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HONG KONG — Shen Changxiang, who once supervised the cybersecurity of China#39;s strategic missile arsenal and spearheaded computer-security research for the navy, has warned of the perils of his country#39;s reliance on American technology.香港——沈昌祥曾经主管过中国战略导弹武器库的网络安全,并牵头为海军开展了计算机安全研究。他一直警告说,中国对美国技术的依赖很危险。Yet in December, the 74-year-old former military engineer, one of China#39;s top-ranking cyberofficials, quietly started working with a company synonymous with American technological prowess: IBM. Shen#39;s task is to help a little-known Chinese company absorb and build upon key technologies licensed by IBM, according to a statement posted on a Beijing government website.然而,在去年12月,这位74岁的前军方工程师、中国最高级别的网络官员之一,悄然开始与一家代表美国科技实力的公司展开合作。这家公司就是IBM。北京市政府网站上的一个声明显示,沈昌祥的任务是帮助一家名不见经传的中国公司吸收和借鉴IBM授权的关键技术。In the past 16 months, IBM has agreed — and received permission under U.S. export laws — to provide the Beijing company, Teamsun, with a partial blueprint of its higher-end servers and the software that runs on them, according to IBM announcements and filings from Teamsun. As the chief scientist overseeing the IBM project on behalf of the Chinese government, Shen is helping Teamsun — and, in turn, China — develop a full supply chain of computers and software atop IBM#39;s technology.IBM的声明和这家名为华胜天成的北京公司的备案资料显示,在过去16个月中,IBM已经同意——并根据美国出口法律获得了许可——为华胜天成提供高端务器的部分蓝图以及在这些务器上运行的软件。作为代表中国政府监管IBM项目的首席科学家,沈昌祥正在帮助华胜天成——也就是帮助中国——在IBM技术之上开发计算机和软件的完整供应链。The goal is to create a domestic tech industry that in the long run will no longer need to buy U.S. products, thus avoiding security concerns.其目标是打造中国本土的高科技产业,让中国在远期无需再购买美国的产品,以免安全之虞。What IBM is doing in China is no different from what the company is doing elsewhere. Yet IBM#39;s activities in China have become sensitive as they now run into efforts by the Obama administration to persuade Beijing to drop new measures requiring U.S. companies to hand over technology in exchange for market access.IBM在中国做的事情,和该公司在其他地方做的并无二致。然而,IBM在中国的活动变得颇为敏感,因为北京有意出台一些要求美国公司用技术换取市场准入资格的新举措,而目前奥巴马政府正在努力说北京放弃这些举措。Critics say IBM is caving in to Chinese demands, placing short-term business gains ahead of longer-term political and trade issues. IBM#39;s actions may spur other U.S. companies to break ranks and also submit to the new Chinese regulations, out of concern that IBM will get advantages by cooperating with the country.批评人士说,IBM向中国的要求屈,把短期业务的收益置于了长期的政治和贸易问题之上。看到IBM采取这样的行动,其他美国公司可能会担心它通过与中国合作占得优势,从而不再与其同行并肩作战,也向中国的新法规屈。“People do feel angry about what appears to be an accommodation with the Chinese,” said James A. Lewis, an analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “And you have to kind of expect that, particularly at a time when you have the whole U.S. government ginned up to push the Chinese on this.”“人们确实感到愤怒,因为这似乎是在纵容中国人,”政策机构国际战略研究中心(Center for Strategic and International Studies)分析师詹姆斯·A·刘易斯(James A. Lewis)说。“你肯定也想得到会是那样,尤其是在这个关口,整个美国政府正在努力说中国人的时候。”IBM said it was simply being open with licensing technologies as part of a global program called Open Power. Open Power, which IBM initiated in 2013, has 120 members worldwide, including Google and Samsung Electronics. Fewer than 20 are from China, IBM said. The point of the program is to provide base technology that can be enhanced by licensees worldwide and spur global partnerships and business opportunities, the company added.IBM表示,它不过是在根据其Open Power全球计划授权技术而已。