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  • Chinas anti-corruption campaign will include a new focus this year cracking down on the misuse and embezzlement of poverty relief funds, according to the top prosecutor.最高人民检察院检察长表示,中国今年的反腐败斗争将集中打击滥用和挪用扶贫资金的职务犯罪。The five-year drive is aimed at ensuring the poverty alleviation policy and special funding will benefit poor people in poverty-stricken areas, Cao Jianming, prosecutor-general at the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate, told China Daily in an exclusive interview. This campaign has been launched by the SPP and the Poverty Relief Office under the State Council.最高人民检察院检察长曹建明在接受《中国日报》专访时表示,此次集中整治由最高人民检察院和国务院扶贫办联合部署开展,为期五年,旨在确保扶贫政策和扶贫专项资金落实到位,确实惠及贫困地区。Prosecuting departments will focus on investigating graft issues that involve exporting labor services, ecological protection, education and medical insurance, as well as minimum rural living allowances, Cao said.检察机关将集中调查劳务出口、生态保护、教育、医疗保险和农村最低生活保障等方面的贪污渎职案件。They will also become ;more aggressive; in going after officials at grassroots levels, such as those in charge of handling traffic in rural areas, hydropower, electric power infrastructure construction, and renovation of rural homes, Cao said.曹建明还表示,调查行动还将对负责农村地区贸易、水电、电力基础设施建设和农村房屋翻修等工作的基层政府官员加大调查和打击力度。The campaign comes after a keynote speech by President Xi Jinping at an anti-graft meeting in January, during which he promised to maintain the momentum at grassroots level to benefit everyone.习近平总书记在一月份的一次反腐会议上发表重要讲话,承诺要推动全面从严治党向基层延伸,维护群众切身利益。In recent years, a large amount in poverty alleviation funding has been embezzled or misused, seriously harming the public interest and peoples legitimate rights. It has also led to a series of petition cases, which has affected social harmony and stability.近几年,大量扶贫资金的非法滥用和贪污严重损害了公众利益和人民的合法权利,相关诉讼案和请愿书对社会和谐与稳定产生了影响;We will try our utmost to punish those who abuse their power to embezzle, hold back, falsely claim or squander poverty alleviation funds,; Cao said.曹建明说:“我们会全力惩治任何滥用职权挪用、隐瞒、冒领、浪费扶贫资金的违法行为。”Since November 2012, Chinas leadership has conducted a sweeping nationwide campaign to pursue both ;tigers;, or high-ranking officials, and ;flies;, or lower-ranked officials at the grassroots level.0121月起,中国领导人在全国范围内开展彻底的反腐行动,既打高级别国家干部这样的“老虎”,又打蛰伏在基层的“苍蝇”。According to the SPP, duty-related crimes involving poverty alleviation funds have occurred at all levels but most of the corrupt officials involved have been at county level or below.最高人民检察院表示,各级别官员都出现过扶贫资金的职权滥用犯罪,但职权滥用和腐败最严重的却是县级及以下官员;We will step up efforts to combat such crimes to let more people at the grassroots level share the fruits of the anti-graft campaign,; Cao said.曹建明说:“我们会加大对职权滥用和贪污的打击力度,让基层群众更多感受到反腐倡廉的实际成果。”He also said the number of corrupt officials involved in the misuse and embezzlement of poverty relief funds has risen sharply due to ;loopholes in the supervision mechanism, and the high number of anti-poverty projects and the huge funds involved;.曹建明还表示,由于“监管机制存在漏洞,扶贫项目数量极多,牵涉资金数目庞大”,涉嫌扶贫资金滥用和贪污的政府官员数目急剧增长。According to the SPP, 933 corrupt officials in charge of poverty alleviation were investigated by prosecutors last year, a year-on-year increase of 19.2 percent.最高人民检察院表示,去年共查处933名扶贫资金贪污人员,比去年增长了19.2%。