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Big claims are made for what neuroscience, behavioural economics and psychology can do for us. Some authors give the impression that certain outcomes can be almost guaranteed if you approach human interactions with the right bag of tricks.神经科学、行为经济学和心理学对我们有什么用处?人们有些夸大其词。一些作者给我们这样一种印象,如果你与人交往中用对了技巧,那么你几乎可以确定能得到某种结果。Fortunately, Caroline Webb, a former partner at management consultancy McKinsey, is not one of those authors. She adopts a restrained tone when drawing on emerging discoveries about the brain and human psychology.所幸管理咨询公司麦肯锡(McKinsey)前合伙人卡罗琳韦布(Caroline Webb)不是这样的作者。她对于人类大脑和心理新发现的运用持一种克制的论调。Although she hundreds of academic papers before writing this book, Webb’s purpose is practical, as captured by the understated title. She offers what she calls “science-based tweaks” in behaviour and attitudes which could help you have a better day at work.虽然韦布在写这本书之前阅读了几百篇学术论文,就像其低调的书名显示出的那样,她的目标是务实的。她指出,通过对行为和态度进行“基于科学的微调”,可以帮助你在工作中表现得更好。Webb briskly summarises some of the findings made by psychologists and neuroscientists that are increasingly familiar. She returns constantly to the context of the workplace, citing practical examples rather than speculating about the psychological potential of humankind.韦布干净利落地总结了几条心理学家和神经学家越来越被人熟知的几条发现。她没有对人类的心理潜力妄加猜测,而是不断回到职场环境下引用工作之中的实例。Reflecting on a grumpy conference for which she was underprepared and that got a day off to a bad start, she has three observations, based on her study of how our minds work.她反思了自己因为准备不足在一场视频会议上发脾气的经历,那场会议给当天开了一个不好的头。对此,她基于自己对人类心理的研究,总结了三条发现。First, priorities and assumptions determine our perceptions to a surprising extent. Second, setting the right kind of goals lifts our performance and makes us feel good. And third, what we imagine in our mind’s eye can shape our real-life experience. Webb’s book is essentially about “focusing on the right things, and organising your time to give those priorities your best attention”. This is not wishful thinking. That focus and “best attention” are based on working with our human nature, not against it.第一,优先事项和假设对认知的决定作用是惊人的。第二,设定恰当的目标可以提升我们的表现,让我们感觉良好。第三,我们内心的设想可以造就我们现实生活的经历。韦布的书基本上讲的是“关注正确的事物,安排好时间,将最好的注意力集中在那些优先事项上”。这不是主观上一厢情愿的想法。这种关注和“最好的注意力”是顺应人性的,而非与之相左。We should not just let the day happen to us, she says. A quick daily intention-setting routine can help, though we should set specific goals in “bite-sized chunks”. Any to-do list should be of today’s tasks only, otherwise our brains will be overwhelmed.她说,我们不能随波逐流地度日。每天迅速设立全天的目标是有用的,不过我们应该按照“一口吃完的份量”来设定具体目标。任何待办事项应该只是今天之内完成的任务,否则我们的大脑会应接不暇。We should plan downtime and avoid “decision fatigue”. “Pit stops are not wasted time — they’re an essential part of an efficient, well-planned race,” she says. We need enough sleep. “As one CEO I know put it, going short of sleep is like forgetting to save a document that you’ve worked on all day...If we don’t regularly rest and refuel our brain, the quality of our reasoning, self-control and planning declines sharply.”我们应该规划休息时间,避免陷入“决策疲劳”。“停车加油休息不是浪费时间——而是一场规划良好的高效竞赛中必不可少的一环,”她说。我们需要足够的睡眠。“就像我认识的一名CEO所说的,睡眠不足就像你没有保存你处理了一整天的文件……如果我们不能规律作息,给大脑充电,那么我们理性思考、自控和规划的能力就会大幅下降。”The science does not all lead to dutiful conclusions. Gossip is healthy. Why? “Merely getting answers to questions visibly activates the reward system in people who are lying in a brain scanner,” Webb writes.科学得出的结论并不全像人们想的那样。八卦是有益健康的。为什么呢?