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金牛区中医院网上预约挂号成都市武警医院不孕不育多少钱World Financial Markets Sag Despite Key US Senate Vote参院批准救市案 世界市场仍下滑  World markets have fallen, despite the fact that a U.S. financial rescue package cleared its first hurdle, passing by an overwhelming margin in the U.S. Senate.美国国会参议院以压倒性多数投票通过了布什政府提出的金融机构拯救计划,使这个倍受争议的方案总算过了第一关,可是世界金融市场似乎并没有因此而受到鼓舞,继续大幅下滑。World markets might have been expected to breathe a sigh of relief after the U.S. Senate approved a bill authorizing the federal government to purchase hundreds of billions of dollars in bad debt from troubled financial institutions. The measure is seen by many economists as an important step toward ending an international credit crunch that could strangle global economic growth. 人们原本预期,美国国会参议院批准金融拯救议案,授权联邦政府拿出数千亿美元收购金融机构的坏帐,会使世界市场松一口气,可是结果还是事与愿违。很多经济学家都认为,这个方案是缓和国际信贷紧缩进而防止全球经济停滞不前的重要步骤。But U.S. stocks opened down and sank even lower by midday trading. The losses came amid another indication of a slowing American economy: applications for unemployment benefits have risen to their highest level in more than seven years.美国股票市场星期四一开市就走低,到了中午的时候,道琼斯工业平均指数便已经下滑了将近300点,主要由于最新的经济数据显示,上个星期美国首次申领失业救济的人数增加到七年多来的最高水平。At the White House, President George Bush met with U.S. business leaders, and said the bailout package must not stall in the House of Representatives, which rejected a similar bill Monday, prompting the biggest ever single-day point loss in U.S. market history.星期四在白宫,布什总统会见了几位美国工商企业的主管。他说,金融拯救计划决不能再在众议院搁浅。星期一下午,美国国会众议院投票否决了布什总统的金融拯救计划,导致美国股票市场疯狂下泻,道琼斯工业平均指数丧失了777点,那是美国股市有史以来最大的单日下跌点数。"This is an issue that is affecting hardworking people," he said. "They are worried about their savings. They are worried about their jobs. They are worried about their houses. They are worried about their small businesses. And, the House of Representatives must listen to these voices."布什总统说:“这个问题影响到辛勤工作的美国人民。他们担心自己的储蓄。他们担心自己的工作。他们担心自己的房子。他们担心自己的小生意。国会众议院必需倾听他们的声音。”While Asian markets were mixed, all major European markets reversed early gains and finished with losses.星期四的亚洲股市涨跌互见,欧洲的绝大多数股市早盘有所上扬,但是最后都以跌势作收。Europe's market downturn came after the European Central Bank opted to keep interest rates unchanged. ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet did not rule out the possibility of future rate cuts to boost economic activity and reassure financial markets, but said the bank was holding steady for now to guard against inflation.欧洲市场是在欧洲中央宣布保持利率不变之后下滑的。欧央行行长特里谢虽然没有排除今后降低利率以促进经济活动和稳定金融市场的可能性,但是他表示,为了防止通货膨胀恶化,欧央行现在只能保持目前的利率水平。"The economic outlook is subject to increased downside risks, mainly stemming from a scenario of ongoing financial market tensions affecting the real economy more adversely than currently foreseen," he said. "Other downside risks relate to the possibility of renewed increases in highly volatile energy and food prices, disorderly developments owing to global imbalances, and rising protectionist pressures."“经济前景受制于日益增加的下行风险,而下行风险主要来自于金融市场的持续紧张,这给真实经济造成的负面影响远远大于人们目前的预期。其他的下行风险跟再度出现的能源和食品价格暴涨有关,还有全球贸易不平衡的混乱性发展和日益高涨的保护主义压力。”Meanwhile, the International Monetary Fund is warning of a worldwide slowdown in economic activity.与此同时,国际货币基金组织IMF警告说,全世界的经济活动都在减速。"It is now all too clear that we are seeing the most dangerous shock to the mature financial markets since the 1930s, posing a major threat to global growth," said IMF Deputy Research Director Charles Collyns. "We find that when the banking system suffers major damage, as in the current episode, the likelihood of a severe and protracted downturn in activity increases."IMF研究部副主任查尔斯·科林斯(Charles Collyns)说:“现在有目共睹的是:我们正面临着1930年代以来成熟的金融市场所遭受的最危险的震荡,这对全球经济增长构成重大威胁。我们发现,当系统遭受重大损失时,目前的情况正是如此,经济活动出现严重而又持久的下滑的可能性随之增加。”