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Pentagon Sees No Significant Russian Movement Out of Georgia美国防部:未见俄军大规模撤离  Officials at the Pentagon have seen no indication that Russian forces are making any significant moves to withdraw from Georgia, as Russia's leaders promised when they signed a cease-fire agreement on Saturday. The White House says it should not take Russia any longer to withdraw its troops than it took to send them in. 美国国防部官员还没看到任何迹象明俄罗斯军队在采取撤离格鲁吉亚的重大行动,而俄罗斯军队撤离格鲁吉亚是俄罗斯领导人星期六在签订停火协议时所承诺的。白宫表示,撤军速度应当跟他们向格鲁吉亚派兵的速度一样快。Pentagon Spokesman Bryan Whitman says Defense Department experts "don't see much change" in the deployment of Russian forces in Georgia.  美国国防部发言人怀特曼说,国防部专家没有看到部署在格鲁吉亚的俄军有相当大的调动。"The Russian forces that were not there prior to August 6, that were part of the peacekeeping mission, the agreement calls for them to be withdrawn out of Georgia. So far, we have not seen any significant movement," said Whitman. 他说:“停火协议要求8月6号前不在当地的俄罗斯军队撤离格鲁吉亚,8月6号前在那里的是维和部队的一部分。但是迄今为止我们还没看到俄罗斯采取任何大规模的撤离行动。”Whitman says NATO foreign ministers meeting in Brussels made clear that European countries will re-evaluate their ties with Russia as a result of its invasion of Georgia. U.S. officials have said the consequences Russia will face will depend partly on whether it abides by the cease-fire agreement and withdraws its forces.  怀特曼说,在布鲁塞尔开会的北约国家外长明确表示,由于俄罗斯入侵格鲁吉亚,欧洲国家将重新评估它们与俄罗斯的关系。美国官员表示,俄罗斯即将面临的后果部分将取决于俄罗斯是否遵行停火协议,撤出俄罗斯军队。White House Spokesman Gordon Johndroe says that should not take several days. 白宫发言人约翰德罗说,撤军不需要花费好多天时间。"It didn't take them, really, three or four days to get into Georgia. And it really shouldn't take them three or four days to get out. So, I would expect them to begin an immediate withdrawal, which is their commitment. We want them to honor their commitment," said Johndroe.  “他们入侵格鲁吉亚只花了三、四天时间。所以他们撤离也用不了三、四天时间。因此我期待他们立即开始撤军,这是他们该履行的承诺。我们希望他们信守诺言。”The White House spokesman says all the Russian forces sent into Georgia after August sixth must leave, and there will have to be negotiations on the long-term status of Russian troops, who have been stationed in Georgia's separatist region of South Ossetia for years as peacekeepers. 白宫发言人说,所有在8月6号后派往格鲁吉亚的俄罗斯军队都必须撤离,以后需要对俄罗斯军队的长期驻守问题进行谈判。俄罗斯军队几年来一直部署在格鲁吉亚主张分离的南奥塞梯,执行维和使命。Meanwhile, the U.S. relief effort continues. Bryan Whitman at the Pentagon says U.S. negotiators are working with Turkish officials to get clearance to send one or more Navy ships into the Black Sea to deliver relief supplies to Georgia. Turkey controls access to the Sea by warships under a 1936 treaty. 与此同时,美国的救援努力在继续进行。 国防部发言人怀特曼说,美国谈判人员正在与土耳其官员商谈,希望他们准许美国海军的一艘或几艘舰艇进入黑海,向格鲁吉亚运送救援物资。根据1936年的一项条约,土耳其控制军舰进入黑海。Whitman reports U.S. aid deliveries to Georgia by air have reached nearly 200 metric tons - mainly tents, bedding, food and medical supplies. 怀特曼报导,美国空运到格鲁吉亚的救援物资已达近二百公吨,主要是帐篷、被褥、食品和医疗物资。200808/46319。

Welcome back everyone, a lot of parents worry about all the time their kids spend playing games. Indeed they do, but our next guest says gaming can actually be very good for your child.Which is good news for my boys. Well, here to tell us how is Marc Prensky. He is the author of "Don't Bother Me Mom, I'm Learning!" I got to tell you I couldn't wait for the segment because my sons are addicted to the Game Boys, addicted to the X-Box, and I have to admit that sometimes when I need a break I'm like, you know, "play the X-Box, fine! See if I care, burn your brain out!" But you're saying, you're saying it's not that bad?I think it prepares kids for the 21st century, (also), I think that they learn to make good decisions under pressure. I even think that they learn cooperative and team behavior, they learn to plan, they learn to take prudent risks.And some of these are not so bad 'cause I told you when I sat down and, and my husband even plays them. We got all the sports ones. And there's a lot of strategy in picking the players and the teams. And it's really not killing, at least the games that we have in our house.No, it puts you in the role of the coach, it puts you in the role of the owner. Things that kids in the past never got to experience at the age that they play these games. So there's a lot of learning that goes on in the games. And that's really what most parents don't understand. But conventional wisdom says that if you're inside playing games, you are a kind of a couch-potato; you are foregoing exercise; you are not outdoors where you should be running around. Isn't all that true?Well, of course, if you are a parent you have to balance your kids' life, and you have to help them do that. But it's