“通过观察脑部扫描仪,仅仅是得到问题的就能够显著激活人脑的奖励系统,”韦布写到。And we can prime ourselves to perform better, too. The author admits to humming Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” to herself before client workshops.此外,我们还能通过事前准备来让自己表现得更好。韦布坦言,她开客户研讨会前会哼唱唐娜萨默(Donna Summer)的歌曲《我感到了爱》(I Feel Love)。What else does science reveal that will help us have a good day? “Multitasking” damages productivity: “We’re far more productive if we singletask.”科学上还有什么发现能帮我们过好一天?“同时处理多项任务”会降低我们的工作效率:“当我们只处理一项任务的时候,效率会高得多。”The routines of work can sometimes make it seem like a Sisyphean task. But, as Albert Camus said, we have to believe that Sisyphus is happy. And think how much happier he might have been if he had known the words to “I Feel Love”.日复一日的工作有时候会让我们觉得自己像西西弗斯(Sisyphus)一般周而复始地推着石头。但是,就像阿尔贝加缪(Albert Camus)说的那样,我们必须相信西西弗斯是快乐的。而且去想象如果他知道《我感到了爱》的歌词,他肯定会更加快乐。 /201601/421340HONG KONG — Tianjin Tianhai, a Chinese shipping group, will buy the technology distributor Ingram Micro for billion in the latest mega-deal involving a Chinese company.香港——中国航运集团天津天海将斥资60亿美元收购技术分销商英迈(Ingram Micro),这是最新的一宗涉及中国公司的大型交易。Tianjin Tianhai will pay .90 a share in the deal, which Ingram, based in Irvine, Calif., said would help it increase investment and expand its geographical reach. Ingram will suspend its quarterly dividend payment and its share repurchase program until the deal is complete.英迈总部设在加利福尼亚州欧文市,该公司表示,天津天海的收购价格是每股38.90美元,这宗交易将帮助英迈增加投资,扩大地域辐射范围。在交易完成之前,英迈将暂停其季度股息的付和股票回购计划。The deal was made in the face of growing wariness in Washington over Chinese acquisitions of technology companies in the ed States. On Tuesday, Fairchild Semiconductor International rejected a .5 billion bid from Chinese state-backed buyers because of fears that the deal would not get regulatory approval from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the ed States, also known as Cfius.该交易达成之际,正值华盛顿对中国收购美国科技公司变得越来越谨慎。本周二,仙童半导体公司(Fairchild Semiconductor International)拒绝了一家有中国政府背景的买主提出的25亿美元收购要约,因为他们担心监管机构美国外国投资委员会(Committee on Foreign Investment in the ed States,也称Cfius)不会批准这宗交易。Regulatory filings on Wednesday showed that Tianjin Tianhai would be required to pay Ingram a termination fee of 0 million under several circumstances, among them the dismantling of the deal by antitrust concerns or a review by Cfius.本周三提交的监管报备文件显示,如果该交易因反垄断问题或Cfius的审查而被否决,或者出现了其他几种情况,天津天海需要向英迈付4亿美元的终止费。Ingram will become a subsidiary of HNA Group, an air transport and logistics company based in Hainan, China. Alain Monié, Ingram’s chief executive, will remain in place, and the company said it did not expect any disruptions. Tianjin Tianhai is itself a subsidiary of HNA Group.英迈将成为海航集团(HNA Group)的一家子公司。海航是一家航空运输和物流公司,总部设在中国海南,天津天海本身就是它的子公司。英迈的首席执行官阿兰·莫尼(Alain Monié)将继续担任该职位,公司表示他们预计不会出现任何扰动。“We look forward to supporting Ingram Micro’s management team and strategies, including continued expansion into new geographies, while also offering their vendor and customer partners access to new and complementary offerings,” Adam Tan, the chief executive of HNA Group, said in a news release.“我们希望为英迈的管理团队和战略提供持,包括继续拓展到新的地区,并向他们的供应商和客户合作伙伴提供新的、互补的产品,”海航总裁谭向东(Adam Tan)在一份新闻稿中表示。Mr. Tan added that Ingram would become the biggest revenue generator for HNA Group and would help it reach “business opportunities in emerging markets, which have higher growth rates and better profitability.”谭向东还说,英迈将成为海航集团最大的收入来源,帮助它“在增长率和盈利能力较高的新兴市场上获取商业机会”。