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济南总院网上预约济南天桥治疗妇科炎症多少钱The authorities in the Chinese capital, Beijing, have issued their highest smog warning so far this year. The ;orange level; alert declared on Sunday is the second highest possible, requiring factories to cut production.中国首都北京的专家们,已经发布了迄今为止最高的雾霾警报。周日公布的“橙色级”警报是二级警报,并且有关部门还要求工厂减少生产。Air pollution is a chronic health-risk for those living and working in the capital and other major Chinese cities. Some reports suggest that visibility has fallen to a few hundred metres in some places.空气污染对于在首都和其他主要城市生活和工作的人来说,是一种慢性健康风险。有报道指出,在一些地方,能见度已经下降到几百米。At noon on Sunday, the air pollution monitor operated by the US Embassy in Beijing reported that the intensity of the poisonous, tiny particles of PM 2.5 reached more than 400 micrograms per cubic metre in some of the worst-affected areas. The World Health Organization considers 25 micrograms per cubic metre to be a safe level.周日中午,美国驻北京大使馆操作的空气污染监测仪显示,在一些受影响最严重的地区,可吸入颗粒物,即PM2.5,每立方米超过了400微克。而世界卫生组织认为安全范围是每立方米25微克。Coal-powered industries and heating systems, as well as dust from construction sites, all contribute to the smog which has been exacerbated by humidity and a lack of wind.煤炭工业和供热系统,以及建筑工地的灰尘,都会因湿度和风力减小而加剧雾霾的形成。Air pollution is a perennial problem in China#39;s northeast which is home to many heavy industries including coal mining. Earlier this month, China#39;s state media and many residents criticised high pollution levels in the north-eastern city of Shenyang.对于以煤矿为主能源的东北重工业基地,污染是个永恒的问题。本月早期,中国官方媒体和许多居民批评了中国东北城市沈阳的重度污染。The People#39;s Daily said PM 2.5 levels exceeded 1,400 micrograms per cubic metre. Activists said that may have been the ;worst ever; air quality seen in the country.人民日报称,沈阳的可吸入颗粒物,即PM2.5,达到了1400毫克每立方米。部分激进人士甚至表示,这是全国“最差”的空气质量了。Earlier this year China#39;s environment ministry announced that only eight out of the country#39;s 74 biggest cities had passed the government#39;s basic air quality standards in 2014. Most of the cities found to have the worst air were in the northeast.今年早期,中国环境部宣布,2014年,在中国的74个大城市中,仅有8个达到了政府规定的基本空气质量标准。空气污染最严重的城市大多数都位于中国东北部。China is attempting to cut pollution but still relies heavily on coal for its energy and industrial needs.中国正在努力减少污染,但是目前仍然依靠煤作为主要工业能源。 /201512/413022山东省中西医结合医院的qq号 JENNY NING WAS self-conscious about being one of Kondo’s only employees who had not yet finished tidying(!). What could Kondo possibly think of an employee representing KonMari Inc. to her American base not having her own house in order? Last year, when Kondo visited San Francisco, she came to Ning’s studio apartment, and Ning said she felt very ashamed when Kondo opened her closet. Kondo would visit San Francisco again to introduce the consultancy and maybe even before, and Ning told me she wanted to tidy and to show Kondo the progress. I asked if I could come along and maybe help Ning complete her tidying.近藤麻里惠的雇员中有几个还没有完成整理,其中就包括詹妮·宁(Jenny Ning,音),她为此感到有点不好意思。身为KonMari公司的员工,在美国受众面前代表着公司的形象,她自己的屋子却没有收拾得井井有条,这会让近藤怎么想呢?去年,近藤访问旧金山时来到了宁的公寓。宁说,当近藤打开自己的衣橱时,自己羞愧极了。近藤还会再来旧金山,启动这家咨询公司,甚至可能是在那之前。宁告诉我,她打算好好做一下整理,让近藤看到自己的进步。我问她我是否能过来,说不定能帮上她的忙呢。When Ning was little, she loved to collect things: stamps, stickers, pencils. She was never overwhelmed by her stuff. She thinks of her childhood bedroom as “very happy.” But as she grew into adulthood, she kept buying clothing: far too much of it.宁小时候喜欢收集东西:邮票、贴纸、铅笔。她从来不会觉得自己的东西是负担。她觉得自己童年时代的卧室是“非常快乐”的。