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Google ordered to give up info 谷歌被判需向制作公司提供用户信息 U.S. court orders Google to turn over to Viacom records for every watched on YouTube. ITN's Harry Fawcett reports.YouTube's multibillion-pound success was built initially on user-generated content; so successful has it become that the company's owner Google recently announced plans to pay contributors shares of advertising revenue. But as anyone who uses the site knows, and who doesn't, there are also vast amounts of professionally-made material, so why, says one film and TV giant, shouldn't it be paid as well?Hello, and welcome to This Week In God.Viacom's cases are far from being user-generated. Much of YouTube's most popular content is actually made at great expense on a commercial basis by film and television companies. And that for such material simply to be regurgitated free of charge on what essentially is a rival channel amounts to copyright theft.A New York court has granted Viacom access to Google's records of Internet Protocol addresses—every individual signature of every individual computer which has been used to watch clips on the site. Viacom has given what it calls an unequivocal promise not to use the information to uncover users' identities; it says it simply wants to find out how much of YouTube's business is predicated on people watching copyrighted material. So is there a real risk to privacy?It's actually much harder than it might seem to, to truly anonymize this quantity of data. It's not just a matter of taking off the usernames or even replacing the IP addresses with random-looking numbers. If you've got records of individuals viewing tens or hundreds or, in some cases, thousands of different YouTube s, it actually can be quite easy to link those together and then to link them back to a given individual.Google says it's disappointed that the court granted, what it calls, Viacom's overreaching demand for viewing history, and is pressing to be allowed to anonymize the information before it hands it over. But the search engine company has come into criticism itself from electronic privacy campaigners for keeping user data for commercial purposes. This high-stakes bet between old and new media giants has thrown a light on wider-reaching issues of privacy and anonymity on the Internet.regurgitate:v. to repeat facts, ideas etc that you have or heard without thinking about them yourself - used to show disapproval200811/56268Call them twisters or tornadoes. They are nature's most violent storms with swirling winds that can top 300 miles per hour. About 800 twisters sweep through the US every year, more than anywhere else in the world. The hardest-hit area is a swath of the Great Plains from Texas to South Dakota, known as Tornado Alley. Here, warm air flows up from the Gulf of Mexico in the spring and summer and crashes into cold air pushing down from Canada. The meeting produces violent thunderstorms called supercells. Scientists don't completely understand how or when tornados form, but they do know a supercell like this one can produce a twister if the conditions are right. As more moist air flows into a storm, it gets pushed up and twisted by upper level winds. As this rotating column of air gathers force, conditions are right for a collision below. When rain cooled downdrafts hit warm air near the ground, a low hanging revolving cloud forms beneath the cell. A tornado is imminent. Tornadoes don't last long, anywhere from 20 seconds to an hour. But it can take years to recover from the devastation. These storms kill nearly 90 people each