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长春无痛人流术的价格多少吉林省中西结合医院可以做引产吗KANAS LAKE, China — The two amateur photographers stood on a hill overlooking the sparkling river in this remote alpine park, waiting for nomads to emerge from their white yurts and herd cows across a bridge.中国喀纳斯湖——在这个偏远的高山公园,两名摄影爱好者站在一座小山上,俯瞰着波光粼粼的河流,等着游牧民走出他们白色的圆顶帐篷,赶着牛群过桥。The men, both age 60, were driving on a one-month road trip through the western region of Xinjiang to capture scenes like this one.同为60岁的这两名男子,正在西部新疆地区进行为期一个月的自驾游,以捕捉这样的场景。“Don’t listen to what other people say about Xinjiang and don’t believe what you ,” said Sun Jingchuan, a retired aircraft maintenance worker from Sichuan Province in southwest China. “It’s very safe here.”“别听其他人说的关于新疆的事情,别相信你在报纸上看到的东西,”来自四川的退休飞机维修人员孙京川(音译)说。“这儿非常安全。”Many other Chinese would dispute that assessment. This year, after a stream of news reports of rioting, terrorist attacks and deadly police shootings linked to ethnic conflict in towns across Xinjiang, tourism has plummeted, the first drop in 20 years.许多中国人可能会怀疑这样的评价。今年,在一连串新闻报道介绍新疆各地城镇发生的和民族冲突有关的暴乱、恐怖袭击和警方击毙暴徒事件后,新疆的旅游业大幅下滑,这是20年来的首次下滑。Xinjiang, the size of Western Europe, has long been considered one of China’s most exotic destinations. Chinese tourists, usually traveling in tour groups, visit the grasslands and Siberian forests here in the north and desert oasis towns in the south, along the old Silk Road.长期以来,面积和西欧一般大的新疆,一直被认为是中国最具异域风情的旅游目的地之一。国内游客通常会跟着旅行团,沿着古代的丝绸之路,游览北疆的草原和西伯利亚森林,以及南疆的沙漠绿洲城镇。Among the locals, an estimated 1.5 million people have some tie to Xinjiang’s tourism economy, and many were hoping for a big surge in visitor numbers during the National Day holiday week in China, which began Wednesday. But given reports in late September of dozens killed in clashes, there is little expectation that the numbers will match those of previous years.在新疆的当地人中,估计有150万人与新疆的旅游经济有着某种关联,而且许多人本希望在从周三开始的国庆节长假期间,游客人数能大增。但考虑到9月末有关几十人在冲突中死亡的报道,现在几乎没人指望今年的游客人数能达到往年的水平。On the morning Mr. Sun and his friend were photographing cows and Kazakh nomads, a report on an official Xinjiang news website said multiple explosions days earlier in Luntai County had killed two people and wounded many others. The website later reported that 40 rioters had died — some were shot by the police, others blew themselves up — while six civilians and four police officers and auxiliary employees were killed. Radio Free Asia, financed by the ed States government, said the attackers were furious over land seizures by officials. It was the deadliest burst of violence in Xinjiang in weeks, but was not atypical.就在孙京川和朋友拍摄牛群和哈萨克游牧民的那个上午,新疆一家官方新闻网站上的一篇报道称,几天前轮台县发生的多起爆炸导致两人死亡,其他许多人受伤。该网站后来报道称,有40名暴徒死亡——部分是被警方击毙的,其他人是自己引爆了炸弹——还有六名平民、四名警察和协警。接受美国政府资助的自由亚洲电台(Radio Free Asia)表示,袭击者对官员的征地行为感到愤怒。这是数周来新疆发生的人员伤亡最惨重的暴力事件,但却并非罕见。In the first half of this year, visits from domestic tourists dropped 7 percent, to 20 million, compared to the same period last year, according to official statistics. The revenue from domestic tourists fell nearly 6 percent, to .5 billion.官方统计数据显示,今年上半年,来新疆的国内游客人次跌至2000万,与去年同期相比减少7%。国内游客带来的收入跌至35亿美元(约合214亿元人民币),降幅接近6%。