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A barramundi is a really positive sign.澳大利亚肺鱼的标记真是振奋人心It means there must be water nearby and a chance of catching some food.它意味着附近肯定有水源 有可能搞到些食物It#39;s a whole river.Still want to be a bit careful with rivers,even this far inland.这是一整条河 就算身处大陆深处 碰到河流也要小心Still got saltwater crocodiles here.咸水鳄鱼仍然可能出没But look. It#39;s only knee-deep,and it#39;s crystal clear.但是你瞧 水只有没膝深 而且清澈见底For the survivor, lost in this hot-and-dry environment,对于迷失在这种干热环境中的生存者而言it doesn#39;t get any better than this,cools you down and makes life bearable again.这种情形再好不过 它能让你冷静下来 重新焕发生机Very, very, very nice.This is probably why that aboriginal camp was there.非常 非常 非常棒 也许这就是为什么土著会在那边扎营They were close to a water source.Okay, I need a refill.Oh, simple pleasures.距水源很近 好 把水壶灌满 快乐就这么简单Arnhem Land#39;s freshwater streams are home to black bream and jungle perch.阿纳姆地的淡水溪流 是黑鳍鲷和水马骝的乐园But other creatures also patrol these shallows.Water snake!但是其他生物也会从这些浅水巡游而过 水蛇Yeah, you can just see his tail under here.没错 看 它的尾巴就在下面Good-sized one. Get him up on this bank.It#39;s a file snake.个头不小 把它搞上岸 是条锉蛇Look. That really rough skin.That#39;s why they#39;re called that.看 表皮很是粗糙 所以才给它们起了这么个名字And these guys, what they do,use their tail,wrap around,look,这东西 会使什么招呢 利用自己的尾巴 绕过去 看好了 like he#39;s trying to do to my fingers ,cling on to a branch,就这样缠住我的手指头 绕根树枝and as he gets his prey,will constricts it and then swallow it.一旦捕住猎物 就锁紧它 然后整个的吞下 Article/201612/486466长春第二医院人流流产和打胎价格AZUZ: Time for a ;Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Who was U.S. president during the 1924 World Series? If you think you know it, shout it out!1924年世界职棒时哪位美国总统在位?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Was it Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge or Herbert Hoover? You#39;ve got three seconds, go!是伍德罗·威尔逊、沃伦·G·哈定、卡尔文·库利奇还是赫伯特·胡佛?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!The 30th U.S. president Calvin Coolidge served from 1923 to 1929. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your shoutout.第30届美国总统卡尔文·库利奇任期从1923年到1929年。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”And, of course, that included the year when the Washington Senators defeated the New York Giants and seven games. 并且,当然这也包括那年华盛顿参议员击败纽约巨人的七场比赛。Newsreel footage of that game with the shot of Silent Cal in the stands, was just discovered in Massachusetts. 近来,在马萨诸塞发现了有关那场比赛的新闻录影带,镜头捕捉到了看台上“沉默的卡尔”柯立芝的身影。The owner passed away this year. 这些录影带的主人今年刚刚过世。While neighbors were preparing the house for sale, they found eight old film reels in the garage.在邻居们准备将房子出售之际,他们在车库里找到了8盘旧录影带。Those were sent to the Library of Congress who called the find and the condition of the film miraculous. 随后这些录影带被送到了美国国会图书馆,馆方称这盘录影带的发现及其保存状况堪称奇迹。Archivists don#39;t know who originally owned this, or how the fragile film held up so well for 90 years. 档案保管员并不知道谁是这些录影带最初的主人,也不清楚这些易坏的录影带在这90年间是如何被妥善保藏下来的。It may be the only footage in existence of the final game of the 1924 World Series.这也许是目前仅存的有关1924年世界职棒大赛总决赛的影像资料。 /201410/334954桦甸妇幼保健医院的具体地址栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201510/399265长春孕前检查哪个医院好

九台市人民中心医院开展无痛人流吗长春无痛人流哪家正规You see how wet that is aly.你可以看到它现在已经很湿了Put this underneath and just leave it.把这个放在下面 不用管它了With a sustainable water resource in place,我们已经找到了稳定的水源补给it#39;s time to concentrate on my next priority and look for a place to make camp.现在要集中精力找到栖身之处 这是眼下的首要任务Look, this will do under here.这地方不错Under this tree, you#39;ve got good, natural shelter and also good visibility out to sea still.这棵树是个很好的天然屏障 而且这里视野开阔 能看见大海I don#39;t really want to be in the jungle.That#39;s where all the creepy-crawlies and the snakes are gonna be.我可不想到丛林里去 那里是爬虫 和蛇的天堂I#39;m gonna sling up a bit of a hammock under here.我要在这下面挂一个吊床This tropical climate supports a wide variety of flora that I can use as building materials for my camp,这里地处热带 植物种类繁多 我可以用它们来做吊床and what doesn#39;t grow here is often washed up by the sea.