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厦门治疗疤痕南平减肚子的美容院厦门省中心医院是正规医院吗? You might not have as many close friends as you think. Researchers have provided new evidence that lends weight to a theory that says you can only maintain five close friendships.你的亲密朋友也许没有你想的那么多。研究员提供的新据强调了一种观点,你只能维护好与5个人的亲密友谊。You’ve probably heard of Dunbar’s Number which suggests that human beings can only maintain meaningful relationships with between 100 to 230 other people, and that number is typically 150. It’s been demonstrated to hold true in all kinds of situations—from ancient armies to big business.你可能听说过邓巴数,它指出人只能与其他100~230个人维持有意义的人际关系,而且这个数字通常是150。从古代军队到财团,各种情况都明它是有效的。But you might not know that Robin Dunbar, the anthropologist behind the number, has since also suggested that those relationships are layered, like an onion. He argues that people typically have five ultra-close relationships, then 10 slightly less cozy companions, 35 at more distance, and then 100 in an outer circle. Now he and follow researchers have published data that appears to lend weight to the theory.但是你也许不知道这个数字背后的人类学家罗宾·邓巴,他后来也指出,人际关系就像洋葱一样,是分层的。他表示人们通常有5个非常亲密的朋友,10个稍微不那么默契的朋友,35个有些距离的朋友,然后是100个自己圈子以外的朋友。如今他和追随他的研究员公布了那些看上去似乎强调了该观点的数据。The remaining data was then clustered, to sort out whether there was layering in friendship closeness, where closeness was measured by the frequency of calls between two individuals. Turns out that the clusters shape up rather similarly to Dunbar’s suggestions, with 4.1 in the first layer, 6.9 in the next, then 18.8, and finally 99.1. The results are published on arXiv.此外,剩余的数据是成串的,要整理出亲密友谊是否分层,而亲密度是通过衡量两个人之间通电话的频率来得出的。结果发现,这串数据发展成邓巴观点,更确切的说,与邓巴观点相似,4.1在第一层,6.9在下一层,然后再下一层是18.8,最后一层是99.1。这个研究结果被发表在arXiv上。 /201605/442619Restaurants are the go-to for so many social and professional occasions. Whether you#39;re in for a professional meet-up, brunch with friends, or an overdue date night with your longtime partner, the convo-and-cuisine combo is, in general, the perfect fallback option.很多时候,社交和工作可能要在餐馆进行。无论是工作洽谈、与朋友吃早午餐,还是与人生伴侣共赴一场早就定好的约会,一边讨论问题一边进餐都是非常完美的备选方案。But as a first date? No thanks, I#39;d rather shove bamboo under my fingernails while listening to Yoko Ono songs on repeat.但第一次约会呢?还是算了吧,我宁可边循环播放小野洋子的歌,边往指甲里扎竹片。Just because it#39;s been a courtship staple since forever doesn#39;t mean it#39;s a good idea, any more than ordering garlic b and onion soup just before going in for the first kiss is a good idea. Not convinced? Let#39;s break it down.仅仅因为共进晚餐是求爱的永恒主题,并不意味着这是个好方法,这和点了蒜蓉面包和洋葱汤后再献初吻是一样的性质。你不信吗?看我慢慢给你分析。You#39;ve got spinach in your teeth你牙缝里有菠菜Let me be blunt here: no one looks attractive while they#39;re eating. Not you, not your date, not even Hollywood celebrities. (Ever seen a tabloid photo of a famous person wolfing down a double-stacked hamburger? I rest my case.)我就直白一点说吧:没人吃相好看。你不好看,你的约会对象不好看,甚至好莱坞明星也不好看。(你在小报上见过明星狼吞虎咽吃双层汉堡的照片吗?我不用再多说了吧。)Sure, the way he slurps his spaghetti like a child or the way she always takes 20 minutes to order might become an endearing quirk later on. But when it comes to first impressions, gnawing on BBQ ribs is far from alluring. Salad isn#39;t any safer. For whatever reason, restaurants love to serve giant-sized leaves of lettuce in their salads that are all but impossible to fit into a human-sized mouth without unhinging your jaw like a snake. You could try taking a knife to your edible jungle, but then you#39;re likely to get that look that says, ;Are you crazy? Why are you using a steak knife on your salad?;当然了,他吃意大利面时吧唧嘴的样子像个孩子,她点菜总要花上20分钟的时间……这些怪癖也许恰恰促成了你们后来的爱情。