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Interviewer: Now let's go back to your first novel, Rag Doll. When did you write that?Writer: Rag Doll, yes. I wrote that in 1960, a year after I left school.Interviewer: How old were you then?Writer: Um, eighteen? Yes, eighteen, because a year later I went to Indonesia.Interviewer: Mm. And of course it was your experience in Indonesia that inspired your film Eastern Moon.Writer: Yes, that's right, although I didn't actually make Eastern Moon until 1978.Interviewer: And you worked in television a time too.Writer: Yes, I started making documentaries television in 1973, when I was thirty. That was after I gave up farming.Interviewer: Farming?Writer: Yes, that's right. You see, I stayed in Indonesia eight years. I met my wife there in 1965, and after we came back we bought a farm in the West of England, in 1970. A kind of experiment, really.Interviewer: But you gave it up three years later.Writer: Well, yes. You see it was very hard work, and I was also very busy working on my second novel, The Cold Earth, which came out in 1975.Interviewer: Yes, that was a best-seller, wasn't it?Writer: Yes, it was, and that's why only two years after that I was able to give up television work and concentrate on films and that sort of thing. And after that ...Shop Assistant: Harling's Hardware.Customer: Hello. I'd like to buy a new fridge. I can't afd a very expensive one, and it mustn't be more than 0 cm high.Shop Assistant: Right. I think I have one here. Wait a moment. Yes, here we are. It's 50 cm wide and 0 cm high.Customer: Oh. And how much is it?Shop Assistant: It's one hundred and twenty-nine pounds, very cheap.Customer: I'll come over and have a look at it.A: Good morning. Can I help you?B: Yes. I'd like to find my perfect partner.A: I see. Well, if you could just answer a few questions?B: Certainly.A: First of all, what age would you like your partner to be?B: About twenty. Not more than twenty-five, anyway.A: Okay. And what sort of build?B: What do you mean?A: Well, would you like someone who is very slim or would you prefer someone rather more plump?B: Ah, I see what you mean. I don't think I mind, actually.A: And what about height?B: Oh, not too tall.A: So, medium-height?B: Yes, and long hair.A: Any particular color?B: No. As long as it's long, it doesn't matter what color.A: Good. Now, is there anything else at all?B: Well, obviously I'd like someone good-looking.A: Well, we'll see what we can do. Would you like to fill in this m in the next room and I'll call you soon.(enters C)C: Hello. Is this the Perfect Partners office?A: That's right.C: I'm interested in meeting someone new.A: Well, you've certainly come to the right p1ace. What sort of person are you looking ?C: Oh, someone tall, dark and handsome.A: I see. And what sort of age?C: Oh, mid-twenties, I suppose.A: Well, I might have just the person you. Could I just ask how old you are?C: Twenty-four.A: Good. Could you just wait here a minute?(C puzzled)(A goes and fetches B)A: This doesn't usually happen, but I think I've found just the person you.B: Oh, no!C: Not you!B: What are you doing here?C: I think I should be asking you that.B: Well, I just wanted to ... (interrupted by A)A: Excuse me, but what's going on?C: That's my husband.B: And that's my wife.A: But you're just right each other, from what you told me.