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1. Embellished Headband缀饰发带Anna Sui Style 安娜苏styleChannel 1970s glam, and spice up even the simplest party dress by parting pin-straight hair down the middle and wearing a shimmery, lacy headband to a festive event在参加节日活动时,采用1970年代的独特风情,垂发至腰间,通过佩戴发光的蕾丝发带为即使最简单朴素的礼裙增添无限魅力。 /201312/268637A new study surprised researchers, finding that for adolescent girls, romantic relationship problems can have serious, negative implications for their mental health.据心理学网站psychcentral报道,一项新的研究震惊了研究者。研究发现对青春期的少女来说,感情问题对她们的精神健康会产生严重的负面影响。“I found that girls’ risk of severe depression, thoughts of suicide, and suicide attempt increase the more their relationships diverge from what they imagined,” said the study’s author Brian Soller, Ph.D., an assistant professor of sociology at the University of New Mexico.“我发现,女孩有严重抑郁症的风险,自杀的想法和企图在增加,因为更多的关系偏离她们的想象。”该研究的作者布瑞恩·索勒士说。他是新墨西哥大学的社会学助理教授。“Conversely, I found no evidence that romantic relationship inauthenticity —which captures the extent to which relationships unfold in ways that are inconsistent with how adolescents think or feel they should —contributes to poor mental health among boys.”“相反,我发现没有据表明恋爱关系的真实性——抓住了何种程度的关系的展现方式是与青少年的想法或感觉不一致的——这有助于心理健康状况不佳的男孩。”Soller used data from more than 5,300 high school students from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. From this data set he examined the mental health consequences of mismatches between adolescents’ ideal and actual relationships.索勒的研究资料来自国家青少年健康的纵向研究的5300多所高中的学生。从这个数据中,他检查了青少年的理想和现实之间关系的不匹配的心理健康的影响。The study appears in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior.这项研究发表在《健康与社会行为》杂志上。Soller measured relationship inauthenticity by comparing how adolescents described their ideal relationship in an initial interview with how their first relationship after the interview actually played out.索勒通过把青少年在最初的面试中怎样描述他们的理想关系与面试结束后他们的第一次恋爱是怎样作对比,来测量关系的不真实性。“In the initial interview, researchers provided adolescents with a number of cards describing events that often occur within relationships, including everything from hand-holding and kissing to sex,” Soller said.“在最初的测试中,研究者们提供青少年许多带有描述经常会出现在恋爱中的事情的卡片,这是事情小到牵手大到接吻”,索勒说。Respondents kept cards describing events they would engage in within an ideal relationship, and then indicated the order in which the events would occur.Roughly a year later, the respondents repeated the exercise, only this time they indicated which events took place within their relationship, and then provided the order in which the events transpired.被研究者保留那些带有他们理想恋爱关系中想要拥有事情的卡片,这会预示事件出现的顺序。During both interviews, researchers asked participants about their mental health.在面试中,研究者询问被研究者的精神健康问题。As for why relationship inauthenticity increased the risk of mental health problems for girls, but not for boys, Soller said, “Romantic relationships are particularly important components of girls’ identities and are, therefore, strongly related to how they feel about themselves —good or bad.对于为什么恋爱关系的不真实性增加了女孩产生精神问题的风险,而对男孩却没有影响。索勒说“恋爱关系是女孩特性的特别重要的组成,因此,与她们对自己感觉如何有很重要的关联——好或者不好”。“As a result, relationships that diverge from what girls envision for themselves are especially damaging to their emotional well-being.”“因此,那种偏离她们渴望的恋爱关系尤其损害她们的精神健康”。On the other hand, Soller said relationships are not as important to boys’ identities.另一方面,索勒说,恋爱对男孩来说没有那么重要。