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金华人民医院纹眉多少钱Science and technology科学技术Psychosomatic medicine精神身体医学Think yourself well好好反省一下吧You can. But it helps to think well of yourself in the first place你可以的。只是它会首先帮你好好反省一下自己。THE link between mind and body is terrain into which many medical researchers, fearing ridicule, dare not t.大脑与身体之间存在着千丝万缕的联系,但是,因为怕被嘲笑,很多医学研究人员不敢涉足这块领域。But perhaps more should do so.但是,可能应该有更多人来研究它。For centuries, doctors have recognised the placebo effect, in which the illusion of treatment, such as pills without an active ingredient, produces real medical benefits.数个世纪以来,医生们已经认识到了安慰剂的效力,其实是一种错觉治疗达到了真正的药物效应,比如没有实际疗效的药丸等。More recently, respectable research has demonstrated that those who frequently experience positive emotions live longer and healthier lives.最近以来,相当受重视的研究表明, 那些经常以积极的态度生活的人活得更长久,而且更健康。They have fewer heart attacks, for example, and fewer colds too.比如,他们几乎不会有心脏病,而且也很少感冒。Why this happens, though, is only slowly becoming understood.只是这种现象现在还无法解释。What is needed is an experiment that points out specific and measurable ways in which such emotions alter an individuals biology.我们需要的是做一个试验,指明具体的,可衡量以情绪改变人体生物机理的方式。And a study published in Psychological Science, by Barbara Fredrickson and Bethany Kok at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, does precisely that.位于查珀尔希尔的北卡罗莱纳州大学的巴巴拉弗雷德里克松和伯斯尼考克最近进行了一项研究,发表在心理科学杂志,他们的研究正体现了这点。Dr Fredrickson and Dr Kok concentrated their attentions on the vagus nerve.弗雷德里克松教授和考克教授集中于研究迷走神经。This nerve starts in the brain and runs, via numerous branches, to several thoracic and abdominal organs including the heart.这种神经起始端在大脑,通过众多的分与几大胸部和腹部器官,包括心脏相连。Among its jobs is to send signals telling that organ to slow down during moments of calm and safety.它的一项职能就是,发出信号告诉这些器官,在人体处于平静和安全的时候减缓工作步伐。How effectively the vagus nerve is working can be tracked by monitoring someones heart rate as he breathes in and out.你可以通过监测一个人呼吸时的心率来有效地追踪迷走神经的工作过程。Healthy vagal function is reflected in a subtle increase in heart rate while breathing in and a subtle decrease while breathing out.如果迷走神经工作正常的话,你可以从人体吸进空气时心率的不明显增加上看出来,同样,当人体呼出空气时心率也会有微弱的减少。The difference yields an index of vagal tone, and the value of this index is known to be connected with health.如果迷走神经处于不健康状态时,会产生不同的迷走张力指数。Low values are, for example, linked to inflammation and heart attacks.众所周知,这个指数值与健康密切相关。比如,指数值低的话,就可能说明有炎症,及心脏病了。What particularly interested Dr Fredrickson and Dr Kok was recent work that showed something else about the vagal-tone index:特别有趣的是,弗雷德里克松教授和考克教授最近研究也显示了与迷走神经张力指数有关的其它东西。people with high tone are better than those with low at stopping bad feelings getting overblown.在避免让不良情绪扩大方面,指数高的人这方面的能力明显优于指数低的人。They also show more positive emotions in general.这些人平时也会表现出更乐观积极的情绪。This may provide the missing link between emotional well-being and physical health.这可能也弥补了在情感福祉与身体健康之间缺失的一环。In particular, the two researchers found, during a preliminary study they carried out in 2010, that the vagal-tone values of those who experience positive emotions over a period of time go up.特别是,两位研究者发现,在他们2011年的初期实验中,那些一直保持积极乐观情绪的人的迷走神经张力指数也上升了。This left them wondering whether positive emotions and vagal tone drive one another in a virtuous spiral.这个现象让他们想知道,积极情绪和张力指数之间的良性循环,究竟哪个才是真正的驱动呢?They therefore conducted an experiment on 65 of the universitys staff, to try to find out.因此,他们对65所大学中的人员进行了试验,想找出真相。They measured all of their volunteers vagal tones at the beginning of the experiment and at its conclusion nine weeks later.他们测得了刚开始试验时,试验志愿者的张力指数及九周后的张力指数。