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重庆第九医院价格表重庆星辰美容有做整形美容吗The Bronze Chariots and Horses of Emperor Qin Shihuang#39;s Mausoleum秦始皇陵铜车马In December 1980,two sets of large painted bronze chariots and horses were unearthed 20 meters west of the mount of Emperor Qin Shihuang#39;s Mausoleum. They were listed as No. 1 and No. 2 respectively according to their discovery. They were then enclosed in a wooden coffin and buried in a pit seven meters deep. When excavated, the chariots and horses were seriously damaged due to the decayed wooden coffin and the collapse of earthen layers. No. 2 bronze chariot and horses were found broken int0 1,555 pieces when excavated .After two and a half years of careful and painstaking restoration by archaeologists and other experts, they were formally open to the public on October l, 1983. No. 1 bronze chariot and horses were also open to the public in 1988. The bronze chariots drawn by four horses, with a single shaft, were placed one before the other vertically. The front chariot, i. e. No. 1 Chariot, was supposed to be ; High Chariot; in the ancient time. The back chariot, i. e. No. 2 Chariot, was named ;Security Chariot;. It has a front room and a rear room, between which there is a partition. The front room is for the charioteer and the rear one for the master. In the rear compartment, there is a window on either side of the carriage as well as in the front with a door at the back. The windows and doors could close and open easily. The small holes on the windows were used for ventilation. On top of the chariot, there was an elliptical umbrella-like canopy. The chariot was colour-painted against a white background. No. 2 Chariot was fitted with more than l,500 pieces of silver and gold and other ornaments, looking luxurious, splendid and graceful. Probably it was used for Emperor Qin Shihuang#39;s soul to go out on inspection. No.1 Chariot was equipped with crossbows, arrow heads, shields and the charioteer wore a hat, which shows that this chariot was employed to protect the No. 2 Chariot be- hind. The bronze chariots and horses were the earliest and most exquisitely made bronze valuables. They enjoy the highest class and have the most complete harnessing wares. They are also the largest bronze ware discovered in the history of world archaeology. The excavation of the bronze chariots and horses provides extremely valuable material and data for the textual research of the metallurgical technique, mechanism of chariots and technological modeling of the Qin Dynasty.1980年12月在秦始皇陵西侧20米处,发掘出土了两乘大型绘铜车马,按照发现的顺序,被编为一号和二号铜车马。当时皆被埋在7米深的坑里,外面用一个木椁装着。出土时,因木椁腐朽,土层塌陷,两辆铜车马都残破严重,其中二号铜车马已碎成1555片,经过考古工作者和各方面专家两年半细心艰苦的修复,二号铜车马于1983年10月1日正式对外展出,一号铜车马也于1988年正式展出。这两乘车都是四马单辕,呈前后纵向排列,前面的一号车应为古代的“高车”。二号车叫“安车”,分为前御室和后乘室。两室之间隔以车墙。赶车的人坐在前御室,主人坐在后乘室。乘室前面及左右两侧有三个车窗,后面留门,门窗都可以灵活启闭,窗上的小孔可以调节空气。车上有椭圆形伞状车盖。此车通体施以白色为底色的绘,二号车配有1500余件金银构件和饰物,显得华丽富贵?它可能是供秦始皇出游时乘坐的。一号车上配备有弓弩、箭头、盾牌,驾车者带有官帽,这说明此车是用来保护后面二号车的安全的。铜车马是我国时代最早,驾具最全,级别最高,制作最精的青铜器珍品,也是世界考古发现的最大青铜器。它的出土,为考秦代冶金技术、车辆结构、工艺造型等提供了极为珍贵的实物资料。 /201601/419347重庆市星宸整形报价 Typing English on the tiny touch screen of a smartwatch is challenging enough, let alone Chinese characters. However, a small Belgian company is confident that they have come up with an ideal solution that would make smartwatch users in China happy.在智能手表上的微小屏幕上输入英文就已经具有足够的挑战性了,更不用说汉字。然而,一家小的比利时公司相信,他们想出了一个理想的解决方案,将能迎合中国的智能手表用户,让他们用的开心。The name of this startup, iBeezi, resembles the sound of ;yibiyizi; or ;one stroke one character; in Chinese, and that is exactly the concept of the new Chinese input method it developed.