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山东公立三甲医院属于公立还是私立济南市紫荆花妇科医院妇科检查怎么样Keeping roofs cooler to cut energy costs想省钱?先帮你的房顶降温吧!The roof of a house can get pretty hot in the summer. Even if there is an insulated attic below, some of that heat can work its way into the living space. That can make air conditioners work harder and pump up electricity bills. But a thin, paint-like coating could help keep roofs cooler, a teen researcher finds. And in urban areas, widesp use of her new roofing treatment might even cut the formation of lung-irritating ozone on hot days.夏季炙热的太阳烤的屋顶奇热无比,尽管有有隔热作用的阁楼,但还是抵挡不住骄阳的高温穿透屋顶进入房间内。这可累坏了家里的空调,甚至还会有额外的电费账单等着付呢。但一位青年研究员发现一层薄薄的涂料就能帮助房顶凉爽下来。在市区内,尽管是很热的天气,使用她的新式屋顶隔热法即使在很热的天气下也能减少会对肺造成刺激的臭氧的形成。Shingles come in many colors, but dark ones are especially popular, says Jesseca Kusher. The 18-year old attends Spartanburg Day School in South Carolina. Like most dark objects, shingles absorb a lot of heat from sunlight. In the summer sun, they can easily reach 73.5° Celsius (164° Fahrenheit), she notes. If those shingles reflected more sunlight, they#39;d stay cooler. And that could help cut down on home cooling bills. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, air conditioning consumes about 5 percent of all the energy used in the ed States. Cooling buildings costs the nation about billion each year.据一位来自南加利福尼亚州斯帕坦堡走读学校的18岁学生Jesseca Kusher介绍,这种特殊的屋顶由多种颜色组成,黑色尤为受欢迎。像多数黑色物体一样,这种材质的屋顶吸收阳光热量。经过夏天太阳的照射后,他们能很容易的达到73.5摄氏度(164华氏摄氏度),如果这种屋顶能返射更多的光,那么他们能保持更加凉爽的状态。家用降温设备产生的额外费用也会因此减少。根据环境保护署提供的数据,美国每年在降温设备上就会消耗约110亿美元。Jesseca Kusher, an 18-year-old researcher from Spartansburg, S.C., invented a paint-on coating for roofing shingles. Her formula could reduce a home#39;s cooling costs and possibly cut ozone pollution in urban areas.Jesseca Kusher,一名来自斯帕坦堡走读学校的18岁学生发明了一种房顶隔热涂层。她的发明能减少一个家庭因制冷而产生的额外费用并同时降低市区的臭氧层污染物。So Jesseca looked into ways to make shingles reflect more light. She mixed tiny particles - a powder - made from any of several different substances into a clear paint-like coating. One coating got graphite, the same material in pencil lead. Another recipe included gypsum. That#39;s a soft mineral often found in the drywall干式墙 used in construction. She even tried adding mica. That#39;s a mineral used in some lampshades. It ily breaks into small, glittering flakes.Jesseca也尝试过寻找能让这种屋顶反射更多光的方法。她把由任意几种不同物质组合而成的粉状物,也就是微小粒子混合成一种类似涂料的东西。这种涂层包括黑铅(和铅笔芯一样的材料),另一种成分是石膏,这是一种常见于干式墙建筑中的软矿物材料,甚至她还尝试着加上云母,一种很容易被捣碎成闪亮的晶片的矿物。Each of these powders came in several colors. In each of Jesseca#39;s test recipes, her reflective powder accounted for 40 percent of the weight of the final mixture. She also prepared some of the paint-like coatings with no additive. That would let her judge whether a powder - versus the transparent goop it was added to - affected a shingle#39;s reflectivity, she explains.每一种粉状物都会放入几种不同的颜色,在jesseca的成分实验中,能进行反射的粉占最终混合物重量的40%。同时她也准备了无任何添加的类似涂料的东西,这样她能判断单纯的粉状物以及添加了透明物质的粉状物是否会对屋顶光的反射产生影响。译文属 /201506/379857Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Taboola have quietly paid the German start-up behind Adblock Plus, the world’s most popular software for blocking online advertising, to stop blocking ads on their sites.谷歌(Google)、亚马逊(Amazon)、微软(Microsoft)和Taboola悄悄地付给世界最热门在线广告屏蔽软件Adblock Plus背后的德国初创企业一笔钱,换取后者不再屏幕它们网站上的广告。The deals, which are confidential but whose existence has been confirmed by the Financial Times, demonstrate that some of the biggest participants in the 0bn online advertising market see the rise of ad-blocking as a material threat to their revenues.这些交易是保密的,但它们的存在已得到英国《金融时报》的确认。这些交易明,价值1200亿美元的在线广告市场的一些最大参与者,将广告屏蔽软件的崛起视为对其营收的切实威胁。Adblock Plus has become one of the most popular free extensions on Chrome and Firefox browsers in recent years as internet users have attempted to eliminate the interruption of advertising. Eyeo, the German company that produces the software, says it has been downloaded more than 300m times worldwide and has more than 50m monthly active users.