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This should be India’s moment. The country has the highest growth rate among major economies. The International Monetary Fund describes it as a bright spot in an otherwise mostly dismal world economy. Narendra Modi, prime minister, basks in the resounding mandate he received at the polls two years ago from a population desperate for a sign of economic revival. 如今应该是印度的风云时刻。它是各大经济体中经济增速最快的国家。国际货币基金组IMF)形容它是愁云惨淡的世界经济中的一个亮点。印度总理纳伦德拉#8226;莫迪(Narendra Modi)仍然享受着两年前从渴望经济振兴的选民手中得到的明确授权Yet two years into Mr Modi’s tenure, his government continues to avoid many hard choices. India could come to rue a missed opportunity to implement a more ambitious reform agenda. 不过,莫迪上任已经两年,他的政府继续回避着很多艰难抉择。印度可能会后悔错过了推行更具雄心的改革议程的良机Sceptics question whether the economy is really growing at the official pace of 7.5 per cent. Even government officials agree that newly revised data collection procedures present a picture at odds with other figures. 持怀疑态度的人对经济是否真的在.5%的官方速度增长提出质疑。甚至政府官员也承认,新近修订后的数据采集程序所呈现的景象与其他数据不符Still, India has good growth momentum. The fall in world oil prices has been a boon, reducing the budget and current account deficits. India is not likely to be hit hard by either a growth slowdown in China or a US interest rate increase. Domestic and external circumstances could not be more favourable. 话虽如此,印度拥有良好的增长势头。全球油价下跌是一大利好,有利于印度降低预算并减少经常账户赤字。印度不太可能受到中国经济增速放缓以及美国加息的重创。印度国内和外部环境不可能比现在更有利了To be fair, his government has accomplished a lot. Macroeconomic stability is at hand. Mr Modi has supported the Reserve Bank of India’s struggle against inflation. He has largely maintained budget discipline and made progress on financial inclusion. 公平地说,莫迪政府已经实现了很多成就。宏观经济稳定近在咫尺。莫迪持了印度央行对抗通胀。他基本上守住了预算纪律,在金融包容性上也取得了进展Access to the formal financial system gives the poor the feeling that they have a shot at sharing in the benefits of reforms, rather than merely bearing any costs of dislocation. The government has emphasised better public governance as well, although the fight against corruption is not being executed with any great vigour. 能够利用正规的金融体系,让穷人们感觉自己有望分享改革的成果,而不只是承担经济混乱的代价。印度政府还强调改善公共治理,尽管反腐运动的力度并不大However, unless Mr Modi builds quickly on these foundations, India’s moment of glory could be shortlived. For all the positive economic data, private investment remains tepid as businesses are not convinced that the economy is on the right path. 然而,除非莫迪迅速在这些基础之上继续推进,否则印度的辉煌时刻可能转瞬即逝。尽管所有的经济数据都令人乐观,但是私人投资热情仍然不高,企业并未确信印度经济已进入正轨What India really needs are bold reforms to make growth more durable. The list of such reforms is long and includes reducing labour market -regulations, unshackling businesses from red tape, fixing the banks, developing capital markets and improving infrastructure. 印度真正需要的是大胆改革,使经济增长更加持久。此类改革的清单很长,包括减少劳动力市场的规章制度、让企业摆脱官僚主义的枷锁、修补系统、发展资本市场,以及改善基础设施Given the size of his mandate, Mr Modi ought to lay out a vision of where he wants to take the country and use his rapport with voters to build broad support for a reform agenda. He has argued that he would rather accomplish things than set out a grand vision that he may not be able to deliver. But words as well as ideas have power and he needs to use his political capital to push for economic reforms, rather than using it to advance his party’s social agenda. 