但是成年以后,她不停地买衣:买得太多了。She went to work in finance, but she found the work empty and meaningless. She would come home and find herself overwhelmed by her stuff. So she began searching for “minimalism” on the internet, happening on Pinterest pages of beautiful, empty bathrooms and kitchens, and she began to imagine that it was her stuff that was weighing her down. She philosophy blogs about materialism and the accumulation of objects. “They just all talked about feeling lighter,” she said. Ning wanted that lightness.一开始她在金融业工作,但她觉得这份工作空虚而又没有意义。回到家里,她总觉得自己被她所拥有的物品压倒了。于是她开始在网上搜索“极简主义”。偶然在Pinterest上看到那些空空荡荡的漂亮卫生间和厨房,她开始感觉自己拥有的物品成了累赘。她读到一些关于物质至上主义和物品囤积的哲学客。“他们都在讲一种轻盈的感受,”她说。宁也想感受那种轻盈。And here, at this moment in the story, Ning began to cry. “I never knew how to get here from there,” she said. She found Kondo’s book, and she felt better immediately, just having it. She began tidying, and immediately she lost three pounds. She had been trying to lose weight forever, and then suddenly, without effort, three pounds, just gone.故事讲到这儿,宁开始哭泣。“我完全不知道怎么从那种状态达到今天这个样子,”她说。然后,她发现了近藤的书,光是读一读,就让她立刻感觉好了很多。她开始做整理,很快,人就瘦了三磅。她一直在努力减肥,但现在她什么额外的事情也没做,就这么突然一下子瘦了整整三磅。Ning has thrown away her collections. She wiped her tears and leaned in and told me, like a secret, that she has kept one collection: the stickers. She asked me if I wanted to see her album. She pulled it out from under her bed, pages and pages of Snoopy stickers and stickers of frogs and cupcakes and bunnies in raincoats playing in puddles and Easter baskets. She smiled down at them and touched a few while I thumbed through the pages.宁已经把自己收集的东西统统扔掉了。她擦干眼泪,凑到我身边,像说悄悄话一样告诉我,她只保留了一种藏品。那就是贴纸。她问我想不想看她的收藏簿。她把它从床底下拿了出来,里面是一页一页的史努比、青蛙和纸杯蛋糕的贴纸,还有穿着雨衣,在水洼里玩耍的兔子,以及复活节篮子。她低头看着它们,脸上露出微笑,我随手翻动时,她还轻轻地抚摸其中的几枚贴纸。A WEEK LATER I was on another assignment, still using the same notebook from the Kondo story. As I flipped through it, passing through the pages of my notes from my time with Ning, I noticed that a tiny blue butterfly sticker had escaped her collection and landed on a page. When I saw the sticker, I froze and put my finger on it. I had had a sticker album, too. It had stickers that smelled like candy canes and purple. It had bubbly heart stickers and star stickers and Mork amp; Mindy stickers and Peanuts stickers, too.一周后我有另一项采访任务,用的还是采访近藤这篇文章时用的笔记本。我随手翻页,翻过采访宁的那次所做的笔记。我突然发现,有一片小小的蓝蝴蝶贴纸从她的收藏里跑到了我的本子上。看到它,我不觉怔住了,伸出手指去抚摸它。我自己也有过贴纸簿,里面的贴纸闻上去好像拐棍糖,带着点紫色的味道。那里面还有心形泡泡贴纸、星星贴纸、“默克与明迪”(Mork amp; Mindy)贴纸和花生漫画贴纸。I went abroad for a year to Israel after high school. While I was there, the boiler in my house in Brooklyn exploded and a soot fire destroyed all our possessions. “Everyone is OK, but there was a fire,” my father said when I called. I never saw my sticker album again. I never saw anything again. After the place was cleared out, my mother was able to save a few photo albums, because they were closed when the soot invaded the basement and covered and ruined all the surfaces. When I look at the pictures, I don’t ever notice how young or cute my sisters and I were. I look in the background for the items that lie in the incidental path of my mother’s Canon. I try to think of what my life would have been like if I’d returned home to what I left behind, the way my friends were able to return to their homes to what they’d left behind and keep returning, after they finished college and after they got married and after they had kids. I try to think