这家公司,名称ibeezi,类似汉语的发音“yibiyizi”或“一笔一字”,它恰好就是研发这种新的中文输入法。On its interface, the iBeezi input allows users to type even the trickiest character with only one stroke, which makes it perfect for smartwatches and other electronic devices with small touch screens.在它的界面上,ibeezi输入法可以实现用户的汉字输入,即使是非常复杂的汉字也只用输入一笔就能打出。这使得它能完美应用在智能手表和其它小触摸屏的电子设备上。;It#39;s currently the only solution for writing Chinese on a smartwatch,; CEO of iBeezi Alexis Van Gestel told Xinhua. ;When the project started, smartwatches or wearables weren#39;t even considered a serious device category. However, as time evolves we noticed how wearables in general became a global trend.;“这是目前在智能手表上输入汉字的唯一解决方案,” ibeezi公司首席执行官Alexis Van Gestel告诉新华社记者。“在项目初启动时,智能手表或其它可穿戴电子设备甚至不被考虑在设备种类内,然而,随着时间的推移,我们注意到可穿戴电子设备已经成为一个全球性的趋势。”Van Gestel used to work in Hong Kong, and the company managed to raise funding from both Belgium and China for this innovative project. The first incorporation of the input on smartwatches was made successful in August.Van Gestel过去曾在香港工作,公司设法从比利时和中国为这一创新项目筹集资金。首次汉字编入程序已在8月取得成功。So far the iBeezi input method has incorporated over 8,500 characters, according to de Bruyn, and the corpus is still expanding. At the moment, both free versions and paid professional versions of the input app can be downloaded for wearables as well as smartphones and tablets.到目前为止,ibeezi输入法已经编入了超过8500个字符,据德布鲁因讲,数据库仍在扩大。目前,输入APP的免费版本和付费的专业版本都已经可以下载,供智能手表、智能手机和平板电脑使用。 /201512/416809Mobile malware took off in 2011. That is when hackers began serious attacks on mobile phones, says David Emm, principal security researcher, at Kaspersky Lab, a cyber security company.手机恶意软件从2011年开始迅速发展。网络安全公司卡巴斯基实验室(Kaspersky Lab)的资深安全研究员戴维#8226;埃姆(David Emm)称,当时黑客开始大举攻击手机。“At that point, the data became worth stealing, and since then growth has been exponential,” Mr Emm says. He estimates 1m new malicious codes were found on devices in 2015. “The actual number of attacks is much bigger than this because each program tends to be used many times.”“当时,手机数据变得有盗取价值,从那以后手机恶意软件呈指数级增长,”埃姆称。他估计,2015年期间发现了100万个新的手机恶意代码。“实际攻击次数远大于此,因为每个程序往往被多次使用。”Early attacks focused on causing handsets silently to call premium rate numbers. Then hackers diversified into phishing — creating spoof websites that trick people into revealing account numbers and login details.早期的攻击方式都集中在导致手机暗中拨打收费高昂的电话号码。后来黑客们转向网络钓鱼——利用诈骗网站诱导人们透露账户号码和登录资料。Phishing still accounts for the overwhelming number of attacks on mobiles, says Mr Emm, although ransomware — locking data and demanding payment for its release — is also big, accounting for 17 per cent of the total across all platforms, according to Kaspersky’s research.埃姆称,尽管网络钓鱼仍然占据对手机攻击的绝大部分,但是勒索软件(锁定数据,要求付款才解锁)的比例也很大。根据卡巴斯基的研究,勒索软件在囊括所有平台的恶意软件中占17%。Most phone attacks are on handsets that use the Android operating system because of its large market share and flexible, open technology. Apple’s iPhones use proprietary technology which is more difficult to breach.针对手机的多数攻击以搭载Android操作系统的智能手机为目标,原因在于Android巨大的市场份额以及灵活、开放的技术。苹果(Apple) iPhone搭载的系统采用专有技术,攻破难度更大。“Android is like having a room with lots of doors as opposed to a cave with a single entrance,” Mr Emm says. But Apple is not immune.“Android就像是一个有很多门的房间,而不是只有一个入口的山洞,”埃姆称。但是苹果也并非免疫。In 2015, many app developers unwittingly downloaded a malicious version of Xcode — Apple’s official tool for building apps — from a file-sharing website. Among scores of apps infected were WeChat, a messaging app popular in China, and CamCard, a popular business card er in the US.2015年,很多app开发商无意间从文件分享网站下载了恶意版的Xcode(苹果官方制作app的软件工具)。数十款app被感染,其中包括在中国颇受欢迎的即时信息app微信(WeChat)以及美国高人气名片识别软件CamCard。