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Dialogue:JJ:Hey, Xiao Gao, how was your trip to Gansu Province?京晶:小高,你的甘肃之行怎么样?XG:It was pretty fun. Although the first day we spent snoozing in our hotelrooms.小高: 很有意思尽管达到的第一天我们全都在宾馆里睡大觉呢JJ:Why is that?京晶:为何如此?XG:Because we had to leave Beijing at 3:30 in the morning. Needless to say, no one slept muchthe night bee. Our flight was supposed to leave at 6:00 in the morning, butit was delayed two and a half hours. What worse, we had to wait onthe tarmac during thattime. It was so boring.小高:因为我们不得不在凌晨三点三十才离开北京,毫无疑问,头一天晚上谁都没睡好我们的飞机本来应该早上六点准时起飞,不过延误了两个半小时另外,那段时间我们不得不在跑道上等待起飞,真是无聊透了JJ:So where did you fly to?京晶:你们这是飞去哪儿?XG:We flew to Dunhuang. After eating lunch, we went to our hotelrooms and slept until the next morning. Everyone was exhausted by then.小高:我们去了敦煌午餐后,我们就直接回到宾馆房间一直睡到了第二天清早,大家都累透了JJ:So what kinds of places did you visit there?京晶:说说你们都去了些什么地方呢?XG:The next day, we went to the Ghost City. The weather was scorching hot so we didntstay long. The place is famous its beautiful view of rock mations. Later that night, wevisited the night market and bought some souvenirs.小高:第二天,我们去了魔鬼城,天太热了所以我们没有过多停留这个地方最著名的就是漂亮的岩石地貌风景那天晚上,我们去夜市买了些纪念品JJ:Oh, so where my present?京晶:哦,那我的礼物呢?XG:Erm… I got to bring it! Anyways, the next day was the funnest.We rode camels in the desert! The name of the place is calledYueya Spring. There was a lake right in the middle of the desert.小高:额…我忘带了!不过,接下来这一天是最好玩的我们在沙漠里骑骆驼呢!那个地方叫月牙泉,沙漠中央的一口泉水JJ:Why arent you sunburned?京晶:你为什么没晒伤?XG:Because I applied lots of sunscreen. Anyways, later that day we visited the Mogao Grottos. Thereare 9 caves that have amazing colored Buddhist statues.小高:因为我涂了很多防晒霜呀另外,那天我们还去了莫高窟,那里有9窟陈列着非常震撼的色佛像JJ:Oh, you lucky duck! Ive always wanted to go there!京晶:你太幸运了!我可一直想去那儿呢!XG:Next, we visited Jiayu Pass in the city of Jiayuguan. The building was constructed in 7 andstill stands today.小高:接下来,我们还去了位于嘉峪关市的嘉峪关口,7年建造的建筑至今还矗立着JJ:Cool, so what did you do on your last day?京晶:不错!你们最后一天的行程都干嘛了?XG:We took a train to Lanzhou and ate Lanzhou noodles! Oh my gosh,they were to die ! My mouth waters just thinking about them!Here, look at this photo. Dont they look delicious?...Hey! Jing Jing, whereare you going?小高:我们坐火车去兰州,还吃了兰州拉面!我的天哪,真是太好吃了!一想到拉面我就流口水看这张照片,它们看上去太好吃了不是吗?喂,京晶,你去哪儿呀?JJ:Im going to eat lunch! Those pictures made me too hungry. Talk toyou later, Xiao Gao!京晶:我去吃午饭啦!这些照片把我看饿了回见,小高! New words dialogue:Snooze sleep 睡觉Needlessto say obviously 很明显(不用说)Delay tobe postponed 推迟Tarmac the runway of an airport 机场跑道Scorchinghot extremely hot 极热Souvenir items that you can remember a place you visited by 纪念品Sunscreen lotion that protects your skin from being burned by the sun 防晒霜To die extremely worthwhile and attractive 非常值得,吸引人的听力中英对照文本敬请期待下期内容! 390183朗读原文:CHAPTER TWOWHAT LUCY FOUND THERE;GOOD EVENING,; said Lucy. But the Faun was so busy picking up its parcels that at first it did not reply. When it had finished it made her a little bow.;Good evening, good evening,; said the Faun. ;Excuse me - I dont want to be inquisitive - but should I be right in thinking that you are a Daughter of Eve?;;My name Lucy,; said she, not quite understanding him.;But you are - give me - you are what they call a girl?; said the Faun.;Of course Im a girl,; said Lucy.;You are in fact Human?;;Of course Im human,; said Lucy, still a little puzzled.;To be sure, to be sure,; said the Faun. ;How stupid of me! But Ive never seen a Son of Adam or a Daughter of Eve bee. I am delighted. That is to say -; and then it stopped as if it had been going to say something it had not intended but had remembered in time. ;Delighted, delighted,; it went on. ;Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tumnus.;;I am very pleased to meet you, Mr Tumnus,; said Lucy.;And may I ask, O Lucy Daughter of Eve,; said Mr Tumnus, ;how you have come into Narnia?;;Narnia? What that?; said Lucy.;This is the land of Narnia,; said the Faun, ;where we are now; all that lies between the lamp-post and the great castle of Cair Paravel on the eastern sea. And you - you have come from the wild woods of the west?;;I - I got in through the wardrobe in the spare room,; said Lucy. 069英语学习笔记:ingeniously adv. 巧妙地conceive v. 设想,构思scriptwriter n. 编剧bewitchingly adv. 迷人地detective movie 侦探电影play third fiddle 演一些无足轻重的角色The plot of the story is ingeniously conceived.故事情节的构思相当巧妙就会吸引观众继续看下去The scriptwriter of this detective movie has designed a good plot.这部侦探电影的编剧设计了一个很好的情节His permance of this character is topnotch.他扮演的这个角色表演特别出色What bewitchingly beautiful scenes!多么迷人的场景啊!His lines isnt more than three sides.他的台词不超过三页更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文0 501Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻 The Secret of Success成功的秘密?;Sir, what is the secret of your success?;“先生,什么是你成功的秘密?”;Two words;“两个字(词)”;And, Sir, what are they?;“先生,是哪两个字(词)?”;Right decisions.;“正确决定”;And how do you make right decisions?;“那么你是怎么做出正确决定的?”?;One word.;“一个字(词)”;And, what is that?;“那是什么?”;Experience.;“经验”;And how do you get Experience?;“你如何取得经验?”;Two words;“两个字(词)”;And, Sir, what are they?;“先生,是哪两个字(词)?”;Wrong decisions.;“错误决定”Notes:1.secretn. 秘密,机密;秘诀;奥秘adj. 秘密的,机密的;神秘的;隐秘的常见搭配:a dark secret十分秘密的事be in the secret参与秘密dead secret绝对的秘密in secret秘密地; 私下里, 暗地里keep a [the] secret保守秘密keep sth. secret from (sb.)不把某事告诉某人let [take] sb. into the secret将秘密告诉某人make a secret of隐瞒[常用于否定句]open secret公开的秘密.decisionn. 决定;果断;决议;(法院的)判决vt. [口语][拳击]靠判定击败(对手)常见搭配:come to a decision作出决定arrive at a decision作出决定reach a decision作出决定give a decision 判决对...有利give a decision against判决对...不利leave...to the decision of由...来决定(某事)make a decision决定下来, 作出决定; 下决心with decision断然本节目可可原创节目, 979

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