The increasingly global financial crisis began with a rash of U.S. home foreclosures after a prolonged period of loose credit that saw millions of Americans acquire home mortgages they could not afford. In recent months, most major U.S. financial institutions that traded heavily in mortgage debt have failed, been sold off, or were taken over by the U.S. government.这场越来越全球化的金融危机始于美国的房地产市场危机。在此前漫长的信贷宽松时期,数以百万计的美国人无视自己的承担能力而大笔筹借房屋抵押贷款,结果很多人由于无力偿还贷款而丧失了住房赎回权。最近几个月来,很多大型的美国金融机构由于坏帐如山、资金周转不灵而宣布破产、遭到并购,或者被美国政府接管。200810/51517成都市第五医院几级 Donna Brown and Julie Bell are the wives that kicked their husbands out of their house for a year. They're also the authors of The Scorecard: How To Fix Your Man in One Year or Less. And Jeff Gardere is a psychologist. Good morning to all of you! Good morning!Good morning!So, OK, so you guys decided to kick your husbands out of the house for a year. Did they go willingly?Er, at that point, they did.Why?I think that we had gotten to a point in our relationship where things were so broken that we felt rather hopeless and didn't know how we were gonna move forward in any other way.Now Julie, you kicked your husband Phil out of the house 'cause you were the only one working, and, and he spent his nights out drinking and, so, why, why did you decide you could save this thing?So, so we actually did not kick our husbands out as, as a form of negotiation. We kicked our husbands out because we didn't think it was repairable, and it was in that absence of having them in, in the home with us that we were, we were able to really separate ourselves from it. So you didn't think they, they were coming back?That's right.Right.You said: Bomb out, (That's right.)and then in the, in hindsight you think that was the best thing you could do.Absolutely. I think it was the only thing that we could do because until we started thinking with a level of clarity about what we wanted and what we needed, which is sort of the starting place for the Scorecard. We were really unable to separate what was going on from a real plan to move forward. So in a sense you are saying you were willing to go all the way in that.(That's right.) You didn't , you were thinking they weren't coming back anyway. So you will start from a zero balance sheet.That's right. Exactly.Exactly.Alright, Jeff, is, is this a good plan for people to do it?I think in this particular case, it was a good plan, because sometimes men or, or, or a woman in that case. They are unable to change unless they feel they are about to lose everything. But I caution folks if you are gonna kick your guy to the curb, do it only if it's a situation that's er not repairable. As in this particular case or there're issues of domestic violence or drug abuse or incest, where there is danger to the family.OK. Let's say there're none of those issues. Can you change somebody?I think you can change someone, but you have to be willing as you heard in some of the interviews, you have to be willing to make some changes yourself, and if your guy sees that you're willing to do that, then that is, I think, the impetus for you to make some changes.You got some tips: Identify the specific problems.Exactly. If you don't do that right away, you kind of wallow into er, what the problems are. And then you kind of just lose focus. So it's important to know exactly what needs to be changed.And determine the cause of the negative behavior?Too often we think that our guys are just bad, or they just want to sabotage our relationships. In fact there are root problems, ur, root causes to many of these problems and sometimes you may need some professional help.And something that both of you were willing to accept part of your responsibility for the dysfunction in, in the relationship.Exactly. I think