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洛江区剖腹产多少钱福建泉州市妇保医院电子病历Symphony, the messaging tool backed by some of Wall Street’s biggest banks, has struck a deal with Dow Jones to offer news content in its service, a move that raises the stakes in its battle with Bloomberg, the market leader.多家华尔街大出资建立的通信工具Symphony与道琼斯公司(Dow Jones)达成一项交易,后者将向前者的务提供新闻内容。凭借此举,Symphony提高了与市场领跑者彭(Bloomberg)对局的赌注。The content deal — likely to be unveiled this week — pits Dow Jones, part of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, against Michael Bloomberg’s eponymous company, the world’s largest financial information group.这笔很可能将于本周公布的内容交易,让鲁珀特默多克(Rupert Murdoch)的新闻集团(News Corp)旗下的道琼斯,与迈克尔布隆伯格(Michael Bloomberg)旗下的彭站到了对立面。彭是世界最大的金融资讯集团,以布隆伯格本人的名字命名。All of Dow Jones’s newswire articles — including journalism produced by the Wall Street Journal newspaper — will be available on Symphony’s nascent service, according to people familiar with the situation. Dow Jones and Symphony declined to comment.知情人士表示,道琼斯通讯社(Dow Jones Newswires)的全部文章——包括《华尔街日报》(WSJ)的新闻报道——都将出现在Symphony问世不久的务中。道琼斯和Symphony均拒绝置评。Symphony has support from Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley and other Wall Street banks. It was born out of the 2013 snooping scandal, when it emerged that Bloomberg News reporters had used the company’s eponymous terminals to spy on bankers, monitoring when they had last logged on to the service. Bloomberg apologised and reviewed its practices.Symphony得到了高盛(Goldman Sachs)、根大通(JPMorgan)和根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)等华尔街的持。该公司的诞生源于2013年的一场监听丑闻。当年有报道称,彭新闻社(Bloomberg News)的记者使用彭终端暗中监视家,监控他们最后一次登录该终端的时间。彭后来表示了道歉并检讨了自己的做法。Bloomberg’s terminals, which offer a mix of market data, news and messaging capability have made the business a global force in financial information. The company has an estimated 325,000 terminal subscribers who each pay ,000 a year.彭终端提供市场数据、新闻和通信功能等一整套产品,这项业务现已成长为金融资讯领域的一全球性力量。彭终端大约有32.5万名订户,每名订户付的年费为2.1万美元。But it is facing challenges on several fronts. Money.Net, a start-up created by a former Bloomberg executive, offers a browser-based financial information service for a significantly cheaper price, while Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg’s biggest rival, appears to have turned a corner after a difficult few years.但是,彭现在在多个领域面临挑战。一名前彭高管建立的创业型企业Money.Net,以低得多的价格提供基于浏览器的金融资讯,而彭的最大竞争对手汤森路透(Thomson Reuters)在经历数年的困境后,似乎已经走出了谷底。Symphony hopes to compete with Bloomberg in communications. It is offering a secure chat facility, one of the Bloomberg service’s most prized — and used — features.Symphony希望在通信方面与彭角逐。该公司提供一种安全聊天功能,而聊天功能正是彭务中最受称赞、使用者最多的功能之一。The Symphony deal gives News Corp a new revenue stream for Dow Jones, which was the default newswire on Thomson Financial’s data terminals before the latter’s 2007 merger with Reuters. Dow Jones was acquired by Mr Murdoch for .7bn the same year, although the deal was later followed by a .8bn write-off.与Symphony达成的这项协议使得新闻集团为道琼斯开辟了一项新的收入来源。在2007年汤姆森金融(Thomson Financial)与路透(Reuters)合并之前,道琼斯曾是汤姆森金融数据终端的默认新闻资讯提供商。同样是在2007年,默多克斥资57亿美元收购了道琼斯,但该交易后来导致28亿美元资产被减记。About 80 per cent of Bloomberg’s revenue comes from its subscribers. Its news operation, which contributes a small percentage of company revenues, is in a period of transition following the return of Mr Bloomberg as chief executive and the recent appointment of John Micklethwait as editor in chief.彭大约80%的营收来自于其终端订户。彭新闻业务在公司总营收中占比很低。在布隆伯格重新出任首席执行官和不久前任命约翰猠克尔思韦特(John Micklethwait)为总编辑后,彭新闻业务目前正处在转型期。The company is rethinking its news operation following several splashy hires and the creation of Bloomberg Media, which encompasses magazines, television and a free digital operation.在进行了几次令人瞩目的招聘和创建涵盖杂志、电视及一项免费数字业务的彭媒体(Bloomberg Media)后,彭正开始反思其新闻业务。Mr Micklethwait recently told Bloomberg employees in an internal memo that the company’s purpose was “to be the definitive ‘chronicle of capitalism’ — to capture everything that mattered in global business and finance”.米克尔思韦特近来在一份内部备忘录中告诉彭员工,该公司的目标是“成为权威的‘资本主义编年史’,捕捉全球商业和金融领域的一切大事”。 /201509/398791泉州市妇儿医院无痛人流要多少钱 The Indonesian government has demanded all instant messaging apps to remove same-sex emoticons or face a ban in the country.近日,印度尼西亚政府要求所有即时通讯应用移除同性恋相关的表情符号,否则将被禁用。The emojis — which are available on the popular apps LINE and Whatsapp as well as Facebook and Twitter — depict same-sex couples holding hands and the rainbow flag, commonly used to symbolise the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.在Line、WhatsApp、Facebook、Twitter等深受欢迎的应用程序中,用户都可以使用那些描述同性夫妇手牵着手、虹旗、通常用来表示女同性恋,男同性恋,双性恋和变性者(LGBT)社区的emoji表情。;Such contents are not allowed in Indonesia based on our cultural law and the religious norms and the operators must respect that,; Ismail Cawidu, spokesman for the communication and information ministry, said Friday.周五,该国信息通讯部发言人伊斯梅尔·卡维杜表示,该国禁用同性恋表情符号是基于其文化法律和宗教规范,经营者必须尊重这些。He said of particular concern was that the colourful emojis and stickers could appeal to children. ;Those things might be considered normal in some Western countries, while in Indonesia it#39;s practically impossible,; he said.他表示:“尤其需要注意的是,色丰富的emojis很容易吸引孩子。一些西方国家或许认为这些东西很正常,但在印尼几乎是不可能的。”Mr Cawidu said the ministry had contacted all companies that used such content, including Twitter and Facebook, and failure to comply with the request to remove the emojis could lead to the apps being banned in Indonesia.卡维杜说,通讯和信息部已经联络Twitter、Facebook和其他可以在应用中使用这些emojis的公司,如果他们不按要求移除此类内容,很可能被印尼禁用。LINE Indonesia has aly removed its gay emojis from online stores and issued an apology.目前印尼版Line已经从在线商店里删除了同性恋emojis,甚至还发布了道歉声明。While homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia, the topic remains a controversial subject.虽然同性恋在这个以穆斯林为主的国家不是非法,但仍颇具争议。 /201602/426194Internet search is a lucrative business — just ask Google. The company accounts for two-thirds of desktop searches in the US. But change is afoot this year. Microsoft and Yahoo, numbers two and three in US search, could revisit their search agreement with each other. Yahoo’s market share in this field has risen (now 13 per cent, ComScore says) after it became the default for Mozilla Firefox. Meanwhile Google’s exclusive search deal with Apple’s Safari browser is up for grabs; UBS estimates that the Safari deal could drive nearly bn in sales for Google this year. So 2015 could become the year of the search wars.互联网搜索是一项有利可图的业务——只需问问谷歌(Google)就知道了。该公司占美国台式电脑搜索的三分之二。但今年,这样领域正在酝酿一场变革。在美国搜索领域排名第二的微软(Microsoft)和排名第三的雅虎(Yahoo),可能会重新修订互相之间的搜索协议。在成为Mozilla火狐(Firefox)浏览器的默认搜索引擎后,雅虎在互联网搜索领域的市场份额已上升(ComScore称,如今其份额为13%)。与此同时,谷歌与苹果(Apple)浏览器Safari的独家搜索协议仍悬而未决;瑞银(UBS)估计,与Safari的协议今年可能会为谷歌带来近80亿美元的销售额。因此,2015年可能会成为搜索大战之年。This all matters more for Yahoo than for most of its rivals. Search will be a crucial part of the company after its stake in Alibaba is spun out. Its search agreement with Microsoft accounted for 35 per cent of revenues last year.这一切对于雅虎,比对于它的大多数竞争对手更为重要。在雅虎剥离了其在阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的股权后,搜索将成为雅虎的一项关键业务。雅虎与微软的搜索协议占到雅虎去年收入的35%。But that agreement with Microsoft has had its drawbacks. Under the 2009 deal, which covers desktop usage, Yahoo-branded searches essentially distribute Bing results. Microsoft controls the search algorithm and handles ad sales, taking a 12 per cent fee. Disappointing sales have led Yahoo to consider ending the deal. Chief executive Marissa Mayer said in the January earnings call that discussions were under way. The agreement allows Yahoo to wriggle out after five years if certain targets are not met. The window for renegotiation expires this week. Otherwise the agreement will stay in force for another five years.但与微软的那份协议也存在一些不利之处。根据2009年的这份协议,雅虎品牌的搜索列出的主要是必应(Bing)的搜索结果。该协议涵盖了在台式机上的使用。微软控制搜索算法并管理广告销售额,从中抽取12%的分成。令人失望的销售额导致雅虎考虑终止该协议。在今年1月的盈利电话会议上,雅虎首席执行官玛丽萨#8226;迈耶(Marissa Mayer)表示,谈判正在进行之中。该协议规定,假如5年后某些目标没有达到,雅虎可以退出。重新谈判的机会在本周到期。否则,该协议将再续5年。But the bigger battle may be over mobile search. This has posed a challenge for search operators. Users do not engage with mobile search as deeply as with desktop, so advertisers are unwilling to pay as much for ads. Google has tried to address this with its Android operating system. Yahoo has built mobile search through acquisitions such as Aviate, an app with Yahoo search. But without full control over its search offerings and ad sales — across all formats — success in search could be an uphill battle for Yahoo.但更重要的战役可能在移动搜索领域。这对搜索运营商构成了挑战。在移动端,用户对搜索的依赖并不像在台式机上那么高,因此广告商不愿付那么多的广告费。谷歌一直试图利用其安卓(Android)操作系统来解决这个问题。雅虎则一直通过并购Aviate等应用扩大移动搜索业务,Aviate现已内置雅虎搜索。但对于雅虎而言,在没有完全控制搜索结果和广告销售(所有平台)的情况下,要想在搜索领域取得成功可能需要一场攻坚战。 /201503/366472福建泉州妇女儿童医院门诊方便

