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哈尔滨省第三医院门诊的开门时间黑龙江省哈尔滨市第八医院在哪里Karaoke most irritating gadget in Britain: govt surveyTimeless, classic songs wrecked by tuneless, howling drunks: the karaoke machine is the most annoying gadget in Britain, a survey for the government found.A TNS Omnibus poll for the Department for Communities found that the Japanese invention topped a list of gadgets that people wished had never been invented.Nearly a quarter (22 percent) of those surveyed chose the karaoke machine. 17 percent said 24-hour sports channels, 12 percent chose games consoles, while 11 percent said mobile phones and seven percent said alarm clocks."Seeing the karaoke machine at the top of that list made me smile," said Kane Kramer, a director of the British Inventors Society."When people are singing karaoke they are enjoying themselves, but as a member of the audience you are just watching somebody who can't perform -- and isn't particularly pleasant to listen to -- for as long as you can bear it."It is anti-social. You might have 10 people who want to sing some karaoke, which means 150 people have to suffer it."But the crazy thing is that people still do go just to be a spectator at other people's inability to sing."After a short while -- unless they're very drunk -- they're going to find that listening to performers failing to perform for two hours is not the best way to spend the evening."Karaoke has turned into a multibillion-dollar industry since being invented in 1971 by Daisuke Inoue, a Japanese club keyboardist looking to provide music for a customer who wanted to sing on a company trip.Asked which gadgets people would like to see invented in the future, 18 percent said a robot cleaner, 16 percent said a time machine and 12 percent said a teleporter.Asked what the most important safety gadgets were, 69 percent said the smoke alarm, 64 percent said seat belts and 29 percent said baby seats.Pollsters TNS Omnibus surveyed 2,584 adults in England online. /200901/60930黑龙江哈市九洲医院收费标准 Google has been collecting tons of data about smartphone usage around the world, and today it updated that data on its Our Mobile Planet web site.谷歌收集了海量关于智能手机在全球使用情况的数据,今日刚在其 Our Mobile Planet 网站上发布。The site lets you dig down and find statistics on just about any aspect of smartphone usage, from apps to platforms, in 40 countries. You can also segment the results by age and gender.该网站能挖掘40个国家的智能手机使用的各方面数据,从app到使用系统,并且结果能按年龄和性别划分。Here are x of the most surprising and interesting facts we dug up:以下是关于智能手机最让意想不到的有趣事实:Android is most popular in Japan, with 55% of respondents using it, versus 39% for iOS. Android is also number one in a few other countries, including New Zealand (41%), the US (40%), and China (38%), but it does not dominate in any other surveyed country except Argentina (33%, vs 18% for number-two Blackberry).安卓在日本最流行,在所有反馈者中占55%,iOS系统仅占39%。安卓在其他几个国家也排第一,包括新西兰(41%),美国(40%)和中国(38%)。但在有些国家并没占主要地位,除了阿根廷(33%, vs 18% Blackberry,居第二)。iOS is farthest ahead in Switzerland, with 52% usage vs. 23% for Android. Other countries where iOS is way ahead include Australia (49% vs 25% Android), Canada (45% vs 23% Android and 23% Blackberry), and France (43% vs 25% Android).iOS在瑞士的份额大大超过了安卓,52% vs. 23%。其他国家也居领先地位:澳大利亚(49% vs 25% 安卓),加拿大(45% vs 23% 安卓 and 23% 黑莓),法国(43% vs 25% 安卓)。In Egypt, Windows Mobile is way more popular than the iPhone. 13% of survey respondents use the Microsoft smartphone platform, behind Symbian (19%) and Android (14%). iOS was way down at 4%.在埃及,Windows Mobile 比iPhone更流行。13%的答卷者使用的是微软的智能手机系统,在塞班系统(19%)和安卓(14%)之后。iOS更是只有4%。(新东方小编:埃及的人们为啥不喜欢iPhone呢?)In the ed Arab Emirates, the Blackberry rules with 42%. iOS was a distant second at 25%.在阿联酋,黑莓占42%,排第二的iOS仅占25%。More than half (52%) Chinese respondents said they use a smartphone because they can use it ;without being seen easily.; That was also a big driver in Egypt (43%), Mexico (41%) and Brazil (39%).超过52%的中国反馈者表示他们使用智能手机是因为“不容易被看见”。在埃及,墨西哥和巴西这也是一个主要动力。Hobbies各国用户的智能手机使用习惯Japanese users had the most apps on average, with 41. Saudi Arabia was second with 36.日本是使用app最多的国家,平均有41个。沙特阿拉伯位居第二,36个。Mobile social networking is biggest in Mexico and Argentina, where 74% and 73% of users visit a social network daily.手机社交网站在墨西哥和阿根廷最热,每天74%和73%的人会用智能手机访问社交网站。But mobile-social is weak in Japan where 34% of users never visit a social network on their phone.但是手机社交在日本并未流行,仅34%的用户用手机访问社交网站。Watching is most popular in Saudi Arabia, with 59% of respondents doing it daily. Number-two is Egypt, with 41%.59%的沙特阿拉人每天都会用手机看视频。其次是埃及,41%。They#39;re really good at ignoring ads in the U.K. 50% of respondents said they noticed ads ;never; (16%) or ;rarely; (34%).英国的人们在“自动”筛除广告上很在行。50%的人表示他们“从未”或者“极少”注意到广告。Chinese users shop from their phones. 59% of Chinese users did this, compared with only 41% in second-place Egypt.59%的中国用户用手机购物。埃及位居第二,41%。Chinese users also love to write reviews. 41% of them wrote a review of a local business after looking it up on their smartphone. Number two, Japan, was way behind, with only 24% of respondents doing this.中国用户喜欢写。41%的用户在看了之后会给交易写。日本排第二,但只有24%的人会写。North Americans use their phones to search for restaurants and bars. Exactly 50% of respondents in both the U.S. and Canadian respondents said they used their phone to search for grub or drinks.北美用户用手机搜索餐厅和酒吧。50%的美国人和加拿大反馈者称他们用手机搜索能随便吃点喝点的地儿。There#39;s plenty more where that came from — dig in yourself.还有很多有趣的事情,在你自己身上找找吧。 /201205/183074哈尔滨治疗妇科最权威的医院

