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长春二道区妇幼保健院堕胎长春无痛人流那里便宜New theatre 新剧Dreams within dreams 梦中梦A haunting vision of Haruki Murakami’s “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle”村上春树《奇鸟行状录》萦绕于人心的影像Aug 27th 2011 | EDINBURGH | from the print edition ADAPTING a novel for the stage requires courage, vision and a spirit that refuses to kowtow to the original author. But few novels can have been as hard to rework as “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle”, Haruki Murakami’s surreal and unwieldy 600-page exploration of fear. Stephen Earnhart’s adaptation (written with Greg Pierce), seven years in the making, had its world premiere at the Edinburgh festival on August 21st. Like a dream, it is wondrous, incomprehensible and poignantly memorable in all sorts of unexpected ways.将一本小说搬上舞台需要勇气、见识以及拒绝向原作者卑躬屈膝的精神。没有几本小说能像村上春树的《奇鸟行状录》——洋洋洒洒六百多页对恐惧的超现实主义且难以处理的探索——一样难以被改编。斯蒂芬#8226;爱恩哈特的改编(与格雷戈#8226;皮尔斯合写)在经历了七年之久的制作后,终于在八月二十一日的爱丁堡艺术节上与世人首次见面。它就像一个梦,极尽意想不到之能事,令人惊奇、困惑并过目难忘。First published in English in 1997, this Japanese novel was immediately hailed as a masterpiece, despite its fierce resistance to explanation. Mr Earnhart, a former producer for Miramax Films, has applied some cinematic flourishes to this production, which often recalls the bizarre cinema of David Lynch. The novel’s hallucinatory world is evoked through film projections, puppets and music. The mood is haunting and confusing, and peppered with bewitching details, like a white bird that suddenly flutters from bedsheets and flies away. 尽管这部日本小说晦涩难懂,它于1997年首度发行了英译本后便立刻被称为一部杰作。米拉麦克斯电影公司的前任制作人爱恩哈特先生将一些电影化的综合修饰应用于这部作品,这常常让人联想到大卫#8226;林奇离奇的电影。这本小说中的异幻世界通过影片投射、木偶与音乐而建构得来。它的气氛震撼人心、使人困惑,穿插着类似一只白色小鸟突然从床单上展开羽翼并飞向远方这样令人迷醉的细节。201109/152197长春做人流到哪个医院好 World Health Assembly Discusses New Health Challenges世卫敦促各国预防甲型流感流行  The annual World Health Assembly has opened with delegates from 193 member countries discussing how to protect people from diseases such as the swine flu virus that is sping around the world.世界卫生大会年会开幕,来自193个成员国的代表们正在讨论如何防止人们感染目前正在世界流行的甲型H1N1流感等疾病。World Health Organization Director-General, Margaret Chan, says the world is facing multiple crises, on multiple fronts. And, these are occurring at a time when the global economic crisis is making it more difficult to maintain good health, especially in the developing world. 世界卫生组织总干事陈冯富珍说,世界目前在许多地区面临多项危机。而目前的全球经济危机让人们保持健康的体魄更加困难,发展中国家尤其如此。The WHO Chief says the new Swine Flu A-H1N1 virus shows how health challenges are changing.世卫组织总干事陈冯富珍说,新的甲型H1N1流感病毒说明,我们面临的健康难题正在如何发生改变。"The world today is more vulnerable to the adverse effects of an influenza pandemic than it was in 1968, when the last pandemic of the previous century began," said Margaret Chan. "The speed and volume of international travel have increased to an astonishing degree. As we are seeing right now with H1N1, any city with an international airport is at risk of an imported case." 陈冯富珍说:“跟1968年即上世纪最后一次流感瘟疫的情况相比,当今世界更加难以应对流感疫症产生的负面影响, 国际旅行的速度和人次以惊人的速度增长。正如我们现在看到的甲型H1N1流感,每一个有国际机场的城市,都有可能有输入性病例。”Dr. Chan says increased interdependence among nations creates a great potential for economic disruption. This means the gap between the haves and the have-nots will grow even larger than it aly has. 陈冯富珍说,国与国之间相互依赖的增加,也极大的增加了经济崩溃的可能性。这就是说,贫富之间的差距会更大。"Today, about 85 percent of the burden of chronic diseases is concentrated in low and middle income countries," she said. "The implications are obvious. The developing world has, by far, the largest pool of people at risk for severe and fatal H1N1 infections." 陈冯富珍说:“如今,慢性病这个沉重负担有大约85%集中在中低收入国家。其中的含义显而易见。就目前来看,发展中国家有更多的人会面临感染甲型H1N1流感的这种严重致命病毒的最大风险。”Dr. Chan urges the international community to do everything it can to help developing countries from bearing the brunt of disease pandemics. And she says while the world is right to be concerned about a possible flu pandemic, it should not let these worries overshadow or interrupt other vital health programs.陈冯富珍敦促国际社会尽一切努力避免发展中国家承担疾病流行的打击。她还说,尽管世界目前担心可能发生的流感疫症,这些担忧不应该遮挡或者干扰我们实施其它生命攸关的健康计划。