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I have to think I have to be aware of what Im doing.我必须思考 必须明白我在做什么I can never paradoxically不能自相矛盾I can never relax with alcohol.永远不能依靠酒精来放松Ive got to be on guard. What an odd thing to think.必须时刻警惕 想想真是件奇怪的事I wish Id never started drinking.我希望我从来没有开始饮酒I like it. I like drink.我喜欢酒 我喜欢喝Im drinking because it becomes a way of escape.我喝酒因为它是一种逃避方式So Im asking myself ;Where are we going from here?;所以我在问我自己 今后我们该怎么办As a psychologist it seems to me that as a society作为一名心理学家 在我看来整个社会were not even contemplating change.甚至并不准备做出任何改变We seem comfortable with continuing to drink大家对继续喝下去 也并不觉得不妥and the signs are drinking more and more and more.同时事实也明 饮酒现象越来越多In the end theres one question for each and everyone of us.在本片结尾 我们每个人都来想想这个问题;Is it really worth it?;酒真的值得喝吗重点解释:1.aware of 知道的, 察觉到的, 意识到的例句:I was aware of a certain constraint on their part when they were in my presence.我觉察到我在时他们有些拘束。2.on guard 值班; 警戒例句:There are soldiers on guard at the gate.大门口有士兵在守卫。3.comfortable with 对 ... 感到舒例句:Do your feel comfortable with the plan?你对这个计划满意吗? 201509/394946天桥区人民医院口碑Nobel Prize-winning mathematician dies in car crash《美丽心灵》原型 诺贝尔奖得主纳什因车祸去世Nobel Prize-winning US mathematician John Nash, who inspired the film A Beautiful Mind, was killed in a New Jersey car crash Saturday.奥斯卡获奖影片《美丽心灵》原型,美国数学家约翰·纳什和妻子在新泽西乘坐出租车时因车祸去世。The 86-year-old and his wife Alicia were riding in a taxi when the accident took place.86岁的纳什和他的妻子艾莉西亚在事故发生时正在新泽西搭乘出租车。The driver allegedly lost control as he was overtaking another car and hit the guard rail.司机被指控在超过另一辆车时失控撞向了栏杆。Police say the couple may not have been wearing their seat-belts and were ejected from the vehicle.警方表示两人在车祸时可能没有系安全带。They had just arrived back in the US from Norway after Nash received the Abel Prize for his contributions to mathematical sciences.因其对数学领域做出的杰出贡献,纳什获得了阿贝尔奖,他们在从挪威返回美国后遭遇车祸。He is the only individual to win both a Nobel and Abel Prize.纳什是唯一同时获得诺贝尔奖及阿贝尔奖的科学家。201505/376965济南阳光女子医院人流怎样Examples of these strength training exercises体能训练运动包括are bicep curls, chair squats, shoulder raises,哑铃弯举,椅子下蹲,耸肩and wall push ups.和墙上俯卧撑These can be done at home or most anywhere这些活动可以在家或者其他大多数地方进行by following three simple steps for each exercise.每项运动都应遵循以下三步For the bicep curl, hold a weight in each hand做哑铃弯举时,两手中都拿些一定重量的东西with your arms at your sides.胳膊吊在身体两侧Bend your arms at the elbow弯曲胳膊肘and lift the weight to your shoulders将重物举到肩膀处and then lower them to your sides.然后胳膊又恢复原始位置To perform the chair squat,要做椅子下蹲begin by sitting in the chair,先坐在一把椅子上then lean slightly forward缓缓向前倾and stand up from the chair.然后站立起来Try not to favor one side尽量不要倾斜身体or use your hands to help you.也不要用手To do shoulder raises, hold a weight in each hand做耸肩运动,两只手中各拿一定重量的东西with your arms at your side胳膊放在身体两侧and then shrug your shoulders up to your ears耸肩至耳朵处and then lower them back down.再将肩膀放下You can use cans of vegetables or beans as your weights可以用与自己体重相符的听装的蔬菜或豆子if you dont have dumbbells at home.如果家里没有哑铃的话In order to perform the wall push up, place hands flat要做墙上俯卧撑,把双手平放在against the wall and slowly lower your body to the wall.墙面上,然后缓缓将身体移近墙面Then push your body back away from the wall再将身体推离墙面to return to your starting position and then repeat.回复原始位置,然后依此重复Each of the four strengthening exercises just described刚提及的这四项体能训练运动should be done 8 to 10 times for 2 sets, or twice.应当做两组,每组8到10次Remember to complete all movements in a slow记住,所用的动作都应该以缓慢的and controlled fashion and never hold your breath.有序的方式进行,而且不要屏住呼吸If you feel pain, stop immediately如果感觉疼痛,立即停下来and remember to stretch each muscle after your workout.每次运动后也要记得伸展一下所有的肌肉Exercise doesnt have to be done at a gym.不一定要在健身房中锻炼Physical activity is the most important thing体育活动是最重要的and can be accomplished through a variety of ways.可以通过多种方式实现It may be hard to begin thirty minutes of exercise开始时每天锻炼30分钟也许有困难each day if you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle.