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成都第五人民医院做输卵管通液多少钱金堂县妇女医院门诊部怎么样栏目简介:《英国节日简介》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,栏目通过英式英语视频讲解的形式来介绍英国的节日,能够帮助英语学习爱好者更好地了解英国的节日文化传统,从而加深对英语中一些习惯用语的理解,是提高英语文化素养的好材料。 Article/201509/400258绵竹市人民医院网站 When you#39;re fishing in water teeming with predators,you#39;re never gonna be the fastest hunter.在与掠食者竞速的垂钓过程中 你永远占不了上风There#39;s a fish on the line, but not for long.有条鱼上钩了 可好景不长Wow. Look at that head.Trying to take the fish off.瞧那脑袋 想把鱼夺走That#39;s one battle I don#39;t mind letting him win.我不介意让它赢得这场战役Man, did you see the size of that?Okay.伙计 看见它那庞大的身躯了吗 好吧Tell you what,my nerves are gonna be a wreck at the end of this trip.告诉你吧 等这趟冒险结束 我估计就要神经衰弱了He#39;s pretty delighted now.它正偷着乐呢I#39;ve been rafting in the crocodile-infested floodplains of Australia#39;s northern territory,我正乘筏穿越澳大利亚北部地区 一片鳄鱼出没的漫滩but the waterway has just reached a dead end.但水路走到了尽头It#39;s looking like the end of the road for this raft.这个筏子的使命貌似要结束了Getting loads shallower, again, here.It#39;s looking properly dry ahead there.又到了浅滩 看起来前面的路都很干了We want to keep heading that way.Let#39;s ditch the raft, go on foot again.我们要继续朝那个方向走 丢掉筏子 继续跑路There#39;s a croc skull.Try and get this out.这有个鳄鱼头骨 把这家伙弄出来Man, look at the size of that.Man, look at those teeth.瞧啊 多大一个脑袋啊 瞧这牙齿If that came down on you,they say it#39;s the same force as a truck landing on top of you.要是它扑上来 那咬力就如同被一辆卡车碾过Take you, death-roll you,and then literally just rip you limb from limb.Bad way to go.咬住人后 它会拼命地拉扯 然后将你撕成碎片 一命呜呼了 Article/201701/488566合江县人民医院是公立医院吗?

成都市妇幼保健医院无痛引流多少钱四川省成都市第一医院门诊在哪里 Local media reports suggest more than 200 people have died as a result of a magnitude 7.5 earthquake, which has rocked Afghanistan and Pakistan.阿富汗和巴基斯坦发生7.5级强震,当地媒体报道称已造成200多人死亡。In Afghanistan’s Takhar province, a frenzied evacuation at a girls’school ended in tragedy for at least twelve students, who were reportedly trampled under the feet of others trying to escape the building.在阿富汗塔哈尔省,一所女子学校发生了悲剧,据称在慌乱的撤离中至少有十二人被其他逃离房屋的人踩踏。The quake struck near the mountainous Hindu Kush region of northern Afghanistan, shortly after 2pm local time.地震发生在阿富汗北部兴都库什山脉山区,当地时间下午2点后。Communications were brought down in some regions, meaning the death toll is likely to continue rising.一些地区通讯被中断,这意味着死亡人数可能会继续上升。In Pakistan’s provincial capital Peshawar, at least a hundred people were taken to hospital.在巴基斯坦省会白沙瓦,至少有一百人被送往医院。The country’s army chief ordered troops to the areas affected by the quake, which reportedly had the biggest impact in the north, but could be felt across the nation.国家军队总司令下令部队前往地震灾区,据称北部地区影响最大,但整个国家都有震感。In the capital Islamabad buildings shook and people poured into the streets in a panic.首都伊斯兰堡的建筑发生摇晃,人们恐慌的涌上街头。Noor Mohammad’s granddaughter was injured.努尔穆罕默德的孙女受了伤。I was saying my afternoon prayers when the earthquake happened and the roof and walls of the house collapsed, he says. Two children from my family were wounded.地震发生时我在做下午祷告,屋顶和墙壁倒塌了,他说道,我家的2个孩子受伤了。Shockwaves were felt as far away as northern India and Tajikistan, officials say, although there are no reported fatalities.官员表示,远在印度北部和塔吉克斯坦都有震感,尽管没有伤亡报告。India’s prime minister has ordered an urgent assessment of any damage.印度总理已下令对任何损害进行紧急评估。译文属。 /201510/406016泸州市人流多少钱

