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成都省第五人民医院介绍成都男性龟头炎成都心血管病医院收费标准告示 As the government evacuates thousands of Chinese from Vietnam following deadly anti-Chinese riots, Chinese tourism to the country is also taking a hit.在越南爆发反华暴乱后,中国政府已经将数千名在越南的中国人接回囀?与此同时,中国赴越南的旅游活动也受到影响。Both travelers and local travel agents appear to be taking heed of the Chinese governments Sunday warning against travel to Vietnam, with many abandoning previous travel plans. Multiple airlines have also canceled flights.游客和中国国内的旅行社似乎都注意到了中国政府周日发布的越南旅游预警,许多人放弃了之前的旅行计划。多家航空公司也取消了往返两国的航班。Qi Yehua, a Shanghai-based advertising firm professional, had been planning to enjoy a five-day beach vacation in central Vietnams Da Nang City with a friend in early June, when China celebrates its three-day Dragon Boat holiday. But the package was canceled by the tour operator, much to Ms. Qis disappointment. Some things are getting exaggerated--the riots didnt impact the whole country, she said.在上海一家广告公司工作的齐叶华(音)已订月初端午节假日时与一位朋友到越南中部岘港市享受五天的海滩度假。但让齐叶华失望的是,该旅行团被旅行社取消了。她说,有些事情被夸大了,暴乱并没有影响到越南整个国家。The tour operator that Ms. Qi had planned to use, Super Ocean International Travel Co. Ltd, said it was offering passengers refunds or options to fly to other vacation destinations in Asia, including Thailand and the Philippines, following the cancellation of all Shanghai-Da Nang flights operated by Vietnam Airlines.齐叶华预订旅游线路的上海仲盛国际旅行Super Ocean International Travel Co. Ltd)称,由于越南航空(Vietnam Airlines)取消了所有上海至岘港市的航班,客户可以选择退钱,也可以选择包括泰国和菲律宾在内其他的亚洲旅行线路。Over the weekend, the official microblog of state news agency Xinhua reported that Chinese low-cost carrier Spring Airlines was suspending all charter flights from Shanghai to Vietnam until June 19. Reached by phone, an employee at the Beijing office of Vietnam Airlines said the airline was canceling some of its regularly scheduled flights to Vietnam , as such bookings from China have dropped by up to 90% since the weekend. Neither airline could be reached for comment.官方媒体新华社周末在其微账户报道称,中国廉价航空公司春秋航Spring Airlines)暂停9日之前所有从上海飞往越南的包机航班。越南航空北京办公室的一名雇员接到记者的询问电话后称,周末以来预定中国飞越南航班的乘客数量减少了多达90%,该公司已经取消了部分飞往越南的定期航班。While Vietnam is often a connecting point for Chinese travelers going to Cambodia, Burma and other Asian countries, it hasnt been as popular a vacation destination as countries such as Thailand and Mauritius. There are many alternatives for Chinese travelers, said Ge Lei, a marketing manager at China Youth Travel Services, one of Chinas largest travel agencies, adding that the disruptions wont cut too much into industrys business.越南通常是中国游客前往柬埔寨、缅甸和其他亚洲国家的中转点,但并不是像泰国和毛里求斯等国那样受欢迎的度假胜地。中国最大旅行社之一中国青年旅行China Youth Travel Services)的市场推广经理葛磊表示,中国游客有很多替代性选择。他还说,此次事件不会使旅游行业的业务减少太多。A Chinese company said Tuesday that four of its workers were killed in anti-Chinese riots in Vietnam that damaged foreign-owned factories last week. Numerous Chinese have continued streaming out of the country, with hundreds who suffered injuries in riots having aly returned via plane.一家中资公司周二表示,在上周破坏外资工厂的越南反华暴乱中,有四名工人被杀害。不断有许多中国人撤离越南,而在暴乱中受伤的数百名中国人已乘飞机回国。Casey Guo, a public relations professional in Shanghai, is among those who decided to skip Vietnam, though shed previously seen the country as her first-choice destination for the June holiday. Since the riots, she opted to buy a ticket to Saipan, an island in the Pacific Ocean that belongs to the U.S., instead. I dont know much about the situation in Vietnam, but I dont think its safe, she said.在上海从事公关工作的Casey Guo是决定不到越南去的人之一,尽管她此前曾将越南视为6月份度假的首选目的地。在越南发生暴乱后,Casey Guo转而购买了去塞班岛(位于太平洋上的一个美属小岛)的票。她说,自己对越南的局势不太了解,但认为那里不安全。Meanwhile, some Chinese travelers aly in Vietnam are being careful not to stand out. One Chinese woman visiting the country recently told a Hong Kong television station that she and her companions speak Shanghainese when theyre out in public, because fewer people understand it and theyre less likely to stand out.