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小女孩因妈妈生弟弟患上“同胞竞争障碍” -- ::7 来源:chinadaily 浙江湖州一个岁的小女孩原本活泼可爱,成绩优异,但是,在妈妈生了弟弟以后,却经常抱怨头痛,吃不下饭想吐,人也变得孤僻了父母带到医院一查,拍各种片子都是正常的,最后医生诊断这名小女孩患上了“同胞竞争障碍”请看相关报道:Suspecting the daughter may have caught encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain with similar symptoms, the worried parents then brought her to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine treatment. Medical checks excluded encephalitis and doctors finally determined the girl's symptoms are the result of a sibling rivalry disorder.因为怀疑女儿患上了脑炎(脑炎的症状与之相似),忧心忡忡的父母将女儿带到浙江大学医学院附属第二医院治疗医学检查排除了脑炎的可能性,医生最终诊断小女孩的症状是“同胞竞争障碍”引起的“同胞竞争障碍”英文表达是sibling rivalry disorder,所谓同胞竞争障碍,是指通常在年龄稍小的弟弟出生之后,发生的某种程度的情感紊乱(emotional disturbance)程度轻重和表现形式个体存在很大差异,还可能出现焦虑,抑郁等精神症状这个岁小女孩出现头痛、呕吐和精神萎靡(suffered from headaches, vomiting and low spirits)等症状,是典型的“同胞竞争障碍”的症状据报道,这个小女孩原本活泼可爱(happy and active),成绩优异(enjoyed good academic scores),在班里还是班长(class monitor),但是因为父母有了二宝之后,对她的关注少了,忽略了她的情感需求,导致她患上了同胞竞争障碍专家建议打算生二胎的父母要注意大宝的心理,不要高估了孩子的心理承受能力(中国日报网英语点津 陈丹妮)消失的香港书商被认为在中国“多次”自杀 -- :3:50 来源: 最近,很多香港书商因为贩卖不利于国家领导人言论的书籍被捕,引起国际社会轰动 Lam Wing Kee, 61, was the manager of a well-known bookstore that sold titles critical of the Chinese leadership.61岁的林荣记是一家知名书店的经理,该书店售卖批评中国领导人的书籍Mr Lam was one of five booksellers who were imprisoned months in cases that made international headlines.林先生是五名被监禁数月而登上国际头条的书商之一He believes they were taken by an elite Chinese law encement group which targeted authors and booksellers.他相信,他们被一个专注于作者和书商的精英中国执法组带走One of the men, Gui Minhai, is still in custody.其中的一名男性-桂敏海仍被拘留Mr Lam says he contemplated suicide during his imprisonment but could not make any physical attempts because of the structure and design of his cell.林先生说,在监禁期间,他很想自杀,但是由于牢房的结构和设计,他无法进行任何物理上的尝试"I did consider it, from January to sometime around the Chinese new year," he says.他说:“我确实思考过自杀,从1月到临近中国新年期间”"I was looking a place up there to hang myself... but there wasn’t."“我想找地方上吊,但是没地方可以这样做”He was not physically abused, he says, but endured months of solitary confinement, interrogations and psychological torture.他说,他没有受到身体上的虐待,但是经历了数月的监禁,审讯和心理折磨Mr Lam, who was released on Tuesday, told the B he thinks the booksellers were held in two different locations, including a secure, secret facility in eastern China.周二,林先生被释放了,他告诉B,他认为被关押在两个不同的地方,包括中国东部一个安全,秘密的场所He says he was abducted while visiting the Chinese city of Shenzhen last October.他说,去年十月在中国深圳参观的时候被绑架了Mr Lam was the owner the Causeway Bay Bookstoer bee it was purchased by Mr Gui last year.去年桂先生购买铜锣湾书店以前,他是店主After being arrested, he says he was taken, blindfolded, to the eastern city of Ningbo, where he was held until March.他说,被逮捕以后,他被蒙蔽了双眼,到了东部城市宁波,一直逗留到三月In March, when three of his colleagues were released and returned to Hong Kong, Mr Lam was transferred to a room in the city of Shaoguan in Guangdong province, where he enjoyed more freedom.三月,当他的三名同事被释放回到香港后,林先生被转移到了广东省韶关的一个房间,这里他自由多了Mr Lam says he was released this week on the condition that he would retrieve a hard disk filled with the names of people, mainly mainland Chinese, who had bought books from the Mighty Current publisher.林先生说,他本周被释放了,条件是他要上交一个光盘,里面主要是中国大陆购买了目前出版商书籍的客户的姓名He says he has no intention of handing over the data, and has no regrets about speaking freely about what happened to him.他说,他不想提交数据,也不对自由表达自己的经历感到后悔阶层天花板---说说教育中的不公平现象 -- :36:9 来源: 在高考---也就是中国高等学校入学考试的两天内,在高中附近的地方不能有嗡嗡的汽车喇叭声,更不能有轰隆隆的货车通行为了此次高考,学生们已经进行多年填鸭式地学习,他们认为(有充分的理由),这次考试将会决定他们的一生 NO CAR may honk nor lorry rumble near secondary schools on the two days when students are taking their university entrance exams, known as gaokao. Teenagers have been cramming years these tests, which they believe (with justification) will determine their entire future. Yet it is at an earlier stage of education that an individual’s life chances in China are usually mapped out, often in ways that are deeply unfair.在高考---也就是中国高等学校入学考试的两天内,在高中附近的地方不能有嗡嗡的汽车喇叭声,更不能有轰隆隆的货车通行为了此次高考,学生们已经进行多年填鸭式地学习,他们认为(有充分的理由),这次考试将会决定他们的一生不过,其实在教育更为早期的阶段,个人的生活已经被决定了,而且通常是以不太公平的方式To give more students access to higher education, the government has increased its investment in the sector five fold since 1997. The number of universities has nearly doubled. In 1998 6% of secondary-school graduates went on to university. Now 88% of them do. About 7m people—roughly one-third of those aged between 18 and —now gain entry to some m of higher institution each year.