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Thai Leader Offers Vote In Risky MoveThailand's army leaders made an enemy when they assigned Maj. Gen. Khattiya Sawasdipol to lead aerobics-dance classes in Bangkok's public markets a couple of years ago.Today, Maj. Gen. Khattiya is a renegade operating among the Red Shirt protesters in Bangkok's streets, and his increasingly militant followers illustrate the risks the government faces if it fails to secure a political deal to end the eight-week crisis.Protest leaders Tuesday appeared close to agreeing to Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva's latest offer to hold elections on Nov. 14 in exchange for calling off the debilitating protests, which have crippled Bangkok's main shopping district for weeks and caused hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. Thaksin Shinawatra, the fugitive former prime minister ousted in a 2006 military coup who is a driving force behind Red Shirt protests, said in a phone call to supporters Tuesday that prospects for reconciliation were good.Rally organizers, however, said they were waiting for proof of the government's sincerity, and questioned the proposed election date. 'We want to see the government commit to a dissolution,' said Nattawut Saikua, one of the main protest leaders. 'It's in the government's hands now.'Thai stock-market prices soared on news that the Red Shirts were considering the election offer. The Stock Exchange of Thailand Index rose 4.4% to close at 796.86 points.But if the offer is rejected amid disputes over the polling date, political analysts say tensions could deteriorate further -- and open the way for hard-liners to determine what happens next.One such hard-liner is Maj. Gen. Khattiya, better known as 'Seh Daeng,' or, roughly, 'Commander Red.' His followers represent a volatile splinter group in the protesters' push to replace a bureaucratic establishment with a populist, rural-dominated government. Some independent analysts say Maj. Gen. Khattiya's growing influence over such militant members of the broader Red Shirt movement could lead to bloodshed.The major general on Tuesday scoffed at the prime minister's latest offer. 'He's trying to trick the protest leaders into stepping down, but the protesters want to stay,' he said. 'It's just a plan to buy time and push up stock prices.'The major general, suspended from duty in 2008 for visiting Mr. Thaksin overseas without permission, was once a rising star in Thailand's armed forces, trained in fighting antigovernment forces. He earned his reputation as a maverick fighting Communist insurgents in near the border with Laos in the 1970s and Muslim rebels in the south. He scorns what he calls his superiors' fondness for golf, which he considers soft, and promotes himself as a Thai-style Rambo in a series of books he has written about his exploits in the field. /201005/103108我来介绍一下…Id like to introduce...A:Mr.Zhang,Id like to introduce our director Mr.William White.B:Im very glad to meet you.C:It a pleasure to meet you.你将接替我的工作You will be my replacement. You will take over my position.A:Are you the new ant?B:Yes,I am.A:Oh,then you will be my replacement.My name Mark Smith.B:My name Alice Lee.让我带你熟悉一下办公室Let me show you around the office.A:Let me show you around the office and tell you where everything is,so you can get a general idea of your duties.B:All right,Mr.Williams.这是你的办公桌This is your desk. Your desk is here.A:Where do I work?B:This is your desk; there is a computer and other s use.领办公用品get office suppliesA:Where can I get office supplies?B:At the administrative centre.这是干什么用的?What this ?A:What this ?B:It the key to your desk.培训新员工train new employeesA:How do you train new employees?B:We have a two?week training program.熟悉新工作get used to new workA:Hello,Zhang Hai,Im Robert Lee,the office manager.And I will be training you the following week bee you start your job.B:I hope that not too difficult.A:Take it easy.The training will help you get used to your work quickly.我们提供品质分析训练We provide quality analysis training.A:Mr.Smith,I was told that each worker is trained to do quality analysis.Can you tell me a little about that?B:Certainly.We provide quality analysis training as part of the training all new workers,plus a week of further training every year. 19

货已发出We have aly shipped the goods.A: Im calling to tell you that the merchandise ordered last month has not arrived yet.B: Im sorry,hold on a moment.Ill check it out.But we have aly shipped it to you last month.Would you like us to contact the express company to know what going on?A: Please find out the reason as soon as possible.We are in bad need of it.B: Ok,I am terribly sorry the trouble you are getting into.We will contact you first thing, once we know the reason.提前交货 advance your shipmentA: Could you do something to advance your shipment?B: It hard to say.But why?A: We expect the goods to be on the market bee the end of Decemberto catch up with the Spring Festival sales.B: I can understand your position.We cannot make any promise,but well try our best.准时发货 prompt shipmentA: May I know the definite date of delivery?B: Let me check.Well,in October.A: Is there any possibility you to ensure prompt shipment?B: We assure you that shipment will be made no later than the first half of October.分批发运partial shipment ship by installmentA: We hope that partial shipment is allowed.B: Could you explain in detail?A: Shipping the goods is to be made in three equal monthly installments.B: How about 60% the first load,then % each?交货日期 delivery dateA: I dont think we can meet the delivery date you suggest.It too soon.A: Well,is it possible you to effect shipment by the middle of June?B: The earliest we can do is by the end of June.延长交货期extend the delivery periodA: Couldnt you extend the delivery period by two weeks?That would make things much easier us.B: Well,you know the time of shipment means a lot to us.A: I can understand,but our company is fully committed at the moment,and hundreds of clients are placing orders delivery these days.B: I see.OK,that agreed then.运到之货情况良好The shipment has arrived in good condition.A: Im calling to tell you the shipment has arrived in good condition.B: That good!This is our first transaction.I hope youll be entirely satisfied with this initial shipment.A: Quite satisfied.Im looking ward to our future cooperation.对今后装运的货,请多加注意Please handle future shipments with more care.A: Ive got a bone to pick with you over your last shipment to Dalian.A part of the goods were damaged in transit.B: Im very sorry to hear that.A: Please handle future shipments with more care.B: Well take great care. 3590

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