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【视频讲解】Super Bowl Sunday is almost here and there#39;s one question on everyone#39;s mind: How can I tackle a plate of chicken wings without adding yardage to my end zone?超级碗星期天马上就要到了,所有人都在想这样一个问题:我怎么能吃掉一盘鸡翅而又不会增加体重呢?Tackle1. 处理 gt; 抢断The first reason to tackle these problems is to save children#39;s lives.解决这些问题的首要原因是为了挽救孩子们的生命。2. 坦率地与某人交谈I tackled him about how anyone could live amidst so much poverty.我坦率地与他谈论哪有人能在如此的极度贫困中生活。Yardage 〔美式橄榄球中〕将球向前推进的码数End zone 〔美式橄榄球的〕球门区Well, Charles Platkin is the director of the New York City Food Policy Center at Hunter College. And he thinks that to make smarter, more splurge-worthy snacking choices we should consider what it would take to burn off the calories we take in.查尔斯#8226;普拉特金是亨特学院纽约市粮食政策中心的负责人。他认为,为了在选择零食时做出更明智、更超值的决定,我们应该考虑一下我们要怎样消耗掉所摄入的卡路里。Splurge 挥霍We splurged on Bohemian glass for gifts, and for ourselves.我们花了很多钱买了波希米亚玻璃制品,用来送人和给自己用。splurge-worthy 超值For most people, the prices are still splurge-worthy, with, for example, a 0 purse running for 0对于大多数人来说,这个网站提供的价格简直是超值。 比如,600美元的钱包只卖200美元。To that end, Platkin has come up exercise equivalents for some of our favorite couch-side canapes and other nibbles.为了这个目标,普拉特金提出了等量运动的概念,即消耗掉我们喜爱的开胃点心和其他小吃所需要的运动。to that end 为了那个目的Canape 开胃小菜Nibble1. 名词,小吃2. 动词,小口地吃Linda lay face down on a living room couch, nibbling popcorn. 琳达趴在客厅的一张沙发上,小口吃着爆米花。3. 消耗:一点点地耗尽或减少:“If you start compromising too early . . . they nibble you to death”(People)“如果你过早妥协,他们会一点一点地把你吞噬”(民族)Let#39;s kick things off with a foot-long meatball sub. This marinara-soaked monster, which weighs in at around 900 calories, would take more than an hour-and-a-half of running up and down the stadium steps to work off.我们先从一英尺长的肉丸三明治开始说起吧。这种“大型”食物含有大量番茄酱,其热量值约为900卡路里,在体育馆的台阶上来回跑一个多小时才能消耗掉这些热量。Kick off 开球gt; 开始The concert was to kick off a nationwide voter registration drive.这场音乐会旨在开始全国性的选民登记运动。Marinara (意大利烹饪用的含西红柿、大蒜、洋葱等调制成的)海员式沙司Soak 浸泡Soak the beans for 2 hours. 把豆子泡上两个小时。And three pieces of KFC at 740 calories would take some 680 touchdown dances. Almost certainly leading to a celebration penalty. A single tortilla chip, a mere 20 calories, with a scoop of seven-layer dip, another 70 calories, would require a solid 25 minutes of boogying down to Lady Gaga!三块肯德基炸鸡的热量值为740卡路里,需要做680个触地得分后的庆祝动作才能消耗掉,这就是“冲动的惩罚”!吃一片只有20卡路里的墨西哥玉米片,加上一勺70卡路里的7层蘸酱,消耗这些热量需要坚持跳25分钟的Lady Gaga舞蹈!Penalty 罚球Referee Michael Reed had no hesitation in awarding a penalty.裁判迈克尔#8226;里德毫不犹豫地判了罚球。Tortilla 玉米粉薄烙饼Boogie (合着摇滚乐)跳舞 》 boogyingAt night, a good place to boogie through till sunrise is the Pink Panther Bar.到了晚上,一个快舞到天明的好去处是粉红豹酒吧。Even two handfuls of Chex Mix, which racks up a surprising 280 calories, calls for 30 minutes of jumping up and down after your team scores. And a 450-calorie slice of pizza? Do the wave 2,194 times. But you could get called for interference—by others trying to see the TV.甚至两把Chex Mix饼干的热量都有惊人的280卡路里,要消耗这些热量,需要在你持的球队得分后,上下跳30分钟。那一片450卡路里的批萨呢?要做2194次人浪。但是,其他人可能会觉得受到了干扰而要求你停下,因为他们要看电视。rack up 大量获得 (利润); 严重遭受 (损失); (体育中) 多次赢得 (比赛)Lower rates mean that firms are more likely to rack up profits in the coming months.更低的费率意味着各公司更有可能在未来的几个月里获得大量利润。calls for 需要To be a nurse calls for endurance and patience. 作一名护士需要有毅力和耐心。Now, if you#39;re still thinking about piling on those wings, each one weighs in at a hefty 95 calories. Add blue cheese dip and 10 wings can hit 1,400 calories. Which would take 149 trips up and down the field to run off.现在,如果你还想吃一堆鸡翅,你要知道,每个鸡翅的热量值高达95卡路里。加上蓝纹奶酪蘸酱,10个鸡翅可达到1400卡路里。这些热量要绕赛场跑149圈才能消耗掉。Pile on 把…堆上;成群地挤上:Pile more coal on the fire; it is going out.在火上多添点煤,它要灭了。Hefty 庞大的; 沉重的She was quite a hefty woman. 她是个相当高大的女人。up and down上上下下;到处;前前后后;来来往往But before conceding defeat, Platkin does offer some pointers to help you beat the Super Bowl sp. Stock up on popcorn, and skip the butter. Drizzle hot sauce on the wings instead of dollops of dip.