not just people playing alone in an isolated way, because almost all the games are networked. See your kids sitting there in front of the computer could be playing with people from all around the world. And often is.I think there's no doubt that some of these games are, are actually very good intellectually for kids. But on the other hand, I'm hearing from other people even parents and educators are that a lot of kids now are lacking social skills because they are spending so much time in front of a screen than they would interacting, er, with other humans.Well, I don't think that's true, the social skills that they are learning are in some sense the social skills of the future of managing people in an online environment and we know that's what's gonna be happening in the future. Er, many kids find they're taking leadership positions, because they say: I've just gotta herd these 14-year-olds to get the job done. Before we run to the break and we are holding you over, how long is too long to be playing one of these games, does it have any certain neurological impact. You are not a doctor, but have you heard anything?I don't think that there're limits in general. I think it really depends on your kid, and if you have a sense that your kid is playing too much or spending too much time in front of the screen, it's your responsibility to say: hey! Go do something else for a while!Marc, we want you to bother us a little bit more. So stay with us after a quick break.My pleasure.Ok, thank you.We are still joined by Marc Prensky, the author of "Don't Bother Me Mom, I'm Learning" about playing games. So what about those games we've all heard of that are also destructive, or at least that's what we heard like Grand Theft Auto. Well, in those games, you...there's no doubt you can do some things that are not so nice. But that's not what the games are really about. And even more important than that, if a parent discusses those games with the kid and says what do you think of these things because you can hit somebody over the head with the baseball bat in the game, should you, should you do it in real life? It's such a great opportunity for ethical and moral discussions that we should take.And that leads to my question, in terms of parental involvement when it comes to kids. We are talking about kids playing these games themselves, um, sometimes in virtual isolation, but what about parents getting involved with the games with the kids? How does it... I think it's a terrific idea. I think the first step is to talk with your kids about their games. Ask them what they play? Why they play it? What they like? And then the second step for many parents is to start playing with the kids, and everybody, when families play together they have a lot of fun. I have to vouch for that, coz my husband's really into all these, you know the football ones and stuff with my kids and my boys, and they have a ball, they like get way into the teams, in the strategies, and then they did the hockey one, I mean, that's a big, it's really a fun thing. It's a family thing and I've heard that even grandparents getting involved with their, with their grand kids in this thing. Yeah, that's fun!Marc Prensky, Thank you! The book is "Don't Bother Me Mom, I'm Learning", Marc, thank you so much for joining us. Made me feel a lot better about leaving my kids to the games. Thank you. Marc.You're leaving... 200809/48085。

Living underground, mole rats are sheltered from the Kalahari's worst extremes of temperature. We think of deserts as hot places. But nightly temperatures can fall well below zero. At dawn, meerkats need to soak up the warmth of the rising sun to get fully active. The temperature in the Kalahari steadily climbs as high as 70 Celsius on the ground. Meerkats can only tolerate short bursts of activity in the morning and evening. This means they need to be very efficient at gathering food. So they quarter their territory, traveling several kilometers a day. Tasty beetles and scorpions are common in this grassy desert. But finding them means spending a lot of time with your head in the sand. So meerkats are very vulnerable to predators. To protect the group, young males take turns keeping watch. This frees the others up to keep hunting. Scorpions have a lethal sting, but meerkats are fast as lightning. The Kalahari's high levels of rainfall mean food is plentiful year round, one reason why this desert can support more large mammals than any other in the world. Springbok are the most successful desert antelopes in Africa. With short, thin fur, they can easily offload heat by sweating. The white patterns on their coats help to reflect solar radiation. And they never need to drink. They can extract all the moisture they need from the most meagre desert plants. But in southern Africa's deserts, there is a lurking challenge. Cheetahs shadow the springbuck herds. They ,too, evolve in the desert. Thinly-furred and lightly-built, everything about them is designed to deal with heat and speed. words:1.meerkat: 猫鼬2.offload:to get rid of and pass on to another卸下,排掉(eg.): He does come to offload the blame for launching the transmitting tools to market.200807/44762。

