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长春哪家医院做无痛人流最好双辽人流哪家医院最好的Imagine a kitchen without pots, pans or even recipes. Its a concept that one of the worlds largestappliancemakers envisions for the future. The heart of the whole unit is an all-in-one kitchen surface, kitchen table and bar. The changeable work area with the cooker, table and pots adjusts its shape when directed by the user. To use it, the cook places ingredients on the surface which analyses them to come up with recipe suggestions. Then the user marks with the hand size of the area. The depth is adjusted by pressing the malleable surface. Once the surface fits the requirements, the user sets the time and temperature with the swipe of the hand. The table can also determine whether the ingredients are fresh.想象一下厨房如果没有锅碗瓢盆会是什么样子。这就是世界上最大家电制造商眼中的未来厨房。整套厨房设施的核心就在于全能料理台。用户使用时可直接调节工作区大小。为了应用方便,放置食材的台面可以显示菜单。然后,用户用手选定工作区,工作区深度由可延展的台面决定。当台面符合烹饪要求时,用户手动设定时间和温度。料理台甚至可以自动判断食材是否新鲜。We want to create a concept that allows for a morph-living, which means you can have a living space that can either be your living room, your social zone, your kitchen, your bedroom, whatever that sort of adapted itself to how you live your life and what different situations you are in.我们是想创造一种灵活的生活方式,也就是说营造一种生活空间,包括客厅,会客室,厨房,卧室。这些空间都会因为你的生活情况而改变。Some of the materials for the unit aly exists, such as the malleable ferrofluid, a material usually made up of about 5% magnetic solids, 10% flatant and 85% carrier.这类台面的材料已经诞生了,比如可塑性铁磁流体,这是一种由5%磁性固体,10%flatant材料和85%的架组成。One of the biggest challenges is of course that you are skipping a number of product interations because you are looking so far into space all the time. So its a number of product generations that you dont actually do so you are saying that, well done, take it quantumly and look at how are people gonna socialize. To do that, you are gonna have to release yourself from preconceived ideas what you can or what you cant in your own industry.很明显,现代人生活的最大挑战生活空间太小,我们总是忙于寻找足够的空间而忽视了各项事物相互之间的联系。所以,有很多产品你并没有用过,好了,从宏观的角度去看待人类的社会性。要实现这一点,我们公司首先要做到的就是合理地预见自己能和不能做到的事情。The company says for now, the concept is meant totriggerdiscussion, feed-back and ideas from designers and scientists. The company says it is doing a lot of trend in consumer research into how people would live and socialize in the future. According to research by the ed Nations, 74% of the worlds increasing population will be living in cities by 2050, making it necessary to rethink how space and energy is used and the environmental impact.这家公司表示,现在这一理念引发了设计师和科学家们的一系列想法和反馈。公司针对未来人类理想生存和生活状态。根据对美国人的调查,到2050为止,世界上74%的人口增长将会在城市,因此重新考虑空间和能源消耗和环境保护是十分重要的。Natalie Armstrong for Reuters.com.路透社消息,Natalie Armstrong报道。appliance家用电器triggervt. 引发 n.扳机The earthquake may trigger landslides or similar local surficial movements.地震会引起滑坡或类似的局部地表运动。He pulled the trigger and the bottle was shot to pieces.他扣动扳机,瓶子当即被打得粉碎。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201206/186653吉林大学白求恩第一医院男科医生 The Blurry World Underwater水下的朦胧世界When you open your eyes underwater, things look blurry, but with goggles, everything looks perfectly clear. Why cant we landlubbers focus underwater without goggles?