Foreign tourism, which is a fraction of the total, also dropped, by nearly 1 percent, to 619,300, with revenue falling 1 percent, to 1 million. The Xinjiang Regional Tourism Bureau blames “influences from recent terrorist attacks” for the downturn.在新疆总体旅游业中仅占一小部分的涉外旅游也出现了下滑,降至61.93万人次,降幅接近1%,收入也减少了1%,跌至1610万美元。新疆维吾尔自治区旅游局将其归咎于“受暴恐案件影响”。In early August, some Chinese-language news websites published an open letter deploring the “great harm” done to the Xinjiang tourism industry by “violent terrorism attacks.” The letter said it represented the 400,000 people directly employed in Xinjiang tourism. Shen Qiao, the deputy chief editor of the Xinjiang bureau of the official Xinhua news agency, said that “people from the mainland feel scared when talking about Xinjiang.”8月初,部分中文新闻网站刊登了一封公开信,谴责“暴恐案件”给新疆旅游业带来了“巨大的伤害”。该信称自己代表新疆旅游业的40万从业者。官方通讯社新华社新疆分社副总编沈桥称,“说到新疆时,来自内地的人会感到害怕。”On online travel forums, the question “Is it safe to travel in Xinjiang?” is common. On one forum, people wrote that it was better to go to northern Xinjiang, where there are fewer Uighurs, a minority ethnic group whose clashes with the Han majority account for much of the violence, and more Kazakhs, Mongolians and other ethnic minorities. Violence in Urumqi, the regional capital, and in the south has been greater.在网上旅游论坛中,“去新疆旅游安全吗”这个问题很常见。在其中一个论坛上,人们写道,最好去北疆,那里的维吾尔族更少,哈萨克族、蒙古族和其他少数民族更多。维吾尔族是一个少数民族,其与人口占多数的汉族的冲突,造成了许多暴力事件。So desperate are Xinjiang officials to draw tourists that they issued .2 million worth of “travel cards” from January to April to tourists visiting with tour groups. The cards, worth each, could be used to pay for hotels, attractions and local products.新疆官员极度希望能吸引游客,从1月到4月,他们甚至向随团来的游客发放了价值2000万元的“旅游卡”。这些旅游卡每张面值500元,可以用来付酒店、旅游景点和当地产品的费用。Many Han have long held negative stereotypes of Uighurs, as petty thieves, for example, but attitudes hardened after rioting in 2009 in Urumqi resulted in at least 200 deaths, most of them Han. Uighurs say much of their anger grows from long-running discrimination by the Han. The government blames Uighur separatists for most of the attacks.长期以来,许多汉族人都对维吾尔族人持有偏见,例如,有人总把他们视为小偷。但是,在2009年乌鲁木齐发生暴乱之后,这种观点得到了强化。当时,暴乱共导致至少200人死亡,其中大多是汉族人。维吾尔族人称,他们之所以感到愤怒,主要是因为汉族人长期的歧视。政府则始终认为,维吾尔族的分裂分子应该对大部分袭击负责。Even in northern Xinjiang, far from the Uighur heartland, tourism workers say business is suffering. “This year has been slow,” said Chen Yan, 37, a masseuse from Sichuan who works every summer at a hotel in Burqin, a mostly Kazakh town that is the gateway to Kanas Lake.即便在远离维吾尔族中心地带的新疆北部,旅游工作者都表示他们的业务比较惨淡。“今年人很少,”37岁的陈燕(音译)说。她是四川的一位师,每年夏天都会到布尔津的一家酒店工作。这个县在通往喀纳斯湖的入口,居民主要是哈萨克人。Ms. Chen said she had made about 0 a month this season, compared with about ,000 a month last summer, earnings that help support a 14-year-old son and a husband who does odd jobs, both in Sichuan.陈燕说,这一季,她每个月能挣大约650美元,去年夏天则大约能挣1000美元,这些钱能帮她养活一个14岁的儿子和打零工的丈夫,他们都在四川。A Kazakh driver in the town, Sailin, said, “Each year, business gets worse.”县里的哈萨克族司机赛林(Sailin,音译)说,“生意是一年不如一年。”As Kanas Lake has become more popular with tourists in recent years — in part because of the legend of a Lochness-style monster that lurks in the waters — hotel construction has boomed in the park and on its periphery. But managers say occupancy rates are low this year.