但是,在承认失败之前,普拉特金提供了一些帮助大家对付超级碗小吃的建议。准备一些爆米花,但是不要加黄油。在鸡翅上放一点儿辣椒酱,而不是涂抹厚厚的一层蘸酱。stock up on 大量贮备;囤积;The authorities have urged people to stock up on fuel.当局已经敦促人们储备燃料。Drizzle 毛毛雨 》 蘸一点The drizzle had now stopped and the sun was breaking through.细雨已经停了,太阳露出了脸。Dollop 一大勺的量 ...a dollop of cream. ...一大勺奶油。And do not huddle with your snacks—keep them far enough away so that getting at them makes you put your backfield in motion.不要把零食放在身边,把它们放得远一些,远到你想拿点零食吃就得起来活动一下。Huddle1. 挤在一起的一群人或东西We lay there: a huddle of bodies, gasping for air. 我们躺在那儿,挤作一团,大口地喘着2, (悄悄地或秘密地) 凑在一起商讨The president has been huddling with his most senior aides.总统一直在和他的顶级高级助理们秘密地聚到一起进行商谈。Backfield 后卫区 Article/201706/515763新英语900句视频版 第20课:情场如战场 文本如下:MIGUEL: What a mess!这里乱透了!PEDR: You sound like my mother. Watch out!你讲话像我妈妈一样. 小心啊!PEDR: Don#39;t step on that sweater.别踩了那件毛衣.MIGUEL: Hey, that#39;s my sweater.嘿, 这件毛衣是我的!PEDR: Uh, yes, I guess it is.这个... 好像是.MIGUEL: You#39;re a slob, Pedro, but you#39;re a great photographer.你是个大垃圾虫, 佩德罗. 可是, 你却也是个第一流的摄影师.MIGUEL: Some of these pictures could be in magazines.这些照片可以登到杂志上去.PEDR: Thanks, Miguel.谢谢你, 米盖尔.MIGUEL: Hey, here#39;s an old picture of you. You had a mustache!嘿, 这里有一张你以前的照片. 你留了小胡子!PEDR: Let me see.给我看.MIGUEL: You#39;re standing with a guy with long blond hair. He looks American.你跟一个金黄长发的家伙站在一起, 他看起来好像是美国人.PEDR: Yes, he is. He was my first good friend here. A very creative guy.是的, 他是我来这边以后的第一个好朋友, 是一个很有艺术创作力的年轻人.PEDR: I met him at the art school downtown.我是在市中区那间艺术学校认识他的.MIGUEL: What#39;s his name? You never talk about him.他叫什么名字? 你从来没提过他.PEDR: His name#39;s Michael.他叫麦可,PEDR: He was in love with this woman.他跟这位相恋,PEDR: He wanted to marry her. She was beautiful, but crazy.他想娶她. 她很漂亮, 但是有点神经兮兮的.MIGUEL: What do you mean ;crazy?;你说她神经兮兮的, 是什么意思?PEDR: One day, she came to my door. She didn#39;t love Michael anymore. She fell in love with me.有一天 她来到我家门口. 她不再爱麦可了, 她爱上了我.MIGUEL: Just like that?就那样吗?PEDR: Well, sure, I flirted with her, but I flirt with everyone!这个... 当然罗, 我有逗过她, 可是我谁都逗.MIGUEL: What happened?结果怎么样?PEDR: You know I can#39;t resist a pretty face.你是知道的, 我没办法抗拒漂亮女孩子的魔力.MIGUEL: And Michael? What did he do?那么麦可呢? 他的反应怎么样?PEDR: He never spoke to me again. About a year ago I tried to call him, but he hung up on me.他跟我断绝来往了. 大概一年前我给他打电话, 可是被他挂断了.MIGUEL: What happened to the girl?那个女孩怎么样了?PEDR: We saw each other a few times.我们彼此见了几次面,PEDR: Then she moved to Florida.然后她搬到佛罗里达去了.PEDR: She has a sister there. Things like that don#39;t last long.她有一个姊姊住那里. 像那种事情是不持久的.BILL: Hi, Paulo.嗨, 保罗.PAUL: Hi, Bill. How#39;s business?嗨, 比尔, 生意怎么样?BILL: Fine. How#39;s yours?不错, 你呢?PAUL: Coming along. We#39;re opening some new exhibition soon. Oh, by the way, we#39;re looking for a secretary.还好, 我们有一个新展览会快要开幕了, 哦, 对了, 我们正要请一位秘书.BILL: Really? I know a good one. She wants a new job.真的? 我认识一位好秘书, 她需要一个新的工作.PAUL: Where can I find her?她在哪里?BILL: I can give her your number. I see her every day.我可以给她你的电话号码, 我每天都看到她.PAUL: OK. Here#39;s my card. Tell her to call me. Oh, what#39;s her name?好, 这是我的名片, 叫她打电话给我, 对了, 她叫什么名字?BILL: Laura Segura.罗拉·瑟姑拉.PAUL: Segura... Isn#39;t she Mr. Crawford#39;s secretary?瑟姑拉... 她不是郭佛先生的秘书吗?BILL: She was. She resigned.那是以前, 她辞职了.PAUL: I don#39;t think I can hire her. My office does a lot of work with Mr. Crawford#39;s office. It could be embarrassing.我恐怕不能用她. 我的公司跟郭佛先生的公司有生意来往, 那将会很尴尬的.BILL: I see. That#39;s too bad.我了解, 那真可惜.PAUL: Yes, it is. But perhaps we can find her a job in another department.是的, 不过, 我们也许可以在其他部门帮她找到工作.BILL: Thanks, Paulo.谢谢, 保罗.PAUL: Sure, Bill.不客气, 比尔. /200809/47385