year in the US and cause millions of dollars worth of damage. When a tornado is spotted, experts advise going to a basement staying away from any windows or climbing into a first floor bathtub. While most people run for safety when a twister appears, some scientists actually race to need it. These storm chasers hunt down tornadoes, trying to get right in the twister's path. They encounter incredible cloud movement, torrential rain, severe winds and hail, lightening, breathtaking storm structures. When they finally locate a twister, they measure it using special tools. These scientists hope to someday predict exactly when and where tornadoes will strike. Little can prevent the damage caused by tornadoes, but better forecasting could save more lives, giving survivors the chance to rebuild after living through one of the most violent storms on earth. 1. swath/swathe: n. A long thin area of something, especially land 2. Great Plains: n. 美国大平原The Great Plains are the broad expanse of prairie and steppe which lie east of the Rocky Mountains in the ed States and Canada. This area covers parts of the U.S. states of Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming, and the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. In Canada the term prairie is more common, and the region is known as the Prairie Provinces or simply "the Prairies". 3. Tornado Alley: n.Tornado Alley is a colloquial term most often used in reference to the area of the ed States in which tornadoes are most frequent. Although an official location of the term is not defined, the areas in between the Rocky Mountains and Appalachian Mountains are the areas usually associated with it. 4. supercell: n. 超大胞A thunderstorm with a persistent rotating updraft. While rare, it produces the most severe weather such as tornadoes, strong winds, and hail. 5. downdraft: n. A strong downward current of air200811/55174And how about all those apple retail stores?那些苹果的零售店如何呢?Irresistible heaven where people can touch and feel everything and can even take a seat at the genius bar to solve their problems.那里完全是不可抗拒的天堂,人们可以在那里接触和感受一切,甚至能拥有一个座位,天才的地方会解决他们的所有问题。In just over a decade, there are more than three hundred fifty of these temples to apple across the world.仅仅十年内,有350多个这样的苹果设施已经遍布世界各地。We are not just sell our products we are gonna to help our customers.我们不仅仅是销售我们的产品,还会帮助我们的客户。We are gonna to help customers using windows which sort of inferior products move up to a Mac.我们使用苹果电脑的独特系统来帮助客户辨别哪个是劣质产品。And show how much better it is.以及哪个是更好的产品。Under its competitive focus apple continue to flourish.在这样的激烈竞争中,苹果仍然继续蓬勃发展。词语解释:retail v. 零售genius n. 天才inferior a. 次的164272Obama Says Economy, Security Are Top Priorities奥巴马:经济、安全是首要议题  U.S. President-elect Barack Obama says he intends to do whatever it takes to stabilize the U.S. economy, restore consumer confidence and create jobs. Mr. Obama spoke during his first major post-election interview. 美国当选总统奥巴马说,他将尽一切可能稳定美国经济、恢复消费者信心和创造就业机会。奥巴马是在总统大选之后首次接受重大采访时说这番话的。Speaking Sunday night on the CBS news program, 60 Minutes, President-elect Barack Obama laid out what are the top priorities his new administration will face.  在美国哥伦比亚广播公司的“60分钟”新闻节目中,当选总统奥巴马列出了他的新政府将面临的优先议题。Mr. Obama said he has spent days since the November 4 election planning to stabilize the economy. He credited Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson for trying to remedy the financial crisis and refrained from criticizing efforts by the Bush Administration. 奥巴马说,自从11月4号的总统大选之后,他花了很多天的时间计划如何稳定美国经济。他对财政部长保尔森在为金融危机提供解救办法方面所做的努力表示认可,而且避免对布什政府的努力提出批评。"