeavour—such as a computer simulation of a biological process—that does not take into real-world constraints such as chemical or biological data. 计算机模拟生物进化过程等不需要考虑诸如化学或生物数据等现实局限性的科学探索 最早出现1995年3月日,The New York Review of Books 引文: I discuss below a particular example of a dynamic system—Turing's morphogenetic waves—which gives rise to just the kind of structure that, as a biologist, I want to see. But first I must explain why I have a general feeling of unease when contemplating complex systems dynamics. Its devotees are practicing fact-free science. A fact them is, at best, the output of a computer simulation: it is rarely a fact about the world. —John Maynard Smith, “Life at the Edge of Chaos?,” The New York Review of Books, March , 1995 gt;gt;Issue literature 主题文学 n. A literary genre where each work takes as its central theme a social, cultural, or political issue. 每部作品选择一个社会、文化或政治问题作为主题的文学作品形式 最早出现1995年3月日,The Irish Times 引文: Strangely or not strangely at all,“ said Ms Carr, ”babes are usually feminists, if you mean by feminism the promotion of all that is good and liberating in our culture. Where the babes part company with their sisters, is when it comes to issue literature. Babes will not reduce their work to a series of issues and disapprove strongly with anyone who tries to reduce their work to a series of issues. —Luke Clancy, “Writer prides herself on being ‘a babe',” The Irish Times, March , 1995 gt;gt;Paraeducator 特殊教育者 n. A teaching assistant, particularly one who works individually with children who have special language or learning needs. 帮助有特殊的语言或学习需求的孩子进行单独学习的助教人员 最早出现1995年3月3日,The Press-Enterprise 引文: The assistants want to be treated as professionals, in partnership with certified teachers. And please, don't call them aides. “We are teachers, OK? We are co-workers. I am not anybody's aide. I am your co-worker,” said Virginia Rivas, bilingual instructional aide Palm Springs Unified School District, who was answered by a cheer from the audience. The preferred term is para-educator, conference organizers said. —Rebecca Shoults, “Session gets teachers' aides fired up,” The Press-Enterprise, March 3, 1995 gt;gt;Weddingmoon 婚礼蜜月 n. A vacation that includes both a wedding ceremony and a honeymoon. 包括了婚礼和蜜月的假期 最早出现1995年3月日,The Houston Chronicle 引文: Many Caribbean islands have reacted to the growing popularity of “weddingmoons” by agreeing to waive waiting period requirements so that, in some instances, tourists can marry the day they arrive. —Harry Shattuck, “Not all couples wed to tradition,” The Houston Chronicle, March , 1995男子70万路虎遭伴侣涂红漆 全车被喷"骗子" -- ::18 来源:   女友因男友两次欺骗自己,遂将男友价值70万的路虎喷上了表达自己愤怒的留言;Cheater; was just one of the very angry messages an English girl sprayed on each side of her boyfriendrsquo;s car when she found out that he was two-timing her.The white Range Rover Revere-starting price 95000 euro-was parked close to Harrods in West London. Several angry messages were sprayed on the car, probably the work of the ownerrsquo;s angry girlfriend.  一位英国女孩在发现男友曾两次欺骗自己后,便在男友车的两边喷上了愤怒的留言,而;骗子;只是其中之一这辆白色的路虎揽胜;;起价95000欧元;;停在西伦敦的哈罗兹(英国著名百货公司)附近车上有一些愤怒的留言,很可能是车主愤怒的女友所为  The word Cheater was sprayed on each side of the vehicle, and the words Hope she was worth it were sprayed on the rear and also on the bonnet.  车的两侧都被喷上了;骗子;,车的尾部和前方则写着;希望她配得起这一切;Klo, the woman who took the photographs and uploaded them on Twitter, said it was a female who had sprayed the text.  拍下这些照片并把其上传到推特的女子klo说,是一个女人喷下了这个留言  ;I havenrsquo;t a clue who she was, but she looked very upset. No one dared to stop her. When she finished she just left.;  ;我不清楚她到底是谁,但是她看起来很生气没人敢去阻拦她她写完后就离开了;  The words Itrsquo;s over were also sprayed on the Range Rover, confirming-if there was any lingering doubt-that the relationship between the two was over.  这辆路虎上还写了;我们结束了;,实了这一事实;;如果有任何挥之不去的疑问;;就是这两个人的关系结束了  Meanwhile, according to the B, it is thought that the whole thing could have been just a publicity stunt.  同时,根据B的报道,整个事件很可能只是炒作