In between, the volunteers were asked to go each evening to a website especially designed for the purpose, and rate their most powerful emotional experiences that day.在试验期间,志愿者们被要求每晚去一家指定的,特别为这个试验设计的网站,并且为他们每天最强烈的情感体验打分。Dr Fredrickson and Dr Kok asked their volunteers to consider nine positive emotions, such as hope, joy and love, and 11 negative ones, including anger, boredom and disgust.弗雷德里克松教授和考克教授要求志愿者们想着积极的情绪,比如希望,喜悦和爱,还有11种消极的情绪,包括愤怒,厌倦和厌恶。They were asked to rate, on a five-point scale, whether—and how strongly—they had felt each emotion.志愿者们打分的标准分为五级,他们是否感觉到了要求的情绪,有多强烈等。One point meant not at all; five meant extremely.一级意味着没什么;五级意味着极其。In addition, half the participants, chosen at random, were invited to a series of workshops run by a licensed therapist, to learn a meditation technique intended to engender in the meditator a feeling of goodwill towards both himself and others.另外,以随机的方式抽取了一半的参与者,被邀请参加一系列由特许理疗师主持的研讨会,学习冥想技巧,以达到成为一名对自己或者他人心怀善意的禅定者。This group was encouraged to meditate daily, and to report the time they spent doing so.研究人员鼓励这些人每天都冥想,并且要汇报他们花了多长时间做这件事。Dr Fredrickson and Dr Kok discovered that vagal tone increased significantly in people who meditated, and hardly at all in those who did not.弗雷德里克松教授和考克教授发现,这些人的每天冥想,使得他们的张力指数明显上升,而那些没有参与冥想学习的人几乎没什么变化。Among meditators, those who started the experiment with the highest vagal-tone scores reported the biggest increases in positive emotions.在这些冥想者中,那些试验开始时迷走神经张力指数最高的人,在他们身上最大的变化就是保持积极情绪的时间更大长了。Meditators who started with particularly low scores showed virtually no such boost.而开始试验时张力指数特别低的冥想者,他们的变化就没有前者那么大。Taken as a whole, these findings suggest high vagal tone makes it easier to generate positive emotions and that this, in turn, drives vagal tone still higher.总体来说,这些发现表明,在张力指数高的情况下更容易产生积极的情绪,而反过来,积极的情绪又会让指数变得更高。That is both literally and metaphorically a positive feedback loop.而这种现象无论是从字面上还是从修辞上,都称为正面的回馈循环。Which is good news for the emotionally positive, but bad for the emotionally negative, for it implies that those who most need a psychosomatic boost are incapable of generating one.这些对拥有积极情绪的人是个好消息,而对总是弥漫着消极情绪的人可是个坏消息,因为它暗示,那些最需要身心健康的人是无法自己达成这个目的的。A further experiment by Dr Kok suggests, however, that the grumpy need not give up all hope.但考克士进行了一项更深度的试验,认为那些郁郁寡欢的人也不要完全放弃希望。A simpler procedure than meditation, namely reflecting at night on the days social connections, did seem to cause some improvement to their vagal tone.一个比冥想更简单的,在当天晚上即反映其一天社会关系的方式,似乎对这些人的张力指数有些提高作用。This might allow even those with a negative outlook on life to bootstrap their way to a mental state from which they could then advance to the more powerful technique of meditation.这可能让那些拥有消极人生观的人通过他们自己的方式,引导自身进入一种让他们可以拥有更强大冥想技巧的精神状态。Whether, besides improving general health, the mechanism Dr Fredrickson and Dr Kok have discovered helps explain the placebo effect remains to be investigated.除了改善一般健康,弗雷德里克松教授和考克教授发现的生理机制也在某种程度上说明了,安慰剂的效果仍有待研究。But it might, because part of that effect seems to be the good feeling engendered by the fact of being treated.但是,也许安慰剂真的是作用的,因为它们的部分效果似乎产生了良好的幸福感,这是基于病人认为他们正在接受治疗这个事实。More generally, doctors in the ancient world had a saying: a healthy mind in a healthy body.更普遍的是,古时的医生都会说这样一句话:健康的心态,健康的身体。This sort of work suggests that though this proverb is true, a better one might be, a healthy mind for a healthy body.上述研究表明,虽然这种谚语是正确的,可能这种描述会更好些,为了健康的身体,你必须保持健康的心态。 /201401/271236金华丽都美容医院做整形多少钱金华市看保妥适瘦脸针保妥适除皱音波拉皮价格

