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This is his land, and these are his people.这里是他的故乡,这些人是他的同胞。Tsering has brought John Bellezza here to learn about acient tales and fables from his tribe elders.合嘉波才让带领约翰·贝勒查到这里聆听部落长辈述说古老传说。Tsering has become a collector of stories from Guges past with the help of these elders.在长辈的帮忙下和嘉波才让收集古格王朝的故事。Oral legends pass down from generation to generation provide one of the few sources historians like Tsering have to piece together this rise and fall of this lost kingdom.一代一代的口传传说成为稀少的线索来源让和嘉波才让这样的历史学家得以拼凑出古格王朝的盛衰起败。The tales are intriguing, the constant struggle for water in an arid inhospitable plateau, the encounter with strangers from the outside world.故事极为有趣荒凉高原上的长期水源争夺外来陌生人的东进以及长期的权力争夺与邻国间的战争。Tsering and John embarked on a quest to solve one of Tibets the greatest mysteries.和嘉波才让及约翰开始调查企图解开西藏最大的谜团之一。How did the might kingdom of Guge flourish in the middle of a harsh desert?古格王朝如何在荒芜的干漠中繁荣壮大?And what later caused this dramatic collapse in the 17th century?什么原因造成古格王朝在十七世纪瓦解?Of all the stories that shroud this lost city, there is one that is often told.在围绕古格王朝的众多故事中其中一则故事最被人津津乐道。It is an extraordinary legend about a bitter power struggle between two brothers that eventually brought this magnificent 700-year-old kingdom to a bloody end.传说一对兄弟间的权力争夺最后让延续七百年的古格王朝在流血中瓦体。 译文属201601/420524。

Suicide in America美国自杀事件An awful hole令人发指地无底洞Why more Americans are killing themselves为何越来越多美国人自杀BEING depressed is like having a terrible headache, says one Atlanta businessman. Except that a few days of rest do not stop the pain: “Youre just expected to keep going.” Trying to “man up”, he sought little help for his condition, choosing to hide it instead. “It all gets so debilitating that you dont want to go on,” he explains.亚特兰大的一位商人觉得,压抑苦闷和剧烈头痛一样,这种痛苦休息几天都无法消失:“你只想坚持下去。”虽然他努力变“man”一点,但却没有想办法解决问题,反而想藏起来。他解释道,“所有的一切让人筋疲力尽,很想放弃。”He tried to kill himself more than once; fortunately, his attempts came to nothing. But the same cannot be said for a growing share of Americans. The suicide rate has risen from 11 per 100,000 people in 2005 to 13 seven years later. In the time it takes you to this article, six Americans will try to kill themselves; in another ten minutes one will succeed.他曾不止一次想要自杀;幸运的是,他的尝试都是徒劳的。然而,美国可没有那么幸运,因为自杀率攀升。自杀率从2005年10万人中的11%增加到2012年的13%。在你读这篇文章的时间里,6位美国人将会自杀,而且十分钟之后会有一个人自杀成功。Over 40,000 Americans took their own lives in 2012—more than died in car crashes—says the American Association of Suicidology. Mondays in May see the most incidents. The rates are highest in Wyoming and Montana, perhaps because guns—which are more effective than pills—are so common there (see chart). Nationally, guns are used in half of all successful suicides.据美国自杀协会研究,2012年,在美国自杀人数超过4万,多于死于车祸的人数。自杀多发在五月的星期一。怀俄明州和蒙大拿州的自杀人数最多,原因或许是的普及(开自杀比吃药来的快)。全国范围而言,开成功自杀的事件占到所有自杀事件的一半。What drives people to self-destruction? Those who suffer from depression are, unsurprisingly, most at risk. The suicide rate also rises when times are hard. During the Depression it jumped to a record 19 per 100,000. It grew after the recent financial crisis too. “Even just uncertainty over employment” makes people worry a lot, notes Yeats Conwell, a psychiatrist at the University of Rochester Medical Centre.究竟是什么原因让人自杀?毫无疑问,那些苦闷压抑的人正是自杀高危人群。日子不好过也会促使人自杀。大萧条时期,自杀率攀升至10万人19%,创历史新高。近期金融危机之后,自杀人数也增多。罗切斯特大学医学中心精神病专家叶芝·康威尔表示,“甚至就业难”也会让人们陷入烦恼中。The over-75s have historically been most likely to kill themselves, especially if they are lonely or ill. But now it is the middle-aged who are most at risk. In 2012 the suicide rate for Americans aged 45-54 was 20 per 100,000—the highest rate of any age group. For those aged 55-64 it was 18; for the over-65s it was 15. The middle years can be stressful, because that is when people realise that their youthful ambitions will never be fulfilled.