纽约流行“骨汤冰棍” 防暑又健康 -- 18::0 来源:chinadaily Anyone who was left scratching his or her head at the bone broth diet craze is going to be particularly flabbergasted by the latest development in the trend.对骨汤饮食热潮大惑不解的人们势必要对这一潮流的最新发展目瞪口呆了New York City restaurant Springbone Kitchen is one of the very hotspots that spearheaded the 'bone broth' movement, which sees health-conscious dieters sipping the warm meat-flavored soup as a meal replacement.名为“春骨厨房”的纽约餐馆是引领“骨汤”运动的先锋热店之一重视饮食健康的节食者们在此啜饮温暖的肉汤代替餐饭And it seems the Greenwich Village eatery is intent on enticing customers to down bone broth even when it's hot outside — and to that end, they've debuted a new bone broth popsicle, which mixes the meaty liquid with fruit and coconut milk a frozen dessert treat.而今,这家格林威治村的餐馆似乎铁了心要引诱顾客臣于骨汤,即使外面烈日炎炎——为此,他们推出了新的骨汤冰棍,将肉汤与水果和椰奶混合,制成冰冻甜点Bone broth as a healthy foodie trend first started to take off in , but really gained momentum during the winter earlier this year, with Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek, and Shailene Woodley coming out as fans.骨汤作为一种健康饮食潮流在年初露锋芒,但在今年早前的冬季才真正形成发展势头著名影星格温妮丝?帕特洛、萨尔玛?海耶克和谢琳?伍德蕾都成为其粉丝Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Diet, a guide book written by a nutritionist, became a bestseller, and several soup-focused stores and restaurants began popping up in major cities.一位营养学家所写的指南《凯莉安士的骨汤饮食成为畅销书,多家主打汤类的商店和餐馆开始出现在各大城市Made by slowly boiling animal bones in water, the trendy broth is specially prepared to have little sodium but plenty of collagen, vitamins, and minerals, promising health benefits like weight loss, shiny hair, radiant skin, and a stronger immune system.时尚骨汤是由动物骨头加水慢慢炖煮,特制而成只含有很少的钠,但富含大量骨胶原、维他命和矿物质,有望带来众多健康功效比如使人体重减少,秀发闪亮,皮肤有光泽,免疫系统增强So it's no surprise it became such a hit this past winter, when temps were frigid and a steaming cup of soup was a welcome meal-on-the-go.,骨汤在上个冬季成为爆点毫不奇怪当天气严寒,一杯热腾腾的汤无疑是大受欢迎的便携饮食Now, however, when temperatures are reaching into the 90s in New York City, Springbone Kitchen seems to have been searching a way to appeal to its broth-guzzling masses with something that would help with the heat, not make it worse.但现在,纽约市气温将达到90多华氏度(3摄氏度以上),“春骨厨房”餐馆似乎正寻找新的方式,满足其骨汤爱好者餐馆要提供解暑的食品,而不是让酷热加剧Though they tried just serving the broth cold, they found that it was 'too gelatinous', and instead decided to simply freeze it and sweeten it up.他们尝试过供应冷却的骨汤,却发现冷汤“凝胶似的太过粘稠”,于是决定干脆把汤冰冻再变得更甜Three weeks ago, they began selling a $ popsicle made with coconut milk, raspberry puree, pomegranate juice, maple sugar, and bone broth.三周前,他们开始出售美元一的冰棍冰棍由椰奶、覆盆子酱、石榴汁、枫糖和骨汤制成'It’s a little bit sweet,' 6-year-old Jordan Feldman, Springbone Kitchen's founder, told the New York Post — adding that the meat is barely detectable.餐馆创始人、6岁的乔丹?费尔德曼告诉《纽约邮报:“它有点甜”又补充说几乎尝不出肉味'It’s there, but it’s totally overwhelmed by the other flavors,' he said.他表示:“确实是有肉,但完全被其他味道盖住了”Not everyone seems to agree, however. Last week, Kelly Ripa and Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons tried the popsicles on air — and though they seemed pleased with the fruity flavor at first, they were less impressed with the surprise aftertaste.然而,并非所有人都能认同这一点上周,主持人凯莉?蕾帕和《生活大爆炸的主演吉姆?帕森斯在节目中尝试了这种冰棍尽管他们似乎很喜欢一开始的水果味儿,但对其令人惊讶的余味就不怎么受用了A young boy they called up from the audience had an even stronger reaction, pulling a face and remarking that he tasted 'raw meat' and 'something really disgusting'.节目邀请了观众一起品尝,一位年轻男孩的反应更为强烈他做了个鬼脸,评价说自己尝到了“生肉”和“极为恶心的东西”A reporter at Buzzfeed, however, didn't mind the pop, writing: 'It was tangy and vaguely fruity. I felt like I sensed a subtle, but not unpleasant meatness to it, but that could’ve just been psychological. It wasn’t bad!'Buzzfeed的一位记者倒是没有在意所谓流行风潮,而是写道:“冰棍味道挺重,有点儿水果味我觉得尝到了细微的、但并非令人不快的肉质感,当然也可能仅仅是心理作用它并不糟糕!”Vocabularyflabbergast: 哑然失色;使大吃一惊puree: 浓汤;果泥;菜泥pull a face: 做鬼脸英文来源:每日邮报翻译:实习生徐晓彤审校#38;编辑:丹妮

