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2019年09月19日 23:37:20

济南市妇幼保健院妇科济南第六医院做全身检查要多少钱Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei launched its new Nexus 6P smartphone in Spain on Tuesday.中国电信巨头华为于本周二在西班牙正式发布新版旗舰智能手机Nexus 6P。The phone, which was unveiled in October, will be available in most major Spanish outlets, including Amazon and El Corte Ingles department store at a price of 649 euros (689 U.S. dollars).这部于今年十月正式亮相的手机,将会在西班牙outlets销售。包括亚马逊及英国宫百货商场在内的销售商为其标价649欧元(折合689美元)。The Nexus 6P incorporates the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system and has a 14.5 cm screen with 518 pixels per inch density, which makes it useful for both gaming and watching s.华为Nexus 6P将会搭载最新安卓6.0 Marshmallow操作系统,同时屏幕达到14.5厘米,分辨率为518ppi。无论是打游戏还是观看视频都会非常完美。It also includes the latest versions of Qualcomm and Snapdragon and has a battery that requires only 10 minutes of charging to provide seven hours of use, as well as a multifunction camera designed to work well in low light.这款手机还配备了最新版本的骁龙处理器,电池也强悍到充电十分钟,使用七小时的地步。最新的摄像头即使在弱光情况下也能很好地工作。The camera has the capacity to film in 4K and make slow-motion s, while frontal camera uses Google HDR+ technology to make it one of the best cameras in the world for taking #39;selfies#39;.当然了,这款手机的摄像头肯定拥有拍摄4K及慢速视频的能力。除此之外,因为前置摄像头使用了谷歌的HDR+拍摄技术,所以可以保的是,它的自拍效果也一定是世界上最棒的。 /201512/413364New Delhi — The last time Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the ed States, he stood with Hugh “Wolverine” Jackman and declared, for some reason, “May the force be with you.” This month, when he meets the Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg in Menlo Park, Calif., Indians hope their leader won’t yell, “Don’t be evil.”新德里——印度总理纳伦德拉·莫迪(Narendra Modi)上一次访问美国时曾和“金刚狼”休·杰克曼(Hugh Jackman)同台,出于某种原因,他说了一句“愿原力与你同在”。本月,当他和Facebook创始人马克·扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)在加州的门洛帕克市见面时,印度民众希望自己的领导人别喊出“不作恶”来。But if he does end up shouting Google’s motto in Facebook’s headquarters, some Indians would be pleased. For that is what they wish to tell Facebook.但如果他最后真的在Facebook总部说出这句谷歌(Google)格言,有一部分印度人会比较高兴。因为这正是他们想对Facebook说的。Mr. Modi wants every Indian to get online, and Mr. Zuckerberg has figured out a way to do this. But the Modi government has been under pressure from the minority of Indians who consume most of the nation’s bandwidth to pass legislation that would deny free Internet access to the poor.莫迪想让所有印度人都用上网络,扎克伯格想到了一个实现的方法。但莫迪政府受到来自少数印度民众的压力,这些人享用着印度大部分带宽,却想要通过一项不给穷人提供上网途径的法案。In February, Facebook and its partners introduced Internet.org in India, a diminished but free Internet for the more than 100 million mobile subscribers of Reliance Communications. More than 75 percent of Indians do not use or have access to the Internet, but almost every Indian has a mobile phone. So, millions of Indians now have access, in seven languages, to dozens of websites and applications, including B News, Wikipedia and, of course, Facebook.今年2月,Facebook及其合作伙伴将Internet.org引入了印度,它可以让印度信实通信公司(Reliance Communications)的1亿手机用户享受到不完整但却完全免费的网络。超过75%印度人不上网或没有上网途径,但他们几乎人手一部手机。所以,现在有数百万印度人可以浏览几十种网站和应用,包括B新闻、Wikipedia,当然还有Facebook,这些务有七种语言可以选择。Internet.org would not have drawn much rage if not for something else that was going on. Weeks after the initiative emerged, an Indian telecom operator tried to introduce a service that would make it free or cheap or faster for people to gain access to some applications that have a commercial agreement with the operator.如果不是因为还有一些其他的事,Internet.org不会引起太多怨愤。这一计划推出几周后,一家印度通信运营商试图引入一项务,可以让人们免费或以更低的价格或更快的速度下载一些与该运营商有商业协议的应用。There is a global movement against strategies that corrupt the open nature of the Internet, and Indians joined the lament. The movement ended up including Internet for the poor among the offending telecom strategies. This was a flawed, principled stand. And it fit well in the history of the Indian elite deploying ideology to the detriment of the poor — central planning instead of a market economy, a focus on higher education over primary education and rocket science over virology.目前全球在进行一场运动,反对破坏互联网开放属性的策略,印度也加入了控诉的一方。这场运动最终把为穷人提供网络列为不合理的电信策略。这是一个有缺陷的、坚持原则的立场。它与印度精英阶层宣传对穷人不利的意识形态的历史一脉相承,这些人强调中央计划,而非市场经济;重视高等教育大过基础教育;重视火箭科学大过病毒研究。Mr. Zuckerberg has been at pains to tell Indians that his offer of free Internet to the poor does not violate any ethics. Facebook does not charge for any application that wishes to be on Internet.org, and it does not post ads on the Facebook pages of the users. Also, the company does not pay Reliance to provide the free service. Mr. Zuckerberg has said that any telecom operator would be allowed to carry Internet.org. A Facebook spokesman told me, “We are actively in discussions with other mobile phone operators in India.”扎克伯格一直在竭力让印度人明白,他给贫穷阶层提供的免费网络务并不违反任何道德准则。Facebook不向任何希望出现在Internet.org上的应用收费,不在用户的Facebook页面上发广告。而且,Facebook也不为信实通信公司提供的免费网络务买单。扎克伯格已经表示,任何通信运营商都可以为其用户提供Internet.org的免费应用。一位Facebook发言人告诉我,“我正在积极地和印度的其他手机运营商进行商谈。”He said that “more than 40 percent of those coming online via” Internet.org are so intoxicated by the idea of connectivity that they soon pay the telecom operator for data and enjoy the full expanse of online life. So, the telecom operator has commercial rewards in offering an exceptional social service. It is an idea that can transform India.他表示,通过Internet.org免费应用接触到网络后,有“超过40%的人都非常沉醉于联网的感觉,会很快给通信运营商付费购买流量,以享受完整的网络乐趣。所以,通信运营商在提供一项杰出的社会务的同时,也可以获得商业回报。这是一个可以改变印度面貌的观念。The elite Indian condemnation of Internet for the poor is cloaked in righteous objections. For instance, that it is “restrictive,” thereby violating the fundamental spirit of the web. But Internet.org is limited because data is expensive, not because it promotes some websites over others. In fact, it is paid Internet that is restrictive because it denies the web to those who cannot pay.印度精英阶层反对为贫穷阶层提供网络,有一些表面看似正当的理由。比如,他们指责它是“限制性的”,因此违反互联网的基本精神。但Internet.org之所以有所限制,是因为数据太昂贵,而不是为优先推广某些网站。事实上,真正有限制的是付费互联网,因为它们把不能付费的人挡在了门外。Another objection is that the poor would think Facebook is the Internet as many in other nations do. But then in India “xerox” is a verb that means photocopying, and many think the Internet is an American company. If the whole world were surveyed, it would come across as generally ill informed. Many are ignorant because they never had the opportunities, like being connected, to be informed.他们反对的另一个理由是,印度贫穷阶层会和其他国家的许多人一样,认为Facebook就代表互联网。但在印度,“xerox”只是意为“复印”的动词,不代表施乐公司,还有很多人认为“互联网”就是一个美国公司。如果在全球进行问卷调查,印度人会给人以孤陋寡闻的印象。很多人那么无知,是因为他们没有机会接触网络等获取新知的途径。Also, there is a view that free Internet is just a ploy by Facebook to capture new markets. The history of modern India is proof that corporate self-interest is often more useful to society than altruism.还有一种观点认为,网络只是Facebook为了占领新市场而策划的阴谋。现代印度发展的历史明,企业的自利往往比利他主义对社会更有益。Mr. Modi, instead of banishing Internet.org, may consider uploading government websites on it. Facebook is discussing that possibility with his team.莫迪可能会把印度政府网站放在Internet.org上,而不是驱逐它。Facebook正和他的团队就这一可能进行讨论。 /201509/400006济南市第一人民医院人流要多少钱

