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A group photo of 14 black male students at Cambridge University in the UK has gone viral online.近日,英国剑桥大学14名黑人男生的一组合照走红网络。The Cambridge University African-Caribbean Society (CUACS) shared the image to encourage a new generation of black British students to set the prestigious university in their sights.剑桥大学非洲-加勒比社团分享了这张照片,旨在鼓励新一代英国黑人学生立志进入这所著名大学。;In 2015, only 15 black undergraduates were accepted into Cambridge;, s the post published by CUACS.该社团发帖称:“2015年,剑桥只录取了15名黑人本科生。”;Inspired by the image of young black men from Yale, we made a decision to capture just some of the black men who contribute to one of the world#39;s most innovative intellectual spaces.;“受耶鲁大学年轻黑人学生合照的启发,我们决定拍摄一些正为世界最创新的知识领域之一作贡献的黑人精英。”;It is important that despite their under representation, we let young black people know that this is something that they can aspire to.;“这些人代表性不强,但重要的是,我们想让年轻的黑人朋友们知道,他们可以为之奋斗。”According to official Cambridge University admission statistics, a total of 1,278 male students were accepted into the university -- a figure that comprised 2 African-Caribbean men, and 13 Black-African men.根据剑桥大学官方入学统计数据表示,当年共有1278名男性学生被该校录取,其中非洲-加勒比裔2人,非裔黑人13人。 /201705/509134。

Exercising But Not Seeing Results? You May Be Doing the Wrong Workout for Your Body锻炼没效果?可能你的锻炼方法根本就不对!Resolved to rev up your fitness routine in 2017? The secret to producing real results may be ditching your old workout and trying something entirely new. Experts who study the science of human movement have known for years that not everyone responds to exercise in the same way.想在2017年加快健身大计?不如试着抛弃原有健身计划,尝试点新鲜玩意儿吧!研究人体运动科学的专家早就发现,同样的锻炼方法下并不是所有人都能取得成效。Now there#39;s new evidence suggesting that a person#39;s individual response to exercise may depend on the type of workout—and that switching from one routine to another could make all the difference.现在,科学家对“锻炼效果取决于锻炼方式”的问题,又有了新据。他们发现,适时更换训练计划能让锻炼效果有巨大改善。;What our study shows is that if you#39;re doing one type of exercise and you#39;re not getting the optimal result, you can switch to a different stimulus and that may help you,; says Brendon Gurd, PhD, associate professor of muscle physiology at Queens University School of Kinesiology and Health Studies.“我们的研究表明,总做同一种运动,效果并不一定理想。换种运动方式来刺激身体,才会事半功倍,”皇后大学运动与健康学院肌肉生理学副教授Brendon Gurd表示。This is hopeful news for anyone feeling frustrated at the gym. You may simply be a non-responder to your current workout. But how can you find an ideal routine for your body?这让在健身房每天累成,却毫无成效的朋友看到了希望。因为,并不是你锻炼不够认真,可能只是身体已经适应了目前的训练计划。那么,如何找到适合自己的训练计划呢?Gurd suggests using two tests to gauge your present fitness level.Gurd给大家建议了两项测试来监测目前的身体水平。The first involves walking or running on a tmill at a set pace for a certain amount of time. ;So say you pick 3 miles per hour at an incline of 2, and you jog at that for 10 minutes,; he says. Then record your pulse.第一项测试是在跑步机上用固定速度走或跑一段时间。“比如把坡度定为2,速度定为3英里/小时,慢跑10分钟,”他说,“结束后记录下你的心率”。The second test is to measure your speed over a set distance. For example, he says, you could time how long it takes you to run 5 kilometers.第二项测试是在特定的距离内测试跑速。比如,测一下跑5公里需要多久。Once you have these results, carry on with your workout, whatever it may be. After several weeks, perform the two tests again. ;If your heart rate at a set speed isn#39;t getting lower, and you#39;re not able to run faster, then those are two pretty easily measured things in a gym that would indicate that you#39;re not responding,; he says. At that point, you know it#39;s time to mix up your routine.记录下这些后,你就可以开始自己的训练计划了。锻炼几周后,再次进行这两项测试。“如果同等跑速下,你的心率没有变低;特定距离内跑速也没有加快,那就明这个健身计划不适合你,”他说。这时,就要赶紧改改训练计划了!译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201701/488497。