美国撑腰也没用,中国反对印度加入核供应集团 --5 18:53: 来源: 印度加入核供应集团国(NSG)的愿望因中国反对而落空 India’s bid to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) has suffered a setback following Chinese opposition.印度加入核供应集团国(NSG)的愿望因中国反对而落空The plenary of the NSG ended on Friday without a decision on India’s membership.NSG全体会议在周五结束,会议未就印度加入该组织做出任何决定China said India should not become a member until it signs the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT) - a key requirement all NSG members.中国说印度想要加入NSG就应该签署不扩散核武器条约(NPT)——这是向NSG成员提出的关键要求The NSG sets global rules international trade in nuclear energy technology.NSG对全球的核能源科技国际贸易设置规则In a statement following the end of the plenary session, the group confirmed that India’s application had been discussed, reports India’s PTI news agency.在全体会议结束后的声明中,该组织确认会议对印度的申请进行了讨论,印度PTI新闻社报道说"Participating governments reiterated their firm support the full, complete and effective implementation of the NPT as the cornerstone of the international non-proliferation regime," the statement .该声明宣称:与会政府重申了他们对“全面和有效地执行NPT,将它作为国际防核扩散的基石”的坚定持India needed a unanimous vote in the 8-member group to become a member, but Beijing took the position that the rules should not be bent India.印度想要成为NSG的一员需要8个成员国全体通过,但北京的立场是不能为印度歪曲规则"Applicant countries must be signatories of the NPT. This is a pillar, not something that China set. It is universally recognised by the international commy," the Reuters news agency ed Wang Qun, the head of the arms control department in China’s eign ministry, as saying.“申请国必须是NPT条约的签署国这是核心,而不是中国的要求,这是国际公认的,”路透社引用中国外交部武器控制部门主任Wang Qun的话说China was always the main opponent to India’s US-backed bid to become an NSG member despite hectic diplomatic discussions between Delhi and Beijing.中国一直反对印度不顾德里和北京之间紧张的外交谈判,而试图依靠美国撑腰加入NSG的企图US President Barack Obama had publicly endorsed India’s candidacy during his meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier this month and also urged other NSG members to consider it favourably.美国总统Barack Obama在本月初与印度总理Narendra Modi的会面中,公开持印度,并敦促其他NSG成员也很好地考虑Correspondents say that India’s failure to secure a seat in the NSG will be seen as a setback to Mr Modi’s eign policy.记者说,印度未能成功占得NSG一席,将被看作是Modi总理外交政策上的一次挫折India’s main opposition Congress party has referred to the development as an "embarrassment" to the country.印度的主要反对党说这样的进展令国家“蒙羞”"Prime Minister Narendra Modi needs to realise that diplomacy needs depth and seriousness and not public tamasha [spectacle]," a party spokesman said.“总理Narendra Modi需要意识到外交需要深度和严肃性,而不是大众,”该党发言人说小熊维尼:好朋友就是酱样子~ -- ::37 来源:chinadaily Winnie the Pooh was one of my childhood favorites. Perhaps it was because Disney made him so cute and loveable? Or perhaps it was because he was full of simple wisdom about how we can live a good life. 《小熊维尼是我童年最喜欢的动画之一也许是因为迪斯尼把他刻画得如此可爱又讨人喜欢?或许是因为他对于如何过上美好的生活充满了简单的智慧 Here are seven es from Winnie the Pooh that hint at how we can be a really good friend. 这里是小熊维尼的七条语录,提示我们如何成为一个真正的好朋友 1. ;Some people care too much. I think it's called love.; 1、“一些人关心得太多我认为这就是爱” Caring is a good thing. It is the emotion that holds us together and what separates our friends from all the other humans out there. Let yourself ;care too much;. True friendship is built on love. 关心是好事这种情感把我们连接在一起,而且能把我们的朋友与其他所有人区分开来让自己“多关心一点”真正的友谊是建立在爱的基础上的 . ;A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey.; 、“没有朋友的一天就像罐子里没有了蜂蜜” Having strong social relationships improves our overall well-being. Research indicates that those who have close and supportive relationships in their lives, have both better physical and psychological health. Your friendships matter. 拥有强有力的社会关系从整体上使我们更加幸福快乐研究指出,那些在生活中拥有亲密关系而且能够与朋友互相持的人,身心更加健康你的友谊很重要 3. Piglet: ;How do you spell love?; Pooh: ;You don't spell it, you feel it.; 3、小猪:“你如何拼写爱这个单词呢?”维尼:“爱不是拼写出来的,而是用来感受的” Relationships are built over time. You need to be committed to developing your friendships and giving them the space, energy and time to grow naturally. Because you can’t spell friendship, you have to feel it. 