为了给更多学生接受高等教育的机会,政府自1997年以来,在教育领域的投资增加了5倍之多大学的数目几乎增加一倍在1998年,有6%的高中生上大学,而现在有88%的高中生上大学每年大概有700万人,也就是18岁到岁年轻人的三分之一,有机会接受高一级的教育China’s universities offer more opporty social mobility than those in many other countries, says James Lee of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. But the social backgrounds of those admitted have been changing. Until 1993, more than 0% of students were the children of farmers or factory workers. Now universities are crammed with people from wealthy, urban backgrounds. That is partly because a far bigger share of young people are middle-class. But it is also because rural Chinese face bigger hurdles getting into them than they used to.香港科技大学的詹姆斯.李称,中国的大学和其他国家相比,提供了更多的社会流动性但入学学生的社会背景已经发生变化直到1993,有超四成的学生来自农民或工人家庭而现在的学生都是来自城市中的富裕家庭这可能是因为很大一部分的年轻人来自中产阶级,但也是因为中国的农民正面临前所未有的困难The problem lies with inequality of access to senior high schools, which take students the final three years of their secondary education. Students from rural backgrounds who go to such schools perm as well in the university entrance exams as those from urban areas. But most never get there. Less than % of young people in the countryside go to senior high schools compared with 70% of their urban counterparts. The result is that a third of urban youngsters complete tertiary education, compared with only 8% of young rural adults.问题在于高中阶段的不公平,在高中,学生将会完成第二阶段教育的最后三年进入高中的农村学生,和那些城市学生在高考中表现的一样好但大部分农村学生都没有机会进入高中学习不到一成的农村年轻人会上高中,而7成的城市年轻人会上高中,这也导致有三分之一的城市年轻人能够完成他们的第三阶段教育---大学,而农村学生仅有8%的比例One reason is that junior high schools in the countryside are far weaker academically than urban ones. Local governments invest less in them per student than they do in cities. Urban parents tend to be better educated and thus better able to help children with their studies.一个原因是农村的初中教育质量远低于城市对每个学生的人均投入,地方政府给城市的,要远多于农村而且城市的父母教育程度更高,能更好地辅导学生的学习Expense is a huge deterrent many. Governments cover the costs of schooling the nine years of compulsory education up to the age of around . But at senior high schools, families must pay tuition and other expenses; these outlays are among the highest in the world (measured by purchasing-power parity). Many students drop out of junior high school—which isfree—because rising wages in low-skilled industrial work make the prospect of staying at school even less attractive. Millions enter the workce every year who are barely literate or numerate此外,费用问题对农村学生来说也是一大障碍在九年义务教育阶段,也就是到学生大概岁左右,政府负责学生上学的费用,但是上高中,农民们就需要自己付学费和其他费用(根据购买力测算),中国的这类费用,在全世界范围内都属于高昂的而且,还有很多学生在免费的初中就辍学,因为工业的低技术工种工资不断上升,也让继续求学的吸引力越来越低成千上万的年轻人进入社会,而这些人还属于半文盲ince the 1990s more than 0m people have moved from the countryside to work in cities. Many have left their children behind because of the difficulty of getting them into urban schools: the country’s system of hukou, or household registration, makes it hard migrant children to enjoy subsidised education in places other than their parents’ birthplace.从上世纪90年代开始,有亿人从农村进入城市有很多人因为无法将孩子送到城市中的学校,而把他们留到了老家:中国的户口系统使农民工的孩子,无法在他们父母出生地之外享受义务教育Unnatural selection非自然的选择Children from poor backgrounds who do make it as far as the gaokao face another difficulty: competition with better-prepared candidates from 700 or so feeder (usually known as “keypoint”) schools. These receive more funding per student than average schools, have better teachers and plusher facilities. They are supposed to train the brightest students, but many get in with the help of money and connections.来自贫困家庭的学生即使能参加高考,也会面临另一重困难:和来自大约700余所重点中学的学生竞争这里的学生和普通学生相比,国家对每个学生的投入更多,拥有更好的教师和昂贵的器材他们本应该教育最优秀的学生,但很多学生是通过金钱和关系进去的Hoping to make the system fairer, some feeder schools now allocate places on the basis of pupils’ proximity. Inevitably, this has sent local house prices skyrocketing, reincing the schools’ privileged intake by a different means.