考虑到莫迪获得的民意授权之大,他应该勾勒出他对印度未来发展的愿景,利用他在选民中的人气为改革议程争取广泛持。他曾争辩道,他宁愿脚踏实地地实现目标,也不愿兜售他可能无法实现的宏伟蓝图。但是,话语和想法是具有力量的,他需要利用自己的政治资本去推动经济改革,而不是推进其政党的社会议程He could learn a lesson or two from Beijing. Although China is hardly a paragon in this area, its government has created effective narratives that rally public support for reform and break down opposition. The plan to reduce inequality and the attempt to make the renminbi an international currency are examples. The concrete measures encompassed by these plans, including reform of state enterprises, financial market development, capital market reforms and liberalisation of the services sector, would all be good for the economy, even if the grand objectives are not achieved. 他可以从北京方面借鉴一点经验。尽管中国算不上是该领域的模范,但是中国政府掌握了有效的话语权,凝聚公众对改革的持并克反对。减少不平等的计划和推动人民币国际化的尝试就是例子。这些计划所包含的具体措施包括国企改革、发展金融市场、资本市场改革以及推动务业自由化,这一切都将有助于经济发展——即使无法实现那些宏伟目标Rather than gloating about Indian growth, Mr Modi needs to make an aggressive push to reform the economy when the going is good. No one expects an overnight transformation. But a clear sense of where he wants to take the country and a willingness to expend political capital would go a long way in building momentum for the reforms that India desperately needs. 莫迪不应该沾沾自喜于印度的经济增长,而是需要在形势较好时锐意推动经济改革。没人指望一夜间发生翻天覆地的变化。但是,只要他明确印度的发展方向,并愿意动用政治资本,将大大有利于为印度迫切需要的经济改革积攒势头。来 /201604/437132

Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe is pressing for President Vladimir Putin to be brought in from the cold, saying Russian help is crucial to tackling multiple crises in the Middle East.日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)敦促西方同俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)恢复合作,称俄罗斯的协助对解决中东的多重危机至关重要。In an interview with Nikkei and the Financial Times, Mr Abe said he was willing to go to Moscow as this year’s chair of the Group of Seven advanced economies, or to invite the Russian president to Tokyo.在接受日本经济新闻社(Nikkei)与英囀?金融时报》采访时,安倍表示,他愿意以七国集团(G7) 2016年轮值主席的身份访问莫斯科,或者邀请普京访问东京。Pointing to tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the war in Syria, and the threat of radical Islamism, Mr Abe said: “We need the constructive engagement of Russia.”在谈及沙特阿拉伯与伊朗之间的紧张关系、叙利亚内战以及激进伊斯兰主义的威胁时,安倍说:“我们需要俄罗斯的建设性参与。”The former G8 excluded Russia following its annexation of Crimea and military support for separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine. But while Japan has joined in sweeping economic sanctions, Mr Abe made clear he wants to work with Mr Putin.由于俄罗斯吞并了克里米亚并在军事上持乌克兰东部的分裂分子,原来的八国集G8)将俄罗斯赶出门外。虽然日本加入了对俄罗斯的全面经济制裁,但安倍明确表示希望与普京合作。“As chair of the G7, I need to seek solutions regarding the stability of the region as well as the whole world,he said, noting Japan’s ongoing territorial dispute with Russia over the Kuril Islands. “I believe appropriate dialogue with Russia, appropriate dialogue with president Putin is very important.”“作为七国集团轮值主席,我需要为地区乃至整个世界的稳定寻求解决方案,”他说。他特别提到了日俄之间关于千岛群Kuril islands)悬而未决的领土争端。“我相信,与俄罗斯适当的对话、与普京总统适当的对话非常重要。”As the only Asian nation in the club of rich democracies, Japan prizes its G7 membership, and Mr Abe is determined to make the most of the Ise-Shima summit he will host in May.