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我的同学凯蒂(My classmate Kitty) -- 3:36: 来源: 我的同学凯蒂(My classmate Kitty)  This is Kitty. She is in our class. She sits near the back door beside Snap and behind Monty. Kitty is fat and tall, but she isn't the tallest in the class.  She has black short hair and big black eyes. She is not pretty, she wears glasses. She has a round face. Kitty is naughty and she studies well.  Kitty is kind, so she has many friends.My classmate Kitty is a lovely and kind girl.Save Water -- :58:5 来源: Save Water Water is very important us. We must drink water everyday. We can’t live without water. Water is everywhere around us. At home, we use water to wash clothes, to wash dishes, to cook rice, to clean the flat, to have showers, to make drinks, to clean our teeth, to have a bath and so on. At work, people use water to put out fires, to grow vegetables, to make things in factories and so on. We also can swim in the sea. Water is important us, isn’t it?   A poem:   Water has no taste at all.   Water has no color.   Water’s in the waterfall.   the pump.   the tap.   the well.   Water is everywhere around us.   Water is in the rain.   In the stream.   In the pond.   And in the river.   And in the sea again.   there isn’t much water on the earth. we must to save it. It is not inexhaustible.   It is very valuable.

小学生寒假英语作文 -- ::39 来源: My winter holiday is very dull. I stay at home most of time. Sometimes I visit my friends and play basketball with them. Sometimes we go shopping.One day, we go to the KFC. We have hamburgers, chicken coke and French fries. We have sore throats. We go home and have a rest. Then we feel better. We go and play computer games! How mad we are!This is the only thing I can talk about in the holiday.

我喜欢寒假 I Like Winter Holiday -- :7:19 来源: Ilike winter holiday very much, although it’s very short. The Spring Festival isinteresting. I have many things to eat and I will have new clothes. Besides, I canwatch TV. I like cartoons. They are so interesting that I can watch them allthe day. I have a new computer, so I can play games with my father. He promisedto teach me. I will visit my relatives during the Spring Festival and I can getlucky money. Theree, I can buy something I like. I have many to buy. Winterholiday is wonderful.我喜欢寒假,虽然它很短春节是很好玩的,我有很多吃的东西,还有新衣穿另外,我还能看电视,我喜欢动画片,它们都很有趣,我可以看一整天我有一台新电脑,所以我还能和爸爸玩游戏他答应过我要教我玩游戏的春节期间,我也会拜访亲戚们,能得到压岁钱,然后我就能买我喜欢的东西了我有许多东西要买寒假真的很丰富多

苍山洱海英文导游词 -- :0:30 来源: 苍山洱海英文导游词  Fellow friends: Hello! Toured the Dali old city, initially has feltthis humanities landscape profoundness; Now we watch the CangshanErhai, understands the Dali's America of scenery.   First, we ride the yacht to go to the Erhai park. The Erhai park othername group mountain park, is l ocated the Hsiakuan city northeast kilometers place groups mountains. North it near ocean waves Wan QingErhai, west and Cangshan SouthEnd setting sun peak relative. WhenNanzhao country, here is king's deer park. In 1976 here newly wardedoff the park, Occupiesdi 1,600 Chinese acres. On the mountain has thezoo and the plant nursery flower-bed, broadly plants the Dali areaeach kind of precious flower different plant, is very good rests placeof the tour.   Now the pleasure boat to the Erhai park near the sea causeway, we cameashore to the ship, this is under the group foot of a hill Binhai tourarea along 70 multistage stone steps AscendsLevel on, we arrive the summit.Everybody looked that, this Curls upwardsAngle upturned eave pavilion is looks thesea building, the eave hangs from above the plaque, submits a writtenstatement: Jade Er silver dark green ", the black bottom goldcharacter, vigorous is classically elegant, it is the Chinese inadmiration of somebody's fame painter Wu Zuoren's writing skill. Looksthe sea building is understands "the jade Er silver dark green"happiest extent, leans against a railing looks out into the distance:East side Erhai vast, boundless, west Cangshan is continuous,luxuriant is gray.   Fellow friends, let us go on board once more, roams through to Erhaiin. But I first must to everybody introduction be actually amCangshan. merly, we in the Dali city, under on the dark green footof a hill road, have not been able to look at carefully the Cangshangrand appearance well. Just like the ancient said "does not know thetruth about the matter, only reason body in this mountain"; Looks thesea building in the Erhai park, the angle of view Inclines, also onlycan see the Cangshan terminal. Now, unceasingly leads the way alongwith the pleasure boat, in our eye Cangshan is not clearer? Somepeople said that, a Hengduan pulse condition great arm, the plateau extended west Yunnan from "the roof of the world" to thesouth, Cangshan was in this world famous sierra a cloud range branch.   Cangshan, also names the Diancang, is green because of its mountaincolor, the mountain apex acquires fame in vain. Cangshan altogetherhas 19 peaks. This 19 peaks from the north to the south order are: Thecloud makes, green, five, the lotus flower, the white clouds, thecrane cloud, three positive, the blue peak, the snowman, should behappy, the Goddess of Mercy, center and, Longquan, the jade   bureau,Malone, the saint should, Buddha go against, Ma Er, the setting sun.In 19 peaks, the Malone peak is highest, elevation , meters. TheCangshan 19 peaks, two peaks clamp a brook, altogether 18 brooks; Eastthe mountain stream flows, pours into Erhai, 18 brooks from north tosouth, the base arrangement is: South the rosy cloud moves, Wan Hua,the positive brook, the awn wells up, the brocade brook, the spiritspring, the white stone, the double mandarin duck, hides the immortal,Mei Xi, the peach brook, center the brook, the emerald, Longxi, clearblue, remnant, Pavilion mouth, is not positive.   The Cangshan scenery by the snow, the cloud, SpringStone is famous. I firstintroduce Cangshan to everybody the snow. After the summer needlessCangshan snow, is Dali "the love affair" four given names scenery. Thesnow white Cangshan snow, all previous dynasties literatiapproves the refined language quite a lot, the folklore also many. Thethe Ming Dynasty writer Li Yuanyang once praised: "Date Li Cangshansnow, Precioustai 19 peaks". 苍山洱海 英文导游词

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