一般说来,如果75岁以上的人孤苦伶仃、罹患疾病,则很可能自杀。然而,如今,自杀高危人群则是中年人。2012年,美国45-54岁的自杀率是10万人20%—成为美国国内年龄段之最。而55-64岁则是18%,65岁以上的则是15%。人到中年,压力大;因为人到中年才幡然醒悟,年少梦想永无实现之日。Women make nearly four times as many suicide attempts as men, but men succeed four times as often. Men favour bloodier methods: most use a gun, whereas less than a third of women do. Women may be better at asking for help; overall, they are two and a half times more likely than men to take anti-depressants. Whites are nearly three times as likely as African-Americans to kill themselves. Blacks are five times more likely to be murdered with a gun than to kill themselves with one; for whites it is the other way round.有自杀企图的女性人数是男性的四倍,但是男性自杀成功率确实女性的四倍之多。男性倾向更加暴力的自杀方式:大部分用(不到33%的女性也用)。女性或许更加善于寻求帮助;总体来说,女性用抗抑郁剂的几率是男性的2.5倍。白人自杀的几率是非洲裔美国的3倍。黑人用自杀的几率是被谋杀的五分之一(白人反之)。Military veterans are especially prone to suicide. Data from 48 states suggest that 30 out of 100,000 veterans kill themselves each year—a rate far higher than among civilians. Many find it hard to overcome the trauma of combat, or to adjust to civilian life. A survey by Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, an advocacy group, found that 31% of veterans had considered taking their own lives. Congress is mulling a bill to overhaul how the Department of Veterans Affairs handles the problem.退役军人尤其倾向自杀。48个州的数据显示,每年10万名退伍军人中有30名自杀——其自杀率远高于平民。许多老兵很难从战争创伤中恢复过来,也很难适应退伍生活。一项由参加伊拉克和阿富汗战争的美国退伍老兵(一个倡导性组织)发起的调查发现,31%的老兵考虑过自杀。国会正在考虑一项法案,改革退伍军人事务部处理此类问题的方式。Activists say the government does too little to prevent suicide. Christine Moutier of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention complains that only m of federal funding will go to anti-suicide programmes this year. This does not include the billions the government spends on mental-health problems more broadly.激进分子称政府没有采取措施防止自杀。今年,联邦仅拨款4000万美元投入到自杀预防项目中,美国自杀预防基金会的Christine Moutier对此表示不满。款项不包括政府在精神疾病以及其他疾病的拨款。Some treatments, such as anti-depressants, are often quite effective. More than 20 studies have found that when anti-depressants are more widely available, fewer people end their own lives. For example, between 1991 and 1996 Swedes swallowed 240% more anti-depressants and the suicide rate fell 19%. But it is hard to prove a causal link. And other studies suggest that certain anti-depressants lead young people to think more about suicide.抗抑郁剂等疗法往往效果显著。超过20项研究表明,若抗抑郁剂更易购买,那么选择轻生的人会减少。例如,1991-1996年之间,瑞典人用的抗抑郁剂用量超过240%,自杀率下降19%。但是,很难明这是一个偶然。而且其他研究表明用某种抗抑郁剂让年轻人更加想轻生。Making it slightly harder to kill yourself is also surprisingly effective. American pharmacists still sell painkillers loose in pots, enabling people to pour the whole lot down their throats in one movement. This is unwise. After Britain switched to blister packs in 1998, which require you to punch pills out one by one, deaths from overdoses of paracetamol (the active ingredient in Tylenol) dropped 44% in 11 years.令人吃惊的是,让自杀变得更困难也是防止自杀的有效方法之一。美国药剂师依然在兜售液体止痛药,如此一来,人们只需一个动作就可以吃下一大堆止痛药。此举绝非明智。1998年,英国人使用罩板包装,这样一来,人们必须一个一个挤压药片,之后的11年间,因过量用对乙酰氨基酚(泰诺的主要成分)致死的人数下降了44%。Some who ponder suicide may be dissuaded by counselling. Behavioural therapies, alone or in family settings, allow sufferers to talk through their emotions and actions. A Danish study of 65,000 people who attempted suicide between 1992 and 2010 suggests that providing people with “a safe, confidential place to talk” during up to ten sessions saw repeat attempts and actual suicides drop more than 25%.考虑自杀的人可以通过咨询他人,打消自杀念头。独自一人行为疗法或者家庭集体行为疗法让困惑者说出自己的心情。丹麦,一项由65000名(1992年-2010年考虑过自杀的)人参加的调查显示,在一个“安全、保密的”场所畅所欲言,十场谈话下来,有过自杀想法的人数减少了逾25%。Three states have concluded that not all suicides should be prevented. In Oregon, Washington and Vermont “Death with Dignity” laws allow terminally ill, mentally competent residents to ask for prescription drugs to hasten their deaths. Such laws have no discernible effect on unassisted suicide: from 1999 to 2010 suicides among those aged 35-64 increased 49% in Oregon, which has allowed terminally ill patients to end their lives since 1997, compared with a 28% increase nationally.