The resignation of Cuban leader Fidel Castro may open the door for his brother, Raul, to officially take over the communist government.  古巴领导人菲德尔.卡斯特罗辞职,为他的弟弟劳尔.卡斯特罗可能正式接管共产党政府铺平道路。The announcement by Fidel Castro comes only days before officials are to select the island's top ruling body, the Council of State. The 81-year-old leader is expected to remain on the 31-member ruling council, but says he will not compete for the top post. 就在古巴即将选举该国最高领导机构国务委员会成员的几天之前,菲德尔.卡斯特罗发表了不再寻求领导职务的声明。预计,81岁的卡斯特罗仍将保留国务委员会委员的职位。古巴国务委员会是由31位国务委员组成。但是卡斯特罗说,他不再寻求担任最高领导人的职务。Cuban state television a letter from Mr. Castro in which he said he is physically unable to fulfill the duties of president. 古巴国营电视台宣读了卡斯特罗致古巴人民的一封信。他在信中说他的身体状况使他不能胜任国务委员会主席的职务。In the letter, Mr. Castro says he will not seek and will not accept the post of president and commander-in-chief. 卡斯特罗在信中说他不再寻求和接受国务委员会主席和武装部队总司令的职务。For months, Mr. Castro's failing health has raised questions about the political future of the island and the man who ruled it for nearly 50 years. The Cuban president underwent intestinal surgery in July 2006, and handed over power temporarily to his brother, Raul. 几个月来,卡斯特罗健康情况日益衰弱,引起了人们对古巴这个岛国未来政治前景的关注。卡斯特罗统治古巴近50年之久。他于2006年7月作了肠道手术,随后把政权暂时移交给他的弟弟劳尔.卡斯特罗。Many analysts say Raul, 76, is the most likely to succeed Fidel Castro as Cuba's president and would retain many of his older brother's political and economic policies. 许多分析人士认为,76岁的劳尔是最可能接替菲德尔.卡斯特罗担任古巴国务委员会主席的人选。他也将维持菲德尔.卡斯特罗的许多政治和经济政策。In Miami, critics of the Cuban government welcomed the news of Mr. Castro's resignation early Tuesday.  在迈阿密,批评古巴政府的人士则对星期二早上宣布的卡斯特罗辞职的消息表示欢迎。Democracy activist Ramon Saul Sanchez said the announcement is good news for advocates of democratic change in Cuba. 民主活动人士桑切斯表示,卡斯特罗的声明对古巴境内致力于民主变革的人士是好消息。"Frankly the fact that Castro has ceded all political powers at this point is an inspiration not only to us but to those inside of Cuba, the elements of change within the regime itself, that want to see some other direction for the country," he said. 桑切斯说:“坦白的说,卡斯特罗在这个时刻放弃了所有政治权力,不但鼓舞了我们,也鼓舞了古巴境内的人士,鼓舞了古巴政权内部要求变革的因素,它们期望古巴改变发展的方向。”Sanchez says he does not believe a transition to Raul Castro will bring immediate change to the lives of Cuba's 11 million people. But he says pressure for broad reform on the next Cuban leader, from inside Cuba and outside, will grow.  桑切斯说,他并不相信把政权移交给劳尔.卡斯特罗会立即给古巴1100万人民的生活带来变化。可是他说,来自古巴境内和境外要求古巴下任领导人进行广泛改革的压力将会增加。"This is the beginning of a new direction, probably a first step in a new direction, that could end up in more reforms," said Sanchez. 桑切斯说:“这是一个新的发展方向的开端,可能是一个新的发展方向的头一个步骤,进而导致更多的改革。” Earlier, President Bush said the international community should work with Cuba's people to bring about a democratic transition on the island.  美国总统布什早些时候说,国际社会应当和古巴人民共同努力为这个岛国带来民主变革。200802/27654。

Pakistan's Musharraf Denies Resignation Rumors穆沙拉夫否认辞职传言 Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf is denying rumors that he is planning to resign following weeks of criticism from his opponents, some of whom have vowed to impeach him. The president pledged to abide by whatever decisions the country's new parliament may make on his political future. 巴基斯坦总统穆沙拉夫否认有关他准备辞职的谣言。几个星期来,穆沙拉夫一直受到反对他的人的批评,其中一些人甚至发誓要弹劾他。穆沙拉夫保将遵守巴基斯坦新议会对他的政治前途作出的任何决定。Nearly four months after President Musharraf's unpopularity propelled his political opponents to election victories across the country, the former general continues to be a lightning rod for criticism. But despite holding a majority of seats in parliament, his opponents have made no headway in reversing his most controversial policies.  由于穆沙拉夫不得人心,他的政治对手在将近四个月前的全国大选中大获全胜。现在,这位前军方领导人仍然还是众矢之的。但是,尽管反对穆沙拉夫的党派在议会拥有多数议席,但是他们还没有改变穆沙拉夫争议最大的政策。In recent weeks, with critics threatening to impeach him and press reports speculating that he has lost the support of the military, there have been rumors that he is planning to flee the country.  近几个星期来,一方面,批评人士威胁要弹劾他;另一方面,媒体揣测他已经失去军方的持,一时间有关穆沙拉夫打算逃离巴基斯坦的谣言甚嚣尘上。In a televised interview with Pakistani political reporters broadcast Saturday, Mr. Musharraf said he has no plans to step down but suggested he could in the future.  