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成都不孕不育排名Assistant attorney-general John Carlin remembers when FBI cyber intelligence specialists sat in a locked room at the US attorney’s office in Washington, cut off from criminal prosecutors in the same building. Now those walls have broken down as law enforcement officials rethink how they work with intelligence to fight the mounting risk from cyber attacks that threaten national security.The shift helps explain why authorities named North Korea as the culprit behind the Sony Pictures cyber attack less than a month after the Hollywood studio was hacked. The approach also represents a more aggressive strategy of naming and shaming cyber attackers.“The world is watching so you need to send a message to regimes about what they can expect our response to be so you’re not operating in a cost-free environment where you think it will never be attributed to you,said Mr Carlin, head of the national security division in the Department of Justice. “We’re not afraid to say it and after we say it, there will be a proportionate response.”Previously, national security cyber cases were seen as an issue for the intelligence community. The strategy meant those incidents were usually kept quiet and, with no prosecutors involved, bringing charges was not an option.The siloed structure went against the trend for more information sharing between agencies after 2001’s September 11 US terrorist attacks.“When it came to cyber, we didn’t think we were applying some of the lessons we’d learned in combating the terrorism threat,Mr Carlin said. “If you don’t have prosecutors looking at it, you don’t know whether that’s a tool in the toolbox.”The approach changed in 2012, when the DoJ’s national security division created the national security cyber specialist network. It meant retraining prosecutors in the division, and in US attorney offices to ensure each had at least one prosecutor focused on national security cyber threats.At the same time, the FBI allowed agents to share intelligence with these prosecutors, who also began working with the FBI’s national cyber investigative joint task force made up of the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, the Defence Intelligence Agency and others.For the FBI, that meant taking classified information from the NSA, CIA and other agencies and translating that into evidence that could be declassified, which could be used in a criminal prosecution or cited to name a culprit, like in the Sony case. “Simply collecting ‘intelmay not be in the national interest when it comes to cyber attacks that threaten the national interest,said John Riggi, the FBI’s cyber division section chief. “We learnt post 9/11 that taking highly classified intelligence and turning it into evidence that can be used is a highly successful way to disrupt our adversaries.”The first public sign that the new approach was working came in the 2014 indictment of five Chinese soldiers accused of cyber hacking and economic espionage against US Steel, Westinghouse Electric and others. It was the first time state actors had been charged in that type of cyber case.FBI agents, the US attorney’s office in Pittsburgh, the NSD and others worked on the case in a way that it could be brought to a criminal court.