但是想要留下良好的第一印象,大口嚼着烤肋排可一点都不吸引人。沙拉也安全不到哪儿去。不知道为什么,餐馆提供的沙拉里面的生菜叶总是很大,你不像蛇一样把嘴张到最大根本没法把它塞进嘴里。你也可以拿把刀切一下这些菜叶,但那样的话别人也许就会投来异样的眼光,好像在说:“你疯了吗?怎么用切牛排的刀来切沙拉?”By the way, if you do somehow find yourself at the local eatery during your first romantic rendezvous, bring a toothbrush. Murphy#39;s law of dating says that if you can get a huge glob of food stuck in your front teeth while trying to woo your potential future SO, you will.顺便提醒一下,如果你确实发现自己不小心把第一次浪漫约会设在了当地一家餐厅,那就带把牙刷吧。墨菲的约会定律说,如果你有可能在追求潜在伴侣的时候门牙上粘了一团食物,那么,这样的事就会发生。Two words: gastrointestinal distress四个字:肠胃不适Even if you manage to choose a restaurant with an appealing and reasonable prices—both of those are BIG ifs!—you#39;re still running a dangerous risk by trusting your stomach to do the right thing. Our gastrointestinal systems work in mysterious ways, and there#39;s no telling if or when two seemingly innocuous foods might have an unexpected reaction that will lead to embarrassing results.如果你选到了一家菜品美味、价格合理的餐厅(大写的“如果”),即使你觉得你的肠胃到时候可以正常运转,那么你还是冒了很大的风险。我们的肠胃系统运作方式非常神秘,不会提前告诉你:是否以及何时,两种看上去相安无事的食物会发生意想不到的反应,并导致非常尴尬的结果。There are a million different factors working simultaneously to determine if and when your food will disagree with you. Even ordering an old favorite doesn#39;t guarantee that it won#39;t send you racing to the bathroom halfway through your meal, or force you to make the impossible choice between whether to let one rip (and hope your date doesn#39;t hear) or bravely try to hold it in.你的食物什么时候会在体内作怪是百万个因素共同作用的结果。即使点你一直喜欢的菜也不能保你在吃到一半时不会冲向卫生间,或者你犹豫一番,到底是排下气呢(还要祈祷你的约会对象不会听到),还是勇敢地忍住——这种选择真是两难啊。And if you did order that garlic b and onion soup? Well, I just hope you carry an emergency supply of breath-freshening mints in your pocket at all times. Otherwise, you#39;re screwed.如果你确实点了蒜蓉面包和洋葱汤呢?这样的话,我希望你随时随地携带救急用的口气清新薄荷糖。否则的话,你就完了。It#39;s like a job interview, only worse就像面试一样,只是比面试更糟Even when I#39;m out with a familiar face, I prefer to sit next to the person, rather than across from them. It#39;s cozier, more intimate, and less confrontational. Bonus: it puts you in prime position to snag a bite off their plate before they can fight back.即使我是和熟人一起出去吃饭的,我也更喜欢坐在那人旁边,而不是与他面对面。这样更舒适,也更亲密,也不显得太对立。给你点儿额外福利:这个位置使你能在他们还没反应过来的时候,从他们的盘子里抢一口吃的。Sitting across from someone in a one-on-one setting is far too reminiscent of an interview, especially given all the questions you#39;ll be asking each other. Unless, of course, you#39;re stuck in perpetual awkward silence, which is far, far worse. In fact, a lot of dating advice columns have pointed out the similarities between a first date and a job interview: in both cases, you#39;re dressing up and trying to put your best foot forward in the hopes of securing a callback.和某人面对面坐着简直太像面试了,特别是你们还要问对方很多问题。当然,除非你们处在长时间尴尬的沉默中才能不像面试,但那样会比糟糕更糟。事实上,很多约会建议专栏都说过第一次约会和面试的相似之处:在这两个情境中,你都会打扮得光鲜亮丽,试图给人留下个好印象,期待着能有下次。Realizing the connection, of course, only makes it seem that much more nerve-wracking. At least at the end of a job interview, you get to go home knowing you#39;ll never have to see that person again unless they actually liked you. Rarely will you get so lucky in the world of romance.意识到这些联系,当然只会让约会看起来更令人精神紧张。至少,在面试后,你在回家的路上就知道,你永远不会再见到他了,除非那个人确实喜欢你。而你在情场中很少能有这么好的运气。Nerves, of course, are part and parcel of a first date. So why would you want to put yourself in a situation that#39;ll just ramp up the anxiety even more?