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大足区妇女医院有网上预约吗重庆医科大学附属医院绣眉手术多少钱Japans prime minister has reshuffled his Cabinet for a third time since taking office last year as he tries to boost support for the government ahead of expected elections.日本首相野田佳彦进行了他去年上任以来的第三次内阁改组,以图在预计将举行的选举前提升对政府的持。Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda announced the new lineup Monday, saying it will help the government and the ruling party work together to address domestic and diplomatic issues.野田佳彦星期一宣布了新内阁的组成。他说,这将有助于政府和执政党共同解决国内和外交上的问题。Public support for his government has fallen as the prime minister pushed to double the countrys sales tax. Japan is also locked in a diplomatic dispute with China over ownership of islands in the East China Sea.野田推动把日本的销售税增加一倍,公众对野田政府的持度下跌。日本和中国正围绕东中国海上一些岛屿的主权而卷入外交纠纷。The Cabinet shakeup includes new ministers of finance, national policy and education. The countrys foreign minister and defense minister are keeping their jobs.日本内阁改组包括更换财务相、国家战略担当相和文部科学相。外相和防卫相留任。Japan must hold a general election within a year, but Prime Minister Noda has said only that it will take place ;in the near term.;日本一年内必须举行大选,但是野田首相只是说,大选将在近期举行。Last week, Japans main opposition Liberal Democratic Party elected former prime minister Shinzo Abe as its president.上星期,日本主要反对党自民党选举前首相安倍晋三为干事长。He abruptly left office in 2007 citing a stomach illness, following a significant election defeat.安倍在2007年的重要选举失利后,马上以胃病为原因,辞去首相职务。Opinion polls suggest Mr. Abes party would have the edge in a general election, but would also need a coalition partner.民意测验显示,安倍晋三的自民党可能会在大选中赢得多数,但是需要同其他政党联盟才能组建联合政府。来 /201210/202487重庆市星宸整形医院韩式隆鼻多少钱 Iraqi officials say bombings and other attacks have killed at least 23 people in mainly Shiite areas of the capital, Baghdad.伊拉克官员说,首都巴格达的什叶派穆斯林聚居区发生爆炸和其他袭击事件,造成至少23人死亡。The violence Tuesday also wounded 80 others, a day before the 10th anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion.星期二的暴力事件还造成80人受伤。再过一天,就是美国领导的出兵伊拉克10周年。There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attacks.目前还没有人宣称对袭击事件负责。Sunni Muslim militants in Iraq frequently attack the countrys majority Shiites to inflame sectarian tensions and undermine the Shiite-led government.伊拉克的逊尼派穆斯林激进分子经常袭击占人口多数的什叶派穆斯林,导致教派之间的紧张局面,并削弱什叶派主导的政府。来 /201303/231008重庆共振吸脂手术价格

重庆市四院能用医保卡吗渝北区治疗白瓷娃娃多少钱 Taiwanese student protesters and the government remain locked in a standoff as demonstrators Thursday said they wouldnt meet with President Ma Ying-jeou until their demands, including retracting a China trade deal, are met. 台湾学生抗议者与政府之间的对峙仍没有缓解,示威者周四表示,在政府没有满足他们的要求之前不会与台湾总统马英九见面。他们提出的要求包括撤销与中国大陆签署的务贸易协议。Protest leader Lin Fei-fan called for another sit-in in front of the Presidential Office this Sunday and said the occupation of the legislative building which began 10 days ago isnt finished. 学生抗议领袖林飞帆呼吁本周日在总统办公室前再次举行静坐。他还说,十天前开始的占领立法院的行动尚未结束The battle is far from over. The government must not assume by stalling, we will give up and leave the legislature building on our own, said Mr. Lin, cheered by a throng of supporters, many of whom have camped out in front of the building since the onset of the protests. 林飞帆说,这场战争远未结束。台湾政府不要以为时间拖久抗议者就会放弃、就会自动离开立法院大楼。他的讲话受到一群持者的欢呼,其中很多人从抗议活动一开始就露宿在立法院大楼外。Apart from a retraction of the trade pact, the protesters want a pledge from all lawmakers across party lines to implement a monitoring mechanism to oversee all future cross-strait deals. 除了取消贸协议之外,抗议者还要求各党派的所有立法委员承诺建立相关监督机制,监督未来的所有两岸协议All the concerns voiced by the students can be included in the meeting and the Presidential Office hopes students will respond [to the invitation to meet Mr. Ma] in a positive manner, said Presidential Office spokeswoman Garfei Li. 总统办公室发言人李佳霏表示,学生们提出的所有诉求都可以可以作为对谈的议题,总统办公室希望学生们对与马英九见面的邀请作出积极回应。On March 17, hundreds of students stormed the legislative building in downtown Taipei and took over the main chamber. The protests quickly grew in size and strength, numbering over 20,000 demonstrators at their peak. 37日,数百名学生冲击了台北市中心的立法院大楼,并占领了立法院会场。抗议规模和力度迅速提升,最壮大时抗议者人数超过两万。In a bid to resolve the gridlock, Mr. Ma, who also is the chairman of the ruling Chinese Nationalist Party, or Kuomintang, on Tuesday offered to meet with the students to hear their concerns. However, students want a guarantee from Mr. Ma that he wont take disciplinary action against any KMT legislators who support their cause. 为打破僵局,身为国民党主席的马英九周二主动提出与抗议学生见面,倾听他们的意见。但学生们要求马英九保不对持他们的国民党立委采取纪律行动。In the past week, three attempts to reach a compromise between the KMT and the opposition Democratic Progressive Party over the pacts review process have failed. The KMT wants to ratify the pact at the plenary session while DPP said the review must take place at a committee-level in which any officials involved in the negotiation process can be summoned to answer questions. 过去一周,国民党和在野的民进党三次试图就贸协定的审议流程达成妥协,但均告失败。国民党希望在全体会议上批准协定,但民进党主张审核必须在委员会层面展开,任何参与谈判的官员都可以被唤来回答问题This shows that Mr. Ma is playing a two-pronged tactic. On one hand he says he wants to meet, yet on another he refuses to allow the lawmakers to vote freely, Mr. Lin said. 林飞帆说,马英九的策略是双管齐下,一方面说希望与学生见面,另一方面又不允许立委自由投票。Protesters say that while they are not against doing business with mainland China, the negotiations over the trade deal werent transparent and the agreement signed last year will hurt Taiwans small businesses while benefiting only big conglomerates. They also say the pact will encourage more Taiwanese enterprises to relocate their operations -- and jobs--to mainland China. Despite the recent warming links across the Taiwan Strait, Beijing still insists the democratic self-ruled island must be eventually unify with the mainland. 抗议者说,他们不反对和大陆的贸易往来,但协议的谈判过程不透明,且去年签署的贸协议将伤害台湾的小企业,只有大财团能受益。他们还说,贸协议将促使更多台企将经营和工作岗位转移到大陆。尽管近来两岸关系回暖,北京仍未放弃最终统一台湾的决心。However, the islands Bureau of Foreign Trade estimates that Taiwans annual gross domestic product will likely rise by more than half a percentage point under the trade pact. 台湾国际贸易局(Bureau of Foreign Trade)预计,若贸协议成功,台湾每年的本地生产总GDP)可能上升0.5个百分点以上On Wednesday, Beijing urged the opponents of the deal to study the pact in order to clarify their understanding, according to Chinas official Xinhua News Agency. 据中国官方媒体新华社报道,周三,北京敦促协议的反对者仔细研究,澄清误解。来 /201403/282981重庆妇保医院在哪里?

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