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湖里区做隆鼻哪家好厦门欧菲医院治疗狐臭好不好This is the extraordinary Indian family born with 600 digits between them - with each of the 5 members boasting fingers and toes.这个离奇印度家庭里所有人的手指、脚趾加起来共有600根--全家共5人,每人都长有根手指和根脚趾Krishna Choudhary, who lives in a small village in G.aya, in Bihar, northern India, has six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot - just like his father and siblings.克里希纳·乔杜里住在印度北部比哈尔加雅一个小村庄里,他每只手都长有6根手指,每只脚上都长有6根脚趾--他的父亲和兄弟们也一样But the unusual condition has meant the 50-year-old has found it difficult to arrange his daughter marriages - because prospective husbands dislike the condition.但是这一不寻常的情况意味着这位50岁的印度男人很难给女儿安排婚姻--因为未来的丈夫都不太喜欢这样的情况Krishna added: I dont have any problems with my extra fingers but my children and grandchildren suffer a lot. Four people rejected my daughter after finding out she had fingers. I do not know why, but this is awful.克里希纳补充说道;“我没有因为多一根手指而遇到什么问题,但是我的孩子和孙子们却吃尽了苦头在发现我的女儿有根指头之后,有四个人拒绝了我的女儿我不知道为什么,但确实是太糟糕了”Dr Gupta, an assistant Professor at the department of dermatology, at Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College, said: The term is medically called Polydactyly. It is a genetic disorder.帕蒂尔医学院的皮肤科副教授古普塔表示:“这种畸形在医学上被称为多指畸形,属于遗传性疾病的一种”There may not be any physical issues related to the extra fingers but people do sometimes suffer from the psychological issues of living with such a condition. These extra fingers could be removed in surgery if the patient requires but it can be costly.“多些手指一般不会带来额外的身体问题,但有时会引起遭受此情况的人们的一些心理负担如果病人需要,这些多出来的手指头是可以通过手术切除的,但是费用会比较昂贵” 87厦门白瓷娃娃美容哪家医院好 The State Oceanic Administration (SOA) has announced nine new state-level marine parks, bringing the total number of such parks in China to .中国国家海洋局日前公布了九个新的国家级海洋公园,这就使得这样的公园的总数达到了个The new parks are located in the provinces of Liaoning, Shandong, Fujian, Guangdong and Hainan, according to an SOA circular.根据国家海洋局发布的通知显示,这些新的公园分布于辽宁、山东、福建、广东、海南等省份The SOA has ordered local marine authorities in these provinces to start demarcating the parks, and not to arbitrarily adjust or change the parks boundaries and zoning.国家海洋局已下令地方海事局在这些省份开始划定公园范围,不得随意调整或改变公园的界限和分区The SOA has stressed the need to improve protection of the marine environment when tourism and aquaculture activities are conducted in certain zones of the parks.国家海洋局强调,在公园某些区域开展旅游、生态养殖等活动的同时,还需要加强海洋环境的保护China state-level marine parks, first introduced in , offer public space coastal recreation, enhance protection of marine ecosystems and boost sustainable development of coastal tourism, an SOA official said.国家海洋局一位官员表示,于年首次推出的中国国家级海洋公园,为滨海休闲提供了公共空间,加强了海洋生态系统的保护,并促进了滨海旅游业的可持续发展 991南平市中医院收费好不好

福建省厦门妇幼医院属于正规医院吗导购口语:Where can I go service, if something does go wrong?如果出了问题,我上哪儿找你们的修理务呢?When the washing is done, will the electricity be cut off automatically?东西洗完后,电源会自动切断吗?Can you make it a bit cheaper if i have both of them?如果我两样都要,你能便宜点吗?Can you make it a bit cheaper if I have both of them?如果我两样都要,你能便宜点吗? 语句:Go wrong发生故障,出毛病;cut off automatically自动切断;make it a bit cheaper便宜点 情景再现:Could you deliver this table to my house?能否帮我把桌子送到家里去呢?Im wondering if the hi-fi stereophonic set is very dear.我想知道这高保真立体声音响是不是很贵This TV set has it a three-year guarantee against mechanical defects?这台电视机能保在三年之内不坏吗? 7厦门地区市妇幼保健医院打美白针多少钱 同安区妇幼保健医院咨询电话

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