为了使教育体系更公平,一些重点学生以距离学校远近来招收学生不可避免地,这使当地房价快速上涨,同时,也阻止有采用各种特殊方法进入学校的新生Some of the feeder schools channel their pupils into the best universities via an alternative route to the gaokao. The Ministry of Education introduced this in to reward people with “special talents” that are tricky to assess through standardized tests, such as innovative thinking, creativity, or skills in sport or art. This was supposed to make the types of students attending university more varied. Instead it has increased inequality, by giving advantages to those who have benefited from the superior facilities of key point schools.一些重点高中还通过替代通道送其学生进入重点大学中国教育部在年奖励一些通过高考有难度的“特殊人才”,包括有创新思维,或者体育、艺术特长这本是想让更多类型的学生能进入不同的大学学习,但与此相反,它反而助涨了不公平,特别是那些通过不公平手段进入重点高中的那群人The government is trying to reduce other unfairnesses, too. But it has been tough going: those who benefit from unequal opporties are unsurprisingly reluctant to cede their privileges. This was evident from the outcry that followed an announcement last month that provinces and cities would have to reduce as local students at their universities. These allow universities to accept local students even though they may have lower gaokao scores than those from elsewhere. The news triggered protests in three cities by parents who worried about losing a precious advantage their children.政府也在尝试降低不公平性,但这相当困难:那些享受到不公平机会的人不愿放弃自己的特权这个道理显而易见,特别是上个月个省市宣布降低本地学生的录取名额通告后,爆发的那场抗议原来,即使本地学生的高考分数线比其他地方略低,本地大学仍会录取这条消息导致三个地方的家长进行抗议,他们担心这将会影响到自己的孩子

日本奇葩新发明:腋下风扇 告别除臭剂 -- 18::38 来源:chinadaily With summers getting hotter every year, keeping your armpits dry is quite the challenge. While many of use still rely on deodorants, the quirky Japanese have come up with a high-tech alternative worthy of their reputation crazy inventions – clip-on armpit fans.如今夏天一年比一年热,要保持腋窝干爽是个相当大的挑战许多人还在依赖除臭剂,另类的日本人已经想出了一种高科技替代品,一个名副其实的疯狂发明——夹在腋下的风扇Developed by Japanese gadget maker Thanko, the Waki no Shita Kura (Japanese Under the Armpit Cooling Device) is a small fan that clips to your sleeve to deliver cooling blasts of air to your armpits.由日本小型装置制造商Thanko开发,Waki no Shita Kura(该腋下降温装置的日语发音)是一个可以夹在袖子上的小风扇,把阵阵凉风吹到你的腋下The device is powered by three AAA batteries and can keep your armpits nice and dry five to nine hours, depending on which of the three speeds you use. If you want to stay cool longer you can connect the fan to your PC or a separately purchased battery pack with the included micro USB cable.该装置由三节AAA电池供电,可以保持腋下五到九小时的干爽,持续时间长短取决于你对三种风力大小的选择如果你想保持更长时间的干爽,可以将其连接到笔记本电脑上,或者连接到单独购买的蓄电池组上,该电池组包含了数据线Thanko claims the armpit fans are very light (30g1 oz) and silent enough to use even in a crowded, so you shouldn't have to worry about attracting unwanted attention with your buzzing armpits.Thanko宣称腋下风扇非常轻巧(重30g或1盎司),并且即使在拥挤的人群中使用也足够静音,所以你不必担心嗡嗡作响的腋窝会引起不必要的注意The fan is also very small (60 x 65 x mm) and thanks to the clip-on design it can also cool your chest area: just clip it to the front of your shirt and it will keep your torso and neck dry.这个风扇也很迷你(60×65×mm),而且多亏其可夹式设计,它还可以为你的胸部降温:只需将其夹在你的衬衫前面,就能保持躯干和颈部的干爽Japan Trend Shop has the Thanko Under the Armpit Cooling Device priced at $, but you'll probably need to buy two of them, unless you're planning on alternatively using it on your armpits. So on a device that probably works. I'd say deodorant is the safer and cheaper choice, but then again this thing is worth it just the novelty of it.日本新奇物品商店将Thanko的腋下降温装置定价为美元,不过你可能需要买两个,除非你打算在两边的腋下交替使用一个所以花费8美元购买这个装置还是可行的我想说除臭剂是更安全、更便宜的选择,但话说回来,仅为其新奇性购买这个小物件也是值得的When it comes to weird Japanese inventions, I'd say the armpit fan is pretty low on the list, at least compared to other wacky inventions we've featured throughout the years. Let's remember this creepy hugging chair the lonely, the speech jammer that stops people from talking or this creepy facial exercising device that Cristiano Ronaldo wouldn't even use, even though he was supposed to promote it. Oh, and I had almost got the Necomimi, wearable cat ears and tail controlled by brainwaves.说到日本的奇葩发明,我觉得腋下风扇简直是小巫见大巫,至少与我们多年来精选的其他雷人发明相比还算正常让我们回忆下:为孤独者发明的、令人毛骨悚然的拥抱椅,让人暂时闭嘴的弹话,或那个可怕的面部锻炼神器,即使该为其做宣传,克里斯蒂亚诺?罗纳尔多都不愿使用哦,我差点忘了猫的秘密(智能意念猫耳朵),戴上以后猫耳朵和尾巴将受到脑电波的控制英文来源:odditycentral翻译:实习生朱善美审校#38;编辑:丹妮