(Pause)B: Yes ... I see what you mean.C: I suppose it's true. You are what I'm looking .B: Oh, darling. Why did we ever leave each other?C: I don't know, but it's not too late, is it?B: No. (they embrace)A: Excuse me.B amp; C: (surprised) Sorry?A: That'll be twenty-five pounds please!7 Riverside Road, London SE1 LP.th May, 1989Dear Chris, Thanks your letter. I'm sorry I haven't answered it sooner but writing is difficult at the moment. I fell off my bike last week and broke my arm. It isn't anything very serious and I'll be OK in a few weeks. Your holiday sounds fantastic. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Someone at work went to Jamaica last year and had a wonderful time. When are you going exactly? I hope you'll have good weather. There isn't really much more news from here. I'll write a longer letter in a few weeks. Send me a postcard and give my regards to everyone. Yours Kim—I want to fly to Geneva on or about the first.—I'll just see what there is.—I want to go economy, and I'd prefer the morning.—Lufthansa Flight LH leaves at .—What time do I have to be there?—The coach leaves the airport at .—You must have some more chicken.—No, thanks. I'm supposed to be slimming.—Can't I tempt you?—Well, maybe I could manage a very small piece.—I expect you could do with a cup of tea, couldn't you?—I'd rather have a cup of coffee, if you don't mind.—Milk and sugar?—A milky one without sugar, please,—What would you like to drink?—A black coffee me, please.—How about something to eat?—Yes, I'd love a portion of that strawberry tart.—Right. I'll see if I can catch the waitress's eye.—Can I take your order, sir?—Yes. I'd like to try the steak, please.—And to follow?—Ice cream, please.—Can I help you, madam?—Is there a bank at this hotel?—Yes, madam, the International Bank has an office on the ground floor of the hotel.—Is it open yet?—Yes, madam, the bank is open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am till 3 pm.—Thank you.—Can I still get breakfast in the brasserie?—Yes, sir, if you hurry you can just make it—breakfast is served until :30.—How soon do I have to leave my room?—Normally it's by noon on the day of your departure.—Well, you see, my plane doesn't go till half past five tomorrow afternoon.—I see. Which room is it, madam?—Room 577—the name is Browning.—Ah yes, Mrs. Browning. You may keep the room till 3 pm if you wish.—Oh, that's nice. Thank you very much.Conversation 1:Mrs. Henderson has just answered the telephone. Frank wasn't in so she had to take a message him. Listen to the conversation and look at the message she wrote.Julie: 789 63. Who's calling, please?Paul: Paul Clark here. Can I speak to Mr. Henderson, please?Julie: Sorry, he's out at the moment. Can I take a message?Paul: Yes, please. Could you tell him that his car will be y by 6 pm on Thursday?Julie: Yes, of course. I'll do that. What's your number, in case he wants to ring you?Paul: 78 double 53.Julie: (repeating) ... 7 ... , 8 ... double 5 ... 3. Thank you. Goodbye. 193。

moogie 33。

From Trantridge she walked up a hill,到了纯瑞脊,苔丝爬上了一个小山坡,and turning a corner, saw the house.拐过一个弯后,就看到了一座房子She stopped in amazement.她诧异地停住了脚步It was large and almost new, a rich red against the green of the bushes around it.这是一座很大而且几乎全新的艳红色房子,被绿色灌木围绕着Behind it lay the woods called The Chase,an ancient est.在它后面是一片叫做逐猎林的树林,这是一片原始森林There were greenhouses and well-kept gardens.还有温室花房和保养得很好的花园There was no lack of money here.这里是不会缺钱的苔丝踌躇着,Tess hesitated,almost frightened.几乎有些惊恐不安了‘I thought we were an old family!’she said to herself,“我还以为我们是古老的家族呢,”她自言自语道,‘but this is all new!’She wished she had not come. “但这儿都是全新的!”她真希望她没来 She was right in a way.在某些方面她是想对了All this was owned by the d’Urbervilles,这一切都归德伯,or the Stoke-d’Urbervilles as they called themselves at first.或如他们最初称呼自己的那样,归斯托克—德伯家所有The Stokes were a northern business family斯托克是北部一个经商的家庭,who took an old-sounding name to add to their own when they moved into the south.当他们迁居到南方时,就给自己加了一个听起来古老高贵的姓氏So Tess was more of a d’Urberville than any of them,,比起他们中的任何人来,but did not know it.苔丝都更有资格是德伯家族的一员,但对此她一无所知。

