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A friend asks me “Why Chinese don't go Dutch?” So I want to regard this question as the topic and write an article. As everyone knows, Occidental will go Dutch while having a meal in the restaurant. But Chinese don't go Dutch. Chinese will pay the bill and check out generously. Occidental don't often entertain guests; but Chinese often invite friend to dinner. A lot of Occidentals feel puzzled to this question。   一个朋友问我:“为什么中国人不是各付各的钱?”所以我要写一篇文章把这个问题作为关注的焦点。  正像每个人都知道的那样,西方人在饭店吃饭往往都是AA制,而中国人却慷慨地把别人的也一起给付了。西方人不常款待客人,而中国人却经常邀请朋友吃饭。许多西方人对此感到困惑不解。  Why exists such a difference? Because of the East and West culture and custom are different on the surface. I will analyze this question concretely。  为什么存在这样的差别呢?表面上的原因是由于东西方文化的差异。我将具体分析其中道理。  First of all, food systems between China and Occident are different. Chinese put into practice Gather Dining System; Occidentals put into practice Individual Dining System. Everybody can share the delicious food of all over the table when eating Chinese food. Please note it is sharing; but Occidentals just eat the food in one's own plate, if you eat beef, he eats chicken. It is impossible that you taste the flavor of his chicken. The result of the Individual Dining System is that you can only eat the food in your plate. It is unable to share. Ha-ha! What I said is right!  首先,西方国家和中国的进餐方式不同。中国人实行的是“集体共享制”;西方人实行的是“个人分餐制”。中国人吃饭时每个人都可以共享桌上的每一种鲜美食品,请注意是“共享”;但西方人只是吃自己盘子里的食物,假如你吃牛肉,他吃鸡肉,你就不可能品尝他的鸡肉。“个人分餐制”的结果就是你只能吃自己盘子里的,不可能共享食品。哈哈,我说的不错吧!   So to eat Chinese food is happier than to eat Western-style food. And I want to ask you a question. Do you like the free thing? I think nobody don't like the free thing. Ok! Suppose I invite you to eat the delicious Chinese food, then I pay the bill. This is equivalent to that you have enjoyed a delicious Chinese food free. So you will be very glad. Have strengthened the relation between us in the happy atmosphere。  因此,吃中餐比吃西餐更能让人愉悦。我想问你个问题:你喜欢免费的东西吗?我想没有人会说不喜欢。Ok!假如我请你吃鲜美的中国食品,并且我来付账。这就等于是让你免费享用了中国美食,因此你会非常开心。这种愉快的气氛便加强了你我之间的联系。  Secondly, Occidentals eat for the health; Chinese eat for the friendship. Occidental advocate individualism and independence is strong. So Occidental express that respect for each other's independence through the way go Dutch. Chinese like making friends and solidarity. Chinese value the interpersonal relationships and friendship very much. There are a lot of folk adages in China, for example “Depend on parents at home, leave home and depend on the friend!”,“Handle affairs is easy if you have many friends!”, another sentence is the more violent: “Insert the knife into both sides of the rib for friend!!!”。  其次,西方人聚餐是身体的需要;中国人聚餐是为了友谊。西方人倡导个人主义,独立性很强。因此西方人通过各自付账的方式来表达他们对彼此独立性的赞赏。而中国人却非常看中人与人之间的交流和友谊。中国有很多谚语,比如:“在家靠父母,出门靠朋友!”。“朋友多了好办事!”,还有一句更猛的:“为朋友两肋插刀!!!”  