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You can#39;t all get maternity leave at the same time...你们不能同时休产假啊……Heavy negotiations on the farm农场上的艰难的谈判 /201703/494211泉州哪家人流做得好泉州哪家医院人流手术做得好These two photographs show the amazing transformation of a Miss Universe beauty queen.下面两张照片显示了一位环球冠军惊人的转变。But the most incredible part of Chalita Suansane#39;s rise to stardom is how quickly she went from geek chic to belle of the ball.不过,最令人难以置信的部分还是查理塔·苏安珊逆袭的过程,她以惊人的速度从一名不起眼的学生变成了女神。The 22-year-old#39;s beauty pageant career only kick-started last year — and she never harbored dreams of being a successful model.22岁的她去年才开始参加选美比赛--并且她从未梦想过自己会成为一名成功的模特。Taken as recently as a year ago, pictures of Chalita, who was studying microbiology at Mahasarakham University at the time, show how she barely resembles the person she is now.从一年前还在马哈沙拉堪大学学习微生物学的查理塔拍的照片上可以看出,那和如今的她可是一点也不像。Photos from a private album taken within the last year and obtained by MailOnline show she wore thick-rimmed glasses and had braces.根据她私人相册里去年拍的照片以及《每日邮报》获得的一些照片显示,她戴着厚厚的有框眼镜,穿着吊带。It was only in July last year that her sister applied for Miss Thailand on her behalf — and it everything changed. So what was the secret of her transformation?直到去年7月,她的为她递交了泰国比赛的报名表--然后一切都改变了。那么她成功转变的秘密是什么呢?Chalita said, ;I never thought I would ever be a model. My sister just joked that we should send in my resume for the Miss Thailand competition.;查理塔表示:“我从来没想过我会成为一名模特。我只是开玩笑说,我们应该交份简历参加泰国比赛。”;When I applied for Miss Thailand my face didn#39;t change at all. I just did a lot of exercise and lost some weight. The rest was down to make-up, healthy eating and sunbathing. And a few new dresses.;“那个时候我的长相一点也没变。我只是做了一些锻炼减肥。剩下的就是化妆品、健康饮食和日光浴的功劳了。对了,还添置了几件新衣。” /201703/4964381. ;Did you eat? Are you hungry?Did you want two bagels stacked with sps on sps on sps,; my mom will ask you when you visit. And twenty minutes after you#39;ve walked in. And again an hour later. The correct answer is always ;yes; and the correct follow-up question is ;This must be your mother#39;s recipe, right?;1. “你吃了吗?你饿吗?你想要吃堆在一起的百吉饼吗,”我妈会在你来我家的时候这样问你。来我家20分钟后我妈还会问一遍。再一小时后也会如此。正确的总是“我饿了”,随后应该问的问题就是“这一定是阿姨的独家秘方吧?”2. You call that thing from the supermarket a bagel? More like a nay-gel. A bagel is an experience. A privilege. Your scooped-out b ball with low-fat cream cheese is offensive to me. Please know I#39;m going to bitch my way through anything that#39;s not large and smelly in the best way possible.2. 你把超市里的那个东西称作百吉饼?更像是个不吉饼吧。一个百吉饼就是一种体验。一种荣幸。你所说的是低脂奶酪面包球,我觉得我受到了冒犯。请先了解:我一定会一路上都对不大又难闻的任何东西叨叨不休的。3. There#39;s a big difference between cheap and frugal, bro. And if you want to make jokes about how Jews are cheap, (1) I#39;m going to assume you#39;re kind of an asshat who laughs at all kinds of rude things and (2) you#39;re not the kind of person I want to date anyway.3. 兄弟,便宜和节俭是有很大区别的好嘛!如果你打算对犹太人如何购买便宜的东西做文章讲笑话,那我猜你要么就是那种笑话所有粗鲁无礼之事的人,要么就是那种我不愿意与之约会的对象。4. She wants to talk to her mom that much. You might not want to talk to my mom that much, but if you want to ride with me, you#39;re going to have to. Jewish girls love their mothers. Mothers are their families. Families are really important to Jewish people, they just are.4. 