关系是建立在时间的基础上的你需要对自己的友谊作出承诺,并给予空间、精力和时间来使其自然成长因为你不能拼写出友谊,你必须要感受它 . ;Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.; 、“每个人都会为得到一个气球而欢呼” As Pooh Bear suggests, you could deliver them a balloon, as it is hard not to smile when you're given a balloon. We all have the power to brighten the day of another. 就像维尼熊建议的那样,你可以给他们一个气球,因为当别人给你一个气球的时候,你很难不对他微笑我们有能力使别人拥有灿烂的一天 5. ;If the person you are talking to doesn't appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.; 5、“如果你的诉说对象好像没在听你讲话,你要耐心一点也许他只是耳朵里有一小团绒毛” Give your friends the benefit of the doubt. Rather than becoming instantly frustrated or offended, if you don't feel heard by a friend, try being patient with them. Nobody is perfect, and we all have times where we will be distracted. 相信你的朋友,而不是瞬间就觉得挫败或不舒,如果你觉得朋友没在听你讲话,试着对他们耐心一些人无完人,我们都有分心的时候 6. ;How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.; 6、“我多么幸运,能够拥有这些让我难以开口说再见的东西” As we grow in life, many of our close relationships become interrupted by physical distance. Rather than focusing on the fact that your good friends aren’t physically close, focus on how lucky you are to have a connection with them. 在成长的过程中,许多亲密的关系会被空间距离打断不要关注你和好朋友不再贴近这个事实,而是要想自己多么幸运,依然与他们保持联系 7. ;Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more than you know.; 7、“永远记住你比自己所相信的更勇敢、比所展现的更坚强、比所认为的更聪慧、 比所知道的更值得被爱” Don't get that you too deserve your love and affection. Speak to yourself and encourage yourself like you would your best friend. And don't get, you are more loved than you know. 不要忘记你也应该爱自己,你也值得被爱同自己讲话,像鼓励最好的朋友那样鼓励自己不要忘记,你比自己所知道的更值得被爱双语:日本中部火山爆发 多名登山者被困 -- :: 来源: Rescuers have found 30 hikers in critical condition, feared dead, near the peak of Mount Ontake, after Saturday's sudden volcanic eruption.   周六日本御岳火山突然喷发,救援人员已经发现有30名山顶附近的登山者处境危急,可能已经死亡   The hikers were not breathing and their hearts had stopped, reports said. Final confirmation of death in Japan always comes via a medical examination.   报道称这些登山者们已经停止呼吸和心跳在日本,最终的死亡确认要在医生检查后才会发布   About 50 people were trapped on the slopes, but most have got down safely.   约50人曾被困在山上,但大多数人已经安全返回   The volcano, about 0km west of Tokyo, erupted at about noon on Saturday, spewing ash and rocks.   这座位于东京以西0公里的火山在周六午间喷发出大量火山灰和石块   Ordinarily it is a popular place to see autumn foliage.   此地本是观赏秋叶的名胜   Japan is one of the world's most seismically active nations but there have been no fatalities from volcanic eruptions since 1991, when 3 people died at Mount Unzen in the south-west.   日本是世界上地震最频繁的国家,但自1991年西南部的云仙岳喷发死亡1人以来,再未有人在火山爆发中遇难

世界最大圣诞树 巴西造500吨圣诞树 -- 00:: 来源: 世界最大圣诞树 巴西造500吨圣诞树   Christmas has officially begun in Rio de Janeiro, as thousands of people turned out to see the world’s tallest floating Christmas tree and a firework display over the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon yesterday.  昨天,在罗德里戈湖畔,成千上万的人穿着节日的盛装观赏了世上最高的水上漂浮圣诞树和焰火表演,由此里约热内卢的圣诞节正式拉开了序幕  Crowds flocked to the waterfront to watch as the 5 ton and 85 metre high structure was lit up by a dazzling display of multicoloured fireworks.  耀眼炫目、五缤纷的烟火表演点亮了一座重达5吨、高达85米的圣诞树结构,吸引了众多人群涌向湖边前来观赏  The annual event, which is now in its nineteenth year, draws tourists from across the globe and is the third largest occasion in the city’s calendar.  作为里约热内卢城市日历上第三大重要活动,到今年这个年度活动已经持续了19年,每年都吸引了成千上万的世界各地游客  Each year there is a new theme, represented by the tree’s lights, and “A Christmas Light” was chosen - celebrating the importance of light in people's lives, symbolised by the sun, moon and stars.  每年的活动主题都各不相同为了彰显阳光、月光和星光等灯光在人们生活中的重要作用,年的主题选择了树状灯光来展现,名为“圣诞之光”  The tree itself contains 3.1 million micro bulbs, ,0 strobe effects and 0 LED reflectors, which enable the record-beating tree to change colour and display different designs.  圣诞树上装了3万个微型灯泡、个闪光灯以及0个LED反光镜,确保这棵打破纪录的圣诞树能够不停地变换颜色,呈现不同的设计效果  This year Guinness World Records has officially certified that the tree is the largest of its kind in the world.  今年,经吉尼斯世界纪录官方认,这棵圣诞树确为世界最大  The Christmas tree will continue to float in the lagoon until 6 January , the traditional end of the holiday period.  