在星期六播放的电视节目中,穆沙拉夫接受了巴基斯坦政治记者的采访,他说,他目前没有下台的计划,但是暗示将来可能这么做。 He says that he is not going to resign. But he says in the future, he will monitor the situation - and he will not become what he called a "useless vegetable" or be a witness to what he called "the downfall of the country." 他说,他不打算辞职,但是同时表示,将来他会注意事态的发展。他说,他不会变成一棵“无用的蔬菜”, 也不会对“国家垮台”坐视不管。It is unclear if his opponents in parliament have the two-thirds majority needed for impeachment. As president, Mr. Musharraf can dissolve parliament - which some observers have suggested he may do if parliament moves against him. But the president today said he will abide by any decision parliament reaches.  目前还不清楚,穆沙拉夫在议会中的反对派是否拥有弹劾他所需的三分之二多数票。作为总统,穆沙拉夫有权解散议会。一些观察人士认为,如果议会的行动对他不利,他也许会这么做。但是穆沙拉夫今天说,他将遵守议会做出的任何决定。"Parliament is supreme," he said. "Let them decide. The judgment and decision is not with me. I don't have that decision. The parliament is supreme. This is the correct path, it's a constitutional, legal, sober path."  他说:“议会至高无上。让他们决定吧。我无权决定或者裁决。我没有那样的决定。议会至高无上。这是正确的途径,符合宪法、合法、清醒的途径。”Pakistani lawmakers are considering a large constitutional reform package that includes measures that could weaken Mr. Musharraf's powers. The president insisted he is not interfering in that process.  巴基斯坦议会正在考虑对宪法进行大量修改,其中包括一些可能会削弱穆沙拉夫权力的措施。穆沙拉夫坚决表示,他不会干涉这个进程。In Saturday's occasionally casual discussion with Pakistani reporters who have been critical of Mr. Musharraf in the past, the president insisted that he has changed little over the years, despite his rising and falling political fortunes in Pakistan and abroad.  星期六,在与一向对他持批评态度的巴基斯坦政治记者的随意交谈中,穆沙拉夫坚持说,这么多年来他几乎没有什么改变,尽管他在国内外的政治生涯起起落落。"I am the same man, I am the same person, I do not change," he added. "I don't believe in changing. My attitudes toward everyone and everything remain the same." 他说:“我还是我,还是同样一个人。我不改变。我不相信改变。我对人和对事的态度一直没变。”He says he is a true Pakistani and his faith in Pakistan comes first.  他说,他是真正的巴基斯坦人,他对巴基斯坦的信念排在生命的第一位。Mr. Musharraf appealed for political unity to address Pakistan's pressing economic problems. Many Pakistanis say the new government has been too focused on reinstating senior judges instead of addressing rising food prices, inflation and electricity shortages. 穆沙拉夫号召巴基斯坦人在政治上团结起来,解决巴基斯坦紧迫的经济问题。许多巴基斯坦人说,新政府上任以来注意力过多集中在恢复最高法院法官职务的问题上,而不是着眼于解决粮食价格上涨、通货膨胀以及电力短缺等问题。200806/41478。

Georgian Crisis 'Decisive Moment' in Russia-West Ties格俄冲突导致俄罗斯与西方摊牌?  Georgia is emerging battered but defiant from its recent military confrontation with Russia. Russian troops still control significantly more Georgian territory than they did a month ago and no one can answer the key question: How can the occupiers be forced to leave? But Georgian officials are openly gleeful over Moscow's diplomatic isolation, as its friends decline to join the Kremlin in recognizing the independence of two breakaway Georgian regions. Georgians are beginning to see a silver lining in the clouds of war that still hang over their tiny but strategically-located nation. 尽管格鲁吉亚在最近跟俄罗斯的军事对峙中饱受创伤,但是仍然没有低头。俄罗斯军队控制的格鲁吉亚领土大大超过一个月以前俄军控制的格鲁吉亚领土,而且谁都不知道如何迫使占领者离开格鲁吉亚。不过,格鲁吉亚官员对莫斯科在外交上的孤立公开表示高兴,因为俄罗斯的友好国家拒绝跟克里姆林宫一道承认格鲁吉亚两个分离地区的独立。格鲁吉亚人开始看到,这个地处战略要地的小国上空虽然战争的硝烟弥漫,但仍有一丝光明。Georgia's fate is still a very big question mark. Russia has issued a blunt challenge to the West to stay out of its Caucasus backyard. And there are serious doubts that Europe and the ed States have the political will to make the Russians go home. 格鲁吉亚的命运仍然前途未卜。俄罗斯直截了当地向西方发难,要它们远离俄罗斯的高加索后院。而且人们严重怀疑欧洲和美国是否有政治意愿让俄罗斯人撤回俄罗斯。The former president of Georgia's parliament, Nino Burjanadze, who now is a strong government critic, maintains it was a mistake to challenge Russia's provocative military actions in the breakaway South Ossetia region in early August. "I think we aly lost the war, and I'm afraid there is no military solution of this situation," he said. 对政府持强烈批评立场的格鲁吉亚前议长布里扬纳吉强调,8月初在争取独立的南奥塞梯地区对俄罗斯发起挑衅性的军事行动是错误的。布里扬纳吉说:“我认为我们已经输了这场战争,恐怕通过军事途径解决不了目前的局势。”But Burjanadze says Russia has also emerged a loser. "When I said we Georgians are not winners in this conflict, it does not mean Russia has won," he said. "Russia showed once again its real face, that it preferred to be the gendarme in international relations and not to be a distinguished member of the international community that will be respected." 不过,布里扬纳吉同时认为俄罗斯也失败了。布里扬纳吉说:“我说我们格鲁吉亚人在这场冲突中不是赢家,并不等于说俄罗斯赢了。俄罗斯再次让人们看到它的真面目,那就是,它渴望在国际关系中充当警察,而不想成为国际社会中受到尊重的杰出一员。”President Mikheil Saakashvili's political rivals say he will have a lot of explaining to do if and when the crisis subsides. In the short term, almost all agree that the Kremlin's intense dislike for Mr. Saakashvili has made his position at home more secure.  