商河县儿童医院妇科咨询济南军区总医院堕胎济南宫外孕早期怎么治疗Hi-Tech Fabric Charges Devices On The Run - Literally!衣化身充电器Over the past few years, researchers have come up with many innovative ways to use human kinetic energy - from powering soccer fields to playgrounds and classroom lights. Now some scientists want to take it to the next level with a new fabric that harnesses everyday motion to power personal devices!过去几年,从尝试自发电球场和操场到教室灯控,科学家一直致力于找出利用人自身运动产生能源的新方法。现在,一些科学家想进一步研究出可以通过日常活动给电子产品充电的新布料。The brainchild of a team of scientists from South Korea#39;s Sungkyunkwan University and Australia#39;s University of Wollongong, the electricity producing fabric takes advantage of the Triboelectric effect (TNG). Also known as friction energy it is the electricity created when two different kinds of surfaces rub against one another.韩国成均馆大学和澳大利亚乌龙岗大学的科学小组共同开启此研究课题,发电的布料主要靠的是擦生电原理,即由不同的两面互相擦产生电力。While this sounds complicated, it is something we have all encountered. Remember the age-old trick of rubbing your head on a balloon to make your hair stand up? That is the triboelectric effect.As the surfaces rub together, the electrons move from one surface to the other. This leaves one object negatively charged (balloon) and the other positively charged (hair). Since opposites attract, the electrons in the hair ;leap; toward the balloon causing it to ;stand up.;虽然听起来难了点,我们平时生活中都遇到过。还记得那个用气球在头上擦后会使你头发立起来的小把戏吗?那就是擦生电原理。当两面擦时,电子从一面传到另一面。就导致了一个物体是负电极(气球)而另一个是正电极(头发),由于异性相吸,头发上的电子就朝着气球“跳“过去,然后就导致发丝直立。The WNTG not only eliminates the need for batteries, but also looks and feels like a regular fabric. An issue was that repeated wear or a trip to the laundry machine would wash away the silver and zinc coating. The researchers solved this problem by covering the layers with a thin film of plastic. In their laboratory trials they were able to use the fabric for more than 12,000 cycles.科学家研究的这种可穿戴擦发电布料不仅代替了电池,看起来也和常规的布料没什么两样。就是经常穿或者洗涤后,表面的银和锌的涂层会慢慢掉下来。为解决这个问题,研究者们用了很薄的一层塑料来覆盖布料外层。他们实验过这种布料大概能重复使用12000多次。Sang-Woo Kim and this team who reported their invention in the March ACS journal say that the fabric#39;s use goes beyond charging personal devices. They believe it could also be useful in a range of biomedical and other personal healthcare gizmos that need a reliable power source.Sang-Woo Kim和他的团队在三月的ACS周刊上报道过他们的发明,上面说这种布料用处远非局限于给个人电子用品充电,他们相信在需要稳定电源的生物医疗和其他个人健康小装置上都能大展身手。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/386083济南乳腺彩超多少钱

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