Therefore, friend's position is important in Chinese's mind. The purpose that Chinese don't go Dutch is doesn't want to destroy the friendship between the friends. Dutch treatment is the stingy behavior in China, is unfavorable to the friends' solidarity and is unfavorable to keeping the harmonious interpersonal relationship。  因此,在中国人的头脑中把朋友放在很重要的位置。中国人不采用各自付账的方式不会损害朋友间的友谊。相反,各付己账被认为是小气的行为,这不利于朋友的团结,也不利于保持和谐的人际关系。   Third, it is only simple “Have a meal!” that Occidental entertain guests. It is not purpose that Chinese entertain guests, but it is the means. In Americans' idea, “Have a meal” definition is to add fuel to the body for keeping health and normal life activity. Thus resist the attack of disease. That is to say, there is no any additional value。  第三,西方人接待客人“吃饭”很简单,不像中国人接待客人那样带有意图。在美国人的心目中,“吃饭”无非就是给身体增加营养,保持身体健康和维持正常的生理活动,以抵御疾病的侵扰。换句话说,这里面根本没有任何附加的价值。  In the Chinese idea, “Have a meal” not only is for maintaining the health of the body, but also is a kind of life enjoyment, even is the means to promote friendship between the friends. After enjoying the sumptuous delicious food, you are glad, I am glad too, everybody is glad. The friendship between the friends has been strengthened in this kind of atmosphere。  而在中国人的头脑中,“吃饭”不仅仅是保持身体健康,还是一种生活的享受,甚至是增进友谊的助推剂。在享用完美味的盛宴之后,你开心,我也开心,每个人都很开心。朋友间的友谊就在这样的氛围中加深了。  Chinese are a nation liking treat very much. Generally speaking, one party who propose treat will pay the bill in China. But purposes are different. For example you help me to do a thing, I will invite you to dinner in order to express thankfulness to you, certainly, I will pay the bill. Suppose I am a company manager, you are another company manager. I talk about the business with you, and I will say: “Let's have a meal together!”. Certainly, I will pay the bill. My purpose is that congratulates business' success, promote the friendship between us, even the friendship and cooperation between two companies。  中国是个非常好客的国家。一般来说,在中国总是有一方来付账。但他们的目的有所不同。比如你帮我做了一件事情,我会请你吃饭以便表达我对你的谢意,这当然是我来付账。假如我是一个公司经理,你是另一家公司经理,我想和你讨论生意上的事,我会说:“我们一起吃顿饭吧!”这当然也是我来付账。我的目的就是祝贺生意成功,增进我们之间的友谊,增进我们两个公司之间的合作和友谊。  In fact, Chinese are very complicated. So I say that Chinese don't go Dutch is not merely a kind of folkway and custom, but it is a means, a method, a repayment way, a way to express emotion, even is probably a kind of stratagem …  事实上,中国的人际关系很复杂。所以我说,中国人不各自付账不仅仅是一种社会风俗和习惯,它还是一种手段,一种方式,一种报答的方式,一种表达情感的方式,甚至可能是一种计谋…… /200910/87597。

西方人将酒大致分成三类:1. liquor 烈酒,包括brandy 白兰地、whiskey 威士忌、vodka 伏特加、tequila 龙舌兰等;2. beer 啤酒;3. wine 葡萄酒和水果酒。除此之外,还有cocktail 鸡尾酒、mixed drink 调酒、liqueur利口酒(具甜味而芳香的烈酒)。好朋友一起喝酒,往往未动筷吃菜就先干三杯,"Cheers"之声不绝于耳,而且必须Bottoms up(干杯,杯底不要养金鱼)。“干杯”还有其他的英文说法,Let's make a toast.是其中一个。据说,从前人们在喝酒的时候,为了加重酒味,会在杯子里放一小片土司,而这就是这句话的由来。英文中喝酒喝很多的人是heavy drinkers(酒鬼,就像把瘾君子叫做heavy smokers一样),而形容一个人喝很多酒、很会喝酒则是drink like a fish,即牛饮、海量。喜欢喝酒的人不仅自己喝,也喜欢劝别人喝。劝酒就是强迫别人喝酒,英文叫做force others to drink。但是,如果是跟外国人一起喝酒的场合,这一点必须小心为好。Drinking Alcohol the Wrong Way 饮酒礼仪Where It's Offensive: Latin America, France, South Korea, Russia. 