金华中心医院是公立的吗金东区重塑整形腹部重塑颧骨内推哪家便宜价格Yael:Hi Don, what are you...雅艾尔:嗨唐,你在干嘛?Don:Shh! Im watching my favorite TV police drama:Crime Lab!唐:嘘!我正在在看最喜欢的电视警察剧集:犯罪实验室!Yael:Oh, cool. Hey, whats that guy doing?雅艾尔:噢,好酷。嘿,那个家伙在干什么?Don:Yknow Yael, you do have the right to remain silent...唐:你知道的,雅艾尔,你这时候应该有权保持沉默…Yael:Why is he spraying that stuff on the ground?雅艾尔:为什么他在地上喷洒这些东西?Don:Youre not gonna clam up until I explain this, are you?唐:你不会安静会儿,等我给你解释吗?Yael:Probably not.雅艾尔:别这样。Don:All right, fine.唐:好吧。I just happen to be a regular er of the ;Crime Lab; website, so I know all about police forensics.我只是碰巧是经常登陆“犯罪实验室”网站的一名普通观众,所以我了解关于警方取的知识。Yael:Lets hear it, Sherlock.雅艾尔:洗耳恭听了,大侦探先生。Don:The stuff being sprayed is called luminol.唐:喷的这些东西叫做发光氨。Its a chemical mixture used to detect traces of blood.它是一种用于检测血液痕迹的化学混合物。See those glowing green splotches on the ground? Thats where the perp看到那些地上发光的绿色斑点吗?这就是凶—Yael:;Perp;?雅艾尔:凶?Don:Yeah-perpetrator-thats what detectives call criminals.唐:是啊,行凶者—侦探们对于罪犯的称呼。Anyway, thats where the perp tried to clean up his victims blood, but some invisible traces of it remain behind.不管如何,凶手试图清理受害人的血迹,但有一些看不见的痕迹仍然留下。Spraying luminol on the traces makes them visible.在这些痕迹上喷涂发光氨就能使其现形。Yael:Luminol, as in illuminate. I get it. So how does luminol work?雅艾尔:发光氨,显示血液的痕迹。那么发光氨是什么原理?Don:A chemical reaction occurs when luminol comes into contact with hemoglobin, an oxygen-carrying protein in blood.唐:当发光氨与血液中一种含氧的蛋白质血红蛋白接触就会发生化学反应。The iron in hemoglobin causes the chemicals in luminol to react, meaning that their atoms rearrange to form new molecules.血红蛋白中的铁导致发光氨中的化学物质发生反应,这意味着它们的原子重新排列,形成新的分子。Since the original chemical molecules had more energy than the newly created molecules, during the reaction the extra energy is disposed of in the form of light.因为原来的化学分子比新创建的分子有更多的能量,在反应过程中,额外的能量就会以光的形式显现。Its the same thing that happens when fireflies glow.萤火虫发光也是出于同样的原理。Yael:Thats neat. Yknow, you would have made a good detective, Don.雅艾尔:原来如此。你知道吗,你本来会成为一名很好的侦探的,唐。Don:Really?唐:真的吗?Yael:Sure. Tune in next week when Detective Glass solves yet another Moment of Science mystery!雅艾尔:当然。下周的节目将为您呈现格拉斯大侦探解决另一个科学谜团!Don:I like the sound of that. 唐:我喜欢你的这种说法。 201310/262830Leaders社论Cosmology宇宙学Man suddenly sees the start of the universe揭秘宇宙的起源The quest to understand reality takes a great leap backwards科学新突破—探索宇宙诞生之初的真相IN THE beginning was the word and the word was “inflation”.宇宙初始皆起源于“膨胀”二字。That is no blasphemy. It is, rather, a celebration of human curiosity, ingenuity and bloody-minded persistence in the quest to try to find out how the universe actually works.与其说这是对神明的亵渎,不如说是人类对于宇宙奥秘求知若渴、精密巧思和坚持不懈的颂扬。No one yet knows how the universe came into existence.没有人能知晓宇宙是如何从无到有的。Those who believe it was created by God are as free today as they were a week ago to continue in that belief, as are those who think the whole thing is the chance result of a quantum fluctuation in the nothingness beforehand.相信神创世论的人们可以像一周前一样继续他们的信仰,而那些相信量子波动创世论的人也可以同样不改初衷。But results of a study of the early universe using BICEP2, a telescope located near the South Pole, where the air is thin and isolation keeps equipment clean, suggest what happened very shortly afterwards.然而,科学家们在空气稀薄纯净、能最大限度降低设备杂质的南极建立了 “BICEP2”大型望远镜,并据此研究揭开了宇宙创始后极短时间内发生的事情。These findings, announced on March 17th, are of signs of primordial gravitational waves.3月17号公布的最新发现显示了原始引力波存在的迹象。They confirm the theory, debated among astrophysicists for three decades, that within a trillionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second of the moment it began the universe got bigger. Immensely bigger.实了一个在天体物理学界被争论了三十年的理论:宇宙在诞生之后的一万亿的一万亿的一万亿分之一秒内急速膨胀至超级大。