She says health ministers attending this week's Assembly should take the opportunity to respond to threats to their health systems. She says a priority is to finish the job of polio eradication. 陈冯富珍表示,出席这个星期世界卫生大会的卫生部长们应该抓住机会对本国、本地区医疗制度遇到的威胁做出回应。她说,一项首要任务是完成根除脊髓灰质炎即小儿麻痹症的工作。She says the global campaign that WHO started in 1988 is very close to achieving its goal of ridding the world of this terrible paralytic disease.陈冯富珍说,世界卫生组织1988年开始的这项全球性运动其最终目标是,在全世界消灭这种给人造成麻痹的可怕疾病,现在这个目标接近实现了。05/7032412月20日,香港大学、香港理工大学、香港浸会大学和香港教育学院在沪联合举行新闻发布会,公布了2010年招生计划。除本科生外,香港高校明年均希望吸纳更多的内地研究生。Hong Kong Colleges Eye on Prospective Postgrads from Chinese Mainland As more outstanding high school graduates from the Chinese mainland choose to study in Hong Kong, universities in the city are also promoting themselves and trying to net more mainland students for graduate studies.Our reporter Zhao Kun takes a closer look.Tan Ying is a senior college student from North China University of Technology in Beijing. This afternoon, she arrives early at Tsinghua University for a campus talk, where the City University of Hong Kong is to introduce their master's and doctoral programs in the department of Media and Communication.Instead of looking for jobs or struggling to attend a mainland graduate school upon graduation, Tan Ying hopes to continue her studies at a college in Hong Kong and at the same time switch her current business administration major to a media-related field."I'll face cutthroat competition if I choose to apply to a mainland graduate school, not to mention that I'd like to change my academic focus as well."Graduate-level admission procedures vary greatly between universities in Hong Kong and the mainland. The latter emphasizes subject-oriented exams, while the former is largely based on a student's overall undergraduate performance, much like the admissions system of most American universities. But tuition in Hong Kong is generally much cheaper than in Western schools. Tan Ying says:"I guess everybody takes the U.S. as their top choice for overseas study. But my family cannot afford the high expenses of an American college, which roughly costs 500,000 yuan for a two-year degree. But a one-year program in Hong Kong charges 150,000 yuan at most, including accommodations and other daily expenses."Standing on a price advantage and well aware of the benefits brought by mainland students, universities in Hong Kong have stepped up their competition for the best brains in the country. Professor He Zhou is deputy director of City University."Our benefit is to have a better student body and a good mix of students from a variety of cultures. That way, Hong Kong's local students can benefit as well as the mainland students."Meanwhile, he doesn't mind talking about the school's economic gains either."For some of our master's programs, we are self-financed. Therefore, by admitting more students into our program, we get more tuition fees and these expenses are associated with their studies in Hong Kong."Currently, high school students from the mainland can only study in Hong Kong by taking the National College Entrance Exam and take up only 10 percent of newly admitted undergrads. But the graduate programs don't set fixed recruiting as, and mainland students can be admitted only by submitting required materials. This means universities in Hong Kong have a larger admission capacity for prospective post-grads. And compared with undergraduate applications, students may also find entering a graduate program in Hong Kong easier, though the job hunting one year later may not appear any easier.For China Drive, I'm Zhao Kun.12/93407长春做人流最好