Mr. Monié said that HNA Group’s logistics and its presence in China would support the growth of Ingram.莫尼说,海航集团的物流业务以及在中国的影响力将促进英迈的增长。China International Capital Corporation and Bravia Capital acted as lead financial advisers to HNA Group, and Weil, Gotshal amp; Manges acted as legal counsel.海航集团的首席财务顾问是中国国际金融股份有限公司和Bravia Capital,法律顾问是威嘉律师事务所(Weil Gotshal amp; Manges)。Morgan Stanley amp; Co. acted as financial adviser and Davis Polk amp; Wardwell acted as legal counsel to Ingram.英迈的财务顾问是根士丹利(Morgan Stanley amp; Co.),法律顾问是达维律师事务所(Davis Polk amp; Wardwell)。 /201602/427272New Delhi — The last time Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the ed States, he stood with Hugh “Wolverine” Jackman and declared, for some reason, “May the force be with you.” This month, when he meets the Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg in Menlo Park, Calif., Indians hope their leader won’t yell, “Don’t be evil.”新德里——印度总理纳伦德拉·莫迪(Narendra Modi)上一次访问美国时曾和“金刚狼”休·杰克曼(Hugh Jackman)同台,出于某种原因,他说了一句“愿原力与你同在”。本月,当他和Facebook创始人马克·扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)在加州的门洛帕克市见面时,印度民众希望自己的领导人别喊出“不作恶”来。But if he does end up shouting Google’s motto in Facebook’s headquarters, some Indians would be pleased. For that is what they wish to tell Facebook.但如果他最后真的在Facebook总部说出这句谷歌(Google)格言,有一部分印度人会比较高兴。因为这正是他们想对Facebook说的。Mr. Modi wants every Indian to get online, and Mr. Zuckerberg has figured out a way to do this. But the Modi government has been under pressure from the minority of Indians who consume most of the nation’s bandwidth to pass legislation that would deny free Internet access to the poor.莫迪想让所有印度人都用上网络,扎克伯格想到了一个实现的方法。但莫迪政府受到来自少数印度民众的压力,这些人享用着印度大部分带宽,却想要通过一项不给穷人提供上网途径的法案。In February, Facebook and its partners introduced Internet.org in India, a diminished but free Internet for the more than 100 million mobile subscribers of Reliance Communications. More than 75 percent of Indians do not use or have access to the Internet, but almost every Indian has a mobile phone. So, millions of Indians now have access, in seven languages, to dozens of websites and applications, including B News, Wikipedia and, of course, Facebook.今年2月,Facebook及其合作伙伴将Internet.org引入了印度,它可以让印度信实通信公司(Reliance Communications)的1亿手机用户享受到不完整但却完全免费的网络。超过75%印度人不上网或没有上网途径,但他们几乎人手一部手机。所以,现在有数百万印度人可以浏览几十种网站和应用,包括B新闻、Wikipedia,当然还有Facebook,这些务有七种语言可以选择。Internet.org would not have drawn much rage if not for something else that was going on. Weeks after the initiative emerged, an Indian telecom operator tried to introduce a service that would make it free or cheap or faster for people to gain access to some applications that have a commercial agreement with the operator.如果不是因为还有一些其他的事,Internet.org不会引起太多怨愤。这一计划推出几周后,一家印度通信运营商试图引入一项务,可以让人们免费或以更低的价格或更快的速度下载一些与该运营商有商业协议的应用。There is a global movement against strategies that corrupt the open nature of the Internet, and Indians joined the lament. The movement ended up including Internet for the poor among the offending telecom strategies. This was a flawed, principled stand. And it fit well in the history of the Indian elite deploying ideology to the detriment of the poor — central planning instead of a market economy, a focus on higher education over primary education and rocket science over virology.目前全球在进行一场运动,反对破坏互联网开放属性的策略,印度也加入了控诉的一方。这场运动最终把为穷人提供网络列为不合理的电信策略。这是一个有缺陷的、坚持原则的立场。它与印度精英阶层宣传对穷人不利的意识形态的历史一脉相承,这些人强调中央计划,而非市场经济;重视高等教育大过基础教育;重视火箭科学大过病毒研究。