MH370最新消息:残骸位置锁定印度洋58处地方 -- :5:50 来源: The search Malaysia Airlines' flight MH370 will be focused on 58 spots in a 60,000 sq km area of the Indian ocean.对马航MH370客机的搜索将集中在印度洋60000平方公里范围内的58处地点Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the locations were identified in a latest survey by the international search team.交通部长拿督廖中莱指出,这些地点是由国际搜索团队的最新调查确定的He said in the survey conducted at the arc-shaped priority area, about 1,600km from Perth, the search team found that there were 58 spots where hard objects were lying on the seabed.他说,调查在离珀斯00公里处的弧形重点区域展开,搜索队发现58个地点的海床上存在硬物"Although the hard objects can be anything, from rocks to ship wreckages or a plane, the finding gives us where to focus in the next stage of search.他在今天的新闻发布会上说,“虽然硬物可能是任何东西,比如岩石、沉船或飞机,但这些发现明确了下一阶段搜索的方向”"An underwater search using deep sea equipment will be conducted at these spots soon," he told reporters at a press conference today.“很快就将使用深潜设备对这些地点展开搜索”Liow was in Seremban to launch the Negeri Sembilan state MCA annual general meeting.廖中莱在芙蓉市召开森美兰州马来西亚华人公会年会He said the underwater search may take about a year to complete.他表示水下搜索可能会耗时一年体验美式佛州春假 --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:这里有全世界最大的迪士尼乐园,这里有幽默感up的新新人类,这里有沙滩、阳光和美女,最重要的是,这里有幸福感满满的春季假期~Florida, the southernmost state in the US mainland, has bestowed many gifts upon the world. It’s the birthplace of the modern air conditioner, site of the largest Disney World and home to a rotating cast of eccentrics, who supply endless amusement to observers the world over.佛罗里达州位于美国本土最南端,这里是全世界自然物产最丰富的地区之一它是现代空调的诞生地,全球最大迪士尼乐园所在地,这里还有形形色色特立独行的“奇葩”,他们为观察我们这个世界提供了源源不绝的乐趣Remember that guy arrested last year beating one of his employees with a real, live lizard? Yup, that was Florida. And the pilot who illegally flew a gyrocopter to the US Capitol? You can thank Florida that gem too.还记得去年有人因为用一只活生生的蜥蜴咬自己的雇员而被捕的新闻吗?是的,这发生在佛罗里达还记得一名飞行员曾非法驾驶旋翼机冲到美国国会大厦么?这也是佛罗里达的一大“功绩”Yes, the Sunshine State has done a lot humanity, including tickling its collective funny bone. But as many American college students can tell you, its biggest contribution may be the phenomenon known as “spring break”.确实,阳光州为人类做了不少贡献,包括它的全民幽默感不过正如一些美国大学生会告诉你的,它最大的贡献要数创造了一种叫“春假”的现象It’s that special time each year when college students are liberated from class one full week, to rest and prepare the exam season ahead. Or not. Nowadays, it’s a tradition students to abandon their dorm rooms Florida’s white-sand beaches–and, en route, abandon most of their clothes and common sense too.每年的某个特定时期,大学生都能有一整周的假期,他们养精蓄锐,为接下来的考试季做准备,或者就是玩玩玩现如今的春假,这样的生活已经变成了一项传统:学生们撇下宿舍,蜂拥到佛州的白色沙滩,尽情脱掉外衣,忘乎所以Spring break evolution春假的进化史In springtime, Florida becomes the host of a beachside bacchanal college students, but not so long ago, it was a relatively low-key tourist destination. The rise of the modern spring break and the rise of Florida as a tourist destination went largely hand-in-hand.春天的佛罗里达成了大学生狂欢的海滨胜地,不过不久之前,这儿还是个人气不怎么高的旅游景点现代春假的兴起几乎和佛罗里达成为旅游胜地相伴相生According to research from the University of New Orleans, college swim teams discovered Florida’s vacation potential back in the 1930s. But other destinations, like Bermuda, remained more popular college getaways. World War II changed that. With German U-boats patrolling offshore, American students were less inclined to go overseas spring vacations. Florida’s time had arrived.据美国新奥尔良大学的研究显示,早在世纪三十年代,大学游泳队们就发现了佛罗里达作为热门度假地的潜力不过当时像百慕大群岛这样的景点,作为逃离学校的旅游胜地则更受欢迎二战改变了这种状况由于德国U形潜水艇在近海巡逻,美国学生不倾向于出国度春假了佛罗里达时代就此开启By the 1950s, novels like Where the Boys Are and s like Time magazine’s “Beer The Beach” had established spring break as an excuse to party, and Florida as its capital.直到世纪五十年代,《男孩在哪里这样的小说和《时代周刊刊登的如《啤酒沙滩这类文章为春假聚会找到了理由,佛罗里达顺势成了派对之都With that anarchic spring break spirit comes an iconic spring break style, one that reflects Florida’s own eccentricities. It’s messy and wild and borderline tasteless–fashion’s rebellious answer to prim-and-proper college attire.和无法无天的春假精神相伴而生的是春假的标志性风格,它反应了佛州的独特性它凌乱、狂野,居于无品味的临界点上——是时尚对一本正经的大学生装束的反击空气刘海、半丸子头……想不想试试这些火上天的... --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:看到《太阳的后裔里乔时尚俏皮的空气刘海,你有没有冲去美发店整个同款的冲动?贝小七都扎丸子头了,你还不赶快动起来?等等,下手之前,请仔细了解一下自己的发质……不然也许别人头上美美哒发型就要在你头上丑出新高度了哦~Whether you’re a fan of South Korean dramas or not, you probably aly know that Descendants of the Sun (《太阳的后裔) is hugely popular across China. The TV series has not only turned its lead actor Song Joong-ki into an international heartthrob, but it has also launched the hairstyle craze sweeping Asia.