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安康第一人民医院胃病胃肠属于几级西安航天总医院消化病属于几级安康市第一人民医院胃肠科怎么样 The Origin of Solar Calendar and Lunar Calendar阴历与阳历的起源之说Although China has adopted the Gregorian calendar in common with most other countries in the world for official and business purposes,the traditional Chinese calendar continues to define the dates of festivals and is used for horoscopes. The calendar had a very long history going back to the Xia(21st century -16th Century ) and Shang Dynasty(l6th century - llth century ). It is based on a unique combination of astronomy and geography through observation and exploration. It is also referred to as the Lunar Calendar,Yin calendar,Xia calendar or the old Chinese calendar.虽然中国已经采用了公历,和大多数世界各国的其他官方和经营宗旨一样,但传统的中国历法仍然继续定义节日的日期,并用于八字。日历有一个很长的历史,可以追溯到夏朝(公元前21世纪 - 公元前16世纪)和商代(公元前16世纪-公元前11世纪)。它是根据天文和地理通过观察和探索的独特组合。它也被称为阴历,殷历,夏历或旧中国历。Following its creation in the Xia Dynasty succeeding reigns continued to use the calendar but modified it from time to time. The Han Dynasty rulers instituted the Taichu calendar,while during Tang Dynasty the Huangji calendar was introduced and it was adopted by Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Withthe founding of the Republic of China in 1912,the Gregorian calendar was brought into use. Although ethnic groups such as Tibet and Dai have their own calendars, in essence they resemble that of the Han people. Islam reckons its own religion festivals according to the Islamic Calendar.继在夏王朝成功建立的王朝继续使用日历,但不时修改。汉代统治者设立了太初历,而在唐代使用皇极历,并被日本,韩国和越南引进使用。随着中国共和国在1912年成立,公历被投入使用。虽然族群如西藏和傣有自己的日历,在本质上,他们表现得像是汉族人。伊斯兰教根据伊斯兰历法算自己的宗教节日。The calendar has links with natural sciences such as agriculture and astronomy,solar terms, the four seasons and traditional festivals such as the Spring Festival. There are links also with the Five Elements#39; of which the ancient Chinese believed the physical universe to be composed namely, metal,wood,water,fire and earth. Finally, of course, is sheng xiao- the symbolic animals associated with each year on a 12-year cycle.日历与自然科学,如农业、天文、节气、四季和传统节日有关,如春节。这也与五行有联系,古老的中国人相信物质世界是由五行组成的,即金,木,水,火,土。最后,当然,是生肖,12生肖中每年都有一个象征性的动物12年循环。 /201605/444037The canine companions of airport security staff in Manchester are quick to spot sausages and cheese in passengers#39; luggage but are failing to sniff out class A drugs, a report has found.一份报告指出,曼彻斯特机场安检人员的犬类同伴最擅长在乘客行李中发现香肠和奶酪,却嗅不出A类毒品。Inspectors said sniffer dogs at Manchester airport have failed to find any drugs or illegally smuggled cash. The report also found there were major faults with immigration controls, which allowed scores of passengers into the UK without the correct border checks.缉查人员称,曼彻斯特机场的缉毒犬找不到任何毒品或非法走私的现金。报告也发现出入境管控存在很大漏洞,导致许多入境英国的旅客没有接受正规的边防检查。The dogs failed to spot a single person carrying heroin or cocaine over the border during a six-month period studied by the independent chief inspector of borders and immigration. But one dog, trained to detect illegal animal products, often found ;small amounts of cheese or sausages; carried by holidaymakers, the report said.英国边境与移民首席独立缉查员调查发现,在长达六个月的时间内,这些缉毒犬没有一次在边检中嗅出携带海洛因或可卡因的人。但报告称,有一只受训专门探测非法动物制品的,却经常能发现度假者携带的“少量奶酪和香肠”。