that when you are in it, it's hard to see clearly and one of the things that er, Dave talked about in the earlier segment was that we had really stopped communicating over time. It just, it was so broken that we were. And you know, even for me, who considers herself to be a pretty good communicator, we were not communicating effectively.And you also feel Jeff you should enter into a quid pro quo informal contract. What do you mean about that? Yeah. Like if you do for me, I will do for you. In other words, you make some changes, I'll take a look at where I need to make some changes. Let's come up with some group decisions and what that gives us the most important thing about our relationship, is about compromise. (That's right.)And, yes, in compromise, change is good. And that's one of the things that these ladies talk about in their book, that I by the way.So, so you say your husband change, did you guys change, too?Absolutely. I think that one, one great example is in communication that, you know when I was going to work, I was putting my best foot forward at, at the office but not at home and I was treating my co-workers better than I treat my spouse. And that's just one of the small tips that we have in the book, we have changed.One of our golden rules.All right. Well, the book is called The Scorecard(That's right.): How To Fix Your Man in One Year or Less. Donna Brown, Julie Bell, Jeff Gardere, thanks so much for being with us and good advice.Thanks so much Al Roker.Thank you Al. 200809/48659But they never got there. The first disappeared into deep space. Another missed its target when its coordinates were confused. One NASA control center was working in metric, the other in feet and inches, they never lined up and the probe exploded in the Martian atmosphere. William Boynton had lost precious equipment on both missions. But he decided to try one more time. This is really my third attempt to get to Mars, and some of my colleagues were saying:" Bill, are you crazy? You are doing a third time? You know, why are you putting so much time into this?" And I just, I just couldn't say no, I, I think there was just a calling that I had to go back. So once again, he set about designing an instrument to detect underground water on Mars. After the previous failures, the pressure was on. The role my instrument has taken in the search for water on Mars is we have a device called a gamma ray spectrometer and it's designed to determine what elements are present on Mars that make up the surface, and probably the most important one of those is hydrogen 'coz that's the main constituent element in water. We have ignition and lift off of a Delta 2 Rocket carrying NASA on an Odyssey back to Mars.On the 7th April 2001, NASA launched Odyssey carrying Boynton's device, and this time everything went according to plan. It's really hard to describe exactly what it's like to have an instrument that you've built be perched on top of a rocket and actually get launched off into space, and you think "I'm on my way to Mars."Once in Mar's orbit, the instrument was deployed and the gamma ray detector could get to work. All elements when they are struck by cosmic rays from the sun and other stars release gamma rays. The wavelength of the gamma rays differs from element to element, so each has its signature wavelength.coordinate: Mathematics Any of a set of two or more numbers used to determine the position of a point, line, curve, or plane in a space of a given dimension with respect to a system of lines or other fixed referencesgamma ray: Electromagnetic radiation emitted by radioactive decay and having energies in a range from ten thousand to ten million electron voltsspectrometer: A spectroscope equipped with scales for measuring wavelengths or indexes of refractioncosmic ray: A stream of ionizing radiation of extraterrestrial origin, consisting chiefly of protons, alpha particles, and other atomic nuclei but including some high-energy electrons, that enters the atmosphere, collides with atomic nuclei, and produces secondary radiation, principally pions, muons, electrons, and gamma rays200809/48688四川第十医院地址

