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四川成都五院好不好网址四川消防医院网上预约How do I know if I have the skills to be an entrepreneur?我怎样才能知道自己是否具有成为企业家的潜质呢?Well, first thing, there are somethings you just consider yourself. Are you a self-starter? I mean if you know that ;Gee, I have a terrible time getting up in the morning; and ;I just cant make myself do some of these things; then maybe this is not for you. You can be very successful in your way and make a lot of contributions to society, which I think is very important without becoming an entrepreneur. However, becoming an entrepreneur, youve got to be a self-starter. You have to be the kind of person that keeps at it, because youre going to take a lot of things that go wrong, and youve got to be able to keep doing these things. So, one thing is, if nothing else: think through this and say, ;Well am I like that? Am I that kind of a person? Can I deal with risk and uncertainty? Can I deal with stress?; (Theres definitely going to be a lot of stress involved.) ;Can I deal with all those things?; There are a number of tests out, in fact, theres one in my book called ;The Right Stuff Test;, and you take it yourself. If you cant get my book or cant even find it in the library, then in that case you can go to the internet and search for ;ofnor test;. I did this just to find out how many there actually were, and I came up with 1.8 million different hits, I think. Now, not all these will be the real thing, but a lot of these are tests and a lot them dont cost anything to take. So, take a little test and see how you sound on these things. I would do that first to see whether this is really for you.首先,你需要考虑自己的几个方面。你有积极主动的精神吗?我的意思是,如果你有这种想法:“早上起床对我来说非常困难”,或者“这些事情我做不到”,或许企业家并不适合你。你可以以自己的方式获得成功,为社会做出许多贡献,不需要成为企业家,你也可以做到这些,我认为这非常重要。然而,要成为企业家,你必须非常积极主动。你必须不断努力,因为你必须处理许多错误的事情,必须有能力坚持做许多事情。首先要考虑一下,“我是这样的吗?我是这样的人吗?我能够勇于承担风险和不确定性吗?我能够应对压力吗?”(成为企业家肯定要面临许多压力。)“我能够处理所有事情吗?”关于是否能够成为企业家有许多相关测试,实际上,我的一本书“性格测试”中就有。如果你没有买我的书,图书馆中也没有,你可以上网搜索。我这样做只是为了发现有多少人具备企业家的潜质,我参考了180万份不同的。可能并不一定完全准确,但是其中许多都是测试,而且是免费的。所以,进行一下简单的测试,了解一下自己是否适合。Thanks for watching How To Know If You Have The Skills To Be An Entrepreneur.感谢收看“怎样知道自己是否具备企业家潜质”视频节目。201211/209025四川生殖健康研究附属医院地址在哪 彭州市妇幼保健院做四维彩超检查

四川中医医院中药科青白江区人民医院妇科咨询 Challenging yourself is important for your personal growth. This could mean drifting away from your daily routine and stepping out of your comfort zone. Thinking of it might even be a challenge aly but this coaching will be your guide.挑战自我对个人成长极其重要,这意味着偏离日常规律,走出习惯范畴。想到这一点已经觉得是一个巨大的挑战,但是这段教育视频可以为你提供指导。How to challenge yourself? Challenging yourself is so important for your own personal growth. If someone wants to do the same thing everyday for the rest of their lives, life would be very very dull. So, challenging yourself actually mixes things up a little bit and actually enables you to discover a little bit more about yourself and personally grow.怎样挑战自己?挑战自己对你的个人成长非常重要。如果你的余生每天都重复同样的事情,生活将会非常乏味。所以,挑战自己可以让生活更加丰富,让你更深入地挖掘自己的潜力,让自己获得成长。So to challenge yourself, what would you think is the best way to do so? I would say its to do something different. So, set yourself some goals that are slightly different than what your normal routine would actually consist of. So, if youre used to ing a particular type of book, why not a different type? So if youre used to ing novels, why not newspapers? It may sound quite bizarre and quite minimal but that could be a really small goal that you could set yourself to actually challenge yourself.那么,挑战自己的最好方法是什么呢?我要说,尝试做一些不同的事情。为自己设定一些与常规情况有所不同的目标。如果你习惯阅读某些特定类型的书籍,为什么不阅读一下其他类型的呢?如果你习惯阅读小说,为什么不看报纸呢?这听上去非常怪诞,差别非常细微,但是可以作为你用来挑战自己的小小目标。If youre a dancer for instance and youve been doing the same dance for the past 5 years, why not take up a different activity or a different sport? Challenging yourself is not about sort of making things difficult but its actually to move you out of your comfort zone to do something completely different which enables you to grow. If youre doing the same thing day in and day out, where would the challenge be? Where would the change be? Where would your change of behaviour and patterns be? So to challenge yourself, its really important in this day and age. So, to challenge yourself is to take yourself out of the box and do something different.如果你是一名舞蹈家,过去五年一直跳同样的舞蹈,为什么不参加一种新的活动或体育运动?挑战自己并不是说使事情变得更加困难,而是让自己走出已经习惯的范畴,尝试一些完全不同的东西,这可以使你成长。如果你每天重复同样的事情,怎么会有挑战呢?你的行为模式怎么能发生变化?所以,在当今社会,挑战自己非常重要,挑战自己就是走出常规,做一些不同的事情。As human beings, we need to grow as individuals and change our behaviours every now and then. So, change your routine and dosomething different today.作为人类,作为个人,我们需要成长,需要不时改变自己的行为。所以,从今天开始改变习惯,做一些不同的事情。Thanks for watching How To Challenge Yourself感谢收看“怎样挑战自己”视频节目。 /201210/202608邛崃市妇幼保健院专家推荐