成都八院是国家医院吗Inside Foxconn: Exclusive look at how an iPad is made富士康内幕:独家检视iPad制造过程It#39;s seven in the morning at the gates of Foxconn#39;s Long-Hua factory campus in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen. Nearly a quarter million people work at this factory. The average age around is from eighteen to twenty-five years old. Ninety-nine percent of them are migrant workers. They traveled across China to earn money to send back home. Outside the iPad production line, the supervisor gives the workers their daily assembling line assignment.现在是早上七点,在南中国深圳市的富士康龙华厂区大门口。有将近二十五万人在这工厂工作。这里的平均年纪是十八到二十五岁。他们有百分之九十九是外地来的打工仔。他们长途跋涉穿过中国去赚钱寄回家。在iPad的生产线外面,主管给工人们他们每日的组装线工作。The first part of the assembling line is this floor where workers assemble the iPads#39; motherboard. Foxconn recently introduced machines to do part of the work on this line. Here a machine attaches a tiny buckle to the motherboard. If anything goes wrong with this particular iPad, Apple uses this buckle to trace the machine back to this line on this date.组装线上第一部分是这一楼,工人们在此组装iPad的主机板。富士康最近引进了机器去做这条线上部分的工作。这里的一台机器把一个小扣子装上主机板。如果这台特定的iPad发生问题,苹果用这颗扣子去回头追踪这台机器直到这个日期的这条组装线。Later on in the assembling line the motherboard and other components are installed inside the iPad housing. Each step in the line adds a new component. Some steps just take seconds to complete. Like this step where machine is used to press the iPad battery into the housing. Workers usually rotate their jobs every few days. Workers on this line start out making around fourteen dollars a day. After a couple of years, their salary doubles.之后在组装线上主机板和其他的元件被安装入iPad的外壳里。组装线上每一步骤都加装上一个新元件。某些制程只需要花几秒钟就可完成。像是这道制程,用机器把iPad电池压入机壳。工人们通常每过几天就轮换他们的工作内容。刚开始时,这些线上的工人们一天赚大约十四美金。几年之后,他们的薪水会加倍。After workers install the LED touchscreen display, the iPad is nearly complete. But first, the iPad takes a ride on a machine that tests its gyroscope, which is used when playing games. A few more screen tests, and the iPad is boxed up and sent to the addresses throughout the developed world.在工人装上LED触控荧幕之后,iPad几乎完成了。但是首先,iPad要放在一台机器上,测试它的陀螺仪,它是用来打电动的。再加上一些荧幕测试,iPad就被装箱寄到先进世界各地的客户家去。The work is tedious and boring, but each day hundreds of people line up outside of the factory to apply for jobs here. On this day, five hundred applicants, many of them tired from traveling days from their home villages arrive with the hopes of working here. The supply is continuous. One reason is that compared to other Chinese factories, Foxconn is considered by workers to be one of the best.这工作是很冗长而使人厌烦的,但是每天有数百人在工厂外排队申请工作。这天,有五百个申请人,其中很多人怀着在这里工作的希望,千辛万苦的从老家村庄长途跋涉数天而来。劳工供应是持续不断的。其中一个原因是,跟其他中国工厂相比,工人们认为富士康是最棒的工厂之一。The company has invested millions into amenities like athletic fields for its workers. And unlike many factories in China, it pays its workers on time. Still more workers these days are leaving Shenzhen, return home to work. Foxconn has picked up on this trend. It#39;s located its newest factories in China#39;s interior to be closer to where much of China#39;s labor supply comes from.公司投资了数百万美金到福利设施上,像是员工运动场。而且不像很多中国的工厂,它准时付工钱给工人。最近仍然有更多工人离开深圳,回到家乡工作。富士康发现了这趋势。它把它最新的工厂设在中国内陆,那里更接近大部分中国劳工的供给来源。 Article/201506/380510 温江区中医医院住院部电话四川省成都市九院不孕不育科



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