近年来,随着喀纳斯湖越来越受游客欢迎——部分是因为湖水里有个类似尼斯湖水怪的怪物传说——人们开始在公园及其附近兴建酒店。但管理人员说,今年的入住率较低。At the lake, dozens of visitors boarded white speedboats one afternoon for a tour. But in past years, there were many more people, said Sultanate, a Kazakh man who worked at the park entrance. “The captain of one of the boats spends all day wiping the windows,” he said.某天下午在喀纳斯湖,数十名游客登上白色快艇观光。但是在公园入口工作的哈萨克族人苏尔塔纳提(Sultanate,音译)说,往年游客要多很多,“有条船的船长整天都在擦窗户。”Employees at Koktokay, or Kekutuohai in Chinese, a park in the far north, said they had noticed a decline in visitors from outside Xinjiang.可可托海国家地质公园(Koktokay)位于新疆北部偏远地区。这里的工作人员说,他们注意到来自新疆以外地区的游客人数减少了。But overall numbers are up this year compared to last, reflecting an increase in visitors from Xinjiang, possibly because more are choosing to visit the north since it has fewer Uighurs.但是与去年相比,游客人数总体还是增加了,这反映了来自新疆的游客出现增加,或许是因为越来越多的人都选择前往北部旅游——因为那里的维吾尔族人较少。There were exceptions, of course. One afternoon, a group of seven men who worked for Baosteel Group in different parts of the country rode together on a golf cart through the park’s central valley, carved by the Irtysh River as it flows to the Arctic Ocean.当然也有例外。一天下午,在中国不同地区为宝钢集团工作的七名男子乘坐同一辆高尔夫球车穿过了公园的中央谷地。额尔齐斯河经过这里,最后流入北冰洋。On a bus ride, a 30-year-old woman from Zhejiang Province who was traveling with friends for three months across Xinjiang, Tibet and Nepal said the park was beautiful, but other parts of Xinjiang held less appeal. “I’m afraid Kashgar is too dangerous,” she said, referring to the fabled Uighur caravan town in the south that has been a site of attacks.一名来自浙江省的30岁女子是乘大巴前来的,她说这个公园很美,但新疆其他地方并没有太大的吸引力。她与朋友一道,花三个月时间穿越了新疆、西藏和尼泊尔。“我担心喀什会太危险,”她说。她指的是新疆南部有名的维吾尔族聚居城镇,那里曾出现过袭击事件。Mr. Sun, the photographer in the Kanas Lake area, said only a handful of Uighurs were to blame. “In southern Xinjiang, a few violent individuals were able to coerce others into taking part in violence,” he said. “One person would come to your home and say, ‘You’re a Uighur — do this or I’ll put a knife to the throat of your mother or sister.’ ”喀纳斯湖地区的摄影师孙京川说,这只能怪少数维吾尔族人。“在南疆,一些暴力分子能够强迫他人参与暴力活动,”他说。“有人会来到你门前说,‘你是维族人——要么这样做,要么我把刀架你母亲或的喉咙上。’”He had waited for the morning to get the shot of cows crossing the bridge, but they had not budged from their pasture. He packed up his photo equipment and walked with his friend to their car to drive to an ethnic Tuvan village. “Next year, we’ll go to southern Xinjiang,” he said. “I’ve never been there.”他整个上午都在等待,希望能拍到牛群通过桥梁的照片,但它们并没有离开牧场。他收拾好自己的摄影器材,与朋友一起走到车旁,开车前往一个图瓦村庄。“明年,我们要去南疆,”他说。“我还从来没去过那里。” /201410/333798长春哪家看妇科医院好 Twelve bars of gold have been recovered from the stomach of a businessman in the Indian capital, Delhi, a surgeon treating him has said.印度首都新德里的一名外科医生日前为一个富商做手术,竟从他胃里取出12根金条。The 63-year-old man was admitted to hospital after complaining of vomiting and difficulty defecating.该商人现年63岁,在出现呕吐和排便不畅的状况后进了医院。He told his doctor that he had swallowed a bottle cap in anger, after a fight with his wife.入院时他告诉医生,自己由于和妻子吵架而怒吞了一个瓶盖。But when surgeons operated they found gold bars weighing nearly 400g (14oz) in his stomach instead of a bottle cap.但是医生给他做手术时却在他胃里发现了重达400克(14盎司)的金条,而非他所说得瓶盖。