It not easy to knuckle down to the responsibilities of a working week and a wounded world after the excitements of the Olympic experience which has taken us all by surprise. There a rather strange story in the Christian gospels which might be of help to us. It tells how Jesus goes up a mountain with his closest friends, Peter, James and John to be with God. There they see Jesus transfigured, glowing with a bright aura. Nor is Jesus alone, in this vision Moses, representing the Law of God, and Elijah, representing God prophets also seem to be present. And the transfixed disciples, hear God saying, ;This is my Beloved Son. Listen to him.; Well, Peter and James and John want to hold on to that great vision, that peak experience, by making the mountain top their permanent base. But they cant because in the bible there are always two ingredients to any peak experience. Firstly, the experience deeply enriches its recipient, but secondly it leads directly to a deeper calling to involvement in the life of the world. And so it was in this story. Peter, James, and John would gladly have stayed on the mountain top where the world was glowing with wonder and meaning but there was work to be done. Jesus leads them down from the mountain top and immediately the truth of messy, everyday experience challenges them and theyre facing a sick hysterical young man and a distraught father, and the reality of the world. We can all be encouraged and uplifted by peak experiences. And we too want to hold on to golden moments such as weve experienced during the Olympics, but the reality is that over time these may fade. And maybe it much better and wiser to regard them as pure gift, but perhaps to then be able to use that gift to see our messy, fragmented, bewildering world in a new light. And in the Christian tradition there is that linkage. The transfigured Christ of the mountain top is also the healing teacher from Nazareth in the foothills. And hopefully so it will be in the aftermath to the Olympics, the determination and dedication demonstrated by the medal winners, the efficiency and effectiveness of the planners, the patience and good humour of the volunteers, the joy and exhilaration of the crowds. That dedication, that effectiveness, that patience, that excitement can be transmuted into the bigger task of winning the battle against poverty, hunger and disease. Having seen what can be done in the peaks, we can be more encouraged to transm the foothills.在令人惊叹的奥运会之后,人们一时间很难从激动的状态中抽身投入工作,投入这个伤痕累累的世界基督教的福音书中有一则奇异的故事,可能对我们有所帮助故事讲述了耶稣和他最亲密的朋友,彼得(Peter)、雅各(James)还有约翰(John)一起登山并遇到了上帝在山上,他们目睹了耶稣的容貌发生改变,全身闪耀着明亮的光环不仅仅是耶稣,上帝法制的代表人西(Moses)和先知以利亚(Elijah)也现身了目瞪口呆的信徒们听到上帝说:“这是我的爱子你们要听从他的指引”彼得、雅各和约翰都想永远地待在山顶以保留这一伟大的异象、这一高峰体验但他们不能这样做,因为在圣经中任何高峰体验都包含着两个因素首先,这一经历使接受者变得富有,然而,拥有这一经历就意味着这一接受者担负着更大的责任去为尘世务在故事中同样如此彼得、雅各和约翰非常高兴他们能待在山顶,身处闪耀着奇迹和寓意的世界中但他们还有工作要完成耶稣领着他们走下山,很快,他们面临着麻烦的现实和日常琐事的挑战他们遇到了一位歇斯底里的年轻人和他心急如焚的父亲,以及世界真实的一面我们都可能受到高峰体验的鼓舞和激励而且我们也都想留住这黄金时刻就像我们在奥运会上体会到的那样但事实是,随着时间的流逝,这些体验终将淡去也许更明智的做法是把它们当作礼物,这个礼物让我们在全新的光亮下看清这一纷繁复杂、令人迷惑的世界在基督教传统中存在某种联系山顶上改变容貌的基督同时也是山脚下来自拿撒勒的治愈师但愿奥运会后的情形亦是如此,获得金牌的运动员表现出的决心与奉献、设计者的效率、志愿者的耐心与幽默、人群的激动与喜悦这些奉献、效率、耐心和兴奋都能注入到更加重大的任务中去,与贫穷、饥饿以及疾病作战,并赢得胜利目睹了我们能在巅峰时做到什么,我们就有更多的勇气去改变山脚的景色 99。

