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青岛小切口除皱多少钱青岛无痛脱毛哪家便宜青岛平度市脱毛多少钱 Hong Kong developers are unable to compete with their big-spending mainland Chinese rivals, one of the territory’s wealthiest tycoons has warned, as property prices in the world’s least affordable market surge to ever higher levels.香港最富有的大亨之一警告称,香港开发商无法与内地大手笔的竞争对手竞争。目前这个全球购房最不容易的市场的房价飙升至越来越高的水平。Lui Che-woo this month lost out in an auction for a Hong Kong site that was acquired by a subsidiary of HNA, the acquisitive mainland conglomerate, at double the price paid for a similar site in 2014.吕志和(Lui Che-woo)本月在竞拍香港一地块时败给了收购意识较强的内地综合企业海航集团(HNA Group)的一家子公司,后者的出价是2014年类似地块价格的两倍。The site went for HK,500 (,740) per square foot — similar to the going rate for completed apartments nearby.该地块售价达每平方英尺1.35万港元(合1740美元),相当于附近已完工公寓的市价。It is hard for local businesses like us to chase after that, Mr Lui, a property and casino magnate worth more than USbn, according to Forbes, told the Financial Times. 吕志和向英国《金融时报》表示:像我们这样的本地企业很难竞拍这种地。《福布斯》(Forbes)数据显示,房地产和业大亨吕志和的身价超过110亿美元。Mainland companies have the ability to do it but we don’t.内地公司有能力竞拍,但我们不行。Surging home sales to wealthy Chinese investors have sparked concerns of market distortion in global cities from Vancouver and Sydney, to New York and London. 在从温哥华和悉尼到纽约和伦敦等全球城市,销售给富裕中国投资者的住房激增引发了人们对市场扭曲的担忧。Now China’s developers are also getting in on the act, with a sharp rise in land acquisitions in Hong Kong prompted by the falling value of the renminbi, a desire to move capital out of the mainland and increasing curbs on property investment at home.现在中国的开发商也参与进来,由于人民币贬值、人们有意将资本转移出内地以及政府加大遏制内地房地产投资,内地开发商在香港买下的地块急剧增长。Mainland developers acquired 44 per cent of the residential land sold by the Hong Kong government last year, up from just 7 per cent in 2012, according to calculations by Spacious, a property listings website. 房地产信息务网站千居(Spacious)估计,在香港政府去年出售的住宅用地中,内地开发商占到了44%,而2012年的该比例只有7%。In the year to date, mainland companies have bought 39 per cent of the land auctioned.今年迄今,内地公司收购了39%的拍卖土地。In addition to the devaluation of the renminbi, Chinese developers are being driven by lower taxes in Hong Kong, high land prices in the mainland and easier access to finance in Hong Kong compared to other overseas markets, said James Fisher, director of market analysis at Spacious.千居市场研究总监詹姆斯.费希尔(James Fisher)表示:除了人民币贬值以外,中国开发商在香港大量拿地的原因还有香港税率较低、内地土地价格高企以及与其他海外市场相比,在香港更容易获得融资。Hong Kong, a densely populated, semi-autonomous territory of 7m people, has seen its property market heat up despite a deteriorating economic outlook. 香港是一个拥有700万人口的人口密集的特别行政区,尽管该地区经济前景恶化,但房地产市场日益升温。After a brief dip, residential property prices have rebounded to near the record hit in September last year, according to government data.政府数据显示,在短暂下跌之后,住房价格已反弹,逼近去年9月创出的最高纪录。The weakening renminbi and the search for higher investment returns offshore have funnelled money into Hong Kong’s residential and office markets, with leading mainland companies Evergrande and Everbright spending more than USbn to acquire skyscrapers in Hong Kong this year.人民币贬值以及投资者希望寻找境外较高的投资回报,促使资金流入了香港的住宅和写字楼市场,今年内地领先公司恒大(Evergrande)和光大(Everbright)斥资逾10亿美元收购了香港的天大楼。Inflows from the mainland made Hong Kong the second most active commercial property market in Asia after Tokyo in the first half of this year, with US.8bn of deals, up 17 per cent on the previous year, according to PwC, the financial services group, and the Urban Land Institute, a research body.