Doctors, who performed the operation on 9 April, told the B that police and customs authorities had questioned the businessman and confiscated the gold.手术是在4月9日进行,医生们告诉B,警察及海关当局已经对这位富商进行了盘问,并没收了金条。;This is the first time I have recovered gold from the stomach of a patient,; surgeon CS Ramachandran told the B. ;I remember having taken out a bladder stone weighing 1 kilogram from a patient. But finding gold in a patient#39;s stomach was something unbelievable.;“这是我第一次从病人胃里取出金子,”外科医生CS Ramachandran对B说,“我曾经从一个病人身体里取出1公斤重的膀胱结石,但是在胃里发现金子还真是不可思议。”According to SBS, the businessman had swallowed the bars in Singapore and then traveled to India on March 28.据澳大利亚SBS广播台报道,该商人是在新加坡的时候吞下的金条(为了混过安检走私入境),然后在3月28日飞回了印度。When he arrived home, he faced a quandary. How to get the gold out? He reportedly started ;drinking lots of water and taking laxatives.; It did no good, and the gold lodged in his small intestine.到家后他陷入窘境,该如何取出这些金子呢?报道说他开始“大量喝水并用泻药”。但是都没有用,金子依然卡在小肠里。India, the world#39;s largest consumer of gold, has seen a rise in gold smuggling since the government imposed a 10 per cent duty on gold bullion imports in April, up from eight per cent.印度是全世界最大的黄金消费国,自4月印度政府将黄金进口税从原先的8%提高到10%后,走私案件数量就显著增多。 /201404/290955长春市吉林大学白求恩第二医院体检

中国人民解放军第208医院费用China has authorised its policy banks to issue new bonds in order to plough money into infrastructure spending, state media has reported, as planners fret over slumping economic indicators.据官方媒体报道称,中国已批准政策性发行新债,旨在为基础设施出融资,原因在于中国的经济规划者对不断下滑的经济指标感到担忧。A month-long stock market rout plus weak manufacturing performance has spooked Beijing. The aggressive move to push money into the real economy comes after the final ing of the Caixin/Markit purchasing managers’ index, published earlier this week, showed growth in China’s manufacturing sector slowed more than previously thought.长达一个月的股市暴跌以及疲弱的制造业表现令中国政府感到恐慌。在中国决定大举向实体经济注入资金之前,本周早些时候公布的财新/Market采购经理人指数(PMI)显示,中国制造业增速逊于预期。A first batch of Rmb300bn (bn) out of a planned Rmb1tn will be issued soon by policy banks that were recapitalised this spring, the Economic Information Daily, a newspaper run by the official Xinhua news agency, said.官方通讯社新华社旗下的《经济参考报》(Economic Information Daily)报道称,首批发债规模为3000亿元人民币(合480亿美元),将很快由政策性发行。今年春季,这些获得注资。The money raised will be invested in housing, pipeline infrastructure and other domestic projects, the report said. That is in line with the central bank’s efforts to develop more targeted monetary policy tools to stimulate the economy as capital inflows dry up.报道称,筹集的资金将投资于保障房、城市管廊以及其他国内项目。在资金流入枯竭之际,央行正努力开发更多有针对性的货币政策工具,来刺激经济,这笔资金符合央行的这些举措。The move represents a shift towards direct central government backing of infrastructure investment, after years of investment at the local level resulted in excessive local government debts. Beijing’s efforts to rein in local government debt reduced the money available for infrastructure spending while many state-owned enterprises are also tapped out.此举代表着央行直接持基础设施投资政策的转变,前几年,地方投资导致地方政府债务负担过于沉重。中国政府控制地方政府债务的举措,减少了基础设施出,很多国有企业也资金紧张。