作为富裕民主国家俱乐部中唯一的亚洲国家,日本高度重视其七国集团成员国身份,安倍决心要充分利用他将在今月主持的伊势志(Ise-Shima)峰会。Mr Abe’s call for engagement with Russia came despite his lauding the G7 as “a gathering of the champions of universal values like freedom, democracy, basic human rights and the rule of law He also voiced strong criticism of China’s attempt to “unilaterally change the status quoin the South China Sea.安倍在呼吁与俄罗斯接触的同时,盛赞七国集团为“自由、民主、基本人权以及法治等普世价值捍卫者的聚会”。他还对中国企图在南中国海“单方面改变现状”表示了强烈批评。Potential security threats to Japan were highlighted earlier this month when North Korea tested a nuclear weapon. Despite his efforts to secure the return of Japanese citizens kidnapped by North Korea, Mr Abe vowed to toughen sanctions, saying it is no time for him to visit Pyongyang.朝鲜本月早些时候进行的核武器试验突显了日本面临的潜在安全威胁。虽然正在努力争取被朝鲜绑架的日本公民回国,但安倍誓言要加强对朝鲜的制裁,并称现在还不是访问平壤的时候。“The nuclear test unilaterally conducted by North Korea is a clear violation of ed Nations resolutions,said the Japanese prime minister. “We must make clear to North Korea that as long as they resort to these activities, it will not be business as usual.”“朝鲜单方面进行的这次核试验明显违反了联合国决议,”安倍说,“我们必须让朝鲜明白,只要他们进行此类活动,一切就不会照旧。”Mr Abe piled moral pressure on South Korean president Park Geun-hye to implement their recent settlement over wartime “comfort womenhis biggest diplomatic achievement last year. He said it was “a commitment and promise made between leadersthat had been welcomed by countries around the world.安倍还向韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)施加道德压力,要求她贯彻两国近期就战时“慰安妇”问题达成的协议——安倍去年最大的外交成就。他称,这是“两国领导人之间做出的保与承诺”,受到了世界各国的欢迎。来 /201601/423732

If President Donald Trump were a food, what food would he be?如果特朗普是种食物,他会是啥?If Trump were a food he’d be a creampuff filled with poisoned and infectious cream filling. The gooey cream would be chock full of lead, mercury, measles, polio, arsenic and salmonella.The “Trumpuffmight have looked good to some, but soon they’ll start feeling queasy…如果特朗普是一种食物的话,那他就是奶油泡芙,只不过里面的填满的是有传染性病毒的奶油。那黏糊糊的奶油里添加了大量的铅、水银、米珠(玻璃珠的一种)、脊髓灰质炎(脊髓灰质炎是由脊髓灰质炎病毒引起的严重危害儿童健康的急性传染病,脊髓灰质炎病毒为嗜神经病毒,主要侵犯中枢神经系统的运动神经细胞,以脊髓前角运动神经元损害为主)、砒霜以及沙门氏菌。一开始他们会觉得“特朗普”泡芙还不错,但是过不了多久,他们就会吐的。。。You expect this food to be good. It’s also super-expensive, and also illegal in some countries. However, you buy it, expectations high. And…it’s not bad. But, it’s not that great either, and you realize you could’ve used your money to buy something a LOT better. Some people say that it’s good, and others say that it’s illegal to make and cruel to geese. Next time, you’ll know to spend your money more wisely.你期望这道鹅肝酱是好吃的,毕竟它那么贵,不过在有些国家它是违法的呢。然而,你的期望值未免过高了。怎么说呢......它没有那么难吃,可也没那么好吃,只不过,你能用这些钱买到比这好太多的东西。有些人觉得它好吃,而其他人则会说它是违法的,而且对鹅太残忍了。不过,下一次,你就知道怎么带脑子花钱了。I’m thinking of something frivolous, expensive and obviously pointless. N.Y. chefs say gold leaf topping is tasteless on ,000 pizza That’s not quite right, but it’s pretty close. And for dessert?(特朗普)让我想到的食物是那种,华而不实,喜欢做表面文章。纽约的大厨们评价:标价2000美元的披萨上放一片金叶子的做法,真的是没啥品味。但是来形容特朗普刚刚好,要不要来个(特朗普式)的甜点?Some people see the dandelion as a flower. The Republicans see Trump as a gem to democracy. Other people see it as, “Ugh, it’s time to weed the garden.”The Democrats see a racist fascist that they have to remove.一些人把蒲公英看成是一种花就像共和党人把特朗普看成是民主的一块瑰宝。但是其他人看到蒲公英的反映是,“要开始清理花园的野草了民主党人看到一个种族主义的法西斯分子,他们必须移除。Deep-fried pizza.Look. Unappealing, has an ugly orange tan, fatty, and has so many issues with it you don’t even know where to start. DO YOU NOT SEE THE SIMILARITIES?深度油炸的披萨。看这丑陋又典型的橙色卖相,油得发腻,里面还包裹着那么多的问题,是不是和某人很像? /201702/494400