四川省成都人民医院QQNegotiations between Kenyas government and the opposition have been suspended. The two sides have been unable to agree on the terms of a power-sharing arrangement to break the political deadlock gripping the country since a disputed presidential election in late December. 肯尼亚政府与反对派之间的谈判已经中止,谈判双方无法就权力分享安排达成一致意见。这项权力分享安排计划旨在打破自去年12月下旬有争议的总统选举以来在全国形成的政治僵局。The chief mediator for the talks, former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, plans to consult with President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga on how to move the negotiations forward. 会谈的主要调停人、前联合国秘书长安南计划与肯尼亚总统齐贝吉和反对党领导人奥廷加就如何推动谈判进行协商。President Kibakis Party of National y has agreed to the creation of a prime ministers office that would be filled by the opposition Orange Democratic Movement, better known as ODM. 齐贝吉总统的全国团结党同意组建一个由反对党橙色民主运动成员组成的总理办公室。But the two sides have not agreed on how much power a prime minister would have. Nor is there agreement on what level of representation the ODM should have in the cabinet, or on whether new elections should be held if the coalition collapses. 但是双方没有就总理应该具有多大的权力达成一致意见,也没有就反对党在内阁应该具有的代表人数达成一致,他们也没有在联合政府如果瓦解后是否可以举行新的选举方面达成一致。Speaking after the negotiations adjourned, opposition negotiator Musalia Mudavadi criticized the government. 反对党谈判代表穆达瓦迪在谈判中止之后批评了肯尼亚政府。;We have been extremely frustrated as ODM, because there are moments we believe we have made ground and we realize the following day there is actually a reversal,; Mudavadi said. ;We as ODM ceded substantial positions. The other side is coming from a premise that the constitution cannot be touched.; 穆达瓦迪说:“作为民主橙色运动的成员,我们一直非常失望,因为有时我们认为,我们取得进展,但是接下来的一天我们却认识到这实际上是一种倒退。我们橙色民主运动放弃了实质性的职位,而对方的前提条件是宪法不得修改。”Both sides have agreed to a long-term constitutional review, once a political settlement is reached, but the opposition wants some constitutional amendments now to support a power sharing arrangement. 而谈判双方就对宪法长期进行审查达成了一致意见,一旦达成一项政治解决方案,反对党希望用现在对宪法进行的一些修改来持权力分享安排。Government negotiator Mutula Kilonzo said his side is feeling unduly pressured in the talks. 政府谈判代表基伦佐说,政府方面在谈判中感到过度的压力。;We are not going around in circles,; Kilonzo said. ;It is just that we have firm positions on both sides. And the atmosphere for bridging the gap between the two of us is not fair. As I say, we have tended to feel that we are being railroaded.; 基伦佐说:“我们不会在一些圈子里打转,只不过是我们双方都具有坚定的立场。弥补双方之间差距的氛围不公平,就像我所说的,我们一直感到我们被迫草率行事。”U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who visited Kenya last week, issued a statement saying she is ;disappointed by the failure of leadership; in the negotiations, reiterating U.S. support for a political solution. 上星期访问肯尼亚的美国国务卿赖斯发表声明说,她对谈判中表现出的领导层的失败感到失望。赖斯重申,美国持政治解决方案。Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete, who currently heads the African Union, is to arrive in Kenya late Tuesday to contribute to the mediation effort.坦桑尼亚总统基奎特,目前任职非盟主席,在周二晚上将抵达肯尼亚,继续进一步调节呢工作。The opposition has notified the police of plans for widesp demonstrations on Thursday if no progress is made on the talks. Mudavadi refused to discuss the protest call. 反对党通知警方,如果谈判无法取得进展,计划星期四举行范围广泛的示威活动,穆达瓦迪拒绝讨论示威呼吁。The government has criticized the proposed demonstrations. While the opposition has said any action will be peaceful, other protests since the elections have led to looting and provoked violent responses from the police. 