“Infrastructure investment in China has been mainly financed by local governments and we all know that the way they’ve been doing it is not very sustainable and not very desirable,” said Andrew Batson, of Gavekal Dragonomics. “They can either give up on constraining local government debt or the central government can step into the breach.”“中国的基础设施投资主要由地方政府融资,我们都知道他们这么做非常不可持续,而且非常不理想,”龙洲经讯(Gavekal Dragonomics)的白安儒(Andrew Batson)表示,“他们要么可能会放弃限制地方政府债券,要么中央政府可能会救场。”The bond issues follow the bn recapitalisation in April of China Development Bank, Export-Import Bank of China and Agricultural Development Bank of China, which was also intended to allow more investment in neighbouring countries through the “One Belt, One Road” policy. That was followed by another 9bn round in July, according to Reuters and Chinese financial publication Caixin.在此次发债之前,今年4月,中国国家开发(CDB)、中国进出口(Export-Import Bank of China)以及中国农业发展(ADB)获得640亿美元注资,这也是为了通过“一带一路”政策加大对邻国的投资。据路透(Reuters)和中国的金融媒体财新(Caixin)称,今年7月,这些获得另外一轮1090亿美元的注资。Strengthening the banks’ capital base allows them to take on more debt. Most bonds issued by the policy banks are purchased by state-owned commercial banks.增强这些的资本金基础将让它们承担更多债务。政策性发行的多数债券由国有商业购买。The policy banks themselves, especially CDB, are aly heavily exposed to domestic infrastructure projects and local housing developments.这些政策性(特别是国开行)已将大量资金投资于国内基础设施项目和地方房地产开发项目。 /201508/391140长春阳光医院妇科整形多少钱 NEW YORK — A doctor in New York City who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in Guinea tested positive for the Ebola virus Thursday, becoming the city’s first diagnosed case.纽约——一位曾在几内亚医治埃拉病人、近日才回国的纽约医生,周四化验得出埃拉病毒呈阳性,成为纽约市第一个临床诊断病例。The doctor, Craig Spencer, was rushed to Bellevue Hospital Center on Thursday and placed in isolation while health care workers sp out across the city to trace anyone he might have come into contact with in recent days. A further test will be conducted by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to confirm the initial test.这位名叫克雷格·斯潘瑟(Craig Spencer)的医生周四被紧急送往贝尔维尤医院中心(Bellevue Hospital Center)隔离,与此同时,医护人员在全城展开搜寻,追踪近日和他有接触的人。美国疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)将做进一步的检验以确认这个初步化验结果。While officials have said they expected isolated cases of the disease to arrive in New York eventually, and had been preparing for this moment for months, the first case highlighted the challenges surrounding containment of the virus, especially in a crowded metropolis.官员此前曾预料最终会有个别病例出现在纽约,并已经为此事进行了数月的准备,但首个病例的出现仍然突显了病毒防控上的困难,尤其是在一个人口密集的大城市。Even as the authorities worked to confirm that Mr. Spencer was infected with Ebola, it emerged that he traveled from Manhattan to Brooklyn on the subway on Wednesday night, when he went to a bowling alley, and then took a taxi home.甚至就在当局确认斯潘瑟感染埃拉的时候,已知的情况是他在周三晚上曾乘地铁从曼哈顿前往布鲁克林,他去了那里的一家保龄球馆,而后坐出租车回家。The next morning, he reported having a temperature of 103 degrees, raising questions about his health while he was out in public.第二天上午,他报称自己的体温达到103华氏度(39摄氏度),这让人怀疑他出门在外时身体状况是否正常。People infected with Ebola cannot sp the disease until they begin to display symptoms, and it cannot be sp through the air. As people become sicker, the viral load in the body builds, and they become more and more contagious.感染埃拉病毒的人在出现症状前不具传染性,也不会通过空气传播病毒。随着病情恶化,病人体液内会充满病毒,传染性也就越来越强。