of who I’d be if I weren’t in the habit of looking at my home before I left it each day and mentally preparing myself for the possibility that nothing I owned would be there when I got home that night. I try to know what feelings my lost objects, which I forget more and more as the years pass, would evoke if I could hold them in my hands, KonMari style, like a new kitten. Some would bring joy and some would not, but I’m not someone who thinks that joy is the only valid emotion. I try to remember what I no longer can because, in terms of my possessions, it is as if I was born on my 19th birthday.中学毕业后,我去以色列呆了一年。在以色列期间,布鲁克林家里的锅炉爆炸了,烟殆引发的火灾烧掉了我们所有的财物。“大家都好,但是着火了,”我打电话过去时,父亲告诉我。我永远地失去了我的贴纸簿,什么都没有了。现场收拾干净之后,妈妈抢救出几本相册,烟殆侵入地下室后,覆盖并烧毁了所有东西的表面,但相册是合着的。看着那些照片,我注意的不是我和姊们过去有多么年轻可爱。我只是看着背景中那些被妈妈的佳能相机碰巧拍到的东西。我试着去设想,如果我能回到幼时的家,看到自己留在家里的那些东西,那样的生活会是什么样?就像我的朋友们可以回家,看到他们留在那里的东西仍然在那里,甚至大学毕业或者结婚生子之后,还都保持原样。我已经养成习惯,每天出门前都要审视家中,做好当晚回来发现自己所有物品都已不见的心理准备。如果我没有养成这样的习惯,现在的我又会是个什么样的人呢?那些我已经失去的东西,随着岁月流逝,也渐渐被我淡忘。但我常想,如果我能再次把它们握在手里,用KonMari的方式,仿佛捧起一只新生的小猫,那会带给我怎样的感受?我想,有些东西一定会带来快乐,而有些则不会。但我不认为快乐是唯一正当的情感。我努力回忆那些我已经不记得了的东西,因为从个人物品的角度来说,我感觉自己仿佛是19岁生日那天才刚刚出生。 The reason I bring this up is to tell you that you could not have any stuff at all, much less too much stuff, and still be totally messed up about it. The reason I tell you this is so that you know that that tiny butterfly sticker has been the same burden to me as any hoarder’s yield. Nostalgia is a beast, and that is either a good reason to KonMari your life, or a terrible one, depending on how you want to live.我之所以说起这件事,只是想告诉你,就算你什么东西也没有,就算你拥有的东西远远算不上过多,你还是有可能过得乱七八糟。我告诉你这些,是想让你明白,那片小小的蝴蝶贴纸对于我来说,也像任何一个集物癖的破烂儿一样,是一种负担。怀旧情结是一头猛兽,如果你想用KonMari法去整理自己的生活,这既是一个好理由,也是一个坏理由,完全取决于你想怎样生活。THE LAST TIME I saw Marie Kondo, we were in a hotel room in Midtown, a different one, and still the only visible objects in it were that metal suitcase and her husband’s laptop. But one item had been removed from the suitcase: a spray bottle that she keeps around. She sprays it into the air and the scent signals to her that she is finished working for the day, that her obligations, which seem endless lately, are done. I told her that, to my observation, a company trying to grow the way hers was trying to grow seemed at odds with the personality of someone who required such extreme measures for peace in the first place. “I do feel overwhelmed,” she told me, and she gave me one note of a quiet laugh. People demand a lot of her, not really understanding that you don’t go into a business like tidying if you’re able to handle a normal influx of activity and material. Kondo is not part of a breed of alpha-organizers bent on dominating the world, despite her hashtag. She has more in common with her clients. But when it comes to stuff, we are all the same. Once we’ve eliminated that which does not bring us joy and categorized ourselves within an inch of our lives, we’ll find that the person lying beneath all the stuff was still just plain old us. We are all a mess, even when we’re done tidying. At least Kondo knows it. “I was always more comfortable talking to objects than people,” she told me. At that moment, I could tell that if she had her way, I would leave the hotel room and she would spray her spray and be left alone, so she could ask the empty room if she could clean it.我上一次见到近藤麻里惠是在中城的一家酒店房间。不是同一个房间。但房间里能看到的唯一几件物品还是只有她的金属旅行箱,还有她丈夫的笔记本电脑。不过有一样东西已经从旅行箱里拿出来了,就是她的喷雾瓶。她喜欢把香氛喷洒在空气中,告诉自己一日的工作已经做完,她那些似乎永远做不完的任务已经完成。我告诉她,据我观察,一家以如此方式追求成长的公司和一个需要采取如此极端方式追求平和的人,似乎有点格格不入。“我确实感到力不从心,”她告诉我,对我静静一笑。人们向她索求很多东西,却不明白,如果你真能处理好日常生活的种种匆忙和繁乱,也就不会从事“整理”这种行业了。尽管有那样的井号标签,但近藤并不是那种一心主导世界的顶级组织者。她和自己的客户之间其实有着更多相似之处。但是说到身外之物,我们都是一样的。一旦丢弃了那些不能给我们带来快乐的东西,拼命地自我归类,我们会发现,那个身外之物底下的人,仍不过是原来旧我。我们所有人都是一团糟,哪怕是完成了整理之后。至少近藤知道这一点。“和东西说话总是比和人说话更让我觉得自在,”她告诉我。在那个时刻,我看得出来,如果按照她的心愿,我应该马上离开这个酒店房间,好让她独自一个人去喷洒香氛,然后询问这个房间愿不愿意被她清理。 /201607/453655济南第三人民医院治疗不孕不育好吗