禁忌地:拉丁美洲、法国、韩国、俄罗斯What's Offensive: Every culture has different traditions when it comes to drinking etiquette. Fail to consume a vodka shot in one gulp in Russia, and your host will not be impressed. Refill your own wine glass in France without offering more to the rest of the table, and you've made a faux pas. In South Korea, women can pour only men's drinks--not other women's--and if you want a refill, you need to drain your glass. And if you're in Latin America, never pour with your left hand--that's bad luck.不同文化的饮酒礼仪也迥异。在俄罗斯,你若不能一口喝完杯中的伏特加酒,主人就会很不满意。而在法国,只给自己添酒而不顾及同桌的其他客人,会被看作失礼。在韩国,女性只能给男性倒酒——不能为其他女性倒酒——如果你想添酒,要先把杯里的酒喝干。在拉丁美洲,千万不要用左手倒酒——那会带来坏运气。What You Should Do Instead: Until you're culturally fluent, leave it to your pals to pour.对策:除非你对当地文化了如指掌,倒酒这种活儿还是留给你的同伴吧! /200907/78110。

The average Briton can make 10 meals from scratch without having to look at a recipe, a survey suggests。   调查显示,多数英国人不看菜谱就能直接烹制的佳肴共有十道  Spaghetti bolognese is the most popular dish, with 65% of people saying they know the recipe by heart。最受追捧的当属意大利肉酱面,65%的英国人表示这个菜谱已经烂熟于心了。  The traditional roast dinner comes in second place with 54% of people able to prepare it unaided。排在第二位的是英式传统烤菜,54%的人可以轻松烹制这道美味。The survey, commissioned by the UKTV Food channel to mark the returnof its Market Kitchen show, involved questioning 3,000 people。这项由UKTV食品频道委托进行的调查共走访询问了3,000多人,调查结果在该频道的“市场厨房”节目播出。The survey suggests the average cook is more comfortable preparing foreign dishes than British classics at home。调查发现,英国人居家做的多半是外国美食,而非本国佳肴。Chilli con carne is the third most popular dish for cooks toattempt, with 42% saying they can manage it without looking at acookbook or recipe online。香辣肉酱排在最受欢迎榜单的第三位,42%的英国人表示无需菜谱或上网查询就会做这道菜。Some 41% of cooks feel confident they can prepare the classic Italian dish lasagne。还有41%的人表示,自己能够信心十足地烹制意大利千层面。The research defined a recipe as a main course dish containing four or more ingredients。该项调查中的主菜指的是含有四种或四种以上配料的菜式。Matthew Fort, presenter of Market Kitchen, said: "The resultsprovide a good snapshot of what Brits are eating week in, week out,because if you cook something regularly enough you will remember therecipe."   “市场厨房”的节目主持人马修.福特说:“这项调查让我们了解到英国人平时常吃哪些菜。因为一道菜只有常做常吃,你才能记住菜谱。”  Those surveyed admitted they made an average of just four home-cooked meals per week。  调查显示,英国人平均每周只做四顿饭。  Only 16% of those aged under 25 cook every day compared with 45% of those aged 56 and over。  25岁以下的年轻人每天做饭的人数比例仅有16%;而56岁以上每天做饭的人数比例则高达45%。 /200912/90719。

Horseshoes One of the most familiar things that are supposed to be lucky is a horseshoe. There are some people even today who believe that finding a cast-of horseshoe brings good luck, and if they hang a horseshoe over a door, witches cannot enter. Some people say the horseshoe is considered to be lucky because it looks like a new moon. There have been many peoples who considered the new moon extremely lucky. The Irish say that the horse was in the stable where Christ was born, and therefore the horseshoe was given magical power. Other people say the horseshoe is made of iron, and iron has always been regarded as a protection against evil spirits. Besides, the horseshoe is made by the blacksmith, and blacksmith, like a wizard, used it as a charm in performing his “white magic”. Pliny says that there is no more excellent protection against illness than the castoff horseshoe found in the road. Nelson had a horseshoe nailed to the mast of the Victory.