  In or out of the European Union?留欧还是脱欧?The question on the ballot paper was simple, but the divisions exposed by last year#39;s referendum cut far deeper.选票上的问题很简单,但去年公投所暴露的分歧却进一步加深了。One of the best predictors of how you voted in the referendum was what values you hold,全民公投中,你如何投票的的最佳预测指标之一,是你所持有的价值观,whether you’re a social liberal or a social conservative.无论你是社会自由民主党还是保守党。One of the best predictors of a vote for Brexit was whether you believed in the death penalty or not.是否投票持脱离欧盟的最佳预测指标之一,是你是否相信和赞同死刑。And that#39;s very American, I mean, values didn’t really figure in our politics up to now.这一点特别美国化。我的意思是,到现在为止,我们的价值观并没有真正体现在政治立场上。Britain’s general election earlier this month underlined the country’s political realignment.本月初举行的英国大选凸显了其政治格局的调整与改变。The ancient city of Canterbury had been a stronghold of the ruling Conservative party since 1918自1918年起,坎特伯雷古城一直是执政党保守党的传统选区,but fell to socialist Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, the primary reason? Revenge for Brexit.但杰里米·科尔宾领导的工党最后赢得了这一选区。这其中的主要原因是什么呢?对脱欧采取的一种报复方式。Brexit has played an enormous role here.脱欧发挥了巨大的作用。I think young people who, for the most part voted to remain and then saw to their astonishment that, you know,我认为,大多数投票希望英国留在欧盟的年轻人真的很失望,尤其让他们感到惊讶的是,the rest of the ed Kingdom and indeed Kent, you know, voted to leave, were genuinely disappointed.英国其他地区,包括肯特郡的选民投票脱离欧盟。Brexit was widely seen as part of 2016’s populist surge that swept Donald Trump to power in the ed States.英国脱欧被广泛认为是2016年民粹主义浪潮的一部分,这也使得唐纳德·特朗普在美国掌权。In calling this month’s election, British Prime Minister Theresa May appears to have mis that surge.在本月的选举中,英国首相特蕾莎·梅似乎误读了这一浪潮。The parties are struggling to align themselves with how the British people vote or feel about issues.各党派正在努力使自身与英国民众的投票立场或看待问题的感受一致。Are we seeing a move toward a more values-based political system? Yes, to some extent, just like in the ed States.我们是在朝着建立在价值观基础上的政治制度迈进吗?在某种程度上,是的,这和美国很像。And we’re seeing that all over the democratic world as well, to varying degrees.”而且我们在不同程度上,可以看到在整个民主化的世界也是这样。”Even as traditional party loyalties break down, support for the two established parties,虽然英国民众对传统党派的持减弱,但人们对两大老牌政党,Conservatives and Labour — hit 82 percent, the highest since 1970.保守党和工党的持率仍高达百分之八十二,这是自1970年以来的最高纪录。Compare that to France where the two traditional parties,而在法国,两大传统政党,the Republicans and Socialists, were heavily defeated by centrist newcomer Emmanuel Macron.共和党和社会党双双溃败,最终,中间派候选人埃马纽埃尔·马克龙后来居上,赢得法国大选。Henry Ridgwell, for VOA News, London.VOA新闻,亨利·里奇维尔于伦敦为您播报。 Article/201707/516806

  Tell me about this best friend that you have.跟我讲讲你的好朋友。His name#39;s Snowflake.他的名字叫雪花。Your friend#39;s name is Snowflake? Mm-hmm.你朋友叫雪花?对的。Is, is it a dog? No. A cat? No.是吗?不是。猫?不是。Is it a bird? Yes.鸟?是的。Okay. What kind of bird? A duck.哪种鸟?它是只鸭子。A duck is your best friend? Mm-hmm.你的朋友是一只鸭子? 是的。So you and your best friend went viral. Yes.你们俩成为了红人,真的?That#39;s how we found out about you. Let#39;s take a look at the clip.我们从而认识了你,让我们来看段视频。They met 10 minutes ago. Look. Look, look, look.他们十分钟前刚认识。快看。He follows her. He loves you!它一直跟着她。看它多喜欢你!He stays right with Kylie. Whoa.它一直和凯利待在一块。喔!Wow, that duck is so funny.这只鸭子太有意思了。So is it hard for you to be away from Snowflake like this?你今天跟它分开了,这对你而言是不是不那么容易?Actually...he#39;s here. Snowflake is here? Uh-huh.它今天来了。雪花来了? 是的。Snowflake. Snowflake. Snowflake. Snowflake, time to go.雪花,雪花,该走了。So Snowflake is a very, very friendly, friendly duck. Uh-huh.雪花是一只很友善的鸭子吗,是的。Kiss him. Do what? Kiss him. Kiss who? Kiss him.亲它。你说什么?亲它。亲谁? 亲它。I don#39;t, you know, um, I#39;m married.我不能,我结婚了。So does...does...does... what is...什么,那个什么,这是什么。Does Snowflake have a diaper sometime? Unh-unh, unh-unh.雪花经常带尿不湿吗?恩恩。Oh, he doesn#39;t have a diaper right now.它今天没带尿不湿。Did he just shake his...Did your duck just shake his butt at me?它是不是在晃,你的鸭子正朝我晃屁股。That means he#39;s happy.这说明他很高兴。Oh, that means he#39;s happy? Well, that#39;s good.这说明他高兴?那很好。So Snowflake follows you everywhere? He thinks he#39;s human.那么就是说,雪花总跟着你到处转?他认为自己是人类。Really? Let#39;s see if we can get Snowflake to follow us. Okay.那让我们试试,看看雪花能不能跟着我们。好的。