Donald Trump has hailed a pledge from SoftBank to invest bn in the US over the next four years as part of the new tech mega-fund it is raising.软银(SoftBank)承诺未来四年将在美国投资500亿美元,这些资金将来自它正在筹集的一新的大型科技基金。唐纳德.特朗Donald Trump)对这一投资承诺予以了热情的称赞。The commitment, which came with few details but is expected to focus on investments in tech companies and start-ups, was quickly celebrated by the president-elect, who announced the deal via Twitter after meeting SoftBank founder Masayoshi Son in New York.虽缺乏相关细节,但这一投资承诺预计将主要针对科技企业和创业型企业。美国当选总统特朗普很快对这一投资承诺表示了欢迎,他在纽约与软银创始人孙正Masayoshi Son)会面后,在Twitter上宣布了这笔交易。Mr Son’s warm reception from Mr Trump will give fresh impetus to the possibility that his Japanese group, which owns a controlling stake in Sprint, might try again to reach a deal to buy T-Mobile US. Shares in both companies ended the day roughly 1.5 per cent higher.软银拥有Sprint的控股权。特朗普对孙正义的好评,将再次增大后者旗下的这家日本集团重新尝试达成收购T-Mobile美国业务的交易的可能性。当日收盘时,Sprint和T-Mobile的股票都上涨了约1.5%。Ahead of his meeting with Mr Trump, Mr Son had planned to mention the failed T-Mobile deal to the President-elect as an example of poor regulation, according to a person familiar with Mr Son’s preparations.据一位了解孙正义事先准备的人士表示,孙正义在与特朗普会面前,已计划向这位当选总统提及未能成行的T-Mobile交易,以此作为监管不善的一个例子。In the past, SoftBank clashed with US antitrust regulators over Sprint’s efforts to buy T-Mobile, a deal that would have combined the third- and fourth-largest mobile carriers in the US.以前,软银与美国反垄断监管机构曾就Sprint收购T-Mobile事宜发生过冲突,这笔交易意味着美国第三大移动运营商与第四大移动运营商合并。“Masa (SoftBank) of Japan has agreed to invest bn in the US toward businesses and 50,000 new jobs,tweeted the president-elect. “Masa said he would never do this had we (Trump) not won the election!”特朗普在Twitter上发帖称:“日本(软银)的孙正义已同意在美国向企业投资500亿美元,创万个新工作岗位。孙正义说如果不是我们(特朗普)赢得选举,他决不会这样做!”“I just came to celebrate his new job,Mr Son told reporters after his meeting with Mr Trump. “I said, ‘This is great, the US will become great again”孙正义在与特朗普会面后向记者表示:“我只是来祝贺他的新工作。我说,‘这太棒了,美国将再次变得伟大’。”Mr Son added that SoftBank would create jobs in the US by pumping money into start-up companies. He did not disclose any details of the investment plan.孙正义还表示,软银将通过投资创业型企业来创造工作岗位。他没有披露该投资计划的任何细节。Standing in the lobby of Trump Tower next to Mr Trump, Mr Son showed reporters a piece of paper that displayed the logos of SoftBank and Foxconn. The paper s: “Commit to invest bn + bn in the US; generate 50k + 50k new jobs in the US; next four years.”与特朗普并肩站在特朗普大厦(Trump Tower)门厅,孙正义向记者们亮出一张显示有软银和富士康(Foxconn)标识的纸,上面写道:“未来四年;承诺在美投资500亿美70亿美元;在美创5万个新工作岗位。”While SoftBank and Foxconn have frequently worked together in the past, Foxconn did not respond to questions about what role it might play in the planned investment. Taiwan-based Foxconn is best known for being a key manufacturer of Apple products including the iPhone, which Mr Trump says ought to be made in the US.虽然软银和富士康以往多次合作,但富士康这次并未回答关于它自己将在该投资计划中扮演何种角色的问题。总部在台湾的富士康最为人所知的是,它是iPhone等苹Apple)产品的主要制造商之一,而特朗普表示iPhone应在美国制造。来 /201612/482410