不论你是不是韩剧粉,想必你已经听说过在国内大火的韩剧《太阳的后裔这部电视剧不仅让男主角宋仲基成为了全球女性的大众情人,也在亚洲刮起了一阵(模仿女主)发型的狂潮Women are rushing to the hair salon to copy lead actress Song Hye-kyo’s trademark bangs. Long and wispy, Song’s bangs dance across her ehead, giving her a sweet, girly look. They’re sometimes called “see-through bangs” (空气刘海) because they’re too thin to obscure the wearer’s ehead. But the truth is, not everyone can pull off this style. Even if you’re as good-looking as Song Hye-kyo, see-through bangs might leave you looking decidedly uncool.女生们纷纷涌向美发店,想要剪一个女主角宋慧乔同款的标志性刘海几缕碎长发在前额来回舞动,给宋慧乔增添了不少甜美的少女气息这种发型有时被称为“空气刘海”,因为太薄,刘海根本遮不住额头但事实上,并不是所有人都能驾驭这款发型即使你有乔一样漂亮的脸蛋,空气刘海也可能会让你看起来非常糟糕Who can pull off this fashionable hairstyle then? It all comes down to the texture of your hair. See-through bangs aren’t people with thick hair. Hairdryers are key to styling thin, see-through bangs, but they tend to leave thick-haired people with a fluffy mane. Also, people with dry hair are more suited to having see-through bangs. That is because oily hair tends to stick together. No one wants to end up looking like the cartoon character Sanmao, after all.那么到底谁才能驾驭这款时尚的发型?这完全取决于你的发质如果你的头发又浓又密,空气刘海就不太适合你因为吹风机是打造轻薄刘海的秘密武器,而它们常常会让本已浓密的秀发变得过于蓬松另外,干性发质的人更适合剪空气刘海这是因为油性发质的头发比较容易粘在一起毕竟谁也不想最后看起来像三毛一样Another hairstyle that’s sweeping the world is the half-bun, also known as the “hun” (半丸子头). Though it has sprouted on a number of actresses’ heads, including that of Gao Yuanyuan and Zhang Yuqi, it looks silly on some celebrities. The problem, once again, comes down to hair type.另一种风靡全球的发型就是扎起一半发髻,也叫“半丸子头”尽管包括高圆圆和张雨绮在内的不少女演员都尝试过,但这种发型却让有些明星看起来傻傻的问题的根源还是发质US actress Anne Hathaway is known her elegant style, but when she sported a “hun” at an event last year in New York City, some style critics were left disappointed. Gossip columnist Perez Hilton wrote on his fashion blog that Hathaway’s half-up, half-down bun was just confusing. “She definitely should have just let her hair down,” Hilton wrote.美国女演员安妮?海瑟薇以品味优雅著称,但当她去年梳着 “半丸子头”在纽约参加活动时,不少时尚家失望极了八卦专栏作家佩雷斯?希尔顿在他的时尚客中写道,完全看不懂海瑟薇一半扎起一半放下的丸子头希尔顿说:“她就应该把她的头发全都放下来嘛”Hathaway’s silky, straight hair was to blame the fashion faux pas. The point of the “hun” is to create a slightly disheveled look. The best way to achieve that effect is to avoid “being too careful and precise,” Gemma Brown, a senior hairstylist in Dubai told Al Arabiya English.海瑟薇这次时尚大灾难的罪魁祸首就是她那头丝般柔顺的直发“半丸子头”的关键是要给人一种略带凌乱的感觉迪拜高级发型师杰玛?布朗在接受阿拉伯电视台英语频道记者采访时说,达到这种效果最好的方法就是避免“太精致 ”

莎士比亚之隐藏的段子手 - 最刻薄的咒骂 -- 18:56:30 来源:chinadaily 作为“人类最伟大的戏剧天才”(马克思语),莎士比亚独领文坛风骚四百年吾等平民仰望大师,难免有高山仰止之感莎翁笔下人物浪漫缱绻的情话和发人深省的独白确实可算凌绝千古(虽然有时有点“污”)但是,莎士比亚其实是一个资深段子手,损起人来那是一套一套的 莎翁塑造了形形色色个性鲜明的人物形象在他笔下,王公贵族出言高贵文雅,谄媚弄臣说话世故圆滑,市井商贾言谈间透着精明狡黠,乡野村氓满口粗鄙脏话,但所有这些人物骂起人来都是一个字——狠比如: 说人矮Away, you three-inch fool! 滚,你这三寸丁!《驯悍记第三幕第三场熊杰平 译 《水浒传中武大郎的诨名就叫“三寸丁谷树皮”《水浒传约成书于元末明初,在时间上比莎士比亚作品早了两百年左右,但二者形容人身材矮小竟都用“三寸”,可说是惺惺相惜(3英寸7.6厘米) 说人丑I will beat thee into handsomeness. 我要把你这丑脸打得好看点《特洛伊罗斯与克瑞西达第二幕第一场刁克利 译 难道星爷的“还你漂漂拳”是跟莎士比亚学的?毁容整容 这个损人的点子是中西大同啊 说人笨 Thou hast no more brain than I have in mine elbows: an asinico may tutor thee. 我的胳膊弯都比你有头脑;一头毛驴都足够教导你《特洛伊罗斯与克瑞西达第二幕第一场刁克利 译 毛驴躺:What? 好犀利! 说人欠揍Methink'st thou art a general offence, and every man should beat thee. I think thou wast created men to breathe themselves upon thee. 你不受众人待见,谁都应该对你拳脚相见依我看来,你生来的唯一作用就是充当众人的出气筒《终成眷属第二幕第三场王剑 译 说人脏Would thou wert clean enough to spit upon.我想啐你,又怕玷污了我的唾沫《雅典的泰门第四幕第三场孟凡君 译 呃~~~~~~ 算你狠! 说人臭…there was the rankest compound of villainous smell that ever offended nostril.那种最恶心的恶臭可是鼻孔从来没有受过的罪啊《快乐的温莎巧妇第三幕第五场彭镜禧 译 骂个人还要背这么多单词 也是不容易, 人身攻击集大成者: Thou elvish-marked, abortive, rooting hog,Thou that wast sealed in thy nativityThe slave of nature and the son of hell.Thou slander of thy heavy mother’s womb,Thou loathegrave;d issue of thy father’s loins,Thou rag of honour… 你这天生的丑怪,贪婪的猪猡,你生而低贱,死而凄惨,这在你出生时就已注定你愧对你母怀你时的便便大腹,你父亲怎会有你这样的孽子,你这臭名远扬的人渣……《理查三世第一幕第三场孟凡君 译 活到这个份儿上,还不如……见识了莎翁的毒舌功力之后,是否有无语凝噎之感? 不要担心,以上诅咒谩骂用语均引自《莎士比亚全集;英汉双语本(外研社版),想要学习如何优雅的讽刺别人,快去买本书看看吧毕业生创业比例下降,更想去就业 --5 :: 来源:中国日报 近日,智联招聘发布了《年应届毕业生就业力调研报告这份报告指出,参与调查的届应届毕业生中,毕业后选择就业的比例为75.6%,.5%的人选择在国内继续学习,.8%的人选择出国继续学习,选择创业的比例仅为3.1%Given a choice, Chinese university graduates prefer to find employment rather than start a company.在就业和创业之间进行抉择时,中国的大学毕业生偏向于前者A report by human resources website Zhaopin released recently found that only 3.1 percent of students expecting to graduate in July said they will start their own business, down from 6.3 percent in .