Okay, let#39;s walk. Me and you. Come on, let#39;s go this way.让我们一块走。我们走这边。Snowflake, Snowflake. Snowflake. Snowflake! Snowflake.雪花,雪花,雪花,雪花!Come on, Snowflake. Walking with Snowflake快点,雪花。和雪花一块走。Come on, Flake. Stay right here.快点,雪花,站在这里。You stay on that side so Snowflake don#39;t get confused.你站在这里,这样它不会感到找不到方向。Yeah. I got a friend walk just like that. Come on, Snowflake.没错,我有个朋友他就是这么走路的。快来,雪花。You know something, Kylie? That#39;s pretty impressive.凯利,你知道吗,这真是太有意思了。Let#39;s have some treats behind the couch. What is...我们在座椅后面放了些吃的。You know how to do that? Yummies. Yummy.你知道怎么做吗?很好吃,很好吃。Kylie, I think that Snowflake really got a great break in life the day your dad brought him home.凯莉,你知道吗,你爸爸把它抱回来的那天,它的命运也从此发生了改变。Thank you for coming, Kylie.凯利,欢迎来到“小小达人秀”。You#39;re absolutely wonderful. Thank you very much. I#39;ll hold the bag for you.你太出色了。非常感谢。我给你拿着袋子。Y#39;all take care. You can go ahead and take a bow.你们要保重。来向观众鞠个躬吧。Ladies and gentlemen, make some noise for Kylie and Snowflake!女士们先生们,为凯利和雪花鼓掌。 Article/201706/513788。


  从零开始学口语 第6讲:告别(下) 相关专题:英语口语社交美语五分钟英语快餐日常口语会话120分钟In the early hours of Sunday September 2nd,9月2日 星期日凌晨the Lord Mayor of London was woken from his sleep to be told that a fire had started in a baker#39;s shop in Pudding Lane.伦敦市长从睡梦中被叫醒 并被告知 布丁巷一家面包店燃起大火His response was ;Pish! A woman might piss it out!;而他却应了一句 ;呸 叫个女人撒泡尿火就灭了;As he snored on,the flames reached the warehouses flanking the Thames就在他倒头大睡时 火势蔓延到了泰晤士河畔between the Tower and London Bridge,brimful of tallow, pitch and brandy.殃及伦敦塔与伦敦桥之间 储藏着牛奶 沥青及白兰地的仓库A monstrous fireball came roaring and sucking out of the narrow streets,巨大的火球 怒吼着冲入狭窄的街道feeding on overhanging bays and gables.吞噬着河边的房屋In another hour,200 to 300 houses had been swallowed by the flames.很快 便有200至300间房屋被火焰吞噬John Evelyn, who#39;d said for years that overcrowded London was a disaster waiting to happen,约翰·伊夫林一直抱怨 拥挤的伦敦简直是一颗定时炸弹took no joy in the fulfilment of his prophecy.此刻 他却无暇为这精准的预言喝Oh, the miserable and calamitous spectacle.放眼望去 哀鸿遍野God grant mine eyes that never behold the like again,who now saw 10,000 houses all in one flame.愿上帝让我的双眼 再看不到如此情景 成千上万的房屋已被烈火包围The noise and crackle and thunder of the impetuous flames.凶猛的火焰噼啪作响 有如雷鸣The shriek of women and children, the hurry of people,妇孺惊呼 众人奔走the fall of towers, houses and churches like a hideous storm.塔楼倾颓 房屋教堂如山崩London was... but is no more.伦敦 已不复存在 /201704/504761I worked odd jobs for months before I went to college.我上大学前打了几个月的零工。odd jobs,零工。既然是零工,通常都是超过一份,所以用复数。 /200802/27274

  FLASH英语口语:Polite and Considerate 彬彬有礼 体谅他人 /200607/8482迪斯尼神奇英语全套26集 《迪斯尼神奇英语》(Disney English) 《迪士尼神奇英语》是一套非常精的少儿英语教材。教材中把英语教学中视、听、说几个环节紧密融汇在一起,通过迪士尼卡通形象,营造了足以使孩子们理解、接受所要教授内容的环境,使您的孩子在观赏精的迪士尼画面的同时,在妙趣横生的情节中,轻松自然的学会日常英语会话,培养“语感”,提高和改进孩子的语音和语调,让您的孩子终身受益。 /200706/14547

  So, the rainy season has finally finished in Japan and now every day is getting hotter and hotter, especially in Tokyo日本的雨季终于结束了,现在越来越热,特别是东京and today it was around 30 degress, so it#39;s boiling hot here and I#39;m boiling as you can see right now今天差不多有30℃,现在热得发烫,你也看见了,我都要烤熟了and I know the perfect thing to eat on a summer#39;s hot day. So I#39;ll take you there today, lets go我知道有个东西特别适合夏天吃,今天我就带你去,走吧Today we#39;ve come to a local neighbourhood west of Tokyo called Sangenchaya我们来到了东京西部一家叫作“三轩茶屋”的地方It’s only 2 stops away from Shibuya, but you can aly feel a big difference in the atmosphere这间小店离涩谷仅两站地,但你能明显感觉到气氛不一样Off the main road in the back streets we find ourselves an old traditional shaved ice shop在远离主干道的小街上,我们发现了一间传统的刨冰店When you start seeing lines for shaved ice, you know summer#39;s arrived当你看到刨冰店前有人在排队,你就知道夏天到了Shaved ice is definitely a must eat in summer and it gives you a taste of what Japanese summer is like刨冰是夏天必吃的东西,它能告诉你日本的夏天是怎样的This shop here has been running for 40 years and is loved by the locals这间小店已经经营了40年,一直很受当地人喜爱While there are many trendy shaved ice out