A volume of space that started off no larger than an atom in the pre-inflation universe would, after inflation, have been about the size of the solar system.从膨胀前比原子还小的空间扩大至太阳系大小。Apart from the sheer gobsmackingness of this claim, the BICEP2 teams discovery is important for three reasons.除了让人感叹上帝创世的无穷威力之外,BICEP2研究团队的发现有三个重要意义。By confirming inflation it explains why the universe still exists,since it was inflation which stopped it fluctuating back into the void.首先,通过实膨胀的发生解释了宇宙为什么依然存在,正是因为膨胀,才避免了宇宙波动回到之前的虚无状态。By confirming the existence of gravitational waves, it bolsters Einsteins general theory of relativity, which predicts them.其次,爱因斯坦广义相对论预测了宇宙膨胀的发生,而通过实引力波的存在为这一理论的提供了持据。And by linking gravitational waves with inflation it provides a chink through which physicists can peer to try to solve one of their fields biggest mysteries: why general relativity, which has passed every test applied to it, cannot be reconciled with quantum theory, which has also passed every test applied to it.第三,通过把引力波和膨胀联系起来,物理学家们打开了一扇可以解决本领域内最大谜团之一的大门:为什么广义相对论和量子理论这两个已经被无数次实了的真理始终无法共存。Quantum theory is the theory of small things.量子论是研究微观世界的理论。It describes electromagnetism and two less-familiar forces that operate at the scale of atomic nuclei.描述了电磁学和另外两个鲜为人知的作用力在原子核层面的相互联系。Relativity theory is the theory of big things. It describes the force of gravity.而相对论是研究宏观世界的理论,描述了引力的原理。Since inflation is the way the universe made the transition from small to big, it is a good place to look for the missing link.既然膨胀理论是宇宙从微观到宏观的过渡,这就为寻找两者之间尚未发现的联系提供了绝佳的机会。Not quite as simple as an apple and a persuasive serpent这可比蛇诱夏娃吃禁果复杂多了The gravitational waves detected by BICEP2 date from the beginning of the inflationary process and are thus a product of the small, quantum-scale version of the universe.由BICEP2望远镜发现的引力波产生于膨胀过程的初始,因此这是一个微小的、处于量子层面的宇宙的产物。This means they are quantum phenomena,the first known manifestations of quantum gravity.这就表明它们是量子现象,第一个已知存在的量子引力。That confirms the link between relativity and quantum theory.也明了相对论和量子论之间的关联性。It also gives physicists investigating the link something real to play with in their search for how that link actually works.同时这也让物理学家们有了进一步研究这种关联性的真实基础。A little caution is called for. It can be dangerous, in science, to put too much faith in a single set of observations.但值得警惕的是,在科学世界里,把过多的注意集中到某个单一的观察结果上是很危险的。The gravity,wave signals that BICEP2 has found,slight fluctuations in the intensity of the cosmic microwave background, an all,pervading bath of radiation that preserves some features of the very early universe,are but a faded palimpsest.BICEP2天文台发现了引力波信号,在宇宙微波背景强度下的一些轻微波动,但这个信号已经很大程度上被其他信号覆盖。They have been overwritten time and again by other signals, and these have had to be scraped away to make the gravitational waves visible.而为了得到最终的引力波,需要把那些干扰信号逐个去除。Confirmation using other instruments is needed.因此,我们需要其他设备对引力波的存在性进行再次核实。Other teams of scientists will now try to find similar evidence; new researchers will get excited about the field.其他科学家们将会致力于寻找相似的据;也欢迎新研究者在此领域前赴后继。This is welcome. The merging of particle physics and cosmology is one of the great intellectual achievements of the past 50 years.新兴的粒子物理学和宇宙学是过去50年以来最大的科学进步之一。And in showing that the deepest truths of the material universe are to be found by gazing out into the deepest, earliest recesses of space, it feeds not just the intellect, but the spirit.凝望最遥远、最原始的空间深处。那里埋藏着关于宇宙物质的最终解答,对这个的求索不仅是人类关于知识的渴望,更是灵魂的满足。 201404/283742浙江妇幼保健好不好网址永康市中医院好不

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