美国3个州认为,并不是所有的自杀都应该阻止。在俄勒冈州、华盛顿和佛蒙特州,“尊严死”法律允许身患绝症而心智健全的居民寻求处方药物安乐死。诸如此类的法律对于无助的自杀事件来说毫无意义:在俄勒冈州,1999年到2010年35-64岁之间自杀的人数增加了49%,该期间全国范围自杀人数增加了28%。俄勒冈州自1997年便通过了“尊严死”法案。And what of those left behind? A suicide deeply affects six people close to the deceased, research suggests. Since 1988 some 5m Americans have suffered the loss of a loved one in this way. Christy Simpson, a counsellor in Georgia, knows it can be difficult for families to discuss a loved ones suicide; her mother asked her to tell friends that her sister died in a car accident after she jumped to her death.那么剩下的人该怎么办呢?研究显示,一场自杀,关联了与死者相关的6个人的命运。自1988年以来,500万美国人因自杀而失去了另一半。乔治亚州的咨询师克里斯蒂·辛普森深知很难启齿自己爱的人跳楼自杀,她的母亲要她告诉朋友,自己的是死于一场车祸。Ms Simpson believes that eroding the stigma around suicide would help. “My parents could never talk about [it]. My mother went from perfect health to her grave within seven years,” she says. “The message I got was that what had happened was extremely shameful and that we had failed as a family.”辛普森女士坚信,她补充道,“我父母绝口不提。七年后,母亲安然离世”“我从中认识到已经发生的事情令人羞耻,而且作为家人,我们很失败。”译者:黄柳 译文属译生译世 /201502/359308。

Japan and Abenomics日本与安倍经济Riding to the rescue拯救之路The prime minister has been given an opening. Will he take it?安倍晋三已经看到了出路。那么问题来了:他会选择并走下去吗?WHEN the Bank of Japan (BoJ) moved unexpectedly on October 31st, the effect was to galvanise the worlds financial markets and, at home, to breathe new life into Shinzo Abes programme to pull the country out of deflation. The scale of the central banks action—it will print money to buy ¥80 trillion (8 billion) of government bonds a year, equivalent to 16% of GDP—directed politics away from a string of distracting cabinet scandals.日本在十月三十一日出人意外的举措在刺激了全球金融市场的同时,也给安倍晋三的救日本于通缩泥淖的计划带来了新的活力。此次日本央行举措的规模之大——将印刷八十万亿日元(合6980亿美元)来购买一年的国债,相当于GDP总值的16%——已经成功挤掉了闹得满城风雨的内阁丑闻事件,成为了政治热门头条。Mr Abes plans for the economy had been flagging. A rise in the consumption (value-added) tax in April had prompted an alarming drop in spending by consumers. The first shoots of inflation started to retreat. Having climbed to 1.5% in April, core inflation fell to 1% in September—far off the 2% target that the central bank had said it would achieve by the spring of 2015. Meanwhile, some sp rumours that a conservative old guard at the central bank was regaining sway and could block Haruhiko Kuroda, its governor, from fulfilling his promise to do “whatever it takes” to rid Japan of deflation.安倍的经济计划也已经显出疲态。四月份开始上涨的消费(增值)税已经使消费者们的开大幅缩水。通货膨胀刚发的嫩芽已经开始凋零。核心通货膨胀率从四月份的1.5%跌倒了九月份的1%——这比之前日本央行所说的在2015年春之前达到2%的目标可还差得远了。此外,有传言说日本央行中的一位保守阵营中的老一辈大人物正逐渐重获话语权,并可能让央行行长黑田东彦无法履行其“不惜任何代价”地为日本消除通货紧缩。As it was, Mr Kuroda only narrowly won consent for the banks move. On October 31st four of the boards nine members voted against expanding quantitative easing. That lack of consensus caused almost as much of a stir as the easing itself.鉴于此,黑田东彦在这次事件中也只堪堪得到了过半数的持。十月三十一日的董事会九名成员中有四名选择了反对扩大量化宽松。这种意见不一的混乱局面所引起的关注和量化宽松本身相比也不逞多让。Yet the BoJs move strengthens another consensus among Japans policymakers, which is that Mr Abe will soon be obliged to press ahead with a second rise in the consumption tax, next October, from 8% to 10%. Mr Abe has to decide by the end of this year if he is not going to, in order to introduce legislation to stop the hike. After a dful second quarter, when GDP shrank by an annualised 7.1%, many of Mr Abes economic advisers are convinced that the initial rise was a mistake. A battle is on between the finance ministry, which is pushing for the increase to deal with Japans ballooning public debt, and the prime ministers office, which leans towards altering the timetable. Akira Amari, the key minister for economic reforms, seems to favour sticking to the timetable.