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我的家庭成员(My family member) -- :59:59 来源: 我的家庭成员(My family member)my house contain four people, having me the daddy respectively, my mama, my grandmother, also have me!we live together very happy!but our occupations are all different.my father does department of financial analysis to do a finance work, my mother also does a finance work in the department of financial analysis, so my house has to compute a good person to hold!my daddy is a work in samely the hospital with my mama!still had me the grandmother to also work at the hospital bee of, she is to be a nurse, however retired now!although my grandmother at ordinary times very overelaborate , very big doctor!but she also writes to think our healthy bodies very much!but i be just an inside learn of student!my house is a happy family!我的梦想 --19 :: 来源: 我的梦想  我是一个帅男孩,我的名字叫威廉  我喜欢画画,我的梦想是拥有一幢白房子,房子里有白色的墙、白色的屋顶和白色的地板  我可以在墙上画一辆红色的小汽车,带我周游世界我可以在屋顶画一架飞机,带我飞上太空我可以在地板上画一艘帆船,带我横渡大海  江苏省苏州市沧浪区实验小学张灿  指导教师金瑛钢笔书法张霞  Miss Wang点评台:张灿小朋友的这篇作文"My Dream",形式新颖,风格独特,用词得当,语句通顺此文章充分地体现了小作者丰富的想象力和较强的写作能力,是一篇成功的文章同时,希望张灿小朋友能坚持练习英文写作,相信你一定会写出更好的英语作文Miss Wang送给张灿小朋友一个"Very good!"Get Rid of Bad Habits 改掉坏习惯 -- :8:9 来源: Get Rid of Bad Habits 改掉坏习惯  We all have certain kinds of bad habits. teenagers, it is very important to get rid of bad habits.  Let's take the habits of talking in class as an example. If we talk in class, we can't listen to the teachers carefully. Of course we can't understand the teachers, and can't finish our homework easily after class. Some students have to copy others' homework when the teachers ask us to hand it in. Then we will get weak in our school lessons and we will become a bad student in the teachers' eyes. Besides, talking in class maybe influences some other students.  So, we must get rid of bad habits at once.    我们都有各种各样的坏习惯对于青少年来说,改掉这些坏习惯是非常重要的  让我们以上课说话为例如果我们上课说话,我们就不能注意听讲,当然不能很好的理解老师所讲的内容,课后就不能轻易完成老师的作业当老师要求我们交作业时,一些同学不得不去抄袭其他同学的作业然后我们的功课会变得很差,我们将会变成一个老师眼中的坏学生不仅如此,在上课说话还会影响其他的学生  ,我们必须立刻改掉坏习惯

很糟糕-- :5:   最近,洋话连篇高级口语班上,来了一位新学员,个子虽然"短小精悍"名字却叫"潘高峰"高峰属于性格活泼之人,最喜欢体育运动这不,昨天与朋友们打蓝球时不小心摔了一跤,今天脸上贴着创可贴就来课堂了还没到上课时间,授课的陆老师就早早地来到教室了,一看到高峰的样子,陆老师笑着随口说道:You are so terrible, You are so horrible谁知高峰听了连连摆手:不可怕,不可怕,死不了!同学们被高峰的那个样子逗得哈哈大笑陆老师也笑得前俯后仰:No,No,你理解错了高峰不解:"terrible与horrible"不就是"恐怖的、可怕的"意思吗?  陆老师解释道:"You are so terrible"可不是"你是如此可怕"的意思,"terrible"在这里是"糟糕"的意思一般来说,如果老美说自已"feel terrible",那他是说自已"感觉很糟糕",是指身体上感觉很不舒  陆老师接着说:我们既可以用"terrible"来形容人,也可以用它来形容物比如,同学们可以用"terrible"来形容一个教授,"He is so terrible",就是说这个教授课教得很烂再比如用"terrible"来形容物,"The food is terrible",意思当然就是"这个东西很难吃了"当然,"terrible"跟"horrible"的意思可以说是一模一样的,两者可以互换使用  陆老师解释完后,又笑着问高峰感觉如何,高峰活学活用:I feel terrible(我感到很糟糕)!