济南市儿童医院怎样预约济南妇儿女子治疗好不好 China’s carbon dioxide emissions are likely to peak by 2025 — and may even have done so aly — according to a new paper that suggests the country’s economic slowdown and rapid adoption of renewable energy mean previous projections of China’s emissions peak are far too pessimistic. 根据一项新的研究报告,中国的二氧化碳排放很可能在2025年之前达到峰值——甚至有可能已经见顶。该报告称,中国经济放缓以及快速采用可再生能源意味着,此前其排放峰值的预测过于悲观。 “The major problem with current models of China’s emissions is that most of them do not pay attention to change in the structure and growth of China’s economic output,” said Fergus Green of the London School of Economics’ Grantham Research Institute, co-author with Lord Stern of the LSE paper to be published this week in the journal Climate Policy. 伦敦政治经济学院(LSE)格兰瑟姆研究所(Grantham Research Institute)的弗格斯#8226;格林(Fergus Green)表示:“现有研究中国碳排放的模型的主要问题在于,它们大多数没有注意到中国的经济产出的结构和增长的变化。”这份报告由格林与斯特恩勋爵(Lord Stern)共同完成,将于本周发表在《气候政策》(Climate Policy)刊物上。 The study assumes that under a “high growth scenario”, annual economic growth will be just 6 per cent rate for the coming decade — compared with an average of more than 10 per cent in the first decade of this century. 这项研究假设,在“高速增长的前景”下,未来10年中国年度经济增速将仅有6%——相比之下,本世纪头10年的年均增速超过了10%。 With the slowdown accompanied by a government-planned economic transition from carbon-intensive heavy industry to services, the authors expect this structural shift means a decline of at least 4 per cent in the country’s energy intensity over the next decade. 伴随中国政府推进经济转型,从碳密集型重工业转向务业,中国出现了增长放缓。在此背景下,两位作者预期,这种结构性变化意味着中国的能源密集度在未来10年将下降至少4%。 They believe this means primary energy consumption growth will slow to only 1.8 per cent a year or less between now and 2025, compared with an annual rate of more than 8 per cent between 2000 and 2013. 他们认为,这意味着从现在到2025年,一次能源消费增速将放缓至1.8%或更低,相比之下,2000年至2013年期间的年增速超过了8%。 At the same time, China’s energy will increasingly come from non-fossil sources, the report says. The researchers believe the government‘s target to derive 15 per cent of primary energy from non-fossil sources by 2020 “is likely to be significantly beaten”. 与此同时,该报告称,中国的能源将越来越多地来自非化石来源。两位研究人员相信,中国政府的目标——到2020年非化石能源占一次能源比重达到15%——“很可能明显提前实现”。 The study is not the first to suggest carbon cuts are happening aly. Last month the government released figures suggesting emissions from fossil fuels and cement had fallen in 2015, according to analysis from Greenpeace. 这份报告并非第一个预测中国碳排放下降的研究。根据绿色和平组织(Greenpeace)的分析,中国政府上月发布的数据似乎表明,2015年,来自化石燃料与水泥的碳排放已经出现下降。 Sector-specific targets for renewable energy generation are set as absolute outputs, rather than as shares of total energy consumption. This means coal could be squeezed out faster if total energy consumption is lower than expected. China’s energy planning agencies aim to produce 200-300 gigawatts of wind and 150 gigawatts of solar energy by 2020. The US Energy Information Administration estimates that coal consumption stayed flat in 2014, and the National Bureau of Statistics states production fell by 3.3 per cent last year. 