与此同时,一些已经身在越南的中国游客都在注意不让自己惹人注意。一位在越南旅游的中国女士最近对一家香港电视台说,她和她的同伴在越南的公共场合都讲上海话,因为懂上海话的人更少,这样他们可能就不太显眼。China estimates that more than 10,000 of its citizens are still in Vietnam, according to a Tuesday briefing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At least 3,000 had left by Saturday, according to Chinese state-run news agency Xinhua.中国外交部周二在新闻发布会上表示,估计目前在越南仍有超过一万名中国公民。新华社称,截至上周六,至少已有三千名中国人撤离越南。Reached by phone, one Vietnamese hotelier said that the conflict was between governments and wasnt likely to affect tourists venturing into the country. We are people, said the owner of Cocosand Hotel in the coastal resort town of Mui Ne in southeast Vietnam, who asked to be identified only by his last name, Li. I still welcome you to come here. People here are still thinking the Chinese are our friends, he said. After the Vietnam War, even Americans are our friends.通过电话联系到的一名越南旅馆老板表示,这是政府之间的矛盾,不太可能影响到来越南的游客。他说:我们只是老百姓。这位在越南东南部的海滨小镇美奈(Mui Ne)经营着Cocosand Hotel的旅馆老板不愿具名,要求只用他的姓氏Li来称呼他。他还说:我仍欢迎你来这里,这里的人仍认为中国人是我们的朋友,在越南战争之后,即便是美国人也是我们的朋友。来 /201405/300380成都市生殖要预约吗

四川成都市第三医院做输卵管通液多少钱武侯区妇幼保健院有无痛人流 Scientists at North Carolina State University are using Microsoft’s Kinect camera for something very different than games. The insects, which seem able to withstand anything, may one day soon be helping emergency first responders navigate disaster wreckage. Because the bugs are so small, they can get through nooks and crannies that neither rescue dogs nor people can navigate. Researchers have been using Kinect, the same camera technology in Xbox 360 and PCs, to create a remote control that will enable people to guide the insects like a remote-controlled car. The cockroaches can be equipped with miniature cameras and can be sent in before dogs and humans, which allows emergency personnel to get a first look at the situation.北卡罗来纳州立大学(North Carolina State University)的科学家正在使用微软(Microsoft)的Kinect摄像头,不过并不是用它来玩视频游戏,而是另有其他用途。昆虫似乎能够承受任何灾难,或许很快就将成为现场急救人员的得力助手,帮助他们在灾后废墟中展开搜救。由于昆虫小巧的体形,它们可以穿过搜救犬或搜救人员无法进入的角落缝隙。研究人员一直在使用Xbox 360和电脑上使用的摄像头技术Kinect,来研发一款远程控制装置,使人们可以像遥控汽车一样控制昆虫。配备微型摄像头的,可以在搜救犬和搜救人员抵达之前,被派往灾难现场,帮助急救人员及时获得现场情况的第一手资料。“For years, roboticists have been trying to mimic insects when building centimeter-scale robots,said Dr. AlperBozkurt, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at NC State and co-author of a paper on the work. “We came up with the idea of building a partnership with insects rather than trying to mimic them, similar to riding horses before our motorcycles and cars took over the streets. Roaches were the most easily accessible insects and are very robust walkers.”阿尔珀o兹库尔特士是北卡罗来纳州立大学电气与计算机工程学副教授,曾参与发表了一篇与仿生机器人有关的论文。他表示:“多年以来,机器人专家们在设计厘米量级机器人时,一直在尝试模仿昆虫。而我们提出了一种新的理念,即与昆虫合作而不是模仿它们,类似于我们在托车和汽车占领大街之前骑马一样。是最为常见的昆虫,也是非常强壮的爬行昆虫。”The interface that controls the roach is wired to the roach’s antennae and cerci. The cerci are sensory organs on the roach’s abdomen, which are normally used to detect movement in the air that could indicate a predator is approaching causing the roach to scurry away. But the researchers use the wires attached to the cerci to spur the insect into motion. The wires attached to the antennae send small charges that trick the roach into thinking the antennae are in contact with a barrier and steering them in the opposite direction.控制的连接装置通过线缆连接到的触须和尾须。尾须是腹部的感觉器官,正常情况下被用于探测空气中的运动,示意有捕食者靠近,帮助它提前逃脱。而研究人员利用连接到尾须的线缆,刺激昆虫移动。连接到触须的线缆会发送少量电荷,使误以为接触到障碍物,引导它向相反的方向移动。Bozkurt’s team wanted to build an automated test platform where they could objectively assess whether they could turn an insect into an insect biobot. One criterion was to run the experiments in the dark, so they started to use a Kinect camera’s depth sensor to find the insect without any ambient light.