格鲁吉亚总统萨卡什维利的政治对手认为,如果这场危机得以平息,在这场危机平息以后,萨卡什维利要对很多问题说清楚。从短期来看,几乎所有的人都认为,克里姆林宫对萨卡什维利的极度厌恶让他在国内的地位更加稳固。But in the longer term, political analyst Archil Gegeshidze says Russia will surely succeed in creating internal political instability in Georgia. 不过从长期来看,政治分析人士格格什吉认为,俄罗斯肯定会成功地在格鲁吉亚国内制造政治动荡。"In due course, I expect there will be some new waves of mass protests here in the country," he said. "To what extent this government will be able to survive those protests remains to be seen. But it is obvious there will be some internal political instability." 格格什吉说:“我预计不久以后,格鲁吉亚会爆发新的抗议浪潮。格鲁吉亚政府在多大程度上能够平息那些抗议,还有待观察。不过很明显,格鲁吉亚国内将会发生政治动荡。”Nonetheless, Georgians are increasingly hopeful that the final outcome of their confrontation with Russia will be to their advantage. For one thing, Western countries that until recently had all but forgotten the Caucasus are again recognizing Georgia's critical strategic importance.  尽管如此,还是有越来越多的格鲁吉亚人认为,他们跟俄罗斯的对峙最终会对他们有利。首先,直到最近几乎遗忘了这个高加索国家的西方国家才再次认识到格鲁吉亚的战略地位极为重要。The European Union is holding a summit to discuss how to respond to Russia's intervention. The ed States has poured tens of millions of dollars of humanitarian assistance and uncounted military aid into Georgia, and it has sent several senior officials to Tbilisi, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Democratic Party vice presidential candidate Joe Biden. Vice President Dick Cheney is expected to arrive next week. 欧盟正在召开成员国首脑会议,讨论如何应对俄罗斯的这场干预。美国已经向格鲁吉亚投入数千万美元人道主义援助和数目不详的军事援助,并派出几位高级官员访问第比利斯,包括国务卿赖斯和民主党副总统候选人拜登。美国副总统切尼预计下星期访问第比利斯。Georgia's minister for European integration, David Darchiashvili, says the crisis has prompted the government to accelerate its move to embrace, and be embraced by, western institutions. 格鲁吉亚欧洲一体化事务部部长戴维.达齐阿什维利认为,目前的危机促使政府加快接受西方制度以及被西方制度所接受。"Until recently the top priority was NATO integration," he said. The EU is not as high a priority. But now what has happened, since the EU is playing the very important role, Europe's weight will increase in Georgia, and Georgia will be heading toward European integration more seriously." 达齐阿什维利说:“直到最近,格鲁吉亚的首要任务是加入北约军事一体化。加入欧盟还不是首要任务。可是现在的情况是,鉴于欧盟正在发挥非常重要的作用,欧洲的份量在格鲁吉亚将会增加,因此格鲁吉亚会更加严肃地对待逐渐融入欧洲大家庭这件事。”Darchiashvili says the government is becoming increasingly confident that it did the right thing in confronting Russia, and that it will be able to defend itself against domestic critics. 达齐阿什维利表示,格鲁吉亚越来越坚信,跟俄罗斯对峙做得对,并且也坚信能够战胜来自国内的指责。"I am y to answer any questions," he said. "I do not see any major breach from our side, the principles we stayed for years. We do not want to confront Russia with it's huge resources, but it's Russia that wants to reconquer Georgia. So we should not defend ourselves?" 达齐阿什维利说:“我准备回答任何问题。我认为,在我们一方,我们多年来遵循的原则没有任何重大漏洞。我们不希望跟有丰富资源的俄罗斯冲突,是俄罗斯想重新征格鲁吉亚。因此我们不应该自卫吗?”Officials here have hardly been able to contain their glee at the diplomatic rebuff Russia has suffered, as close friends such as Belarus, Cuba and Venezuela have shied away from endorsing Moscow's recognition of independence for the breakaway Georgian territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. 对于俄罗斯受到的外交挫折,格鲁吉亚官员难以抑制他们的兴奋。白俄罗斯、古巴和委内瑞拉等俄罗斯的友好国家都拒绝跟莫斯科一道承认格鲁吉亚分离地区阿布哈兹和南奥塞梯的独立。National Security Director Alexander Lumaya says this kind of international response could force Moscow to think twice about its actions. 格鲁吉亚国家安全主任亚历山大.卢马亚认为,国际社会这样的反应可以迫使莫斯科对其所做所为三思而行。"Russia found itself close to complete international isolation," he said. "It's not something they feel comfortable with. So the path of development of this situation and whether they will apply this invasion pattern to other countries in the neighborhood would depend on how strongly the international community would pursue the line it has taken." 卢马亚说:“俄罗斯发现自己快要完全受到国际社会的孤立。这种事不会让它们感到舒。因此,局势的发展,以及俄罗斯是否会把对格鲁吉亚的入侵方式用于其它邻国,将取决于国际社会是否更加坚决地坚持目前的立场。”A big test comes on Monday when European Union leaders are scheduled to launch what is expected to be a full-scale review of relations with Russia. While news reports from Paris indicate there will be no decision on sanctions, the meeting is giving Georgians hope that the Kremlin will be made to answer for its invasion. 星期一,欧盟领导人计划开始对欧盟跟俄罗斯关系进行一次全面审查,届时将是一次重大考验。尽管来自巴黎的消息显示,这次会议不过做出制裁俄罗斯的决定,但是这次会议给了格鲁吉亚希望,克里姆林宫必须对入侵格鲁吉亚做出解释。Analyst Archil Gegeshidze sees Russia's move in Georgia as payback to the West for the Kremlin's perceived humiliation on issues such as Western recognition of Kosovo's independence, and expanding the NATO alliance up to the Russian border. 