随着互联网用户想方设法消除广告造成的干扰,Adblock Plus近年来已成为Chrome和火狐(Firefox)浏览器上最热门的免费扩展。开发这款软件的德国公司Eyeo表示,这款软件在全球已被下载逾3亿次,拥有5000万月活跃用户。However, many publishers that fund their operations through advertising worry that ad-blocking will undermine their business model. German media groups including RTL and ProSiebenSat.1 are seeking damages from Eyeo, while French publishers are reportedly considering whether to follow suit.然而,许多靠广告收入提供自身运营资金的广告发布商担心,广告屏蔽软件会损害它们的商业模式。包括RTL和ProSiebenSat.1在内的德国媒体公司正在寻求让Eyeo赔偿损失,法国广告发布商据报也在考虑是否效仿德国同行的做法。Google and Amazon declined to #173;comment.谷歌和亚马逊拒绝置评。Microsoft, whose Bing search ads have been unblocked, said: “We are committed to working with partners who share our vision for relevant, impactful brand interaction and respect the integrity of consumer choice.”微软旗下必应(Bing)搜索的广告已被解除屏蔽。微软表示:“我们致力于与这样的伙伴合作:它对有意义、有影响力的品牌互动的愿景要与我们一致,而且要充分尊重消费者的选择。”Eyeo makes money by operating a “whitelist” of certain ads that are not blocked. It says sites can join this “acceptable ads” programme only if they meet criteria such as being “transparent with us about being an ad” and “do not disrupt or distort the page content we’re trying to ”.Eyeo靠设置“白名单”、选择性不屏蔽某些广告来盈利。该公司表示,只有满足一定标准的网站才能加入这个“可接受广告”项目,比如“明确向我们表明广告的身份”以及“不干扰或扭曲我们正试图阅读的页面内容”。While the whitelisting process is free for small websites and blogs, Eyeo charges a fee to large companies “to make the initiative sustainable”. Eyeo declined to say how much it charged.尽管白名单机制对小网站和客是免费的,但“为了项目的可持续”,Eyeo对大企业收取费用。Eyeo拒绝透露收费标准。One digital media company, which asked not to be named, said Eyeo had asked for a fee equivalent to 30 per cent of the additional ad revenues that it would make from being unblocked.一家要求匿名的数字媒体公司表示,Eyeo索要的费用相当于广告被解除屏蔽后所能带来的额外广告收入的30%。In judging which ads are “acceptable” and which are not, Eyeo must t a fine line to avoid upsetting Adblock Plus users. Those who disagree with its decisions have the option of blocking all ads including those on the whitelist, or defecting to rival software such as Adblock Edge.在判断哪些广告“可接受”、哪些不可接受的过程中,Eyeo必须小心把握平衡、以免触怒Adblock Plus的用户。那些对其决定有异议的用户可选择屏蔽所有广告、包括那些在白名单上的,或选择改用其竞争对手的软件,比如Adblock Edge。After Eyeo proposed in an online forum in November that Taboola, an advertising network that sometimes serves racy content, should be whitelisted, one user wrote in response: “This is a joke, right? Taboola should be scorched from the internet for all time.”去年11月,Eyeo在一个网络论坛上提议将一个有时输出不雅内容的广告网络Taboola加入白名单后,一名用户回帖道:“这是在开玩笑,对吧?Taboola应该永远被从网上根除。”Despite the protest, Eyeo whitelisted Taboola. That decision is likely to benefit websites such as MailOnline, Business Insider and N News, which use Taboola to serve ads in the form of “sponsored content” recommendations at the bottom of their news articles.尽管用户提出了抗议,但Eyeo还是把Taboola加入了白名单。这个决定很可能会造福MailOnline、Business Insider和N News等网站,它们使用Taboola输出的广告,以“赞助内容”推荐的形式放在其新闻文章底部。Taboola declined to comment.Taboola拒绝置评。 /201502/358197济南省妇保医院好不好

济南检查不孕不育济南那家医院好济南医院人流In addition to Google’s Person Finder tool, Facebook and the Red Cross are offering services for friends and family members to connect with each other in Nepal and for survivors to let others know they are safe.除了谷歌的找人应用,Facebook和红十字会也开发了在线务,帮助人们寻找地震中幸存的亲人和朋友。Last year Facebook launched its Safety Check feature, which allows users of the social networking service to tell friends they’re safe after disasters and to check on others. The service has been activated for the Nepal earthquake, Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook, announced Saturday.去年,Facebook推出了“安全检查”社交应用,用户可以通过它在灾难之后向朋友报平安,也可以及时了解对方的情况。Facebook首席执行官马克·扎克伯格周六宣布,该应用已经为尼泊尔地震启动。The Nepal Red Cross and the International Committee of the Red Cross are also operating an online service that allows users to search for missing family members and report missing people.尼泊尔红十字会和国际红十字委员会也在运行一款在线务,用户可以借它寻找失踪的亲人,或者报告有人失踪。 /201504/372186济南历城区处女膜修复手术多少钱德州治疗不孕不育哪家医院最好的

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