In October, China set a goal of building a well-off society and lifting all poverty-stricken people in rural areas out of poverty by 2020.去年十月,党的十八届五中全会从实现全面建成小康社会奋斗目标出发,明确020年我国现行标准下农村贫困人口实现脱贫,贫困县全部摘帽;By targeting corrupt officials in the poverty relief sector, we will ensure that the targeted poverty relief strategy will really benefit poor people,; Cao said.“此次集中惩治和加强预防扶贫领域职务犯罪专项工作能够确保脱贫政策真正惠及广大贫困人口。”曹建明说。He added that prosecutors will work closely with poverty relief departments and set up a system to share information, such as the number of poor people, funding distribution, and how poverty relief programs are run.他还表示,检察机关将与扶贫机构密切合作,建立信息共享体系,保持贫困人口数量、扶贫资金分配、扶贫项目实施情况等信息的流通。China still has 200 million people living in poverty, based on the World Bank standard, which means they each live on less than .90 a day. In 2014, the central government allocated 43.3 billion yuan (.67 billion) for poverty relief, double the amount in 2010.根据世界日生活费1.9美元的贫困标准,中国仍有2亿贫困人口014年,中央财政安排扶贫资金433亿元人民币(6.7亿美元),是2010年的两倍。来 /201603/431562。
  • Saudi Arabia is raising bn from a consortium of global banks as the kingdom embarks on its first international debt issuance in 25 years to counter dwindling oil revenues and reserves. 沙特阿拉伯正从一个由多家全球组成的财团筹00亿美元。为了对抗石油收入和外汇储备减少,该国启5年来首次国际贷款The landmark five-year loan, a sign of Riyadh’s newfound dependence on foreign capital, opens the way for the country to launch its first international bond issue. It comes as the low price of crude encourages other Gulf governments, such as Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Oman, to tap bond markets. 这一里程碑式的五年期贷款标志着沙特政府对外国资本产生了新的依赖,它为沙特发行首只国际债券铺平了道路。目前,原油价格走低正促使阿布扎比、卡塔尔和阿曼等其他海湾国家政府利用债券市场融资The oil-rich kingdom, which last weekend blocked a deal among oil producers to freeze output and bolster prices, has burnt through around 0bn in reserves since late 2014. Its fiscal deficit is set to widen to 19 per cent of gross domestic product this year. 上周末,石油资源丰富的沙特封杀了产油国之间冻结产量以提振油价的一个协议。自2014年底以来,该国已耗费了约1200亿美元外汇储备。今年其财政赤字将扩大至国内生产总GDP)9%Strong interest in the loan, especially from Asia, came despite rating agenciesdowngrades on Saudi creditworthiness since the oil price collapsed. The government raised the amount it wanted to borrow from bn-bn to bn after the deal was oversubscribed. 尽管自油价崩盘以来各评级机构已经下调了沙特的信用评级,但这笔贷款还是吸引了投资者的强烈兴趣——尤其是来自亚洲的投资者。在出现超额认购后,沙特政府将借款金额0亿至80亿美元提升至100亿美元“The deal is very successful, with very competitive pricing,said Elyas Algaseer, deputy regional general manager at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi. “There was immense market appetite.三菱东京日联(Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi)区域副总经理伊莱亚#8226;阿尔加瑟(Elyas Algaseer)表示:“这笔交易非常成功,价格极有竞争力。市场需求极大。Ewen Cameron Watt, chief investment strategist at BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, said: “The loan is a way for Saudi Arabia to test the waters and set up an international borrowing profile. 世界最大资产管理公司贝莱德(BlackRock)首席投资策略师尤#8226;卡梅#8226;瓦特(Ewen Cameron Watt)表示:“对沙特阿拉伯来说,这笔贷款是试水并建立国际借款记录的方式。“This is paving the way for the kingdom to transform from a creditor nation into a debtor nation. It’s a significant moment of change in debt markets.“这为沙特王国从债权国转为债务国铺平了道路。是债务市场发生改变的重大时刻。