马蹄铁 日常生活中最常见的吉祥物之一是马蹄铁。至今仍有人深信捡到废旧的马蹄铁会带来好运。如果他们把马蹄铁挂在门的上方,女巫会望之却步。有人说马蹄铁之所以被视为吉祥物是因为它状似新月。许多民族都相信新月能带来极好的运气。爱尔兰人说耶稣出生在马槽时,圈里有马,因而马蹄铁随之带上了神力。还有人说马蹄铁是铁打的,而铁本身就有驱邪的功能。此外,马蹄铁是铁匠打制的,而铁匠像个魔法师,常用马蹄铁做护符,施行他的“白魔法”。古罗马作家普林尼说祛病辟邪最好的东西莫过于路上捡来的废旧马蹄铁。英国海军统帅纳尔逊曾将一块马蹄铁钉在他的军舰胜利号的桅杆上。 /200906/74554。



打底裤、小短裙似乎是近两年最in的一种打扮了。不过,你知道有种打底裤是不用穿在小裙子下面,可以直接穿出来的吗?对,这就是jeggings。 Jeggings are leggings which are styled to look like tight denim jeans, it is the blending of the word “jeans” with the word “leggings”. The 'j' not only refers to the appearance of denim, but also to the fact that they were first worn for jogging in early 2009.  Jeggings(牛仔样式打底紧身裤)指看上去像紧身牛仔裤风格的打底裤,jeggings这个词就是jeans(牛仔裤)和leggings(打底紧身裤)两个词的合成词。这里的开头字母j不仅表示这种裤子的外形像牛仔裤,同时也表示这种裤子在2009年初出现的时候是人们在慢跑的时候穿着的。 Jeggings were brought on by the resurgence in style of skinny jeans in the mid- to late-2000s, when a higher demand for even tighter style of pant came about.   Jeggings是在2000-2010年代中后期紧身牛仔裤再次流行的风潮下出现的,当时更加紧身的裤型需求量很高。 Since they are typically made of a denim/spandex blend and simply resemble regular tight pants, they are often worn on their own as opposed to under a skirt or dress. Some jeggings have faux zip-flies and pockets, while others just have an elastic waistband and no pockets.  由于当时的紧身牛仔裤是由牛仔布加氨纶的材料制成,而且与常规的紧身裤很相似,因此可以单独穿着,不用搭配裙子。有些jeggings会有假的拉链和裤兜设计,有些则带松紧腰带,没有裤兜。 /201011/117927。

愿意惹的麻烦As someone who subscribes to and s a dozen personal finance blogs, I have noticed something that many of those in the blogosphere would probably see as a wonderful problem to have. As both a hard worker and a diligent saver, I have been able to save the maximum retirement amount and the maximum SEP amount each year. I no longer meet the income level to contribute to a Roth, but you better believe I did when I was able. I also fund my 3 kids’ 529 plans every month. Educational charities and my kids’ PTA also get nice donations every year.After doing this for a decade or more, I realize that I love the idea of saving the money. I have prepaid my mortgage so that I have only a year to go to pay off a 15 year loan in 8 years. I also have non-retirement assets that have experienced the ups and downs of the uncertain economy.Poor me, right?What astounds me is that for the first time in my life, I can do whatever I want, but I don’t know what to do. I never prepared myself for this day. After 15 years’ of diligent and careful saving, I find that the spending of money doesn’t provide the joy or happiness I thought it would.Don’t get me wrong. The freedom