这棵圣诞树将继续漂浮在罗德里戈湖上,直到年1月6日这一传统节日结束   Fireworks illuminate the tree   Fireworks illuminate the tree at Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon in Rio de Janeiro.  里约热内卢的罗德里戈湖畔,焰火与圣诞树交相辉映   White fireworks burst over the world's highest floating Christmas tree.  白色的焰火绽放在世上最高的水上漂浮圣诞树上空爱犬跳入临终女主人的怀里告别,感动了在场所有的医护人员 -- :: 来源: 在它远远看看女主人的那一刹那,它便不愿再多等一分钟在所有人都还没反应过来的时候,它已经径直奔向Rejane,跳到她的病床上,舔她的脸多么感人的久别重逢! Rejane Chili is 9 years old and lives in Porto Alegre, Brazil. A few months ago, she found out that she had cancer and the disease quickly progressed into a terminal state. Very debilitated, Rejane can no longer leave the hospital, having being kept there several weeks aly. Throughout this difficult period, the woman receives the regular visit from her friends and family, but she often complains about the absence of someone very special.今年9年的Rejane Chili住在巴西的阿雷格里港几个月前她查出了自己患了癌症,并且病情迅速恶化几周之后,她的身体越来越虚弱,已经离不开医院了在这段艰难的时期,她的家人和朋友经常过来探望陪伴她,但她经常抱怨见不到她那位特殊的朋友Rejane is crazy about her dog Ritchie. She’s taken care of him ever since he was a puppy and spoils her pet as much as she does her own son. Rejane, being apart from him has been torture. Scared about the possibility of dying without seeing Ritchie again, she asks several times the dog to be brought in a last visit. However, the hospital’s police are against the presence of animals. Mostly because the risk of contamination is very high someone with such poor health. But Rejane is dying, and coming into contact with a few extra germs cannot greatly deteriorate her current state. Touched by this final wish, the Palliative Care Group of the Ernesto Dornelles Hospital, where she is being treated, decides to make an exception and allow the entry of this furry visitor.Rejane说的是她的爱犬Ritchie,她非常想念它在Ritchie还很小的时候,Rejane就开始照料它,像亲生孩子一样宠爱它对Rejane来说,与Ritchie分开这么久让她非常煎熬因为害怕不能爱犬最后一面,Rejane多次请求把她的爱犬带过来让她见见但是院方不允许将动物带进来主要考虑到这么做的话,很容易感染身体状况这么差的病人但Rejane已经到了生命中的最后一刻,即使感染一些细菌也不会对她当前的状态产生多大的影响了也是被她最后的愿望感动了,她所在的医院,埃内斯托的姑息治疗中心Dornelles医院最后决定破例允许把Ritchie带进来On the agreed day, Tiago, Rejane’s son, travels with the dog in a taxi to meet his mum. security reasons, the meeting is scheduled to take place in a special room. However, once Ritchie sees from far away his owner, he can’t wait a minute more. The animal runs toward Rejane and bee anyone could react, he jumps onto her hospital bed, licking her face. What a moving encounter! those around them, it is impossible to hold back the tears.在指定的那天,Rejane的儿子Tiago带着Ritchie坐计程车来到医院看望妈妈出于安全考虑,这次会面被安排在一个特殊的房间然而,在Ritchie远远看看女主人的那一刹那,它便不愿再多等一分钟在所有人都还没反应过来的时候,它已经径直奔向Rejane,跳到她的病床上,舔她的脸多么感人的懈逅!此时,周围的人已经抑制不住自己的眼泪Those images are really touching! Rejane’s last wish was surely an uncommon one, but it shows how attached we can become to our beloved pets. Even in her final moments, this woman wanted to make sure she could say good bye to her best friend. Whenever possible, we should always try to fulfill the last wishes of those who are about to leave this world.这些照片真的太感人了!Rejane最后的心愿的确不是很常见,但展示了我们可以与我们的宠物相互之间变得多么依恋即使到了她生命中最后的一刻,这位女主人还是想和她最好的朋友道个别不管什么时候,如果可能,我们都应满足那些即将离开这个世界的人们的愿望新版iOS系统将允许删除苹果自带软件 -- 19:5: 来源: 长久以来iPhone都不能够删除苹果自带的App,为此果粉们一直颇有微词而此次苹果推出的新版iOS 系统将允许用户自定义删除某些自带的软件 Now, it appears their prayers have been answered.现在,果粉们的诉求终于得到了满足IOS enables users to remove the following built-in apps from the Home screen on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch,’ said MacRumopurs, bee listing Apple’s in house apps.在将新版iOS 系统投入使用前,MacRumopurs透露说道:“iOS 系统将允许使用者从iPhone、iPad和iPod touch中删除内置程序”The apps have also appeared on Apple’s app store - so users who delete them can simply re-download them if they change their mind.这些程序还将被上传到苹果的应用商店里,这样一旦删除程序的人回心转意,他就可以重新下载程序了According to MacRumours, the apps you can now delete in iOS are: Calendar, Compass, Contacts, FaceTime, Find My Friends, Home, iBooks, iCloud Drive, iTunes Store, Mail, Maps, Music, News, Notes, Podcasts, Reminders, Stocks, Tips, Videos, Voice Memos, Watch app, Weather.