政府批评了计划中的示威活动。尽管反对党表示所有的示威活动都将是和平的,但是自选举以来举行的其他抗议活动已经导致抢劫,并且激起警方做出强烈反应。Police also said they have arrested around 200 youths who were said to be engaged in military training in Kenyas west. 警方还表示,他们大约逮捕了200名年轻人,据说,这些年青人参加了肯尼亚西部的军事训练。Last week, the International Crisis Group, a research organization based in Brussels, warned of the ongoing mobilization of armed groups in the country supporting both the government and opposition.上周,布鲁塞尔的一个研究机构——国际危机组织,对持续活动的武装组织进行了警告,这些武装组织有的是持政府,有的是持反对派。The authorities say 1,500 people have been killed in violence following Decembers presidential elections, which the opposition charges were rigged. The country has returned to relative calm in recent weeks. 有关部门表示,在12月总统选举之后的发生暴力事件中,已经有1千500人死亡,反对党指控选举存在舞弊现象。最近几个星期来,肯尼亚已经恢复到相对平静状态。200802/27899成华区前列腺炎哪家医院最好 广元市第一人民医院在什么位置

成都华西检查能用医保卡吗US Lawmakers Working on Financial Bailout美议员继续讨论挽救金融业计划  U.S. lawmakers are continuing talks on a massive rescue plan for America's struggle financial services industry. U.S. President George Bush is facing opposition from members of his own party who object to the cost of the plan.美国国会议员们继续讨论一个庞大的拯救计划来挽救困难重重的金融务业。美国总统布什面临本党成员的抵制,他们不满意该计划巨大的耗资。President Bush says the entire U.S. economy is endangered by uncertainty over billions of dollars worth of mortgage-backed securities that have lost value and threatened the U.S. economy.美国总统布什说,人们对价值数十亿美元已经贬值并且威胁到美国经济的抵押贷款债券的前途不确定,使美国整体经济处于危险之中。Banks holding these assets are restricting credit, making it harder for businesses and consumers to get loans. So President Bush wants Congress to spend as much as 0 billion to buy up these bad loans and securities, giving more banks more money to lend.持有这些资产的正在限制信用,使商家和消费者更难获得贷款。所以布什希望国会付多达7000亿美元收购这些不良贷款和债券,让更多可以贷出更多的资金。In his weekly radio address, the president says he knows many Americans are frustrated with the situation and feel it is unfair to pay for mistakes by Wall Street investors when many taxpayers are struggling to meet mortgage payments.布什在每周广播讲话中说,他知道许多美国人对现在的情况很困扰,而且许多人觉得在许多纳税人艰难地偿还抵押贷款的时候,还要为华尔街投资人的错误买单,这很不公平。Mr. Bush says the cost of letting so many banks fail will ultimately be far higher for consumers than the financial rescue package he is trying to get through Congress.布什说,让这么多倒闭给消费者带来的损失最终会远高于他正在争取在国会通过的这项金融拯救计划的费用。"The failure of the financial system would cause banks to stop lending money to one another and to businesses and consumers," he said. "That would make it harder for you to take out a loan or borrow money to expand a business. The result would be less economic growth and more American jobs lost. And that would put our economy on the path toward a deep and painful recession."布什说:“金融系统的倒闭将导致停止互相贷款,停止向商家和消费者贷款。那将让你们更难借出贷款或者借钱来扩大生意。结果是经济增长减少,更多美国人失去工作。那将让我们的经济走上严重和痛苦的经济衰退之路。”Public opinion polls show as many as 40 percent of Americans oppose the government plan to spend taxpayer money to buy up bad investments.民意调查显示,多达40%的美国人反对政府计划花费纳税人的钱来收购不良投资。Most Democrats and Republicans in the Senate agree to the broad principles of the president's bailout, but Republicans in the House of Representatives object to the cost. They want an expanded insurance system to cover failing mortgage-backed securities.参议院中多数民主党和共和党人同意总统拯救计划的大原则,但是众议院的共和党人反对该计划的巨大耗资。他们希望扩大保险系统来保护抵押贷款债券。In the Democratic radio address, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer says "The money spent must be accounted for". 众议院多数党领袖霍耶在民主党广播讲话中说:“花这些钱必须要解释清楚。”"This Congress does not write 0 billion blank checks" he said. "There will be strong oversight of where and how that money is spent. Taxpayer money can not fund lavish bonuses or golden parachutes for CEO's whose irresponsibility helped bring on this meltdown."霍耶说:“国会不会只写一张可以随便花的7000亿美元票。这笔钱用在哪里,如何使用,必须具备有力的监督。