IBM在2013年创立的Open Power计划在全球拥有120个成员,其中包括谷歌和三星。来自中国的成员不到20个,IBM说。该计划的重点一是提供基础技术,而全球各地获得授权的机构可以增强这些技术,二是推动全球合作伙伴关系和商业机会,该公司称。“Our Open Power partners in China are getting access to the same technology that we make available to all Open Power members around the world,” Edward Barbini, a spokesman, wrote in an email. “We#39;ve been very transparent with all our stakeholders on this strategy, including the Obama administration, about our plans to expand both the Open Power community and IBM#39;s technology partnerships around the world.”“我们在中国的Open Power合作伙伴获得的技术,和我们提供给世界各地所有Open Power成员的技术是一样的,”IBM发言人爱德华·巴比尼(Edward Barbini)在电邮中写道。“关于我们有怎样的计划,来扩大Open Power社区以及IBM在世界各地的技术合作伙伴关系,我们对于包括奥巴马政府在内的所有利益相关者一直都非常透明。”In a recent interview posted on Teamsun#39;s website, Huang Hua, a vice president, said the company#39;s new capabilities would help it better address security concerns of local Chinese companies. Calling a movement in China to replace crucial high-end technology from IBM, Oracle and EMC an “opportunity,” Huang said Teamsun#39;s strategy to “absorb and then innovate” would enable it to eliminate the capability gap between Chinese and U.S. companies and create products that could replace those sold by firms in the ed States.在华胜天成网站上的一次近期采访中,副总裁黄华表示,该公司新获得的能力将帮助中国本土企业更好地解决安全问题。他说,中国替代来自IBM、甲骨文(Oracle)和EMC的关键高端技术的努力是一个“机会”,华胜天成的战略是“先吸收、再创新”,这可以缩小中国和美国公司在能力上的差距,并推出一些产品,来替代美国公司销售的产品。Language about replacing IBM, Oracle and EMC was removed from the site after Teamsun and IBM were contacted for this article. Teamsun declined to be interviewed about the IBM project, and an assistant declined to make Shen available for comment.在就这篇文章接触了华胜天成和IBM之后,关于替代IBM、甲骨文和EMC的词句就从该网站上被删除了。华胜天成拒绝就IBM项目接受采访。一个助理也拒绝联系沈昌祥对此事置评。IBM declined to comment on Shen because he is not an IBM employee. A spokesman with the U.S. trade representative declined to comment on IBM#39;s strategy in China.IBM称沈昌祥非该公司员工,拒绝对他置评。美国贸易代表发言人拒绝就IBM在中国的策略置评。IBM has many business projects in China. The company has also agreed to license the advanced chip technology that works as the brain of the servers to a separate Chinese company, Suzhou PowerCore. And IBM says it has spoken to clients about letting them build local encryption over its z13 mainframe computer, which could help in China, where a proposed anti-terror law requires domestic companies to provide encryption keys or use local Chinese encryption standards.IBM在中国开展了很多商业项目。该公司还同意将其先进的芯片技术授权给另一家中国公司,苏州的中晟宏芯,而这种芯片可谓务器的大脑。IBM表示已经和客户谈过,让他们为z13大型机创建中国本土的加密方式。在中国,这样做可能带来好处,因为该国拟议的反恐法律要求国内公司提供加密密钥,或使用中国本土的加密标准。IBM#39;s cooperation with Teamsun and Suzhou PowerCore through Open Power is part of the company#39;s strategic shift away from its traditional hardware, software and services businesses to new cloud, data and mobile offerings. IBM, which reports quarterly earnings on Monday, has been grappling with declining revenue as it makes that transition.IBM通过Open Power与华胜天成和中晟宏芯展开的合作,是它从传统硬件、软件和务业务战略转移到新兴的云、数据和移动务的一部分。该公司在这个过渡中面临着艰难的营收下滑问题。IBM会在周一公布上季度财报。