Inspectors said that although heroin and cocaine were assessed as ;very high priority; for the search team, no class A drugs had been found by the dogs between November 2014 and June 2015.缉查员称,尽管海洛因和可卡因是被评为搜查队应搜查的“最高优先级”的危险物品,但在2014年11月到2015年6月期间,缉毒犬们没有发现一例A级毒品。The review assessed airport border checks by 286 staff, and the Home Office, which oversees the checks, said improvements must be made.报告对机场边检的286名工作人员进行了审核。负责监督边检工作的内政部称必须做出改善。The airport, the UK#39;s third largest, has six detector dogs and new kennels, which cost £1.25m. One dog made ;accurate detections;—but most were of cheese or sausages, which the report said was a poor return on the annual cost of running the canine team.曼彻斯特机场是英国第三大机场,有六只缉毒犬和新舍,共花费125万英镑。其中一只虽然能“准确探测”,但多数情况下找到的却是奶酪或香肠。报告称,与这群缉毒犬每年的花费比起来,这样的回报少得可怜。Over the period, the dogs helped seize more than 46,000 cigarettes, 60kg of tobacco, 181kg of illegal meat, and £28,000 in cash. The dogs successfully detected illegal drugs on three occasions, finding small amounts of class B substances. They also found tablets of human growth hormone, Viagra and Bromazepam.在调查期间,这群缉毒犬还帮助查获了超过4.6万根香烟、60公斤烟草、181公斤的非法肉制品,和2.8万英镑的非法现金,还三次成功找出了少量的非法B级毒品。它们还找出过人类生长激素药片、伟哥和溴基安定。Other elements of border checks were also reviewed, with the report finding that:边检中的其它要素也受到检查,报告发现:A significant number of Border Force staff at the airport were not fully trained in immigration work, leading to delays and inefficiencies in the processing of passengers.大量机场边检工作人员都没有接受过完整的出入境检查训练,导致在检查旅客的过程中拖延没有效率。Some staff were called upon to supervise immigration functions at a terminal for a shift without the relevant immigration knowledge or training.一些工作人员被调去航站楼监督出入境工作,却没有相关的出入境知识,没接受过相关培训。There was a ;control breach; in April 2015 when 150 passengers from a delayed Ryanair flight were ;misdirected through an unmanned immigration control;, meaning they were able to leave the airport without their passports being checked. Managers ;acted decisively; to deal with the breach.2015年4月发生了一次“管控事故”,一架瑞安航空公司的飞机延误,150名乘客被“领到无人看守的出入境管理处”,也就是说,他们不经护照检查就可以离开机场。管理者们“果断行动”处理了这场事故。A number of passenger entries were also questioned in the report. These included:报告中也披露了很多旅客入境的问题。其中包括:An American passenger on a two-month visit with just £37 to his name who had just returned from Egypt on an Islamic studies course.一位持两个月签的美国游客,刚从埃及进行伊斯兰方面的学习归来,名下只有37英镑。A 12-year-old Japanese boy who arrived alone to be picked up by a ;dishevelled; man who admitted no schooling arrangements had been made and interacted badly with the boy. When social services weren#39;t available he was granted entry anyway.一个12岁的日本男孩独自到达机场,后来一个“披头散发”的男性来接他。这位男性承认没有给小男孩安排任何教育计划,和小男孩交流也极其不畅。可是当时没有社会务人员在场,他还是被允许入境了。A Chinese national with a visa declared an amount of money for ;tourism and shopping; which was well above his annual income. He was allowed in for six months, which should not have been permitted without a luggage check or interview, according to the inspector.一位中国公民,其签上显示其用于“旅游和购物”的钱远远超过了他的年收入。边检人员说,他在没有经过行李检查或面谈的情况下,被允许停留六个月,本不应该这么久的。An American professional poker player who wanted to meet a woman he had met on Facebook. Declaring himself a medical marijuana user, he was granted temporary admission to visit the woman until his flight five days later. The inspector said there should have been more checks because two children lived at the woman#39;s home and he should have been told medical marijuana was illegal in the UK.一位美国职业扑克玩家想约见在脸书上认识的女网友。他说自己是药用大麻使用者。这个人得到了临时许可去约见那个女人,五天之后才离开。边检员说,本该有更多审查程序,因为这个女人家里还有两个孩子,并且该男子也应该被告知药用大麻在英国是非法的。A Manchester airport spokesman said staff ;work extremely closely; with the Border Force and ;support their work to address the issues raised in this report;.一位曼彻斯特机场发言人表示,他们的工作人员与边检部门“在进行极其密切的沟通,持他们的工作,解决这篇报告中提到的问题”。 /201604/438152延安大学医学院附属医院肠胃科电话号码是多少