不过日本央行的这次举措倒是让日本决策者们在另一件事上更加意见一致。这指的是安倍晋三在明年十一月将不得不推行的第二轮消费税上调,将从8%上涨到10%。安倍如果不想这么办,那就得在年底前作出决定,好通过立法程序来阻止消费税的上涨。第三季度可谓凄惨,年化GDP缩水7.1%,不少安倍的经济顾问都认为最初的消费税上涨就是个错误。日本财务省力推提高消费税以期解决日本不断膨胀的公共债务,而另一边的首相一方则倾向于修改消费税上涨的时间,这便是交战的双方。经济改革中的重要大臣甘利明似乎持保持目前的计划不变。In reality, argues Gerald Curtis of Columbia University, the radical action taken by Mr Kuroda, a staunch advocate of a hike in the consumption tax in order to maintain the countrys fiscal credibility, may have removed most of the prime ministers political leeway for postponing one. Mr Abe is likely to make his decision after final GDP figures for the third quarter are released in early December; a closely watched preliminary estimate comes out on November 17th.而哥伦比亚大学的Ferald Curtis表示,实际上作为坚持要提高消费税的黑田东彦,他这次的大动作可能以及让安倍晋三在推迟税改问题上没有太多的政治余地了。安倍很有可能在十二月初时候第三季度最终的GDP数据出来后作出决定;而备受瞩目的初期预估数据将在十一月十七日公布。The problem with an increase in the consumption tax is that it hits the very people who need to spend more. In similar fashion to America or Europe, quantitative easing has benefited big businesses and wealthy individuals owning shares or property in Tokyo and a few other big cities. But ordinary Japanese, notably in the regions that are emptying of people, feel left behind. Support for Abenomics is slipping as more people feel there is little in it for them. As well as the rise in the consumption tax, households have had to contend with higher prices from a weaker yen, notably higher energy and fuel costs. At least these have fallen in recent weeks as global demand for oil has weakened. It is one reason Mr Kuroda felt able to act by loosening policy further. The yen weakened immediately. The news that the government pension fund will double its holdings of equities, including foreign ones, has also helped drive down the yen even as it has boosted stockmarkets.消费税的提高打击的正是那些需要敞开腰包多多消费的人们,而这便是问题所在。和美国或者欧洲类似,量化宽松的受益者是大型企业以及坐拥东京地产或者其他不多的几个大城市地产的富人。但是日本的普通民众,尤其是那些患无人烟地区的人们,似乎感觉是被抛弃了。越来越多的人们感觉安倍经济并没有给他们带来什么好处,于是安倍经济的持也开始走下坡路。In all the excitement over monetary easing, the part of Mr Abes programme to do with structural reform has gone mostly unmentioned. The government has at times dangled the prospect of impressively bold reforms, such as allowing firms to fire permanent workers in return for severance pay while also making the employment of Japans millions of workers on non-permanent contracts more secure.在所有货币宽松所引起的骚动中,安倍晋三的结构性改革计划是最为不引人注目的。政府已经不止一次地拿大胆锐意改革的美好前景来吊人胃口了,例如,承诺公司可以通过付买断费来解雇长期工,以此来使日本数以千万计的非长期合同工得到更多的保障。In some areas, good progress on such reforms is being made, in particular over the participation of women at work. Some 820,000 women have joined the workforce since Mr Abe came to office in 2012. The government will oblige large companies to publish figures on the number of women on boards. Two-fifths of career civil servants hired this year were female, a sizeable jump. The hope is that the scandals around the resignations last month of two women cabinet ministers, following minor financial misdeeds, will not prove too severe a setback to the governments campaign to better the lot of working women.改革已经在一些领域取得成绩,尤其是在女性参与工作方面。自从安倍晋三2012年上台以来,约82万女性已经步入职场。政府要求大型公司必须公布董事会成员中的女性数量。今年所招录的公务员中有五分之二是女性,这可是一大进步。上个月两位女性内阁大臣因财务上的小过失而引咎辞职,人们希望此丑闻不会给政府为女性谋福利的努力带来太多负面影响。Elsewhere, in a series of special economic zones, experiments are taking place to free up strict regulations over farming and other sectors. Yet overall, says Heizo Takenaka, an adviser to Mr Abe, the governments attempts are falling short. Mr Takenaka was once enthusiastic about the prospects for stronger leadership.此外,诸多经济特区已经开始了改革试验,以放宽对农业以及其他部门的管束。但是,安倍的顾问Heizo Takenaka表示,政府的表现还不够好。Takenaka曾对这届更为强势的领导层充满信心和憧憬。