there now虽然现在周围多了很多时髦的刨冰店this shop keeps the simple and traditional taste of Japanese shaved ice这间小店一直都保持着日本刨冰传统而朴素的味道Ishibashi-san cuts the ice just before it starts to melt giving it a soft cotton candy texture莲司奶奶将即将融化的冰打碎,使其变得绵软and then she puts different coats of sweeteners on top再淋上不同口味的甜味剂There are lots of flavours you can choose from and the price ranges from 500~1000yen有很多口味供你选择,价格在500到1000日元There were so many flavors to choose from and I couldn#39;t decide口味多到我不知选哪个好However, in the end I decided to go with the green tea flavour for 800yen但最后,我要了个800日元的抹茶刨冰and mannnnn did it taste good after a days work啊,工作一天之后吃上一杯刨冰岂不好and if you#39;re one of those people who love to take photos of your food before you eat如果你喜欢在吃东西前先拍照trust me, this is not one of those foods you should do it with相信我,千万别选这个because you#39;ll end up like me having to drink it and have green tea instead of shaved ice因为最后你会像我一样,不是在吃刨冰,而是在喝绿茶So, this was my first shaved ice for summer 2016这是我2016年夏天吃的第一个刨冰and I#39;m sure with the hotter weather coming up, I will be eating a lot more我相信天气会越来越热,我也会吃更多刨冰So, thank you for watching until the end of the and here is my previous about what not to wear in Japan最后,很感谢你一直看到最后,这是我关于在日本不能穿什么的视频So, I#39;m really glad some of you found it really helpful or enjoyed the 非常开心有人觉得它很有用,或者喜欢这个视频and it was nice to hear about some of the things you guys wear也很高兴听你们说你们穿什么I always enjoy ing the comments from you guys我也真的很喜欢看你们的So, feel free to leave me a comment down below or a request you would like to see me do希望你可以在视频下方,或者说说你希望我录什么样的视频So, thank you for watching and I will see you in my next 感谢收看,下次视频再见 Article/201707/516819

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201607/452205。


  Hi, everyone, I#39;m Jade, what we#39;re talking about today is writing a conclusion for an IELTS exam or a CAE exam.大家好,我是Jade,今天我要教你们在雅思考试或者CAE考试的作文中写一个结尾部分。So I#39;m going to give you two ways to write conclusions so that when you get to the end,我会教给你们两种写结尾的方法,这样当你们文章写到最后的时候,you don#39;t just sort of put a full stop that doesn#39;t really say anything extra, that doesn#39;t feel like a conclusion.就不会只写个句号,什么额外的内容也不写了,那样看上去根本不像个结尾。Because when you write a conclusion, a good conclusion has a different tone, there#39;s something that feels finished about it.因为当你们写结尾时,一个好的结尾有一种不一样的语气,会让人觉得这篇文章真的结束了。And more generally, your conclusion should be your last chance to impress, to show that examiner all that English that you know and how fluent you are when you#39;re writing in English.而且,通常结尾应该是你们最后一次能惊艳考官的机会,能够向他展示那些你们懂得的英语知识,以及你们在用英语写作时有多么流利。And you should leave the er with an additional thought in the end, ideally, when you#39;re writing a conclusion.理想地来说,你们在写结尾的时候,应该在文章最后给读者留有想象空间。So let#39;s look at a typical IELTS kind of question.;Some people think that parents should teach their children to be good members of society.我们来看一道典型的雅思作文题吧。“有些人认为家长应该教育他们的孩子成为优秀的社会成员。However, others believe school is the best place to learn this.;然而,其他人则认为学校才是学习这个的最佳场所。”And then the IELTS question would say: ;Share your experience, and give reasons for your answers.;然后雅思作文的题干会写着:“请结合自身经历写下你的看法,并给出理由。”So let#39;s imagine that you#39;ve aly written your essay.So, how do you begin your conclusion?我们假设你们已经写了这篇作文了。那么,结尾要如何下笔呢?The... the first way I#39;m going to tell you, I#39;m going to call it the ;As I have discussed; conclusion.我要告诉你们的第一个方法,我称它为;As I have discussed;式结尾。And there are three parts to writing this conclusion.这种结尾有三个部分。And I#39;m giving you the structure so that you can see how you can put a conclusion together just by putting different pieces in there.我会把整个结构给你们,这样你们就知道如何通过仅仅把不同的部分放进去就能拼凑出一个结尾。And now, this is... this is great for an IELTS essay.这个方法对雅思考试的作文来说非常适用。It#39;s not a super imaginative kind of conclusion that would be great at university, but for IELTS, it#39;s... it#39;s good for IELTS.