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成都省妇幼保健医院宫颈炎大邑县看妇科炎症多少钱英语口语:使用频率最高的美语口语96句(3) -- 1:51: 来源: 81. right updown someone's alley 某人的专长   8. You never know what you can do until you try.   不试试看,就不知道自己的潜力   83. You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours. 你帮我,我也帮你   8. A penny saved is a penny earned. 省一分就是赚一分   85. get away from it all 远离这一切   86. make a mountain out of a molehill 大惊小怪;小题大做;言过其实   87. Two heads are better than one. 三个臭皮匠抵过一个诸葛亮   88. get have cold feet 紧张   89. have someone's sight on sth. 看好了某样东西;决心要   90. Honesty is the best policy 诚实为上策   91. No sooner said than done. 说做就做   9. sleep like a log 睡得很沉   93. through thick and thin 共同经历   9. all in the day's work 习以为常;不足为奇   95. Curiosity killed the cat. 好奇伤身   96. Great minds think alike. 英雄所见略图   97. Some people never learn. 有些人总是学不乖   98. There's no place like home. 没有比家更温暖的地方   99. You learn sth. new everyday. 你每天都会学到新东西知道新事情   0. wrap things up 把事情整理一番,做个结束   1. at the drop of a hat 立即,随时   1. Beauty is only skin deep. 美丽是肤浅的   1. It takes two to tango. 一个巴掌拍不响   1. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. 今日事,今日毕   1. Some people have all the luck. 有些人就是那么幸运   1. Don't be such a poor loser. 不要输不起   1. Don't cry over spilt milk. 覆水难收   1. It wouldn't hurt to ask. 问人又不会怎么样   1. have one's head in the clouds 心不在焉   1. Never say die. 决不要灰心   1. seeing is believing 眼见为实   1. Patience is a virtue. 耐心是一种美德   1. Talk is cheap. 光说没有用   1. turn over a new leaf 重新开始   1. burn the midnight oil 挑灯夜战   6. grin and bear it 默默忍受;忍耐着点   7. same to you 同样祝福你   8. sth. is better than nothing 有总比没有强   9. Opposites attract. 异性相吸   0. The feeling is mutual. 有同感 英语口语 口语 频率成都检查激素六项医院 The reds or the greens?Two apples up in a tree were looking down on the world.The first apple said,“Look at all those people fighting,robbing,rioting --no one seems willing to get along with his fellow man.Some day we apples will be the only ones left.Then we'll rule the world.”Replied the second apple,“Which of us --the reds or the greens?” 91901口语小词误用大总结:Contribute(3) -- :5:30 来源: 名词形式是contribution. 意思有“捐献”、“投稿”等意思凡是有贡献,都可以叫contributioncontribute这个动词一般与to 连用例句:1、这事他也出了不少力Chinglish: He also supplied his strength to this.Revision: He also contributed a lot to this.、谢谢你啊,你可帮了大忙了Version1 : Thank you very much. You really helped a lot.Version : I really appreciate your great contribution.(看情况)3、你只知道批评别人,你自己做了多少事?Chinglish: You only know how to criticise others, but how much thing have you done yourself?Revision: You're a critic! Where's your contribution?这个词用起来自然好用,实用总评:使用频率:造句功能:西方思维: 总结 口语 also this.凉山彝族妇幼保健院新地址

资阳市妇幼保健院修复处女膜My Mother's GiftI grew up in a small town where the elementary school was a ten-minute walk from my house and in an age , not so long ago , when children could go home lunch and find their mothers waiting.At the time, I did not consider this a luxury, although today it certainly would be. I took it granted that mothers were the sandwich-makers, the finger-painting appreciators and the homework monitors. I never questioned that this ambitious, intelligent woman, who had had a career bee I was born and would eventually return to a career, would spend almost every lunch hour throughout my elementary school years just with me.I only knew that when the noon bell rang, I would race breathlessly home. My mother would be standing at the top of the stairs, smiling down at me with a look that suggested I was the only important thing she had on her mind. this, I am ever grateful. Some sounds bring it all back the highpitched squeal of my mother's teakettle, the rumble of the washing machine in the basement and the jangle of my dog's license tags as she bounded down the stairs to greet me. Our time together seemed devoid of the gerrymandered schedules that now pervade my life.One lunchtime when I was in the third grade will stay with me always. I had been picked to be the princess in the school play, and weeks my mother had painstakingly rehearsed my lines with me. But no matter how easily I delivered them at home, as soon as I stepped onstage, every word disappeared from my head. Finally, my teacher took me aside. She explained