Although Apple vets the apps sold through its app store, the infected programs were not initially detected. They were made available and widely used.尽管苹果对在其应用商店(App Store)上架的app进行审查,但是被感染的软件最初没有被探测到。它们被提供下载,并且被广泛使用。Mobile phone security is challenging because devices are designed to connect in many different ways, says Ben Johnson, chief security strategist at Carbon Black, a security software company. “Whether it is a text message, email, web browsing, Bluetooth or near-field communication (NFC) connectivity, each method of communication is a potential attack route.”安全软件公司Carbon Black的首席安全策略师本#8226;约翰逊(Ben Johnson)称,由于手机可以通过多种方式连接,手机安全具有较大挑战性。“无论是文本短信、电子邮件、浏览网页、蓝牙还是近距离通信技术(NFC),每一种通信方式都可能成为攻击途径。”As human interaction is the main purpose of a mobile device, Mr Johnson adds, there are more chances to trick users. “People are much more likely to click on malicious images or s sent to a mobile phone than to a PC, because it feels more familiar and natural.”约翰逊称,由于人与人之间的交互已经成为移动设备的主要目的,在手机端诱骗用户的机会更多。“与使用电脑相比,人们在手机上点击恶意图片或视频的可能性更高,因为它感觉更熟悉,点起来更顺手。”Phones are also often set to connect automatically and display quick preview images, data or text. “This makes it possible to exploit a system without the recipient opening or ‘clicking’ anything,” Mr Johnson says.此外,手机往往被设置为自动连接以及快速预览图片、信息和短信的模式。“这使得恶意软件可以在接收者不打开或‘点击’的情况下钻系统的空子,”约翰逊称。Defending against the most serious attacks is difficult, says Ian Evans, a vice-president and managing director at VMware Airwatch. “If the main source of the threat is a nation state agency, you’re best to just throw your phone away.”VMware Airwatch的副总裁兼董事总经理伊恩#8226;埃文斯(Ian Evans)称,很难抵挡那些技术含量最高的攻击。“如果主要的威胁源是某个国家机构,你最好把手机扔了。”However, simple steps can help against more common hackers. You should use a passcode or complex PIN on your device to protect it in case of loss or theft, says Mr Evans. “And it is best to avoid connecting to public WiFi networks. If the WiFi is not encrypted, somebody could intercept data including passwords. If you have to do so, make sure you always use a virtual private network to connect to sensitive resources.”然而,一些简单的步骤可以帮助你应付比较普通的黑客。埃文斯称,你应该在设备上使用通行密码或者设置复杂的个人识别码(PIN),以防手机丢失或被盗。“最好避免连接公共WiFi网络。如果WiFi没有加密,别人可以拦截包括密码在内的个人数据。如果你不得不连接公共WiFi,确保自己总是使用虚拟专用网络(VPN)连接敏感资源。”Also, do not “jailbreak” your mobile devices, he says. This is a process whereby users remove operating system restrictions so that they can customise their phone and download apps not normally allowed. “Jailbreaking negates your warranty and exposes you to more potential malware,” says Keiron Shepherd, senior security specialist at F5 Networks, a cyber security company.此外,他称,不要把你的移动设备“越狱”——指用户解除操作系统限制,以便对自己的手机进行定制化设置,并下载通常被禁止的app。“越狱意味着放弃你的保修权利,并使手机暴露于更多的潜在恶意软件,”网络安全公司F5 Networks的高级安全专家吉仑#8226;谢泼德(Keiron Shepherd)称。Phones with hardware-based encryption tend to offer stronger protection than software encryption, says Mr Evans. “The encryption key is stored on a chip, which acts like a safe.” But Android handsets continue to lack dependable hardware-based encryption, Mr Evans says.埃文斯称,硬件加密对手机的保护往往强于软件加密。“加密密钥存储于芯片中,就像保险箱一样。”但据他介绍,Android手机仍然缺少可靠的硬件加密手段。Sometimes phones are compromised during production, as happened in 2014 when a factory-installed “Trojan horse” was found on the Star N9500 Android smartphone, made in China and sold by companies such as Amazon and eBay. It enabled hackers to operate the phone remotely and, being embedded at the factory, could not be removed.有时,手机在生产过程中就已经被植入了恶意软件,就像2014年Star N9500智能手机被发现预装了“特洛伊木马”一样。该款Android手机在中国制造,在亚马逊(Amazon)和eBay等平台出售。黑客可以通过木马远程操控手机,而木马嵌入工厂预装的软件中,无法清除。The next battleground between hackers and phone owners will be biometric data such as thumbprints, iris or voice profile. At present, hackers rarely use biometrics to circumnavigate security because there are many easier paths, says Mr Shepherd. “This is likely to change. The problem is that if your password is discovered you can quickly change it, whereas once biometric data are compromised, that’s it.”黑客与手机用户之间的下一个战场将是生物特征数据,比如拇指纹、虹膜或语音。谢泼德称,目前黑客很少利用生物特征来绕过手机安全屏障,因为还有很多更容易的突破方式。“这种情况很可能会改变。问题是如果你的密码被别人知道了,你可以很快换一个密码,但是一旦生物特征信息被获取,那就完了。” /201603/429325重庆星宸整形私人医院