We have got an unprecedented crisis, or at least something that we have not seen since the first depression," Obama said. "And I think Hank [U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson] would be the first to acknowledge that probably not everything that has been done has worked the way he had hoped it would work. But I am less interested in looking backward than I am in looking forwards." 他说:“我们面临的是一个前所未有的危机,至少是自从第一次大萧条以来所没有见过的。我想,财政部长保尔森会是第一个承认这样一个事实的人,即使不是所有已经采取的行动都像他希望的那样收到了效果。但是我对回头看没有兴趣,我要朝前看。”Mr. Obama said fighting back a deepening recession is more important than balancing the country's budget. He also said it is important to restore faith in financial markets to allow the economy to move forward in a strong way. 奥巴马说,对抗一个日益加深的衰退比平衡美国的预算要更为重要。他表示,恢复金融市场的信心,使经济得以强有力地向前发展是非常重要的。"We have to do whatever it takes to get this economy moving again," he noted. "We are going to have to spend money now to stimulate the economy. And that we should not worry about the deficit next year or even the year after. That, short term, the most important thing is that we avoid a deepening recession." 他说:“我们不得不采取一切必要的措施使经济再次启动起来。我们现在不得不靠增加出来刺激经济。而且我们不应该担心明年或是后年的财政赤字。在短期内,最重要的事是避免一场日益加深的衰退。”Mr. Obama said he intends to focus on homeowners facing foreclosure. The president-elect said the government should set up a system of negotiation between banks and borrowers to help people stay in their homes. 奥巴马说,他将把注意力放在那些面临丧失房屋赎回权的房主身上。这位当选总统表示,政府应该为和借贷者之间的谈判设立一个机制,帮助大家保留自己的房子。Concerning national security matters, Mr. Obama said he will make the selection of his national security team a top priority because transition periods are times of vulnerability to terrorist attacks."We want to make sure that there is as seamless a transition on national security as possible," Obama stressed. 他说:“我们要确保国家安全上的过渡尽可能天衣无缝。”Mr. Obama reaffirmed his campaign pledges to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and to work with military commanders to draw down U.S. troops in Iraq. He said he also plans to capture or kill al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, saying doing so will be a critical aspect of stamping out the terrorist network. 奥巴马在接受采访时再次重申了他在竞选期间做出的关闭古巴关塔那湾监狱以及同军事指挥官协商从伊拉克撤军的承诺。Mr. Obama acknowledged meeting with former Democratic primary rival Senator Hillary Clinton last week. But he refused to say whether she was being considered for secretary of state, as has been widely reported. 奥巴马承认上个星期同曾经是他的民主党总统提名初选对手希拉里.克林顿参议员进行了会晤。但是他拒绝说希拉里是否会像媒体普遍报导的那样是国务卿的人选。Mr. Obama will be sworn into office on January 20. 奥巴马将在明年1月20号宣誓就职。200811/56496Carlo and Luss like fish too, so they decide to visit the famous fish market. Monkfish on ice, both are astounded at the weird and wonderful selection of seafood not available in their country. They are surprised to see whale meat, a local delicacy. Norway still hunts whales. This marker offers a 1 in seafood that can't be found anywhere else in the country. Luxuries like crab meat are relatively cheap here,a good opportunity for seafood lovers to gorge themselves. The historic area of Burgen is a small area of the town with typical wooden houses from the 18th and 19th century. This is how the city would have looked years ago when the village was originally built in the 19th century. Several catastrophic fires have destroyed large parts of the town. This quarter has been protected as a monument. Carlo and Luss leave Burgen and continue their journey further north. Their route takes them past gorgeous lakes formed by glacier. Thousands of streams and rivers 2 the land. Here, the country is even more sparsely populated. It's hard to find anywhere else in Europe so close to nature. In the region around Stryn, they stop for a break. You are allowed to camp wherever you like in Norway. No need to book a place, you can just stop wherever the view takes your fancy. Lake Loen is ideal for Kayaking. It's part of the Northfjord region and one of the most beautiful in Norway.