金融务集团普华永道(PwC)和研究机构——城市土地研究所(Urban Land Institute)的数据显示,今年上半年,内地资金流入使香港成为仅次于东京的亚洲第二大活跃的商业地产市场,交易金额达68亿美元,同比增长17%。At the same time, commercial rents have continued to surge because of interest from mainland companies. 与此同时,由于来自内地公司的兴趣上升,商业租金继续飙升。Office space in the upper floors in prime skyscrapers leases for US8.5 per square foot, the most expensive rate in the world and nearly double the cost of the second and third most expensive cities, Tokyo and New York.香港高端天大楼较高楼层的办公室租金达到每平方英尺278.5美元,这是全球最贵的,几乎是第二贵城市东京和第三贵城市纽约的两倍。Some mainland investors simply think it is nice to have something in a major financial centre like Hong Kong, especially if they can find an iconic building and attach their name to it, said KK So, an expert in real estate and tax at PwC.普华永道(PwC)房地产和税务专家苏国基(KK So)表示:一些内地投资者认为,在香港这样的大型金融中心拥有一些房产是不错的,特别是如果他们能够找到标志性的大楼、然后把自己的名字与之相连的话。Mr Lui said the high cost of housing was the biggest issue facing Hong Kong but he was not sure if the government’s recent decision to increase stamp duty for second-home buyers would have the desired effect of stabilising the market. 吕志和表示,房价高企是香港面临的最大问题,但他不确定,政府最近做出的对二手房购买者提高印花税的决定,是否将起到理想的稳定市场的作用。I need to wait and see for the next few months, he said.他表示:我需要观察未来几个月的情况。Mr So also remains to be convinced.苏国基也不确定。The government is trying to reassure Hong Kong people that there will be a steady supply of property in the coming few years, he said.他表示:政府正试图安抚香港市民,称未来几年房地产供应将保持稳定。But is it good enough to satisfy the demand out there from local home buyers, locals with investment needs and overseas investors, particularly those from the mainland?但这些足够满足本地购房者、有着投资需求的本地人以及海外投资者(尤其是来自内地的投资者)的需求吗? /201611/480029青岛烟台祛痘医院哪家好

四方区人民医院是几甲青岛人造处女膜哪家医院好 RIO DE JANEIRO — The president of the International Olympic Committee made a plea for unity at the opening ceremony of the Rio Games last week. But that hope is fraying as a growing number of athletes are openly criticizing competitors who have a history of using performance-enhancing drugs.里约热内卢——国际奥委会(International Olympic Committee)主席上周曾在里约奥运会开幕式上呼吁所有人团结一致。但随着越来越多的运动员对曾经使用提高成绩药物的对手发起公开批评,他的希望正在破灭。The friction has been most pronounced at the swimming competition, where Yulia Efimova of Russia and Sun Yang of China, who have served suspensions for doping, have been vilified by rivals. Whether it is vigilantism or anti-doping activism by athletes who do not trust the Olympic committee, the denouncements have overshadowed some of the athletic performances.这种擦在游泳比赛中最为严重,曾被怀疑使用兴奋剂的俄罗斯选手尤利娅#8226;艾芬莫娃(Yulia Efimova)和中国选手孙杨已经遭到了对手的抨击。不管属于自作主张的侠义之举,还是一些对奥委会缺乏信任的运动员发起的反兴奋剂行动,这种抨击都已经让某些运动员的成绩蒙上了一层阴云。Where once there was polite, if sometimes awkward, silence, there is now direct confrontation. Much of it is along old political fault lines from the Cold War as, coincidentally or not, athletes from the West go after once-barred athletes from Russia and China.原来那种礼貌的,偶尔会有尴尬的氛围,现在已经被直接的冲突取代。不知是否出于巧合,很多冲突都与源自冷战的旧有政治分歧一脉相承,来自西方的运动员把矛头对准了曾经遭到禁赛的俄罗斯和中国运动员。“Anti-doping is all about trust: trusting your competitors, trusting the drug testers, trusting the sports admin types,” said Richard Ings, a former anti-doping official from Australia. “What I believe you are witnessing is evaporated trust. Remember, nearly 100 positives have now been found at the Beijing and London Games.”“信任是反兴奋剂的要义所在:信任参赛者,信任兴奋剂检测者,信任各类体育管理机构,”来自澳大利亚的前反兴奋剂官员理查德#8226;英格斯(Richard Ings)说。“我想你正在见信任的消失。别忘了,现在有将近100人被发现在北京和伦敦奥运会的尿检呈阳性。