As barons in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party last month sought the means to silence the opposition on the subject of political-funding scandals, speculation grew that Mr Abe might call a snap election by the end of this year, discomfiting an opposition in general disarray. Similar rumours swirled following the central banks action. Yet with a majority in both houses of the Diet guaranteed until 2016, Mr Abe aly has the muscle to make real reforms. He just needs to use it.上个月里执政党自民党中的大人物试图以防民之口的方式来应对人们对政府资金丑闻的非议,因此,越来越多的人们猜测安倍晋三可能在今年年末之前进行提前选举,以解决人们对这一混乱局面的反对情绪。而日本央行的此次举动也引起了类似的流言与猜测。而鉴于日本国会的参议院和众议院中大部分成员都会在2016年前保有议员身份,因此安倍晋三其实已经有了在改革上大展拳脚的资本。关键就看他是否要这样做了。译者 戴京涌 校对 胡靓译文属译生译世 /201411/343294。

Marriage结婚Wedding wows哇,婚礼!How the one-child policy changed Chinese nuptials独生子女政策如何改变了中式婚礼Falling in love陷入爱河OVERSIZE cupids in pink, furry outfits hand out heart-shaped balloons with “I Do” written on them (in English) at a wedding-themed trade fair in Beijing. Vendors offer romantic photo-shoots of couples under water or at a racetrack, personalised wedding cigarettes, and biscuits with names such as “Date amp; Fate”. An emphasis on love is a new addition to Chinese weddings—and shines a pink-filtered spotlight on social change.在北京的主题婚礼展上,粉色的超大丘比特身穿毛茸茸的衣,手持心形气球,气球上写着“I Do”(“我愿意”的英文)。婚礼代理商们向新人们提供浪漫的水下或赛道婚纱照拍摄,个性化的婚礼香烟,以及刻字饼干,如“Date amp; Fate(巧遇)”饼干。把重点放在爱情上是中式婚礼上的一个新现象,闪耀的粉红滤光灯下聚焦的是社会的变革。For centuries, marriage in China was about ensuring heirs for the grooms family. Ceremonies centred on the grooms kin: couples kowtowed to the mans parents but the womans relatives were absent. Unusually, both the grooms and the brides family exchanged money or goods. The more money changed hands, the more opulent the wedding.几个世纪以来,结婚在中国意味着确保传递新郎家的香火。结婚仪式的重点是新郎的亲属:夫妻向男方父母磕头,女方亲属却不与之同席。而与此不同,新郎和新娘的家人需彼此交换金钱或物品,转手的礼钱越多,婚礼越奢华。After it came to power in 1949, the Communist Party imposed frugality. Dowries consisted of necessities like bed linen or a bicycle; guests brought their own food coupons. But since the 1980s the extravagance of nuptials has matched the countrys rise. Celebrations moved out of homes into hotels. Brides swapped traditional red dresses for white, flouncy meringue-like ones (some now wear both, in sequence).中国共产党自1949年上台后厉行节约。嫁妆都是床单或自行车这类必需品,出席婚礼的宾客带去他们自己的粮券。但自20世纪80年代起,国家的崛起开始带来婚礼的铺张。婚礼仪式的举办地从家搬往酒店。新娘将传统的红色礼换为荷叶边蛋筒状的白色礼(现在也有些人依次换上两套礼)。A large industry has emerged to serve the 13m couples who marry each year. Wedding planners are increasingly common, particularly in cities. A decade ago Cosmo Bride, an American-owned lifestyle magazine, launched a Chinese-language edition in China. An average wedding cost ,000 in 2011 (the latest year for which such data exist)—the equivalent of more than two years income for the average urban household. An increase in the average marriage age by 2.5 years since 1990 has given parents (who still usually pay for weddings, despite the earning power of their children) more time to save up.为了务于每年1,300万的新婚夫妇,一个大型产业已然崛起。婚礼策划越来越普遍,尤其是在城市。十年前,美国婚尚生活杂志Cosmo Bride在中国推出其中文版《时尚新娘》。2011 年,平均婚礼花费达到12,000美元(最新年度数据)——相当于城镇居民家庭两年多的人均收入。1990年起,平均结婚年龄增加2.5年,这给父母留下了更多攒钱的时间(尽管他们的孩子也能挣钱,他们仍然会付婚礼花销)。The change in wedding frippery also reflects a fundamental shift in society. For the first time in the history of Chinese family life, the child—rather than ancestors or parents—is regarded as the centre of the family, says Yan Yunxiang of the University of California, Los Angeles. Most newly-weds now are single children, born since the one-child policy was introduced more than 30 years ago. Parents have more to spend if they only have to fork out for one wedding (they usually share costs with the spouse-to-bes family).婚礼变得华而不实也反映出社会的根本性转变。加州大学洛杉矶分校的阎云翔说,中国的家庭生活史上,这是第一次,孩子,而不是先辈或父母,被视为家庭的中心。由于30多年前推出的独生子女政策,目前大多数新婚夫妇都是独生子女。如果父母只需承担这一场婚礼的费用,他们会付出更多(他们通常与其亲家分摊此费用) 。