注释:① astound vt. 使惊骇;使震惊例句:1. His practical grasp of affairs and his energy still astound me.他对事物的实际掌握和他充沛的精力实在使我惊异。2. Does not my heat astound you.我的热度没有吓坏你吗?② quarter n. 四分之一;地区;季度;一刻钟;两角五分vi. 住宿;驻扎 vt. 将…四等分;供某人住宿 num. 四分之一例句:1. The rent is due at the end of each quarter. 缴纳租金以每季度末为期限. 2. A quarter of the area is covered with virgin forest. 四分之一的地区都是原始森林。③gorgeous adj. 华丽的,灿烂的;极好的例句:1. The sunset is gorgeous tonight. 今天晚上日落的景色美极了。 2. In the evening the rosy clouds were gorgeous. 傍晚的云霞绚丽多。课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?201110/157115

The View ladies talking about Rihanna Rihanna was hit by her boyfriend Chris Brown, The View ladies are talking about it. Welcome back to a Day of Hot Topics on The View. Now E! Online reports that Rihanna and Chris Brown reunited in Miami this weekend and her father Ronald Fenty apparently supported her decision saying "whatever road she chooses I'm behind her". Good for him. What d'you think?You think so?Yea, I do.Well, I mean you can't just say we're gonna, you know, if you get back together with Chris, we're not gonna talk to you any more. She's a grown woman.I would, if he touches my daughter one more time, I will get his ******.He probably did. I'm sure he probably did say something like that, I mean. That's kinda like a father's kinda impetuses, his natural reaction. We don't know that he didn't say that to Chris.(But to say with, I think he probably would say...)I think he came out. He publicly, we public, you know, he publicly supported her. But I, you know, what concerns me is I would hope that, you know, he says he's going to anger management classes, that if she's gonna take him back, they both go to some classes. I would really love to see them do something for the young people. I would really love to see them do some PSAs (公益广告) about hitting people. And Rihanna, if it happens again, you'd better run for the hills, cuz...They are gonna get their stuff together first.Why can't you have a time-out from the guy though, you know, have a time-out, go anger management for a year and then we'll discuss it.I still want to hear what actually happened cuz we still don't know.But we saw the picture.That doesn't matter, seeing the picture, (You don't know what happened Sherri.)we don't... We still don't know what happens. And I find it extraordinarily interesting that it has not come out. So, there is a lot going on in this particular situation that we're not aware of, I believe.Just think, you know, the young, Sherri talked about her niece, so you think about young girls who are watching this and using this as a model. You know, you just have to, I don't know. It upsets me because I feel as though these young girls to get back with someone after he has done that to you. They are not married. They don't have a commitment. I hope they're not. I really hope they're not.(One hopes...) Go and find someone who treats you right. Don't...One hopes...Where was it? One hopes that after a period of time, she will say this is my relationship. (Yes.)This is a man I loved, I wanted, and I 've taken back with these conditions. So, this is, again, we don't know.Point is what happened actually.run for the hills: When someone really wants to get away from a situation or relationship as fast as they can, they "run for the hills."04/68169