China#39;s implementation of a universal two-child policy will impose higher requirements on pre-school education resources, resulting in a possible shortage of kindergarten spots, according to a survey by China Youth Daily.根据《中国青年报》的一项调查,我国实施的;全面二孩;政策将对学前教育资源提出更高要求,可能导致;幼儿园荒;。Compared with 209,900 kindergartens across China in 2014, it#39;s estimated that about 319,500 kindergartens will be needed by 2021, which means a shortage of nearly 110,000 spaces by 2021.2014年全国有20.99万所幼儿园,据估计,到2021年幼儿园需求量约为31.95万所,相较之下,存在近11万所的缺口。In addition, nearly 1.99 million teachers and 1.37 million child-care workers need to be added to the preschool education sector in the same period.此外,到2021年,学前教育领域需补充近199万名教师和137万名保育员。The first group of children born after the enactment of the policy will reach school age in 2019; it is anticipated that the policy will have its maximum impact from 2019 to 2021.;全面二孩;政策实施后出生的第一批儿童将在2019年达到入学年龄,据预测,;全面二孩;政策的影响将在2019-2021年间达到顶峰。Specifically, school-age children will increase by almost 6 million in 2019, 11 million in 2020 and then reach the peak of 15 million in 2021.具体来说,2019年学龄儿童将增加近600万人,2020年将增加1100万人,之后,新增学龄儿童数量将在2021年达1500万人的峰值。The number will begin to decrease year by year after 2021, with an estimated 42 million children eligible for preschool education by 2035.2021年后,这一数字开始呈下降趋势,到2035年,预计上幼儿园的儿童为4200万。However, the requirement of expenditure on preschool education will keep increasing from 2016 to 2035. Compared with about 65 billion yuan (around 9.5 billion US dollars) expenditure on preschool education in 2013, the requirement for 2035 will be about 652 billion yuan, with a shortfall of 587 billion yuan.然而,从2016年到2035年,学前教育经费出需求持续上涨,与2013年650亿(约95亿美元)的学前教育出相比,2035年将达到6520亿元,这中间的差额是5870亿美元。 /201611/479964。

Brazilian scientists last Wednesday announced the discovery of the largest dinosaurs ever found in the country, an animal that was 25 meters long.一队巴西科学家于上周三宣布,他们发现了巴西国内最大的恐龙化石,该恐龙身长25米。The dinosaur, named ;Austroposeidon magnificus,; belonged to the group of titanosaurs, which were herbivorous dinosaurs with a well-developed body, a long neck and tail and a relatively small skull, according to scientists at Rio de Janeiro#39;s Earth Sciences Museum.根据科学家在里约热内卢的地球物馆宣布的消息,这种恐龙名为;Austroposeidon magnificus;,属泰坦巨龙属,是食草性恐龙,体型较大,颈部和尾部较长,头颅小。It is believed that these dinosaurs lived during the Cretaceous Period (145-66 million years ago) in regions that are currently part of South America, Africa, Antarctica and Oceania.据说这些恐龙生活在白垩纪(约1.45亿-6600万年前),地点为目前的南美,非洲,南极洲和大洋洲的部分地区。Fossilized vertebrae of the dinosaur was found in the 1950s by Brazilian paleontologist Llewellyn Ivor Price, who died in 1980 without being acknowledged for this discovery.恐龙化石的脊椎骨是由巴西古生物学家卢埃林·艾弗·普莱斯在20世纪50年代发现的,他于1980年去世,而当时他的这一发现并没有被认可。Since then, the fossil had been analyzed and studied until the discovery was finally announced last Wednesday.此后,人们对化石进行了分析和研究,直到上周三这个发现才最终得到公布。 /201610/471067。

There is no doubt dating is difficult.约会,无疑是麻烦不断的。And the experience can be made even more stressful by baffling new vocabulary.一些让人困惑的新词更是让约会压力倍增。Whereas couples might once have been concerned with #39;courting#39; and #39;going steady#39; they are now more likely to be #39;benching#39; or #39;ghosting#39; each other.过去,情侣们可能还在为如何“追求”、“维持关系”而操心,而现在,他们更有可能彼此互为“备胎(benching)”,或是“忽然玩消失(ghosting)”。The words are sometimes familiar but have been given a completely different meaning in the world of modern relationships.有些词对于我们来说比较熟悉,但是在现代情侣关系中,它们却被赋予了截然不同的意思。Here, we reveal the definitions behind the 10 dating terms you need to know, so at least you have one less thing to worry about the next time you swipe right...现在,我们为你揭秘你应该知道的十大约会词。这样,下次手机右滑同意别人请求的时候,起码你能少为一些情况烦心。#39;Layby#39; refers to someone who is in a relationship but looking to get out. Instead of risking a period of singleness when it eventually ends, a layby starts laying the groundwork with other women or men who they might want to date next.“路边停车”(layby)指的是对方虽然还在跟你谈恋爱,但是已经在想着分手了。这种人在分手以后不会有空窗期,因为他们已经想好了下一个可能的约会对象,并且为此着手准备了。Those being pursued by a layby should be wary as he or she might well have a number of #39;next#39; options lined up - not to mention the fact that they are not technically single.要是被这种人追求,你可就要当心了,因为他很有可能同时追求很多人,更别说他可能还没真正单身。There is also a good chance the layby could be needy or insecure as they are not comfortable being single.单着就不舒,这种“路边停车”的人也很有可能是比较缺爱或者缺乏安全感。On the other end of the spectrum is the dater who practises the #39;catch and release#39;.