我爱英语 I Like English -- ::53 来源: I love English,because it sounds beautiful. I think the English speakers are very cool. I likelistening to the native speakers speak English. And I hope one day I can speaklike them. Theree, the English class is my favorite. In the class, I listencarefully to my teacher, and I often ask and answer questions. I think it’s agood opporty to practice. After class, I often the English magazinesand watch English TV programs. I hope I can make progress after class. Englishlearning is a long journey, but I make up my mind to word hard.我喜欢英语因为它听上去很优美我认为说英语的人很酷,我喜欢听本土人说英语我希望有一天我也能说得像他们一样好,英语课是我最喜欢的课程上课的时候,我认真听老师讲课,积极提问和回答问题我觉得这是一个锻炼的好机会课后我经常看英语杂志和英语电视节目因为我希望课后能够取得进步学习英语是一个漫长的过程,但是我下定决心要努力学习My Hoy -- :58:5 来源: My Hoy I'm Wang Yu. I live in China. I like swimming, ing books, cooking, watching TV, listening to music, and riding bikes.Tell me something about you: what's your hobby?Venice --5 ::51 来源: Venice   There is a large city in Italy. It is called Venice. It is a beautiful city, but it is different from other cities in the world.  There are no wide streets in the city, but there are over 0 canals, because the city is built on many small islands. When people want to go out, they take a boat.在意大利有一座大城市,它叫这是一座美丽的城市,可是它与世界上别的城市不同  这个城市里没有宽阔的街道,可是有0多条运河,因为这座城市是建在许多小岛上当人们外出时,他们乘船

A Plan the Winter Holiday 寒假计划 -- 3:58: 来源: A Plan the Winter Holiday 寒假计划  Today if February 1st, and the winter holiday is coming soon. I am going to Beijing to spend my holiday.  Wea ll know there are many places of interest in the capital. I want to visit the Palace Museum, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall and the World Park. The Olympic Games will be held in Beijing in . I want to see the great changes in Beijing. And I'll remember to est Beijing Roast Duck.  I'll stay here half a month.  今天是二月一日,寒假就要到了我要去北京度假  我们都知道首都有许多名胜我要参观故宫、颐和园、长城和世界公园年奥运会将在北京举行我想看看北京的巨变我还还得记住去吃北京烤鸭  我将在北京呆半个月有关愚人节的幽默英语话剧 --19 1:6:6 来源: N: Many years ago, on April 1, a body had birth. His father called him "foolman", nobody like him except his mother. How time flies!F: Mum, I'm eithteen years old, so I will leave this family.Mum: All right, but please see me at times. This is a bottle of drink, a piece of dry b. Remember: take good care of yourself, bye!N: He came to a est, and met an ugly man.U: Hello! I'm very hungry and thirsty, could you give me something to drink and eat, please?F: Ok, here.U: Oh, thanks very much! Now, I will go. Oh, this stick is you, it will bring luck to you. Good luck!N: The foolman reached a restaurant, the boss had two daughters, they found the stick very brightly.D1: Oh, how beautiful it is! I want it, it's great!!! (上前抓木棒,却被粘在上面) Oh! Dear! I can't leave it! (吃惊地)D: Sister, what are you doing there? Do you want this stick yourself? No, I will get a part of it! We are parent's daughters, I must get a part of it like you! (走向木棒)D1: Don't come! Don't come! It's dangerous!D: You can come, so I can come, too! (也被粘在木棒上) Oh, my god! What's wrong with me?D1: What a pity!N: Foolman didn't mind at all, after the meal he took the stick leave the restaurant. Of course, two girl followed him. In the field they met an old scientist.S: Oh! Terrible! You two girls follow a boy. How silly of you! I will take you back home, and take the boy to the police station. (抓stick ,也被粘住) Oh! Bad luck! Terrible!N: A few days later, they got to a strange country. The king had a daughter, but she never smiled or laughed.King: Who can make her smile or laugh, she'll be his wife.F: Let me try , Perhaps I can.N: Then they went to see her. She saw foolman and his friends laughed and laughed.k: Ok, you make her laugh, now let us look at your 生辰八字. Which day is your birthday?F: April 1.转自:K: Oh! What a great boy! Do you know my country's name? Let me tell you: it called "Fool World"! Very suits you, right?!N: The result is ——The follman lived happily with his wife until they died. That is why we now have a holiday called : "April Fool".人英文话剧剧本:五一劳动节 -01- 18:6: 来源: One day, the class is over,student A and B walk together.)A: Labour Day is coming, we should relax a little on vacation, what are you going to do.B:I have no idea no.How about you?A:I intend to go to the Baotu Spring,It’s said that it is a good interest of place.B:En,yes,it is the first spring of the world. A: Why not go with me? I believe you will be satisfied with it. B: About it let me think.(Student A and B come acoss C.)C:Hi!What do you discuss?A:Hi!We are talking about the plan of the Labor Day.C:Where do you plan to go?A: Baoto Spring.Visit together?C: Oh! No! I have been there in the Tomb Sweeping Day.B:Really?How about the sight of it?C:Very great!There are so many birds and trees.When I go there I was attracted by the beauty of the scenery deeply.B:Really?C:Yes.The surroundings is so good,beyond description.There are some photoes in my moblephone,have a look.B:How great!Is this Baotu Spring?C:Oh,no!It is Baizheng Spring.In fact,there are many other springs,such as Mapao Spring,Dukang Spring whose funtain(泉水) is so clear and sweet.A:It sounds great!Are there some fishes in these springs?You know I like fish very much.C: Oh.There are many kinds of fishes with different colors, red, black, even colorful .I am sure you will be lost in the beautiful scenery.B:En,it is a great meal to eyes.My desire to visit there become stronger and stronger.C:It is only a part of the Baotu Spring.A:It is said that there are many historical relics,such as Memorical Hall of Li Qingzhao.C:Oh,yes!Except it,Jinan Massacre(惨案) Memorical Hall is also worth visiting.The Massacre is our stigma(耻辱),which happened on May Third.A: It is of great significance to pay a visit on Labor Day.B: Wonderful! I decide to visit there.A:Ok!C:May you have a good time!A:Thank you!What about you ?C:En,I want to climb Mount Tai.A:Mount Tai?Unattainable feeling!B:It is so famous its majesty(雄伟).A:When you go there?I mean when you climb the Mount Tai,Evening?C:Of course.I intend to watch the sunrise.The view from the top of the hill was superb(美丽极了).B:A good pursuit!I hear that the top of the Mount Tai is very cold,you’d better wear enough clothes.A: en, health and strength is above all gold.C: Oh, yes! Thanks your advice.Now I have to search some inmation about how to get to Mount Tai. See you later!A:Take care of yourself!B:See you! D: Hi, what are you doing? Is it Student C?B: Oh, he is busy preparing to go on holiday.D: Holiday?A: En, yes, Labor Day, we intend to go to Baotu Spring. What’s your plan?D: Oh, I don’t have an idea. Now I’m not sure if I have a free time.B: Why? What happened?D: you know, I have applied the National Sports Volunteer, the train may be started recently.B: That is a pity!D: Yeah, I’ve always wanted to climb Mount Tai. As a Shandong person, it is very pity not to climb Mount Tai.A: Never mind. It’s also meaningful to train as a volunteer.D: Of course, on the other hand, my dream can also come true on Summer Day, in a word; I believe I can reach the top of Mount Tai some day. B: May you make it!A: Where there is a will there’s a way.D: Thanks, have a wonderful time, see you later.A: See you! 人英文话剧剧本