长春大学第二医院好不好Business education商业教育Field of dreams梦想之地Harvard Business School reinvents its MBA course哈佛商学院改良其工商管理硕士 (MBA) 课程YOUNG mums shopping in the Copley Mall in downtown Boston last month found themselves being questioned about their use of soap by students from Harvard Business School. The students were not doing odd jobs to earn beer money. They were preparing to help a firm in Brazil launch an antibacterial cleanser.上月,年轻的妈妈们在波士顿市区的科普利商场 (Copley Mall) 购物时,发现有来自哈佛商学院的学生询问她们使用肥皂的情况。这些学生并不在打临时工赚取啤酒钱。他们在帮助一家巴西公司发布一款抗病菌洁面乳做准备工作。Fieldwork;ie, going out and talking to people;is a big change for HBS. Its students used to sit in a classroom and discuss case studies written by professors. Now they may also work in a developing country and launch a start-up. ;Learning by doing; will become the norm, if a radical overhaul of the MBA curriculum succeeds.实地工作;;走出教室,与人交谈;;是哈佛商学院的一项大变革。哈佛商学院的学生过去常常坐在教室里讨论教授们写的研究案例。现在,他们也可能在一个发展中国家工作,并且建立一家新兴企业。如果这项对 MBA 课程的重大改革成功,那么,;做中学;将变为常规。The 900 students arriving in Boston this summer for their two-year course were told they would be guinea pigs. The new practical addition to HBSrsquo;s curriculum is known as ;FIELD; (Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development). Not all the staff and students are overjoyed to be experimented on. But the man responsible, Nitin Nohria, who became dean of HBS in July 2010, says that ;if it works, the FIELD method could become an equal partner to the case method.;今年夏季哈佛商学院通知接受其两年制课程的 900 名新生:他们将是试验对象。哈佛商学院实际新增课程称为;FIELD; (Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development)(实地浸入式体验的领导力开发)。并非所有的员工和学生都对成为这次实验的对象而感到欣喜若狂。但于2010 年 7 月就任哈佛商学院院长的项目负责人尼廷bull;诺里亚 (Nitin Nohria) 称,;如果成功,实地教学法(FIELD 法)将与案例教学法并驾齐驱。;Long before he became dean, Mr Nohria lamented the failure of business schools to fulfil their mission of turning management into a profession similar to law or medicine. Asked what should be expected from someone with an MBA, he replies that ;obviously, they should master a body of knowledge. But we should also expect them to apply that knowledge with some measure of judgment.; MBA students have long been sent on summer internships with prospective employers, but HBS, like most business schools, did little else to help them with the practical application of management studies.早在担任院长以前,诺利亚就曾抱怨,商学院未能实现自身使命,将管理转变为类似于法律或医学的一门职业。当问及应当对工商管理硕士抱以怎样的期望时,他回答说;很显然,他们应该拥有大量知识。但是,我们也应期望他们能在应用知识的时候运用一些判断力。;长久以来,工商管理硕士专业学生都会派到潜在雇主那里参加暑期实习,但是,与大多数商学院一样,哈佛商学院很少再采取措施,来帮助他们将管理学运用于实践。What happens in the second year of the new course is still being worked out. But the first year has three elements. First, team-building exercises. Students take turns to lead a group engaged in a project such as designing an ;eco-friendly sculpture;. They learn to collaborate and to give and take feedback. These exercises are loosely based on ones used in the US army.新课程第二学年的安排仍在制订中。但第一学年有三个要素。第一,团队建设训练。学生轮流领导一个组织。这个组织参与一个项目,比如;生态友好型雕刻;。他们学习相互合作、给予并接受反馈。这些训练大致建立在美军的训练方法之上。Second, students will be sent to work for a week with one of more than 140 firms in 11 countries. Aly the new intake have had conference calls with these companies, ranging from the Brazilian soapmaker to a Chinese property firm, and gone off-campus to conduct product-development ;dashes; like the one in Copley Mall. This sort of structured learning-by-doing is a world away from HBSrsquo;s traditional encouragement of students to ;go on an adventure; outside of classes.第二,把学生派往 11 国家里逾 140 家公司之一工作一周。这些新生已经同这些公司(范围涉及巴西的肥皂厂到中国的房地产公司)举行了电话会议,走出学校,为产品开发在附近;四处奔波;,例如去科普利超市。此类有组织的;做中学;不同于哈佛商学院鼓励学生到教室外;去冒险;的传统做法。In the third novel part of the course, students will be given eight weeks, and seed money of ,000 each, to launch a small company. The most successful, as voted by their fellow students, will get more funding. It remains to be seen if this amounts to much more than a souped-up business-plan competition, though Mr Nohria says he hopes some real businesses will be created. (If only HBS had thought of this when Bill Gates was thinking of starting Microsoft, or Mark Zuckerberg was creating Facebook;perhaps the school would have received shares in those firms.)此门课程的第三个创新之处是,给予学生八周时间以及每人 3,000 美元基金来创办一家小型公司。按照同学投票,最成功的公司将给予更丰厚的资金。仅管诺利亚称,他希望创造出一些真正的企业,但是,它是否不仅仅是一个花哨的商业计划比赛尚待观察。(当比尔bull;盖茨 (Bill Gates) 开始创办微软,马克bull;扎克伯格 (Mark Zuckerberg) 打造脸谱 (Facebook) 时,哈佛商学院就已想到这个主意该多好;;或许哈佛商学院可能已经收到了这两家公司的股份。)