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Former U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are joining with President Barack Obama to aid the earthquake-stricken people of Haiti. The two former presidents returned to the White House to discuss what they and the American people can do to help.美国前总统克林顿和布什与美国现总统奥巴马一起为遭受地震灾难的海地民众提供援助。这两位前总统回到白宫,讨论他们与美国人民能如何帮助海地灾民。President Obama says the Haitian earthquake relief effort will not be measured in days or weeks, but in months and even years. 奥巴马总统说,海地地震救援工作不是一朝一夕或者几星期的事情,而是成年累月的工作。Mr. Obama stood between his two predecessors Saturday and said they have answered his call to coordinate efforts to involve more Americans in helping Haiti recover and rebuild.奥巴马星期六站在两位前总统中间时表示,他俩响应他的呼吁,为使更多美国人帮助海地克灾难,从事重建进行协调。"Presidents Bush and Clinton will help the American people to do their part, because responding to a disaster must be the work of all of us. Indeed, those wrenching scenes of devastation remind us not only of our common humanity, but also of our common responsibilities," he said.奥巴马说:“布什总统和克林顿总统将帮助美国人民发挥自己的作用,因为对一场灾害作出反应务必是我们所有人的共同使命。的确,那些令人痛苦的灾难景象唤起了我们共有的人道主义精神,也唤醒我们的共同责任感。”The president says by coming together, Mr. Bush, a Republican, and Mr. Clinton, a Democrat, send an unmistakable message that the U.S. stands united with the people of Haiti.奥巴马总统说,布什是一位共和党人,克林顿是民主党人,他们在一起共同努力发出了一个不容置疑的信息,那就是美国和海地人民团结一心。201001/94895The very first Steve Jobscomputer was actually the brain child of his friend, Steve Wozniak. Wozniak did the wiring and Jobs did the dreaming and be hold the Apple I. No power supply. No casing, just began. Jobs and Woz unveiled the prototype to their fellow tech geeks at the home brew computer club in 1976.史蒂夫;乔布斯的第一台计算机实际上是他朋友的一次杰作。他的朋友斯蒂夫;沃兹尼亚克负责布线而乔布斯梦想成真,拥有了苹果1代。没有电力供应,没有套管,一切都只是刚刚开始。1976年乔布斯和沃兹在家中向技术高手揭开了计算机的原型。201111/161188Asian fantasies亚洲的想象力No Mao suits here这里无极限There is cash in Chinese comic-book conventions中国的漫画书展有利可图Aug 6th 2011 | HONG KONG | from the print edition The Economist finally reveals the identity of its editors 经济学家最终揭露了编辑的目的。THE violet and turquoise eyes, the blue wigs, antlers and angel wings all remind you that this is not the queue for the supermarket. The 1,100 people with the most striking costumes were spared the HK (.85) admission fee to Hong Kong’s Ani-Com amp; Games convention, which lasted from July 29th to August 2nd. The result was a riot of Chinese opera, Japanese anime, French maids, Conan the Barbarian and Star Wars.蓝紫色和蓝绿色的眼睛、蓝色的假发。鹿角和天使翅膀,所有这一切都在提醒你,这些不是超市排队的人。这1,100个装束特别的人每个人都可以免费获得价值30元港币(3.85美金)的入场券参加7月29日至8月2日的香港动漫电玩节。这是一场中国戏剧、日本动画、法国女仆、野蛮人柯南以及星际战争的狂欢。Some 700,000 people crammed into the convention centre to gawk at comic books, see the latest games and watch their fantasies strut by. That number has more than trebled since 1999. Ani-Com has grown racier, too. A company called Gameone hired a dozen models to dress as characters from its electronic games, including a Japanese porn star. The first 40 visitors who filled out a special registration card each received a hug.将近70万的观众涌入会场中心入神的翻阅动漫书籍、观看最新的游戏以及观赏他们梦寐以求的表演。这个人数是1999年的三倍之多。动漫节也越来越新潮了。深圳市泰傲互动科技有限公司雇了十几个模特模仿他们公司的电玩人物的装扮,其中包括一位日本的AV女优。前40名填完特制的签到卡的观众会得到该女优的拥抱一个作为奖励。201108/148202一直以来人们都认为男人更擅长做体力活,使用一些笨重的工具,比如说锤子等。但是,研究表明,在某些需要使用锤子的时候,女性会更擅长一些。We might think women are not as adept as men at wielding heavy tools, like say, hammers, according to popular stereotypes.Turns out that women may have a leg up when it comes to hammering in certain situations. This was announced at the recent Experimental Biology annual meeting in Glasgow, Scotland.Scientists measured the accuracy and force of men and women's blows to a metal plate. They also tested their hammer style in rooms that were either brightly lit or pitch dark. (Glow-in-the-dark stickers marked the targets.)Indeed they found that men struck twice as hard as the women. But women were 25 percent more accurate than men in well-lit conditions. Surprisingly both sexes were better than expected at hammering in the dark, although men had an advantage, with about 10 percent higher accuracy.The researchers theorize that maybe men and women inherently use different strategies, putting more emphasis on either force or accuracy, respectively. But these are preliminary results. They intend to do further studies with larger sample sizes in different conditions.But for now that old stereotype might need to be retooled.注解:leg up n. (对上马或跨跃障碍时的)帮助turn out 结果是;明是07/76638

30年来美国最大的太空垃圾即将袭击地球,美国宇航局表示垃圾将会穿过澳大利亚、加拿大、非洲以及大片公海区域。这个已经有20年历史的高层大气研究卫星(UARS)预计将在坠入地球大气层时分解,残骸将在800公里范围内散落,但NASA坚称对人类安全的威胁性“非常小”。 The rule is what is goes up must come down, but the trouble is nobody knows exactly where the six ton NASA satellite will crash land. This wide blurbist UAR's probe is being out of control during its descent, the footage was taken by a astronaut last week as past 156miles of ahead in Northern France. Most satellites when they come down, they are smaller, they burn up, and no one anyone else wants adviser. This one, though, because of its size, so a little more significance. NASA said the chance of this debris from the spacecraft actually hitting someone is remote 1 in 3200 to be precise. The satellite is about this big, most of them will break up as they reenter the atmosphere, but some components will stay intact, they could be up to the size of the fridge and weigh anything up to 300 pounds, you wouldn't want more of those, hurting towards you at 214 miles an hour.Here is where it could land, anywhere of the world, south of Alaska, to the bottom tip of south America, this covers the most inhabited areas on earth. It has been tracked by radar stations around the world, including New York*.We've got some well class I'm listed here, help working around clock as we did a specially story for creating this, we began working with it on , however jet's size shape of this object, I suppose for anyone using any resource we have across the global to accurately predict where and exactly when the subject would be reaching.Twirl, twirl, twirl, space is indicating that the time of caused approaches come down, no impact. The satellite has caused scale aly in 2010 enforce international space station into a collision avoiding manoeuver. NASA will reassure us that in 15 years of space travel, no one has ever been hurt by falling debris. But cause may junk is no rocket science, it’s a case of watch this space, naturally.【生词注释】 crash v.坠落footage n.影片的镜头remote adj.遥远的inhabited adj.有人居住的debris n.残骸201109/155290

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