西京医院肠胃检查多少钱未央区胶囊胃镜 The study found the ;moderately; overweight now had lower rates of early death than those who were normal weight, underweight or obese.一项研究发现,相比于体重正常、体重过轻、以及体重过重的人来说,那些体重“适度”超重的人早死的几率要小一些。The work, published in JAMA, looked at many thousands of people#39;s height, weight and death rates at three different time periods since the 1970s.这项被刊载在JAMA上的研究,以成千上万人的身高、体重和死亡率为研究对象。自从上世纪70年代以来,该项研究在三个不同的时期记录下了这些数据。In the mid-1970s, those with the lowest death rates were a normal weight and the obese faced a 30% higher risk of early death, the doctors, from Copenhagen University, found.来自哥本哈根大学的教授们发现,在上个世纪70年代中期,那些体重正常的人的死亡率最低,而超重的人早死的风险要高出30%。But now the threat to people#39;s survival from being obese was now almost negligible但是现在肥胖对人类生存的威胁几乎可以忽略不计了。The authors say the most likely explanation is that health systems are now much better at treating obesity-linked conditions, such as high cholesterol and blood pressure.这项研究的作者们表示,对这一现象最有可能的解释是,随着现代医疗系统的显著改善,由肥胖引起的高胆固醇和高血压等病症更易于治疗。Lead investigator Prof Borge Nordestgaard said: ;Our results should not be interpreted as suggesting that now people can eat as much as they like, or that so-called normal-weight individuals should eat more to become overweight. That said, maybe overweight people need not be quite as worried about their weight as before.;项目组首席研究员奇·诺德斯特教授说道:“我们的研究结果不应该被误读,它并不意味着现在人们可以随心所欲地满足自己的口腹之欲,也不意味着那些体重正常的人应该吃多一点来增重。这项研究结果的意义在于,现在肥胖的人也许不必再像以前那样担心自己的体重了。”The Danish researchers say their work shows a need to update the global categories that define excess weight, which are now two decades old.这些来自丹麦的研究人员声称,他们的研究结果表明,目前全世界需要对肥胖定一个新的标准,因为目前现行的体重分级标准已经是二十年前制定的了。But that idea was rejected by a British expert in metabolic medicine.但是这一想法被一位英国专攻新陈代谢的医学专家否决了。Prof Naveed Sattar, from the University of Glasgow, said: ;These data are of interest, but they do not change advice we have been giving on obesity and its treatment and prevention. The current findings do not mean that being overweight is protecting you from death, far from it.;来自格拉斯哥大学的纳瓦德·萨德尔教授说:“这些数据很有意思,但是它们不会改变我们对肥胖及其治疗和预防的建议。目前的结果并不意味着超重可以让你远离死亡。” /201605/444384陕西省森工医院胃病胃肠专家预约

西安西京医院胃溃疡浅表性胃炎糜烂性胃炎胃窦炎Finding a four-leaf clover, carrying a rabbit#39;s foot, and crossing your fingers are considered symbols of good luck by many. Athletes famously engage in superstitious rituals—basketball legend Michael Jordan reportedly wore the same pair of shorts under his NBA uniform for every game, and tennis star Serena Williams ties her shoelaces the same way before every match and always bounces the tennis ball five times before her first serve. Good luck superstitions, ranging from small gestures to elaborate observance, exist in cultures all over the world. Here are 14 of them.找到了四叶苜蓿、携带兔子的脚、交叉你的手指是被许多人视为好运的象征。