It is unclear how much the one-week working assignments will achieve. Pankaj Ghemawat, a management guru, says ;the literature suggests that an immersion experience needs to be at least 2-3 weeks and be backed up with time in the classroom.; The HBS studentsrsquo; classroom preparation will have to be pretty thorough, then, to make up for the brevity of their field trips. Moreover, some of the HBS alumni who have agreed to offer work experience at their firms say they are unsure what meaningful work they can offer the students.一周的工作任务有多大成效还不得而知。管理大师潘卡基bull;格玛沃特(Pankaj Ghemawat)称;文献资料显示,浸入式体验至少需要 2-3 周的时间且需要课堂时间的配合。;这样,哈佛商学院学生的课堂准备将必须非常充分,以弥补他们实地体验期的短暂。还有,已经同意提供工作经历的哈佛商学院校友们称,对提供给学生们何种有意义的工作他们并不确定。Privately, some faculty members are sceptical that all this change will be worthwhile. In January, the vote in favour of trying the field method was ;as enthusiastic as you could get from a faculty,; says Mr Nohria, wryly. He wisely ensured that ownership of the idea was widely sp by delegating design of the new curriculum to several faculty committees. The vote gave the go-ahead to run a ;delicate experiment for 3-5 years to see if we can move the needle;, he says, compared with the 13 years it took to develop the case method into more or less what it is today.私下里,某些教职员工对是否值得进行所有这些变革持怀疑态度。1 月份,;你能从教职员工那里得到的顶多;也就是持实地教学法的投票而已,诺利亚嘲讽地说道。通过将设计新课程的权力下放到几个教职员工委员会,他明智地确保了更广泛的教职员工能参与到这项变革中来。教职工投票同意进行;3-5 年的谨慎试验,看下能否产生显著影响;,诺利亚称。而案例教学法整整用了13年才走到今天这一步。The experiment does not come cheap, adding 10-15% to the coursersquo;s cost (students pay at least ,000 a year), which HBS will bear while it figures out what works. A lot is at stake. For where Harvard leads, other universities may follow.这试验并不便宜,课程成本由此增加了10-15%(学生一年至少付 84,000 美元)。在弄清弄什么是有效的之前,这笔费用将由哈佛商学院承担。太多吉凶未卜。因为哈佛领先之处,可能就是他校追随的地方。downtown n. 城市商业区, 闹市区practical adj.实际的fulfill vt. 履行,实现collaborate v. 合作assignment n. 作业; 工作enthusiastic adj. 热烈的, 热心的164067长春吉大三院能做三镜一丝手术吗 Dear Grandma:祖母你好:Your daughters parenting skills could use some improvement, and yes, its possible those kids will grow up to be overweight, undereducated crooks, but she needs to see it for herself. Your daughter knows you disapprove of the way she is raising her children, and that could be part of the problem. Frankly, the sons recreational and food habits are not uncommon, and we wouldnt go overboard with disapproval. Stealing and poor grades are of greater concern. Stop criticizing your daughter, and when the grandchildren are in your house, set reasonable rules and enforce them. Modeling good parenting is the best you can do.你女儿养育孩子的技巧可以提高,这些孩子长大后可能超重,成为未受良好教育的坏蛋,但是她需要自己意识到这点。你的女儿知道你不赞成她教育孩子的方式,那可能是问题的结症。坦率地说,她儿子的和吃东西习惯并不是罕见的。我们不能过分地不赞同,而应更关注孩子们的偷东西和学习成绩不好。不要责备你的女儿。当孩子们在你的屋子里时,要定些合理的规则并执行。做一个好母亲的榜样是你能做的最好的事。undereducated adj.未受良好教育的crook n.坏蛋recreational adj.的enforce v.执行model v. 塑造 201111/162691长春吉大二院医阮

长春妇科一般做哪些检查Is anyone out there? For over 40 years scientists have been searching for extraterrestrial intelligence, but they’ve found nothing. Now the new Allen Telescope Array, a string of 350 radio telescopes, is being built 300 miles north of San Francisco and is breathing new life into the search. Find out why SETI scientists now say we might be hearing from ET sooner than you think. Senior SETI astronomer Seth Shostak tells us how this new telescope will work.“And clearly, we are trying to find evidence of ET, and we are trying to do that by looking for a signal, in what’s called the electromagnetic spectrum, which is a fancy way of saying the radio dial, at least for us. Let me turn on my radio here, okay, now you hear that static, all right. That's just all natural noise. Galaxies and hot gas between the galaxies, and pulsars and quasars, they all make radio noise. And it’s everywhere on the dial. But if I tune more far over here, get that squeal and then, right there, intelligent life, okay. And that’s the difference between nature and some deliberate signal, because it’s at one spot on the dial. Nature does not make signals that are restricted to one spot on the dial in general. It just doesn’t do that. ” Since the cosmos just don’t