四川省第二医院收费怎么样Honey is a humectant, which means it draws moisture from the air and can lock it in the skin. In this tutorial Sally Hornsey,a cosmetic consultant from Plush Folly, shows you how to use it as a face mask.蜂蜜是一种湿润剂,这意味着蜂蜜从空气中吸收水分,锁在肌肤中。在这段短片中,来自Plush Folly的化妆品顾问Sally Hornsey向你展示怎样用蜂蜜制作面膜。You Will Need你需要white cosmetic clay白色化妆用粘土honey water蜂蜜水runny honey稀蜂蜜Method方法Weigh out 12-15 g of white cosmetic clay and put it into a small bowl.称12至15克白色化妆用粘土,放入一个小碗中。Add 10-12 g of honey water to your clay and mix it into a thick paste.向粘土中加入10至12克蜂蜜水,搅拌成浓稠的膏状。Add 1 tsp of runny honey and mix it in.加入1茶匙稀蜂蜜,搅拌。Spoon the mixture into a pot and store in the fridge. It should last about a week.用调羹把混合物舀到罐子里,放入冰箱中储存。可以保存一个星期。To use the face mask, sp it over your clean face and leave for about 15-20 minutes, then rinse off and moisturise.使用的时候,把混合物涂抹在洗干净的面部,等待15至20分钟,然后清洗,保湿。Thanks for watching How To Use Honey For Skin.感谢收看“怎样用蜂蜜护理肌肤”视频节目。注:视频暂缺,稍后补充。视频听力栏目译文属。201303/228179 如果说这个地球上有什么能一直能给你带来惊喜,那一定是乔布斯的Apple;如果说这个地球上有什么能让音乐转动世界,那一定是Apple的iPod。果然2008年苹果第四代iPod Nano 4G霓的新广告,又让人眼前一亮。这次的乐队是Chairlift(升降梯),这次的音乐是迷幻音乐风格的Bruises。这歌名怎么翻译比较好呢?淤伤,就是上海话里的“乌青块”。想了想,翻译成“哪怕为你遍体鳞伤”,或许更贴切。向来喜欢挖掘新人的Apple,这次选择的Chairlift不负众望。Indie Pop化的曲风,电子民谣式的吟唱,男女合声搭配,休闲慵懒的风格,尤其是女声Caroline拉长嗓音的那段,真让人忍不住沉迷于这个虚幻的音乐世界里。Artist: ChairliftTitle: Bruises I tried to do handstands for you handstand: 倒立I tried to do handstands for youEvery time I fell on youYeah, every time I fellI tried to do handstands for youBut every time I fell for youfall for: 对…倾心,迷恋I’m permanently black and bluepermanently: 永久地,总是 black and blue: 遍体鳞伤,青一块紫一块的Permanently blue for youblue: 沮丧的,忧郁的;蓝色的 I tried to do handstands for youI tried to do handstands for youEvery time I fell on youYeah, every time I fellI tried to do handstands for youBut every time I fell for youI’m permanently black and bluePermanently blue for youFor you, woo…So black and blue, woo…For you, woo… I grabbed some frozen strawberriesgrab: 抓起 frozen: 冷冻的 strawberry: 草莓So I could ice your bruise kneesbruise: 青肿,挫伤;伤痕 knee: 膝盖But frozen things they all unfreeze and now I taste likeunfreeze: 解冻,溶化All those frozen strawberries I used to chill your bruise kneeschill: 冷却Hot July ain’t good to meJuly: 七月 ain’t: (are not, am not) I’m pink and black and blue I got bruises on my knees for youAnd grass stains on my knees for youstain: 沾污,染污Got holes in my new jeans for youhole: 洞 jeans: 牛仔裤Got pink and black and bluepink: 面红耳赤的;激动的Got bruises on my knees for youAnd grass stains on my knees for youGot holes in my new jeans for youGot pink and black and blueYou, woo…For you, woo…For you, woo…So black and pink and blue, woo…For you, woo… Do-do-o-do-do-doDo-do-o-do-do-doDo-do-o-do-do-doDo-do-o-do-do-doDo-do-o-do-do-doDo-do-o-do-do-doDo-do-o-do-do-doDo-do-o-do-do-do12/93024四川省生殖医院医院账单泸州医学院附属医院院长是谁



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