Mr. Zuckerberg has been at pains to tell Indians that his offer of free Internet to the poor does not violate any ethics. Facebook does not charge for any application that wishes to be on Internet.org, and it does not post ads on the Facebook pages of the users. Also, the company does not pay Reliance to provide the free service. Mr. Zuckerberg has said that any telecom operator would be allowed to carry Internet.org. A Facebook spokesman told me, “We are actively in discussions with other mobile phone operators in India.”扎克伯格一直在竭力让印度人明白,他给贫穷阶层提供的免费网络务并不违反任何道德准则。Facebook不向任何希望出现在Internet.org上的应用收费,不在用户的Facebook页面上发广告。而且,Facebook也不为信实通信公司提供的免费网络务买单。扎克伯格已经表示,任何通信运营商都可以为其用户提供Internet.org的免费应用。一位Facebook发言人告诉我,“我正在积极地和印度的其他手机运营商进行商谈。”He said that “more than 40 percent of those coming online via” Internet.org are so intoxicated by the idea of connectivity that they soon pay the telecom operator for data and enjoy the full expanse of online life. So, the telecom operator has commercial rewards in offering an exceptional social service. It is an idea that can transform India.他表示,通过Internet.org免费应用接触到网络后,有“超过40%的人都非常沉醉于联网的感觉,会很快给通信运营商付费购买流量,以享受完整的网络乐趣。所以,通信运营商在提供一项杰出的社会务的同时,也可以获得商业回报。这是一个可以改变印度面貌的观念。The elite Indian condemnation of Internet for the poor is cloaked in righteous objections. For instance, that it is “restrictive,” thereby violating the fundamental spirit of the web. But Internet.org is limited because data is expensive, not because it promotes some websites over others. In fact, it is paid Internet that is restrictive because it denies the web to those who cannot pay.印度精英阶层反对为贫穷阶层提供网络,有一些表面看似正当的理由。比如,他们指责它是“限制性的”,因此违反互联网的基本精神。但Internet.org之所以有所限制,是因为数据太昂贵,而不是为优先推广某些网站。事实上,真正有限制的是付费互联网,因为它们把不能付费的人挡在了门外。Another objection is that the poor would think Facebook is the Internet as many in other nations do. But then in India “xerox” is a verb that means photocopying, and many think the Internet is an American company. If the whole world were surveyed, it would come across as generally ill informed. Many are ignorant because they never had the opportunities, like being connected, to be informed.他们反对的另一个理由是,印度贫穷阶层会和其他国家的许多人一样,认为Facebook就代表互联网。但在印度,“xerox”只是意为“复印”的动词,不代表施乐公司,还有很多人认为“互联网”就是一个美国公司。如果在全球进行问卷调查,印度人会给人以孤陋寡闻的印象。很多人那么无知,是因为他们没有机会接触网络等获取新知的途径。Also, there is a view that free Internet is just a ploy by Facebook to capture new markets. The history of modern India is proof that corporate self-interest is often more useful to society than altruism.还有一种观点认为,网络只是Facebook为了占领新市场而策划的阴谋。现代印度发展的历史明,企业的自利往往比利他主义对社会更有益。Mr. Modi, instead of banishing Internet.org, may consider uploading government websites on it. Facebook is discussing that possibility with his team.莫迪可能会把印度政府网站放在Internet.org上,而不是驱逐它。Facebook正和他的团队就这一可能进行讨论。 /201509/4000063.Mark#39;s Wife Priscilla Chan Is Even More Private than He Is3.马克的妻子普利西亚·陈比马克还低调The irony of the couple at the heart of the biggest source of personal information in the world being extremely private is amusing, and even Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, can see that. Chan recently gave one of her first and only interviews on The Today Show where she revealed a number of things about herself and her husband. Chan was a grade school teacher and is now a medical school graduate and hopes to become a pediatrician. She lives a very humble life considering she has been attached to one of the wealthiest and most controversial figures