如果你一直都是久坐的生活方式Here is a list of 10 ways you can easily incorporate这儿列出了10种方式,大家可以轻易地将more exercise into your daily routine.更多的运动融入每天的生活Take a 10-minute walk after breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day.每天饭后散步十分钟Park your car in the farthest spot when youre running your errands.去办事的时候将车停在最远的停车场Walk your dog if you have one.如果养的话每天去遛And do yard work.或在院子里干一些活Other ideas are to wash your car by hand.其他的方法还有亲自手洗车Pace the sidelines at your kids athletic games.在孩子运动场地外的路上踱步Ask a friend to join you when you exercise邀请一位朋友和你一起锻炼or walk briskly at the mall.或在购物中心快步走Taking the stairs instead of the elevator多走楼梯,少乘电梯when you have the choice.如果可以选择的话And finally make a commitment最后,要作出承诺such as signing up for a 5K run例如,规定自己跑500米or walk in your community.或在小区里散步These are all good ways to add more movement into your daily life.这些都是在日常生活中增加运动的好方式Fluid is an important component for a healthy body健康的身体少不了水分这一要素and especially when exercising.特别是锻炼的时候Water is needed by the body on a regular basis要经常喝水to take nutrients to various parts of your body给身体各部补充营养and to carry waste products away.并且清理掉体内垃圾Without enough fluid, you reduce concentration,体内水分不足,精神就会不集中coordination, strength, and stamina.身体协调能力,体力,和精力都会降低Each day your body needs approximately 10 to 15 cups身体每天需要10到15杯水of fluid or you can calculate your need more accurately或者大家也可以计算出自己更精确的需水量by dividing your weight in pounds by the number 2.用体重的磅数除以2就可得出了This number will give you the ounces of water这一数值体现的是your body needs.身体所需水分的盎司值Whether you are exercising or not,无论有没有锻炼身体hydration is important for your body to function.水合作用对身体功能至关重要Be sure to hydrate your body throughout the day,要确保一整天都要喝水during exercise, and especially after your exercise session.锻炼过程中,特别是锻炼完后更要喝水In review, it is recommended that everyone exercise总之,建议大家at least 30 minutes a day in some way以任何方式锻炼30分钟on most days of the week and preferably on all days.最好每天都进行锻炼You should also strive to incorporate strength training twice per week.还应当尽量一周进行两次体能训练Walking, jogging, and running are easy散步,慢跑,跑步都是简便易行and inexpensive ways to exercise each day.成本低廉的好方法,每天都可以锻炼But be sure to learn and maintain the proper form但要保学会正确的方法for any exercise you perform.并且以这种正确的方法进行锻炼Warm up, stretch, exercise, and cool down热身,拉伸,锻炼,冷静for each session of your exercise.每项锻炼都需要这四个过程Finally, remember that hydration is very important最后,记住水合作用非常重要for your general health and especially for exercise.对整体的健康,特别是对锻炼至关重要Now that youve learned the important things to remember既然大家已经知道了这些要点for beginning your exercise routine, go get moving!知道了如何开始锻炼日程,现在就开始运动吧201503/362628栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201511/412130济南市交通医院门诊部地图

泉城医院治疗不能怀孕济南阳光妇产医院的地址Suddenly depression had become a treatable condition,突然之间忧郁也可以通过治疗缓解了and that made it more socially acceptable.这也让抑郁症更为社会所理解If you have an effective treatment for a condition,如果你有治疗某种疾病的良药people who suffer from那些患有这种病的人that condition will come out of the woodwork便会从各地纷至沓来and youll find more often that, build it and they will come.如果有效 他们还会来By the 1990s, the number of到19世纪末 people coming forward seeking treatment tripled.寻求治疗的人数变成原来的三倍Soon SSRIs were a solution to everything.很快抗抑郁药SSRIs成为万用药方Back in those days, if you came into a GPs surgery looking那个时候 如果你去普通诊所看看a little bit glum cos someone stole your bike or your dog died,因自行车被偷或是死去而致的忧伤情绪youd be assessed as being都会被诊断为抑郁depressed and be given anti-depressants.开出抗抑郁药的药方Way overkill. Everyone now admits that was true.使用太过度了 这已是如今人们的共识In time, the tide began to turn against SSRIs.不久 反对SSRIs的浪潮掀起As more and more people took them,随着越来越多的人用这一药剂some disturbing serious side effects began to emerge.一些严重的 令人不安的副作用出现了201502/36060609年TED U上的简短发言中,Brian Cox分享了一些CERN超级对撞机的新闻。内容包括现在正在进行的维修和这一史上最大科学实验的前景201508/393275济南的妇科医院收费好不好栏目简介:《英语学习入门视频》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,栏目内容适合刚刚接触英语学习不久的童鞋学习。视频内容比较简单易懂,是入门英语知识的基础,有助于帮助英语学习爱好者逐步掌握基本的英语知识。201510/403872山东妇幼保健医院网上预约挂号

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