重庆三峡中心医院百安分院多久了?正规吗Samsung Electronics has replaced the head of its mobile business for the first time in six years, as it seeks to reverse a recent trend of falling smartphone sales.三星电子(Samsung Electronics)六年来头一次更换其移动业务部门主管,试图逆转近期智能手机销量的下跌势头。Shin Jong-Kyun, who fostered the successful Galaxy smartphone series as Samsung’s head of mobile communications from 2009, will hand the mantle to Koh Dong-jin, head of mobile research and development, the company said on Tuesday.作为2009年以来的三星移动通信部门主管,申宗均(Shin Jong-kyun)曾在其任内推出了极为成功的Galaxy系列智能手机。周二,三星表示申宗均将把这一重任交给移动研发部门主管Koh Dong-jin。Mr Shin, 59, will retain his formal position as one of three co-chief executives, to focus on long-term strategy — but he will “step back from day-to-day operations”, Samsung said.三星表示,59岁的申宗均将保留其作为三名联席首席执行官之一的正式职位,以便把主要精力放在长期战略上,不过他将“退出日常运营”。The move follows extensive speculation — beginning in the lead-up to last year’s reshuffle — that Mr Shin would be sidelined in response to setbacks in the mobile division.在三星这一举措前,去年三星的洗牌之前就开始有大量猜测认为,为回应移动部门所遇的挫败,申宗均或将退出该部门。Samsung remains the world’s leading smartphone producer by sales but its handset profits have fallen since the first half of last year, as it lost share to lower-cost Chinese peers at the low end of the market, and a resurgent Apple at the high end.三星依然是全球销量顶尖的智能手机制造商,不过自去年上半年以来,随着其市场份额在低端输给成本较低的中国对手,高端输给再次崛起的苹果(Apple),其手机盈利已经滑落下来。“In the context of Samsung’s culture, somebody has to be held responsible,” said Daniel Kim, an analyst at Macquarie. “I expected him to resign last year, actually, but he stayed another year and the handset division is still not showing any meaningful sign of improvement.”麦格理(Macquarie)分析师丹尼尔金(Daniel Kim)表示:“按照三星的企业文化,必须由某个人承担责任。事实上,我本来预计他去年会辞职,然而他却又呆了一年,手机部门仍未显示出任何改善的明显迹象。”Mr Shin’s retention as co-chief executive seemed a “mark of respect for his contribution in the past”, Mr Kim said, calling his move “one step towards retirement”.丹尼尔金表示,申宗均留任首席执行官似乎是“表示对其过去贡献的尊重”,并称他的这一变动“离退休更近了一步”。The Galaxy series achieved huge market success from 2011 onwards, spearheading Samsung’s rise to become the world’s leading smartphone maker. But as competition intensified last year, the bloated portfolio of products that cost more than those of Asian rivals failed to attract consumers.2011年以来,Galaxy系列智能手机取得了巨大的市场成功,引领三星崛起为全球头号智能手机制造商。然而随着去年竞争加剧,臃肿的产品组合导致成本高于其亚洲对手,不能吸引客户。This year’s Galaxy S6 flagship won enthusiastic reviews but sales undershot targets.今年推出的Galaxy S6旗舰手机赢得了热情洋溢的评价,销量却未能达到目标。 /201512/413506重庆市星宸医学美容医院收费标准 重庆星辰美容营业时间

重庆市星宸医学美容医院的权威医生Discovery of the Daqing Oil Field大庆油田的发现Situated in a large plateau between the Songhua River and Nunjiang River in Heilongjiang Province, the Daqing Oil Field is the largest comprehensive oil production base in China. On September 26, 1959, a commercial oil flow was obtained from well Songji 3 in the Songliao Basin in Heilongjiang Province, marking the discovery of this world-class giant oil field.It was just before the 10th anniversary of the founding of new China. To commemorate the day, Datong Town was renamed Daqing (great celebration), and the whole oil deposit belt was named the Daqing Oil Field. To date it remains the largest oil field in China.