Nancy Wake 南希saboteur and special agent, died on August 7th, aged 98南希bull;威克,二战间功勋卓越的英国间谍特工,8月7日去世,享年98岁。CONVIVIAL, and not averse to a drink, Nancy Wake could often be found cheering up a cocktail bar. In the late 1940s, and again towards the end of her life, it might have been the American Bar of the Stafford Hotel, just across the road from The Economistrsquo;s offices in London. In 1940, when she was living as a newlywed in Vichy France, it could have been another American Bar, this one in the Hocirc;tel du Louvre et de la Paix in Marseilles. It was a chance encounter here with an English officer, interned by the French authorities but that day on parole, which led to her membership of the resistance, and then to her role as an agent of the British Special Operations Executive in occupied France. Of the 39 SOE women infiltrated into France, 11 of whom would die in concentration camps, she was perhaps the most redoubtable.热衷于聚会派对,从不拒绝美酒的南希bull;威克经常出现在鸡尾酒会。到她生命的最后一段时光也是如此,可能她就出现在伦敦《经济学家》杂志社办公大楼对面的斯塔福耶酒店的美国酒馆。上世纪40年代时亦是如此,1940年她刚刚结婚,嫁到维希政权下的法国,那时她经常出现在另一家美国酒馆,在巴黎卢浮旅馆里或者在马赛和平旅馆里。在那里,她很偶然地碰到一位被法国当局保释的在囚英国军官。 这位军官后来带领她加入了抵抗德国纳粹的运动中,也使她成为了英国特别行动处驻占领的法国的一位特工。而在特别行动处39位渗入法国的女特工中,11名没有在德国纳粹集中营中丧生,而她也许是其中最令人敬畏的那个。From her earliest days, Miss Wake combined opposing qualities. She was disciplined, but at the same time a free spirit. In Sydney, to which her large family had moved after leaving her birthplace in New Zealand, she twice ran away from home. As soon as she could, she made her way to London, then to Paris to work as a freelance journalist. There it was her cheerful independence as much as her good looks that caught the eye of the rich French industrialist, Henri Fiocca, who would take her to Marseilles as his wife.早在还是个女孩的时候,威克身上就有了相反的特质。她遵守纪律,同时却又热爱自由。她随大家庭从家乡新西兰搬到悉尼后,就离家出走过两次。她一长到足够负担自己的生活的年纪,就自己去了伦敦生活,然后又到巴黎做了自由记者。她那值得庆贺的独立以及她夺人眼球的美貌,捕获了一位法国企业家亨利bull;费奥卡的心。随后他们结了婚,来到了马赛。She enjoyed her new life of luxury while it lasted, but she was no flibbertigibbet. Soon after meeting the interned British officer, she was helping to get similar Allied airmen, refugees and escaped prisoners-of-war out of occupied France and into Britain. She took a flat, ostensibly for a lover, in fact for the resistance, sheltered men on the run and became a crucial part of the southern escape line to Spain, travelling all over southern France from Nice to Nicirc;mes to Perpignan, with clothing, money and false documents.她很享受奢华的新生活,但她并不是那种只知享乐的肤浅的人。在她遇到那名被拘禁的英国军官后不久,她就帮着将与他情况相似的盟军飞行员、难民和在逃战俘逃从被占领的法国转移到英国。她买了栋公寓,表面上看是为了会情人用的,但实际上是为了庇护抵抗军。她带着衣物、钱和假造的公文,从尼斯到尼姆再到配里皮昂在法国南部来回奔走,成为法国南部向西班牙逃亡路线的一个关键部分。Inevitably, she was arrested. Beaten up and questioned for four days, she revealed nothing. It was this steadiness and loyalty to her comrades that most appealed to the British officers who later agreed to train her to become an SOE agent.不可避免地,她被逮捕了。敌人鞭打拷问了她四天,她却什么都没有泄露。正是这种坚持稳定和对同志的忠诚打动了那位英国军官,成为他后来同意将她训练为一名特别行动处特工的最重要原因。Other qualities were evident by then. Her femininity was never in doubt. It helped her escape capture, not just because she could on occasion flirt her way out of trouble, but also because her Gestapo pursuers assumed any woman as skilful in evading them must be a butch matron (though because of her ability to scuttle off the Germans called her ;the White Mouse;). When she was with the Maquis, silk stockings and Elizabeth Arden face cream were often dropped for her by parachute, along with Sten guns, radios and grenades. Yet she conformed to no stereotype, swearing in the vernacular in the coarsest of terms, living for months in the woods and fighting, in the words of a confregrave;re, not like a man but ;like five men;.