that she had written a narrator's part to the play, and asked me to switch roles. Her word, kindly delivered, still stung, especially when I saw my part go to another girl.I didn't tell my mother what had happened when I went home lunch that day. But she sensed my unease, and instead of suggesting we practice my lines, she asked If I wanted to walk in the yard.It was a lovely spring day and the rose vine on the trellis was turning green. Under the huge elm trees, we could see yellow dandelions popping through the grass in bunches, as if a painter had touched our landscape with dabs of gold .I watched my mother casually bend down by one of the clumps. "I think I'm going to dig up all these weeds, "she said, yanking a blossom up by its roots. "From now on, we'll have only roses in this garden. ""But I like dandelions, " I protested. "All flowers are beautiful-even dandelions. "My mother looked at me seriously. "Yes, every flower gives pleasure in its own way, doesn't it?" She asked thoughtfully. I nodded, pleased that I had won her over. "And that is true of people too, " she added. "Not everyone can be a princess, but there is no shame in that.Relieved that she had guessed my pain, I started to cry as I told her what had happened. She listened and smiled reassuringly."But you will be a beautiful narrator, " she said , reminding me of how much I loved to stories aloud to her . "The narrator's part is every bit as important as the part of a princess. "Over the next few weeks, with her constant encouragement, I learned to take pride in the role. Lunchtimes were spent ing over my lines and talking abut what I would wear.Backstage the night of the permance, I felt nervous. A few minutes bee the play, my teacher came over to me. "Your mother asked me to give this to you, " she said, handing me a dandelion. Its edges were aly beginning to curl and it flopped lazily from its stem. But just looking at it, knowing my mother was out there and thinking of our lunchtime talk, made me proud .After the play , I took home the flower I had stuffed in the apron of my costume . My mother pressed it between two sheets of paper toweling in a dictionary , laughing as she did it that we were perhaps the only people who would press such a sorry-looking weed . I often look back on our lunchtimes together , bathed in the soft midday light . They were the commas in my childhood , the pauses that told me life is not savored in premeasured increment , but in the sum of daily rituals and small pleasures we casually share with loved ones . Over peanut-butter sandwiches and chocolate-chip cookies , I learned that love , first and emost , means being there the little things . A few months ago , my mother came to visit , I took off a day from work and treated her to lunch. The restaurant bustled with noontime activity as businesspeople made deals and glanced at their watches . In the middle of all this sat my mother , now retired , and I . From her face I could see that she relished the pace of the work world ."Mom , you must have been terribly bored staying at home when I was a child , " I said ."Bored? Housework is boring . But you were never boring . "I didn't believe her , so I pressed . "Surely children are not as stimulating as a career. ""A career is stimulating , " she said . "I'm glad I had one . But a career is like an open balloon. It remains inflated only as long as you keep pumping . A child is a seed . You water it . You care it the best you can . And then it grows all by itself into a beautiful flower . "Just then , looking at her , I could picture us sitting at her kitchen table once again , and I understood why I kept that flaky brown dandelion in our old family dictionary pressed between two crumpled bits of paper towel. 939成都超导可视无痛人流多少钱 人生孤独的妙处——那是一种离群索居而又心灵大的孤独!是一种平淡风清的精神升华,一抹苦涩岁月的淡定的笑容! Solitude --Ella Wheeler Wilcox  Laugh, and the world laughs with you;Weep, and you weep alone. the sad old earth must borrow it's mirth,But has trouble enough of its own.  Sing, and the hills will answer;  Sigh, it is lost on the air.  The echoes bound to a joyful sound,  But shrink from voicing care.   Rejoice, and men will seek you;  Grieve, and they turn and go.  They want full measure of all your pleasure,  But they do not need your woe.  Be glad, and your friends are many;  Be sad, and you lose them all.  There are none to decline your nectared wine,  But alone you must drink life's gall.  Feast, and your halls are crowded;  Fast, and the world goes by.  Succeed and give, and it helps you live,  But no man can help you die.  There is room in the halls of pleasure   a long and lordly train,  But one by one we must all file on  Through the narrow aisles of pain. 3860四川成都医学院附属孕育专科医院做宫颈手术