她就是喜欢和她妈妈说那么多话。也许你不想和我妈说那么多话,但如果你想和我在一起,那么你就必须要忍受我这一点。犹太女孩儿很爱自己的母亲。母亲是她们的家人啊!而家人对犹太人是非常重要的,没有理由,就是很重要。5. Even if you never met before you started dating, she probably knows at least two people in your life. It#39;s called Jewish geography and it#39;s the world#39;s greatest ice breaker. It#39;s a result of years of killing it on the bar mitzvah, camp, and college. You wanna party but won#39;t know anyone there? Worried about your potentially awkward upcoming work dinner? Bring me along. I gotchu.5. 即使约会前你们从没见过,但她可能已至少了解与你相关的两个人了。这就叫做犹太地理,这也是世界上最棒的破冰者。这是因为多年来实行的犹太成年礼、训练营和大学的缘故。你想参加派对,却不认识参加派对的人?为下班后可能尴尬的晚餐而担忧?带上我吧,我罩着你。6. Your camp was probably great and all but it wasn#39;t nearly as great as her camp. Seriously, there was never a better summer on the planet than Lake Year #39;07 with my 36 best friends. Though you may be astounded by how many ways things that happened this year can be related back to the summer of 2007, remember my fondness for camp is rooted in my unbreakable fondness for tradition and my love of all things family.6. 你的露营之旅很棒,但却不如她的。说真的,没有什么夏令营能好过我与36个闺蜜在07年参加的湖边夏令营了。也许你会感到很惊讶:今年发生的这些事情怎么能让她联想到07年发生的事情呢?切记:我对夏令营的喜爱根植于我对传统牢不可破的喜爱,也根植于我对家庭的喜爱。译文属 /201609/467579泉州一院B超

泉州市中医外科医院如何挂号泉州南安市第二医院不孕不育科So kids, what do you think of the view?孩子们啊,这风景咋样啊?It#39;s your future!你们的未来就是这个样的哟! /201705/507264Curious about what astronauts eat in space? We have the !对宇航员在太空中吃什么很好奇?我们有食谱!Chinese astronaut Jing Haipeng, a member of the Shenzhou-11 crew, introduced their daily space food, which has amazed the online community with its variety and richness.神舟十一号飞行乘组成员、中国航天员景海鹏日前介绍了飞行乘组日常的太空伙食,丰富多样的太空伙食令网友惊叹。For breakfast, the astronauts enjoyed a choice of seven types of food, including porridge, coconut b, quail eggs and pickles, Jing said.据景海鹏介绍,航天员可选择的早餐食品有7种,包括粥、椰蓉面包、鹌鹑蛋、咸菜等。For lunch, they had eight choices, such as mixed fried rice, fried noodles with meat, stewed beef with potato and nori and egg soup.至于午餐,他们有8种选择,如什锦炒饭、肉丝炒面、土豆牛肉、紫菜蛋花汤。There were eight dishes at dinner, including fried noodles with mung beans, rice noodles with beef, fried shrimp with egg as well as canned fruit.晚餐有8种,包括绿豆炒面、牛肉米粉、虾仁鸡蛋以及水果罐头等。另有5种加餐,如麻辣猪肉、蚕豆、豆干。Also, there were five kinds of snacks, such as spicy pork, broad beans and dried bean curd. Jing indicated that their daily diet will change with the different stages of flight. In first couple of days after orbiting, they preferred to eat light food for easier digestion.景海鹏表示,他们的日常伙食会随着飞行阶段的不同而改变。入轨后前几天,他们倾向于吃得清淡些,这样更容易消化。Now their repeats every five days and covers six classes of food, such as staple food, side dishes and beverages, with almost 100 kinds of dishes.目前他们的食谱5天一循环,包括主食、副食、饮品、功能食品等6大类近百种食品。They are even allowed to be ;picky; about what to eat. Within a cycle of five days, they can change the order of dishes in the same class.他们甚至可以;挑挑食;,在5天的循环周期内,他们可以变换同类食品的顺序。 /201611/478555泉州市人流那里便宜When Beijing’s first McDonald’s outlet opened near Tiananmen Square in 1993, about 40,000 people queued round the block to place an order, a sign of the country’s voracious appetite for fast food that would propel China to become the company’s third-biggest market by number of outlets, trailing only the US and Japan.