从事迷信仪式的著名运动员有篮球传奇迈克尔·乔丹,据说他在每场比赛的时候都穿同一条短裤来配他的球,网球明星塞雷娜·威廉姆斯在她的每场比赛之前都用同一种方式系鞋带,而且要将她的网球弹跳五次才开始比赛。关于好运的迷信从小动作到详尽的惯例存在于全世界的很多文化中。以下就是一些关于好运的迷信:1. THROW BROKEN DISHES AT HOUSES // DENMARK1. 在屋子里扔碎的盘子-丹麦In Denmark, people save their broken dishes throughout the year in anticipation of throwing them on New Year#39;s Eve. Danes chuck the broken plates at their friends#39; and family#39;s houses as a way to wish the recipient good luck in the year to come.在丹麦,一整年,人们总是将破碎的盘子收藏起来,准备在新年夜前夜来扔掉他们。丹麦人将这些破碎的盘子扔在朋友和家人的屋子里作为一种为对方在新年祈福的方式。2. SWEEP DIRT AWAY FROM THE FRONT DOOR // CHINA2. 扫掉门前的灰尘-中国In China, it#39;s believed that good fortune enters your life through your front door. Just before the New Year, Chinese people follow a tradition of thoroughly cleaning their homes to bid farewell to the previous year, but to avoid sweeping all that good luck out, the home is swept inward and collected in a pile to be carried out the back door, never through the front.在中国人们相信好运是经过前门进入人们生活的。在新年到来之前,中国人遵循着彻底打扫屋子的习俗,以此来作为对过去一年的告别,但是为了避免将好运扫走,人们是打扫屋子的里面,而且会将灰尘垃圾收集到一起,然后从后门倒出去,绝不通过前门。3. BIRD DROPPINGS ARE A SIGN OF GREAT THINGS TO COME // RUSSIA3. 鸟粪被看做是好运的象征-俄罗斯Rather than view a bird defecating on them as a disgusting surprise, Russians welcome it as a sign of good luck and fortune. To Russians, bird droppings on you, your home, or your car signifies that money will be coming your way.鸟类将粪便排在人的身上不会被俄罗斯人看做是件很恶心的事,相反,他们认为这是好运的象征。对于他们来说,鸟儿排便在你身上、屋子上或者车子上是象征着你的钱财会随之而来。4. SPILL WATER BEHIND SOMEONE // SERBIA4. 在某人的身后泼水-塞尔维亚According to Serbian folk stories, spilling water behind someone is a great way to give them good luck.Because moving water is fluid and smooth, it confers good luck to the person you spill it behind. Serbians spill water behind their friends and family members who are preparing to take a test, face a job interview, or go on a trip.根据塞尔维亚的民俗故事,在某人身后泼水是一种带给他们好运的方式。因为活水是流动和顺畅的,它会给被你泼水的那个人带来好运。塞尔维亚人会在他们的朋友和家人准备考试、准备去面试或者是外出旅行的时候在他们身后泼水。5. HANG UPSIDE-DOWN TO KISS A ROCK // IRELAND5. 倒挂着吻一块石头-爱尔兰The legendary Blarney Stone at Ireland#39;s Blarney Castle attracts visitors who kiss the stone to get the gifts of good luck and eloquence. Visitors who want its good luck must walk to the top of the castle, lean backwards, and hold on to a railing so their lips can reach the stone.爱尔兰布拉尼城堡巧言石的传说吸引了很多游客,认为亲吻这块石头就会得到好运和好口才的天赋。想要得到好运的游客必须徒步上城堡的最高处,后仰躺下,抓住栏杆,这样他们的嘴唇才会碰到那块石头。6. SAY THE WORD #39;RABBIT#39; WHEN YOU WAKE UP // UNITED KINGDOM6. 醒来的时候说“兔子”-英国A good luck superstition that originated in the ed Kingdom involves saying ;rabbit; right after you wake up on the first day of the month. Whether you say ;rabbit,; ;white rabbits,; or ;rabbit, rabbit,; the ritual will supposedly give you good luck for the rest of the month. If you forget to say it in the morning, for the same results simply say ;black rabbit; or ;tibbar, tibbar; (rabbit spelled backwards) right before you go to sleep instead.起源于英国的一个关于好运的迷信说法,是在每个月的第一天醒来的时候马上说“兔子”这个词。不管你说的是“兔子”,“小白兔”或者“兔子,兔子”,这个仪式都会在这一整个月带给你好运。如果你早上起来的时候忘记说了,那么就在你睡觉之前说“黑兔子”或者兔子反过来说,那就是“tibbar, tibbar”。7. RUB SPECIAL INCENSE ON YOUR ACHING BODY PARTS // JAPAN7. 在身体的疼痛部位擦拭特殊的香-日本The front of the Sensoji Temple in east Tokyo, Japan has a giant incense burner that visitors go to for a ;good luck; smoke bath. This ancient Buddhist temple, the oldest in Tokyo, was founded in 628 CE and Japanese people view the incense as holy for its healing powers.