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When you are swept away by your emotions, it can be difficult to know the difference between true love and a passing crush.Here are some landmarks to steer you straight.当你被自己的情感冲昏头脑时,很难区分真爱和一时冲动之间的区别。以下方法可以让你理智一点,弄清自己的真实想法。Step 1 Look at patterns1.查看迹象Look at recurrent patterns in the relationship. Is it characterized by drama, conflict, and bouts of infidelity? Are you concerned about how the two of you appear as a couple to others? Do you need your partner to measure up to standards that aren#39;t their own? If so, you#39;ve got a crush.看一下你们的恋情中经常出现的情况。是否经常出现争吵,冲突,以及怀疑对方不忠?你是否担心两人作为情侣在其他人眼中是怎样的?你是否想要你的伴侣达到不属于你们的标准?如果是这样的话,那么你只是一时迷恋而已。Step 2 Consider any fears2.考虑任何担忧Pay attention to whether the relationship leaves you with fears of being abandoned, or terrified by your vulnerabilities. If so, it#39;s not the real thing.注意一下,你是否经常担忧被抛弃,或者容易受伤害。如果是这样的话,你们两人并不是真爱。Step 3 Be realistic3.现实一点Be realistic. Do you overly idealize your lover, finding them to be almost flawless? Do you have fantasies about spending the rest of your lives together even though you#39;ve just met? Does being together give you a strong emotional kick? If so, you#39;ve almost certainly got a crush.现实一点。你是否将你的恋人过度理想化,认为他是完美无暇的?你是否幻想和他共度余生,即使你们才刚刚认识?两人在一起是否让你的精神非常振奋?如果是这样的话,你肯定是一时心动。Step 4 Consider sensuality4.是否贪恋美色Ask yourself whether the relationship is rooted in sensuality, sex, taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell. If so, it#39;s probably short-term. That doesn#39;t mean it can#39;t turn into true love, though.问一下自己,这段关系是否源于美色,性,味觉,触觉,视觉,听觉和嗅觉。如果是这样的话,这段关系可能很短暂。当然,这并不意味着不会变成真爱。Step 5 Understand long-term relationships5.理解长久的恋情Know that long-term relationships may begin with some or the same characteristics as short-term ones. But for a crush to turn into true love, the emotional fireworks must transition into friendship, and sexual attraction must become an adjunct to the total relationship, not the basis for it.要知道,长期的恋情或许和短暂的恋情开始的迹象相同。但是要让短暂的心动转变为长久的关系,感情的火花必须转变为友谊,性的吸引必须转变为真正的恋情。Plato argued that true love endures over space and time -- for example, when two people are not together for a while.柏拉图认为真爱能够经受时间和空间的考验——例如,当两个人有一段时间不在一起的时候。Step 6 Consider commitment6.考虑忠诚度Give thought to how committed you are to the relationship. Does the relationship have a long history? Are you willing to forgive your partner#39;s faults? These are characteristics of true love.考虑一下你是否能够忠于这段感情。这段恋情的时间长不长?你是否愿意原谅伴侣的错误?这些都是真爱的特征。Step 7 Consider level of concern7.考虑担忧的水平Ask yourself whether you have an abiding concern for the other person#39;s well-being. Are you there when they need you? Are they there when you need them? If so, it#39;s love.问一下自己能否长久地为对方的幸福着想。当他们需要你的时候你会不会立即出现?当你需要他们的时候他们能否出现?如果是肯定的,那么你们之间就是真爱。In a _Cosmopolitan_ magazine survey, nearly two-thirds of women reported being worried about making a bad choice and winding up divorced.在时尚杂志《Cosmopolitan》的一份调查中,接近三分之二的女性表示担心自己做出错误的选择,最终可能会离婚。 Article/201212/217079。

  • As a kind of living god, Louis liked nothing more作为现世神灵than being the centre of everyone else#39;s attention.路易最享受成为所有人关注的焦点Louis was brought up in a theatre-mad age.路易在一个戏剧狂热的年代长大As a young man, he took dancing lessons,他年轻时修习舞蹈课which seem to have completely transformed his self confidence.这彻底转变了他的自信He was actually a very accomplished dancer,实际上他是技艺精湛的舞者and he clearly enjoyed greatly taking part in these performances,显然也热衷于which were mainly in front of a court audience.在整个宫廷面前表演I think all his contemporaries were extremely impressed by him.与路易同时代的人必为他所震惊He was astonishingly handsome with his long golden hair他拥有金色长发 俊美无比and his almost cherubic face.脸庞有如天使般纯洁无瑕He was indeed ;God-Given;, as his mother,诚如他的母亲奥地利安妮公主所言Anne of Austria, called him.路易乃是天赐之人Louis liked dressing up, and not just for fun.路易喜爱打扮 不仅因为有趣It was part of his public image.也因这是他公共形象的一部分He chose as his role model the Greek God Apollo,他以希腊天神中represented in classical imagery as the sun.代表太阳的阿波罗作为榜样Louis was very interested in the sun as a symbol.路易对太阳的象征极感兴趣It#39;s a very powerful symbol,太阳象征伟大because it sheds its light everywhere.因为它照耀万物It#39;s obviously very beneficial.显然它让世界受益匪浅But it#39;s also a symbol of domination,但它也是权力的象征because all the other elements are subordinate to the sun.因为万物都居于其下He#39;s in a sense, above everything.从某种意义上说 他高于一切The Sun King seems to be an appropriate title.太阳王 似乎是个恰当的头衔It was one that was a piece of propaganda when he was young.在他年轻时 这算是一种宣传But like many bits of propaganda, I think it became fact.但此头衔从宣传变得名副其实 Article/201203/175394。