当北京第一家麦当劳(McDonald’s)餐厅于1993年在天安门广场附近开业时,约有4万人排队等候下订单,这反映了中国对快餐的巨大需求。按餐厅数量计算,这种需求后来推动中国成为该公司第三大市场,仅位列美国和日本之后。But a quarter of a century later the Golden Arches have lost some of their lustre for Chinese consumers, and amid falling sales McDonald’s on Monday sold control of 2,700 China restaurants to a consortium led by a state-run investor Citic. The .1bn deal follows KFC owner Yum Brands’ spin-off of its much larger China operations in October.但四分之一世纪之后,金色拱门(Golden Arches)失去了对中国消费者的部分吸引力。销售下降之际,麦当劳周一把其对2700家中国餐厅的控制权出售给了一个由国有投资机构中信(Citic)领衔的财团。在这笔21亿美元的交易发生之前,肯德基(KFC)所有者百胜餐饮集团(Yum Brands)于去年10月份拆分了其规模更大的中国业务。While both groups will continue to receive royalties from Chinese sales, analysts say ceding control of assets and handing decisions to local management will allow the brands to expand more rapidly and localise more nimbly in a crucial market.虽然这两个集团将继续从中国市场销售收入中收取特许权使用费,但分析师表示,放弃对资产的控制并把决策权交给本地管理层,将使品牌得到更快的扩张,并在关键市场更灵活地实现本地化。But both new units will struggle to improve the image of US chains. Where once they were perceived as an exotic, upscale choice for dates, business meetings and even weddings, they are now increasingly viewed as mundane. Sales at both groups were also hit after scandals over expired meat in 2014, while ordering apps have spurred increased competition for deliveries.但两家新实体都将很难改善美国快餐连锁店的形象。它们曾经被认为是适合约会、商务会谈、甚至举行婚礼的一个具有异国情调的高端选择,现在则越来越被视为平凡之所。在2014年的过期肉制品丑闻之后,这两家集团的销售额都受到了冲击,而订餐应用加剧了送餐方面的竞争。“China has grown out of the American fast food craze,” says Junheng Li, founder and president of New York-based equity research group JL Warren Capital.“中国已经不再对美国快餐那么着迷,”纽约股票研究集团沃伦资本(JL Warren Capital)的创始人兼总裁李君蘅表示。KFC’s market share fell to 3.6 per cent in 2015 from 6.4 per cent in 2012, according to Euromonitor, with same-store sales declining in absolute terms. McDonald’s does not separate out its China revenues but said like-for-like sales in the country had fallen almost 2 per cent in the third quarter.根据欧睿(Euromonitor)的数据,肯德基在中国的市场份额从2012年的6.4%降至2015年的3.6%,同店销售额绝对值有所下降。麦当劳没有把在中国的收入单独列出,但表示中国的同比销售额在第三季度下降了近2%。China became crucial to both brands, especially for Yum, whose 7,200 KFC and Pizza Hut branches there generated .9bn in 2015 — the highest of any region. KFC was seen as a model of overseas management, adapting to local tastes by adding porridge and rice to its .中国对这两个品牌都变得至关重要,尤其是对百胜而言。2015年,百胜旗下7200家肯德基和必胜客(Pizza Hut)餐厅在中国的收入达到69亿美元,是全球所有地区中最高的。肯德基为适应中国当地口味,在在菜单中加入了粥和米饭,被视为海外管理的典范。McDonald’s China, in which two Citic affiliates will have a 52 per cent stake, with the US private equity firm Carlyle Group taking 28 per cent, is expected to back plans to open 1,500 McDonald#39;s outlets over the next five years, mostly in smaller cities.麦当劳中国预计将持未来五年在中国(主要是中小城市)开设1500家餐厅的计划。中信旗下的两家公司将拥有麦当劳中国52%的股权,美国私人股本公司凯雷集团(Carlyle Group)将持股28%。In such locations “the market is still expanding at a fast rate and western outlets are still highly regarded”, says Kamel Mellahi of Warwick Business School, adding “the franchise model will enable McDonald’s to localise its offerings in China”.