Both the server and chip technology IBM is licensing in China are widely used by banks in the country. In the fourth quarter, IBM generated .9 billion in revenue, or 20 percent of the total, from Asia; it does not break out China sales.IBM在中国授权的务器和芯片技术,在中国的系统被广泛使用。去年第四季度,IBM从亚洲获得了49亿美元的营收,占其总营收的20%;该公司没有公布中国的具体销售额。“You have Chinese policy interests, U.S. policy interests and IBM policy interests; realistically, your hope of aligning these is not all that high,” said Willy C. Shih, a professor of technology and operations management at Harvard Business School. “I think it#39;s a tough call for IBM.”“你面临着中国的政策利益、美国的政策利益和IBM的政策利益;现实地说,让这些利益协调一致的希望并不大,“哈佛商学院技术和运营管理教授史兆威(Willy C. Shih)说。“我认为对于IBM而言,这是个困难的决定。”While Beijing has long pushed indigenous innovation policies designed to foster a domestic tech industry, the disclosures in 2013 of online spying efforts by the ed States made by the former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden gave the more hawkish officials in China the evidence they needed to expedite plans to wean sensitive industries, like banking and energy, off foreign technology.长期以来,北京一直推进自主创新政策,以图促进国内的高新技术产业。在2013年,美国前国家安全局承包商雇员爱德华·斯诺登(Edward Snowden)在网上披露了美国的监控活动之后,中国的强硬派官员由此获得了他们需要的据,来加快步伐,以停止、能源等敏感行业对国外技术的依赖。One new Chinese law, which called for disclosure of source code of products sold to banks, was suspended by the government this month. But analysts say Beijing is likely to continue making similar demands in different ways.中国的一项新法律要求披露出售给的产品的源代码,本月被政府暂缓实施。但分析师说,北京很可能继续以不同的方式提出类似要求。Shen has been thinking about pushing U.S. tech companies out of China for a while. In 2009, he warned of global communications surveillance by the ed States in an essay posted on the website of China#39;s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.一段时间以来,沈昌祥一直在思考将美国高科技公司挤出中国的方法。2009年,他在中国工业部和信息化部网站上发布的一篇文章警告称,美国在对全球通信进行监视。In a speech in September at the China Internet Security Conference in Beijing, Shen said expansion of the U.S. military#39;s online attack and defense capabilities made the Internet the fifth strategic front for the ed States, after land, air, ocean and space.去年9月,在北京中国互联网安全大会上的一个演讲中,沈昌祥表示,美军在网络攻击和防御上能力的增强,使得互联网已经成为美国在陆海空天之后的第五大主权领域空间。He added, according to state-run media, “That poses a severe challenge to the cybersecurity of China, and we should actively respond, accelerate the building of our cybersecure system and safeguard our cybersecurity and state sovereignty.”官方媒体资料显示,他还说,“对我国的网络安全提出了严峻的挑战,应该积极应对,加快建设网络安全的保障体系,捍卫网络安全的空间和国家主权。” /201504/371148

In the digital age, one way for a brand to make itself relevant is to get social media traction. By that measure, plus-size retailer Lane Bryant Inc. is succeeding.在数码时代,一个品牌要想获得知名度,在社交媒体上攒人气是个非常好的方法。从这个角度来看,大码女装零售商Lane Bryant公司正走在成功的路上。Lane Bryant Inc., which sells women’s clothing size 14 to 28, became a hot topic in social media after the company released an ad campaign featuring vamping, slightly-large supermodels in slinky lingerie, a not-so-subtle jab at Victoria’s Secret 2014 ads where ultrathin “angels” wore wings.Lane Bryant公司主营加大码女装,最近该公司发布的一则广告成为美国社交网络的热门话题。在这则广告中,一排“微胖界”女模特穿着清凉内衣,热辣出镜,矛头直指内衣品牌“维多利亚的秘密”2014年的广告“天使”。Hashtagged #ImNoAngel, the salvo from Lane Bryant’s CEO and President Linda Heasley aims to revitalize the flagging brand by cashing in on the growing “body-positive” movement.