make Nero focus signals like this, finding one would be an almost certain sign of an alien culture. So what is it about this new array that makes it more likely to succeed? ''The Allen Telescope Array, basically, is all about speed. We can look at more than one star at once. And so whereas in the last decade, we looked at about a thousand stars, in the next decade, we’ll look at a million.'' That’s because the Allen Array's field of view, the area of sky it sees at one time is much larger than any other telescope. And it can capture millions of frequencies from multiple star systems simultaneously. Basically, the Allen Telescope Array is a SETI hot rod with SETI astronomers at the controls 24/7. “So, if you look inside here, you kind of see where the robot meets the rod in terms of these antennas. I mean, the operation is actually in principle very very simple. The radio waves come in from the sky and then they come down to this Buck Rogers-looking thing here. This is called the feed. But really all it does is to take sorts of incoming radio waves and amplifies them and turns them into electrical signals, the things go down to a fiber rob cable back underground to the control room. Now, this thing looks so funny, because it’s got to be able to pick up radio waves at various wavelengths from the, you know, from relatively long to relatively short. So that’s why it has this taper-looking backgear here for the longer wavelengths and front-line for the shorter.” “The antennas send everything they collect from the cosmos into this room, there comes in like I hear. If you think of what Frank did in 1960, he had one channel of radio noise, he was modeling one; here we’ve got a hundred million channels coming in and then we move up the dial to take in another hundred million and another hundred million.'' The sheer scale of the search is almost impossible to imagine. Remember, in our galaxy alone, there are over three hundred billion other suns, many with orbiting planets. And beyond that, lie a hundred billion other galaxies, just like our own. Even in its current configuration, the arrays virtual dish gathers nine times more information than present-day processor technology can decode. That means, ninety percent of what the telescope observes is simply thrown away. So for the next decade or two, the technology in this little room will be playing catch-up with the dishes outside. “We know that technology is gonna continue to advance in an exponential rate, and so all this stuff will be replaced in another five years by yet faster machines which allow us to look at more star systems, more channels, in other words, to speed up the SETI search.” And as that search accelerates, Tarter and other SETI scientists are thinking about the consequences of success. “If we detect a signal, we’ll do everything that we can at the sight to make sure that it isn’t our own technology that’s fooling us, or that it isn’t a deliberate hoax. If we get an independent confirmation, then, we will in fact tell the world, because a signal isn’t being sent to the Allen Telescope Array, it’s being sent to the planet earth, and the planet earth deserves to know about it.” But once the world has been notified, then what? Let’s just say, an official response plan, probably won’t be necessary. “If you ever announce that you’ve detected a signal, and give the description of what it is and where it’s coming from. Anybody with a transmitter is gonna get on the horn and shout whatever they want. And wouldn’t that be just about the best characterization of 21st century earth in an unorganized cacophony?” That’s exactly the kind of thing SETI scientists are seeking. Even the accidental noise of an alien culture would answer one of the most ancient questions of all--Are we alone? ''Humans have been asking it forever. The probability of success is difficult to estimate, but if we never search, the chance of success is zero.'' pulsar: 脉冲星rotating neutron stars that are observable as sources of electromagnetic radiation. quasar:类星体an astronomical object that looks like a star in optical telescopes (i.e. it is a point source), and has a very high redshift. exponential:exponential growth, increase etc becomes faster as the amount of the thing that is growing increases cacophony:sound that is harsh and unpleasant-sounding. 