“There was scepticism in some corners as to whether we’d be able to bring a case,Mr Carlin said. “It was important to show that yes, it can be done.”But the doubts have not disappeared. In the Sony case, sceptics were quick to say the evidence of IP addresses linked to North Korea could have been faked, for example.But translating intelligence into evidence helped authorities put the pieces together to name North Korea and issue new sanctions against the country and some of its officials. Bringing criminal charges could still be an option.The DoJ and the FBI have stepped up their efforts to encourage companies to come forward. Many are still reluctant to report breaches because they distrust agencies. “It makes it very challenging,Mr Riggi said. “Cyber is like no other threat we face and we can’t do our job without private sector help.”美国助理总检察官约翰#8226;卡林(John Carlin)还记得以前,美国联邦调查局(FBI)的网络情报专家坐在他在华盛顿的办公室中一间上锁的房间里,把同一栋大楼里的刑事检察官隔绝在外。现在,随着执法人员重新思考如何运用情报,以对抗威胁国家安全的网络攻击带来的越来越大的风险,隔绝情报人员和检察官的高墙轰然倒塌。这种转变有助于解释为何好莱坞制片公司索尼影Sony Pictures)遭受黑客攻击还不到一月,美国当局就指出朝鲜是这次网络攻击的幕后黑手。这种策略也表明美国当局对网络攻击者采用了更强硬的策略——直接点名曝光使其蒙羞。“世界都在看,因此你需要向其他政权发出信息,告诉他们我们会有什么反应,让他们明白:这不是一个做事没有代价的环境,别以为永远追查不到你头上,”现任美国司法部(Department of Justice)国家安全司主管的卡林说,“我们不怕说出来,而且说了以后,对方就会采取相应的反应。”以前,涉及国家安全的网络案件被视为情报人员要解决的问题。这种策略意味着当局对这些案件往往秘而不宣,没有检察官参与其中,因此根本不可能提起诉讼。这种封闭的机制有悖001/11恐怖袭击之后加强各机构间信息分享的趋势。“对于网络案件,我们认为我们以前没有把对抗恐怖主义威胁时吸取的一些经验运用到其中,”卡林说,“如果没有检察官参与查,你就不知道这个方法可不可用。012年这种策略发生了改变,美国司法部国家安全司创建了国家安全网络专家网,对该司和各个检察官办公室里的检察官重新培训,确保每个办公室都至少有一名检察官重点关注国家安全网络威胁。与此同时,FBI批准探员与这些检察官分享情报,这些检察官也开始与FBI国家网络调查联合特别工作组合作,小组成员来自美国中央情报局(CIA)、美国国家安全局(NSA)和美国国防情报局(Defence Intelligence Agency)。对FBI而言,这意味着将NSA、CIA和其他一些政府部门的机密信息转化成能够解密的据,以用于刑事诉讼,或者就像索尼影视的事件中那样,引为据点出肇事者的身份。“对于危及国家利益的网络攻击,仅仅收集‘情报’或许并不符合国家利益,”FBI网络部的科长约翰#8226;里吉(John Riggi)说,/11以后,我们意识到,将高度机密的情报转化成能够利用的据,是打垮我们的敌人的绝佳办法。”这种新策略首次公开亮相是在2014年,美国当局起诉5名中国军人,指控其对美国钢铁公司(US Steel)、西屋电Westinghouse Electric)等公司发起网络黑客活动和经济间谍活动。这类网络案件中,这是国家人员首次成为被控告的对象。FBI探员、匹兹堡检察官办公室、美国司法部国家安全司和其他参与方共同合作,使案件可以进入刑事诉讼程序。“有些人怀疑我们是否能够提起诉讼,”卡林说,“向世人展示我们能做到,这很重要。”但人们的怀疑并未消散。比如,在索尼影视的事件中,怀疑论者很快就表示,与朝鲜相关的IP地址据很可能是捏造的。然而,将情报化为据帮助当局将碎片拼凑在一起,指朝鲜为罪魁祸首,对朝鲜和一些朝鲜官员采取了新的制裁措施。提起刑事诉讼是可能做到的事情。司法部和FBI已加大努力鼓励企业挺身而出。许多企业在上报违法情况时依然态度勉强,因为它们不信任政府部门。“这让事情极具挑战性,”里吉说,“网络不像我们面临的任何其他威胁,如果没有私人部门的帮助,我们就无法开展工作。绵阳流产手术多少钱It is more accurate to call it panic than plotting. This week I spent time in the company of members of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat party. Startlingly for an outsider, the conversations turned on whether the German chancellor would survive the refugee crisis. Some thought she had just weeks to turn things around. Never mind that only yesterday she had towered above any other European leader. Overnight, the unthinkable has become the plausible for some in her party, the probable.这事与其说是阴谋,不如说是恐慌。上周我与安格拉默克Angela Merkel)所在的基民Christian Democrat)的一些党员作了一番交谈。对局外人来说令人震惊的是,话题转向了德国总理是否撑得过难民危机。一些人认为她只有数周时间来扭转局面。且不谈她的威望直到最近还远远高于欧洲其他领导人。一夜之间,难以置信的事似乎变得合情合理——对于其党内某些人来说,甚至是很可能发生的事。Other voices say the fever will subside, but Ms Merkel’s vulnerability speaks to the convulsions across Europe caused by the tide of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Maghreb and Sahel countries of Africa. In the eastern, post-communist part of the continent, the influx has strengthened the hands of the ethnic nationalists who never quite signed up to the idea of liberal democracy. To the west it has bolstered the fortunes of nativists such as Marine Le Pen’s National Front in France. Rallies of the far-right Pegida party in Germany now feature speakers who lament the loss of concentration camps. If Britain’s David Cameron loses his referendum to keep Britain in the EU it will be because emotions over migration trump economic self-interest.