William Jankowiak of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, who has documented relationships in China for 30 years, says love plays a larger part in young peoples lives—both in choice of partner and in their relationships with parents. Love is far more often spoken about. The result is evident in weddings, which now focus on the couple. Both sets of parents are represented, but their position is peripheral. Weddings often feature a day of wedding photos, shot before the event, with the couple in a range of outfits against romantic backgrounds, but with no family members.内华达大学的威廉·姜克维30年来记录了中国的各种关系,他说,在年轻人的生活中,无论是对伴侣的选择还是与父母的相处,爱都日渐重要。这一结果在婚礼上显而易见,因为现在的婚礼专注于夫妻二人,双方父母都出席,但他们只是陪衬。婚礼现场当天通常饰以在此前拍摄的婚纱照,在浪漫的背景下,夫妻穿上一系列装拍摄婚纱照,但没有家庭成员参与其中。译者:骆琪 校对:杨紫焰 译文属译生译世 /201503/364115。

Everybody,settle down.Its a talk show,ok.大伙们 你们够了 不就是个脱口秀吗Its like were here to see a cage match.Theyre going nuts.感觉好像我们是来看铁笼擂台赛的 他们好疯狂啊I think they are here to see a cage match.I could fight the guestes.我觉得他们真是来看铁笼擂台赛的 我可以跟嘉宾打架啊In the middle of the monologue,Ill hit but a folding chair.你独白说到一半 我会拿折叠椅打你Now we have a show worthy of that enthusiasm.Tonight will be fantastic and violent,so thank you.我们节目就值得大家如此热情 今晚会很精 很暴力 谢谢They really are an angry mob.a lot of them were eating chunks of meat in the audience.真是一群愤怒的暴民 好多人在观众席上大口啃肉呢Excellent show.Lots to get to tonight,lots to talk about.Yeah,thanks for agreeing.今晚节目很精 很多事要做 很多话题可聊 嗯 多谢同意There is talk of mitt Romney running for president again.Did you know that?That is a big news.有传闻称米特·罗姆尼将再次参选总统 你们知道吗 这是则大新闻Well,this will go well when he watches it.等他看这节目的时候一定很开心I think I watched Conan to see what people thought about me running again.Click.我要看看《柯南秀》 看看大家对我再次参选的反应 点击Thats not good.People saying hes going to run again,people referring to mitt Romneys possible presidential run as mitt3.0.不妙啊 有传闻称他将再次参选 大家把米特·罗姆尼的可能参选称为米特3.0Coincidentally mitt3.0 is also the name of Romneys third son.They are like yeah.巧的是 这也是罗姆第三个儿子的名字 大家都不置可否Hes a toaster oven with nice hair.mitt3.0.他就是个发型不错的烤炉 米特3号201609/466334。

Well, it now seems that the race for the Republican nomination, which once had more candidates than a baseball team, is down to three real contenders.The Democrats are down to two, and something suddenly occurred to me over the weekend. Im a baby boomer, born in the 1950s.That was a proud decade. Besides all the millions and millions of us, it gave America rock and roll, tail fins, and color TV. Growing up, we were going to change the world and make it a better place when one of us got to be president.Except now it seems that none of us may ever get the chance. It may well be that no child born in the 1950s will ever become president of the ed States. Consider this:The two remaining Democratic candidates, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, were born in the 1940s. So was Donald Trump. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, the only others with a realistic shot at the Republican nomination, were born in the 1970s, which still boggles my mind.It was bad enough that President Obama was born in 1961. Ohio Governor John Kasich was born in 1953, and he is still hanging in there. But he got a bare seven percent of the vote in South Carolina. Fewer votes, that is, than Jeb Bush, who then quit. At this point, vice-president seems a far more reasonable goal for Kasich. Ben Carson is no longer a real factor.So suppose one of the five front-runners does win. The last three presidents served their full two terms. Assuming the next one does too, the children of my decade will be somewhere between 66 and 75 when the next president leaves office.Theoretically one of us could still be elected in 2024. But thats not very likely; new stars keep emerging, and old ones get eclipsed. If that happens, the 1950s will join the 1930s as the only two decades since 1820 that never produced a president.I can understand why not the 30s: Fewer babies were