“Boys may be more likely to build their identities around sports or other extracurricular activities, so this could be why they are not affected by relationship inauthenticity,” he said.“男孩更加有可能发展他们在运动或者其他业余活动上的特性,所以这可能是为什么他们不被恋爱的不真实性影响的原因”他说。In terms of the study’s policy implications, Soller said parents, educators, and policymakers should think about how to help girls construct identities that are less closely tied to romantic involvement.按照研究策略表示,索勒说父母,教育工作者,政策制定者应该考虑如何帮助女孩构建与恋爱无关或与恋爱少有关联的特性。“Helping girls build their identities around things other than romantic relationships may mitigate the effects of relationship inauthenticity on their mental health,” he said.“帮助女孩发展她们在其他事情上的兴趣而不是恋爱可以缓和恋爱的不真实性对她们精神健康的影响”,他说。Soller also suggested that creating programs and interventions aimed at providing adolescents with tools to help them better control how the events in their relationships play out may lead to romances that enhance adolescent mental health and other developmental outcomes.索勒建议创建程序和干预措施,旨在为青少年提供工具,帮助他们更好地控制她们关系的进展可能会促进青少年的心理健康和其他成长成果。 /201404/292952Smoke detectors are a forgotten necessity in our homes. I only think about the detectors in my house about once a year—when the batteries are depleted enough to trigger a piercing chirp that startles me in the middle of the night. Beeepp! Beeepp! Beeepp!烟雾探测器是一个经常被我们遗忘的家庭必用品。我大概一年只有一次才会想到家里还有这么个东西——也就是当电池电力不足开始报警的时候,那刺耳的“滴滴”声会在半夜将我惊醒。You know the drill. Step one: Stumble out of bed and wonder if there’s a real fire. Step two: Knowing there isn’t one, lumber from room to room as the beep taunts and dares you to figure out which one it’s actually coming from. Step three: Locate the room, flip the plastic door open and rip out the detector’s battery (with, let’s be honest, a degree of spite). Step four: Find a replacement battery and put it in. Step five: Collapse in bed.你知道这声音有多刺耳。第一步:我会踉踉跄跄地从床上爬下来,看看是不是真的着火了。第二步:发现并没有着火,在“滴滴”声中挨个房间寻找,看看究竟是哪一个烟雾探测器报的警。第三步:找到那个房间,打开烟雾探测器的塑料壳,把电池抠出来(说实话,心里非常不爽)。第四步:找到一个新电池装上。第五步:一头扎到床上继续睡。Ah, technology.唉,高科技。That well-worn homeowner tradition may soon come to an end. You may not have noticed but household appliances are slowly gaining the ability to connect to the Internet. With that capability, it was only a matter of time before a company developed a “smart” smoke and carbon monoxide detector.在千家万户中不时发生的这一幕,可能很快就会终结。或许你没有意识到,如今的家用电器正在慢慢地具备联接互联网的功能。有了这种能力,某家企业开发出一款烟雾和一氧化碳“智能”探测器,只是时间问题。That company, of course, is Nest Labs. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based company made headlines when it released its slick Learning Thermostat in 2011, and gained enough buzz to convince Google to acquire it earlier this year. In October, Nest released its second product, the Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector, but a software glitch forced the company to pull the 9 device from store shelves.这家公司当然是Nest Labs。2011年,这家总部位于加州帕洛阿尔托市的公司推出了一款精巧的学习型恒温器(Learning Thermostat),引起媒体广泛关注。今年年初,这家公司被谷歌(google)收购。去年10月,Nest Labs推出第二款产品,即Protect烟雾和一氧化碳探测器,但一个软件故障迫使该公司召回了这款售价129美元的设备。The Protect returned to stores in late June with updated software and a price tag. Is it still worth the dough? Maybe.今年6月末,Protect探测器携升级后的软件重新上市,价格也下调至99美元。它是否依然值得购买?也许吧。The Protect gains its powers by connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi network. (It can also work in tandem with a Nest thermostat, should you have one installed in your home. More on this in a minute.) The Protect is capable of sending alerts to your smartphone when it detects an issue. With a combination of lights, audible alarms, and voice commands, the primary goal of the Protect is to do as its name implies—protect you by alerting you of present danger.Protect可以联入家庭的Wi-Fi网络。