Joachim: I'm really having second thoughts about hiring a firm to do corporate spying us. I don't want to do anything that's ethically questionable. Dawn: We have no choice but to do it. All of our competitors conduct corporate espionage. Joachim: I can understand spying on our competitors, but I draw the line at having us snoop on our own employees. Dawn: We wouldn't unless our backs were against the wall. I know you're thinking about Hewer Placket hiring investigators to find a leak in their company. I'm sure it was a hard decision them, but they couldn't allow anyone in their own company to leak trade secrets. Joachim: True, it was necessary, but I don't like being deceptive with our own employees. I won't allow wiretaps or any invasion of privacy. Dawn: Our first priority would be damage control, not privacy. In any case, we're not making a decision to spy within the company right now. We're only after our rival's inmation. The investigators we're hiring know the difference between legal and illegal spying. They'll schmooze at trade shows, scour legal records, and do other things like that. They'll know where to draw the line. Joachim: I hope you're right. I don't want to end up on the front page of the Times! 39。

New Year Eve新年前夕 lots of people in Britain, the 31st of December,or New Year Eve as we call it,is the biggest party of the year.对很多英国人来说,月31日是一年中最盛大的聚会It a time to get together with friends or family and welcome in the coming year.很多人在这个时候都会和朋友及家人一起迎接新的一年New Year parties can take place at a number of different venues.人们举行新年聚会的地方各有不同Some people hold a house party;others attend street parties,while some just go to their local a few drinks with their mates.有的人在家里举行新年聚会;有的人参加户外聚会;还有的人选择去酒吧和自己的同伴喝上几杯Big cities, like London,have large and spectacular fireworks displays.在像伦敦这样的大城市里,每年都会举行大型而壮观的烟火展There one thing that all New Year Eve parties have in commonthe countdown to midnight.所有的新年聚会都有一个共同点,那就是人们都会进行新年倒计时When the clock strikes twelve, revellers give a loud cheer,pop champagne corks and give each other a kiss.当新年钟声响起的时候,参加聚会的人都大声欢呼,打开香槟酒互相庆祝,并互相亲吻以示问候They then link arms and sing a song called Auld Lang Syne,by a Scottish poet called Robert Burns.然后,人们手挽手一起唱苏格兰诗人罗伯特·伯恩斯填词的《友谊地久天长Not many people can remember all the lyrics,but the tune is well known, so lots of people just hum along.虽然并不是所有的人都记得歌词,但是人们对这首歌的旋律已是耳熟能详,所以很多人只是跟着哼唱The parties then continue into the early hours of the morning with lots of dancing and drinking.人们在新年聚会上载歌载舞,狂欢会一直持续到凌晨Because of this, a lot of people New Year Day starts with a hangover.,很多人都是以醉醺醺的状态迎接新年的第一天Other people might spend the day visiting relatives or friends they havent managed to catch up with a while.而有些人则会在新年第一天去走访久未见面的亲朋好友Whatever happens, New Year Day tends to be very relaxed.但是无论做什么,新年第一天都是很轻松的一天In Britain, it popular to make a promise to yourself about something you are going to do,or want to stop doing, in the New Year.在英国,人们都会在新年到来之际承诺自己在新的一年里要做些什么或者不做什么This is called a New Year resolution.这就是所谓的新年决心Typical resolutions include giving up smoking and joining a gym to get fit.典型的新年决心包括戒烟和到健身房健身However, the promise is often broken quite quickly and people are back into their bad habits within weeks or days.但是,人们往往在做出承诺的几刑期甚至几天内就恢复了原来的坏习惯New Year Day is the last bank holiday of the festive season,which means most people have to go to work the next day新年是节日季节里最后一个公共假日,很多人在新年的第二天就要去上班bright and fresh and y the new year ahead!人们将以崭新的面貌迎接新年的到来 57688。