政治分析人士格格什吉认为,俄罗斯在格鲁吉亚的行动是它对西方国家在一些问题上让俄罗斯蒙羞的报复,比如西方国家承认科索沃独立,把北约势力范围扩大到俄罗斯边界等。Gegeshidze calls this a "moment of truth". 格格什吉把这称为“摊牌时刻”。"This is a very decisive moment. Either Russia succeeds and the West fails, or West succeeds and Russia fails," he said. 格格什吉说:“这是非常关键的时刻。不是俄罗斯成功,西方失败;就是西方成功,俄罗斯失败。”Georgians say if Europe and the ed States can muster the political will to stand up to Russia, and if Georgia is soon invited to begin the process of joining NATO, and if sufficient aid arrives to start the process of rebuilding, the outcome of the current crisis could be decidedly positive. 格鲁吉亚表示,如果欧盟和美国能聚集起政治意愿跟俄罗斯对抗,如果格鲁吉亚很快被邀请启动加入北约的程序,如果格鲁吉亚能得到充足的援助开始重建家园,这场危机就会有具有决定性的积极的结果。But some analysts say those are some big 'ifs.' 不过一些分析人士认为,这些仅仅是“假设而已”。200808/47011。

Launched in 1977, Voyager II explored the outer planets and their weird moons, moving ever deeper into space, into regions completely mysterious to us earthlings. On board is a gold-coated phonograph record, containing 116 images of earth and its inhabitants, ninety minutes of music and an audio essay of earth's sounds. The pace of technology has been so rapid that Voyager's computing capabilities are outdated ,equal to just a fraction of a domestic PC. The computer subsystems on Voyager contain a total of only 63,000 words of memory storage. In 1976, the search for life and the exploration of the solar system continued with the Viking mission. Its destination: Mars, the mission: to land robot explorers on the red planet. On board were cameras and instruments designed to sample the Martian atmosphere and analyse the planet's dry soil for signs of life. But, no life was found. ...exciting, how they compare to the Viking land site....well, as you can see...At NASA, Michael Meyer runs the administration's exobiology program, the search for life beyond earth. For him, the Viking mission was not at all disappointing. 'Viking was very successful and that it sent two spacecrafts that landed on the surface, and a part of their purpose was to measure whether or not there is life on Mars. And the experiments were very successful, in that they went through, they did the measurements, and, but, the reactions that they found were not consistent with life.'But just because the Viking landers didn't conclusively find life on Mars, doesn't mean life isn't there. It may nestle on the surface or underground. Mars more than any other planet has tantalized us with the notion of extraterrestrial life, intelligent or otherwise. Since Viking took the first pictures, one strange surface feature, called The Face on Mars, has attracted much attention. Some believe it's an attempt by another civilization to contact us. The Martian craze really took off about one hundred years ago. The Clark telescope at the Lowell observatory, Flagstaff Arizona. This great instrument was used to produce some of the most famous drawings of the red planet. The artist was the observatory's founder, Percival Lowell. Lowell thought the aliens were trying to make the best use of the available precious water supplies, building a network of canals to transfer water from the polar to the equatorial regions, a sort of planet-wide irrigation system. He wrote extensively about these ideas.A few yards from the building housing his beloved telescope, Lowell's tomb is a monument to Mars. his theories were at first embraced, then denounced. Lowell was ridiculed by the scientific world, but he never stopped believing in the Martian canals. Ironically, both Lowell Observatory and life on Mars theories are legitimate and respected today."He built up interest in Mars .."phonograph:US OLD USE FOR record player留声机,唱机in that:becauseconclusively:without any doubt 毫无疑问地,令人信的craze:an activity, object or idea that is extremely popular, usually for a short time狂热,时尚;流行;风行一时的东西ridicule:to laugh at someone in an unkind way嘲笑,奚落200808/46326。

BILL O'REILLY, FOX NEWS HOST: How do you assess President Bush's falling poll numbers? He's at the lowest level of his presidency now. Why do you think that's happening?CONDOLEEZZA RICE, SECRETARY OF STATE: Well, Bill, I'm not one who can assess poll numbers in American politics. I know that this is a president who has had to do a lot of very difficult things. He's had to deal with the largest terrorist attack on American soil, now the largest natural disaster in the ed States. And he's had to make some very difficult decisions. I do know that he is not someone who s the polls. And he will tell you that he's going to do what he thinks is right. But I'm really not competent to ...O'REILLY: Are you guys worry about it? Because you're a close adviser