US prosecutors have accused two relatives of Ban Ki-moon, the former UN secretary-general, of a bribery plot linked to Vietnam’s tallest building and a South Korean company embroiled in a corruption scandal.联合UN)前任秘书长潘基文(Ban Ki-moon)的两名亲戚遭到美国检察机关的指控,原因是与越南最高建筑及一家卷入腐败丑闻的韩国企业有关的贿赂情节。Joo Hyun-bahn, Mr Ban’s nephew, denied the charges and was granted bail at a court hearing in New York after he and his father, Ban Ki-sang, were indicted on Tuesday. Ban Ki-sang, who is Ban Ki-moon’s brother, has not been arrested and could not immediately be reached for comment.潘基文的侄子潘柱贤(Bahn Joo-hyun,音译)否认了相关指控并在纽约一场法庭听中被允许保释。此前,他和他的父亲潘基相(Ban Ki-sang,音译)在周二受到了起诉。潘基相是潘基文的弟弟,他并未遭到逮捕,不过记者无法马上联系上他以置评此事。The indictment came just 10 days after Ban Ki-moon, who is not accused of any involvement in the affair, ended a decade leading the UN.就在这一起诉发生十天前,潘基文刚刚结束了对联合国十年的领导。潘基文自身并未被指控与该事件有任何关系。He has been touted as a possible candidate for the presidency of South Korea, where contenders have aly begun jockeying following the impeachment of Park Geun-hye amid a vast corruption scandal.目前,潘基文已被多方宣传为韩国总统的可能候选人。在韩国,自朴槿Park Geun-hye)因一宗巨大的腐败丑闻而遭弹劾之后,竞争总统的人选已开始明争暗斗。US authorities claim Mr Ban’s relatives conspired in 2014 to funnel .5m via a middleman to an unnamed Middle Eastern official. The official was supposed to convince his country’s sovereign wealth fund to buy the Landmark 72 tower in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, for 0m.美国当局声称014年潘基文的两名亲戚曾密谋通过中间人向一位不知名的中东官员输50万美元。原本用意是让这名官员说该国主权财富基金斥亿美元,买下越南首都河内的地2(Landmark 72)大楼。But the two alleged plotters were double-crossed by the middleman, Malcolm Harris, who did not have the relationship he claimed with the government official and simply pocketed an initial 0,000 downpayment, the indictment asserts.不过,该起诉书声称,这两位涉嫌的谋划者却遭到这位名为马尔科姆?哈里Malcolm Harris)的中间人的欺骗。哈里斯并不掌握所声称的与这位政府官员的关系,而只是把最初付的50万美元定金据为己有。Mr Harris, who has also been charged, used the money for a spending spree including the rental of a luxury penthouse apartment in Brooklyn, prosecutors allege. Mr Harris could not immediately be reached for comment.检察机关指控称,同样受到指控的哈里斯大肆挥霍了这笔钱,其中包括在布鲁克林租用了一个豪华顶层公寓。记者无法马上与哈里斯取得联系,以置评此事。“This alleged conduct proves the adage that there is truly no honour among thieves,said Leslie Caldwell, assistant attorney-general in the US justice department. “The indictment alleges that two defendants wanted to bribe a government official; instead they were defrauded by their co-defendant.”美国司法部(DoJ)助理总检察官莱斯考德威尔(Leslie Caldwell)表示:“这些涉嫌实施的行为明了那句谚语:小偷是没有真正的节操的。起诉书声称,两位被告想要贿赂政府官员,却被他们的共同被告骗了。”The former UN secretary-general’s brother was a senior executive at both Landmark 72 and Keangnam Enterprises, the Korean construction company that built and owned the skyscraper, US authorities allege. He wanted to arrange the sale because Keangnam had run into financial trouble from 2013, prosecutors claim.美国当局指控称,潘基文的这位弟弟是地2大楼和京南企Keangnam Enterprises)的高管。京南企业是建造并拥有这栋天大楼的韩国建筑公司。检察机关声称,潘基相之所以希望安排这一转让,是因为京南企业013年起遭遇了财务困境。Mr Ban was “surprisedby reports of the indictments of his relatives and had no knowledge of the matter, according to a spokesperson ed by Reuters news agency.据路透社(Reuters)援引潘基文发言人的说法称,潘基文对有关其亲戚所受指控的报道感到“震惊”,并对此毫不知情。来 /201701/488229

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