The Greek myth of Ariadne offers hope to all who have felt the sting of love rejected. It tells of triumph after defeat, of sweetest success after the harshest sorrow.在希腊神话中,阿里阿德涅的故事足以让全天下所有爱意被拒的痴男怨女们打心里升起新的希望它说明了什么是否极泰来;;即使是经历了最痛苦的悲伤,一样能迎来最甜蜜的结果Princess Ariadne, daughter of King Minos of Crete, helped Theseus slay her monstrous half-brother, known as the Minotaur, by teaching him to use a golden th as a path within the labyrinth where the Minotaur lived. Deep within that dark maze where no man or woman had ever survived the Minotaurrsquo;s savagery, Theseus killed the monster, then followed the gold th to freedom. When he emerged triumphant from the labyrinth, Theseus claimed Ariadne his own. They escaped from Crete upon a waiting ship, running from crowds of citizens angered by Theseusrsquo;s murder of their half-bullhalf-human prince.阿里阿德涅公主是克里特岛国王米诺斯的女儿,她为了帮助自己的心上人;;英雄忒修斯,教他用一个金线团带路走出了半人半牛的怪物弥诺陶洛斯居住的迷宫忒修斯把这个残暴的怪物杀死了,而这个怪物却是阿里阿德涅同母异父的哥哥在那个黑暗的迷宫深处,从来没有任何人能从弥诺陶洛斯的血口下生还,而忒修斯不仅杀死了怪物,还在金线团的指引下走出了迷宫赢得了自由当忒修斯成功地重新出现在迷宫之外时,他声称要娶阿里阿德涅为妻由于当地的民众因为忒修斯杀死了他们半人半牛的王子而非常愤怒,于是他们乘坐一条等候已久的船逃出了克里特岛As they sailed the world, Ariadne was certain she had won the heart of the hero in return her brilliance, her loyalty, and her love. After all, she had betrayed those closest to her to save Theseus. When Theseus finally brought their ship to the faraway island of Naxos, Ariadne thought they would live there ever in bliss. Instead, he abandoned her upon the island, sailing off without an apology. Such was her thanks saving him.当他们的船四处航行时,阿里阿德涅坚信她已经赢得了英雄的心,他会回报她的才智、她的忠诚以及她的爱情毕竟,为了救忒修斯,她不惜众叛亲离当忒修斯的船最终到达一座遥远的岛屿纳克索斯岛时,阿里阿德涅以为他们将永远定居在这里,白头偕老然而,忒修斯却把她抛弃在了岛上,连声道歉都没有说就开船走了这就是他对她救命之恩的答谢Alone, Ariadne got her triumph as the untangler of the labyrinth. She was Ariadne the saken, Ariadne the foolish, rather than Ariadne the beloved of Theseus. At first, the heartbroken princess wept. Then she thought of killing herself out of shame and sorrow. But the Muses took pity upon Ariadne. They hovered around the poor girl as soft as winds, and whispered into her ear of a worthier love and a loftier fate. This made no sense to the girl, she could not see beyond her abandonment by Theseus.阿里阿德涅独自一人在岛上,忘记了她在迷宫之战中取得的胜利她从忒修斯心爱的阿里阿德涅沦落成了被抛弃的阿里阿德涅,愚蠢的阿里阿德涅刚开始,这个心碎的公主流尽了眼泪接着,她想用自杀来结束耻辱和悲痛然而缪斯女神们对她动了恻隐之心她们在这个可怜的女孩周围像风一样轻柔地盘旋着,对她轻声细语,告诉她还会有一段更值得守候的爱情和更高贵的命运然而这些言语对这个可怜的女孩来说都没什么用,因为她还走不出被忒修斯抛弃的悲伤But soon Ariadne saw a bronze chariot appear on the horizon. The Muses whispered it held a new bridegroom Ariadne, the man she was fated to love. As the chariot drew closer, Ariadne saw it was draped in vines and clusters of ripe grapes-- this chariot was driven by Dionysus, god of divine intoxication, who loved Ariadne her passionate bravery and loyalty.可是不久,阿里阿德涅就看到了一辆青铜色的马车出现在地平线上缪斯女神们轻声告诉她,车上坐着的就是她未来的新郎,她命中注定应该爱的人马车越来越近了,阿里阿德涅看到车上挂满了葡萄藤和一串串成熟的葡萄;;原来车上坐的是非凡的酒神和狂欢之神狄奥尼索斯他非常爱慕阿里阿德涅的火一般的勇气和忠诚Ariadnersquo;s heart was immediately healed by Dionysusrsquo;s admiration and loving embrace. She soon got about Theseus and accepted her happy fate. Dionysus and Ariadne were wed. Made a goddess by love, Ariadne lived ever with her immortal husband in ecstatic triumph.阿里阿德涅的心伤在狄奥尼索斯的赞美和浓浓爱意的包围中很快就痊愈了不久她就忘记了忒修斯,接受了自己更幸福的命运狄奥尼索斯和阿里阿德涅结婚了在爱的力量下,阿里阿德涅成为了女神,并在喜悦与幸福中与她不朽的丈夫永远生活在一起 573。

ActionA: There is a Beijing Opera show tonight. Let’s go and watch it together, all right?B: I’m afraid that I don’t understand it.A: It doesn’t matter. It’s an acrobatic fighting drama. Even if you don?t understand the words, you can definitely understand it just by watching the action.B: Are the actors famous?A: I can’t recall their names, but according to the newspaper, they are all very famous.B: Can you get the tickets?A: No problem. I can definitely get them.【注】acrobatic a. 杂技的。