Dr. Spencer’s travel history and the timing of the onset of his symptoms led health officials to dispatch disease detectives, who “immediately began to actively trace all of the patient’s contacts to identify anyone who may be at potential risk,” according to a statement released by the department.考虑到斯潘瑟的行程记录和症状出现的时间,卫生官员已经派出疾病侦查人员。据市卫生署的一份声明称,侦查人员“旋即开始积极追踪病人的所有联系人,以发现潜在威胁”。It was unclear if the city was trying to find people who might have come into contact with Dr. Spencer on the subway. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority directed all questions to the health department, which did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the issue.目前尚不清楚政府是否会寻找在地铁上和斯潘瑟有接触的人。大都会运输署(Metropolitan Transportation Authority)将所有问题转给了卫生署,后者没有立即对置评请求做出回应。At Dr. Spencer’s apartment in Harlem, his home was sealed off and workers distributed informational fliers about the disease. It was not clear if anyone was being quarantined.斯潘瑟位于哈林区的公寓已经被封锁,工作人员分发了有关该疾病的传单。目前尚不清楚是否有人被隔离。Health authorities declined to say how many people in total might have come into contact with Dr. Spencer while he was symptomatic.卫生部门拒绝透露斯潘瑟出现症状以后一共接触过多少人。Mayor Bill de Blasio, speaking at a news conference Thursday evening before the diagnosis, said Dr. Spencer has given health workers a detailed accounting of his activities over the last few days.周四晚间在做出诊断前,市长白思豪(Bill de Blasio)在一次新闻发布会上说,斯潘瑟已经向医护人员详细回忆了过去几天的活动。“Our understanding is that very few people were in direct contact with him,” Mr. de Blasio said.“据我们了解,和他有过直接接触的人非常少,”白思豪说。Dr. Spencer had been working with Doctors Without Borders in Guinea, treating Ebola patients, before returning to New York City on Oct. 14, according to a city official.据一位市政府官员称,斯潘瑟一直在几内亚与无国界医生组织(Doctors Without Borders)合作治疗埃拉病人,直到10月14日回到纽约。He told the authorities that he did not believe the protective gear he wore while working with Ebola patients had been breached but had been monitoring his own health.他对当局说,他不认为他在治疗埃拉病人期间穿戴的防护装备出现了问题,但是一直在监测自己的健康状况。Doctors Without Borders, in a statement, said it provides guidelines for its staff members on their return from Ebola assignments, but did not elaborate on those protocols.无国界医生组织在一份声明中说,该组织会向结束埃拉任务后返回的成员提供指导意见,但没有具体说明规程的细节。“The individual engaged in regular health monitoring and reported this development immediately,” the group said in a statement.“该成员进行了定期的健康监测,并在发现状况后立即上报,”该组织在声明中说。Bellevue doctors have prepared for an Ebola patient with numerous drills and tests using “test patients” as well as actual treatment of suspected cases that turned out to be false alarms.贝尔维尤的医生针对收治埃拉病人已经进行过多次演练,对“模拟病患”进行化验,同时还对疑似病例进行了实际的治疗,但后来明这些病例都是虚惊一场。A health care worker at the hospital said that Dr. Spencer seemed very sick, and it was unclear to the medical staff why he had not gone to the hospital earlier, since his fever was high.一位医院的医护人员说,斯潘瑟看上去病情很严重,医护人员不清楚他为什么没有更早入院,因为他烧得很厉害。Dr. Spencer is a fellow of international emergency medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, and an instructor in clinical medicine at Columbia University.斯潘瑟是纽约长老会医院(New York -Presbyterian Hospital)/哥伦比亚大学医疗中心(Columbia University Medical Center)的国际急救医疗研究员,并在哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University)任临床医学讲师。