当你在水底睁开眼睛的时候,所有的东西看上去都很模糊,但是戴上护目镜,所有的东西看起来都变得很清晰。为什么我们水手在水底不戴护目镜就不能自动聚焦呢?First, we need to explore how our eyes focus when were high and dry. Our ability to focus depends on the refraction, or bending, of light rays as they pass between substances of different densities. One way to see refraction is to put a spoon in a glass of water. It looks like the spoon bends at the waters surface, but its really the light rays bending as they pass between the air and the denser water. A lens works in a similar way, but unlike the flat surface of water, which bends all the rays the same way, a lens is curved, bending rays at different angles so they come to a focus.首先,我们需要探索当我们处于高处和干燥的地方时,我们的眼睛是怎样聚焦的。我们聚焦的能力取决于光线通过不同密度的物质时发生的折射或者弯曲。观察到折 射现象的一种方法是在装水的玻璃杯中放入一个汤匙,汤匙在水面处看上去似乎是被折成了两段。但事实上,这是光线在通过空气和密度更高的水时发生的折射现 象。透镜以同样的方式运作。但不同的是,不像水平面使所有的光线以同样的角度折射弯曲,透镜是曲面的,这样就使得光线从不同的角度发生了弯曲,所以它们就 形成了聚焦。The front of the eye has two lenses, the cornea on the outside and another lens inside, to focus images on the retina, at the back of the eye. Most of the refraction takes place when light passes from the air into the cornea, which is much more dense, but water and the cornea have similar densities. So, when we open our eyes underwater, incoming light rays are hardly bent, or focused, at all. The inside lens bends the rays a little, but it cant make up for the lost corneal refraction, so the light that reaches the retina isnt focused and the underwater world looks blurry.在眼睛的前部有两个透镜,通过外部的角膜和另一个位于内侧的晶状体,我们得以把图像聚焦到位于眼睛后部的视网膜上。当光通过空气进入角膜时,角膜密度比空 气大,大多数折射就发生在这个时候。但是水的密度和角膜的相似,所以,当我们在水底睁开眼睛的时候,入射光线很难弯曲或者聚焦。内部的晶状体可以使光线发 生一些弯曲,但这不能弥补在角膜处失去的折射,所以到达视网膜的光无法聚焦,水底世界看起来就很模糊。Goggles clear things up by inserting a pocket of air in front of the cornea, restoring that crucial interface between substances of different densities to refract the light.护目镜可以保留在角膜前方的空气,恢复了不同浓度物质的界面,实现了光的折射,从而使我们看到的东西变得清晰。 /201207/189040蛟河人民医院咨询

长春打胎那家医院好长春人流价钱 Business Tour operators Horrible holidays商业 旅游公司 糟糕的假期The holiday business is in trouble. Firms are merging like Brits in Benidorm旅游业身陷困境,各公司正忙于兼并EUROPES travel industry has had four terrible years: a recession, an Icelandic volcano, unrest in the Middle East, costly oil, a weak dollar and a widesp sense of malaise. People want to get away from it all, but worry that they cant afford to.欧洲的旅游行业已经经历了四年的低谷:经济衰退、冰岛火山喷发、中东骚乱、昂贵的油价、贬值的美元以及普遍疲软的经济。人们想要摆脱这些,却又担心无力承担。Airlines, hotels and cruise ships have all suffered, but the worst-hit are the tour operators. To survive, they have merged and cut costs. In 2007 Thomas Cook, a German-owned travel firm, took over MyTravel, a British rival, to create Europes second-biggest package-tour firm. A couple of months later Hanover-based TUI, Europes biggest travel company, merged its travel business with First Choice, another British package-holiday company, to create TUI Travel, a company based in London and listed on the London Stock Exchange. Both package-holiday giants cut capacity by as much as 25% in the following years.航空公司,酒店以及度假巡游船都受到了牵连,但受影响最大的还是旅游公司。他们通过兼并和削减开来维持生存。德国的Thomas Cook旅游公司在2007年收购了其英国的竞争对手My Travel,从而组建了欧洲第二大的旅游务公司。几个月后,欧洲最大的旅游公司,总部位于汉诺威的途易与英国的另一家旅游务公司 First Choice合并了其旅游业务,从而成立了途易旅游。