(它也可以与Nest恒温器进行协作,前提是如果你家里也安装了Nest恒温器,关于这一点稍后再谈。)如果Protect探测到问题,它会向你的智能手机发送警报。另外它也能通过光、声、语音等警报模式向你报警。总之,Protect的目标正如它的品牌名称所示——保护你免受危险的侵袭。Like its thermostat sibling, the Protect is designed with clean lines. With a rounded square shape and a floral hole pattern, it doesn’t really look like a conventional smoke detector—more of a wireless speaker, really. In the center of the unit’s face is a large circular button, surrounded by a light ring. The button can be used to test the device or hush an alarm. The light ring plays an important role in the alert process, using several colors to alert those in sight of impending or immediate danger. The ring also lights up green each night, as you turn off nearby lights, to let you know the unit is functioning properly.像该公司的恒温器一样,Protect的设计也是简约风格。它采用了方型圆角造型和网眼式开孔,看上去不像传统的烟雾探测器,倒像是一台无线音箱。其表面中心处有一个圆形按钮,旁边是一圈会发光的圆环。这个按钮可以用来对设备进行测试,或者关闭警报。按钮旁边的光环在报警过程中扮演了重要的角色,它可以发出好几种颜色的光,警告人们即将或正在出现的危险。每到夜晚熄灯时,这个光环就会自动变成绿色,让你知道这个设备运行正常。It takes a smartphone or tablet running Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android, a Wi-Fi network, the Nest companion app, and a few minutes of time to set up the Protect. A combination of voice commands and illustrations—some from the app, some from the device itself—guide you through the process. At one point, the app prompts you to scan a QR code on the back of the unit using your smartphone’s camera to identify each device. Of the two I tested, only one worked with my iPhone, but thankfully the app allows for manual entry of the unit’s unique key.要安装这款烟雾探测器的话,你需要一台运行iOS或安卓系统的手机或平板设备、一个Wi-Fi网络、Nest的配套应用程序,以及几分钟的时间。届时会有声音和画面来指导你完成整个安装过程——其中一部分来自移动应用,另一部分来自设备本身。安装到其中一个环节时,这款应用还会让你用手机扫描设备背面的二维码来对设备进行确认。我测试了两台Protect,但我的iPhone只扫出了其中一台的二维码,好在另一台也可以通过手工输入产品验码来验。After that, the app instructs you to connect your smartphone to a small wireless network emitted from the Protect, after which the app will request the credentials for your home Wi-Fi network to connect the Protect to the Internet. You must repeat this process for each Protect you install.随后,这款应用会指导你把手机联入Protect发出的一个小型无线网络。接下来,它会要求获得你的家用Wi-Fi网络的授权,以便让Protect连接到互联网。每安装一台Protect,你都得重复一遍这个流程。Only after each Protect is wired up digitally can you actually install the unit in your wall or ceiling. The duration and difficulty of this process depends on the type of electrical connection in your home. I live in an older home that lacks a hard-wired network for smoke alarms, so I made sure to purchase the battery powered version of the Protect. (The hard-wired version costs the same.) It took a few minutes to mount the bracket and unit.只有在Protect连接到你的无线网络后,你才能把它真正地安装到墙上或天花板上。这个过程持续时间和难易程度取决于你家的电路。我住在一套没有安装烟雾探测器电路的老房子里,所以我买了一套电池版本的Protect(跟电线提供电力的Protect价格是一样的)。花了几分钟时间才把架和设备装好。When it first begins detecting smoke, the Protect is supposed to give early warning to danger with a combination of a pulsing yellow light and a verbal command. On the two occasions I managed to accidentally set off the alarm—I’m a really good cook, I swear—the Protect skipped the warning alert and went headlong into emergency mode. The two units in my house began talking—”Emergency, there’s smoke in the kitchen!”