  • 在伦敦,密集的鹅毛大雪从五日晚间就开始飘落,六日整天几乎持续不断。尽管路政部门已在主要干道撒上化雪剂,但持续飘落的雪花依然使路面变得泥泞冰滑。在一些小道上,记者看到多辆汽车抛锚在路中间,无法动弹。Heavy snowfall across UKHeavy snowfall continues to cause headaches for many commuters across the ed Kingdom, closing airports and motorways, and forcing hundreds of schools to remain closed.Gatwick, Luton, Birmingham and Southampton airports were shut overnight as heavy snow and freezing temperatures grounded flights.Delays and cancellations hit many other international airports, including London's Heathrow.As snow clogged roads and hit transport services, people were advised to travel only if their journeys were essential, or with skis.Jane, doctor, said, "Easier than everyone else's. Saw a lot of people pushing bikes, a lot of cars stuck, I'm glad I'm on my skis.""Yes, I am a doctor in a hospital, so doing my best to get there." Jane answered our reporter's question.On Tuesday, a driver was killed when two trucks collided on a motorway near Manchester in northwest England, and 15-thousand incidents across the country were reported.People were working round the clock to ease the chaos the bad weather had brought.Dr. James Leggate, Spokesperson of Salford Royal Infirmary, said, "Normal day to day services are having to be curtailed, and we are delivering the urgent and emergency care which is obviously the priority in this particular weather time."Up to 40 centimeters of snow fell in parts of the country as the bad weather headed south from Scotland.Britain's weather service said unusually heavy snow was expected in the south on Wednesday, although the UK's capital London was largely expected to be spared from the worst weather. Article/201001/93966。
  • 【视频欣赏】【视频文本】You may be getting older, but there’s no need to look it – if you follow this advice.You Will NeedBright clothes Skin products Brow makeup False eyelashes A facial mask Hand cream An updated hairstyle Flattering hair color and highlights A dentist Trendy jewelry (optional) Manicures (optional) Rings (optional) Bangs (optional) Step 1: Lighten up your wardrobe(挑亮色的衣)Wear less black and neutral shades and more color, especially on your top half, where it can brighten up an aging complexion.Lose the matched jewelry sets in favor of trendy baubles.Step 2: Even out skin tone(遮瑕,让皮肤完美光泽)Even out skin tone with products that contain glucosamine, an amino sugar which has been proven effective in treating age-related discoloration and age spots.Step 3: Take care of facial hair(化好眉毛和睫毛)Learn to fill in your eyebrows artfully and apply individual false eyelashes; brows and lashes thin as we age; keeping them lush will take years off your face.Step 4: Start using hand cream(用护手霜)Apply a facial mask with alpha hydroxy acids to the back of your hands to promote surface skin renewal. Start using a daily hand cream with glycerin, petrolatum, and dimethicone.Get or give yourself manicures and wear a bright ring or two; in one study, women who wore polish and rings were judged to be younger-looking than those who didn’t.Step 5: Update your hairstyle(注重发型)Update your hairstyle, especially if you’ve had the same one for decades. Use thickening products, as hair thins out as we age. Consult a colorist about getting the right shade as well as putting in highlights to replace fading natural ones.Bangs are an easy way to hide a lined forehead.Step 6: Fix and whiten your teeth(美白牙齿)Consult a dentist about fixing and whitening your teeth if they’ve become discolored or have shifted with age.Step 7: Say cheese!(多笑笑)Keep a smile on your face. It gives you an instant facelift.People in the 40s to 60s who pay attention to their appearance are nicknamed “baby groomers.” Article/201001/95751。
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