在中小城市,“市场仍在快速扩张并且西方快餐连锁店仍受青睐”,华威商学院(Warwick Business School)的卡梅尔?梅拉伊(Kamel Mellahi)说,“特许经营模式将使麦当劳在中国实现本地化。”But, says Mr Mellahi, “the franchise brings its own challenges, not least?.?.?.?lack of talent and managerial skills in third and fourth cities and, most of all, loss of control”.但梅拉伊说,“特许经营也有自己的挑战,特别是……在三四线城市缺乏人才和管理技能,最重要的是失去了控制权”。Founded in 1979 and best known for investments in property and natural resources, Citic has deep pockets and impeccable political connections but no experience running restaurants. It was attracted to McDonald’s by the opportunity to gain a foothold in one of corporate US’s most iconic brands, according to people close to the deal.中信集团成立于1979年,以投资房地产和自然资源而闻名,拥有雄厚的财力和无可挑剔的政治关系,但唯独没有经营餐厅的经验。知情人士表示,吸引中信与麦当劳达成交易的,是赢得在美国最具代表性的品牌之一获得立足点的机会。Under the terms of the 20-year McDonald’s franchise agreement, the new owners are barred from altering management or suppliers for two years, or exiting through a public offering. The FT reported last month that potential buyers including Bain Capital and its Chinese partner had dropped out of the auction over the terms.根据麦当劳的20年特许经营协议的条款,新所有者在两年内不得更换管理层或供应商,也不得通过上市退出。英国《金融时报》上月曾报道,包括贝恩资本(Bain Capital)及其中国合作伙伴在内的潜在买家,已因为这些条款而退出了竞购。McDonald’s will receive higher royalty fees from future China operations than the 3 per cent of sales that Yum gains from its spun-off China unit, which listed on the New York Stock Exchange in October, people close to the deal say.知情人士表示,麦当劳从未来中国业务获得的特许权使用费,将高于百胜集团从其拆分出去的百胜中国获得的净销售额3%的费用。百胜中国于去年11月在纽交所(NYSE)上市。Yum sold a 0m stake in the China unit to Primavera, a China-focused private equity firm founded by an ex-Goldman Sachs banker, and the finance arm of Chinese internet behemoth Alibaba before the listing. The company said at the time that the proceeds could fund a plan to nearly triple its restaurants in China to 20,000.百胜中国上市之前,百胜集团向前高盛(Goldman Sachs)家创立的、专注于中国市场的私人股本公司春华资本(Primavera Capital)和中国互联网巨头阿里巴巴(Alibaba)旗下的金融子公司出售了百胜中国业务4.6亿美元的股份。该公司当时表示,这笔收入可以用来实行一项把中国餐厅增加近两倍至2万家的计划。“They are both focusing on franchising which is a more profitable model,” says Jeffrey Towson, a business professor at Peking University. But he likens McDonald’s private equity-style model, which allows for debt-funded expansion, to “Yum China driving a sedan [while] McDonald’s has just upgraded to a Ferrari”.“他们都专注于特许经营,这是一个更有利可图的模式,”北京大学商学教授杰弗里?陶森(Jeffrey Towson)说。但他这样比喻麦当劳的私人股权模式(允许利用债务融资扩张):“百胜中国驾驶着一辆轿车(而)麦当劳刚刚升级为法拉利(Ferrari)”。One challenge both brands face is the rise of mobile apps through which consumers can order food delivery from a range of restaurants. Groups such as Ele.ma and Meituan “are doing to the food sector what [online retailers] Alibaba and JD have done to bricks-and-mortar retail”, says Shaun Rein, managing director of Shanghai-based China Market Research Group.这两个品牌都面临的一个挑战是移动应用的兴起,消费者可以通过这些应用从一系列餐馆订餐。饿了么(Ele.me)和美团(Meituan)等公司“对餐饮行业的影响,就如同(在线零售商)阿里巴巴和京东(JD)对实体零售业的影响”,上海中国市场研究集团(China Market Research Group)董事总经理雷小山(Shaun Rein)说。Additional reporting by Don Weinland in Hong Kong唐?温兰(Don Weinland)香港补充报道 /201701/488237福建附属第二医院图片

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