途易旅游的总部位于伦敦,并于伦敦交所上市。两家旅游务巨头在接下来的几年里缩小规模高达25%。Yet mergers and downsizing have provided only temporary relief. On August 3rd Holidays 4 UK, a tour operator specialising in trips to Turkey, went bankrupt, leaving 12,800 holidaymakers stranded. On the same day, Manny Fontenla-Novoa, the boss of Thomas Cook, was forced out of his job after three profit warnings in 12 months. His replacement will have a big job on his hands. In the nine months to June, Thomas Cook lost 6.1m before tax.然而整合与缩小规模只是缓兵之计。八月三日,只提供土耳其旅行务的旅游公司Holidays 4 UK宣布破产,造成了12,800名度假者的滞留。就在同一天,托马斯?库克的老板Manny Fontenla-Novoa在公司接到了12个月来的第三个利润预警后被迫离职。摆在他继任者面前的将是一项艰苦的工作。从去年九月到今年六月的九个月期间托马斯?库克的税前损失达3.261亿美元TUI Travel is perking up a bit. Its pre-tax losses fell to £355m (4m) in the nine months to June, from £563m for the same period last year. On August 10th it reported a 57% increase in its ;underlying operating profits;, a figure that excludes planeloads of supposedly one-off costs.不过途易旅游正逐步恢复活力。它从去年同期5.63亿英镑的税前损失降到六月来的3.55亿英镑(4.24亿美元)。八月十号它宣布其;实际营业利润;增长了57%,这一数据还不包括大量可能的一次性花费TUI Travel has several advantages. It is less centralised than Thomas Cook, more flexible and better managed. It sells fewer holidays in the turbulent Middle East. And its margins are buoyed by its focus on fancy holidays rather than bargain booze-ups on beery beaches.途易旅游还是有些优势的。它不像托马斯?库克那样高度集中化,相比之下更加灵活,管理得也更好。它在政局不稳的中东地区组织的线路并不多。利润来自于倍受重视的精品套餐路线,而不是便宜的沙滩啤酒派对。Even so, a spokeswoman for TUI Travel admits that the high oil price is a worry. TUI Travel owns 143 aircraft. The company was fully hedged for oil-price volatility this year but next year it is expecting a 30% increase in its fuel bill. Its French business is suffering because of political unrest in Frances former African colonies, which are a favourite destination for French holidaymakers. TUI Travel is now planning to merge its French operations to create one brand in the hope that this will turn around its weakest unit.尽管如此,途易旅游的发言人承认昂贵的油价的确令人担忧。途易旅游拥有143架飞机。今年该公司采取了严密的措施以防油价动荡,但明年它的燃油预算预计将增长30%。它在法国的业务也因原法属非洲殖民地的政治动荡而遭受了不小的损失,而这些地区恰恰是法国人热衷的度假胜地。途易旅游现在正计划把旗下的法国业务合并成一个品牌,希望以此来拯救那些经营惨淡的分。The traditional tour operators business model is out of date, says Jamie Rollo of Morgan Stanley, a bank. Their fixed costs are high. They book flights and rooms months in advance, and still have to pay for them even if a volcano or terrorist forces travellers to cancel. And although they now do a lot of business online, they struggle to compete with cheaper online-only firms such as Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz.;传统旅游公司的运营模式已经过时了,;根史坦利投资的杰米?罗洛说道,;他们的固有成本很高。他们需要提前几个月预定机票和房间,并且即使火山喷发或是恐怖袭击导致旅行取消他们也仍需付这些费用。尽管现在他们尽管现在他们很多业务在网上进行,但却很难与那些如Expedia,Travelocity以及Orbit等这些更加便宜且只做网上务的旅游公司相匹敌。Further consolidation is likely. Germanys package-tour market is still fragmented and lucrative, so REWE Touristik and others might soon be snapped up. TUI Travel and Thomas Cook might even merge, creating a giant and saving plenty of money. Alternatively, one of these two big boys might marry a low-cost airline, linking cheap flights with cheap beds.进一步的整合是可能的。德国的旅游务市场仍然较为零散并十分有利可图,所以像REWE Touristik一类的旅游公司很快就会变得十分抢手。途易旅游和托马斯?库克甚至可能合并,以成为行业巨头并进一步节省资金。