绵阳市第四人民医院闭经痛经白带异常处女膜修复手术所谓的“第二种皮肤”,就是仿生皮肤这种“皮肤”实则是一种近似人体“皮肤”的防生物武器的衣,它的质地结构具有生物细胞的多孔性,但比生物的“皮肤”更胜一筹,因为它还能选择性地将外界有害病原菌阻隔在体外Second SkinAlthough soldiers don special suits and masks1) to protect their skin and airways from toxic) chemicals,these defenses are uncomtable and don't provide sufficient protection against biological weapons.So the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency challenged Da Ingber,scientific founder of Molecular Geodesics Inc.in Cambridge,Massachusetts,to come up with3)an alternative).One of the problems with existing suits,says Ingber,is that they are too much like raincoats--that is,they prevent body heat from dissipating5) into the air.Another issue:Existing suits don't allow the freedom of movement needed to perm such tasks as loading and firing weapons.To create a better material,the company is testing different structures based on an architectural principle.Since a pathogen6) is most likely to enter the body via7) the nose and mouth,the company is also devising materials face masks that filter pathogens and allow soldiers to breathe normally.Existing masks feel like breathing through a blanket while exercising,says Ingber.The ideal material would mimic the porosity of biological cells to allow air in,while selectively filtering out hazardous8) pathogens.The company is presently testing a prototype9) materials. 730 如何用地道英语请求帮助 -- ::35 来源: 日常生活中,我们总会需要别的人帮助,一个礼貌的请求,往往能得到一个温暖的回应,下面的是各种“请求”的给力汇总,希望对大家有所帮助1. 我可以请您帮个忙吗?Do you mind if I ask you a favor?【注】回答“yes”的时候表示不可以,回答“no”的时候表示可以噢~ 如,若回答为:No, not at all. 则表示“没问题,完全可以”Can I ask a favor?May I ask you a favor?【注】后边的两个例句中,如果对方回答“yes”就表示可以帮忙噢~. 能帮把手吗?Would you give me a hand?Would you please help me?Would you mind giving me a hand?Could you help me out?3. 对不起……I'm sorry to bother you, but……I'm sorry to bother you, but can you help me? (对不起,能帮我一下吗?)回答:It's no bother.(没问题). 我可不可以……可不可以让我……Could I possibly…?Could I possibly use your bathroom? (我能用一下您的洗手间吗?)回答:Of course.(当然)5. 请您把…拿过来行么?Could you pass the salt, please? 请您把盐拿过来行吗?(用于吃饭时等请别人拿自己够不到的东西时)回答:Sure. Here you are. 好的,给你Could I have the salt, please?Could you hand me the salt, please?Could you give me the salt, please?Salt, please. (比较随便的说法)6. 请做这个Please do this.Please take care of this.Would you please do this ( me)? 您能为我做这个吗?7. 您能开车送我到….么?Would you drive me to the store?Would you take me to the store?Would you drop me off at the store? 能让我在那家店下车吗?8. 您能帮我找到A饭店的电话号码吗?Would you help me find the number the A Hotel?回答:My pleasure.可以啊9. 我不知道怎么填这张表I don't know how to fill out this m.How do I fill out this m?Can you help me with this m?. 告诉我为什么?Tell me why.What's the reason? 理由是什么呢?Why do you think that? 你为什么那么想?. 能借用一下你的钢笔吗?May I borrow your pen?May I use your pen?Is it okay if I use your pen?Do you have a pen?Do you have a pen that I can borrow?. 你能给我打个电话吗?Would you give me a call?Could you call me?Can you ring me up?I'd appreciate it if you could call me tonight.. 请关小点儿声Please turn it down.Would you please turn it down?Not so loud, please.Please lower the volume.It's too loud. Turn it down.. 等我回来Wait here until I get back.Please wait here me.. 我想打听点儿事May I ask you something?May I ask (you) a question?I'd like to ask you something.I have a question.Could you tell me something?Do you have time to answer a question?Could you answer a question?I hate to bother you, but can I ask you a question? 真不好意思,打扰您了,我可以问个问题吗?. 对不起,打断一下可以吗?Sorry interrupting…I'm sorry to interrupt you.May I interrupt you?Excuse me interrupting.give me interrupting. 如何用 地道 英语绵阳看女性不孕医院哪专业自贡第四人民医院预约



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