那时她的其它优秀品质也已经非常明显。她的女性魅力是毋庸置疑的。这帮助她成功逃离拘捕,并不只是因为他能偶尔靠美人计脱险,还因为她的那些盖世太保追求者们认为任何擅长回避他们追求的人必定是个男人婆 (不过因为她非常善于逃跑,德国纳粹称她为;白鼠;)。 在法国抗德游击队工作那会儿,组织经常空降丝袜、伊莉莎白bull;雅顿的面霜,以及斯特恩式轻机关、收音机和手榴弹给她。然而,她绝不是一般的女人。她可以用最脏的法国方言骂人,她也可以在茂林作战数月。用一位同事的话说,她根本不像一个男人,她;像五个男人;。Her fearlessness seemed to come from a total lack of self-doubt. The certainty with which she held her beliefs;she hated the Nazis, having seen them whipping Jews in Vienna before the war, loved France and was intensely loyal to Britain;freed her of any sense of guilt. This in turn enabled her to act as though she were utterly innocent, even when claiming to be the cousin of an imprisoned Scottish captain, or chatting to a Gestapo officer with 200lb of illegal pork in her suitcase.她的英勇无畏似乎因为她从不自我怀疑。她那种斩钉截铁的确定和由此而来的信念;;对战前在维也纳鞭笞犹太人的纳粹的痛恨、对法国的热爱以及对英国无比的忠诚;;使她从不愧疚。因此,即使她公开撒谎自己是一名囚禁的苏格兰上校的表,或者是在包里藏着两百磅非法猪肉与一名盖世太保军官交谈,她也表现地底气十足、气定神闲。It was sheer guts, though, that got her over the Pyrenees in her espradilles when the Germans were at her heels. And back in Britain in 1943 it was her character rather than her skills or physical abilities that got her through her training in grenade throwing, silent killing and parachute jumping. As for violence, she hated it;until she became hardened.然而,完全是巨大的勇气,使得她在德国纳粹紧跟其后的情况下,穿着她那破旧的帆布鞋,穿越了比利牛斯山。而再往前,1943年在英国时,正是因为她的顽强的性格,而不是她的技术或身体素质,使她通过了扔手榴弹、无声杀人和跳伞训练。她痛恨暴力,直到她变得无坚不摧。That began in April 1944, when Captain (as she now was) Wake and another SOE agent were parachuted into the Auvergne in south-central France. Their immediate job was to work with the local Maquis to cause as much disruption as possible before D-day five weeks later. Now the fighting began, and Captain Wake showed herself more than willing to take part, ily joining raiding parties, blowing up local Gestapo headquarters and ambushing German patrols.那是1944年4月,威克成为了上尉(到现在一直是),她和另外一位英国特别行动处特工空降在法国中南部的奥弗涅。他们当时的任务是与当地的抗德游击队员一起,尽可能多地制造混乱,为五周后的诺曼底登陆做准备。现在斗争开始了,威克上尉显然不只是要去参与其中,她自愿加入了突击队,端掉了盖世太保的总指挥部,并突袭了德国巡逻兵。She did not enjoy killing a German sentry with her bare hands, but she was unsentimental. Likewise, she saw the necessity of killing a German woman captured by some of her Maquis colleagues who admitted to being a spy. Though she had been raped and tortured, Captain Wake ordered her to be shot;or, if the captainrsquo;s later suggestion is to be believed, she herself shot her, since the Maquisardsrsquo; sense of honour permitted her rape but not her killing.她不喜欢用徒手杀掉一名德国哨兵的感觉,但她并非冷血无情。同样地,在与她共事的马基队员抓到一名承认自己是名间谍的德国妇女时,她知道必须杀了她。尽管这女人已经被强暴过、折磨过,威克上尉还是命令杀掉她。甚至,人们都不敢相信她后来这个提议:由她亲手干掉她;;因为法国抵抗成员的荣誉感使他们只允许自己强暴她,而不允许自己杀掉她。In spite of such horrors, and in spite of such feats as bicycling over 500km in under 72 hours to find a radio operator, Captain Wake was having the time of her life. She was still only 26, a woman among 7,000 (mostly) admiring men, carrying out daily acts of derring-do and revelling in a job she had plainly been born for. Although she lived with the constant possibility of capture, it held no fear for her, and she did not yet know that her husband, rather than betray her, had been arrested by the Gestapo, tortured and killed. Decorations galore;from Britain, France, America and Australia;awaited her, but life would never be as good again.尽管经历着类似的恐怖事件,尽管曾经有过许多惊人壮举,比如为寻找一个收音机操作员72小时内骑车500公里,威克上尉依然享受着女人生命的黄金时光。她毕业是个26岁的年轻女性,军营中的7000男人大多都是她的倾慕者。在这群男人中,每天英勇地执行任务,完全陶醉于这一她天生注定要从事的工作。尽管随时都有可能被捕,她却从不害怕。那时她还不知道,她的丈夫并不是背叛了她,而是被盖世太保抓了起来,折磨致死。战争结束后,各种荣誉从英国、法国、美国和澳大利亚向她涌来,但她生命最美好的时光已一去不返。164387

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