可再生能源发电的行业目标被设定为绝对产出,而非作为总能耗的一部分。这意味着,如果总能耗低于预期,煤炭将会被更快地挤出能源结构。中国能源规划机构的目标是,到2020年,使风电产能达到200至300千兆瓦,太阳能发电达到150千兆瓦。据美国能源情报署(Energy Information Administration)估计,2014年中国煤炭消费量未出现增长,而中国国家统计局(NBS)的数据显示,去年中国的煤炭产量下降了3.3%。 There are risks on the path to lower emissions. Provincial governments may be tempted by the short-term growth boons of building new coal plants. Coal plant building accelerated in 2014-15 “despite aly enormous amounts of excess capacity”, says the report. 中国减排的道路上也存在风险。省级政府可能会因贪图短期增长而建设新的燃煤电厂。该报告称,“虽然已经出现大量产能过剩”,但在2014至2015年燃煤电厂建设仍出现加速。 Whether such risks will be realised depends on the political clout of the coal enterprises and local governments dependent on coal. Last week the government estimated that 1.3m coal workers could be laid off due to reforms to shut unprofitable mines. 此类风险会不会成真,取决于煤炭企业以及依赖煤炭的地方政府的政治影响力。上周,中国政府估计,关闭不赚钱煤矿的改革举措将导致130万煤炭工人下岗。 At its annual parliamentary session this weekend, China for the first time announced a cap on its projected energy consumption by 2020. It also set a new target of reducing energy intensity, or the amount of energy consumed per unit of gross dometic product, by 18 per cent in that period. 在周末召开的全国人大会议上,中国首次宣布2020年预期能源消耗上限。中国还设定了将能源密集度(即单位GDP的能耗量)在此期间降低18%的新目标。 Many climate change researchers believe China’s emissions are aly far lower than official estimates. The country surpassed its targets for reducing emissions intensity over the past five years, thanks to the economic slowdown and massive construction of hydropower dams. 许多气候变化研究者认为,中国的碳排放量已经远低于官方估计。过去5年,得益于经济放缓以及大规模建设水电站,中国已超额完成削减碳排放强度的目标。 The world’s largest carbon dioxide emitter said last year its emissions would peak around 2030. It had previously stood firm on not cutting its carbon emissions while its economy was still developing. 世界最大二氧化碳排放国去年表示,其碳排放将在2030年前后达到峰值。中国此前曾坚持在经济发展阶段不进行减排。 /201603/430546平阴县中医院体检收费标准

山东省肿瘤医院妇产科怎样 Natural disasters across China have left at least 1,074 people dead and 270 unaccounted for since the beginning of the year, an official at the Ministry of Civil Affairs said last Tuesday.民政部官员上周二表示,今年年初以来,全国各地的自然灾害共造成至少1074人死亡,270人失踪。The most notable events included floods, heavy winds, hail and a range of geological disasters, said Yang Xiaodong, deputy head of the disaster relief department in the ministry.民政部救灾司副司长杨晓东表示,我国自然灾害以洪涝、大风、冰雹和各类地质灾害为主。In total, natural disasters caused RMB298.3b in direct economic losses. About 400,000 houses collapsed and 6.24m residents were relocated.各类自然灾害共造成直接经济损失2983亿元,约40万间房屋倒塌,624万人被重新安置。Since June, natural disasters have left 833 people dead and 233 missing, the largest number of casualties over the same period since 2011, Yang said.杨晓东表示,6月以来,自然灾害已造成833人死亡、233人失踪,为2011年以来同期因灾死亡失踪人数最高值。Anhui, Fujian, Guizhou, Hebei, Hubei, Jiangsu and Jiangxi were the hardest hit regions.安徽、福建、贵州、河北、湖北、江苏和江西是受灾最严重的地区。The central government has allocated more than 1.67 billion yuan this year to help people in disaster-hit areas through emergency relocation, resettlement, reconstruction of damaged houses, and to assist those who have lost loved ones, Yang said.杨晓东表示,中央政府今年已拨款超过16亿7000万元,帮助灾区人民紧急搬迁、安置、重建受损房屋,并救助那些失去亲人的人。This year, the ministry and the China National Commission for Disaster Reduction have sent 17 emergency teams to assist relief work.今年以来,工信部和中国国家减灾委员会共派出17个应急小组协助救援工作。 /201608/458290济南第三人民医院人流收费标准济南治疗尿道炎哪家医院最好的



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