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The supervisor at my work asked me the other day to help out one of the new employees. She needs some basic orientation on how to login to our network. So I made an appointment with her to come to my cubicle a little training session.Jeff: Hi, Lucy, how are you settling in? Lucy: Just fine thanks. I appreciate you taking the time to help me out with this software. May I ask you what we will be covering today?Jeff: Sure. Bee I do that, could you tell me if you've worked with this program bee? That will help me figure out how to proceed .Lucy: I've done a little work with it, but not much. Jeff: Well, it's a good idea to have the manual y, since it can get a bit hairy. You should start by logging in with your username and password.Lucy: How do I do that? Jeff: You can just click on the button in the corner. Be sure to enter the password you created. You can write it down until you memorize it, but you might want to keep it in a safe place. Lucy: Okay. Then what?Jeff: Well, then just select the network you want to work with, and you're all set.Lucy: Great, thanks your help, Jeff. May I trouble you to show me how to print reports out from the program?Jeff: Sure. I'll do what I can to help.Script by Dr. Jeff McQuillan 01She took the fountain pen, ink and air mail notepaper and began to write. 拿出钢笔、墨水和信纸开始写信When she had finished, she the letter aloud to the woman.写完后为她大声读出来How did you know that was exactly what I wanted to say?这正是我想说的话,您是怎么知道的呢?I often sit and look at my boys letters, just like you, without a clue about what to write.我也和你一样,常常坐在那里看儿子的来信,完全不知道写什么好 A few days later the woman returned with a friend, then another one and yet another one--they all had sons who fought in the war, and they all needed letters. 几天后,女人回来,带来一个朋友,后来又来一个,再一个……他们都有儿子在战场上奋战,都需要写信Mum had become the correspondent in our part of town. Sometimes she would write letters all day long.妈妈变成了我们城镇的通讯员,有时她一整天都在写回信Mum always insisted that people signed their own letters, and the small woman with the grey hair asked mum to teach her how to do it. 母亲常常坚持让大家签上自己的名字一位头发灰白的女人要母亲教她怎么签名I so much want to be able to write my own name so that my son can see it. 我真想亲手写下自己的名字,好让儿子可以看到 Then mum held the woman hand in hers and moved her hand over the paper again and again until she was able to do it without her help.于是母亲手把手地教她在纸上一遍一遍书写,直到她自己可以签名After that day, when mum had written a letter the woman, she signed it herself, and her face brightened up in a smile.第二天,母亲帮那个女人写好信,由她亲自签名,女人的面容在微笑中变得灿烂了One day she came to us, and mum instantly knew what had happened. All hope had disappeared from her eyes. 有一天她来我家,眼里全无希望的光芒,母亲立刻明白了They stood hand in hand a long time without saying a word. 两人握着手,久久无语Then mum said We better go to church. 后来母亲说: 我们去教堂吧There are certain things in life so great that we cannot comprehend them. 生命中有些事情太深奥,我们无法理解When mum came back home, she couldnt get the red-haired boy out of her mind.母亲回家后,一直记着那个红头发的小男孩After the war was over, mum put away the pen and paper. 战争结束后,母亲收起纸笔,Finito, she said. But she was wrong.都结束了 可是她错了The women who had come to her help in writing to their sons now came to her with letters from their relatives in Italy. 那个曾让母亲帮忙给儿子写信的女人又来了,带着意大利亲人的来信They also came to ask her her help in getting American citizenship.他们还让母亲帮忙帮他们的亲属申请入籍On one occasion mum admitted that she had always had a secret dream of writing a novel. 一次母亲承认她心里一直有一个愿望,就是要写一本小说Why didnt you? I asked. All people in this world are here with one particular purpose, she said.为什么不写呢?我问母亲试着解释她为何如此沉迷写信, 每个人来到这个世界都有一个目的 Apparently, mine is to write letters. She tried to explain why it absorbed her so.显然,我就是来写信的A letter es people like nothing else. It can make them cry, it can make them laugh.信无可替代地把人与人连在一起,让人笑,让人哭There is no caress more lovely and warm than a love letter, because it makes the world seem very small, and both sender and receiver become like kings in their own kingdoms. 一封情书比任何爱抚更令人觉得亲爱和温暖,因为它让世界变小,写信人和收信人都成为自己世界里的国王My dear, a letter is life itself!亲爱的,信就是生命本身! Today all mum letters are lost. 