琳达o西斯里是Lane Bryant公司的CEO兼总裁,她之所以推出这则名为“我不是天使”的广告,就是为了利用时下正在兴起的“身材正能量”活动,以提振低迷的品牌形象。In one day, #ImNoAngel garnered 30,000 Facebook and Twitter mentions, 85% of them positive, according to Folke Lemaitre, CEO and founder of Engagor, an analytics firm monitoring social media. Twitter followers were growing 4 percent a day. Activity was 80% women 25 to 44. The terms used most often: “redefining body image,” and “celebrates women.”社交媒体分析公司Engagor创始人兼CEO福尔克o勒迈特雷表示,在短短一天内,“我不是天使”就在Facebook和Twitter上被提到了3万次,其中85%的都是正面的。该公司在Twitter上的粉丝一天就上涨了4%。80%的回应者是25到44岁的女性,出现频率最高的词就是“重新定义了身材形象”和“祝贺女性”。The ad’s four supermodels, wearing the Cacique lingerie line, suggestively whisper lines such as, “I mean honey, have you seen all this?” It aims at Victoria’s Secret’s “Perfect Body” campaign, which sparked petitions opposing the images. #ImNoAngel ads show some small rolls of flesh, and one model’s abdominal scar from ovarian cancer surgery.广告中出现的四名超模身穿Cacique系列内衣,暗示性地低声说出“亲爱的,你看见了吗?”。这针对的是“维多利亚的秘密”的“完美身材”广告,后者一经推出就遭到不少网民炮轰,甚至有人请愿要求将其撤下。而“我不是天使”中的超模们人人腰间都缀着“游泳圈”,一名模特的腹部甚至还有卵巢癌手术留下的疤痕。“Our brand has begun to change the conversation of traditional notions of beauty,” CEO Heasley crowed in a press statement.CEO西斯里在一份媒体声明中骄傲地宣称:“我们的品牌已经开始转变人们对美的传统观念。”CEO of the Columbus, Ohio-based company since 2013, Heasley has brought a few designer “sub-brands” to Lane Bryant, and chic athletic wear. (Lane Bryant is a unit of Ascena Retail group, with 767 stores and 7,900 U.S. employees.) For decades, Lane Bryant was derided as a down-market mall staple selling outdated, stretchy, dowdy coverups. “It’s a new Lane Bryant,” Heasley told industry journal Racked. Previously at the Limited, she added Eloquii, a fast-fashion, runway-inspired line similar to Zara’s, in large sizes.Lane Bryant公司的总部位于俄亥俄州哥伦布市。自2013年就任CEO以来,西斯里先后为公司带来了几个“子品牌”和运动女装。(Lane Bryant公司是Ascena Retail集团的子公司,在全美拥有767家商店和7900名员工。)几十年来,一直有许多人嘲笑该公司销售的低档老式胸罩。不过西斯里对行业杂志《Racked》表示:“现在我们已经是一家全新的Lane Bryant公司了。”在此前Lane Bryant供职于“维多利亚的秘密”的母公司Limited集团期间,她还推出过一个名叫Eloquii的平价女装品牌,亲民的价格与Zara有些类似,只不过它也是专门针对微胖界的大码产品。Capitalizing on the the “body-positive”movement is a good move for Lane Bryant, contends Ruth Bernstein, co-founder of YARD advertising agency, whose clients include Henri Bendel and Banana Republic. The campaign, after all, arrives as the the plus-size market is growing. Trendy, new entrants include Forever21, Hamp;M, and Wet Seal. Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors license their names to plus-size lines. Yet other big names, including Saks Fifth Avenue, have exited; plus-sizebrand Avenue went bankrupt.广告公司YARD的联合创始人露丝o伯恩斯坦认为,抓住“身材正能量”运动的机会进行宣传,是Lane Bryant公司走出的一步好棋。毕竟如今大码女装的市场正在增长。且不说Forever21、Hamp;M和Wet Seal等品牌都开始做大码女装,就连Calvin Klein、拉夫劳伦、Tommy Hilfiger和Michael Kors也开始进入大码女装市场。其他一些知名品牌,比如Saks Fifth Avenue,则退出了大码女装领域,它的专业大码女装品牌Avenue也宣告破产。The problem is not a lack of large women: 64% of U.S. women are overweight, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. Half of U.S. women wear size 14 or larger, and they hold about one-third of women’s overall apparel purchasing power—about .5 billion a year, says retail analysts NPD Group. Small niche companies addressing this market have seen sales rise 31% in the past two years, helped by a tidal wave of plus-fashion bloggers — some with branded clothing lines.