—their light rings lit up bright red, a familiar fire alarm sound echoed throughout the house, and my iPhone received alerts from the Nest app. I was able to quickly hush the alarm by pressing the center button, but was surprised when the Protect alerted me 10 minutes later, once the smoke had cleared from the room.当Protect首先探测到烟雾时,按理说它会通过闪烁的黄光和语音口令来进行早期预警。但是有两次我意外地触发了警报(我真的是一位不错的厨师,我发誓),但是Protect省略了报警程序,直接启用紧急模式。家里的两台Protect开始说话了:“情况紧急,厨房里有烟雾!”它们的光环开始发出红光,像火灾警报一样的警笛声在房子里回响,我的iPhone也收到Nest应用发来的报警。我马上按下Protect的按钮停止了警报。不过,10分钟后,虽然房间里的烟雾已经散尽了,但Protect再次发出警报声。In a situation where there might be a fire, it’s smart to be overly cautious. But one of the selling points Nest uses for the Protect is its ability to provide early warnings. In my testing, I never received one.在可能发生火警的情况下,过度小心也不为过。但是Nest公司称,Protect的卖点之一就是它的早期预警能力。但是在我实测过程中,我从来没有收到过早期预警。Aside from its primary purpose, the Protect also moonlights as a nightlight. Using its built-in motion detectors, the light ring will turn white when it senses nearby movement in a dark room. In conjunction with a Nest thermostat, those sensors help optimize heating or cooling when you’re not home—though it’s not foolproof, and a thermostat positioned in a low-traffic area like a hallway might enter auto-away mode even when you’re home. At any rate, motion detection is a very subtle feature that helps round out the overall Protect experience.除了具备探测烟雾功能,Protect还可以作为夜灯使用,在夜里发出柔光。在一个黑暗的房间里,如果它利用内置的运动探测功能,探测到附近有人运动,其光环就会变成白色。如果与Nest的恒温器协作使用,那么当你不在家的时候,这些传感器可以自动优化暖气和冷气——不过它不能保完全。比如,恒温器如果安装在走廊这种你不经常经过的地方,哪怕你在家,传感器可能自动进入外出模式。但不管怎样,运动探测毕竟是一个非常细腻的功能,还是丰富了Protect的整体使用体验。It’s also the sole reason my wife and I elected to purchase a Protect. We recently moved into a fairly large house, and the added detector improves the performance of our existing Nest thermostat, which is mounted in—you guessed it—the hallway. The ability of the mobile app to alert me to trouble wherever I am was icing on the cake.这也是为什么我和妻子都同意购买一台Protect的原因。我们最近搬到了一幢非常大的房子里,这台新买的Protect也改善了我们已有的Nest恒温器的性能。而那台恒温器正是安装在走廊里。另外不论我身在何处,家里一旦有了火灾隐患,Nest就会随时通过移动APP通知我,这种能力也的确算是锦上添花。Even at , the price for Protect is steep, and one that is prohibitive for most people interested in its primary function. (A run-of-the-mill combo device will run you about at Lowe’s.) If you’re a Nest Learning Thermostat owner, the equation is a little less lop-sided. Still, after using the Protect for three months, I appreciate the additional features it incorporates. The night light, green OK light, voice commands, and mobile alerts are all capabilities you never think you’d want in a smoke detector, but they do a great job helping a home feel safer. Not a bad feature of a piece of tech you hope to never have to use.即使Protect的价格已经下降到99美元,它还是太贵了,尤其是让那些只关心防火功能的人望而却步。(家居建材卖场Lowe’s卖的一款普通的烟雾探测器只有25美元。)如果你已经有了一台Nest的学习型恒温器,也许你就不会觉得这个价格过分离谱。不过,在试用了Protect三个月后,我还是挺喜欢那些附加功能。它的夜灯、绿色的OK灯、语音控制功能、移动报警功能,都是以前你不会想到会出现在烟雾探测器上的功能,但是它们的确会让你觉得家里变得更安全了。对于一种你永远不希望它真的派上用场的设备来说,这些都是不错的功能。 /201408/323614She#39;s been complaining on Twitter about suffering from a cold and Lady Gaga was taking no chances as she braved the chill in New York on Wednesday.雷人教母Lady Gaga 日前在她的推特上抱怨自己饱受感冒的折磨,为了御寒,Lady Gaga全副武装走上纽约街头。看来她有了这整套装备,就再也不怕寒冷了。The mother monster - who will turn 28 in two days - wore a thick oversized polo neck sweater as she emerged from her apartment and black trousers with boots.2天后将迎来28岁生日的 Lady Gaga 走出纽约公寓时,身着一件超大号黑色高领厚毛衣,黑色宽松裤子和黑色亮面尖头皮靴。