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Jessica: Ashley, when you went to Kenya did you do a safari?杰西卡:阿什莉,你去肯尼亚的时候有去游猎吗?Ashley: Yes, it was incredible. Uh, we went of a five day safari. We were up every morning at 4:30 in the morning, um, to watch the animals and then we would have all day to kind of sit back and do nothing and then wed go on another animal drive in the evening because thats when the animals are eating, so cause its so hot in the day that they come out at dawn and dusk to graze. It was incredible. When we first started out, we werent even in the national park, we were on our way to the park, and we saw some zebras and we were screaming at our safari driver,;Stop! Stop! Theres zebras! Theres Zebras!; And hes like, ;Uh!;, hes like,;Youll be sick of zebras by the end; and we were so sure, like there was no way, we will never be sick of zebras. We will never be sick of zebras animals, its just, its just to foreign, to incredible to us, but by the end we were like,;Uh, another zebra; No, Im kidding, I mean still, it was incredible. We saw just lions and the whole thing, giraffes. Uh, to see giraffes run. Their necks, are just this wave. Its beautiful, so beautiful.阿什莉:去了,非常棒。嗯,我们参加了一个为期五天的游猎行程。我们早上4点半就起床去看动物了,之后我们就可以有一天的时间什么都不做,放松一下,之后晚上的时候我们可以再去观赏其他的动物,那是动物觅食的时间,因为白天太热了,所以他们都在黎明或黄昏时分出来活动觅食。那真是太不可思议了。刚开始的时候,我们都还没有进入国家公园,我们就在去公园的路上就看到了斑马,我们对这趟游猎的司机喊道:“停车!停车!是斑马!是斑马!”他当时说,“行程结束的时候你们会厌倦斑马的”,而我们非常确定,我们是绝对不会厌倦斑马的。我们绝不会对斑马感到厌倦,这对外国人来说,对我们来说简直太不可思议了,但是行程结束的时候,我们只是说,“哦,另一只斑马”。不是啦,我开个玩笑。我的意思是,那仍然令人难以置信。我们在整个行程中看到了狮子还有长颈鹿。嗯,看到了长颈鹿奔跑。它们跑起来的时候脖子就这样动。非常非常漂亮。Jessica: So were you most impressed with the giraffe or?杰西卡:那令你印象最深的是长颈鹿还是别的什么?Ashley: No, probably the lions. I mean, their the king. Just, we saw thirty different lions. It was, it was something out of a fairly tale. It was incredible. We even saw, we didnt see them make a kill but we saw them eating a kill, which was quite disgusting, but it was incredible to watch because there was a male lion who was, I guess he had aly eaten cause you know the men eat first and then they let their families eat, but there was another male, we were trying to figure out the dynamic of it because he wouldnt, the one male was keeping the other one away and keeping him away so his cubs could eat and they were kind of fighting, growling, I mean we were only ten feet away from them, not even that, like five feet. We were right there. It smelled cause it was a dead, I dont know, buffalo. It was gross. But it was incredible.阿什莉:不是,印象最深的可能是狮子。我的意思是,它们可是森林之王啊。我们大概看到了30种不同的狮子。它们就像从童话故事里走出来的一样。真令人难以置信。我们并没有看到它们捕杀的场景,但是我们看到了它们吃捕杀到的动物的场景,那非常恶心,不过看到这样的场景也很不可思议,因为那有一只雄性狮子,我想它已经吃过了,因为你知道雄性狮子吃完以后才会让家人吃,但是那里还有一只雄性狮子,我们试图弄明白它是不是还活着,因为它都不动,那只雄性狮子驱赶另一只雄性狮子,让它的孩子得以吃饭,它们进行了打斗,一直在咆哮,我的意思是我们离它们只有10英尺的距离,可能都没有,只有大概5英尺的距离。我们就在那里。我们能闻到味道,可能因为它已经死了,我也不知道,那是一只水牛。那场面有点恶心。不过的确不可思议。 /201311/264474

经典句型:I want to have this coat washed. 我要洗这件外套。A:What clothes do you have?甲:您要洗什么衣?B:I want to have this coat washed.乙:我要洗这件外套。A:25 yuan for a short coat.甲:洗一件短外套25元。经典句型:Id like to have this shirt ironed. 我想熨这件讨衫。A:Can I help you?甲:需要什么帮助?B:Id like to have this shirt ironed.乙:我想熨这件讨衫。A:All right.甲:好的。句型讲解:去洗衣店洗衣时,需要对店员说Id like to have these clothes washed.我有几件衣要洗。在这里,have these clothes washed是指“让别人洗衣”,这是have+名词+过去分词的形式,表示“让别人做某件事情” o比如:Id like to have my hair cut.我要剪头发。就是说,让别人给剪头发。 /201406/307185