纳税人不能为企业主管们奢侈的红利或者金色保护伞买单。这些企业主管不负责任的表现也加重了这次大崩盘。”Though not included in his original plan, President Bush has agreed to limits on executive compensation and a bipartisan board to oversee the purchase of failing securities.尽管布什原来的计划里没有限制企业主管报酬和成立一个跨党派委员会监督收购不良债券工作,他还是同意这样做了。Lawmakers continued to work on the plan Saturday. Two top Democrats, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee Barney Frank, say they believe a deal can be in place by Sunday. Lawmakers hope to announce an agreement before Asian markets open Monday.国会议员们星期六继续商讨这项计划。两位高层民主党人--参议院多数党领袖雷德和众议院金融委员会主席弗兰克说,他们相信星期天之前会达成协议。国会议员们希望在亚洲股市星期一开盘之前宣布达成协议。200809/50858 India Limits Rice Exports to Boost Local Stocks印度减少大米出口以保国内供应  India has taken steps to drastically limit rice exports in a bid to cool prices and ensure sufficient food stocks for its more than one billion people. India is battling inflation and a spike in food prices. 印度政府大幅度减少大米出口,以求缓解国内粮价上涨并保印度超过十亿人口的粮食供应。此外,印度也希望此举有助于对抗通货膨胀。 The Indian trade ministry has steeply raised the minimum prices at which all except the most expensive grades of rice can be exported. 印度商务部大幅提高除了最昂贵等级外所有大米的最低出口价格。The price of rice, a staple in many Asian diets, has nearly doubled in international markets during the past three months.大米是很多亚洲居民的主食。在过去3个月里,国际市场上的大米价格上涨了将近一倍。Farm analyst Devender Sharma, with the New Delhi-based Forum for Biotechnology and Food Security, says looming rice shortages in the world have prompted the government to virtually block exports.总部设在新德里的生物技术和食品安全论坛的农业分析师迪凡德.沙尔马说,国际市场面临的大米短缺前景使得印度政府基本上停止了出口。He says the government wants to boost local supplies in order to stabilize rising prices in the domestic market. 他说,印度政府希望增加国内大米供应,以求稳定国内市场的粮食价格。"I think the message is very obvious, because if you look at the tightening of rice position globally, Vietnam has banned exports and Thailand has imposed restrictions," he said. "India knows very well if at this juncture it allows rice exports to go, there is a clamor for rice from many developing countries. So India has ensured that its own domestic supplies are maintained." 沙尔马说:“我想,这个信息是很明确的,因为现在国际大米市场供应出现紧张。越南禁止了大米出口,泰国也已经采取了一些限制措施。印度政府很清楚,如果允许大米任意出口的话,很多发展中国家的需求是非常大的。所以,印度需要首先保国内供应。”India is the world's second-largest producer of rice and a major rice exporter.印度的大米产量居世界第二。同时,印度也是主要大米出口国。But in keeping with a worldwide trend, India too is coping with a steep hike in prices of staples such as wheat, rice and lentils. Inflation last week climbed to nearly six-point-seven percent - its highest level in the past year. Spiraling food prices are the main culprit.但是,由于受到国际市场的影响,印度目前也面临着小麦、大米和豆类等主要粮食价格急剧上涨的问题。上个星期,印度的通货膨胀率攀升到6.7%。这是过去几年来的最高水平。印度粮价上涨是通胀的主要原因。That has prompted pledges from the government that it will do all it can to stem the rise. The government has aly banned the export of cooking oil, and cut some food import taxes to contain prices.面对通胀威胁,印度政府誓言要尽其所能制止涨价。印度已经宣布暂停食用油出口,同时削减了部分食品的进口税。Food prices are a politically sensitive issue in India, where poor rural and urban masses make up more than two-thirds of the country's one billion plus population. The government faces elections next year, and is concerned that runaway food prices could anger voters.在印度,贫困的城乡人口占全国10多亿人口的三分之二以上,因此,粮食价格是一个敏感的政治问题。明年印度将举行大选,粮价问题可能会激怒选民,因此政府对此格外关注。Other South Asian countries are also facing a problem. Neighboring Bangladesh faces a massive hike in prices of rice after a cyclone last August wiped out half its rice harvest.其他南亚国家目前也面临相似问题。印度的邻国孟加拉国在去年8月飓风摧毁了大约一半粮食收成后,现在也陷入米价飞涨的困境。Agencies like the Food and Agriculture Organization have warned that food prices will continue to climb steeply in the coming year.包括联合国粮农组织在内的一些国际机构警告说,粮食价格将在未来的一年里持续上涨。200804/33029成都省第五医院好不好锦江区妇幼保健医院网上咨询



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