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泉州市新阳光女子专家咨询SYDNEY, Australia — The Australian authorities on Wednesday raided the home of a computer expert and entrepreneur in suburban Sydney, just hours after two news outlets identified the man as a likely creator of the digital currency Bitcoin.澳大利亚悉尼——本周三,澳大利亚当局在悉尼郊区搜查了一名电脑专家和创业者的住所,在那之前的几个小时,有两家新闻媒体称这名男子可能是数字货币“比特币”(Bitcoin)的发明者。The Australian Federal Police said the raid on the residence of the man, Craig Steven Wright, was for a tax investigation, and a spokesman said it had no connection to the Bitcoin reports. The Australian Taxation Office, which asked the police to carry out the raid, declined to comment on “any individual’s or entity’s tax affairs.”澳大利亚联邦警察表示,该男子名为克雷格·斯蒂文·莱特(Craig Steven Wright),搜查其住所是为了进行税务调查,警方发言人表示此次行动和比特币的新闻无关。而要求警方开展突袭行动的澳大利亚税务局(Australian Taxation Office)拒绝对“任何个人或实体的税务问题”置评。The raid, in the leafy suburb of Gordon on Sydney’s upper north shore, came hours after reports in Wired magazine and Gizmodo drew strong links between Mr. Wright and Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of the virtual currency that has grown to billions of dollars in total value.这次突袭发生在悉尼上北海岸草木繁茂的郊区戈登(Gordon),就在《连线》(Wired)杂志和Gizmodo报道称莱特和中本聪(Satoshi Nakamoto)之间有紧密联系的几个小时之后。中本聪是比特币发明者的假名,这种虚拟货币的总价值已增长到了数十亿美元。The identity of Mr. Nakamoto has been a mystery since the currency’s computer code was released in 2009, with several false leads having been aired and debunked. The growing value of Bitcoin, which is managed by computers that run its peer-to-peer software, has driven the search for its elusive creator or creators.自2009年比特币的计算机代码发布以来,中本聪的身份一直是个谜,先后传出的几条假线索也都被揭穿。比特币是通过运行其点对点软件的计算机来管理的,随着它的价值日益增长,人们也一直在寻找它的的发明者。Wired, which was first to identify Mr. Wright as a possible inventor of the currency, cited old blog posts as well as leaked documents and emails. The magazine acknowledged that the trail of clues could be a hoax, but it added: “If Wright is seeking to fake his Nakamoto connection, his hoax would be practically as ambitious as Bitcoin itself.”《连线》率先指出莱特可能是比特币的发明者之一,它引用了一些早前的客文章以及泄露的文件和电邮作为据。该杂志承认,这些线索可能是一个骗局,但它表示:“如果莱特试图伪造出他和中本聪之间的联系,那么这个骗局的高明程度不亚于比特币本身。”The Gizmodo report said that Mr. Wright and Dave Kleiman, an American who died in 2013, “were involved in the development of the digital currency.”Gizmodo报道说,莱特和2013年去世的美国人戴夫·克莱曼(Dave Kleiman)“参与了这种电子货币的开发”。Both outlets cited what was described as a transcript of a 2014 meeting among Mr. Wright, lawyers and tax officials, in which he is ed as saying, “I did my best to try and hide the fact that I’ve been running Bitcoin since 2009.”这两家媒体都援引了一份记录,据称是2014年莱特与律师和税务官员之间的会议记录,其中莱特说,“我从2009年开始,一直在管理比特币,我尽了最大努力来隐瞒这个事实。”“By the end of this, I think half the world is going to bloody know,” he added, according to the transcript.记录显示,他说:“经过这件事之后,我觉得全世界有一半的人都会知道了。”Efforts to reach Mr. Wright on Wednesday were unsuccessful.本周三我们多番试图联系莱特,但均未成功。A Newsweek investigation in 2014 incorrectly identified the Bitcoin creator as Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, a physicist living with his mother in Southern California. He denied the report, saying he had only learned of Bitcoin weeks earlier after a reporter contacted his son.《新闻周刊》(Newsweek)在2014年刊发的一篇调查文章误认为多利安·中本聪(Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto)是比特币的创造者。此人是一名物理学家,与母亲住在南加州,他否认了那篇报道的说法,称几周之前一名记者联系他儿子时,他才听说比特币这种东西。 /201512/415517 泉州好的打胎医院泉州新阳光医生怎么样

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