“Sochi was corrupted,” he continued, referring to the 2014 Winter Games. “Russia had state-sponsored doping, and the International Olympic Committee caved in, unlike the International Paralympic Committee.”“索契那届很腐败,”他在提及2014年的冬奥会时说。“俄罗斯曾经实施得到政府持的兴奋剂计划,而国际奥委会无所作为,这与国际残疾人奥委会(International Paralympic Committee)很不一样。”The IOC did not apply a blanket ban on Russian athletes for the Rio Games after the release of a damning report by the World Anti-Doping Agency; the Paralympic committee did bar the Russians from this year’s Paralympics, which begin next month.在世界反兴奋剂机构(World Anti-Doping Agency)发布了一份能够明俄罗斯实施兴奋剂计划的报告以后,国际奥委会没有全面禁止俄罗斯运动员参加里约奥运会;国际残委会则全面禁止俄罗斯人参加将于下月揭幕的本届残奥会。More and more athletes have clearly had enough, turning typically pro forma news conferences into morality plays.越来越多的运动员显然已经受够了,几乎把原本走过场的新闻发布会变成了一出出道德剧。On Saturday, Australian freestyler Mack Horton was in the warm-down pool before the competition when Sun, his main rival, vigorously splashed him, as if to get his attention.周六赛前,澳大利亚自由泳运动员马克#8226;霍顿(Mack Horton)在温水池里时,他的主要竞争对手大力地向他溅起水花,似乎要引起他的注意。“I ignored him,” Horton, 20, said, “because I don’t have time or respect for drug cheats.”“我没搭理他,”现年20岁的霍顿说,“因为我没时间搭理,也看不起吃药作弊的人。”Sun served a three-month suspension in 2014 for taking a banned stimulant.孙杨在2014年曾因用一种违禁药品而被禁赛三个月。That night, Horton out-touched Sun for the gold medal in the 400-meter freestyle. Horton did not acknowledge him in the water and later called it “a win for the good guys,” although he and Sun did shake hands during the medal ceremony.那天晚上,霍顿战胜孙杨获得了400米自由泳金牌。霍顿在水中没跟孙杨打招呼,后来还说这“是一场为好人赢得的胜利”,不过两人在颁奖仪式上握了握手。Members of the Chinese swimming team expressed outrage about Horton’s actions, with the team manager Xu Qi calling for an apology. None has been forthcoming.中国游泳队对霍顿的行为颇为愤慨,领队徐琦要求霍顿道歉,但并未如愿。“Mack obviously has very strong views about the need for clean sport, as every single one of us does,” said the Australian delegation’s chef de mission, Kitty Chiller. “He has every right to express his views and his displeasure in that sense.”“关于推广纯净体育的必要性,霍顿显然有鲜明的观点,”澳大利亚奥运代表团团长凯蒂#8226;奇列尔(Kitty Chiller)说。“在这个意义上,他绝对有权表达自己的观点和不满。”Sun went on to win the gold medal in the 200-meter freestyle Monday night.周一晚上,孙杨赢得了200米自由泳金牌。“They don’t belong in a sport,” Camille Lacourt, a star French swimmer, said Monday night in comments reported by French newspaper L#39;équipe. “They should make up their federation of dopers and have fun among themselves. It disgusts me to see people who’ve cheated standing on podiums. Sun Yang, in the 200 free, he pees purple.”“他们并不属于体育运动,”据法国《队报》(L#39;équipe)报道,该国明星游泳运动员卡米尔#8226;拉古(Camille Lacourt)在周一晚上表示。“他们应该成立自己的药者联合会,自娱自乐。看到作弊的人站在领奖台上,真让我恶心。参加200米自由泳比赛的孙杨,尿是紫色的。”American swimmer Lilly King, 19, cited Horton as an influence when she spoke out Monday about Efimova.现年19岁的美国游泳运动选手莉莉#8226;金(Lilly King)周一发表对艾芬莫娃的看法时,承认受了霍顿的影响。King entered the Rio Games with the top time in the world this year in the women’s 100-meter breaststroke. The next fastest swimmer in the lead-up to the competition was Efimova, a 24-year-old Russian whose place at these Olympics was not confirmed until Saturday.金带着今年在女子100米蛙泳项目中排名世界第一的成绩参加了里约奥运会。赛前排名世界第二的艾芬莫娃直到周六才获准参加本届奥运会。Efimova, the reigning world champion, had served a 16-month doping suspension handed down by swimming’s global governing body, known as FINA, a ban that ended in early 2015. Early this year, Efimova failed a test for the newly banned drug meldonium, but the result was overturned when she appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, arguing that she had aly served her penalty.