智联招聘最近的一份调查报告显示,参与调查的届应届毕业生中,毕业后选择创业的比例为仅仅只有3.1%,而年的比例是6.3%;The Chinese government, universities and investors have provided a friendly environment young startups. However, the failure rate of fresh graduates founding startups is still too high due to the lack of experience, resources and networking,; said Wang Yixin, a senior consultant at Zhaopin.智联招聘高级职业顾问王一新说:;虽然国家政策、各大高校和投资环境给大学生创业提供了良好的土壤,但鉴于大学生经验欠缺,资源积累不足,人脉不足等原因,目前大学生创业成功的概率并不高;;In addition, universities have paid a lot of attention to cultivating innovation instead of starting up companies. This is another reason the low desire on campus to found startups.;;加之相比创业,高校更注重培养学生的创新意识这也是大学生创业意向如此低的另一个原因;At the same time, college graduatesrsquo; interest in further education has also dwindled, leading to an increase in students wanting employment from 71. percent last year to 75.6 percent this year. Nearly 30 percent of those graduates accepted offers from the internet industry, which is among the highest paying.与此同时,大学毕业生选择选择继续深造的意向也降低了,这让今年选择就业的人数比例达到了75.6%,而去年这一数据为71.%Zhang Jingxiu, executive director of Beijing-based employment consultancy Newjincin Research Institute, said he didnrsquo;t monitor the significant decrease of studentsrsquo; willingness to start businesses, but he does admit the desire to found startups among students on campus is low.提供就业指导工作的北京新锦程研究院的执行院长张景岫说,他并没看到高校学生的创业意向有降低的趋势,但是他承认学生的自主创业意向很低;Students are not suited starting businesses on their own,; said Zhang, adding that vocational students are more eager to start businesses than university undergraduates.张说:;学生本身并不适合创业;他补充说职业院校的学生比大学生更渴望自主创业;According to our survey last year, only 0.6 to 0.7 percent of students at universities were thinking about starting their own companies. The number among vocational school students was as high as . percent.;;根据我们去年的调查,仅仅只有0.6%-0.7%的大学生有自主创业的意向而这个比例在职业院校达.%;;;However, the idea of vocational students starting businesses is related more to creating jobs themselves, and the majority of them have chosen to have online shops.;;然而,职业院校的学生创业的目的是为了为他们自己创造就业岗位,并且大多人选择了开网店;In the past months, more than provinces have introduced policies to encourage students to start their own companies by allowing them to quit studying but keep their student status two to eight years. However, many industry insiders insist that students complete their studies and work a few years first.在过去的一年中,多个省推出鼓励学生创业的政策,创业期间,允许学生休学年到8年,并保留其学籍然而,很多行业内部坚持学生应该首先完成学业,并先工作几年Chen Yu, vice-president of the China Association Employment Promotion, said a startup may be meaningful, but one should not expect too much from it.中国就业促进会副会长陈宇表明,创业意义重大,但是我们不应该对此有太高的期望值;Some geniuses in the internet industry created miracles, but that does not tell the whole story,; said Chen. ;Business has its own rules. Bee you start up, you have to know how to produce products, how to sell them, how to manage a company. Those lessons you cannot expect a fresh graduate to know.;;一些互联网行业的天才创造了很多奇迹,但这并不代表一切;每个行业都有各自的规则在你在这一行业开始之前,你必须要知道如何生产产品,如何销售,如何经营一家公司我们不能期待一个刚刚毕业的大学生一开始就知道这些经验;Yang Qiuping, general manager of Fudan Software Park, suggested that students finish their studies first, especially those from rural areas.复旦软件园的总经理杨秋萍建议学生首先应该完成学业,特别是对于那些来自农村地区的学生;Students can start after graduation, but it is not urgent,; said Yang. ;In China, I think a diploma still matters.;;学生可以在毕业后再开始创业,但是这并不是一件迫切的事,;杨说;在中国,我认为文凭仍然很重要;震惊!8岁老过山车迷 为庆生坐80次云霄飞车 -- :39: 来源: A longtime roller coaster fan has celebrated his 5,000th ride on a western Pennsylvania coaster over the holiday weekend — and he did it with close to triple-digit rides in a single day.  一个老过山车迷在周末假期庆祝了他在宾夕法尼亚州西部的第5000次乘坐之旅——并且他还在一天之内坐了近百次过山车  Vic Kleman, 8, celebrated the milestone Sunday on the Jack Rabbit at Kennywood in the Pittsburgh suburb of West Mifflin. He also set a personal record of 95 rides in a single day in honor of the roller coaster's 95th birthday this season.  8岁的维克·克列曼在西米夫林匹兹堡郊区肯尼伍德的长腿大野兔公园庆祝了这个具有里程碑意义的星期天他一天之内坐了95次过山车,刷新了自己的记录,也为了纪念云霄飞车赛季95周年诞辰  "I feel great!" Kleman, a retired general manager of a wholesale grocery firm and a local actor, said in a statement after the eight hour, minute marathon. "I made sure to move my legs throughout the day to keep from getting stiff after sitting so long."  “我觉得太棒了!”已退休的食品杂货批发公司前总经理,同时也是一名当地演员的克列曼在8小时分钟的耐力比赛之后说道“坐了这么久之后,我一定要整天活动活动我的腿,以免它们变得僵硬”  In , Kleman also said he felt "great" after notching his ,000th ride on the wooden coaster, which dates back to 19 and has an 85-foot double-dip drop. He rode the coaster 90 times that day and rode it 80 times to mark his own 80th birthday.  年,克列曼乘坐木质的过山车(是他第000次乘坐过山车)之后,他也觉得“很棒”那座木质过山车建于19年,还有一个85英尺的双回落那天他坐了90次,后来为庆祝自己80岁的生日又坐了80次  Kleman said he's been riding the world's fifth-oldest coaster since 1959, when he moved to Pittsburgh, and on that first ride friends tricked him into taking his eyes off the track just bee the cars plummeted in order to heighten his vertigo.  克列曼说自从1959年开始,在坐过山车的人中,他就已经是世界上第五老的了,那时他搬到匹兹堡,并且那次他第一次乘坐的朋友还整他,他们在过山车垂直降落之前把他的眼睛蒙住,以此来增加他的眩晕感  "We laughed so hard as we came out we were falling all over each other," Kleman said. "I thought, OK, well, maybe I'll ride some more."  “出来的时候我们笑得很开心,我们都很佩对方,” 克列曼说“我想,没问题,好的,我会再坐的”

世界十大房价最贵城市 有七个在中国 -- :00:00 来源: Five big Chinese cities rank among the priciest housing markets in the world, surpassing notoriously expensive cities like Tokyo, London and New York, based on calculations by the International Monetary Fund. In fact, seven out of of the world's least afdable markets--Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Chongqing--are now in China根据货币基金组织(IMF)发布的数据显示,五大中国城市在世界最昂贵的房地产市场中名列前茅,甚至超过了众所周知的昂贵城市东京、伦敦和纽约,事实上,世界上十大贵的让人难以承受的房地产市场中,有七个都是中国的城市——北京、上海、深圳、香港、天津、广州和重庆Note that that the price-to-wage ratio, which measures median housing prices in a given city against median disposable incomes, reflects afdability rather than absolute property value. This means the mid-range price of an apartment in New York is 6. times more than what a typical family makes in a year. By comparison, it would take nearly a quarter-century of earnings to buy a pad in Beijing's capital outright房价和工资比是某一城市的平均房价与平均可配收入的比值,它反映了人们是否能承受这种房价而不仅仅是房产的绝对价值这也意味着,纽约一间中等价格的公寓是一个普通家庭一年收入的6.倍多,而要想在北京的中心城区买间房子要花去一个中国家庭近5年的收入Residential property is a big mess the Chinese government--and it's not going away. Last month, prices on new homes leapt 7.% in June --the biggest uptick since last December居民住宅问题是中国政府面临的一个大问题——而且这个问题还将一直存在6月,新房价格比去年同期增长了7.%,这是自去年月以来出现的最快增长In short, policies to curb housing inflation aren't working. That's worrying news the government; housing prices are a major source of public resentment. The danger isn't just the threat of popular unrest, though: It's that soaring property prices make people feel less wealthy and less inclined to consume. And that's exactly what the government needs them to do in order to wean the economy off its dependency on exports and credit-driven investment简言之,抑制房价的政策没有奏效这是一个令政府焦虑的消息;房价是引发民众不满的主要原因之一但危险并不仅仅是民众骚乱的威胁:快速上涨的房价让人们感觉财富减少,也就更不愿意消费而消费正是政府鼓励民众去做的,这样才能改变中国经济对出口和信贷投资的依赖Sure, the announcement over the weekend that the government will stop evaluating party officials solely on the basis of their contribution to growing GDP. If they're off the hook hitting targets, it could make them less reliant on land parcel sales--the prices of which have been rising--to fund their budgets当然,中国政府周末时已表示,不再将GDP作为衡量地方官员政绩的唯一指标如果地方官员能够从“唯GDP是从” 中解脱出来,他们便会较少地依赖土地销售来资助预算,而中国的高房价正来源于这种依赖福布斯名人榜出炉 成龙排名1(双语) -- 18:: 来源:sohu 近日,福布斯榜单公布,流行歌手泰勒; 斯威夫特以高达1 亿7000 万美元的收入,成为年度收入最高的明星斯威夫特以超出第二名00 万美元的成绩,轻松击败了英国男孩乐队单向组合(One Direction) bes has named pop singer Taylor Swiftas the highest-paid celebrity in , with a whopping paycheck of 津巴布韦总统怒吼:请中国男人自带老婆 -- 19:9:5 来源: 昨天,津巴布韦总统穆加贝在非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线国家协商大会上指责,中国商人不把赚到的钱存在当地而是寄回本国,一个项目持续好几年,却不带老婆过来,而是与当地的女人们发生关系中国人不把钱存到当地是导致现金短缺的原因之一 ZANU-PF First Secretary President Mugabe yesterday criticized some Chinese businessmen failing to deposit their cash into local banks and instead, smuggling it to their home country. He also rapped them not bringing along their wives when working on projects that ran several years, saying this could lead them to prey on local girls. President Mugabe said this while addressing members of the revolutionary party’s National Consultative Assembly at the Zanu-PF Headquarters yesterday. Failure to deposit daily takings has been cited as one of the causes of the prevailing cash shortages.