in tech for the last 13 years. Chan#39;s parents left their home country in a refugee boat seeking a better life for themselves and their future children, and she is the first in her family to graduate from college. Education is very important to her and she and Mark have announced that they are donated 0 million to improve Bay Area public schools. Priscilla admits that the couple want to have kids, but their busy lives mean that they will be putting it off for a while. Besides, they aly have a child named Beast, a Hungarian sheepdog who has 1.8 million followers on Facebook and possibly even more hair. Priscilla jokes that Beast is Zuckerberg#39;s number two priority after Facebook. She finds it strange that the public has so much curiosity about her because she is just the daughter of an immigrant family training to be a doctor, and that is how the people in her life treat her. She laments that it is sad that the public do not see her husband as she knows him, and Priscilla describes Mark as funny, thoughtful, sensitive and caring.这对夫妻想要在个人信息最易泄露的城市中心保有极度的个人隐私简直是荒谬、讽刺,而他们也意识到这一点了。陈最近上了《今日之秀》(The Today Show),这是她第一次也是唯一一次接受访谈。在节目里,她透露了关于她自己和马克的很多事情。陈以前是一位小学教师,现在呢,是医学院的研究生,并希望能成为儿科医师。考虑到过去的13年里她已经跟世界上最富有且最受关注的人紧紧地联系在一起了,她的生活堪称简朴。陈的父母当时是搭着一艘难民船离开了自己的国家,想要为自己,为将来的孩子寻求更好的生活。陈也是家里面第一个大学生。教育对她来说很重要,所以她和马克已经捐献了一亿两千万美元来改建旧金山湾区的公共学校。普利西亚也承认了他们其实是想要孩子的,但是他们太忙了,所以只能将生宝宝的计划延后。此外,她表示他们已经有一个;小孩;了,是一只名叫比斯特(Beast)的匈牙利牧羊犬。它在脸书上已经有一千八百万的粉丝了,并且可能还将不断上涨。普利西亚开玩笑说,比斯特是扎克伯格除了脸书之外最关心的东西了。她发现大众对她过分好奇了,这让她觉得很奇怪,因为她也不过是来自一个移民家庭,努力培训,梦想成为一名医生的普通人。她周围的人也就是这样看待她的。她感慨说大家并没有像她那样了解她的丈夫扎克伯格,她眼中的扎克伯格是一个有趣、有思想力、有点敏感又很有爱心的男人。2.Facebook Is Buying up Innovation Left and Right2.脸书正四处购买创意Facebook does not just want to be a social networking site, instead Zuckerberg dreams of a one stop shop for all online communication and development. Zuckerberg recently bought Whatsapp, a major player in online mobile messaging, for billion. If you have ever wondered how Facebook can suggest who to tag in your uploaded photos, that#39;s because they also purchased facial recognition software Face.com for somewhere between and 0 million. In the same year, Facebook bought the photo sharing Instagram for billion. While the purchase was scoffed at because Instagram wasn#39;t profitable, Zuckerberg reiterated his mission of providing an even better sharing experience. Facebook has also purchased location sharing services, advertising software, and other social media feeds including ConnectU. ConnectU is the platform created by the Winklevoss brothers and Facebook purchased it according to a court settlement for cash and a share in Facebook stock.脸书不仅仅想成为一个社交网站,相反,扎克伯格梦想把它打造成一个适合所有人网上交流、发展的一站式商店。扎克伯格最近斥资190亿美元收购了Whatsapp——一款主要用于智能手机之间通讯的应用软件。你想知道脸书是怎么实现圈人标记上传照片的功能的吗?这是因为他们大概花了五千五百万到一亿美元收购了人脸识别软件——Face.com。同年,脸书以10亿美元收购了照片分享软件——Instagram。这一收购决策遭到了众人的嘲笑,因为Instagram并不盈利,但扎克伯格却一再重复强调他的使命是提供一个更好的经验交流平台。脸书还收购了位置分享务、广告软件以及其他社交媒体订阅,包括 ConnectU。ConnectU 是温克里弗斯兄弟(Winklevoss brothers)创建的一个平台,脸书用法定结算资金及脸书的一部分股份换得了ConnectU。Facebook also bought the virtual reality firm Oculus VR for billion dollars. Zuckerberg hasn#39;t announced a specific plan for this massive purchase and so the public will just have to use their imagination for now.脸书还耗资20亿美元收购了虚拟现实公司Oculus VR。扎克伯格并没有公布详细的大批量收购计划,因此欲知详情,就只能靠猜喽。1.Zuckerberg Does Not Want to Simply Change the Internet- He Wants to Bring It to the Whole World1.