今天,母亲所有的信已经遗失But those who got them still talk about her and cherish the memory of her letters in their hearts.但是那些收到信的人仍在谈论她,并把有关信的记忆珍藏在心 787啃嚼语段The old gentleman was not the only one who started shouting.喊叫起来的人不止老先生一个The Dodger and Charley Bates, not wanting to attract attention to themselves by running down the street, had stopped round the first corner.神偷和查理·贝茨为了不一直顺着马路跑下去而引起别人的注意,已停在了第一个拐角处When They realized what was happening, they also shouted; Stop thief! ;and joined in the chase like good citizens.当他们认识到发生了什么事时,也掺和在人群里,像好公民一样喊着:“抓贼!”并参加了追逐The cry of ;Stop thief! ;always causes great excitement.“抓贼!”这喊声往往能引起极大的骚动Everybody in the street stopped what they were doing and began to shout themselves.街上的每一个人都停下正在做的事,跟着喊Many joined in the chase with enthusiasm and soon there was a big crowd running after Oliver.许多人以极大的热情加入了追逐的人群很快就有一大帮人在追赶奥利弗语段精讲1. The old gentleman was not the only one who started shouting.语法点拨1:who started shouting是限定性定语从句修饰先行词one先行词是不定代词,指代“喊抓贼的人”,在定语从句中充当主语,而且前面有the only修饰,那么关系代词只能用who,不能用that语法点拨:start在这里是做及物动词用,后面接动词的话,要接动名词形式,start doing something,表示从不做事的情况下开始做一件事情Start也可以做不及物动词用,后面跟动词不定式,即:start to do something,这个表示做着一件事情的,而停止下来开始做另外一件事情. The Dodger and Charley Bates, not wanting to attract attention to themselves by running down the street, had stopped round the first corner.语法点拨:not wanting to attract attention to themselves by running down the street是否定结构的现在分词短语做原因状语,可以改为原因状语从句:because they did not want to attract attention to themselves by running down the street这个现在分词中的介词短语by running down the street是做方式状语写作语库:attract attention to oneself:引起别人对自己的注意 run down:沿着......跑 round the corner:在拐角处3. The cry of ;Stop thief! ;always causes great excitement.写作语库:cause great excitement:引起极大的骚动词汇精讲:excitement在这里是做不及物动词用,意思是“刺激,兴奋,激动”例如:The news caused great excitement. 这消息令人极为兴奋He is jumping about in excitement at the discovery. 他因这一发现而兴奋得手舞足蹈. Many joined in the chase with enthusiasm and soon there was a big crowd running after Oliver.写作语库:join in the chase:加入追逐(的队伍) with enthusiasm:热情地 a big crowd:一大群人,很多群众加分短语:with enthusiasm:热情地 e.g He introduced his brother to me with enthusiasm. 他热心地把他弟弟介绍给我们His speech fired the crowd with enthusiasm the new plan. 他的演讲激起了大众对新计划的热情 语法点拨:在there be句型中,主语后面跟有动词的话,要使用现在分词形式这个句式是:there+系动词+主语+动词的现在分词句中running after Oliver,是现在分词作主语的补足语 3

本文作者莫拉维·贾拉鲁丁·鲁米是人类伟大的精神导师、历史上最伟大的天才诗人之一他的代表作品至今已被公认为世界文学中的珍贵瑰宝他的诗语被谱写成乐曲风行世界The gift of love爱的献诗My heart is burning with love我的心燃烧着爱All can see this flame所有人都能看到这火焰My heart is pulsing with passion.我的心脉动着like waves on an ocean如大海中的波浪My friends have become strangers我的朋友们变成陌路And Im surrounded by enemies我被仇敌所包围But Im free as the wind但我如风般自由No longer hurt by those who approach me不再被逼近我的人所伤害Im at home, wherever I am我安适如归家,无论我在哪And in the room of lovers在有情人的房间里I can see with closed eyes the beauty that dances.我闭着眼睛也能看见那舞动的美丽Behind the veils intoxicated with love.在浸透着爱的面纱后面I too dance the rhythm of this moving world.我亦随着这流动世界的节奏起舞I have lost my senses in this world of lovers.在这有情人的世界里我丧失了所有感官In my hallucination I saw my beloved flower garden在我的幻觉里我看到了爱人的花园In my vertigo, in my dizziness在我的晕眩,在我的眼花缭乱里In my drunken haze在我的醉眼朦胧中Whirling and dancing like a spinning wheel如纺车般旋转、舞蹈I saw myself as the source of existence我看到自己就是存有的源头I was there in the beginning在一切开始时我就在那And I was the spirit of love我是爱的精灵Now I am sober现在我清醒了There is only the hangover只剩下宿醉的不适An the memory of love和爱的记忆And Only the sorrow之剩下悲伤I yearn happiness我渴望幸福I ask help我请求帮助I want mercy我想要同情And my love says我的爱人说:Look at me and hear me看着我,听我说Because I am here因为我就在这Just that只为你I am your moon and your moonlight too我是你的月亮也是你的月光I am your flower garden and your water too我是你的花园也是你的水I have come all this way, eager you我长途跋涉,渴望到达你Without shoes or shawl鞋子和披肩都没穿戴I want you to love我想你大笑To kill all your worries消灭你所有的忧愁To love you To nourish you爱你滋养你Oh sweet bitterness哦甜美的苦痛I will smooth you and heal you我会爱抚你,治愈你I will bring you roses我会给你玫瑰I,too, have been covered with thorns我一样也曾经被尖刺覆盖更多美文内容,请关注微信公众号:pansvoice本专辑原创朗读版权归潘之声所有 93

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