位于黑龙江省松嫩平原中部的大庆油田,是中国最大的油区,1959年9月26日16时许,在松嫩平原上一个叫大同的小镇附近,从一座名为“松基三井”的油井里喷射出的黑色油流标志着一个世界级大油田的发现。当时正值国庆10周年之际,为了纪念这一天,将大同改为大庆,整个石油探区被称为“大庆油田”。直到今天,它都是中国最大的油田,也是世界十大油田之一。It was put into operation in May of 1960, soon producing two-thirds of the national total. By 1976, the output of its crude oil reached 50.3 million tons making it one of the 10 largest oil fields in the world. Since then on, it had well maintained an output of crude oil standing at 50 million tons or more. Statistics show that Daqing#39;s proven recoverable reserves exceed 5.3 billion tons, and it has produced crude oil of l.405 billon tons, accounting for 47.2 percent of the national total.1960年5月,大庆油田投入开发建设,原油产量很快占到全国总量的2/3。1976年,大庆油田原油年产量首次突破5000万吨大关,进入世界特大型油田的行列。自那以后,年产原油一直保持在5000万吨以上。累计探明石油地质储量超过53亿吨,现已累计生产原油14.05亿吨,占同期全国陆上石油总产量的47.2%。 /201602/419375 Xiaomi Corp’s 79 yuan () fitness band has propelled the Chinese company to the top rungs of the global wearables market and made it the second-largest player, an industry report said on Thursday。上周四一份行业报告显示,小米公司79元(13美元)的健康手环成功将该公司推向全球可穿戴市场的第一梯队,成为市场占有量第二大的公司。It was another unlikely success for the five-year-old smartphone vendor, considering that Xiaomi only launched the first-generation wearable product less than a year ago with basic features-not exactly the formula that market leaders like Fitbit Inc or Jawbone Inc would follow。对于这家成立5年的智能手机厂商,这又是另一个成功。离小米推出第一代具备基本功能可穿戴产品只有不到一年的时间,所以它并没有遵循像Fitbit和Jawbone这样的行业领跑者遵循的一般原则。Xiaomi shipped 2.8 million Mi Bands during the January-March period, accounting for roughly one quarter of the total shipments of wearables。小米手环1月到3月间的出货量达到了280万,约占全球可穿戴设备总出货量的四分之一。Fitbit continued to lead the market with shipments of 4 million units during the period, according to industry consultancy International Data Corp. The report did not include Apple Watch shipments as sales of the product began only in April。据行业咨询公司IDC的数据显示,同期,Fitbit继续以400万的出货量领跑市场。由于苹果Apple Watch在4月份才上市,因此该报告不包括Apple Watch的出货量。The Mi Band, able to track steps and alert incoming calls, is available in India, the ed States, the ed Kingdom and a number of overseas markets via its online stores。小米手环能够跟踪步伐并有来电提醒功能,已经在印度、美国、英国等市场上市,并通过在线商店销往其他海外市场。However, the main market for the products continued to be in China。然而,中国仍是该产品的主要市场。The low price tag has prompted a large number of people to become first-time wearable users。由于小米手环定价低廉,一大批用户开始尝试这种可穿戴设备。In addition, with an increasing number of Chinese taking to jogging and other fitness exercises, Xiaomi was able to attract the growing middle class who is willing to spend some money on fitness equipments。此外,随着越来越多的中国人开始进行慢跑和其他健身锻炼,小米能够吸引逐渐增多的中产阶级,这些中产阶级会增加在健康设备上的消费。Ramon Llamas, research manager of wearables at IDC, said demand from China and other emerging markets is on the rise and vendors are eager to seek new opportunities。IDC可穿戴设备研究经理Ramon Llamas介绍,来自中国和其他新兴市场的需求上升,厂商急于寻求新的商机。But it remains uncertain how long the simple-in-feature, low-in-price Mi Band will be able to hold users’ attention。但外形简单、价格低廉的小米手环能否一直吸引消费者眼球还是个未知数。Amy Teng, a Taiwan-based analyst with research company Gartner Inc, warned low-end products may damage people’s interests in wearable devices in the long run。台湾研究公司Gartner的分析师Amy Teng警告称,从长远来看,低端产品可能会损害人们对于可穿戴设备的兴趣。Both analysts agreed that Apple Inc’s smartwatch will alter the wearable market landscape this year。两位分析师一致认为,年内苹果公司的智能手表将改变可穿戴市场的格局。 /201506/379842重庆市星宸医学美容医院怎么预约重庆市儿童医院私人医院



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