“He is a committed and responsible physician who always puts his patients first,” the hospital said in a statement. “He has not been to work at our hospital and has not seen any patients at our hospital since his return from overseas.”“他是一位专注而负责的医师,一贯把病人摆在第一位,”医院在一份声明中说。“从国外归来后,他未曾回到我院工作,也没有在我院为任何病人看过病。”Even before the diagnosis, the Centers for Disease Control dispatched a team of experts to assist in the case, before the test results were even known.在诊断作出前,疾控中心就已经派出一个专家组为该病例提供协助,当时还不知道化验结果。The authorities have been on high alert ever since Thomas Eric Duncan traveled to the ed States in September from Liberia, and was later given a diagnosis of Ebola.自九月托马斯·埃里克· 邓肯(Thomas Eric Duncan)从利比里亚来到美国,随后被诊断感染埃拉以来,当局一直保持高度警惕。Mr. Duncan died at a Dallas hospital this month.邓肯本月在达拉斯一家医院病逝。Several days after his death, a nurse who helped care for Mr. Duncan learned she had Ebola. Two nurses who treated Mr. Duncan fell ill but have since recovered.在他去世几天后,一位曾参与看护邓肯的护士得知她感染了埃拉。两名参与邓肯治疗的护士也染病,后得以康复。That single case led to hundreds of people being quarantined or being asked to remain isolated from the general public..那一个病例导致数百人被隔离,或被要求不要进入公共场所。The missteps by both local and federal authorities in handling the nation’s first Ebola case raised questions about the ability of health care workers to safely treat those with the disease.地方和联邦当局在全国第一宗埃拉病例的处理上出现的问题,让人们怀疑医护人员是否有能力在应对该疾病时确保自身安全。In the New York City region, hospitals and emergency workers have been preparing for the appearance of the virus for months.在纽约市地区,医院和急救人员已经为病毒的出现做了数月的准备。Dr. Irwin Redlener, the director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University and a special adviser to Mayor de Blasio, said that the risk to the general public was minimal, but depended on a city moving swiftly.哥伦比亚大学国家疾病准备中心主任、白思豪的特别顾问埃尔文·瑞德雷纳(Irwin Redlener)说,目前对公众构成的威胁微乎其微,但这座城市需要迅速行动起来。“New York has mobilized not only a world-class health department, but has full engagement of many other agencies that need to be on the response team,” he said.“纽约不只是动员了一个世界级的卫生署,反应团队中的很多其他部门也是全力投入的,”他说。 /201410/338309吉大三院能做孕检吗?

长春白求恩医科大学一院专家预约 Chinese oil company PetroChina vowed to catch up with its arch-rival Sinopec in shale gas production next year, as the two race to meet a government mandate to increase output of the fuel that has revolutionised the US energy sector.中国石油天然气股份有限公司(PetroChina,简称:中石油)立志明年在页岩气产量方面赶上主要对手中国石油化工股份有限公司(Sinopec,简称:中石化)。这两家公司都急于实现中国政府提高页岩气产量的要求。Beijing’s planners have looked with envy on the flow of cheap gas that has lowered US energy prices and reduced that country’s dependence on imports. But similar success has so far eluded China, in part because of a more complicated geology and less developed legal and pipeline infrastructure, but also, critics say, because the dominant state owned oil companies were dragging their feet.页岩气是一种非常规化石燃料,它已彻底改变美国能源业的格局。这种廉价的天然气不但降低了美国的能源价格,还帮该国减少了对能源进口的依赖,令中国政府的经济规划者羡慕不已。但中国迄今在这方面却没有取得类似成就。一个原因在于,中国地质状况更为复杂、法律和管道基础设施也不那么发达;批评人士认为,还有一个原因是,占市场主导地位的国有油企“拖后腿”。Sinopec has so far taken the lead, trumpeting its initial success at the Fuling field in southwestern Sichuan province. It plans to produce 5bn cubic metres (bcm) there by the end of 2015, accounting for the lion’s share of the national target of 6.5 bcm next year.