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栏目简介:《英语学习入门视频》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,栏目内容适合刚刚接触英语学习不久的童鞋学习。视频内容比较简单易懂,是入门英语知识的基础,有助于帮助英语学习爱好者逐步掌握基本的英语知识。201603/427581President Vladimir Putin says Russia is not using all its military capability in Syria and could do more if necessary.普京总统表示,俄罗斯没有在叙利亚使用其所有的军事能力,如果有必要,可以采取更多措施。He was speaking at a Kremlin function in Moscow to commemorate his country’s security service members.普金在莫斯科克里姆林宫发表讲话,纪念国家安全局成员。His comments came just a day after the UN Security Council backed a peace plan for war-torn Syria that included calls for a ceasefire.此前一天,联合国安理会就饱受战争蹂躏的叙利亚通过了一项和平计划,其中包括停火协议。I want to stress that these are by far not all our capabilities, What we use is in Syria is a long way from all that we have. We have more military means and we will use them if we have to.我想强调的是,我们的能力远远不止这些,在叙利亚我们还有很长的路要走,我们有更多的军事手段,如果有需要我们就会使用。Russia is aly carrying out airstrikes along with several other nations including Britain, France and the US.俄罗斯已经和其它几个国家,包括英国、法国和美国对叙利亚展开空袭。But the country remains a key ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and has continued to supply weapons to his regime despite international criticism.但俄罗斯仍是叙利亚总统巴沙尔·阿萨德的关键盟友,并不顾国际社会批评继续向阿萨德政权提供武器。The resolution adopted by the UN made no mention of the future role Assad, and the issue remains an area of contention between Russia and the West.联合国通过的决议并没有提及阿萨德未来的角色,而这一问题仍然是俄罗斯与西方国家之间的争论领域。译文属。 /201512/417035


This tree may give me a way down.这棵树也许可以助我一臂之力Tall and straight, it goes right to the foot of the cliff.这些树高大挺拔 直插入谷底But its over 80 foot down and this is no easy option.但落差大概有八十英尺 降至谷底绝不轻松Its living and it is strong.Its really gonna be like a gaint farmost pole.这树还活着 而且十分健壮 它还真有点像 超大滑竿And not a very comfortable farmost pole.Im quite committed down this now.但是这个滑杆非常不舒 我现在下定决心要这么做了You follow me down here.I cant do it. My foot cross that branch.你跟着我下来 不行 我的脚卡在树杈上了Dont worry.Thats it now.Im really suffocated,creeping like a koalabear.别担心 好了 我现在呼吸非常困难 像只考拉一样 紧紧抱着树干Hanging on like this puts serious pressure on my upper arms.抱着树干 我的上臂承受了巨大的压力Like a extreme tree hugging.But its not gonna crack it.跟树来个超级大熊抱 我现在可决不能松手Now gonna get down before my injured shoulder gives away.我得在肩膀旧伤发作前 尽快着陆You all right?Thats pretty cool.A quick way down but tough on the limbs.没事吧 还挺帅的 尽管可以速降 但四肢都承受了很大压力Hurting in the thighs.The canyon floor lies 600 feet below me.大腿太痛苦了 河谷就位于下方六百英尺处This steep descent, the rock leaves,its a bumping ride.这段路非常陡峭 山石嶙峋 跌跌撞撞 一路向下201601/424512


栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201508/395463One of the wonders of the natural world.它是自然界最美妙的奇迹之一The largest living structure on earth.地球上最大的活体结构群The only organism visible from space.唯一能从太空看到的生物体Over three epic voyages,Cook maps Australia,New Zealand,The Pacific Ocean,And the Americas.历经了三次史诗般的航行 库克在地图上标记了澳大利亚 新西兰 太平洋 和美洲More of the world than any other explorer.远胜于任何探险家As cook opens up the planet,在库克揭秘地球的同时On the other side of the world,An American inventor is playing with fire.在世界的另一侧 一位美国的发明家正;引火上身;Bringing the scientific revolution to America,在美国掀起了一场科学革命Benjamin Franklin.Innovator, entrepreneur and Americas first storm-chaser.他就是本杰明·富兰克林 他是改革者 企业家 也是美国第一位风暴追逐者Using a childs toy to unlock one of the keys to the future.他利用一件儿童玩具就解开了未来的一个秘密I think his role as a scientist is as important我认为他作为科学家的身份as his role as a statesmen and a founder.和他作为政治家 创始人的身份一样不容轻视He was also the first American to make science他也是美国历史上第一个palpable and tangible to the American people,通过对科学的讲述和描写because of how he spoke and wrote about it.让群众感受到科学的可感知性和有形性的人Since the dawn of mankind, humanity has lived in fear从诞生之处 人类就一直活在Of one of the most destructive forces in nature:Lightning.对闪电的恐惧中 它是自然界中 最具破坏性的力量之一201603/433063A soccer-field sized patch of forest in frigid Alaska has about 40 different species of plants,compared with about 70 in temperate England and 300 in the Amazonian rain forest.These biodiversity differences hold true for entire countries,too:England has 1500 plant species,while tropical Guyana,9000.在极其寒冷的阿拉斯加,一块足球场大小的森林大约含有40种物种,与之相比,较温和的英国约有70种,亚马逊雨林则有300种。这种生物多样性差异对国家同样适用;英国有1500种植物,而热带圭亚有9000种。The super diversity of tropical rainforests is only equalled in one other type of ecosystem on Earth:scrubby fire-prone shrublands that grow in western Australia and southern Africa.These shrublands may not look as majestic as tropical rainforests,but in a given area,theyre home to similarly stupendous numbers of species.热带雨林的生物多样性,仅相当于地球上另一个生态系统,澳大利亚西部和非洲南部,易发火灾的低矮灌木地,这些灌丛或许看起来没有热带雨林那么壮观,但在相同面积下,它们所包含的物种数是一样的。Which doesnt necessarily mean that the rainforests and shrublands are easy places for plants to live.In fact,both ecosystems owe their enormous diversity,in part.to the fact that their soils have critically low supplies of nitrogen and especially phosphorus,nutrients plants need in order to grow.这并不意味着热带雨林和灌丛是适宜植物生长的地方。事实上,这两个系统都不该拥有这么多物种,它们的土壤中极度缺氮和缺磷,这是植物生长所需的营养盐。The plant worlds leading biodiversity hotspots are,quite literally,dirt poor.Logically,it seems like richer soils should support more species.But in nature,as in human society,plenty of resources doesnt necessarily translate into ;everyone gets plenty.;In meadows,forests,and wetlands around the world,we consistently find more or bigger plants but fewer species where soil nutrients are highest.也就是说,植物界生物多样性富饶区,其实非常贫瘠。按说,土地富饶的地方生物多样性应该更丰富。但是在自然界里,同人类社会一样,“资源丰富”并不意味着“人人富裕”。在全球的草甸,森林和湿地,我们发现均发现更多,或更大的植物,但是土壤肥沃的地方物种多样性更低。The fastest sping species soak up most of the extra nutrients,which lets them keep growing super fast,which lets their roots suck up so much water,and their leaves snatch up so much sunlight,that other,slower species actually get LESS of those resources than otherwise.So in rich soils,slower species die out while the fast-growers win big.传播迅速的物种吸收了大部分的富余养分,这令它们持续疯长,令它们的根部吸收了巨多水,它们夺取了过多的阳光,以至于其他,其他生长缓慢的物种得到的资源变得极少。因此在土壤肥沃的地方,长得快的物种令生长缓慢的物种灭绝。On the other hand,poor soils dont provide enough nutrient capital for fast growing plants to build their massive infrastructures and take all the resources.So poor soils inhibit the greedy and allow everyone else to scrabble by.We see this pattern in human society also theres a far greater number of businesses-mostly small-in poor countries,while fewer bigger companies dominate in rich countries.另一方面,贫瘠的土壤无法为快速生长的植物提供足够的营养盐,因为它们无法建立巨大的地下根系夺取资源。因此贫瘠的土地扼杀了贪婪,令大家都能挣扎成活。我们在人类社会中也能看到这种现象,贫穷的国家,拥有更多的小企业,而富裕的国家受少数大企业控制。But crummy soil isnt the only thing that helps super high diversity blossom:for example,beaches,mountaintops,and other places frequently ravaged by harsh weather or catastrophic events have poor soils and few plant species.但是,贫瘠的土壤并不是催生丰富多样性的唯一因素,例如海洋,山顶和其他那些,频繁被污水或灾变事件破坏的地方,土地贫瘠,物种也很少。The other major prerequisite for hyper diversity is time.On most of the planet,glaciers regularly bulldoze away ecosystems and grind up mineral-rich rock,creating new soil perfect for growth but not diversity.However,our high-diversity rainforests and shrublands have spent millions of years beyond the reach of the ice sheets,leaving their residents plenty of undisturbed time to evolve a wide variety of ingenious strategies for surviving nutrient poverty strategies that have allowed for the development of tall,diverse,rainforests in wet poor soils and scrubby,diverse,shrublands in dry poor soils.另一个丰富物种多样性的条件是时间。地球上大多数地方,冰川会定期清理生态系统并且磨碎含矿物的岩石,形成新的适宜生长的土壤,但对多样性无益。然而,我们多样性丰富的热带雨林和灌木地,在冰川触及不到的地方花了数百万年,为它们的居民提供了漫长的安逸时间,让它们进化出了各种在贫瘠土地上生存的巧妙策略,这些策略令,潮湿贫瘠的雨林里长出各种各样高大的树木,干燥贫瘠的灌木地长出各种各样矮小的树丛。The human landscape also seems to follow a similar pattern,with the highest cultural and linguistic diversity as well as the greatest number of businesses in climatically stable places.where humans have been the longest and where economic resources are scarce.人类社会似乎也有着相似的模式,在气候稳定的地方,文化深厚,语言多样化,同时商业种类也很繁多,这些地方人类居住史很漫长并且经济资源匮乏。So in some ways,the poorest places on earth are actually (also)the richest.因此从某种意义来说,世界上最贫穷的地方实际上也是最富裕的地方。201508/390933

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