美国其实并不缺女胖纸:根据美国疾病控制与预防中心的数据,64%的美国妇女都不同程度的体重超标。零售分析公司NPD集团的数据显示,半数美国女性都穿14码以上的衣,她们的装购买力占全体美国女性的三分之一,约为每年175亿美元。在过去两年里,瞄准这个小众市场的公司的销售额增长了31%。当然这也离不开一些做大码女装的网络红人推波助澜,一些网络红人还有自己的大码装品牌。Lane Bryant’s CEO has noticed. “I love going on bloggers’ sites,” Heasley told Biz Journal. “They teach me every day how we should be thinking about this.” And perhaps selling like this: curvy blogger Gabbi Gregg’s “fatkinis” – large two-piece suits — went viral in 2013 and 2014 and sold out in an hour.Lane Bryant公司的CEO也注意到了这一点,她对《Biz Journal》表示:“我喜欢看客网站,她们每天都在教我应该怎样考虑这件事。”以美国的客达人加比o格雷格为例(她自己就是个女胖纸),她推出的“肥基尼”(即肥版比基尼)曾在2013和2014年红极一时,上架不到一小时就被抢购一空。Fatkinis and #ImNoAngel are the latest wave in the body-positive movement, built on decades of feminist researchshowing the harmful effects of media images of rail-thin women. Dove’s landmark “Real Beauty” campaign, begun in 2004, took it mainstream, posing non-professionals in their underwear, eventually getting 65 million YouTube views.“肥基尼”和“我不是天使”只是“身材正能量”运动的最近一次发力。女权主义者几十年来的研究早已表明,媒体大力宣传的那种超瘦的“麻杆型”身材是有害的。多芬公司2004年推出的“真正的美”广告将身材正能量运动带入了主流,这则广告让非专业模特穿着内衣上镜,最终在YouTube上收获了6500万次的点击量。Still, Lane Bryant might have a tougher road. Studies show, for instance, that larger models don’t actually make womenfeel better. And some in the curvy community bemoaned the cat fight aspect of the campaign. “I don’t believe that as plus size women we must be pitted against mainstream ideals to be seen as beautiful,” plus-size fashion blogger Sarah Conley said.不过,摆在Lane Bryant公司前面的路也许依然不好走。研究显示,大码女装并不会令女性感觉更好。有些微胖界人士也对Lane Bryant利与“维多利亚的秘密”勾心斗角表示遗憾。大码女装主萨拉o康利就表示:“我不认为作为胖女人,我们必须与主流的审美理念作斗争。”It remains to be seen whether Lane Bryant can parlay this social media buzz into sales. “Consumers are intrigued,” says Engagor’s Lemaitre. “But it will be up to the company to deliver.”Lane Bryant公司能否利用此次社交媒体上的良好反响扩大销量,目前还有待观察。Engagor公司的勒迈特雷认为:“消费者的确被这则广告吸引了,但结果还要看该公司能拿出什么产品。” /201504/371651When Steve Jobs died in 2011, iPhone sales were still doubling year on year. It is a safe bet that his successor, Tim Cook, is going to preside over the end of continuous growth. In quarterly earnings in two weeks, analysts still expect Apple to have sold 1m or more phones than the 74.5m it achieved in the same quarter last year, with Chinese demand crucial. If it turns out that Apple has sold fewer, it will be a blow to the credibility of Mr Cook, who primed the market to expect growth. But the timing hardly matters. If it is not coming this quarter, the decline is priced in for the next one.2011年史蒂夫吠布斯(Steve Jobs)去世的时候,iPhone销量还在翻番地增长。几乎可以肯定,他的继任者蒂姆錠克(Tim Cook)将在任期内眼看着这股持续增长势头终结。苹果将于两周内发布季度财报,分析师们仍预期iPhone销量将比去年同期的7450万部增加100万部以上,其中中国的需求是关键。如果销量下滑,将对库克本人的信誉造成打击,因为他事先放出的风声让市场认为增长可期。但时间点并不重要,如果这个季度销量没有下滑,投资者也预期下个季度就会下滑。So what? For all its “fanboy” customers, Apple has some Jeremiah shareholders. Since it reported the most profitable quarter in corporate history 12 months ago, its shares have fallen 15 per cent. Yet the stock trades at just 10 times forward earnings. Strip out the massive cash pile and it trades at less than 8 times. Investors know that the end of rampant growth is nigh.