当然,第一次约会的时候紧张不可避免 。那么为什么你还要把自己置于紧张的情境中,加剧自己的焦虑呢?Talk about being under pressure...既然说到了压力……Let#39;s say, for argument#39;s sake, you actually like sitting across from people. Fine. But what about the comparison factor? First date dinners are such a cliché, it#39;s nearly impossible to avoid thinking back to all the other times you took a guy or girl out to eat for the first time. Not to mention the quintillion dinner-date scenes Hollywood has managed to squeeze into every rom-com ever.为了全方位论我的观点,我们就打个比方,假设你确实喜欢和人面对面坐着。那好。但比较起来该怎么办呢?第一次约会共进晚餐总是这么的老套,会让你不可避免地回想起你以前带男孩或女孩第一次出去吃饭的时光。更不要说好莱坞拍了无数个爱情电影,每个里面都有共进晚餐的约会场景了。The thing is, the compare-and-contrast game is unwinnable. One of two things will inevitably happen: your brain will kindly dredge up the worst faux-pas you#39;ve ever committed and give you debilitating social anxiety, or you#39;ll think of Cameron Diaz and Jude Law chatting in a fancy French bistro and realize this date doesn#39;t even come close. Inevitably, you#39;ll find yourself subconsciously struggling to either avoid the mistakes of the past or to measure up to impossible standards. Neither of these, of course, will accomplish anything besides adding extra pressure to an aly stressful event.问题是,在这种比较加对比的游戏中你是不会获胜的。你脑海中会不由自主地浮现出最失态的那次经历,加剧你的社交恐惧;或者你会想起卡梅隆·迪亚兹和裘德·洛在一家有情调的法国酒吧聊天的场景,然后意识到自己的这次约会可远远比不上人家。你会不可避免地发现自己在潜意识中挣扎,要么试图避免过去的错误,要么以不可能的标准要求自己。而这两种情况,除了给已经够紧张的事增加额外压力,别的什么都实现不了。Break the mold and opt for a better, more casual alternative. Consider mini golf, or a trip to the museum, or attending a local festival—literally anything more creative and enjoyable than the nightmare of the first date dinner. The future yin to your yang will thank you for it.打破常规,选择一个更好更轻松的方式吧。考虑一下去打迷你高尔夫、参观物馆,或者参加当地的节日庆祝活动,这些都比像噩梦一般的晚餐更新鲜、更愉快。你未来的另一半也会因此感谢你的。 /201604/438399厦门割双眼皮最好的地方

福建厦门欧菲医院治疗痘坑多少钱The rules of etiquette have been tossed out of the window yet again as people are being asked to stand on both sides of escalators at Holborn station.在霍尔本地铁站,礼仪的规矩再遭抛弃,人们又可以站在扶梯两边了。One of the busiest stations on London Underground, Holborn was the first station in the country to urge travellers to stand on both the right and left of upward-moving escalators during an experiment in November last year.霍尔本地铁站是伦敦地下交通系统最繁忙的站点之一,在去年11月的一次试行中,霍尔本地铁站在英国率先允许乘客可以站在上行扶梯的左右两边。The previous test, which lasted for three weeks, showed that standing actually reduced congestion by 30 per cent – 16,220 people an hour were able to travel on the escalator during rush hour compared to the usual 12,745 when both standing and walking are allowed.那次试行共持续了三周,结果明,扶梯两侧同时站人可以有效减少30%的拥堵——在高峰时段,扶梯每小时可载16220人次。但以前左行右立的时候,每小时只有12745人次通过。Transport for London (TfL) hopes the new standing formation, which this time will be tested for six months, will make the most of wasted space on longer escalators, where most people choose to wait on the right.此次试行时间长达六个月。伦敦交通局(TfL)希望新规能最大化地利用长扶梯上被浪费掉的空间,因为大多数人总是选择站在右边。Many passengers had expressed concern at being forced to stand where previously they would have chosen to dash up the stairs, but TfL have addressed those fears ahead of this latest experiment.很多乘客表达了自己的担忧,因为以前他们可以从扶梯左侧冲上去,但现在被要求站在左侧,他们有点不适应。但伦敦交通局在此次试运行前已经解决了这些担忧。A third #39;up#39; escalator will be available for people who wish to tackle the steps with more vigour, they said.他们说,已给那些步伐矫健的人士另设了一架上行扶梯。Signs and information will be displayed around the station to encourage people to participate and prevent confusion during the six-month experiment.