据MacRumours透露目前在iOS 系统下可删除的程序包括:日历、指南针、连接、视频聊天、找朋友、Home、iBOOK、iCloud Drive、iTunes Store、邮件、地图、音乐、新闻、笔记、播客、备忘录、股票、提升、视频、语音备忘录、手表和天气MacRumours said the apps had aly begun to appear in the App Store, allowing users to download them again if they change their mind.据MacRumours透露,目前这些程序已经被上传到了App Store里,一旦用户回心转意,他们就可以重新下载这些软件Now downloadable Apple native apps: Stocks, Mail, Maps, Notes, Voice Memos, Watch, Music, FaceTime, Weather, iTunes Store, Calendar,Contacts,’ it tweeted.MacRumours在推特上写道:“现在可以下载的苹果本地应用程序包括:股票、邮件、地图、笔记、语音备忘录、手表、音乐、视频通话、天气、iTunes Store、日历和连接”The revelation comes as Apple revealed its plans iOS , which it claims is the ’biggest ever update’ of its iPhone and iPad software.苹果公司在发布iOS 计划的时候公布了可以删除内置程序的消息,他们称iOS 是iPhone和iPad软件“有史以来最大的更新”Following criticism users it has completely overhauled its Apple Music service.由于备受用户的批评,苹果公司目前已经完全整顿了旗下的“Apple Music”务The software has been entirely redesigned to make it easier to use, and to compete with rival services from Spotify and Tidal.苹果将其软件完全重新设计了一遍,从而使得其更易于使用,以求能够和竞争对手Spotify和Tidal相抗衡Apple knows is users love capturing some much with their iPhone cameras and have made it easier to recall every moment that you froze in time using Memories.苹果深谙消费者的心理,它知道用户喜欢用iPhone相机拍下许多照片,这样他们就能够轻而易举地再现用手机内存封印起来的美好时光Memories scans all of your photos and s and uses points within the picture to find favorite and gotten events, trips and people.手机内存会扫描所有的照片和视频文件,并且用照片里的点来寻找用户被遗忘了的、最喜欢的事情、旅行和人And the firm has creature a new way to display both medias in one beautiful movie – complete with music, titles and transitions.苹果公司创造了一种新的途径,在一部赏心悦目的电影中来展示照片和视频--有完整的音乐、字幕和转换Memories users advanced computer vision to group everything in pictures, from people to places to things, the technology uses more than billion computations per photo to detect what is being shown, Federighi said during the conference.据Federighi在发布会上透露,内存使得计算机视觉变得更加先进,从而可以将一切事物组合归纳在图片里,从人到地点,再到事情为了检测图片的内容,这项技术在每张图片上都进行了1亿次以上的计算The final revamped feature shown iOS was the Home app, which delivers a simple and secure way to setup, manage and control your home.在发布会最后,iOS的一项更新是关于Home的Home提供了一个简单而又安全的方法来设置、管理和控制用户的家Users can access and interact with all their automated home products, no matter who makes them.用户可以通过Home来使用他们的自动家居用品,还可以和他们互动,不管到底是谁制造了它们Support HomeKit continues to expand globally with nearly 0 home automation products adopting HomeKit this year, bringing support thermostats, lights, window shades, door locks, cameras and more to the Home app,’ Apple explained.苹果公司说道:“对于HomeKit的持继续在全球范围内扩张,今年有近百种自动家居产品搭载了HomeKit平台,使得Home程序可以持温控器、灯光、窗帘、门锁、摄像头和其他家居产品”

留学极端事件频发 出国留学真的好吗 -- :3: 来源: 高考成绩公布不久,不少留学中介机构就开始征集那些对海外留学感兴趣的考生尽管许多家长和孩子的雄心被膨胀起来,但关于中国留学生在海外生活的频繁的负面报道也让部分家长心慌意乱 After scores the gaokao, China’s university entrance exam, were released, many study abroad agencies began recruiting students who are interested in attending college abroad. Although many parents and students are tempted by the study abroad experience, some are worried by the frequent, disturbing news of Chinese students struggling to get used to life abroad.高考成绩公布不久,不少留学中介机构就开始征集那些对海外留学感兴趣的考生尽管许多家长和孩子的雄心被膨胀起来,但关于中国留学生在海外生活的频繁的负面报道也让部分家长心慌意乱On June 6, Chinese student Robert Liu hanged himself in a dormitory of New York University; on June , a Chinese junior at the University of Pennsylvania killed herself by jumping in front of a train. Sadly, these tragedies are only the tip of the iceberg. With more and more Chinese students studying abroad at increasingly earlier ages, the students’ psychological conditions must be given more attention.6月6日,中国留学生罗伯特.刘被发现在纽约大学一间宿舍里上吊自杀;6月日,一名大三华裔学生撞上火车自杀身亡……然而,这些仅是中国留学生极端事件的“冰山一角”近年来,我国留学生的数量不断增多,留学生的年龄也逐渐呈现低龄化的趋势,,应当对留学生的精神需求给予足够的重视According to Cui Hong, a psychological consultant specializing in the mental condition of Chinese students overseas, there are three gaps that parents and children need to bridge if they hope to have a successful study abroad experience: generational, cultural and time-space. These students often find it difficult to fit in while studying in eign countries; at the same time, when they come back to China vacations, they also find it hard to get along with their old classmates.