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The worlds most magnificent palace举世最为恢弘的宫殿is about to become its most notorious.即将名声渐毁Home to decadence on a truly royal scale.它是皇室颓废生活的温床Prostitution and gluttony.充斥着荒淫与饕餮Gambling and torture.与酷刑And enough sex to scandalised even the French.其间的恣情纵欲甚至让法国人不齿This is the story of a king who took Versailles,本片讲述了一位国王如何将凡尔赛turned it into his palace of pleasure,变为自己享乐的天堂and brought the monarchy to the brink of collapse.由此将君主制推向瓦解的边缘The waking ceremony of the Duke of Anjou, by grace of God,画面中这是天佑的安茹公爵King Louis XV, Monarch of France and Navarre,路易十五 法国与纳瓦拉的君主and just an 11-year-old boy.这年仅11岁男孩的起床仪式Louis will reign for 58 years,路易将执政58年but his whole life will be但他的一生都将被lived in the shadow of another mans glory,另一个男人荣耀的阴影笼罩his predecessor, Louis XIV.那就是他的前任 路易十四Louis XIV was an incredibly tough act to follow.路易十四的功绩难以复制He is seen as The Great.人们视他为大帝He is the Conqueror of Europe.他是欧洲的征者He adds to France.他让法国空前强大He is the greatest monarch of the 17th century.是17世纪最伟大的君主He was the first act on the stage of Versailles.他是凡尔赛宫的第一位主人He was the Sun,他是太阳王he was Apollo, the Sun God.是太阳神阿波罗的化身Everything orbited around him.他是一切的中心The etiquette of the court, the day of the court,宫廷的礼仪 日常事宜the extraordinary life lived entirely in the public gaze.万众瞩目下的非凡生活In his patronage of the arts, in his building projects,他对艺术的赞助 他的建筑工程in his personal conduct, in the way he dressed,他的言行举止 着装风格the way he ate, the way he looked,用餐方式 外貌姿态the way he walked.甚至走路仪态From the fountains in his gardens to the silver by his bed,大到花园中的喷泉 小到床边的银器he had established a form of etiquette他建立了一套礼仪规则with the sole view of making the whole country of France仅仅为让整个法国的目光entirely focused upon his person and his power.都聚焦在他个人与他的权力之上201204/179352Weather forecasters say a strong cold front from North West Chinas Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region will hit most parts of China over the next three days.天气预报报道,未来三天将有一股强冷空气流将从中国新疆维吾尔自治区袭来并席卷中国大部分区域。The cold snap is expected to bring strong winds to China, sending temperatures plummeting. Temperatures in most regions will fall by between 4 to 8 degrees Celsius. Some northern regions will experience even harsher cold weather.这股冷空气预计会带来大风天气并使温度骤降。大部分地区温度将下降4-8摄氏度。一些北部地区将迎来寒冷天气。Xinjiang Resident, said, ;Its very cold at night. My hands feel cold when I go to the shop in the morning and afternoon.;Most parts of the country will also see light to heavy rain in the next few days, and light to moderate snow may fall in northern China.一位新疆居民说,“晚上非常冷。早上和下午我去商店时都会觉的手冷。”大部分地区在未来几天还会迎来小到大雨,北部地区还会有小到中雪。Inner Mongolia Resident, said, ;The snow can purify the air and kill some bacteria. It makes me feel good.;一位内蒙居民说,“雪可以净化空气并杀死一些细菌,让我感觉舒适。”Forecasters say people should prepare for the cold spell, and drivers and pedestrians watch out for icy roads and pavements.天气预报告诉人们应该为该寒潮期早作准备,司机与行人也要格外注意结冰道路和人行道。201210/203928The days of boring breakfasts are over! These muffins are packed full of dried fruits and oats to keep you going all morning, and are super tasty too. Sarah Spence, baker for Muffin Heaven, shows you how to make them in this quick and simple recipe.还在吃那些倒人胃口的早餐吗?你out了!现在用脱水蔬菜和燕麦做的松糕才是上选。它可以在让你大饱口福的同时保让你整个上午都精力充沛。现在就跟着松糕烘焙师萨拉·斯宾塞来学学如何这道精美的糕点吧。At a glance总览Preparation Time:10 minutes准备十分钟Cooking Time:16 minutes烘焙16分钟Total Time:26 minutes总计费时:26分钟Oven Temperature:190° c - 370° f烤箱温度:190摄氏度,或370华氏度。