扎克伯格不仅想改变互联网,他还想把它推向全世界Zuckerberg built the prototype for Facebook.com in only one week, but he is going to take his time in changing the world. Zuckerberg wants to bring Internet access to the other two-thirds of the world#39;s population because only 2.7 billion people have access right now. Zuckerberg insists that the whole world should get in on the Internet because we#39;re missing out on the creativity and ingenuity of almost two thirds of the world#39;s population. Facebook is working with NASA on a new ;Connectivity Lab; on Zuckerberg#39;s latest mission which involves drones, satellites and even laser beams. Zuckerberg hasn#39;t released a timeline yet for his massive project, but he has said that over the last year, 3 million people now have access to the Internet that didn#39;t before in the countries of Paraguay and the Philippines. This venture, entitled Internet.org, is working with manufacturer#39;s of mobile internet device and technology companies to achieve the massive goal of bringing the Internet to the entire world#39;s population. Zuckerberg has even issued a call to arms to Google, with whom they compete for advertising space, saying that everyone should be participating in this coalition because a bigger Internet is better for everyone.扎克伯格一周内建立了脸书的原型,但是他将花更多的时间来改变世界。扎克伯格想让世界上其他2/3的人口也接触互联网,因为现在互联网的使用人数只有27亿。扎克伯格坚持认为整个世界都应该参与进互联网的世界,因为我们错过了世界上大约2/3的人口的创造力。在扎克伯格的最新工作日程中,脸书会与美国国家航空航天局(NASA)合作,在新的;互联实验室;(Connectivity Lab)中对无人侦察机、卫星甚至激光束进行相关的研究。扎克伯格并没有公布这个庞大的项目的运行时间,但是他透露说,去年巴拉圭(Paraguay)和菲律宾(Philippines)已有300万人开始接触互联网了。这个名为Internet.org的联合机构与移动互联网企业携手合作,预计实现一项重大目标:向全人类推广普及互联网。扎克伯格甚至向谷歌;宣战;,与他们争夺广告空间,声称每个人都应加入这个联盟,因为互联网范围越广,对每个人就更有利。Internet.org has recently come under fire for supposedly violating the idea of net neutrality. Zuckerberg says that programs like his can co-exist with net neutrality and that having some connectivity is better than having no connectivity at all. Net neutrality has been a hot button issue in the last few years. It is a movement against internet providers like Comcast, who want to charge more data to visit certain websites. This practice is seen as discriminatory and Zuckerberg will have to face it sooner or later or face the wrath of the 5 billion new people he has worked so hard to connect to the Internet.Internet.org最近因为违反网络中立原则而受到攻击。扎克伯格表示,这个项目并不违背网络中立原则,企业联合模式优于;孤军奋战;。过去几年,网络中立原则成为一个热门话题。它是一项反对供应商(比如康卡斯特Comcast)为控制传输数据优先级,不平等对待互联网访问的运动。这种做法被视为具有歧视性,扎克伯格迟早都要面对这一问题,否则他将他将承受50亿网民的愤怒。Mark Zuckerberg is one of a number of young CEOs in Silicon Valley, but he is also one of the wealthiest and most controversial. He runs a company that provides a product that 1 billion people want to use, and that many people want to work at. His employees praise his egalitarian office structure but some lament the lack of organization in the young company. Facebook constantly surprises with new innovations and opened the gate for an entirely new use of the Internet. The man behind it is a private man but is described by those around him as a man with a big heart. Zuckerberg says that he created Facebook to be useful, not to be cool but it appears that he may have accomplished both.马克·扎克伯格是硅谷最年轻、最富有且最具争议性的首席执行官(CEO)之一。他的公司运营的产品拥有10亿用户,且许多人想为他工作。他的员工都称赞这家企业崇尚的平等理念,但同时也对其松散的管理制度表示不满。脸书不断地给用户带来了新的惊喜,并向世人打开了互联网全新应用的大门。然而它背后的这位孤僻的创始人却被周围的人描绘成了一位野心家。扎克伯格说他创造脸书是为了应用而非耍酷,只是他恰好完成了这两项而已。审校:围巾 校对:Candy 旭旭 /201507/386496

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