其他人表示这波热度会消退,但是默克尔的脆弱地位反映了席卷整个欧洲的动荡,其起因是来自叙利亚、伊拉克、阿富汗以及非洲马格里布(Maghreb,马格里布是历史上对北非地区阿尔及利亚、洛哥和突尼斯的统称,大马格里布除上述三国外还包括毛里塔尼亚和利比亚——译者注)和萨赫勒(Sahel,非洲撒哈拉沙漠和苏丹草原地区之间一条横跨多个国家的地带——译者注)等国的难民潮。在东欧的前共产党统治国家,难民的涌入加强了族群民族主义者的气势,这些人本来就从未接受自由民主的观念。在西欧,难民潮助长了诸如法国马琳勒Marine Le Pen)领导的国民阵National Front)等本土主义者的人气。德国极右翼党派“爱国欧洲人反对西方伊斯兰化Pegida)如今竟然有演讲者在集会上哀叹集中营不复存在。如果英国的戴维愠蕓David Cameron)输掉了让英国继续留在欧盟(EU)的公投,那将是因为人们对移民的情绪压倒了经济利益考量。Ms Merkel has rarely been called a conviction politician. Her longevity in office has resided in her skill in finding the natural point of balance in the German national mood; and, it should be said, her ruthlessness in despatching potential rivals. The adjectives most often applied to her leadership style, sometimes with more than a note of frustration, have been cautious, deliberative and consensual.默克尔很少被称为是具有坚定信念的政治人物。她在位之所以长久,在于她有本事把握德国国民情绪的自然平衡点;同时也应该说,在于她打发潜在竞争对手的冷酷无情。在描述其领导风格时最常用的几个形容词是谨慎、深思熟虑和重视共识——有时人们会带着相当受挫的语气这么形容她的风格。“Mutti(mum) Merkel, as she is often called, has succeeded by assuring her compatriots that she will shelter Germany from the fires raging beyond its borders. They need not worry about the detail of policy. Germans can be sure she will be firm but calm in standing up to Russia’s Vladimir Putin and, though committed to the future of the euro, will be a careful guardian of the nation’s finances. For a decade, Germans have taken her on trust.常被称为“妈妈”的默克尔,以向其国民保她将使德国不受境外种种危机的影响而取得成功。人们不需要担心政策细节。德国人可以确信,默克尔将坚定而沉着地面对俄罗斯的弗拉基米尔渠京(Vladimir Putin),同时,尽管她心系欧元的未来,但她也会谨慎守护德国的财政0年来,德国人已经不加深究地信任于她。She has displayed the same skills in Europe. Those who have watched her operate at summits of EU leaders have marvelled at her informal consensus-building. A conversation over the shoulder with this prime minister, a deal sealed over a snatched cup of coffee with that president, a friendly pat on the shoulder for officials seeking common ground. Ms Merkel has always pressed the German interest, but in a manner of compromise over confrontation.她在欧洲施展了同样的技巧。那些曾目睹她在欧盟领导人峰会上展露风采的人,惊叹于她以非正式方式凝聚共识的能力。与这位总理悄悄交谈,与那位总统在喝咖啡的功夫敲定一份协议,友好地拍一下正在寻找共同点的官员们的肩膀。默克尔总是在推进德国的利益,但她采用的是妥协(而非对抗)风格。来 /201511/407462四川成都七院看产科需要多少钱

雅安市人民医院网上咨询成都医学院附属医院治疗妇科疾病多少钱Kurdish forces wrested control of Iraq’s strategically important Mosul dam from jihadi insurgents yesterday, after the US launched the most intensive day of air strikes since it began targeted intervention in the conflict 10 days ago. US President Barack Obama hailed the retaking of Iraqs largest dam as a ;major step forward,; in the fight against Islamist insurgents who have swept through the north of the country.在美国发起了0天前开始对伊拉克冲突采取定点干预以来最猛烈的一日空袭后,库尔德武装于昨日从伊斯兰圣战武装分子手中夺回了苏尔水坝。美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)将这一事件誉为在打击伊斯兰武装分子方面取得的“重要进展”。苏尔水坝是伊拉克最大的水坝,对该国具有战略重要意义。Although Kurdish peshmerga forces, with the support of US air power and Iraqi military on the ground, were still clearing pockets of resistance by fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, local officials said they had retaken the dam in the most significant defeat for Isis so far.