谈论爱好What are your hobbies?你有什么爱好?A: What are your hobbies?你有什么爱好?B: My hobby is singing alone.我的爱好是一个人唱歌。Whats your favorite pastime?Whats your favorite amusement?你最喜欢什么方式?What are your interests?你对什么感兴趣?A: Whats your favorite pastime?你最喜欢什么方式?B:I like listening to music.我喜欢听音乐。pastime n. 消遣,amusement n. What do you do when youre free?你空闲时间做些什么?How do you spend your free time?你是怎样花费空闲时间的?A: What do you do when youre free?你空闲时间做些什么?B: I like to go to the movies in my spare time.空闲时间我喜欢看电影。I pursue English as my hobby.我把学习英语作力我的业余爱好。A:What do you do after work?业余时间你都干什么?B:I pursue English as my hobby.我把学习英语作为我的业余爱好。pursue v. 追求My favorite recreational activity is television.My favorite amusement is television.我最喜欢的方式是看电视。Hes a ran of middle height.他是个中等个子。Hes tall.他是个大高个。Hes of about the same height as you.他跟你差不多高。 Im tailer than Jordan.我比乔丹高。A:How tall are you?你多高?B:Im taller than Jordan.我比乔丹高。Hes heavily-built and muscular.他很结实而且肌肉发达。A:Do you end David a lot lately?大卫最近变化很大,你发现了吗?B:Yes. Hes heavily-but and muscular.发现了。他很结实而且肌肉发达。muscular a. 肌肉的,强健的What a tasteless dressWhat a gaudy dress.What a loud dress.这衣太俗了。tasteless a. 没味道的,无鉴赏力的Shes so attractive.She deserves a second look.Shes so striking that one look isnt enough。她太吸引人了,让人忍不住再看一始眼。attractive a. 吸引人的,有魅力的deserve v. 值得Shes got great curves.Shes got a nice shape.Shes got a great figureShes got a body to die for.她曲线很优美。curve n. 曲线David has those killer looksDavid has good looks.David is so handsome.大卫帅呆了。;lady-killer;是指对女子有杀伤力的男子。Is music your chief interest?音乐是你的主要爱好吗?Is football your favorite pastime?足球是你喜欢的消遣方式吗?A: Is music your chief interest?音乐是你的主要爱好吗?B: No. I have a passion for literature.不,我酷爱文学。passion n. ,热情本句中的chief也可以用main代替。My hobby is cooking.我的爱好是烹调。A:My hobby is cooking.我的爱好是烹调。B:This is a great hobby.这个爱好挺好的。When did you pick up that hobby?When did you get that hobby?你什么时候有这种爱好的?A: When did you pick up that hobby?你什么时候有这种爱好的?B:From my high school.从高中开始的。pick up“选择”Do you attend any clubs?Are you in any clubs?Are you a member of any clubs?你参加俱乐部了吗?A: Do you attend any clubs?像参加俱乐部了吗?B: Yes. Therere many people in our club.参加了,我们的俱乐部有很多会员。I watch TV for five or six hours a day.我每天看5到6个小时电视。recreational a. 消遣的,的Are you a film fan?你是影迷吗?A:Are you a film fan?你是影迷吗?B: Yes, Im crazy about movies.是的,我非常喜欢看电影。What kind of movies do you like?你喜欢看哪一类的电影?What do you like best about movies?你喜欢看什么样的电影?A: What kind of movies do you like?你喜欢看哪一类的电影?B: Comedy,Romance, Sci-fi Movie,Martial Arts.喜剧片、爱情片、科幻片、功夫片。comedy n. 喜剧romance n. 爱情片Sci-fl n. 科幻martial n. 武术的martial arts“武术(指功夫、柔道、空手道等)”Im a football fan.Im a fan of football.我是个足球迷。A: Does football appeal to you?是球对你有没有吸引力?B: Yes. Im a football fan.有啊。我是个足球迷。Is he a good pianist?Does he play the piano well?他钢琴弹得好吗?A:Is he a good pianist?他的钢琴弹得好吗?B: He plays the piano just for fun.他弹钢琴只是为了好玩。A: Tom loves Marry so much that he even doesnt mind whatever she says or does.汤姆太爱玛丽了,无论她说什么、做什么他都不介意。B:Well, love is blind.唉,情人眼里出西施。beholder n. 目睹者,旁观者Have you ever fallen in love with somebody?你曾经爱上过某个人吗?A: Have you ever fallen in love with somebody?你曾经爱上过某个人吗?B: Yes do you remember Ross?爱过。你记得罗斯吗?fall in love with“爱上”I like those guys who are bold but cautious.我喜欢那种胆大心细的人。A: I hate guys who are timid.我讨厌胆小的男人。B: So do I. I like those guys who are bold but cautious.我也是。我喜欢那种胆大心细的人。bold a. 大胆的cautious a. 谨慎的,细心的How long have you been dating Jack?你和杰克交往多久了?A:How long have you been dating Jack?你和杰克交往多久了?B: Weve been dating for several months.我们已经交往好几个月了。All the girls hit on him in class.班上的女孩子们都喜欢和他打情骂俏。A: He looks so hot. All the girls hit on him in class.他看起来太有魅力了。班上的女孩子们都喜欢和他打情骂俏。B:But I dont like him.但是我就不喜欢他。hot在本句中是口语用法,表示一有“魅力的”;而hit on是俚语,表示“希望发生暧昧关系”。 /201412/347892

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