卫冕世界冠军艾芬莫娃曾因用兴奋剂被管理游泳项目的全球性体育组织国际泳联(FINA)禁赛16个月,禁赛期于2015年初结束。今年初,艾芬莫娃没有通过新近才被列为违禁药物的米屈肼的检测,但她向体育仲裁法庭(Court of Arbitration for Sport)上诉称,她已经受到过处罚,检测结果随后被推翻。Every time Efimova has raced inside the Olympic Aquatics Stadium, she has been booed. King demonstrated her disapproval in another way. After posting the fastest time in qualifying Sunday afternoon, King wagged her finger to remind everyone who was No. 1.每当在奥林匹克水上运动体育馆里比赛时,艾芬莫娃迎来的都是一片嘘声。金以另一种方式表达了对艾芬莫娃的不认同。周日下午在预赛中夺得第一后,金伸出一根手指摇了摇,提醒大家谁才是第一名。As King looked on from the y room, where swimmers gather before they race, Efimova won the first semifinal and mimicked King’s move. King went out and won the second semifinal and shook her finger again.金在游泳选手赛前集合的预备室里看着艾芬莫娃赢得了半决赛的第一名,并模仿了金此前的举动。金走出预备室,拿下了第二场半决赛,然后再次摇了摇手指。In a postrace interview with N, King said, “You wave your finger No. 1, and you’ve been caught drug cheating?”赛后接受N采访时,金说,“你摇着手指炫耀自己排名第一,然后你还被逮到用药作弊过?”She added, “I’m not a fan.”她还说,“不怎么欣赏她。”All the finger wagging set the stage for the final Monday night, when their score was settled in the pool. King occupied Lane 4. Efimova was in Lane 5. It was a duel at 100 meters. King turned first at the 50 and hung on to win with a time of 1 minute 4.93 seconds. It was her best time and an Olympic record. Efimova was second in 1:05.50, 0.19 seconds ahead of King’s American teammate Katie Meili.摇手指大战为周一晚上的决赛做足了铺垫,那天,两人的成绩在泳池中见了分晓。金占据了第四泳道,艾芬莫娃则在第五泳道上。这是一场100米的对决。金在50米处冲到了前头,随后一路领先,以1分04秒93的成绩赢得比赛。这是她个人的最好成绩,创造了新的奥运会纪录。艾芬莫娃以1分05秒50的成绩排名第二,比金的美国队友凯蒂#8226;梅里(Katie Meili)快0.19秒。After the race, King hung on the lane line that separated her from Efimova and splashed twice in Efimova’s lane. King said she did not do it on purpose. But she also studiously avoided any contact with Efimova.赛后,金曾紧紧抓住把她和艾芬莫娃隔开的泳道线,并两次在艾芬莫娃的泳道上溅起水花。金说她并非刻意为之。但她曾刻意避免与艾芬莫娃有任何接触。“I don’t think she really wants to be congratulated by me,” King said.“我不觉得她真想得到我的祝贺,”金说。What is striking is that the anti-doping chorus in Rio has consisted of newcomers and veterans alike, with Olympic rookies like Horton, of Australia, and King joining the 31-year-old Lacourt and Michael Phelps, who is also 31 and is the most decorated athlete in Olympic history.值得注意的是,不论新人还是老将,都加入了里约的反兴奋剂大合唱,金和澳大利亚的霍顿等奥运新秀,与现年31岁的拉古以及同为31岁的奥运史上获奖牌最多运动员迈克尔#8226;菲尔普斯(Michael Phelps)站在了同一阵线上。“I think what you’re seeing is the desire of Olympic athletes to uphold the values of the Olympic Games without exception,” Adam Nelson, an American shot-putter and activist for athletes’ rights, said in an email Monday.“我想你已经看到,奥林匹克运动员无一例外地怀有维护奥运价值观的热望,”美国铅球选手、运动员权利倡导人士亚当#8226;纳尔逊(Adam Nelso)周一在一封邮件中表示。Nelson was named the winner of the 2004 Olympic shot-put competition eight years after it was contested when the original champion, Yuriy Bilonog of Ukraine, retroactively tested positive for a banned substance.纳尔逊曾在2004年参加奥运会铅球比赛。8年后,由于原来的冠军、乌克兰选手尤里#8226;比洛诺格(Yuriy Bilonog)没能通过针对一种违禁物质的尿样复检,纳尔逊被追认为那场备受争议的比赛的冠军。“These athletes know, when an athlete cheats, he or she will experience a residual physical benefit for many years,” Nelson added. “But there’s also a residual sentiment that negatively impacts the sport moving forward. The clouds of suspicion that linger over doped athletes who return to competition continue to take a toll on the value of the clean athlete.”“这些运动员知道,当一个运动员作弊时,他或她在未来许多年里都可以坐享身体上的优势,”纳尔逊补充道。“但不利于体育运动发展的那种情绪也会残留很多年。用过兴奋剂的运动员重返赛场时,笼罩在他们身上的怀疑的阴云,会继续损害清白运动员的价值。”