另一种极品约会者就是那些一追到手就把对方甩了的人。This is a move favoured by those who enjoys the #39;chase#39; part of a relationship, the first flirtations before any commitments are made.有的人在一段关系中最享受“追逐”的体验,也就是在作出任何实质性承诺之前的暧昧调情。Once the object of their desire has been #39;caught#39;, this commitment-phobe will then #39;release#39; them without ever being pinned down.这些人不喜欢承诺,一旦倾慕的对象被“俘获”,他们甚至在确定关系之前就把对方甩了。Similar to the #39;catch and release#39;, #39;bcrumbing#39; is a dating approach taken by those with no intention of being tied down.“撒面包屑”(bcrumbing)和“撩完就跑”(catch and release)差不多,是那些无意确定关系的约会者的惯用手段。Taking its name from the classic tale of Hansel and Gretel, bcrumbing involves leading someone on with a trail of flirtatious messages but never following through.面包屑这个名字源于经典童话故事《韩塞尔与葛雷特》(Hansel and Gretel),这里指的是一方用一系列暧昧信息让另一方产生恋爱错觉,但是从不进行后续发展。Some of the worst offenders might not even meet the recipient of their teasing texts.最糟糕是,有些人甚至都不会和信息那头的被戏弄的人见面。This playful name is given to the bag a man or woman brings when they spend the night at someone else#39;s place. Most frequently carried in case of a one-night stand.这个有趣的名字指的是在对方家里过夜所带的包。这个包里的东西一般是为一夜情而准备的。Items within a #39;snack pack#39; might include a toothbrush, phone charger or spare pair of underwear. Condoms, birth control pills or other contraception are also a must.“零食袋”里可能有牙刷、手机充电器、备用内衣。避套、避药等避品也是必备的。Before couples have #39;the talk#39; and define their relationship - also known by the acronym #39;DTR#39; - either party is at risk of being #39;benched#39;.在双方挑明、确定关系之前(DTR),双方都可能是对方的“备胎”。This happens when one person is unsure of their future with their current partner and so puts them on the #39;bench#39; - as with sports team reserves - and looks at other options. If nothing better comes along, they might come back into play.当一个人不确定要和目前的伴侣共度未来时,可能就会去寻找新目标,而将现任视为“备胎”,仿佛是体育队伍里的候补队员。而如果没有更好的选择,他们还是会回归现状。The solitude of the winter months can leave even the most avowed singletons thinking twice about their relationship status.漫长而孤寂的冬夜里,即使是最高调的独身者也不得不重新审视自己的感情状况。Long nights in front of the television are better with company, so many people find themselves wanting to be #39;cuffed#39; to someone else.漫漫长夜,与其独对电视机,不如有人陪伴着一起,因此许多人觉得,他们希望与另一个人“铐牢”。However these passionate dalliances can often fizzle out with the change in season, when daters find themselves distracted by the sunny days and skin on show.但是,这种热情的暧昧往往随着季节变化而消减殆尽,大地已慢慢回春放晴,人们的衣越穿越少,约会者们又开始分心了。The true mark of a full-blown relationship is when it is endorsed or #39;shipped#39; by the couple#39;s nearest and dearest.一段真正成熟的感情,是指感情获得了对方亲友的持,甚至是“喜欢”。The #39;slow fade#39; is a move used by daters looking to cut ties with someone without the drama - or decency - of a proper conversation.逐渐消失指的是有些人想要分手,但又不想在分手会谈时看到一哭二闹三上吊的戏码,或者是不想礼貌地通知对方分手的消息。It sees people slowly reducing the amount of communication before it eventually dwindles into nothingness.这些人会慢慢降低跟对方聊天的频率,最后就彻底没了联系。Warning signs include slower text responses, unanswered phone calls and an unwillingness to arrange future plans.警示标志就是回信越来越短、打电话没人接,还有不愿规划将来。Like the #39;slow fade#39;, but far more brutal.像幽灵一样“逐渐消失”(slow fade),但是更加无情。It is the act where an ex-friend or partner simply disappears from a loved one#39;s life by completely cutting off all contact without any warning or explanation.这指的是伴侣直接完全消失,完全没有提醒也没有解释,就彻底切断了和你的一切联系。#39;Ghosting#39; is a treatment frequently suffered at the hands of online daters who think there is constantly a better option available.“神秘消失”(ghosting)在网恋中比较常见,因为这些约会者认为更好的选择会不断出现。When a #39;ghost#39; tries to re-insert themselves into their ex-lover#39;s life, they are like a zombie coming back from the dead.当“幽灵”试图重新进入前任的生活,他们就像是死而复生的僵尸一样。#39;Zombie-ing#39; usually takes the form of an innocuous text message or WhatsApp - #39;Hi, how#39;s it going#39;, or something similar.想要“回归”前任的人通常会发一些人畜无害的消息,或者是用WhatsApp给前任发“嗨,最近过得怎么样?”等等类似的手段。Social media has also opened up a new playing field for zombies, who can now #39;like#39;, #39;comment#39; or #39;follow#39; their way back onto their target#39;s radar.社交媒体也给这些要吃回头草的人打开了新世界的大门,他们可以通过“点赞”、“”和“关注”重回对方视线。 /201705/507866。