昨天,津巴布韦总统穆加贝在非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线国家协商大会上指责,中国商人不把赚到的钱存在当地而是寄回本国,一个项目持续好几年,却不带老婆过来,而是与当地的女人们发生关系中国人不把钱存到当地是导致现金短缺的原因之一The President said it had been observed that most Chinese nationals leave behind their wives when coming long-term projects, leaving people to wonder if they will be celibate.穆加贝总统说,中国人到津巴布韦从事长期项目的时候,大多数都不带老婆,人们很好奇他们是否禁欲He said Government would continue engaging Chinese authorities since the two countries enjoyed good bilateral relations to ensure that some of these issues were addressed.他表示,津巴布韦与中国有着良好的双边关系,为了解决这些问题,两国政府将继续保持合作He castigated financial institutions steep bank charges and high interest rates. President Mugabe said he received a complaint last week from a corporate entity that was levied more than <牛人_句子> in bank charges depositing 0 000.穆加贝总统指责了金融机构昂贵的手续费和利率上周他收到一家实体公司的抱怨,称将存35万美元存入时交了0美元的手续费“If 0 000 has come into the of a person and into your bank, you should give him interest because it increases your capacity to lend also. I think the banking system deserves to be looked into. We should look into it almost immediately,” said President Mugabe. He also castigated party cadres trading insults and accusations though social media.“如果将35万美元存入的个人账户中,应该给用户利息,因为这些钱提高了的房贷能力我认为要立刻对系统进行调查,”穆加贝总统说他还谴责了党员干部在社交媒体上互相辱骂和指控的行为President Mugabe said by exchanging harsh words through hostile private media, they would be exposing themselves to ridicule by opposition parties. “Don’t blame us. Blame your people in the party who give us inmation. But why do we do that?” asked President Mugabe.穆加比总统说,党员干部在私人媒体上针锋相对,言语暴戾,使他们受到反对党的嘲讽“不能怪我们,怪就怪你们自己党内给我们把柄的人但是,我们为什么要这样做呢?”穆加比总统问道He said the First Family had been demonized with the First Lady being ascribed a faction each time she delivered a speech during political rallies. President Mugabe also rapped men who sexually abuse young girls, saying there was need stiff sentences like castration.穆加比总统说,“第一家庭”已经被妖魔化,因为第一夫人每次在政治集会上的发言都被当作派系之争他认为有必要对那些性虐待少女的男人施加严厉的判决,比如割礼He applauded Zanu-PF Youth League led by deputy secretary, Cde Kudzai Chipanga conducting a successful One-million Man March last month. He urged them to continue respecting their elders. He said the votes of no confidence that saw several party officials being suspended were not procedurally done stressing that some of the allegations warranted people to be brought bee a disciplinary hearing.穆加比总统赞扬了非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线副书记Cde Kudzai Chipanga上个月组织的百万民众大游行他要求人对长辈表示尊重穆加贝总统说,那些要求对几位政党官员停职的不信任投票尚未完成程序,但保在纪律听会之前对部分控告予以调查President Mugabe reiterated his call the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association to be disciplined saying they had no right to determine who should succeed him particularly when it was being done outside the party.穆加贝总统强调,津巴布韦国家解放战争退伍军人协会纪律严明,他们没有权力决定谁会当选下任总统,尤其是在党外选举中 million. Swift led the race with ease, beating British boy band One Direction by million in earnings. 霉霉收入的大部分要归功于她的《1989(专辑)世界巡回演唱会她的演唱会收入甚至超越了滚石乐队北美巡演纪录,门票收入每晚达到了500 万美元,在北美地区总共收入 亿美元霉霉同样也在与健怡可乐,运动品牌科迪斯(Keds)和苹果的代言中大赚了一笔 Swift owes much of her income to her 1989World Tour. The singer beat The Rolling Stones' North American touring record, selling out stadiums to some million per night, grossing <牛人_句子> million in North America to a total. Swift also earned big bucks from her endorsement contracts with Diet Coke, shoemaker Keds and Apple. 英国男孩乐队单向组合以总收入 1 亿00 万美元排名第二而足球运动员克里斯蒂亚诺; 罗纳尔多以8800 万美元排名第五英国女歌手阿黛尔以80 万美元的收入世界排名第九中国功夫巨星成龙,作为唯一上榜的中国人,以60 万美元排在第1名中国的这位动作巨星也成为了世界收入第二的男演员韩国男生乐队Bigbang,收入00 万美元,世界排名5 British boy band One Direction claimed the second spot with total earnings of million. While soccer player Cristiano Ronaldotied at fifth spot with million. British songstress Adele ranked No. 9 with .5 million. Chinese kung fusuperstar Jackie Chan, the only person from China on the list, sat at No. 1 with million. China's action megastar is world's second highest paid actor. South Korean boyband Bigbang, raked in $ million at No. 5. 今年福布斯明星前0名单地域上更加广泛,但在性别上仍有差距,仅有 名女性,比去年的名稍有下降 Geographical diversity on the Celeb 0 is better, but the gender gap still remains; there are only women, down from last year. English Source: China Daily<牛人_句子>

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