在六个月的试行期内,地铁站会四处张贴标语和告示,鼓励人们参与,防止发生混乱。They will range from the creative—a talking projection of a staff member – to the more traditional—signs on the floors, footprints on the escalator steps, handprints on the handrails and station announcements.这些措施有很新鲜的,比如车站工作人员的语音播报;也有很传统的,比如地板上的标识、扶梯台阶上的脚印、扶手上的手印和车站的告示。LU operations director Peter McNaught said: #39;I look forward to this new pilot.伦敦地铁公司运营总监皮特#8226;麦克诺特说:“我十分期待这项新规。”#39;The etiquette on London Underground is for customers to stand on the right of escalators, allowing others to walk on the left. However, few customers choose to walk on longer escalators such as Holborn, so much of the left-hand-side is unused.“伦敦地铁的规矩就是乘客站在扶梯右边,这样别人就可以从左边走。但是很少有乘客选择在像霍尔本这样比较长的扶梯上行走,所以左手边的很多空间都没有被利用起来。”#39;We hope that this can lead to improving congestion at Holborn, making journeys easier for all of our customers.#39;“我们希望这项措施有助于改善霍尔本地铁站的拥堵状况,给所有乘客带来方便快捷的出行体验。”Holborn is one of the busiest stations on the Tube network, with more than 56 million customers each year.霍尔本是伦敦地铁系统中最繁忙的车站之一,每年接待乘客5600多万。The new #39;standing only#39; escalators are 23.4 metres, and research suggests few people will wish to climb heights exceeding 18.5 metres, TfL said.伦敦交通局称,新设立的“只可站立”扶梯有23.4米长,调查显示几乎没有人愿意爬超过18.5米的扶梯。 /201604/438396在厦门做双眼皮 在厦门大学附属中山医院激光祛斑

福建省厦门市做双眼皮去哪家医院好KFC#39;s signature fried chicken has kept millions of diners clucking for more for over 80 years. But would you want to smell like you#39;ve been cooking with the Colonel all day?在过去的80年中,数以百万计的食客吃着肯德基的招牌炸鸡。但你会希望让自己闻起来像是跟上校做了一天的饭么?The fried chicken chain just released a limited edition sunscreen to keep you from getting ;extra crispy;--and it#39;s supposed to smell just like those world famous 11 herbs and spices…and chicken and oil.这个炸鸡连锁企业日前刚刚推出了一种限量防晒霜,它可以防止你变得;劲脆;--而且它闻起来就像是世界上有名的11味草药和香料...还有鸡和油。So were the scent makers able to match that signature aroma and bottle it up?所以香水制造商真能把这独特的香味装在瓶子里吗?;Smells kindof beefy, well not beefy, but meaty,; said one young tester who slathered it on her arm.;闻起来像牛肉,哦不是牛肉,但是像肉,;一个年轻的测试者将其涂在手臂之后表示。;No, I don#39;t smell the chicken,; said one tester, who admitted she was disappointed. ;It smells like leftover turkey.;;不,我没有闻到鸡肉味,;另一个测试者表示,她承认她很失望。;闻起来像吃剩的火鸡。;Most of our Chew on This testers could tell they weren#39;t sniffing a bucket of chicken. But the SPF 30 cream does have a distinctly poultry-like aroma. It smells a bit like bouillon with some baby oil mixed in.大多数的测试者会说自己没有闻到一桶鸡肉的味道。但防晒指数为30的这款防晒霜的确有明显的家禽般的气味。它闻起来有点像混了些婴儿油的肉汤。But that didn#39;t keep people from slathering it all over themselves.但这没有阻碍人们把它涂在全身。And it certainly hasn#39;t kept customers running from the chicken chain. In fact, KFC has aly handed out thousands of these 4-ounce tubes via www.ExtraCrispySunscreen.com. And bottles of the stuff are going for upwards of on eBay. Yup, you that right.而且它也没有让顾客逃离这个鸡肉连锁店。实际上,肯德基已经通过www.ExtraCrispySunscreen.com分发了数千瓶这种4盎司装的防晒霜。而其在eBay上卖价达到80美元。是的,你没看错。The chain is promoting the new sun lotion with an ad featuring George Hamilton-- with for his deep suntan-- as an ;Extra-Crispy; version of Colonel Sanders.肯德基为了推销这款新防晒霜还拍摄了一广告。在广告中拥有深色肤色的乔治·汉密尔顿扮演的桑德斯上校可谓是;劲脆;版。If you can#39;t get your hands on some Extra Crispy Sunscreen, don#39;t forget to lather up with the regular kind. But sadly, you won#39;t smell like poultry.当然,如果你拿不到这些劲脆的防晒霜,也别忘了抹点常规的种类。不过遗憾的是,你就不能闻起来像家禽了。 /201609/464316 厦门注射丰胸整形多少钱三明脱毛医院哪家好



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