中石化目前在中国页岩气领域占据领先位置,它对自己在四川涪陵区块取得的初步成果作了高调宣传。中石化拟到2015年底时在涪陵区块建成50亿立方米的产能,在明年全国65亿立方米的目标产能中占据最大份额。“Our shale gas development is about a year and a half behind Sinopec,” Wang Dongjin, PetroChina vice-chairman, said on Thursday, adding that the company’s attention had been distracted by work at its Moxi natural gasfield in southwestern China.中石油副董事长汪东进周四表示,公司的页岩气发展较中石化晚了约一年半时间。他补充说,位于西南地区的磨溪气田的工作也分散了中石油的注意力。PetroChina’s management has been decimated by a corruption investigation that has ensnared former energy and security tsar Zhou Yongkang; while both companies have been galvanised by reformers’ threats to shake up the energy sector that they dominate.中国政府最近掀起一场反腐败调查,给中石油管理层造成沉重打击,前能源和安全“沙皇”周永康也因此倒台。与此同时,改革派人士威胁要改造中石油和中石化主导的国内能源业,对这两家公司也造成了震动。Mr Wang said the company aimed to produce 2.6bcm of shale gas next year, up from 100m cubic metres this year and above its official 2015 target of 1.5bcm.汪东进表示,中石油计划明年生产26亿立方米页岩气,这个数字远高于今年1亿立方米的产量,也高于官方为该公司设定的2015年产量目标(即15亿立方米)。The two companies’ new enthusiasm for shale gas comes as China’s natural gas demand grew by almost 9 per cent in the first half. PetroChina said this compared with less than 4 per cent growth in refined products demand.这两家公司对页岩气焕发出新的热情之际,今年上半年,中国天然气需求增长近9%。中石油表示,这与成品油需求增长不足4%形成反差。A dismal chemicals markets and the growing surplus of refined fuels in the world’s second-largest oil consumer dented the companies’ refining business in the first half. Overall, both saw profits growth in line with analysts’ expectations in the first six months of 2014.中国是世界第二大石油消费国,这里化工市场的低迷和成品油的日益过剩,拖累了上述两家公司上半年的炼油业务。总体而言,今年上半年它们的利润增长符合分析师的预期。That reflects not only slowing economic growth – GDP grew by 7.5 per cent in the second quarter – but also a shift in the composition of the economy. Services account for about half of the Chinese economy now, while sputtering growth in energy-intensive sectors like construction, steel and coal hurt demand for transport fuels such as diesel.这不仅反映出经济增长放缓——二季度国内生产总值(GDP)增长7.5%——还反映出经济结构的改变。务业现占中国经济的一半左右,建筑、钢铁和煤炭等高耗能产业则增长乏力,导致柴油等运输用燃料需求减少。In three months of the first seven months of this year, China has been a net exporter of refined products, reversing years of steady imports to feed its rapidly growing economy. In the first half of the year, national demand for diesel or gas oil contracted by 0.6 per cent.今年头7个月中,中国有3个月成为成品油净出口国,逆转了为满足高速增长的经济而多年持续进口的局面。今年上半年,中国全国柴油需求萎缩了0.6%。As demand slows, refiners are also facing increased competition in wealthier coastal regions thanks to their own expansions, continuing production by the independent, “teapot” refineries and the commissioning of a large new refinery in Quanzhou built by state-owned chemicals trader Sinochem.除了需求放缓,炼油企业在较富裕沿海地区面对的竞争也有所加剧,原因包括它们自身的扩张,“小作坊”式的独立炼油厂的持续生产,以及国有化工贸易商中化集团(Sinochem)在泉州新建成的一家大型炼油厂的投产。“Asian markets have aly braced themselves” for an influx of Chinese diesel and gasoline, said Li Li, research director for energy consultancy ICIS China.能源咨询公司安迅思中国(ICIS China)研究总监李莉表示:“亚洲市场已(为中国柴油和汽油出口)作好了准备。” /201409/325354梅河口妇女儿童医院在线问答长春医大二院流产




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