words to learn1. muffin:松糕,小松饼I always have muffin as my breakfeast.2. dried vegetable:脱水蔬菜(而不是干的蔬菜)Dried vegetable are better in reserving.3. oat :(可数名词)燕麦,麦片粥Though rich in nutrient, oats are my last choice to my diet.4. recipe:食谱,烹饪法;处方(医)Its easy to bake b by following the recipe.5. oven:烤箱The oven had gradually regained its room temperature.201207/191492All is revealed. Use this trick to impress the girls. This trick is perfect to perform at a bar. Fast to learn. Find the materials anywhere. Great reactions: Wow that is a glorious trick!.现在就是揭秘真相的时刻。用这一伎俩来吸引女孩子吧。这个魔术在酒吧很很奏效,而且易于掌握,材料又是随手可得。你应该会想:哇,这太炫了!Step 1: Prepare准备All you need is a beer and a napkin. I bet you that I can open this beer with this napkin. Now I will show you how to do it. You fold the napkin and roll it up really tight. Be sure to make the middle very tight. This is the part that we are going to use to open the bottle with. You fold it in half, this will make it very hard at the end.所有你需要准备的就是一瓶啤酒和餐巾。我敢打赌,我可以用餐巾打开这瓶啤酒。现在我将告诉你如何去做。叠起餐巾并且要卷的很紧。一定要让中间非常紧。这就是我们将用来打开啤酒的部分。你把它对折,这样后面就非常锋利。Step 2: Perform表演Now we take the napkin and press it hard against the bottle cap and pull upwards and there we go, just like that. And thats how you open a beer with a napkin. Okay, we now have the rolled up napkin, we press it hard against the bottle cap and try to catch one or two of the. . .现在,我们拿着餐巾并对啤酒瓶盖施加相反的力,嘿,你成功了!祝贺你!就是这样。这就是全部。好吧,我们现在用餐巾继续开启瓶盖吧。词语解释:1. reveal v. 揭晓2. material n. 原材料3. napkin n. 餐巾163898

How To Be HappyThe best minds in science and academia weigh in on the mystery of happiness.Step 1: Be A Do-Gooder(做好事)Researchers caution against mistaking "pleasure" for "happiness. " Pleasure is based on external factors, and leaves one craving more, more, more. Happiness, however, is influenced less directly- even by putting off your own pleasure for the good of someone else. People who perform selfless acts of kindness, whether by volunteering for a shelter or just helping out a friend, raised their reported level of happiness.Step 2: Don't Sweat Decisions(快速下决定)The longer a choice is debated, the less happy the decider is with the outcome. Whether it's what to eat or where to live, first set your standards- the factors most important to you- then take the first option that meets them.Step 3: Spend Well(明智消费)If you're going to splurge, do it on an experience you'll remember, not goods or gadgets. Research indicates that people often regret purchasing an expensive ITEM, but tend NOT to regret money spent on "experiences" such as dining and travel.Step 4: Aim High- But Not That High(把目标定得高些,但别太高)Those at the pinnacle of financial success don't report significantly higher levels of happiness than the average Joe. Ask yourself if that overtime is REALLY worth it.Step 5: Be A Joiner(参加社团活动)Whether it's a church choir or street dance crew, being part of a defined community group raises happiness levels.Step 6: Stop Dwelling(别胡思乱想了)Leading psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky has found that the happiest people don't dwell on negative or ambiguous events. Furthermore, excessive introspection may sap your mental resources, making it harder for positive changes to occur. So turn off that Morrissey record and go outside.Step 7: Be Grateful(有感恩的心)Several professors and scholars in this field instruct students to keep a regular journal of what they're thankful for. The results indicate that gratitude reliably increases happiness. Who knew that those greeting cards urging us to "count our blessings" were right?Also known as:(How Do I Be Happy)Thanks for watching How To Be Happy For more how to s, expert advice, instructional tips, tricks, guides and tutorials on this subject, visit the topic Finding Happiness.201105/136217