在东京东部的浅草寺,日本有一个巨大的焚香炉,游客可以去进行好运的烟浴。这一古老的佛寺是东京最古老的寺庙,建于公元628年,日本人认为香具有强大而神圣的治愈作用。8. THE NUMBER EIGHT IS GREAT // CHINA8. 数字“8”很吉利-中国Speaking the number#8194;eight in Chinese sounds similar to the word for fortune and prosperity, so people in China love anything having to do with eight. Chinese people schedule marriages on dates involving the number, and everything from flight numbers to phone numbers are more lucky if they have eights in them. With this superstition in mind, the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing started at 8:08 p.m. on 8/8/2008.用汉语讲到数字“8”的时候听起来很像词语“发”(意为“好运”、“财富”)的发音,因此中国人喜欢任何和“8”有关的事情。中国人筹备结婚也要在包含这个数字的日子,任何从航班号到电话号码如果包含“8”都认为是比较幸运的。怀揣着这一迷信,北京奥林匹克运动会是在2008年8月8日晚上8:08分开幕。9. EAT BEANS ON NEW YEAR#39;S EVE // ARGENTINA9. 在新年前夜吃豆子-阿根廷Argentinians prepare themselves for the New Year by eating beans for good luck. Whether they eat them on New Year#39;s Eve or New Year’s Day, Argentinians believe that the beans will bring them luck and security in their jobs.阿根廷人会在新年的时候通过吃豆子带给他们好运。不论他们是在新年夜前夕还是新年那天,阿根廷人相信豆子可以带给他们好运和工作上的安全感。 /201606/448559 A university student in China has been caught taking photographs up his female classmate#39;s skirt while attending a lecture.日前,中国一名大学生在上课期间偷拍女同学裙底,却被当场抓住。Images have been released on Chinese social media showing the man holding his phone around his back, which was aimed at another female student, reports the People#39;s Daily Online. The male student allegedly shared the pictures with a classmate after they were snapped.据《人民日报》报道,从一些发布在社交媒体上的照片可以看出,该名男子将手机藏到背后,从桌子底下伸出来对着后排的女同学进行偷拍。在偷拍得手后,该名男子还和其他同学分享了这些照片。A total of six photos were circulated on Chinese social media site Weibo with posts claiming that the man is studying in a university in Kunming, southern China#39;s Yunnan Province.中国社交媒体新浪微上一共贴出了6张该男子偷拍行为的照片,同时有文称该名男子就读于中国南方的云南昆明的一所大学。The pictures were taken by a third student who sat behind the female victim at the time. In the photos, the student pretends to pay attention in class however his hands are holding his phone around his back, getting pictures of the unknowing female behind him.当时坐在女受害人后方的另一名学生拍下了该名男子作案时的照片。从照片中可以看出,该名男子假装很认真的听课,但是双手却拿着手机环于背后,拍下了后排女子裙底的照片,而受害人还浑然不知。The man has admitted to his behaviour to the media and apologised to the victim, according to People#39;s Daily Online.据《人民日报》报道,该男子向媒体承认了他的所作所为,并向受害人道了歉。The photos have sparked an outrage among users of Weibo.这些照片激起了微用户们的怒火。One user commented: #39;This guy should be expelled.#39; And another wrote: #39;Why didn#39;t they call the police?#39;一名微用户说道:“这人应该被开除。”另一人说道:“为什么他们不报警呢?”While one user said: #39;If apologies work, why do we need the law?#39;也有人说道:“如果道歉有用的话,那我们还要法律来干什么?”There is an increasing problem with people trying to take up-skirt photographs in China. In April, a woman made a man eat his phone#39;s memory card after she caught him taking photographs up her skirt. The woman filmed the incident and uploaded the footage to Weibo.在中国,不法分子偷拍女生裙底的问题越来越猖獗。今年四月,一名男子偷拍女生裙底照片被抓现行,受害人逼迫该名男子吃下了他的手机内存卡。这名女子把整件事拍了下来,并上传到了微上。 /201607/453978咸阳第一人民医院胃病胃肠预约西安市第九医院肠胃科预约



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