in addition to being secretary of State. And you see poll numbers fall that quickly, is it a concern?RICE: I think what will be a concern is where is this administration viewed in a few years in terms of what it's achieved.O'REILLY: All right. So you're going to tough it out and hope that history proves you correct.RICE: I think that's all an American president can do, because the American president can't the daily poll numbers. The American president can't the daily headlines when he's in the midst of historic changing events.O'REILLY: It's going to be fascinating to see how history unfolds on this. Now, 60 percent of black Americans, according to a new poll out today, say that race had something to do with the rescue effort in New Orleans, all right? Now you don't believe that...RICE: No, I don't believe that.O'REILLY: Right, obviously you don't. And I don't believe that either. But you know who Damon Wayans is?RICE: I do.O'REILLY: A very popular black actor and comedian. Comes out and blasts Bush. Kills him. All right. About Iraq and about a whole bunch of other things. I think that influences popular opinion in the African-American community against the president. Am I wrong?RICE: Well, I do think that there is a lot being said out there that is being said without people questioning the assumptions. I think there is a lot being said out there that is just patently not true, particularly if you know this president. But it's also an emotional time and people say all kinds of things.I happen to know this president. And I know how much he cares about equality in America. I know how much he cares that minority kids get a fair shake in the educational system. Many years ago I heard him say that he was concerned about the soft bigotry of low expectations and that he was going to do something about the fact that minority kids were in third grade not yet even ing at a third grade level. That's what he cares about. Because the president knows that we have had a history in which race has been sometimes a barrier to opportunity.O'REILLY: But he doesn't directly address remarks to the African- American community. For example, last night on "Talking Points Memo" here on this program, I laid out on the screen how much more the Bush administration has spent on poverty entitlements, which directly influence poor African- Americans, than the Clinton administration. We had it on the screen. And it's indisputable.But you don't hear Mr. Bush go out into Harlem or South Central and say here's what we're doing for you. Why don't we hear that?RICE: This is a president who is going to do what he thinks is right.O'REILLY: But why don't we hear that?RICE: Well, he does talk about the need for minority home ownership. He has put enormous amounts of money into community colleges and historically black colleges.I would hope, Bill, that people who report on issues would...O'REILLY: You know they're going to hose you.RICE: I would hope so.O'REILLY: You know this is the most anti — the press is the most anti Bush press I've ever seen in any administration, perhaps with the exception of Nixon.RICE: Well let me have my hopes that people are going to report this fairly. But let me just say right here that this is a president who has not only cared about minority empowerment, not only cared about equal opportunity for minorities, but he's done more than any president I can think of in recent years.O'REILLY: He's certainly spent more money. I don't know if it's done...RICE: For instance, standards for — so that school children are actually ing at the grade levels they're supposed to be at.O'REILLY: No Child Left Behind.RICE: No Child Left Behind. And I was asked a couple days ago, "Well, what do you say to foreigners who say, well, you have a race problem?" And I say, "Well, yes, indeed. We have long had a race problem. Everybody knows that."But you can not lecture about race when you look at the ed States. It has the most diverse cabinet in the world, the most diverse foreign service in the world, the most diverse business community in the world, the most diverse journalistic community in the world. This country has made enormous strides in race relations, and we've done it the right way.O'REILLY: One more question on this. Does it hurt your feelings that most black Americans don't like the president?RICE: No.O'REILLY: Do you take it personally?RICE: I don't take anything personally, no. No. But I do like to have an opportunity to talk to people about what this president has meant for the empowerment of black Americans.O'REILLY: Does it hurt your feelings when some anti-Bush