200810/53804 PM Brown Threatens To Sue Iceland A diplomatic row between the UK and Iceland has erupted with PM Brown demanding the return of billions of pounds of British investments. He has threatened to seize assets and take legal action against the Icelandic government. Sky's Glen Oglaza reports. It's 30 years since the so-called Cod Wars. The relations between London and Reykjavik are almost as frosty now as they were then, with the prime minister using the most undiplomatic of language and threatening to sue the government of Iceland. We believe that, and I think everybody at least home will agree that the Icelandic authorities are responsible for this. We'll do what we can, working with local authorities to help. And I think we, as the government, are doing the responsible thing. We are holding the Icelandic authorities responsible with demanding that the money be paid back to the local authorities. (Through Legal action?) And we are prepared to consider all forms of action including as we did, attempting to, and freezing assets. The problem is that it's not only Iceland's banks that have crashed. Yesterday, the British government used anti-terror laws to freeze the assets of those banks. But now, the Icelandic government is in fact defaulting. "Totally unacceptable!", says Gordon Brown, threatening legal action something Iceland's prime minister is keen to avoid. Legal action is something that is always available. That's one way of civilizing, excuse me, it's one way of setting disputes in a civilized manner, go to courts, but I don't know we're...we're hoping and planning to try to resolve this issue in good cooperation with the UK authorities. More than a hundred local authorities placed large sums of money on deposit with Icelandic banks. The total amount is hundreds of millions and could be as much as a billion pounds. That money is needed to revive the goods and services run by local councils. The local authority leaders say they can't guarantee those goods and services unless they get their money back. Until we've actually looked to the implications, for each local authority, the sum is very large and it will be a small amount in the total context of the budget; others, it will be a much greater impact. We still haven't assessed that fully... And then there are the police authorities, who also invested in Icelandic banks and now stands to lose the best part of 100 million pounds.The government's now embroiled in a huge row with the governments of Iceland. But while ministers say they're doing what they can to help local councils retrieve those missing millions, they are also asking question what on earth you have been doing with tax payers' money. The councils reply "we invested it in banks that we thought were safe." But safe? They were not. And Gordon Brown is making it crystal clear that he expects the government of Iceland to underwrite the debts of its banks and to pay up. Glen Oglaza, Sky News.参考中文翻译:所谓的冷战到现在已经30年之久的。但是现在伦敦和雷克雅未克之间的关系仍然像以前一样僵,英国首相布朗使用非外交辞令,威胁会起诉冰岛政府。我相信,我认为每个人,至少是国内的每一个人都同意,冰岛官方需要为此负责。我们会尽我们所能与当地官方团结一致以提供帮助。我认为,作为政府,我们所作的事情是负责任的。我们认为冰岛政府有责任将资金归还当地政府。(会不会通过法律途径?)我们准备考虑所有的方式,包括我们已经采取的措施,冻结资产。问题是,并不是只有冰岛的崩溃。昨天,英国政府利用反恐怖法冻结了那些的资产。但是现在,冰岛政府不付欠款。“这是完全不能接受的!”布朗首相说,威胁说会采取冰岛首相极力避免的法律手段。法律手段总是可以采取的。这是一种文明的,处理争端的文明的方式,上法庭。但是我不知道我们……我们希望通过和英国政府的友好合作来解决这个问题。100多家当地在冰岛存储了大量现金,总数高达数亿甚至十亿元。当地委员会需要这些钱来恢复货物和务供给。当地政府官员说,除非这些钱能够被归还,否则他们不能保那些货物和务。我们仔细考虑一下,对于每一个当地的政府,这些钱是非常大的数目,对于整个国家预算来说非常少;而对于其他人来说,将会造成很大的影响。我们没有全面的评估……还有警察机关,他们也对冰岛进行了投资,现在随时可能损失1亿英镑。政府现在卷入和冰岛政府的争端。但是当统治者们尽一切可能来帮助当地委员会取回即将丢失的数百万时,他们也在问一个问题:你们到底拿着纳税人的钱做什么了?委员会的是“我们投资于,以为是是安全的。”但是安全吗?未必。布朗已经让这一点非常明显了。他希望冰岛政府承认欠款并且尽快归还。200812/57782长春市地区的不孕不育医院在哪长春附件炎的治疗去哪个医院好



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