Saudi Arabia may now raise its first global bond in the wake of the loan deal, bankers said. Institutions that loaned the most would be set to benefit from a mandate to help Riyadh raise the bond. 家们表示,在这笔贷款交易完成后,沙特阿拉伯现在可能要发行其首只全球债券。为沙特阿拉伯提供最多贷款的几家金融机构,将受益于帮助利雅得发行债券的委托The lead lenders, each pledging around .3bn, include Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, HS and JPMorgan, bankers say. Lenders were required to lend at least 0m to participate. 家们表示,领头的贷款人包括三菱东京日联、汇HS)和根大JPMorgan),每一家都承诺为沙特提供约13亿美元的贷款。要参与此次认购,沙特要求贷款人至少要借出5亿美元Mr Algaseer declined to comment on the pricing, but other bankers close to the deal said it had priced at around 120 basis points over US dollar Libor. 阿尔加瑟拒绝就定价置评,但其他知晓这笔贷款内情的家表示,定价比美元伦敦间同业拆借利Libor)高出120个基点左右The loan is Saudi Arabia’s first international debt issuance since 1991, when it raised around bn in the aftermath of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. 这笔贷款是沙特阿拉伯991年以来的首次国际发债,那年沙特在伊拉克入侵科威特后募集了约10亿美元。来 /201604/438546。
  • Philippines Duterte tells Japan his China visit was just economics, blasts U.S.菲律宾总统杜特尔特告诉日本他的中国之行只是为了经济,并炮轰美国 Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte sought to assure Japan on Wednesday that his high-profile visit to China last week was about economics, not security, and vowed to stand on Tokyos side over the disputed South China Sea when the time came.周三,菲律宾总统杜特尔特试图向日本保上周高调访华仅是经济考虑,并不包括国家安全,并且承诺当南中国海发生争议时站在日本这一边。Earlier in the day, Duterte reiterated his harsh words for long-time ally Washington, saying he might end defense treaties.早些时候,杜特尔特重申了对于长期盟友美国的严厉批评,并说他也许会终止防御条约。The volatile Philippine leaders visit to Japan comes amid jitters about his foreign policy goals after weeks of verbal attacks on ally the ed States and overtures toward China.这位反复无常的菲律宾领导人访日时机正值他的外交政策调整为嗔哂美国并亲近中国的几周之后。Duterte last week announced in China his ;separation; from the ed States, but then insisted ties were not being severed and that he was merely pursuing an independent foreign policy.杜特尔特上周在中国宣布他要和美国分手,但他强调美菲关系并不是中断了,他只不过是在追求一个独立的外交政策。His perplexing comments pose a headache for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has tightened ties with Washington while building closer security relations with Manila and other Southeast Asian countries as a counter-weight to a rising China.他天花乱坠的说辞让与美国关系匪浅的安培首相头痛不已,他想同菲律宾以及其他东南亚国家合纵抗衡崛起的中国;You know I went to China for a visit. And I would like to assure you that all there was, was economics. We did not talk about arms. We avoided talking about alliances,; he told an audience of Japanese businessmen.“你们都知道我去中国访问了。我想向你们保,所有的是经济方面。我们没有谈论武器。我们避免谈及联盟。”他告诉日本商界听众。Duterte, speaking through a Japanese interpreter at the start of his talks with Abe, later said he would stand on Japans side in the contentious matter of the South China Sea.杜特尔特通过日语翻译与安倍开始交之后他说他在南中国海的争议中会和日本穿一条裤子。Describing Japan as a ;special friend who is closer than a brother;, Duterte said after the meeting that Manila would work closely with Japan on regional issues of common concern and uphold the values of democracy, the rule of law and peaceful settlement of disputes including the South China Sea.杜特尔特会后将日本称作“比兄贵更亲密的特殊朋友”。马尼拉将与日本就共同关心的地区问题,维护民主的价值观,法治,以及南中国海争议和平解决密切合作。来 /201611/475480。