尽管库尔德“自由斗士Peshmerga)武装在美国空中力量和地面上的伊拉克政府军的持下,仍在清理来自“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)的小股抵抗,但当地官员表示,他们已经取得了迄今对ISIS的最大胜利,重新夺回了水坝。Iraqi and US officials feared that Isis could use the Mosul dam, three decades old and poorly maintained, as a weapon. Whoever controls the dam could cut off power or water to millions of Iraqis. If broken, the dam would destroy the northern city of Mosul and flood the capital, Baghdad.伊拉克和美国官员曾担心,ISIS可能将这座已0年历史、维护不善的水坝用作武器。只要控制了水坝,就能切断数百万伊拉克人的供电和供水。如果水坝被炸开,可能摧毁伊拉克北部城市苏尔,淹没伊拉克首都巴格达。President Barack Obama interrupted his holiday yesterday to return to the White House to confer with his nat#173;ional security team on#8201;the crisis.奥巴马昨日中断休假回到白宫,与他的国家安全团队商讨如何应对这一危机。The Pentagon’s central command said it had carried out 15 strikes yesterday on Isis positions surrounding the dam. Some 68 missions have been mounted since August 8.五角大楼的中央司令部表示,它昨日对水坝周围的ISIS阵地发动5次打击。自8日以来,美军在伊拉克执行的任务已达约68次。The Mosul dam counter-offensive has been important in boosting the morale of the Kurds and the peshmerga, who withdrew in the face of an Isis advance in northern Iraq.苏尔水坝反击战对提升库尔德人和“自由斗士”武装的士气非常重要。面对ISIS在伊拉克北部的挺进,他们曾一度后撤。An aide to a senior Kurdish official said the victory had yet to be officially announced because a few pockets of resistance remained. Earlier in the day, military spokesman Lieutenant-General Qasim Atta also said the dam had been taken.一名库尔德高级官员的助手表示,官方还未正式宣布胜利,因为仍然存在一些小股抵抗。今天早些时候,军方发言人卡西姆#8226;阿塔中将(Lieutenant-General Qasim Atta)也表示,水坝已被夺回。However, Roj Nuri Shawes, a senior Kurdish official and outgoing deputy prime minister of Iraq, said clearing out and securing the area could take time. “Isis has mined the towns and areas around the dam with explosives, meaning our forces have had to work very carefully to dismantle them.”然而,库尔德高级官员、伊拉克即将卸任的副总理鲁什#8226;努里#8226;沙维Roj Nuri Shawes)表示,清理这一地区、让其恢复安全可能需要时间。“ISIS在水坝周边的城镇和地区埋放了爆炸物,我们的部队必须非常小心地展开排爆工作。”Isis insisted that reports that the “Kurdish-Crusader alliancehad retaken the dam constituted a fake media campaign.ISIS坚称,“库尔德十字军联盟Kurdish-Crusader alliance)夺回水坝的消息是媒体的虚假宣传。The move came as David Cameron, UK prime minister, said Britain would not deploy “boots on the groundin Iraq but was prepared to arm Kurdish fighters.这件事发生的同时,英国首相戴#8226;卡梅David Cameron)表示英国不会向伊拉克派出“地面部队”,但愿意为库尔德士兵提供武装。来 /201408/322200Saudi King Salman at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh on January 27, 2015 (AFP Photo/Saul Loeb)20157日,沙特国王萨尔曼在雅加达哈立德国王国际机场(法新社)Riyadh (AFP) - Saudi Arabias new King Salman on Thursday further cemented his hold on power, with a sweeping shake up that saw two sons of the late King Abdullah fired, and the heads of intelligence andother key agencies replaced alongside a cabinet reshuffle.法新社雅加达报道--沙特新国王萨尔曼在周四辞退了老国王阿卜杜拉的两个儿子,情报部门和其他关键部门的负责人,进一步巩固了他的权力;Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud issued a royal order today, relieving Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, Chief of General Intelligence, ofhis post,; the official Saudi Press Agency said.沙特官方通讯社说,“两圣地的监护人萨尔曼·本·阿卜杜勒·阿齐兹·沙特陛下今天颁布圣旨,解除哈立德·本·班大尔·本·阿卜杜勒·阿齐兹·沙特王子的总情报局主管职务。”The announcement came a week after Salman acceded to the throne following the death of Abdullah, aged about 90.这一命令是在萨尔曼继承了90岁的老国王阿卜杜拉的王位后一个星期颁布的。