据专门从事中国留学生心理咨询工作的咨询师崔红表示,想要有一个成功的留学体验,需跨越“三道壕沟”:“代沟”“文化沟”“时空沟”这些学生在海外留学时与当地学生格格不入,与此同时,在假期回到中国后,又发现很难与昔日的中国同学相处Cui suggests that parents pay more attention to their children’s development from an early age. Parents can also learn to use social media to communicate with their children abroad. Instead of focusing solely on academic permance, Cui advises parents to learn more about their children’s daily lives. It is helpful if parents learn about the culture in which their children are living, and even seek out recent news from the country in which their children are studying.崔红建议,在孩子还小的时候家长就要多关注孩子家长也要学会使用新型社交工具方便与国外的孩子联系同时,家长也不要只关心孩子在外面的学习成绩,要多关注他们的日常生活除此以外,崔红还建议父母多了解孩子留学所在国家的文化,甚至可以关注那里的新闻Cui believes that children from harmonious, stable families are the best candidates to study abroad since they are most likely to feel a strong sense of security. In addition, children with independent characters who like to socialize and participate in many activities also tend to thrive in their lives abroad.她认为,家庭成员关系融洽的家庭出来的孩子最适合出国留学,因为他们更有安全感此外,从小自立性强,曾参与过很多社会实践或课外活动的孩子更适宜出国科比牵手王祖蓝 最强CP代言饿了么(双语) --30 18:01:5 来源:sohu 7 月 日,NBA退役的传奇球星科比; 布莱恩特代言了中国知名的在线外卖订餐平台“饿了么(ele.me)”中国企业雇用外国体育明星来推广自己的品牌已经不是第一次了接下来,小编带大家看看都有哪些体坛巨星代言了哪些中国品牌,他们的代言费又是多少 Retired National Basketball Association (NBA) legend Kobe Bryant’s endorsement of Ele.me, a Chinese online food ordering and delivery app, was announced on July . It is not the first time Chinese companies have employed eign sports stars to promote their brands. Here is a list of eign sports stars endorsing Chinese brands. 科比; 布莱恩特amp; 饿了么 Kobe Bryant amp; Ele.me 时间︰ 年7 月 日 July , 费用︰未知 Unknown ;饿了么;的广告海报上,科比和中国喜剧演员王祖蓝共同代言了该在线外卖订餐平台;饿了么;的广告语是;准时必达,超时秒赔; Ele.me's poster featuring Kobe and Chinese comedian Wang Zulan advertises the online food ordering and delivery company's slogan of ;arrive on time, get rebate if delayed;. 克里斯蒂亚诺; 罗纳尔多amp; 努比亚 Cristiano Ronaldo amp; Nubia 时间︰ 年6 月7 日 June 7, 费用︰每年约00 万欧元 Approximately million euros annually 年6 月 日广告海报上,皇家马德里的葡萄牙足球巨星克里斯蒂亚诺; 罗纳尔多手持努比亚的Z手机这款手机是中兴通讯集团旗下的高端智能手机品牌努比亚科技有限公司的一款主打产品 Real Madrid's Portuguese soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo holds the Nubia Z, a flagship handset launched by Nubia Technology Ltd, ZTE Corp's upmarket smartphone brand, on June , , on an advertising poster. 里奥;梅西amp;华为 Lionel Messi amp; Huawei 时间︰ 年 3 月 日 March , 费用︰每年约500到600 万欧元 Approximately 5 to 6 million eurosannually 年3 月 日在西班牙,电信巨头华为技术有限公司宣布梅西的为该公司的全球品牌大使在新闻发布会上巴塞罗那队的阿根廷前锋里奥;梅西(中)、华为美洲市场首席执行官(左),和华为手机客户主席(右)在自拍 FC Barcelona's Argentinian ward Lionel Messi (C), Tyrone Liu (L), CEO of Consumer Business Group Huawei Latin America, and Kevin Ho (R), president of Handset Business of Huawei Consumer BG, takes a selfie during a press conference in which telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies Co Ltd announced Messi's appointment as the company's Global Brand Ambassador in Barcelona, Spain, March , . 德怀特; 霍华德amp; 匹克 Dwight Howard amp; Peak 时间︰ 年8 月30 日 August 30, 费用︰未知 Unknown 年9 月 日,江西省南昌市,由运动品牌匹克体育用品有限公司举行的公开活动上,NBA 亚特兰大老鹰队的美国职业篮球运动员德怀特; 霍华德,在其中华行期间与学生们拍照 Dwight Howard, American professional basketball player the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA, takes a photo with students at a publicity campaign during his Dwight Howard China Tour organized by sportswear company Peak Sport Products Co Ltd, in Nanchang, East China's Jiangxi province, September , . 克莱;汤普森amp; 安踏 Klay Thompson amp; ANTA 时间︰ 年 月 日 February , 费用︰未知 Unknown 年 月 日,在安踏体育用品有限公司纽约的新闻发布会上,NBA金州勇士队的美国职业篮球神射手,克莱汤普森(左)第一次为安踏鞋签名该系列被命名为;KT FIRE; Klay Thompson (L), American professional basketball sharpshooter the Golden State Warriors of the NBA, holds his first ANTA signature shoes named ;KT FIRE; at a press conference in New York, February , . 