  • A draft of Chinas first environmental protection tax law, submitted to the top legislative body for initial discussion, may impose heavier penalties on polluters than ever before.我国首部环境保护税法的草案日前提请最高立法机关初次审议,该草案或对排污者采取比以往更严厉的刑罚。The draft designates four taxable types of pollution - airborne and water pollutants, solid waste and noise.草案明确了四类应税污染物:大气污染物、水污染物、固体废物和噪声。Companies and individuals who directly discharge these would be subject to the tax, according to Finance Minister Lou Jiwei.据财政部部长楼继伟介绍,直接向环境排放这些污染物的企业和个人需缴纳环保税。The draft adopted the current standards for pollutant discharge fees as the lower range, and provincial level governments would have the authority to raise tax fees based on the environmental situation in their jurisdictions, Lou said.楼继伟表示,草案以现行排污费收费标准作为环保税的税额下限,省级政府将有权依据本地区环境状况上浮税额。Municipal sewage and household waste treatment plants would be exempted from the tax, as would mobile pollution sources like vehicles, vessels and airplanes.城市污水和生活垃圾处理场所以及机动车、船舶和航空器等流动污染源可免征环保税。The proposal would yield an estimated RMB22.8b to RMB45.7b in annual tax revenue, according to State Administration of Taxation analysis.依据国家税务总局的分析,征收环保税估计每年可创2857亿元的税收。Shi Zhengwen, a professor of fiscal and tax law at China University of Political Science and Law, said the proposed tax comes at a good time, considering the severe pollution in recent years and the ongoing economic reform.中国政法大学财税法教授施正文表示,考虑到近年来的严重污染和正在进行的经济改革,这项提议的税法来得正是时候;Its not an extra burden for companies, but a more standardized tax with stronger force, and easier for taxpayers to follow,; Shi said, adding it would not greatly expand the existing fees.施正文教授说道:“这对企业来说不是一个额外的负担,而是一种更规范的、具有强大效力的、对纳税人来说更易遵守的税收。”来 /201609/465116。
  • Donald Trump warned that “bad things would happenat the Republican convention in July if the GOP establishment tried to deny him the presidential nomination despite his resounding victories in the second Super Tuesday contests. 唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)警告说,如果共和党内的建制派试图否认他的总统候选人提名,而不顾他在第二次“超级星期二Super Tuesday)竞选中获得巨大胜利,那月份共和党全国代表大会将会有“不好的事情发生”Speaking after his wins in Florida, Illinois and North Carolina, Mr Trump told CNN on Wednesday that he believed he would win an outright majority of delegates before the convention, but said the party would be obliged to give him the nomination even if he failed to reach the 1,237 threshold for an outright victory. 在佛罗里达州、伊利诺伊州和北卡罗莱纳州赢得选战后,特朗普在周三向美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)表示他相信自己会在全国代表大会前赢得绝大多数选举人票,但他表示即使他未能达到1237张选举人票的门槛,没有取得彻底胜利,共和党还是不得不将提名给他“If we’re 20 votes short, or if we’re 100 short and we’re at 1,100 and somebody else is at 500 or 400 I don’t think you can say that we don’t get it automatically,Mr Trump said. “I think you’d have riots.特朗普说:“如果我们少0票,或者我们少00票,最终获100票,而其他人00票或400票……我认为你不可以说,我们不能自动获得提名。我认为到时候会发生骚乱。Mr Trump’s comments were a veiled threat to party elders not to intervene in a so-called convention in Cleveland in July to thwart him. In the meantime, the real estate mogul is working to deny them the opportunity by wooing his rivalsfollowers. 特朗普这番话其实是在暗中威胁党内大佬不要插手7月克利夫兰全国代表大会,企图阻止他。同时这位房地产大亨还拉拢起竞争对手的追随者,努力不给党内大佬任何机会。来 /201603/432410。
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