The zany world of Japanese anime invaded California as hundreds of fans in colorful wigs, elaborate make up and intricate costumes gathered at the Los Angeles Convention Center for Anime Expo 2012. Its North Americas largest gathering for devotees of manga, anime and all forms of J-pop culture.Fans queued around the block, all eager to be among the first to enter the largest Japanese comics and animation convention in the US. While the convention offers enthusiasts the opportunity to speak with their idols and learn more about the anime world, its also a great chance to network with other fans.While they waited, fans passed the time by taking photos together and role playing their favorite characters.Daniel Joseph, cosplayer, said, ;Its kind of unique and its also a great way to meet new people who have the same interest as you. And, you know what, out there today, it seems like not many people are really doing that.;Tina Chang, cosplayer, said, ;I think a lot of these people, theyre people that are hiding away in little tiny holes and they just need something to just bring them out. This brings them out and allows them to actually socialize and actually feel like theyre not alone in this anime world because, this anime world, although it seems big its still pretty small.;The four day event was organized by the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation and is a real annual Mecca for thousands of anime fans and industry professionals.2012美国动漫览会在加利福尼亚举行,成百上千的动漫爱好者戴着五颜六色的假发,画着精致的妆容,穿着各种角色装涌进洛杉矶大会堂参加这场盛会。这是北美最大的一场动漫和流行文化爱好者的盛大集会。动漫迷们排队等在中心周围,都渴望第一个进入会堂。盛会将提供机会给动漫迷们与他们的偶像进行交谈并从中学习更多有关动漫世界的知识,这场盛会也是一个与其他动漫迷交流的大好机会。动漫迷们一边在外面等待,一边一起拍照留影并扮演他们最爱的角色以打发时间。动漫参赛选手Daniel Joseph说:“这是唯一可以认识志同道合朋友的最佳途径。而且,你们知道,今天离开这儿以后,似乎就没有太多人喜欢动漫了。”动漫参赛选手Tina Chang说:“我想很多的动漫爱好者他们都是将自己隐藏在小洞中的,他们只是希望能有某种东西可以将他们带离那里。这场盛会就将他们带离那里并使他们能否够真实地地进行交际,同时也让他们感觉到他们在动漫世界中并不孤单,因为这个动漫世界虽然看起来很大但其实仍然很小。这场为期四天由日本动漫促进协会主办的盛会是千万动漫爱好者和专业人士每年都渴望去的地方。201207/190677

Today in History:Thursday, June5, 2013历史上的今天:2013年6月5日,星期三June 5th, 1968“So, my thanks to all of you, and now it’s on to Chicago, and let’s win there.”In Los Angeles, Senator Robert F. Kennedy is fatally shot, after claiming victory in Californias Democratic Presidential Primary. Reporter Andrew West is there. “Senator Kennedy has been shot, is that possible? Is that possible?...It is possilbe. Ladies and gentlemen, it is possible.”Kennedy dies the following day. His convicted assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, ultimately receives life in prison.1967,The Six-Day War breaks out between Israel and its Arab neighbors, reshaping the map of the Middle East. Fighting ends after Israel seizes control of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem, the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights.1947,Birth of the Marshall Plan, the recovery aid program for Europe after World War Two. Secretary of State George C. Marshall outlines the program that later bears his name at Harvard University in Massachusetts.“Our policy is directed not against any country or doctrine but against hunger, poverty, desperation and chaos.”1981,The U.S. Centers for Disease Control reports the first recognized cases of the disease that eventually becomes known as AIDS.And 2004,“We made the city stronger, we made the city freer, and we left her in good hands.” Former President Ronald Reagan dies in Los Angeles at age 93, after a long battle with Alzheimers disease.Today in History, June 5th, Camille Bohannon, the Associated Press. /201306/242998


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