兹库尔特的团队希望建立一个自动化测试平台,客观评价能否将昆虫转变为昆虫生物机器人。其中一项标准是在黑暗中进行实验,因此他们开始使用Kinect摄像头的深度传感器,在没有环境光源的情况下找到昆虫。“The Kinect camera knows the path that needs to be followed by the insect,said Bozkurt. “Then it divides this route into multiple waypoints and moves the insect from one waypoint to another. It detects the insect from its specific shape and it sends necessary waveforms to the backpack the insect is wearing. This backpack applies microvolts of impulses to the insect’s sensory organs, which helps us to steer the insect. It’s similar to riding a horse with reins.”兹库尔特表示:“Kinect摄像头获取了需要昆虫行走的路径。然后摄像头将路线划分成多个路径点,将昆虫从一个路径点移动到下一个。摄像头会根据昆虫的具体外形找到昆虫,并向昆虫佩戴的背部装置发送必要的波形。该背部装置会向昆虫的感觉器官发送微伏脉冲,帮助我们操控昆虫。原理类似于用缰绳骑马。”The program also uses Kinect to collect data on how the roaches respond to the electrical impulses from the remote-control interface. This data will help the researchers fine-tune steering to control the roaches more precisely. The team will employ Microsoft’s new Kinect 2.0, which debuted with Xbox One, to further push this experiment forward.此外,该项目还使用Kinect来收集对远程控制接口发出的电脉冲如何响应的数据。这些数据将帮助研究人员调整操控方式,以更加精确地控制昆虫。研究团队将使用微软的最新款Kinect 2.0来进一步推进实验。Kinect 2.0随Xbox One同步上市。“The advanced audio processing on the sensor could also lead to some interesting scenarios when we try to make the insects move toward a sound source,said Bozkurt.兹库尔特说道:“当我们尝试着促使昆虫向声源移动时,先进的传感器音频处理技术也会带领我们进入一些有趣的场景。”Having performed very successful demonstrations in the laboratory environment, the team (which includes NC State professors Edgar Lobaton and MihailSichitiu) has received funding from the National Science Foundation’s Cyber-Physical Systems program to bring this technology into real-life scenarios. The goal is to accomplish this within three to four years.该项目在实验室环境下的演示非常成功,研究团队(包括北卡州立大学教授埃德加o洛巴顿和米哈伊尔o斯契提尤)已经获得了美国国家科学基金National Science Foundation)信息物理系统(Cyber-Physical Systems)项目提供的资金,以尽快将该技术用于现实情境。团队的目标是在三至四年内实现该技术的实际应用。“We are hoping that the swarm of insect biobots will be able to sweep the rubble from one end to another in a very short amount of time, while letting first responders hear any calls for help coming from the victims buried under the rubble, or let them know about the potential hazards such as gas leakages,said Bozkurt.兹库尔特表示:“我们希望大群昆虫生物机器人可以在极短时间内横扫废墟,帮助现场急救人员搜寻废墟中掩埋的受困人员的呼救,或使急救人员了解潜在的危险,如燃气泄漏等情况。”According to Bozkurt, one of the most efficient methods in engineering has been “biomimetics,where researchers have looked at nature, learned from the existing biosystems and applied different engineering principles to mimic these when solving real-life problems. Despite several inventions and explorations, humans are still limited in their understanding and ability to mimic the relatively more complicated properties of biological machines.据兹库尔特透露,工程学中最有效的方法之一是“仿生学”,即研究人员从大自然中寻找灵感,向现有的生物系统学习,应用不同的工程学原理模仿生物,解决实际问题。然而,尽管出现了一些发明和探索,对于生物机器相对更复杂的特性,人类的了解和模仿能力仍非常有限。“As engineers performing research on biological organisms, we are often fascinated by the complexity and operational efficiency of these systems and demonstrate this appreciation through an amplified respectful attitude towards these organisms,said Bozkurt.兹库尔特表示:“作为研究生物有机体的工程师,我们经常会被这些系统的复杂性和运行效率深深吸引。当我们利用技术重现它们的惊人技能时,心中满怀尊重和感激之情。”One day soon, the sight of cockroaches will be a relief to disaster victims thanks to game technology. And we may think twice before trying to stomp out cockroaches the next time we cross paths. After all, they were deigned to live through just about anything that mankind can throw at them.凭借视频游戏技术,在不久的将来,将出现在救灾第一线,为灾民送去慰藉。以后,当我们与狭路相逢时,踩一脚之前或许应该三思。毕竟,不论人类怎样对付它们,它们总能坚强地生存下去 /201408/319405资阳第二人民医院做人流手术好吗

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