所以呢?尽管果粉众多,一些股东却抱着悲观态度。自12个月前报告公司史上最盈利的季度业绩以来,苹果股价下跌了15%。然而该公司股票的市盈率仅为10倍。如果不算大量的现金储备,市盈率还不到8倍。投资者知道,迅猛的增长快要结束了。Having risen to well over 50 per cent of group revenues, of course the iPhone matters. But maturity does not mean extinction, and just because Apple has become a phone company does not mean that it is all it ever will be.iPhone对集团营收的贡献已经远高于50%,当然十分重要。但成熟并不意味着一定会走向消亡,仅仅因为苹果成了一家手机公司也并不意味着它将永远只是一家手机公司。The important metric for measuring iPhone success over the next couple of years is not how many iPhones are sold in a particular quarter — but how long those phones last. Apple hopes that more consumers will switch to its new upgrade programme, which incentivises them to buy a device every 12 months. Part of the bull case outlined by Mr Cook three months ago was the relatively small number of iPhone users who had upgraded to the iPhone 6 — fewer than 35 per cent.在接下来几年,衡量iPhone是否成功,关键不是看某个季度卖出了多少部iPhone,而要看手机换代的时间。苹果希望更多消费者升级其新程序,这将激励他们每12个月买一部手机。3个月前,库克概述了看好苹果的理由,其中之一是升级到iPhone 6的iPhone用户比例相对较小,不到35%。That cuts both ways, though. A recent survey by Accenture found that the proportion of consumers who expected to buy a smartphone in the next 12 months had fallen to 48 per cent from 54 per cent last year; the drop was particularly severe in China. Another survey by Mizuho found that 81 per cent of iPhone users expected to hang on to their next device for longer, an estimated 27 months compared with 20 months. The iPhone 5 has demonstrated more staying power than previous versions of the device; it has not yet been rendered obsolete by more processing power or killer features from subsequent iterations. In Apple’s sales pitch to worrywart shareholders, that is the wrong sort of iPhone endurance.不过,此事有利有弊。埃森哲(Accenture)最近的一项调查发现,打算在接下来12个月内购买一部智能手机的消费者比例从去年的54%降至48%;在中国下滑得更厉害。瑞穗(Mizuho)的另一项调查发现,81%的iPhone用户预计下一部手机会使用更长时间,估计比目前所用手机的20个月多7个月。iPhone 5比前几代产品更为经久不衰;之后的产品更强的处理能力或者杀手级特色功能都未能淘汰iPhone 5。在苹果对忧心忡忡的股东的宣传中,iPhone的这种耐久可不是好事。 /201601/423410

A cosmic constant known as the ‘golden ratio’ is said to be found in the shape of hurricanes, elephant tusks and even in galaxies.据悉,在飓风的漩涡形状、大象的长牙甚至星系中都可以发现那个被称为“黄金分割率”的宇宙常数。Now researchers say this ratio is also seen in the topology of space-time, affecting the entire universe as a whole.现在,研究人员表示,这一比率也可在时空的拓扑结构中发现,影响着整个宇宙。And they say this number can be used to link everything in the universe together, from space-time to chemistry to biology.他们同时谈到,这个比率可用于将宇宙中的一切事物联系到一起,从时空到化学,再到生物。The research was carried out by Dr Jan Boeyens at the University of Pretoria and Dr Francis Thackeray of the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa.该研究是由南非比勒陀利亚大学的扬·布因思士和威特沃特斯兰德大学的弗朗西斯·萨克里士共同完成的。They say the golden ratio - 1.618 - can be seen ‘related not only to aspects of mathematics but also to physics, chemistry, biology and the topology of space-time.’他们说,可以看出黄金分割率——1.618“不仅与数学方面有关,还与物理、化学、生物和时空的拓扑结构有关”。And it may dictate how certain things in the universe take shape.而且这一比率可能决定了宇宙中特定事物的成形。The golden ratio, represented by the Greek letter #39;phi#39;, is said to be a mathematical connection between two aspects of an object.据称,黄金分割率,用希腊字母Φ表示,是一个物体的两个方面之间的数学联系。