虽然这不是非常适合于大学作文的那种极具想象力的结尾,但是对雅思考试来说......它很适合雅思考试。So, here are the three parts for this conclusion: ;As I have discussed;.下面是这种结尾的三个部分:第一部分是;As I have discussed;。Then: ;However; sentence with ;I; or, you know, using your subjectivity, basically.然后是带;I;,或者任何主观性词汇的;However;句子。And then making a moral or social observation in the first conditional.So let#39;s have a look.最后一部分是用第一条件句做一个道德观察评价或社会观察评价。那我们来具体看看吧。So, ;As I have discussed;, what we#39;re doing is we#39;re just taking that phrase, basically, and this shows the tone... this establishes the tone of conclusion: ;As I have discussed;.在第一部分,基本上我们要做的就是把;As I have discussed;这个短语用上,它能带来一种结尾的语气:;As I have discussed;。You#39;re basically saying: ;Well, I aly told you all of this, but now I#39;m summarizing.;这样你们的主要意思就是:“我已经把这所有的内容都跟你讲过了,不过现在我是在总结。”;As I have discussed, there are advantages and disadvantages to the question.;As I have discussed, there are advantages and disadvantages to the question.(正如我已经说过的,这个问题既有好处也有坏处。)I#39;ve shown both sides of the argument.;I#39;ve shown both sides of the argument.; (我已经把两方面的论据都写过了。)You could just learn that, you could learn that whole phrase to begin a conclusion.你们可以直接把那个学下来,可以学着用那整个短语作为结尾的开头。What do you follow it with?You follow it with a ;However; sentence.接下来写什么呢?在第一部分之后你们要写一个;However;句子。So, there may be advantages and disadvantages, but there#39;s a catch.也就是说,也许既有好处也有坏处,但是你们要抓住其中一点进行描述。;However, I think parents should be responsible for teaching children to be good members of society.;比如;However, I think parents should be responsible for teaching children to be good members of society.;(但是,我认为家长应该负责教孩子成为优秀的社会成员。)So this is you saying: ;Yeah, I see both sides, this is good about it, that#39;s good about the other side.意思就是:“是,我知道有两方面,这是这方面的好处,那是另一方面的好处。But, you know, for me and in my opinion...;, because now we#39;re using your subjectivity by saying: ;I think;.但是,你要知道,对我来说,在我看来......”因为说了;I think;,我们现在就要讲你们的主观看法了。You can... you can finally make your position clear, make your position known.你们终于可以表明自己的立场,让别人知道你们的看法了。Maybe in the rest of the essay, this is discursive... this is a discursive essay, you#39;ve been showing both sides of the argument.这是一篇论述文,在这篇作文的其他部分,你们也许已经阐述过两方面的论据了。But if you write your essay in a way where you don#39;t use: ;I think;, ;I believe; in the rest of the essay before, it can be quite powerful just to use ;I think; once at the end in your conclusion.但是如果你们写作文的时候,在结尾之前的其他部分没有用过;I think;, ;I believe;的话,只在结尾最后用一次;I think;,可能会使结尾显得非常有力。So, again: ;However, I think parents should be responsible for teaching children to be good members of society.;所以我们再看一次先前的例子:;However, I think parents should be responsible for teaching children to be good members of society.;(但是,我认为家长应该负责教孩子成为优秀的社会成员。)That bit#39;s done, what do we do next?Well, sometimes people like to end essays by giving a grand statement about morals and the world, so you can also do this in your IELTS exam.这部分写完了,下一步做什么呢?有时候人们喜欢用一个关于道德和世界的宏大陈述来结束文章,你们在做雅思试题的时候也可以这么做。And this is what I#39;m talking about when I say: ;Make a moral or social observation; to do with the question, of course, not just the general one.而这也是我说“做一个道德观察评价或社会观察评价”时要表达的意思,当然啦,你们要做的是与题干相关的观察评价,不是笼统的。So here#39;s an example: ;If children are taught to be good members of society, the world will be a better place.;给你们举个例子:;If children are taught to be good members of society, the world will be a better place.;(如果孩子们被教成了优秀的社会成员,世界会变得更好。)So, it#39;s in the first conditional, because we#39;ve got ;if;, then we#39;ve got the past simple, followed by a clause with ;will;.这个句子用的是第一条件句,因为句子里有;if;,还有后接;will;从句的一般过去时。You can use that conditional structure in your essay, in your conclusion, I think that#39;s good because you#39;re showing the examiner you know how to write conditionals.你们在自己作文的结尾部分可以用这个条件句结构,我觉得这很不错,因为这能让考官看到你们会写条件句。