斯蒂芬 ;马布里amp;361 deg; Stephon Marbury amp; 361deg; 时间︰ 月,年 November, 费用︰未知 Unknown 前NBA 球员中国篮球联赛(CBA)北京金隅男篮俱乐部的现役球员斯蒂芬 马布里,在广告海报上身穿一件361 度国际有限公司的篮球背心 mer NBA player Stephon Marbury, who currently plays the Beijing Ducks Basketball Club of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), wears a basketball vest made by sportswear company 361 Degrees International Ltd on the company’s advertising poster. 德怀恩 韦德amp; 李宁 Dwyane Wade amp; Li Ning 时间︰ 年 月 日 October , 费用: 每年00 万美元和本部股份 $ million annually and shareholdings 年 月 日北京,NBA最知名和最受欢迎球员之一德维恩 韦德(L),在他与运动品牌公司李宁的长达 年代言签约仪式上,展示他的球技 Dwyane Wade (L), one of the most well-known and popular players in the NBA, shows off his basketball skills during his -year endorsement signing ceremony with sportswear company Li Ning Co in Beijing, October , . 卡卡amp;金嗓子 Kakaacute; amp; Golden Throat 时间︰ 年8 月1 日 August 1, 费用︰未知 Unknown 年7 月 日广西省柳州市,被大家称为卡卡的巴西职业足球运动员里卡多;伊泽克森;多斯;桑托斯;雷特,与由金嗓子控股集团有限公司赞助的广西金嗓子足球学校的学生们拍照卡卡是 年的国际足联世界足球先生 Brazilian professional soccer player Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, who is commonly known as Kakaacute; and was the FIFA World Player of the Year , takes a photo with students of Guangxi Golden Throat Soccer School, which is sponsored by lozenges manufacturer Golden Throat Holdings Group Co Ltd, in Liuzhou, south China's Guangxi province, July , . English Source: China Daily中国女同起诉教育部 --18 :51:3 来源: 中山大学一名在读女大学生以同性恋的身份起诉了教育部,称教科书不应该将同性恋描述为“心理障碍” A Beijing court has accepted a woman’s case against the ministry of education over textbooks that describe homosexuality as a "psychological disorder", Chinese media report.据中国媒体报道,日前一名女性对教育部提起了诉讼,谴责教科书将同性恋描述为“心理障碍”,北京一地方法院已经受理了这起诉讼请求The 1-year old from Guangdong, who is gay and goes by the pseudonym Qiu Bai, has long campaigned a change.这名女子来自广东,是一名女同性恋她化名“秋白”,长期以来她一直在各处奔走,以求能够改变(人们对同性恋的看法)Chinese views on homosexuality have softened in recent times and it was decriminalised in 1997.近些年来,中国人对同性恋的看法已经缓和多了,1997年同性恋在中国合法化However discrimination against gay men and women remains prevalent.但是对于同性恋的歧视仍然普遍存在Earlier this week, Chinese media reported on the case of a gay man suing a mental hospital that he says drugged and beat him, after his wife and family took him there to be "cured".本周早些时候,中国媒体报道了一起事件,一名同性恋男子的妻子和家人将其送往精神病院“治疗”,该医院强迫这名男子用药物,还殴打了他In , Qiu Bai, was looking inmation on homosexuality while at Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou and found textbooks calling it a "disorder".年的时候,秋白在广州中山大学上学,当时她正在寻找有关同性恋的资料,然后就发现教科书里对同性恋的描述是“(心理)障碍”She told the Sixth Tone website this had incensed her: "Textbooks should at least describe homosexuality with objectivity.秋白告诉“第六音”网站,说这份教材使她非常生气:“教科书至少应该客观地描述同性恋”"I don’t want discrimination permeating the school I live in and the materials I use every day."“我不希望(对同性恋的)歧视渗透到我所生活的学校中来,我也不希望这种歧视渗透到我每天都要使用的教材中来”She sued the Ministry of Education in but was persuaded to drop the case to engage instead in a complaints process.秋白曾在年的时候对教育部提起过诉讼,但是却被说不通过法律手段,转而以投诉的方式来寻求问题的解决But after complaint letters were ignored she pursued a second lawsuit in April which was rejected by the court on the grounds that the lack of response from the ministry did not infringe on her rights.但是她的投诉信却被忽视了,秋白在年月份的时候提起了第二次诉讼,但是法院却驳回了她的上述,理由是教育部不回复的做法并没有侵犯她的权利Earlier this month she filed the current lawsuit, saying that "as a current university student, the plaintiff has a direct interest in the textbook materials".本月上旬,秋白提起了目前的第三次诉讼,称“作为一名在读大学生,原告和教科书内容有直接利益关系”On Tuesday, the First Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing accepted the lawsuit over the ministry’s failure to respond to her complaint.本周二,北京市第一中级人民法院受理了这起案件在这起案件中,秋白起诉教育部没有回复她的投诉Homosexuality was removed from the Chinese Classification of Mental Disorders in 01.在01年的时候,同性恋从“中国心理障碍分类”中被移除了

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