It can be artificially used – for example, some 20th century artists used it for the rectangular shape of their portraits from the long side to the short side.这一比率可被人为地利用:比如一些20世纪的艺术家用它来决定矩形肖像画的长边和短边的边长。They believed that the ratio created an aesthetically pleasing appearance.他们相信,这种比率创造一个美观的外观。But the ratio is not just artificially created – it is apparently found through nature in the stems of plants, skeletons of animals and so on.但是这个比率并不仅仅是人为创造的,很显然,在大自然中也可以发现这一比率,包括植物的茎和动物的骨架等等。And the shape of spirals also seem to follow the golden ratio. This suggests that geometric shapes in the universe ultimately succumb to this mathematical property.而且,螺旋的形状也符合黄金分割率。这表明,宇宙中的几何形状最终还是屈于这个数学属性。‘A convincing case for assuming a cosmic character of the golden ratio can be made based on the ubiquity of logarithmic spirals,’ the researchers write.研究人员写到:“假定黄金分割率具有宇宙属性,最具说力的例子是无处不在的对数螺线。”‘Spectacular examples include the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51), ammonites, the shape of Nautilus shells, Hurricane Katrina and the distribution of planets, moons, asteroids and rings in the solar system.’突出的例子有漩涡星系(M51)、菊石、鹦鹉螺贝壳、卡特里娜飓风以及太阳系中行星、卫星、小行星和行星环的分布。The researchers suggest that the reason that this ratio is so ubiquitous is that it is actually a property of space-time.研究人员称,黄金分割率之所以无处不在,是因为它是一个时空特性。‘The argument that this amazing consilience (self-similarity) arises from a common environmental constraint, which can only be an intrinsic feature of curved space-time, is compelling,’ they write.他们写到:“这一惊人的契合(自相似性)源自一个常见的环境限制,即这只能是弯曲时空的固有特性。这个论点令人信。”‘The time has come to recognise that relativity and quantum theories can be integrated, and linked numerically to the value of a mathematical constant - whether in the context of space-time or biology’“时代变迁,现在,我们应该认识到相对论和量子论可以相结合,并且在数值上与一个数学常量的值相联系,不论是在时空还是在生物学的背景下。”Why the universe follows this rule, however, is not known.但是,我们还不知道为什么宇宙遵循这个规律。Some think that our fine-tuned universe is simply a lucky coincidence and, under the multiverse theory, there are an infinite number of other universes that were not quite so lucky.一些人认为我们的这个“微调过的宇宙”只是天缘巧合,根据多重宇宙论,还有无数个宇宙就没有这么幸运了。 /201412/347244China has announced an ambitious space telescope program that would give the nation astronomy research capabilities to rival those of U.S. programs like the Hubble Space Telescope, according to Popular Science. The space telescope would have a lens 2 meters in diameter, giving it a field of view 300 times larger than that of the Hubble.据Popular Science报道,中国已经宣布了一项雄心勃勃的太空望远镜项目。这个项目将会大大增强中国的天文学研究能力,并与美国的哈勃太空望远镜等项目相媲美。这台太空望远镜将配置直径两米的镜头,让它能够拥有哈勃望远镜300倍大的视野。With such a large area of coverage, the space telescope would only take 10 years to survey 40 percent of the observable universe. The space telescope#39;s imaging capabilities would make it capable of satisfying a number of significant astronomy research needs, such as identifying exoplanets and searching for dark matter and dark energy.拥有如此大的覆盖范围,该太空望远镜只需要十年时间就能观测可见宇宙中40%的空间。并且,这台机器卓越的成像能力,也让它能够满足许多重大天文研究的需求,比如说辨认外星球和寻找暗物质和暗能量。