people say that you're a shill for him and sold out your race?RICE: Oh, come on. Why would I worry about something like that? Bill, the fact of the matter is, I've been black all my life. Nobody needs to help me how to be black.O'REILLY: A bit later on, we'll talk with Secretary RICE about Iraq and Iran. And we hope you stick around for that. Coming next, 34 elderly people killed by Katrina flood waters while the owners of the nursing home left them, split leaving them to die. Follow up report after these messages.O'REILLY: In part two of our conversation with Secretary of State Condoleezza RICE, we zero in on Iraq and Iran.O'REILLY: Our military analysts, I think, are the best in the business here at FOX. And they think that this is now Vietnam in the sense that it's a war of attrition. That the al Qaida and the Sunni fanatics have said, "We're going to wear the ed States of American down, OK. We're going to bomb them down." Just like Ho Chi Minh did in Vietnam. And sooner or later, probably sooner, the American public's going to turn on the action and demand they pull out.The American public is now against the war, according to the polls. Is the war of attrition being won by the terrorists and the Sunnis?200807/44319。

US Military, Afghan President at Odds Over Airstrike Deaths美军与阿总统对空袭结果说法不一Afghan President Hamid Karzai has condemned a U.S. airstrike in western Afghanistan that some Afghan officials say killed more than 70 civilians on Thursday. The U.S. military disputes the number of civilian casualties and insists the operation was a successful strike against a wanted Taliban commander. 阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊谴责美国星期四在阿富汗西部的空袭,阿富汗官员说那次空袭造成70多名平民丧生。美国军方对平民死亡数字表示异议,并坚持说,这次对一名受到通缉的塔利班指挥官的空袭行动取得了成功。President Hamid Karzai's office issued a statement Saturday strongly condemning what it called a "unilateral operation of Coalition Forces" in the Shindand district of Herat Province.  阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊的办公室星期六发表声明,强烈谴责“联军部队在赫拉特省辛丹德区的单方面行动”。The statement said local political and security officials reported at least 70 people, including women and children were killed in the airstrike.  声明说,当地政府和安全官员报告说,至少70人在空袭中丧生,包括妇女和儿童。The U.S. military disputes the civilian casualty figures and says troops called for airstrikes after a group of wanted militants fired on a joint patrol of coalition and Afghan forces.  美国军方对平民死亡数字提出质疑,说由联军部队和阿富汗部队组成的一联合巡逻队遭遇一夥被通缉的激进分子火力攻击之后,请求实施空中打击。U.S. coalition spokesman, First Lieutenant Nathan Perry, told VOA the troops were able to search the compound following the battle to confirm the casualty figures.  联军部队美方发言人佩里中尉对美国之音说,战斗结束之后,联军部队对受到空袭的院落进行了搜查,确定了死伤人数。He says five civilians, who were believed to be related to the militants, were among the 30 people killed in the strike. 佩里说,有30人在空袭中丧生,其中有5名平民据信是激进分子的亲属。"There was aly a battlefield assessment of this operation," said the spokesman. "We want to point out that this was an Afghan army operation. Coalition troops were in support of the Afghan operation. And after the operation, those troops on the ground were able to do a battlefield assessment. Not only did they confirm that they killed 25 militants, they also confirmed the main target that they were in pursuit of."  佩里说:“已经对这次空袭行动做了战场评估。我们想要指出的是,这是一次阿富汗军队的行动,联军是持阿军的行动。这次行动之后,地面部队进行了战场评估。他们不仅实了他们消灭了25名激进分子,还确定了他们追剿的重要目标。”The spokesman said despite the initial battlefield assessment, U.S.-led coalition forces have launched an investigation into the airstrike. Afghan officials have also called for an investigation.  这位发言人说,尽管进行了初步战场评估,美国领导的联军部队还是对这次空袭展开了调查。阿富汗官员也要求进行调查。Civilians deaths from U.S. airstrikes are a contentious issue in Afghanistan and in recent months the Afghan government has been more assertive in publicly rebuking foreign allied forces for civilian casualties.  美国空袭造成平民死亡在阿富汗是个容易引起争论的问题,阿富汗政府近几个月对外国联军部队造成的平民死亡进行了语气更加强硬的公开指责。President Karzai said Saturday that so far, Afghan efforts to stop civilian casualties have not had "desired outcomes." The president said the government will soon announce new initiatives for avoiding civilian deaths.  阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊星期六表示,到目前为止,阿富汗争取制止平民伤亡的努力还没有取得“理想的效果”。卡尔扎伊说,政府很快会宣布避免平民伤亡的新措施。In the village in Herat where Thursday's airstrike occurred, hundreds of locals protested Saturday after rejecting offers of food and other aid from Afghan military troops. Local media reports said some of the protesters turned violent and soldiers fired on the crowd, injuring several people. 在星期四受到空袭的赫拉特省的这个村庄,数百名村民星期六举行抗议,他们拒绝了阿富汗军队向他们提供的食品等援助。当地媒体报导,一些抗议者后来开始使用暴力,阿富汗部队向人群开,有几个人受伤。200808/46605。