to not worry when a car breaks down or I need a suit is satisfying. I love my house even more now that it is about to be all mine. My favorite luxury is actually using a service to do our laundry. For .00/lb they get it, wash it, fold it, and return it. I know it isn’t worth it, but both my wife and I hate doing laundry.For all you savers, please pay attention — do your best to figure out why you are saving the money. For me it was always the ability to stop working early — something I coveted when I was 25. Now that I am about to turn 40, I realize that I like my jobs, and that I don’t do as well without structure in my days. So yes, I saved, but now what?Here are 7 questions to consider in advance:What are you going to do once your financial moves come to fruition?What will you concentrate on next?What will make you happy?What will you do with the money?What aspects of my financial planning will be difficult to change?How have your priorities changed over time?And finally—how are they likely to change going forward?I always thought I could turn off the saving, frugal, careful part of my brain once I reached a certain level of financial security. However, I am increasingly aware of the fact that if you pursue something diligently for 15 years, it becomes who you are.Be careful in what you wish for. Please comment if you have experienced something similar. 当某些人在预定以及阅读许多个人理财客的时候,我发现许多客里都能看到有一个麻烦大家都很乐意去惹。作为一个努力工作以及努力存钱的人,我已经存了足够退休养老的钱以及每年都交足够的公积金。我现在没有到达可以买得起陀飞轮腕表的工资水平,但是请相信我如果一旦我有能力我一定会买的。我还每月为我的三个孩子在529计划基金里交钱。每年教育慈善基金和我孩子的家庭教师协会也从我那里得到了不小的捐助。这样交了几十年的钱之后,我意识到我喜欢上了攒钱这个想法。我已经为我的抵押贷款存了一笔钱,现在十五年的贷款我把它缩短到了8年付清,现在还有一年我就付清了。我还有一些经受了不稳定经济震荡的永久资产。我很可怜,对吗?令我惊讶的是我第一次发现我可以随心所欲的做我想做的事情,但是我却不知道该做什么。对此我根本没有准备。经过了十五年的努力攒钱,我发现花钱竟然不能带给我原本我认为应该有的快乐。认为我做的不对?车抛锚不用担心或者随心所欲地买套套装都很令我感到满意。因为我的房子即将正真属于我的所以我更加爱我的房子了。我最喜欢的奢侈享受是让别人为我洗衣。取、洗、叠、送整个务按照每磅一美元计算。我知道不值那价,不过我和我的生活不能忍受自己洗衣的日子。所有的“存友”们注意了,你必须搞清楚你攒钱是为了啥。对于我来说就是为了早点退休,我25岁就有这打算了。然而我现在都快40了,我发现我喜欢上了我的工作,而我的日子也不会过得无所事事。所以我开始存钱, 但是当你决定要在攒钱的时候首先应该干嘛呢?以下是首先要考虑的7个问题:1. 一旦你手头的资金稳定下来你打算做什么2. 你下面将要以什么为重心3. 是什么让你开心4. 你的这些钱要怎么用?5. 在哪些方面我的攒钱计划很难做出相应的调整6. 随着时间的推移你的侧重点有哪些改变7. 最后,他们怎么样向好的方向改变我总是想着一旦我有了一定的经济实力我可以摆脱攒钱、节俭以及绞尽脑汁。然而,我越来越有一种感触:当你努力追求某样东西十五年之后,那样东西基本已经变得和你一样。谨慎地决定你到底要追求啥东西。如果你有同样的问题请给我留言。 /200803/30495。

Add alpha accents Masculine extras can help you reinvent your basic little black dress. Try on a man’s belt, stash a silk square into your pocket or slip into his cozy6 cardigan. Oversize watches are a great alternative to a cuff or bangle, and menswearinspired shoes offer a quirky touch. Spectator pumps7, loafers and brogues8 are big trends in footwear this season, and are bound to make your feet feel good too. Instead of stashing an umbrella in your bag, consider grabbing one of his hats on a rainy day.   加入男性配件男性配件可以帮你改造基本款——小黑裙。试着戴上男性的腰带,在口袋里放一个丝绸方巾或是穿上他舒适的开襟羊毛衫。超大手表是袖口或手镯的上佳替代品,以男装为灵感设计的鞋子展现出一种别样的风格。船形中高跟鞋、平跟船鞋和拷花皮鞋是本季鞋子的主要流行款式, 而且穿起来也一定会很舒适。在下雨天,你不用在包里装把雨伞,而是可以考虑戴顶他的帽子。 /200911/90445。