So, because these essays are marked on your style, but also your grammar when you#39;re writing English, displaying a range of structures,因为这些作文的评分不仅以你们的写作风格为标准,还要看你们用英语写作、展示一系列结构时的语法,it#39;s good to write this moral... moral or social observation in the conditional.所以用条件句写道德观察评价或社会观察评价是个不错的方法。So, that was the first way you can write a conclusion.When we come back, I#39;m going to show you the second way you can write a conclusion for IELTS or CAE.以上是你们写结尾时能用的第一种方法。下面我会跟你们讲雅思或CAE考试的作文中能用来写结尾的第二种方法。Let#39;s have a look at the second way to write a conclusion for your IELTS or a similar discursive essay.现在我们来看看雅思作文或类似的论述文中,你们能用来写结尾的第二种方法。So, in this conclusion, we have a different structure to follow.在这种结尾中,我们要遵循的结构跟上一个不太一样。First of all, you can make a subjective opinion statement, what do I mean by ;subjective;?首先,你们可以写一个主观性观点的陈述句,“主观性”是什么意思?That basically means using ;I;.主要就是用;I;来陈述观点的意思。As I mentioned, you should not really use: ;I think;, ;I think;, ;I think; all the way through your essay, but it#39;s okay to use it just in the conclusion for impact.我之前已经说过了,你们不能整篇作文从头到尾一直用;I think;,但是为了效果只在结尾部分用是可以的。Then you include the sentence or statement with: ;The most important reason is;, blah, blah, blah.然后你们要在这个句子或陈述句中写上;The most important reason is...;(最重要的原因是......)And then, again, you make a moral or social observation.接下来,你们还是要写一个道德或社会观察评价。And this time, if you want, you can use a second conditional, and I#39;ll show you.So, let#39;s have a look.这一次,如果你们想的话,可以用一个第二条件句,我会告诉你们怎么写的。那我们来看看吧。A subjective opinion statement: ;I think parents should teach their children to be good members of society.;首先写一个主观性观点陈述句:;I think parents should teach their children to be good members of society.;(我认为家长应该教他们的孩子成为优秀的社会成员。)So we#39;re just taking... we#39;re taking... you know, there are two sides to this question.这个题目有两个方面,所以我们只是选了......There#39;s: ;Parents should teach their children to be good members of society;, and there#39;s: ;School should teach their children to be good members of society;,一方面是:“家长应该教他们的孩子成为优秀的社会成员”;另一方面是:“学校应该教孩子成为优秀的社会成员”,so now you just show us what you think.所以现在你们要告诉我们你们的看法。;I think parents should teach their children to be good members of society.;比如;I think parents should teach their children to be good members of society.;(我觉得家长应该教他们的孩子成为优秀的社会成员)。That bit#39;s done.Now we need to do the statement with the most important reason.这部分搞定。现在我们要为这个陈述句写下最重要的原因。So you#39;ve aly given your reasons for this in the main body of your essay.你们在作文的正文部分已经给出过这个观点的好几个原因了。Now you just elaborate and tell us a little bit more about which reason you think is the most persuasive reason or the most important reason.现在你们只要详细描述一下,再稍微多写一点你们认为哪个是最有说力的原因或者最重要的原因。For example: ;The most important reason is because parents can share their life experience with their children.;比如: ;The most important reason is because parents can share their life experience with their children.;(最重要的原因是家长可以和他们的孩子分享自己的人生经验)。There, I#39;m implying that maybe school teachers can#39;t do this.This bit#39;s done.在这个句子中,我的隐含义是也许学校老师无法做到这一点。这部分也做完了。And then, again, a moral or social observation.接下来,依然还是要写一个道德或社会观察评价。We#39;re using the second conditional this time, and we use the second conditional to talk about imagined situation, so that means hypothetical situations.这一次我们要用第二条件句,我们要用第二条件句来谈论想象的状况,也就是假想情景的意思。And it#39;s different because we are using ;would;, and we#39;re using the bare infinitive of the verb, and in the first clause we#39;re using past simple.这个的不同之处在于我们会用;would;和动词不带to的不定式,在第一个从句里还要用一般过去时。So let#39;s... let#39;s that last one: ;If schools were to teach this; -teach children how to be good members of society- ;the role of the family would be destroyed.;我们来读一下这最后一句:;If schools were to teach this;(如果学校要教这个的话)——教孩子们如何成为优秀的社会成员——;the role of the family would be destroyed.;(家庭的作用就会被破坏)。So that#39;s quite moral, quite a strong opinion to leave your essay with.这在作文结尾是个相当有寓意的、相当强烈的观点。