The ambition of China#39;s program, announced in a parliamentary meeting earlier this year, doesn#39;t end there. The new telescope would be put into orbit next to the Tiangong 3 space station, planned for launch in 2022, and would be capable of docking with it. Keeping the space telescope close to the Tiangong 3 would allow Chinese astronauts, or taikonauts, to service it much more ily. (It took NASA three-and-a-half years and four servicing missions to fix a problem with the Hubble#39;s mirror after it launched.) China#39;s space telescope program could pave the way for assembling spacecraft in orbit, too.中国的这份雄心揭露于今年年初举行的某次国务院会议,但它并不仅仅停止于此。这台新的太空望远镜将被放置在天宫三号空间站旁边的轨道上。而天宫三号计划于2022年发射,并能够和这台太空望远镜对接。让太空望远镜和天宫三号保持较近距离。从而能够让中国的宇航员们更容易地对其进行检修。(NASA花费了三年半的时间,启动了四个检修项目来解决哈勃望远镜在发射后镜子出现的问题。)同时,中国的太空望远镜项目能够为在轨道上设置更多飞行器奠定基础。As Universe Today notes, other countries and space agencies will release a timeline and technical details about the spacecraft#39;s instruments when they announce a program like this. China has been more secretive with their research plans and capabilities, so it is hard to gauge the likelihood of all these plans coming together by 2030 or so (China has yet to launch the Tiangong 2, a space station planned for this year).正如Universe Today表明,其他国家和太空机构会在公开项目时透露时间表和太空飞行器的技术细节。而中国对其研究计划和能力则守口如瓶,所以很难估计这些计划到2030年实现的可能性有多大。(中国还没有发射原本计划于今年发射的天宫二号)Still, China#39;s apparent intent to push more aggressively into space telescope technology is encouraging. With NASA#39;s James Webb Telescope scheduled for launch in 2018, and more powerful radio telescopes being built on Earth, we will soon peer back in space and time further than ever before. Let the international competition to map the cosmos begin.即便如此,中国大力推进发展太空望远镜技术仍然令人鼓舞。NASA所研发的韦伯望远镜计划于2018年发射,而地球上将设置更多功能强大的电波望远镜。不久,我们就能在时间和空间上同时取得更大的进步。就让这场划分太空版图的国际竞争开始吧。 /201603/432303

Hua Luogeng: An Outstanding Chinese Mathematician华罗庚:中国杰出的数学家Hua Luogeng (1910-1985) was a famous Chinese mathematician, and an academician of China Academy of Sciences. He was born on December 11, 1910 in Jintan, Jiangsu Province. After graduation from Jintan Junior High School, Hua Lougeng taught himself diligently. He began to teach in Tsinghua Universities from 1930. In 1936, Hua Luogeng visited and studied in Cambridge University in England. Back home, he continued teaching in the Southwest Associated University. In 1946, He went to the ed States, beginning research work in universities such as Princeton. He went back to China in 1950. In the following years, he served as a professor in Tsinghua University, CAS Institute of Mathematics.华罗庚(1910—1985)是中国著名数学家、中国科学院院士。1910年12月11日出生于江苏省金坛市。金坛中学初中毕业后刻苦自学。1930年开始在清华大学任教。1936年赴英国剑桥大学访问、学习,回国后任西南联合大学教授。1946年赴美国,在普林斯顿等大学从事研究工作。1950年回国。随后几年历任清华大学教授,中国科学院数学研究所所长等职。Hua was the founder and pioneer of many fields in new China#39;s mathematics research. He wrote more than 200 thesis and monographs, many of which have become classic documents of immortal value.华罗庚是新中国数学研究许多领域内的开拓者和奠基人,他撰写的论文和专著有200多篇,其中有很多已成为不朽经典。Besides pure mathematics research, Hua also did a lot of work in the fields of mathematics applications. He made the mathematics serve the national economy and became the first Chinese scientist who closely combined the mathematics theoretic studies and practical production, and obtained enormous economic results in many fields.除了纯数学研究,他在应用数学领域也做了很多工作。他的数学理论为国民经济务,他是首位将数学理论研究和生产实践密切结合、并在许多领域取得巨大经济效益的华人科学家。 /201602/422136

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