或者,这两个大块头之一会兼并一家低成本的航空公司,形成一条完整的低价住宿低价机票产业链。In the short run Thomas Cooks new boss will have to improve the companys dire finances. The firm is planning to sell assets worth £200m over the next six to 18 months, including some or all of its seven hotels. Its chief financial officer says that an equity issue is not on the cards, at least for now. He may have to change his mind. Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, but for the firms that provide them, they are anything but.短期来看,托马斯?库克的新任老板首先要做的就是改善公司糟糕的财务状况。公司计划在接下来的6到18个月期间卖掉价值2亿英镑的资产,包括部分甚至全部其7家酒店.它的财务总监表示至少目前还不打算发行股票。他将来也许会改变主意。假期本应该是令人放松的,但对于那些提供这项务的公司来说,情况就恰恰相反了。 /201301/222663吉林省长春一院男科专家

公主岭妇幼保健妇保医院预约When people first hear about the Big Bang theory, they say, well, where did it take place?当人们第一次听说大爆炸理论时会问道,那么它发生于哪里呢?It took place over there? It took place over there? Where did it take place?它在这里发生?在那里发生?它到底发生在哪里?Actually, it took place everywhere. Because the universe itself was extremely small at that time.事实上,它发生在每个地方。因为那时宇宙极其渺小。He’s rallied some of the most abstract and difficult concepts there are. So, here is a mind bender. What came before the Big Bang?这里汇集了世界上最抽象最难懂的概念。还有一个伤脑筋的问题,大爆炸之前是什么样子?The philosophers in ancient times, you should say, how could something arise from nothing.根据古代哲学家们的思想,你会问物质怎么会凭空生成呢?And what is amazing to me is that the Laws of Physics allow that to happen.更让我吃惊的是物理学定律也同意这个说法。And it means that our whole universe, everything we see, everything that matters does today could have arisen out of precisely nothing.这就意味着我们整个宇宙,人类看见的任何事物,现代社会看重的一切都可能是无中生有。Its one of the biggest hurdles to understanding the Big Bang.这是人类要了解大爆炸就必须克的最大障碍之一。First, you have to buy into the premise that something was created out of nothing.首先,你必须借鉴这个假设,万物不是由物质生成或转化而来的。Its impossible to describe the moment of creation in human language.人类语言也无法描述万物形成的那一刻。All we know is that from what may have been nothing, we go to a state of almost infinite density and infinite temperature and infinite violence.我们只知道宇宙处于一种密度极大,温度极高,内部极度不稳定的太初状态。Understanding how nothing turned into something may be the greatest mystery of our universe.了解万物从无到有的过程也许就是最大的宇宙之谜。But if you understand that you start to understand the Big Bang when time and space began and the great biggest explosion created everything.明白这一点,你就已经开始了解时空开始时的大爆炸,了解是这场最大的爆炸造就了万物。At the dawn of time, the universe explodes into existence from absolutely nothing into everything.在时间之初,宇宙从无到有发生爆炸,逐步形成现在的大千世界。But everything is actually a single point, infinitely small, unimaginably hot, a superdense speck of pure energy.但实际上一切物质最初汇聚于一点,一个体积无限小,温度密度高得难以想象的纯能量粒子。The Big Bang was so immense that it brought into existence,大爆炸规模太大,因此就形成了,all of the mass and all of the energy contained in all of the 400 billion galaxies we see in our universe in a region smaller than the size of a single atom.这个大千世界,这个人类能观测到的4000亿个星河,而最初它们比一个原子还小。The entire observable universe was a millionth of a billionth of a centimeter across at that time. Everything was compressed into an incredibly hot, dense region.在那时整个可观测到的宇宙也不过只有千万亿分之一毫米大。一切都被压缩在一个温度极高,密度极大的区域里。201205/181948 长春人工流产的价格长春中医药大学附属医院四维彩超




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