And it does establish that: ;I#39;m finished now. My very important essay is complete.;而且它确实给人一种“我现在写完了,我的非常重要的作文结束了。”的感觉。So, there are two ways of writing your conclusions for IELTS, CAE, or a similar discursive essay.总结一下,雅思、CAE考试中的作文或者一个类似的论述文的结尾有两种写法。There are many more imaginative ways to write essays, this is not a fixed rule.还有很多更具想象力的写作文的方法,规则不是一成不变的。What can you take from this? You can take some phrases, you can start to think about the structure of your conclusion that you#39;re writing.今天的课上有什么能用的?你们可以把一些短语拿去用,你们可以开始思考自己要写的结尾的结构。And hopefully when you get there in your exam, you won#39;t get stuck in your conclusion, and you won#39;t just rewrite the answer,但愿你们去参加考试的时候,不会被困在结尾部分不知道该怎么做,不用重新作答,you#39;ll have something a little bit different to say, also something that displays a little bit of clever grammar, like a second conditional in your essay.希望你们会有一些不同的内容可以写,还有能稍稍展示出高明的语法的内容,比如在作文里写一个第二条件句。So... yep, if you did like this lesson, please subscribe here on my engvid channel.所以......没错,如果你们喜欢我的课程,请在这里点击订阅我的engvid频道。Also you can do a quiz on this, so you can take this lesson a little bit further, do a little bit of extra work on it.你们还可以做一个关于这堂课的小测验,这样你们就能进一步巩固今天的内容,稍微做一些与这相关的额外练习。Plus you can subscribe on my personal channel, because I#39;ve got two channels.另外,你们也可以订阅我的个人频道,因为我有两个频道。So, yep, I really do wish you luck on those exams, but I#39;m going now.我衷心希望你们在这些考试中能取得好成绩,不过我现在要跟你们说再见啦。 Article/201707/516706

  How much we love in Andrew, he#39;s letting it rock down? I#39;m angry with you.安德鲁把头发放下来之后我们有多喜欢他?我生气了Why? You will rock like L#39;Oreal advertisement. You work there, you look exceptional.为啥啊?你现在看起来像从欧莱雅的洗发广告走出来的,真得超帅。But you#39;re a very committed and dedicated actor.你是个很敬业很努力的演员。Now what#39;s the best thing that you have to learn because of job?你为了工作学过的最开心的一件事是什么?It#39;s reality to do this show with you, just so you know.跟你一起做节目真的很难熬,你懂的Well, I#39;m finding it very easy to be here with you. Maybe that#39;s why we#39;re different.但我觉得跟你在一起很轻松啊,也许这就是我们的不同之处Admittedly, I just love you so much. And I know you so intimately in the outside of the work.我可喜欢你了,你下班之后啥样我一清二楚Andrew, do not let the hat out of the bag.安德鲁,你可不能把我的秘密抖出来了Oh, they know. They can tell.你不说他们也看得出来It was one time. We had a few drinks. I wasn#39;t drunk at all.有一次,我们喝了点儿酒。我可没醉I was drunk on love, but now you got a girlfriend, girlfriend.我陷入爱河了。现在你有了女朋友No, go on. Yeah, skills. What do you have to learn?不,继续。嗯,演技方面,你要学什么?I have to learn how to be a priest.我必须学习如何成为一名神父。With this incredible judge priest father James Marton in New York.詹姆斯·马顿是纽约的一位虔诚正直的神父And it#39;s just kind of wild.这部剧有些离奇。#39;Cause you know, especially, cause that project, that directors want to make it so long,因为导演想让这部剧看上去真实on the late night at home, is was carpentry,晚上回去,我们练习木工手艺but carpentry is something has been one of my kind of hobbies,我一直喜欢木工手艺because as actors, we don#39;t have anything to really hold on to ever, that#39;s just like solid.因为作为演员,我们无法切实地感受到像固体一样的东西,And kind of fleeting, and kind of this mistical thing that doesn#39;t really exist,有些事物是稍纵即逝的、虚幻的、不存在的,it#39;s tangible... and that#39;s probably what I#39;m looking for, make something I can feel and hold.它是真实的...这大概就是我要学习的,创造一些能感知和触摸的事物。It#39;s very comforting. Comforts me. I don#39;t know.它抚慰了我,我觉得很安心。I#39;m going to leave my hand here. I don#39;t know if I#39;ve ever acted.我要用手抚摸着它,我不知道这是真实存在的还是我演出来的I#39;m so hot for you. This is just bringing it all back.我真的迷上你了。你让我想起了我们过去的时光。Because that#39;s how it started. This is exactly how he gets you in.我们就是这么开始的。他就是这样让你们迷上他的。He goes, look—he goes, look, that table, it#39;s something I want to touch it and it#39;s made of wood.他说,看呐,就是那张桌子,我想抚摸它,它是木头做的It#39;s what he does. It#39;s what he does. Quit playing games with me.他经常这么干,他就是这么干的,你别跟我耍花招 Article/201706/512514

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