born because of The Great Depression. And two 30s babies did become major party nominees, Mike Dukakis and John McCain, both of whom lost badly. The nearly 40 million of us born in the 1950s have yet to produce even one vice presidential nominee.Im not quite sure why.It could be that the slightly older boomers, like Clinton and Trump, got out there first and wont leave, which is what has been happening all across America.It could be because we were the most indulged generation in history, spoiled by parents trying to compensate for their own deprivations in the Great Depression and World War II.And frankly, I indeed cant recall any politicians my age who were as relentlessly driven, say, as are the Clintons. Our parents probably would have said our powers of concentration and drive were weakened by all that Beatles music. Or that we lost our faith in politics because of Watergate or Vietnam. There may something to all that.Except that when you consider what someone running for president has to go through, it might just be that a lot of us looked at it—and decided that we are just a little bit too sane.Jack Lessenberry is Michigan Radios political analyst. Views expressed in his essays are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Michigan Radio, its management or the station licensee, The University of Michigan.201602/427513。

Immigration移民What have the immigrants ever done for us?移民政策为我们做了些什么?Rather a lot, according to a new piece of research根据一项新的研究得出,移民政策做了挺多贡献的PESKY immigrants. They move to Britain, taking jobs, scrounging welfare benefits, straining health services, overrunning local schools and occupying state-subsidised housing. That, at least, is the story recounted by politicians from the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and, increasingly, by members of the Conservative Party. A new study by two economists tells a very different tale.讨厌的移民者们。他们搬到英国,获得工作,讨要福利,占用卫生务,挤爆当地学校并且占领保障性住房。至少这是英国独立党和越来越多的保守党成员所讲述的故事。然而两位经济学家的一项新研究却得出了一个完全不同的理论。Concern about the economic impact of immigration has centred on two areas: the effect foreigners have on native workerswages and employment; and the extent to which immigrants, in particular those from countries within the European Union who are free to move around at will, take from a system to which they have contributed little. Research by Christian Dustmann of University College London and Tommaso Frattini of the University of Milan focuses on the second.对移民带来的经济影响的关注主要集中在两个方面:一是外国人对当地工人工资和就业率的影响;二是移民们从这样的移民体制中所获益处,尤其是来自欧盟成员国的移民,因为他们可以随意活动,但对所在的移民体系贡献少之又少。由伦敦大学学院的克里斯蒂安·达斯特曼和米兰大学的托马索·弗拉提尼共同合作的调查研究主要就集中于第二点。By calculating European immigrantsshare of the cost of government spending and their contribution to government revenues, the scholars estimate that between 1995 and 2011 the migrants made a positive contribution of more than 4 billion to Britain, compared with an overall negative contribution of 591 billion for native Britons. Between 2001 and 2011, the net fiscal contribution of recent arrivals from the eastern European countries that have joined the EU since 2004 has amounted to almost 5 billion. Even during the worst years of the financial crisis, in 2007-11, they made a net contribution of almost 2 billion to British public finances. Migrants from other European countries chipped in 8.6 billion.通过计算欧洲移民在政府出所占份额和他们对政府收益所作的贡献,学者们估计在1995年和2011年间,相较于英国本国人所做的5910亿英镑的负面贡献,移民对英国做出了至少40亿英镑(约合64亿美元)的正面贡献。在2001至2011年间,从自2004年加入欧盟的东欧国家来的新移民所做的净财政贡献总计50亿英镑。即便是在金融危机最糟糕的2007至2011那几年,他们对英国公共财政的净财政贡献也有将近20亿英镑。从欧洲其它国家来的移民所作贡献零零散散也有86亿英镑。The authors point out that the cost of some government services—in particular “pure public goods” such as defence spending—remains the same no matter what the population, so the overall cost of providing them to immigrants is zero. Calculate the amount per person, and the price for Britons goes down as the number of immigrants rises, since the cost is shared between a larger number of individuals.