五常市治疗月经不调哪家医院最好的Wasting time at work? You're not alone: surveyAmericans who feel bored and underpaid do work hard -- at surfing the Internet and catching up on gossip, according to a survey that found U.S. workers waste about 20 percent of their working day .An online survey of 2,057 employees by online compensation company Salary.com found about six in every 10 workers admit to wasting time at work with the average employee wasting 1.7 hours of a typical 8.5 hour working day.Personal Internet use topped the list as the leading time-wasting activity according to 34 percent of respondents, with 20.3 percent then listing socializing with co-workers and 17 percent conducting personal business as taking up time.The reasons why people wasted time were varied with nearly 18 percent of respondents questioned by e-mail in June and July said boredom and not having enough to do was the main reason.The second most popular reason for wasting time was having too long hours (13.9 percent), being underpaid (11.8 percent), and a lack of challenging work (11.1 percent).While the amount of time wasted at work seems high, Bill Coleman, chief compensation officer at Salary.com. said the numbers have improved, with the amount of time wasted dropping 19 percent since Salary.com conducted its first annual survey on slacking at work in 2005. Then workers reported wasting 2.09 hours of their working day."I think (the decline) is really a result of the economy and that there's more business, more work available and less time to sit around wondering what you are going to do with your day," Coleman told reporters. 厌倦工作、又觉得薪金太低的美国人把时间都浪费到了上网和闲聊上。一项调查发现,美国人浪费了约20%的上班时间。该项由在线薪酬公司Salary.com网站开展的在线调查共有2057名雇员参与。调查发现,每10名员工中约有6人承认自己上班时浪费时间。在一个典型的8.5小时工作日中,一般员工会浪费1.7个小时。上网是第一大浪费上班时间的活动,有34%的受访者利用上班时间上网;20.3%的受访者在上班时与同事闲聊;17%的人处理私人事务。人们利用上班时间做其它事情的原因各不相同。在6月和7月的电子邮件受访者中,近18%的人称这样做的主要原因是无聊和没事可做。第二大原因是工作时间太长(13.9%);其次是薪资太低(11.8%)和工作缺乏挑战(11.1%)。尽管看起来被浪费的上班时间很多,但Salary.com网站的薪资主管比尔· 柯尔曼说,从具体数字上看,情况还是有所改观。自从2005年Salary.com网站首次开展此项一年一度的调查以来,被浪费的上班时间数下降了 19%。当时员工一个工作日浪费的时间为2.09小时。科尔曼在接受记者采访时说:“我认为这是经济发展的结果。公司业务更多、需要处理的事情更多,员工们已没有多余的时间去考虑如何打发时间了。” /200808/46210巴彦县妇女儿童医院外科 1, Young,ignorant,and lack of emotional experience and morals.1、年幼无知,少不更事,缺乏情感体验和世道阅历。 /200912/93500哈尔滨市第六人民医院可以刷社保卡吗

哈尔滨市道里区妇产医院地址现代女人称自己的丈夫为“老公”,其实“老公”一词是古人用来称呼太监的。这样的称呼实在是可笑,且看古时女子是如何称呼自己丈夫的,不仅好听,而且含义高雅。No.1 Liangren(a kind of claim between the couple)The wife and the husband can call each other ;Liangren;, which represents that men and women in the family have an equal position.No.1 良人。古诗有云:“妾家高楼连苑起,良人持戟明光里”。古时妻子称自己的丈夫为“良人”,丈夫称自己的妻子亦为“良人”。这种不加区别的称呼虽说给夫妻间带来很多不便,但由此可见当时男女地位是比较平等的。 /201205/182064 方正县中医医院咨询专线哈尔滨市第四医院官网专家在线咨询



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