While it#39;s not surprising she chose a pair of gloves, Gaga#39;s huge green furry mitts were typically of the star#39;s eccentric style and ensured she stood out from the crowd while staying warm.当天她还带了一双绿色怪兽长毛手套,整套搭配在人群中是很抢眼。这看上去的确有点古怪,但是这副手套看上去就很保暖。While there was no sign of her boyfriend, actor Taylor Kinney, 32, things are going strong between the pair.当天却没看到她的男朋友,32岁的男演员泰勒·金尼。他们正处于如胶似漆的恋爱状态。The Alejandro hitmaker recently admitted she is the submissive one in their relationship, something which surprised those who know the star as a strong female role-model.最近Lady Gaga向外界透露,她在这段关系中是顺从的一方,这着实让很多认为Gaga在恋爱关系中会是强势女强人的人大跌眼镜。#39;He is totally in charge. I mean when I am home I am like, shoes are off, I#39;m making him dinner,#39; she told. #39;He has a job too and he is really busy!#39;“完全就是他做主。我是说回到家里,我一般脱掉鞋子为他做晚饭。他今天也有工作而且非常忙。”(Gaga近期在Sirius XM晨间秀中分享了她和男友泰勒之间的趣事。)Gaga continued: #39;I#39;m in charge all day long. The last thing I wanna do is tell him what to do.Gaga 还补充道:“我整天都很忙,我最不想做的事就是告诉他他该怎么做。”Recently, Akon claimed his record label cut ties with Gaga because her career is on the decline.最近,爱情得意的Lady Gaga事业却起色不大。阿肯声称他的唱片公司已经减少了与Lady Gaga有关的活动,因为她的事业已经开始走下坡路了。 /201404/287442

A model has gone from cleaner to the catwalk after an international agency took a shine to her looks.有一位女清洁工的长相被国际模特公司看中了,于是她摇身一变成为一名美丽的模特。Aleksandra Naranowicz, 27, struggled to find work after moving to England from Poland despite an impressive CV and a masters degree.亚历山德拉今年27岁,虽然她硕士毕业、简历令人印象深刻,但当初她从波兰来到英国找工作却屡屡碰壁。She made ends meet with a modest #163;250-a-week job as a cleaner - but her luck changed when one of her clients referred her to a London modelling agent.终于她找到了一份清洁工作,凭着每星期250英镑的微薄收入勉强维持生活。但是在客户把她推荐到一家伦敦模特公司之后,她的命运彻底改变了。They told Aleksandra she had the figure and looks of a model and the six-foot cleaner soon left her mop and behind.他们告诉亚历山德拉,她拥有模特潜质的身材和长相。于是这位身高6英尺(约1.82米)的清洁工很快就丢掉拖把奔赴新的前程。She has aly starred in a string of adverts and catwalk shows and is earning up to #163;2,000 a shoot.她已经成为一系列广告和走秀新星,出场费达2000英镑。Aleksandra said: #39;People said I had a pretty face and that I’d be good as a model. This gave me the confidence to meet modelling agencies in London.亚历山德拉说:“人们说我拥有美丽的脸庞,所以我一定会是个好模特的。这些话给了我面试伦敦模特公司的信心。”Aleksandra left Poland with a Masters degree in Pedagogy - the science and art of education - and moved to Bristol.亚历山德拉在波兰拿到了教育学的硕士学位,研读教育科学和艺术的她毕业后来到了英国布里斯托尔市。She took a job with local cleaning firm Mopp and one of her clients, a retired media mogul, told her ‘with bone structure like that you should be on a catwalk not cleaning my kitchen floor’.她在当地保洁公司Mopp找到了一份保洁工作。她的一位客户是退休的媒体大亨,这位客户告诉她“你骨子里就是当模特的,而不应该在这儿给我擦厨房地板。”She spent the next few months working as a cleaner to save the money to go to castings in London and was signed up by PRM, a leading model management company.在接下来的几个月中,她努力做清洁工的工作以攒钱参加伦敦的模特选拔。接着她就与一家一流的模特管理公司签约了。She now works as a full-time model and has done countless shoots, specialising in hair magazines and adverts.她现在是全职模特,并且已经担任了无数场模特、尤擅长出任美发杂志和广告大片中的模特。Mopp founder Pete Dowds said: #39;We’re delighted to have been a part of helping Aleksandra with her career.Mopp公司创始人皮特说道:“我们很高兴能在亚历山德拉的职场飞跃中助她一臂之力。”#39;She was a brilliant addition to Mopp’s Bristol cleaning team so we’re sorry to lose her but no doubt she’ll ;clean up; in the fashion world in no time.#39;“她是Mopp公司在布里斯托尔市的杰出员工,很遗憾我们失去了这个人才。但是毫无疑问,她将很快在时尚界大放异。” /201406/307095

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