而海水则会送上;进口;的植物材料First off, I#39;m gonna make a hammock by splitting this length of bamboo.首先 我要把这段竹子切开 做一个吊床Work your way down it.I#39;ll keep going about the length of my body along here.一直切 我要切下一段跟我身体差不多长的竹子I#39;m cutting the bamboo into several strips which will act as supports.并把它们切成竹条 这些竹条可以起到撑作用And, really, bamboo is the ultimate D.I.Y. jungle material.竹子绝对是终极丛林DIY材料It#39;s strong, it#39;s flexible, easy to work with,它们结实 柔韧 容易加工and all the fundamentals of survival fire, water, food, shelter,you can get from this stuff.可以提供生存所需的基本元素 火水 食物和栖身之处 Okay, so let that split,And put a bit of bend in it, splay it out,and that#39;s gonna be the basis of a hammock.好的 把它切开 然后把它弄弯 让竹条散开 这个将作为吊床的基本骨架And once suspended,this will keep me safely off the ground.把它挂起来 我睡上去 身体离开了地面 安全就有了保障 Article/201703/500704德惠市第二人民医院做药物流产多少钱Thanks to a national reforestation program,they once more cover 65% of the country.归功于全国性的造林计划,全国森林覆盖率再次达到65%。More than 75% of paper is recycled.75%的纸张能够循环利用。Costa Rica has made a choice between military spending and the conservation of its lands.哥斯达黎加在军费开和土地保护之间作出了选择。The country no longer has an army.这个国家已经没有军队。It prefers to devote its resources to education, ecotourism and the protection of its primary forest.它宁愿把资源投放到教育 生态旅游和保护原始森林方面。Gabon is one of the world#39;s leading producers of wood.加蓬是全球最大的木材生产国。It enforces selective logging not more than one tree every hectare.它强制执行选择性砍伐每公顷只能砍一棵树。Its forests are one of the country#39;s most important economic resources,but they have the time to regenerate.它的森林是国家最重要的经济来源,但它们现在有足够时间再生。Programs exist that guarantee sustainable forest management.现在已有保可持续的森林管理计划。They must become mandatory.但必须强制执行。For consumers and producers,justice is an opportunity to be seized.无论消费者或生产者都必须争取公平。When trade is fair, when both buyer and seller benefit,everybody can prosper and earn a decent living.贸易公平买卖双方才能都获益,那样人人才能成功,生活舒适。How can there be justice and equity...一些人以双手作为工具。between people whose only tools are their hands...另一些人有农用机械和国家补贴。and those who harvest their crops with a machine and state subsidies?试问何来公正和平等?Let#39;s be responsible consumers.让我们做负责任的消费者。Think about what we buy.想想我们买什么?。It#39;s too late to be a pessimist.要悲观已经太迟。I have seen agriculture on a human scale.我见到过人力所及的农业。It can feed the whole planet if meat production doesn#39;t take the food out of people#39;s mouths.如果制肉商不拿走人的口粮 农产品可以养活所有人类。I have seen fishermen who take care what they catch and care for the riches of the ocean.我见到过有些渔民很小心并关心海洋宝藏。I have seen houses producing their own energy.我见到过能自已产生能量的房子。5,000 people live in the world#39;s first ever eco-friendly district,in Freiburg, Germany.五千人住在地球上首个生态友好区,它位于德国弗赖堡。Other cities partner the project.许多城市成为合作伙伴。Mumbai is the thousandth to join them.孟买将是第一千个。The governments of New Zealand, Iceland, Austria, Sweden and other nations have made the development.新西兰,冰岛,奥地利,瑞典等国政府决定把再生能源发展。of renewable energy sources a top priority.作为最优先项目。I know that 80% of the energy we consume comes from fossil energy sources.我知道地球上80%的能源来自化石能源。Every week, two new coal-fired generating plants are built in China alone.仅在中国每星期就建成两座火力发电厂。But I have also seen, in Denmark,a prototype of a coal-fired plant that releases its carbon into the soil rather than the air.但我在丹麦也见过一个火力发电厂的原型。它把释放的碳送到地底而不是送到天空。A solution for the future? Nobody knows yet.这是未来的解决方案吗?暂时还没人知道。I have seen, in Iceland,an electricity plant powered by the Earth#39;s heat, geothermal power.我在冰岛见到过利用地热资源的发电厂。I have seen a sea snake lying on the swell to absorb the energy of the waves and produce electricity.我见到过躺在海中的海鳗利用海浪的能量来发电。I have seen wind farms off the coast of Denmark that produce 20% of the country#39;s electricity.我在丹麦海岸见过风力发电站,它可以生产该国20%的电力。 Article/201411/342774吉大医院中药科

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