A separate decree said Prince Bandar bin Sultan,a nephew of Abdullah, was removed from his posts as Secretary General of theNational Security Council and adviser to the king.另一份圣旨解除了阿卜杜拉的侄子班大尔·本·苏丹王子的国家安全理事会秘书长和国王顾问职务。Two sons of the late monarch were also fired:Prince Mishaal, governor of the Mecca region, and Prince Turki, who governed the capital Riyadh, according to the decrees broadcast on Saudi television.据沙特电视台播出的圣旨,老国王的两个儿子的职务也被罢免:分别是掌管麦加地区的米莎乐王子和掌管首都利雅得的图尔其王子。Another of Abdullahs sons, Prince Miteb,retained his position as minister in charge of the National Guard, a parallel army of around 200,000 men.阿卜杜拉的另一个儿子,米太波王子,保留其职务,继续掌管独立00000人的国防军的国民警卫队。Salman, 79, a half-brother of Abdullah, also named a 31-member cabinet whose new faces included the ministers for culture and information, social affairs, civil service, and communications and information technology, among others.阿卜杜拉同父异母的兄弟,79岁的萨尔曼,还任命了一1名成员的内阁,其中的新面孔包括文化信息部大臣,社会事务部大臣、内政部大臣、通讯与信息技术部大臣。Oil Minister Ali al-Nuaimi, Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal, and Finance Minister Ibrahim al-Assaf kept their postsin the cabinet of the worlds leading oil exporter.石油大臣阿里·怒艾米,外交大臣沙特·费萨尔和财政大臣易卜拉欣·阿萨夫继续在这个世界领先的石油出口国的内阁中留用。Hours after Abdullah died early on January 23,Salman appointed his son, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, as defence minister.13日,阿卜杜拉死后数小时,萨尔曼就任命他的儿子,默罕默德·本·萨尔曼王子作为国防大臣。Powerful Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin Nayef became second in line to the throne, while Deputy Crown Prince Moqren,69, was elevated to king-in-waiting.实权的内政大臣默罕默德·本·纳伊夫王子变成了王座下的二号人物,而代理王9岁的Moqren王子被提升为王储。Moqren would reign as thelast son of the kingdoms founder, Abdul Aziz bin Saud, leaving bin Nayef asthe first of the ;second generation,; or grandsons of Abdul Aziz.Moqren是王国创始人阿卜杜勒·阿齐兹·本·沙特的最小的儿子而本·纳伊夫成为阿卜杜勒·阿齐兹的孙子一辈“也就是第二代”的第一个。In March 2014, King Abdullah named Moqren to thenew position of deputy crown prince with the aim of smoothing successionhurdles.2014月,阿卜杜拉国王为了实现平稳的权利传承任命Moqren为准王储。Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, even before he became interior minister, was in charge of a crackdown on Al-Qaeda following a wave of deadly attacks in the Gulf state between 2003 and 2007.默罕默德·本·纳伊夫王子在成为内政大臣前就负责镇003年和2007年中海湾国家的随着一波致命攻击而来的基地组织。London-based analyst Abdelwahab Badrakhan said Nayefs background implies that as king he would ;prioritise security,; a fact that ;comforts foreign partners, especially the ed States,; he said.伦敦的分析师AbdelwahabBadrakhan说,纳伊夫的背景暗示作为国王他会优先关注安全,“安抚外国伙伴,特别是是美国”。The appointment helps to solidify control by thenew kings Sudayri branch of the royal family, named after Hissa bint Ahmadal-Sudayri, the mother of Salman and his late brother, Nayef.这一任命有利于通过新国王的外戚Sudayri家族巩固统治,Sudayri家族是以萨尔曼和他哥哥的母亲Hissa bint Ahmad al-Sudayri命名的。Their influence had waned under King Abdullah.在阿卜杜拉国王的统治下他们的影响力被削弱了。Regional heavyweight Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam and home to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.沙特阿拉伯的地区地位来自于作为伊斯兰的诞生地和麦加、麦地那两圣地。Along with other countries in the Gulf, Saudi Arabia has joined a US-led air campaign against the Islamic State extremist group that has seized parts of Syria and neighbouring Iraq.沙特阿拉伯和海湾其他国家一起加入了美国领导的对侵入叙利亚和邻居伊拉克的伊斯兰国极端组织的空袭。来 /201502/358403彭州市妇女儿童医院做产检价格蒲江县人民医院可以用社保卡吗

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