There is not yet conclusive evidence on the long-term benefits to performance for athletes who took banned substances earlier in their careers. And as Thomas Bach, the IOC’s president, has repeatedly pointed out, lifetime bans from sports for doping offenses have not proved legally defensible. In the cases of men like Sun and Justin Gatlin, the once-barred American sprinter who has been another target of athletes’ criticism since his return, they are being called out even though the system in place gives them every right to resume competing.目前尚没有确凿的据能够表明,运动员如果在早前的运动生涯中使用过违禁物质,从长期来看会让成绩得到多大提高。此外,正如国际奥委会主席托马斯#8226;巴赫(Thomas Bach)反复指出的那样,对使用兴奋剂者处以终身禁赛眼下在法律上还站不住脚。以孙杨和贾斯汀#8226;加特林(Justin Gatlin)为例——后者是美国短跑选手,也曾被禁赛,自回归以来便被运动员们当成又一个批评的靶子——他们一直受到批评,尽管在现行体制下他们绝对有重回赛场的权利。Still, Nelson defended the right of athletes to criticize once-barred competitors.不过,尼尔森表示,运动员们有权批评曾被禁赛的参赛者。“It’s not undermining the system,” he said. “It highlights a major flaw in the system. Ms. King could have lost out on an Olympic gold medal future had the events turned out differently yesterday, and she would have had to accept the fact that a known doper beat her. Where’s the spirit of Olympism in that outcome?”“它不会损害体制的根基,”他说。“它会突显体制的重大瑕疵。如果昨天的比赛不是那个结果,金可能已经失去了夺得奥运冠军的机会,并且不得不接受被一个众所周知的兴奋剂用者击败的事实。那样一来,哪里还有奥林匹克精神可言呢?” /201608/459859青岛脸部美白

山东省青岛滨州好的美容医院Recently, China#39;s first non-profit ambulance for stray animals has sparked public debate.最近,中国首辆非盈利的流浪动物救护车引发了公众的热议。Hindered by the license plate a in Beijing, the ambulance applied for special approval from the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation (BMCT).受北京牌照配额限制,救护车向北京市交通委员会(BMCT)申请特别批准。However, the latter rejected the application, claiming that all vehicles must obtain licenses by drawing lots, a standard procedure for Beijing residents to get new cars licensed.然而,后者拒绝了申请,声称所有车辆必须通过抽签获得许可,这是北京居民获得新车许可的标准程序。The ambulance, modified from a van, cost 650,000 yuan (,466), which was donated by more than 8,000 warm-hearted netizens.救护车是由一辆面包车改装的,花费共计约65万元(96466美元),是来自8000多名热心网友的捐赠。Firm in their belief that there is no difference between stray animals and pets, the Ta Foundation, which runs the ambulance service, is endeavoring to provide high-quality medical services to Beijing#39;s many stray animals.他们坚信流浪动物和宠物之间没有区别,运行救护车务的“它基金”正在努力为北京的很多流浪动物提供高质量的医疗务。The Ta Foundation faces a likelihood of 1:33 for winning a license. BMCT told Beijing Morning Post that all non-operational vehicles must acquire license plates through the lottery, and that there#39;s no special approval for anyone.“它基金”面临获得许可的可能性为1:33。据北京市交通委员会向《北京晨报》透露,所有非经营性的车辆必须通过摇号获得牌照,任何人都没有特殊批准。Some people believe the ambulance should go through the standard process; otherwise it could create a precedent for non-profit vehicles to pull strings for special approval.有些人认为救护车应该经过标准程序;否则可能创造非营利车辆暗箱操作获得特别批准的先例。Meanwhile, others believe that since such animal ambulances are aly prevalent in other countries, China#39;s first one should be put into service as soon as possible.与此同时,其他一些人则认为,由于这种动物救护车在其他国家已经普遍存在,中国首辆救护车应该尽快投入使用。An experienced veterinarian named An Mengchen said that the ambulance would not only benefit stray animals, but would also be a beautiful reflection of humanity.安梦辰,一位经验丰富的兽医表示,救护车不仅对流浪动物有益,也是人性的美好体现。;The ambulance is a good form of publicity that corrects people#39;s misunderstandings about stray animals,; he added.他补充说道:“救护车是一种良好的宣传形式,纠正了人们对流浪动物的误解。” /201610/474964 胶州市妇幼保健医院怎样莱阳中心医院位置



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