情景口语口语:餐厅里点菜时的口语对话-- :7:1   Hugh is ordering a meal in a restaurant  休正在餐厅点餐  a few moments later  (过了一会儿)  Emma: one sparkling water  埃玛:一份带汽的矿泉水  Hugh: Thanks very much  休:谢谢!  Emma: Are you y to order?  埃玛:您现在可以点菜吗?  Hugh: Yeah I think I am actually. Could I just have the soup to start please  休:是的,可以请先给我来一份例汤好吗?  Emma: That's minestrone, is that all right sir?  埃玛:是意大利蔬菜汤,可以吗?  Hugh: Yeah, that's fine, and the main course could I have the chicken please?  休:可以好的…… 至于主菜,请给我一份鸡肉,好吗?  Emma: Chicken  埃玛:……鸡肉……  Hugh: And just some vegetables and some boiled potatoes please  休:再来一点蔬菜和煮土豆  Emma: Boiled potatoes, OK?  埃玛:……煮土豆好的  Hugh: Thanks very much  休:谢谢!  Emma: OK  埃玛:好的我朋友的一家 My Friend's Family -- :5:50 来源: I have a good friend. Her name is Hou Qingqing. She comes from the north of China. But she grows up in Tianjing. She's very beautiful. Her mom is very beautiful too. Her dad is very kind. She likes singing and swimming. Her mom likes listening to music. Her dad likes swimming.我有一个好朋友她的名字叫侯清清她来自中国北方不过她是在天津长大的她非常漂亮她妈妈也很美她爸爸很和蔼她喜欢唱歌和游泳她妈妈喜欢听音乐她爸爸喜欢游泳Sometimes we go shopping. Usually we ride a bike and go to the cinema. This is fun.有时候我们会去购物我们常常骑自行车,看电影这很有趣She doesn't have sisters or brothers, so in the morning we go to school together. I want to be a designer. She wants to be a policewoman.她没有兄弟,所以我们早上是一起去学校的我想成为一名设计师她想成为一名警察Mine --3 :: 来源: Mine 英文翻译mine name’s liu yuan li. she likes watching tv an eat dinner. it’s monday. i’m busy. my go to school. it’s saturday. what’s she doing now? my now! she’s piaying outside. she’s tang jie. she’s my friend. let’s dancing! let’s happy! he’s liu zhi guang. he’s my dad. he’s surf the internet. she’s li gui zhen. she’s my mom. she’s cooking breakfast.语文翻译我是刘苑莉,我喜欢看电视和吃东西现在是星期一,我很忙碌,我要去上学现在是星期天,你知道我现在在干什么?我知道,她在外面玩她是唐洁,她是我的朋友我们一起来跳舞吧!我们玩的很开心!他是刘志光,他是我的爸爸,他正在上互联网她是李桂珍,她是我的妈妈,她正在煮饭.

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