两位作者指出一些政府务的出—尤其是例如国防出等“纯公共”项目—与务人数毫无关系,因此总体而言,政府在移民身上的此类开销为零。如果要计算英国人均公共务消费情况,因为移民的加入,这个数值应该还更低,因为分摊的人头数更大。Immigrantsoverall positive contribution is explained in part by the fact that they are less likely than natives to claim benefits or to live in social housing. Between 1998 and 2011 as many as 37% of natives were receiving some kind of state benefit or tax credit; European immigrants were nearly eight percentage points less likely to collect them. Those from Europe were also three percentage points less likely to live in social housing than Britons.总体来产生了积极的影响,有一部分原因是他们比起当地人,不太可能讨得福利或住到公益住房。1998至2011年间有高达37%的当地人得到了一些国家福利和税收抵免政策;欧洲移民得到的福利还不到当地人的8个百分点。这些移民所住的公益住房也不到英国人的3个百分点。Mr Dustmann and Mr Frattini acknowledge that the benefits of immigration may be related to the fact that migrants tend to be young. But, they point out, it is likely that many recent migrants will return home, to enjoy their less productive later years—when they may cost the state more in terms of health care, for instance. They also argue that the youth of many recent arrivals means that they are at the beginning of their careers—and may be underemployed because of a lack of language skills, for example—so have not yet reached their full economic potential. The contributions of those who stay in Britain may well increase. It is a new form of foreign direct investment.达斯特曼和法拉提尼承认移民的好处或许也与移民者趋于年轻化有关。但是,他们指出,似乎最近很多移民都将回到家乡,其中一个原因是他们年老时即使挣得少了,也可以获得更好的卫生保健福利保晚年幸福。这两位作者还提到新移民中年轻人的到来意味着他们的事业才刚刚开始—比如有的因为语言不通还没有就业—那么他们还没有到完全发挥他们经济潜力的时候。留在英国的移民所做的贡献可能会持续增加。这是一种新形式的外国直接投资。译者:邵夏沁 校对:胡雅琳 徐珍 译文属译生译世 /201411/342409。

By hanging onto the rope, my position is predictable, so the whale is quite unafraid.因为靠在绳子上,我的位置一目了然,所以鲸鱼一点也不畏惧。The michanical twang of their call is so powerul you feel it rather than hear it.鲸鱼歌声中机械似的鼻音非常强力,你用身体就能感受到。Being on nodding turms with a minke whales is a whole new experience.与小须鲸点头致意是一种崭新的体验。But to be here is not on ours, but on their terms is quite amazing to be in the audience of ultimate underwater ballet.在这里,不是用我们的方式,而是以它们的方式成为这场终极水下芭蕾的观众真是太神奇了。More musical sonds are annouced arival of even bigger whales,hunchbacks.越来越多的鲸鱼歌声说明有更大的鲸鱼来临。201510/403495。

she was celebrating herself,its very happy他在为自己庆祝呢 很快乐Im not gonna judge you all but my first guest might,I dont know我不会对你们的歌声指指点点 但是我的第一个嘉宾可能会 我不知道my co-worker for only two more days is here.Simon Cowell is here只与我共事两天多的同事开了 西蒙·考威来了this is his last interview before he leaves American Idol这是他离开美国偶像前的最后一次访谈了and I dont know who im gonna carpool with anymore,I dont know,also on the show ive wanted him here forever我也不知道接下来我又将与谁一起拼车了 我不知道 在我的节目上我永远欢迎他before i even had a show,I wanted hime to sing for me and hes here today在我有自己的秀之前 我想要他为我唱首歌 今天他终于来了finally,Jack Johnoson is here and theres this amazing place here in California that i heard about最后 杰克·约翰森也来了 我听说加利福利亚有一个很棒的地方and when i hear aobut things that this is so inspiring.they rescue abused farm animals我听说了一些事 是多么激动人心 在哪里在农场里遭受虐待的动物得到救助its called ;the Gentle Barn;,Ive been twitting about it它被称作是“温柔之乡” 我曾经推特介绍过它Portia had a chance to visit there and brought some cameras with her鲍西亚有机会去那里参观了一下 还带去了一些相机and im gonna show you what she saw in the few minutes but it really is a pretty speical place,I cant wait to show you this place我将用几分钟的时间为大家展示她的所见所闻 那真的是一个非常特别的地方 我等不及要跟你们展示这个地方anyway, if youve been watching the show,You know that Greyson Chance is an amazing,12 year old singer that we found on Youtube对了 如果你曾经看过我们的节目 你应该知道我们在Youtube上发现了 一个12岁的音乐奇才格雷森·切斯just 2 weeks ago and when we found hime,he had maybe a couple of thousand views on Youtube就在两周以前 当我们发现他时 他在youtube上拥有几千个观众since he was on the show,hes got over 30 million views.incredible在他参加完我们的节目后 他已经拥有了超过三千万的观众 难以置信 /201606/447721。